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My Favorite DĂ­a de los Muertos Por Francisco y Hilda (Sam and Brenda)

Mom and dad have been very busy this week. They have made all your favorite foods, everyone makes the favorite foods of the dead people they love. I really want to eat some.

The pan de muerto has been made too, everywhere I go I see pan de muerto, smells really good, you would like it. I am happy it is finally el dia de los muertos.

I have missed you a lot abuelo, but now you will come to see us. All the dead will come, but no one is afraid. They are happy. Mom says the marigolds we have been getting will let you follow us.

Everyone will go to the cemetery tonight, I'll get to decorate your gravestone. We are going to bring all the food too! Little Skulls have been made of sugar, which everyone has too in Mexico.

Dad says we are celebrating to remember you. There are many tables decorated with photos and marigolds, they are called altars. That is one way we will remember you.

I went to the store, and I saw an altar on the side of the road. Mom said someone went to heaven there. I wonder if you have met them in heaven.

It is getting dark, so we will leave to go to the cemetery, hopefully you'll find us. Many people are walking with decorations, and paint their faces like skulls.

There are bunches of flowers and foods shaped like horses even, for the dead people.

At your stone we decorate all the stuff made and wait for you. I really miss you and hope you come.

I don't see you, but I have a feeling you are next to me when a flower moves a lot, when there wasn't even enough wind.

I love you abuelo.

My Favorite Día de los Muertos