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ACN Opportunity Review American Communications Networks (ACN) is based on telecommunications products that are sold through multi-level marketing (MLM). The company was recently highlighted by Donald Trump. Some say it is a great home business opportunity that has given them additional income. Others call it an illegal pyramid scheme. Which is it? I recently attended an overview meeting of the ACN home business opportunity in Wilmington, Delaware. An impressive video was shown and the live presentation was effectively done as well. Donald Trump's endorsement was highlighted throughout the conference, although from my investigation it appears he is a figurehead for the company, and is not an independent representative. It appeared that several current representatives were having good success. All commentary was upbeat from those present about the company, compensation and MLM configuration. The video phone was presented as "unique" in the marketplace, which I have since found to be untrue. The company distributes a range of telecommunications services. The flagship product is a new video phone and service, which uses voice over internet protocol (VOIP) digital technology. Robert Stevanovski, Greg Provenzano and Tony and Mike Cupisz (twin brothers) founded ACN in 1992. They opened for business in January 1993 using a direct sales, or network marketing approach. They started by reselling long distance from LCI Communications. They were with this company for five years, until Qwest Communications purchased LCI. In 1998, ACN was listed in Inc. Magazine as the 22nd in line of the 500 fastest growing privately held companies, with making revenue of a little more than $98 million. They have also been highlighted in Success from Home and USA Today. This year's annual revenue is reportedly near $500 million. In 2004, Vonage's Visiphone was cancelled, leaving Packet8 as the only company with a videophone. That is until ACN's latest entry in videophones. ACN's IRIS 3000 Videophone features a large 7-inch digital screen, a light-adjusting camera sensor, digital photo frame for displaying photos, downloadable ringtones, and built-in videomail. It also supports Uniden wireless phones and has the ability to get news, weather, sports, and other online content. Unfortunately, the ACN and Packet8 videophones do not interoperate. In an exploratory story Phil Shuman, MyFox 11 Los Angeles, reported on local "controversy surrounding ACN." He couldn't get several independent ACN representatives to respond to his query about the reason for the company's $499 application fee. Also, several former representatives claimed that ACN hadn't met their expectations and that ACN "preys on the weak and desparate, especially in these financial times." In addition, Robert Fitzpatrick, author of "False Profits," stated that ACN may be a "classic pyramid scheme," based on the "endless chain concept," which induces people to invest or purchase product based on the hope of making money. Bob Stephens, ACN's legal counsel, disagreed with Mr. Fitzpatrick's opinion, offering that ACN complies with all law and is a legitimate multi-level marketing company. For anyone looking for a good business opportunity, ACN may be a candidate and should certainly be closely examined, especially in view of Donald Trump's recent backing. They appear to have a good

product and opportunity, although the product is not unique in its market. As with any business idea or company, this may not be for everyone, and a little research is always wise. As in any business, a promotional plan and marketing system is crucial for success. Success or failure by any particular individual is not a measure of the validity of ACN or any business opportunity or model. Those choosing to start their own business, whether it be MLM, franchise, or "niche" startup, should know in advance what to expect and the have the tools necessary if they want to succeed. Click Here for Free VOIP Web Conference System

ACN Opportunity Review  

digital screen, a light-adjusting camera sensor, digital photo frame for displaying photos,