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Dear reader, As a fresh graduate from a highly work-intensive final year at Nanyang Polytechnic, I believe transitioning to professional standards would go smoothly. I am willing to commit and adapt to flexible hours, and follow up on customers. My latest job as a Face Painter helped me developed excellent communication skills and the demeanor to keep clients trustful. My superiors at Fukai have commented that I learn exceptionally fast. At Nanyang Polytechnic, group work and good communication skills have always been regarded as essential. Over the years, I have developed a collage of life skills outside of design to maintain a positive outlook to life. Please refer to my resume to consider my education, qualifications and other capabilities.

Brenda Ng



Con Thank you for your time.


+65 9826 0116 [ Sincerely, Brenda Ng

Nanyang Polytechnic :

Diploma in Space & Interior Design/Spatial Design

Bowen Secondary School :

GCE “O” Level (Science Stream)

Obtained score of 14 with B3 in most subjects.

Work Experience Aviva Singapore Assistant to 3 Insurance Agents Popular Holdings Sales Assistant Fukai Environmental Sales Designer Weekends Event Management Face Painter

Computer Skills o o o o o Photoshop






r 8th, 1995

3Ds Max • • •


Language Proficiency



• • • • •

[Fluently Written & Spoken]


• •


[Message Only]

Certificates National Survival Swimming Award Bronze Award The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music

Grade 1, Piano

Taekwondo, Green Belt, Poomsae Category 2010

Ranked 8th Nationally

Australian-Hong Kong Exchange Program



g Sok Peng



WRIGHTERS’ DEN Inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright

Computer Desks These desks are inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright. Famed for the geometric designs in his windows, doors and furniture, Wright can recognised just by his eleborate lines.

Porch, Pond & Garden Consisting of a Koi pond, a porch covered with colourful chairs, and a soft carpet of grass, this is a space made to design clients.

The porch also has a special feature: A see through glass that lets one get as close to the Koi as possible.

Break Room & Working Area The break room and working area serve as play & work space respectively. They also double as photography studios in which two canvases act as projector screens and clean white backgrounds for an impromtu studio. The break room has foldable chairs and tables for convenience in storage. The working area has white boards that also serve as partitions to provide some privacy for maximum concentration.

CAMPER MOVER A study in trademark and branding, I was given a random brand and told to create a space using only certain shapes.

CAMPER MOVER Like most companies, Camper started out thinking more about their products than promoting their brand. Like most good companies, they changed their ways as time passed. Like most successful companies, the Camper brand eventually became well-known because of its distinctive colours and concise name. The first significant change came about when Camper decided to make their logo more impactful by adding a red background with their name on it in white lettering. This change coincided with the opening of their first stall and thus, most people associate Camper with the current snazzy logo. As shown in the posters, Camper is extremely influenced by visual concepts. One can see the similar qualities between the posters and the logo- they all consist of bold colours that work together and very clean, clear lines. Time passed and Camper started to concentrate more effort into promoting the brand instead of only the products. Bags, boxes, posters, advertisements and more- they all carry the distinguishable logo of Camper. Eventually, Camper became successful enough to have people recognise their shops from afar based on the colours of their logo alone.

This is the reason why my space does not carry the Camper logo and instead have a large amount of red and white. To be more specific, the gigantic sets of shoe racks in the front are red and the ones at the back are white. Some of the furniture also follows the colour scheme. The shoe racks are so tall that they serve as walls and even ceiling. The furniture can double up as seats and/or display shelves. All of them are designed in a way that combines practicality with aesthetics. I also laid out the space in a contrasting manner; the shoe racks ‘flow’ while the furniture is arranged in strict geometric patterns or distance from one another. The walls surrounding my space are covered with wood veneer to give off a warm, cosy vibe. I had experimented with the themed white or red colours for the walls, but they give off a slight artificial feel that, combined with the plastic shoe racks, looked very ‘dry’. Eyes are naturally attracted to bright and reflective objects, so the shoe racks, which are the largest feature of the space, are made up of shiny plastic. The furniture is finished with PVC leather, matching the wood veneer of the surroundings in a rustic way.

Original Site

My space is based on an open concept with a minimalist element. Shoes have to be placed few and far in between on the racks so as to not overwhelm the red and white of the shoe racks. The shoe racks are also spaced enough that a person could see the interior of the space from outside. However, one still has to explore the interior to get a clear view.

New Space

I was initially planning to make the space look like an explosion, but I eventually decided that I would rather a concise concept than a person having to crane their neck in every single titbit in a blast.

VIKINGS This is a proposal to Scandinavian Business Seating for Singapore Indesign 2016.


LEVEL 3 TRADE Activity

The site is a four storey shophouse where their office and exhibition space is located. Since only three floors are available to us, we split it evenly among my three-person group.


Free Roam


I took the third floor, the one just under the attic.



Human Flow





Divination Trade Observation

A mixture of colourful RH chair parts, both paper cutouts and the real parts, hang from camouflaged hooks on the ceiling. Fabric tags attached to the hanging chair parts may or may not have a certain sticky note that you can use to TRADE for a chance at the Wheel of Fortune.

With lighting inspired by the Nordic Pagan Gods, RBM chairs are built and taken apart here.

Pull-out scrolls allow one to study the details and classification of RBM chairs.



Here at the Viking Photo Booths, you can take a picture of yourself as a Viking with a partner’s help while trying out our very comfortable RH chairs. Uploading your picture to a social media site and we’ll TRADE you a souvenir. OBSERVE the interesting and ergonomic designs of the HAG chairs arranged at differing heights and in tasteful light for your maximum viewing pleasure.


Research- HDB Corridor

Research- Use of Space

Micro Design

For users to access the residential area and/or its occupants.

72% of the flats have some form of storage at their corridors while 46.5% of the flats have furniture.

A rotatable design to prevent killer litter, provide an alternate path for cats, encourage interaction, and more.

The value of a residence is determined by the human element- how lively the residents make it. residents make it. Therefore, my designs, one on a smaller scale (micro) and one encompassing the entire building (macro) are based both on the needs & wants of the residents; and the core purpose of encouraging interactions between neighbours.


PRACTICE APARTMENT One of my first major AUTOCAD practice.

PROJECT DIAMOND A group effort, the entire is completely made by hand. Each person is assigned a floor with 5 apartments. Each floor plan is unique to the one building it. The amalgamation is then combined to create an entire residence.

My class’s model is the rightmost of the three.


MAMAPOLY You need:

A collaboration between students from 3 different countries, Singapore, Hong Kong and Australia, this game is an attempt to incentivise hypothetical clients into buying products we are attempting to sell.

• • • • •

1 die 6 ‘Laws keychain’ 2 Kuti Kuti At least 3 of each Singapore Cats for each Player At least 2 complete set of Landmark erasers

Setting Up The Game • •

Place the 6 ‘Laws’ keychains on or near the grey-outlined squares. Each Kuti Kuti represents a player and they should be placed on the Start/End Square.

We were asked to come up with 5 products that appeals to the Australians and reflects the Singaporean culture.

Rules For A 2 Player Game

In this Portfolio, two of the products are displayedthe Mamapoly game board and the Singapore Cats cards.

• • •

• •

I am the one who prepared the artwork for the cards from a scratch.

• •

Players roll the dice alternately. They can decide who goes first using whatever sui methods. We suggest a quick game of ‘Rock, paper, scissors’ or rolling the die. Each Kuti Kuti moves the number of squares as shown by the die. Each grey-outlined box represents a ‘law’ that will either increase or decrease a Pla er’s currency. When a Player’s Kuti Kuti reaches a black outlined box, they are given the chance ‘purchase’ Landmark erasers of their choosing. Each Singapore Cat card shows its value on its back. The more ‘$’ symbols it has, t more valuable the card is. With a $, you can ‘purchase’ one Landmark eraser. For example, a Kiasu Parent C card has a value of 4 $; therefore a Player can ‘purchase’ 4 Landmark erasers with After a purchase, the Player has to set their used card a side. They may retrieve it a end of the game or when both players have run out of cards. A Player wins when they have a complete set of Landmark erasers.

After A Game • • •

The Players may retrieve their Singapore Cat cards. Throughout the game, the Play should not have exchanged or traded their cards. The purpose of the game would be to trade erasers. The runner-up may keep the era he or she have won so far while the winner gets to keep the rest. A completed set of erasers can be exchanged for a Singapore Cat card.



e to


Cat h it. at the



PHOTOGRAPHY I have experience with Canon and Nikon DSLR cameras. Along with general knowledge, I have a grasp of how light & shadows, colours and many other elements of photography make a picture captivating.


A series of Photoshopped images that heavily rely on one’s understanding of perspectives, shadows and creativity to produce realistic compositions.



•Semakau Landfill opened on

1 April

1999 and is currently Singapore’s only landfill facility. Covering an area of 350 hectares, it is expected to meet the country’s solid waste disposal needs up to


and beyond.

•In 2013, the landfill received an average of 2,400 tonnes of WTE plant ash and non-incinerable waste daily.

7KM ROCKBUND Built to enclose a part of the sea off to create the space required for the landfill.

ROCK BUND LINING Impermeable Membrane Marine Clay

Infographics in a nutshell means ‘converting’ as many words as possible into intelligible pictures while maintaining the coherence of the whole picture. On one hand, text is much neater than a collage of images. On the other, a well thought-out set of infographics reduces the chance of boredom and can be remarkably lucid.

This ensures that leachate from the refuse is contained within the landfill area. Other ancillary facilities were also built on the island to ensure that the landfill operation is self-sustainable.

1 1.

Upon arriving at Semakau Landfill, the barge berths at the enclosed transfer building. The tugboat then empties itself and returns to TMTS.

4 2 3


Large excavators with interchangeable and specially designed grabs unload the solid waste from the barge. The solid waste is then placed onto 35-tonne payload off-road dump.

Phase 1


The dump trucks travel to a designated tipping site and unloads the incinerated ash and non-incinerable waste into the landfill cell. Bulldozers and compactors then level and compact the incinerated ash and non-incinerable waste.

Phase 2


Each cell is covered with a layer of earth once it has been filled to ground level. Subsequently, grass and trees take root to form a green landscape.


Phase 1 •Started receiving waste in April 1999. •Sea space of all landfill cells for Phase 1 is estimated to be filled up to ground level by the year 2016.


Phase 2 2016

•Began in January 2014 and is estimated to be completed by the first quarter of 2015. •When completed, it will meet the waste disposal needs of Singapore up to 2035 or beyond.

8 km

2035 North


10 km


Most videos I have contributed to, I am not allowed to keep. Below is a storyboard of a short horror film that gave me insight to how tricky lighting is in videography.


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