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NEWS 2013

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Poetry Short story Origami Cda idol Journalism Photography


The short stoyr contest Short Story is for the students to write their own stories, it can be of any theme . All the students, from all the grades can participate ,

Origami Origamithe contest, students compete with each other creating awesome paper sculptures , they can create any type of animal,

Got a beautiful voice? If you CDA Idol do, you will love CDA Idol, students singing here and there, all over the school! You can sing anything you want to. In this contest you can hear your friend’s voices

See around you, there is so much beauty, so much Journalism good and bad things, why not writing about it? Giving your opinion about certain things is important, let people notice you! Journalism a contest of how the world around

CLICK! CLICK! Photography CLICK! Smile (: Photography contest, capture every beauty in your camera, walk all across the school, clicking your camera, capturing smiles, you can win a price with


Computer Class

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