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By Brenda A. Graff

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Year, NAPA, etc. over 25 years ago.

Dreams Can Come True—Texas Truck Works builds a dream

The King Krunch team, with Stephens behind the wheel, was one of the top rated monstertruck teams on the national circuit for many years. Stephens had always had a passion for monster trucks from the time he was a young man. He and his friends would get together and build, create, and design their own trucks. That hobby soon became a business that turned this passion into purpose.

The Book of Clifford

—Clifford Parker Tiny Steps to a New You —Rick Brown Running for Hearts —Shield Bearer Compassion International Tour featuring Casting Crowns and for King and Country What Then? —A True Christmas Story

Answers to Word Search Chicken Soup for the Soul Recipe “Everyone has inside of him a piece of good news. The good news is that you don't know how great you can be! How much you can love! What you can accomplish! And what your potential is!” -Anne Frank

Competitor-Colt Stephens

Texas Truck Works has a long history that most would be surprised here locally to find out. Founded in 2003, Scott Stephens, previous owner of “The King Krunch” Monster Truck Team, sold his Monster Truck interests so he could focus more on his custom truck retail business. Scott Stephens and his King Krunch team were the first to bring wellknown corporate sponsors to the MonsterTruck arena, including Coors, Auto Value, Good

When I entered the building of Texas Truck Works, I was taken back by the display of accessories that could enhance a vehicle’s appearance. It was like plastic surgery for performing pickups. It was my first experience in

the world of truck therapy, as I would call it. A total transformation for trucks. Loved it! Stephens and his team which includes his son, Colt, age thirty, has an even bigger passion. One you would not see on the surface. As a matter of fact it is hidden away for the eyes of one special little man named, Aaron Perez. A young boy, who will be turning eight in January has suffered with cerebral palsy since birth, got his life-long wish. He always dreamed of taking the wheel behind a monster truck. Perez has had a monster appetite for Monster Jam since he could talk. "He loves it”, his mother, Nelly stated. Aaron’s face has become a fixture at Monster Jam. He's had the excitement

of meeting the stars behind the wheel. This persistent mom wanted him to meet another one, the master of designing these phenomenal exciting trucks. So she reached out to Scott Stephens through email to see if he could meet her son at the Monster Jam.

Aaron Perez

Stephens was so touched by the letter, not only did he agree to meet Aaron at Monster Jam for the big show, he also designed a special mini Monster truck named, “Roughneck” just for Aaron! Nelly Sanchez-Perez, “I


will forever be grateful for Mr. Stephens and the others who brought such joy to my Aaron”. This mom has had so much on her plate over the years with the responsibilities of Aaron’s physical needs, but even more so with the loss of her sister who left behind two children. Then most recently, their home was flooded from Harvey, in one of the hardest hit areas of Pasadena, and they were displaced. FEMA had them in a hotel for a short time, and stayed with family for awhile awaiting insurance to come through with the damage claim. They are still struggling. This year has been a difficult one for the Perez family. Only days before Christmas December 2017, her father had been hospitalized with the end result of being brought home on Hos-

had done for her through Mr. Stephens and his team... how her son would always have his dream and know that ‘dreams really do come true’. Nelly proclaimed, “I thank God for people like Mr. Stephens who reach out and make a difference”. Our world needs a whole lot more ‘Mr. Stephens’, and stars willing to step up and shine for folks like little Aaron, and Mrs. Perez. There was a time when Scott Stephen’s monster trucks were so famous they even had a cereal named after them.

His son, Colt has never retired the tough monster truck stuff. He is still fully engaged traveling thousands of miles driving these trucks. He was even growing a beard for a part he had to play featuring him driving for an upcoming event. Yet, despite his busy star-

dom, you will find him proudly working in his dad’s shop when in town.

ron, which led into

Texas Truck Works has been servicing Southeast Texas for over 40 years. another that didn’t quite have the happy TEXAS TRUCK WORKS ending for one fami32311 FM 2978 ly... pausing us both Magnolia, TX 77354 for a moment...I could tell that Scott truly has Phone : 936-321-4040 | 936-271-4040 a heart to help those that are hurting. This Email : is what I love most about my job as a reporter...finding these kind of treasures, people with purpose and passion. TRUCK WORKS BUILDS

Scott built some mighty tough trucks!



Scott Stephens—TTW Owner

Despite the fame, the fortune of the past, and all the atten-


there is good in this world despite the craziness of recent tragedies. It’s there, you just have to look for it. Pretty soon, you will find that the tracks of kindness lead to trails of hope.

-Brenda A. Graff

pice. As I spoke with Nelly it was apparent that despite the difficulty of getting through this year, she was still thankful, remembering what God


You see, I still believe


HELP THE PEREZ FAMILY If anyone would like to donate funds to assist the Perez family during this recovery with Harvey, and expenses for

tion...Scott Stephens is about as humble as they get. I recognized that as he turned his story and focus to Aa-

her father, please email: or call:

281-906-1597 2

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Put to the side, But not forgotten, It’s still known to be there, The effects of this time of year, In this cold month of December,

Both anticipated and feared.

Answers to last weeks Word Search

-Amanda Graff

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BEAT THE WINTER BLUES Keep active, activity increases endorphins and good thoughts. Get outside to get natural light, if you can’t...sit near windows when you can. Keep warm, i.e. hot drinks / food. Coldness can breed depression.

Eat healthily-which gives you more energy, and boost your mood. Start a Hobby-it keeps your mind active and wards off anxiety. Visit or invite friends and family-socializing is vital to your mental health and if you have no friends or family, become one to others, adopt a family. Sing! Oxytocin, a hormone released during singing, has been found to alleviate anxiety and stress. Oxytocin also enhances feelings of trust and bonding, which may explain why still more studies have found that singing lessens feelings of depression and loneliness.

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The Book of Clifford... From the Book of Clifford

Miss spoken words are sometimes funny. I want to relate five short stories to you that I still laugh at every time I think about them. Many years ago my wife and I were on a vacation trip. We were in need of some All-American fast food so we found the local Burger King. As we approached the counter after waiting in a long line my wife promptly placed her order. She said, I’ll have a Big Mac! Needless to say most of the patrons developed a smile on their face as I busted out with laugher. The cashier quickly reminded my wife she was standing inside a Burger King location. A place I enjoy eating lunch sometimes is down at the local Blueberry Patch now called The Patch. A lot of the local eating establishments read these weekly articles and I have had the pleasure of meeting most of the owners. As I began to leave the restaurant Tony asked me how Leon my bull was doing. I said “well, he’s OK but not in the best of shape.” Tony promptly replied, “ Are you going to make pork chops out of

him?” “Pork Chops? Not hardly! Funniest tasting pork I would ever have!” We both laughed at his mistake! When I was a little boy just learning to read my Mom took me to a drive inn for a summertime refreshment. It was a Mom and Pop location similar to the old Princes Hamburger. As my Mom placed her order and turned to me I proudly announced I would have one of those free smiles. A sign posted in their window gave the prices of their items sold and at the bottom of the sign the words were posted “ Smiles Free” Have you ever heard the saying “your gonna have a lot of trouble on your hands?” My wife was talking to a young lady on the phone the other day. This woman is carrying her first child and was relating to my wife the emotional stress involved with pregnancy. Together they laughed. This lady and her husband were having a new floor installed in their kitchen and the floor crew had stood her up a couple of times in a row. She was rightfully upset at them and fussed at them and told them over the phone “that if they didn’t get out to her house right away they were going to have one mad pregnant women on their feet!” My son was going on a short driving trip toward Huntsville. He has developed a pretty good mental picture of the north, south,

east and west directions in his mind. I wanted to be real sure he understood that Huntsville was north and IH 45 and IH 59 both ran in a somewhat north and south direction. I opened the map on the counter in our kitchen and announced to him, “Come over here son and look at this map because I want you to have a good mental picture of this in your mouth!” One that I may have told you before but I still laugh at myself every time I think about it. I know you have heard the story of how sorry people feel for themselves for not having any shoes until they meet a man with no feet, or they complain about not having any gloves until they meet a man with no hands. Well I was teaching an adult Sunday School Class relating this story and I got bit carried away with my own comment, “I complained about not having a hat until I met a man with no head!” Needless to say I lost the attention of my class for the rest of the lesson with laughter.


Clifford Parker Columnist / Writer and Former guest writer for The Tomball Sun, The Potpourri and most recently The Tomball Tribune

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Tiny Steps to a New You

First, you have to decide what it is you want. What is the desired outcome? Let’s take one of the usual top three and say you want to get in shape and start with a goal of being able to do twenty pushups. You know what you want. Now what?

Ever since the Babylonians marked their calendars by the lunar cycle 4,000 years ago, people have been celebrating the end of one year and the ushering in of a new one. When the Romans created a calendar based on the sun instead of the moon and Julius Caesar later marked January The second step is what Fogg calls identifying 1 as the year’s beginning, the New Year as we “tiny habits” you can achieve. Think of these as know it was established. small steps that put you on the path to your goal. Twenty pushups may be intimidating for some. The change in the calendar has marked a time But what if instead of trying to do twenty you for change in people’s lives. People like to find begin a habit of doing one or two a day? Maybe starting points as a jumpstart to improvement. that’s all you can do at first. And doing just one, The new year is the most popular. We resolve to two or even three takes almost no time to acbe better, get healthier, or lose weight. New complish. It’s a tiny habit you can do. Year’s resolutions are a common part of starting the year off right. But for all the resolutions that But doing it is the problem for most. Fogg’s third are made, few are kept. Research tells us that step is designed to fix that problem. He says you only 8% of people who make a resolution keep it. have to find what he calls a “trigger.” A trigger January resolutions are abandoned by February. involves finding something you already do as a habit and attaching your new habit to the trigger. Why is that? Those who study these things would tell us we are too ambitious. We review For example, you probably have the habit of the past year and see not one but several areas brushing your teeth in the morning after breakthat need to improve. The top three tend to be a fast. (If not, go back to step one and make this desire to be a better person, to lose weight, and your New Year’s resolution. Your friends will exercise more. thank me for this advice.) That is your trigger. Then attach doing at least one pushup after you You can probably see the problem inherent in finish brushing your teeth. Slowly and naturally these resolutions. They are too vague. They are you’ll start doing more. And before you know it too big. You may want to be a better person, but you will be hitting your goal of twenty and pushdo you know how transformation of character ing past it for a stronger you. happens? You want to lose weight, but how much and in what amount of time? You say When you do your tiny habit, celebrate. You you’ll exercise more, but do you have a plan that might yell “Yay me!” or do an end-zone dance. It will allow you to do this and have you decided sounds kind of silly, but Fogg says it reprograms what kind of exercise will benefit you most? you to think of yourself as someone who succeeds. That thinking can have a ripple effect into Resolutions that are too big and too many can other areas of your life. overwhelm us. Instead of starting big this year why not try starting small. Even tiny. That’s what This year instead of trying to go big with your BJ Fogg of Stanford University would say. He’s resolutions, go tiny. Tiny habits can lead to giant studied behavior change for twenty years and results. They also lead to a better you that lasts has a system he says is the best way for people past February. –Rick Brown to change. You can find out more at but I will share his three steps to change here.

Read more from Rick Brown at Rick Brown is the Senior Pastor / Preaching Minister at ChristBridge Fellowship. He has been with the church since February of 1999. Rick has served as a Youth Pastor and Associate Pastor for churches in New Orleans, San Angelo, Denver, and Tyler before coming to Tomball. Rick has a Bachelor’s Degree in Biblical Studies and a Master of Divinity Degree (although he is still trying to perfect divinity candy). He has previously augmented his classroom studies with practical learning with Max Lucado, Lynn Anderson of Hope Network Ministries, and Jim Herrington of Leadership Network. An avid Third Day fan, Rick also enjoys working out, tennis, hitting the beach, and spending time in the Rockies. He mostly enjoys spending time with his wife Karen and his two sons, Kris and Taylor. Oh, and there’s Baylee, their Malshi.

'Take the first step in faith. You don't have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.' Martin Luther King Jr. —

Visit Sunday mornings — 10:30 a.m. 9510 Tomball Parkway, Tomball 77375 5


Shield Bearer Running for Hearts 5K Family Fun Run and Walk “Most of our clients never thought they would need us, but thank goodness we were here when they did,” states Shield Bearer Executive Director Roy Wooten, “This has been the case even more so with Hurricane Harvey.

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We’ve witnessed the traumatic effects of the storm firsthand on so many families, and additional funding is needed to supplement their care. Without counseling and other resources, many families would continue the downward spiral of stress, anxiety, depression, and hopelessness. It’s not healthy for them or the community.” “This race is a wonderful way to show support for the many families that are struggling right now. We all need a little help at some point in our lives.

This is a chance to give that help to your neighbors and to help instill the values of kindness and generosity in your own family,” added Shield Bearer Associate Director Melissa Rotholz.

human trafficking, domestic violence, crime, abuse, war, and Hurricane Harvey. Additional information about services and programs can be found online.

The Shield Bearer Running Ms. Rotholz adds, “If you are passionate about building strong and healthy individuals, families, and communities, register to participate as a sponsor, vendor, runner, for Hearts 5K Family Fun walker, and/or fundraiser Run and Walk will take at place on April 7, 2018, Volunteers are also needfrom 7:00AM to 11:00AM, ed for the event. Call (281) at Windwood Church at 894-7222 or email volun10555 Spring Cypress Road for in Houston, Texas. This details.” family friendly event will Roy Wooten Executive Director feature a 5K timed, trail Shield Bearer style run, a 1 mile family 12340 Jones Rd Ste 290 walk, games for the kids, tHouston, TX 77070 shirts, food, prizes, and (281) 894-7222 lots of fun for all ages. Race registration is $25 for adults (ages 14 and up) and $10 for children (ages 13 and under) before March 20, 2018. Proceeds for the event will fund services and programs at Shield Bearer, a Houston based 501c3 nonprofit counseling and community resource center that provides services on a sliding scale. Shield Bearer has five locations in Houston and serves individuals, couples, and families including those recovering from the trauma of

Roy Wooten—Executive Director Shield Bearer

Melissa Rotholz—Associate Director

Shield Bearer

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A Glorious Christmas


CASTING CROWNS and for KING & COUNTRY beyond simple involvement in the lives of the children and families served. What does Casting Crowns, for King & Country, KSBJ, and hundreds of volunteers have in common? Compassion!

That’s right! These passionate artist and people came together to benefit the children of Compassion International. Compassion International is a child -advocacy ministry that pairs compassionate people with those who are suffering from spiritual, economic, social, and physical poverty. The goal is for each child to become a responsible and fulfilled adult.

Compassion globally reflects the beautiful diversity of God's kingdom. They take a long-term approach to what they do and go

The concert sponsored by 89.3 FM-KSBJ was a success! The arena was packed at the Berry Center in Cypress, Texas on December 2, 2017 running two shows nearly back to back.

King & Country put on a dynamic inspirational performance with the sounds of Drummer Boy, Priceless, and many more. It was amazing! The percussion was incredible! There was a beautiful moment as Joel Smallbone, for King & Country (vocalist), that also co-produced the film Priceless: She's Worth Fighting For, a 2016 drama film about human trafficking, and effectively cast in the lead role of James Stevens, (a hero who saved two women)…..addressed men in the audience on how to treat women. Then turned his focus to the women and young girls in the audience stating to never settle for second best. He reiterated that women were daughter’s of the King and should be treated as such, ignoring the lies of society’s mirror that tells us sometimes that we are not good enough. It was during this moment, he called a precious young girl to the center stage and placed a “priceless” neckless on her with a directive , “You are priceless to God”. I believe this will be a moment and message she will never forget.

Joel and Luke Smallbone, along with their wonderfully talented team, were simply charming!

like, “That’s milk and bread every month! I was barely making $250 a week keeping our heads above water. But, my wife said to me, “I promise that if you do this, you will never run out of bread and milk again”. We have never run out of milk and bread since!”. I loved the simplicity of this challenge that his wife brought to him. Joel shared the testimony of how there never was a time when God didn’t meet their needs. As a child these two were forced to sleep in beds made of their own clothing at one point. Joel stated, “But when things were tight, and we didn’t know where some meals were going to come from, we al-

Luke Smallbone—for King & Country

The dynamic energy they put on stage was still obvious backstage as they goofed around like brothers often do. I asked Luke, “Why do you do this, Why Compassion?” Luke, “I have had a passion for Compassion International for several years. I was barely making two-hundred and fifty dollars a week when my wife came to me begging to sponsor a child. I was

ways found a bag of groceries at our door, we prayed and we prayed a lot! God provided”.

Joel Smallbone—for King & Country

Often times we are afraid to give out of the little we have, living in a scarcity mentality. When in fact it is in the giving that keeps you -Cont’d next page


Cont’d from page 7

replenished. Giving of time, talents, or money, it all has a boom-a -rang effect.

performance you do, could you do this back to back?” They both expressed that if it brought results

Luke and Joel Smallbone are not only passionate about music to inspire a better world, but obviously have a huge heart for Compassion International. As I closed in my interview with them, they asked me how the adoptions were going upstairs. I was pleased to announce that we had matched many children with sponsors. This brought Mark Hall-Casting Crowns (Lead Vocals) a huge smile on their faces,

for the children of Compassion International then it was worth every exhaustive moment. I was grateful to have some time with the crew of Casting Crowns, Mark Hall, and For King & Country. The great effort put together from the ones loading, unloading equipment, stage set-up, sound, media, security, and volunteers in place to raise awareness for Compassion International... took a focused team with one goal in mind, to bring healing and hope for thou-

sands of children whose lives would be changed forever.

-Brenda A. Graff Casting Crowns Brian Scoggin-Drums Juan Devevo-guitarist/vocalist

If you would like to sponsor a child or volunteer visit: or call (800) 336-7676

To find out more tour information visit: To Listen to 89.3 FM visit:

Especially...after the exhaustive tour. They even thanked me and my family for volunteering. That meant a lot to me. I asked, “How in the world with the high energy 8

Happenings in and Around Tomball On Saturday, November 18th at 10 a.m. East Main Street Tomball was trodden with decorated floats, trucks, wagons, high school marching bands, Miss Tomball contestants and the like. Christmas’s The Grinch, musicians, Santa Claus, city officials, military, R.O.T.C., Northwest EMS, Tomball Fire Department, and many more flooded the street with celebration parading in view of many residents close and afar that lined the street with anticipation. Both sides of Main Street were packed with cheering fans young and old welcoming this favorite event that first began in 1965. It is a family tradition for most during the holidays. It is wonderful to see so many people come together to send out a wave, a smile, or a simple cheer where everyone in some way feels a part of something bigger, a united front to celebrate life…, peace, joy, and a season of hope.

Welcome Charles Livanec

our new Photographer / Event Reporter to The Anchor Newspaper! Thanks Charles! You did a


Tomball Holiday Festival Parade November—2017

CHARLES LIVANEC 20 year Life Member Westfield Fire Department 8 year Harris County ESD 8 Commissioner


What Then?

It was Christmas morning. A time to rejoice. Right? However, for some…it’s not. It isn’t due to a lack of religion, beliefs, or ceremonial traditions handed down through generations. Nor does it involve the political arena of arguments of whether to enunciate “Merry Christmas or Happy Holiday”. The reality is that some wake up to this day with much sadness. Some in hospital beds wondering if they will ever get to go home. Others, waking up minus their spouse. Some separated from family serving overseas. In some cases, families are waking up homeless. A single mom cradles her fever-ridden child, missing her third day of work, wondering how she is going to pay rent. Not everyone gets to experience a holiday vacation with loved ones near or traveling from afar. For some, the only vacation they will get is sitting in the waiting room of an ICU unit for days awaiting to hear news of their loved ones prognosis. For some, opening presents isn’t an option. Santa had no plans of visiting that household this year. Others are struggling just to get out of bed to face the family they have once again deeply disappointed with addiction.

As I woke that morning, I habitually grabbed my phone to scan Facebook before jumping out of bed. After a few minutes of reading all the post of everyone enjoying this holiday, I suddenly felt myself slip into some feelings I didn’t like. I felt like I was missing something. What I per-

ceived was that everyone has this perfect life... on FaceBook. Why does my life seem so imperfect? Is it the lack of landscaped flower beds decorating our lawn? Perhaps, the eight foot Blue Spruce Christmas tree not taking up residence in our living room? Was it the gourmet hors d’oeuvres, I wasn’t able to put together from Pinterest? Was it the missing blaze of a fireplace with stockings hung or the Thomas Kinkade setting of a snow-covered cabin in the woods? What on earth was wrong with me? My husband peeked over to see what I was writing that morning and said the feeling was mutual. We discussed it for nearly an hour in the car on our way to visit some of our other children. We had life, we had our kids, a roof over our heads, most of the bills paid…yet, something seemed out of place. I began asking myself… Why? Why was I feeling this way? I really did some soul searching. There were nine days prior I had spent with the flu. It left me weak and running out at the last minute scrambling on Christmas Eve shopping sprees through crowds in misery. I had to at least get my youngest some presents. They were not expecting much as they witnessed mom already writing out her funeral procession from bed just days before and making out a guest list. I don’t know if it was so much the act of thinking I was dying as much as I wanted to after contracting the horrid bug. All I know is I wanted the torture over with. Well that morning, despite my delusion over FaceBook posts….I decided to turn on the television and find something positive to watch. Lo, and behold it was that one preacher shouting, “Just believe…and it will be alright!”, “Claim it…Name it!…and It is yours!” I instantly became irritat-

ed. In reality, believing for a miracle isn’t enough! Ooh…I can hear the crowd gasping at my statement. Just hear me out. You can shout to the mountain tops all day long claiming what you want, but it isn’t necessarily going to happen. The thing that disturbs me the most about this…is that when people ‘just believe’ in the ‘name it….claim it’ and don’t see results, it causes a spiritual sickness. It produces hopelessness. What if you prayed for that healing and it doesn’t come? What then? You believed all year for a miracle birth…but it never came. What then? You gave till there was nothing left to give, believing that good things would come your way….but they didn’t. What then? The car still broke down, your child still went wayward, the money in the bank went bankrupt. The landlord still evicted you. What then? You fasted, prayed, worshiped in the storm, held on to the anchor, let go, let God, kept silent, spoke truth, fell on your knees, fell on your face….yet, none of it brought the results you had been told were going to come. What then? First, I do believe in believing… remember, Journey? “Don’t stop believing….Hold onto that feeling” I’ve been a believer for 35 years... since that song came out in 1981. But over the years in experiencing the doctrinal disillusion, I became desperate for the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth! This didn’t come by visiting high paid gurus, or attending Theological seminary, becoming ordained, or serving in mission fields. It didn’t happen by traveling overseas to experience different cultures to figure out the meaning of life as in Julia Roberts movie…

“Eat, Pray, and Love” However, what I did find… is that the best way to discover truth is not going to be found in textbooks. Truth is a VERB! It is more then a result. It is a reaction to an action or inaction. It sets the precedence for what is, what has, or is to come. When the (What then?) happens….What do you do? Do you stop believing? Perhaps stop conceiving the idea that miracles happen? Not in the least! The part I love about truth is that it is an integral part of the belief system. What do you believe? Is what you believe true? I find that most truths surface when you are going through some of the most difficult times in your life. It’s usually during the deepest, darkest, most desperate times that you discover who is true, and who is not…including yourself! You find what your stuff is really made up of. Unfortunately, you also find out who your family and friends stuff is made up of too. It is in the (What then?) you discover what is really important and what is not. It is in the (What then?) the challenge to believe and to continue believing grows to insurmountable levels of faith or fumbles into falsehood. It is in those moments when everything in your ear-shot is screaming “It is impossible!” Yet, if you choose to believe the possible…the tyranny of negative talk no longer threatens to take you under. The revelation comes. The rational reality. No longer are you a prisoner to the purpose of (What if?) You are not driven by the emotional escalating drama in life. Suddenly, the meaning of life isn’t wrapped up in stuff or other people’s stuff. You don’t gauge your life based on someone else’s. It becomes…not just “What then?” but more like “So…. What -Cont’d next page 10

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if?” Why? because our Creator took care of the (What then?). He sacrificed His ONLY begotten SON to die on the cross for the (What then?) John 3:16 for those times you missed your target (SINNED). Jesus hung on the cross and took the punishment while crying out “Father forgive them, for they know not what they do”…for those moments we messed up His perfect will in disobedience. Luke 23:34 He promised us everlasting life, for those moments of (What then?) when death detoured our plans. He gave us a hope that goes far beyond the (What then?) because no matter what… as long as we have Jesus, we have hope. I Peter 1:3 Now comes the hard part. I say this with total honesty. It is HARD! It is hard to believe when every fiber of your being says DON’T believe it! It’s a struggle to hold on to hope when it seems all your resources have dried up and your walking through a valley paved with fragments of glass ripping at your heals...every step. There are going to be those moments when absolutely NO ONE is going to be there cheering you on as you stay steadfast to keep standing when your knees feel bludgeoned by a baseball bat! There are going to be moments in the midnight hour when your soul screams for solace, yet you sit there sold out in the sorrow. But, oh! What if…you chose to believe beyond the boundaries of bad seasons? What if….you refuse to react to circumstances by giving into your emotions? What if…you stop looking out for what is in it for you, and see what’s in it for God? What if…you didn’t cave into your cravings of comfort, and relied on the real resource, the resurrected Jesus Christ? What if…you stop looking into the mirror of FaceBook, Instagram, etc.…and see the truth? See, that this world and all it contains is temporary and airbrushed. Understand, that all our treasure is in heaven where it doesn’t

get destroyed, or taken away. 2 Corinthians 4:17-18 Everything we experience here is temporary. Matt 6:19-24 I know it’s hard to wrap one’s mind around this concept. Yet, if we could at all times ingest and savor this one thing, we wouldn’t need to worry about the ‘What then?’ because we would truly know that ‘What if?’ has already been handled whether it is here in the now or in eternity. We are insatiable people from birth Psalm 51:5 we have a greed factor. There is this innate part of us that always desires more…more stuff, more success, more money, more food, more clothes, etc.…we want what makes us feel good… satiated (full). Yet, nothing in this world is ever going to bring that full feeling for very long. The longing you have inside is really for your heavenly home and to be with Jesus. However, it is masked by the make-up of our world we wade in. Romans 8:1830 This is where the ‘What then?’ becomes bothersome. Unless, we focus on our future with Christ….we will always walk in pandemonium that this planet pollutes us with. Start waking up with ‘What if?’ What if…I decided to demonstrate love today despite? What if….my eyes stayed focused on a fruitful future? What if….I walked away from old habits, addictions, fears, doubts, and toxic relationships? What if…I chose to throw away regret, and renew my mind? What if…I chose to believe that Jesus Christ is the risen Savior, Redeemer, Mighty Counselor, Warrior and Friend? What if I trust that He’s my Father, my Healer, my WayMaker, My Shelter, and PainTaker? What then? What happens then, is miraculous in itself! Suddenly, the things that upset you, don’t bother you anymore…or if they do, not for long. Your focus shifts almost instantly back towards your maker. You waste little time on pettiness. You begin to value life in the absolute here and now moments,

not expending your thoughts on “What’s next?” Relationships become more invaluable. Your days become more purpose-driven. There is this unexplainable, incredible, irrefutable, unbelievable, undeniable PEACE that fills up all those empty corners within your soul. But, here is the best part! What then…happens? Love! The greatest commandment in the Bible Matthew 22:36-40 Love changes things! It is the only remedy for a ruined world. It is the only reason to save a dying marriage. It’s the act of love that brings healing to a heart that has been hurt. Love takes care of the ‘What if’s?’

1 Peter 4:8-11 Love challenges the ‘What then?’ It is the catalyst for change, the chasm of truth in the heart of all that matters. Love can change your mind, your family, a society, and your world. Practicing love THEN….brings life….as it did when Jesus sacrificed His life for the love of all mankind….so that we could experience eternity, and live life abundantly here on earth too! John 10:10 A life of peace, joy, hope, and love beyond what the world has to offer. So THEN, we too can rejoice even during our sufferings. Romans 5:3-5 What then? The end result is so much grandeur then you can ever imagine. Stay tuned -Jesus 2 Cor 4:17 Food for Soul Magazine—2016®

Chicken Soup is Good for the Soul Soup in a cinch!



Place all ingredients in a crockpot and cover with water and cook on low overnight. I never add the noodles, or rice in same pot during cooking process it causes a starchy thickness. You can cook those items separately and add to your bowl as needed. Top with dried Parmesan. Mmmm Good!

2 large Chicken Breast 16 oz. frozen or fresh Carrots 2 cloves fresh Garlic (diced) 1 large Yellow Onion (diced) 1/2 cup Green Onion (diced) 2 stalks Celery (chopped) 1 tsp Thyme 1 tsp Celery Seed 1 tsp Turmeric 1 tsp salt 1/2 tsp pepper

1/2 cup of Rice or Vermicelli (optional)

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