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B R I EFI N G ‘ VEN OM ’ EDITIO N NEW S500 RANGE Bremont revisits a classic, redesigning the S500 diver’s watch range

BREMONT WATERMAN Discover Bremont’s latest limited edition and read the interview with Mark Healey

BREMONT REVEALS A DARKER SIDE The new Bremont U-2/51-JET makes its big screen debut in dark and gritty Venom and Bremont teams up with artist, Adi Granov, to theme Bremont’s 1950’s military aircraft. Find out more on page 3

THE U-2/51-JET Bremont reveals a darker side with this stealthy new pilot’s watch

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WELCOME FROM NICK AND GILES We would like to say a personal thank you for your interest in the Bremont collection, developed to meet the expectations of those who demand more from a mechanical watch. Time began for Bremont in 2002, when we embarked on a journey to make beautifully crafted watches of exceptional quality. Inspired by a love of flying historic aircraft, of watches and of all things mechanical, our timepieces had to be tested beyond the normal call of duty - and not just in the workshop. Immensely precise, reliable and durable, Bremont watches are hand built in limited numbers; we’re proud that all are now assembled in the UK. Each is designed to appeal to those who share our passion for and appreciation of the innovation and mastery behind a beautiful mechanical wristwatch.


UK TEAM PREPARES FOR INVICTUS GAMES Find out more about Bremont’s partnership with the UK Team and how you can show your support. Read more on page 7



Read our exclusive interview with Bremont Ambassador and Waterman Mark Healey. Read more on page 8

JAKE MEYER SUMMITS K2 Bremont Ambassador Jake Meyer summits K2 on his third attempt. Read more on page 10



Friend of the brand Kyle Langford talks about what it’s like to compete in the Volvo Ocean Race. Read more on page 12

FIVE QUESTIONS WITH... Hear from Bremont’s Head Watchmaker about some of the challenges involved in watchmaking. Read more on page 19


We hope you enjoy the same satisfaction when you wear a Bremont watch, as we do in creating one.

Nick & Giles English, Co-Founders p19

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THE BREMONT U-2/51-JET The new U-2/51-JET not only appears in Columbia Pictures’ Venom but Bremont, in collaboration with the studio, has teamed up with an artist to paint the Bremont Broussard, the brand’s former 1950’s French military aircraft.

COMING TO CINEMAS THIS OCTOBER MARVEL and all related character names: © & TM 2018 MARVEL. Venom, the Movie ©2018 CPII. All Rights Reserved.

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October 2018 will see the release of Columbia Pictures’ highly anticipated, action-packed film Venom, one of Marvel’s most enigmatic, complex antiheroes. An utter masterstroke in casting delivers Academy Award® nominated actor Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock and the lethal protector. Hardy, who has a unique talent and range in creating brooding, dark and twisted characters for the big screen will no doubt have audiences captivated. The trailer, having reached 64 million views in its first 24 hours of release, indicates that Venom may be one of the biggest films to hit screens this autumn. Fitting with the dark and sombre tone of the film, the new stealthy Bremont timepiece can be seen throughout adorning the wrist of friend of the brand, Tom Hardy. The U-2/51-JET takes design cues from some of Bremont’s military work commissioned by the RAF’s 100 squadron to complement their Hawk T1 Jet aircraft. The 100 Squadron was the first squadron formed for night bombing back in 1917 and its stealthy appearance led to the introduction of this ‘Jet’ black timepiece complete with black smoked glass open case back through which one can view the automatic movement. Nick English, Bremont Co-Founder; “Tom is not only a phenomenally talented actor but is perfectly placed to bring to life this lethal protector and his struggle between good and bad. The jet black, synonymous with the RAF 100 Squadron, has certainly made the U-2/51-JET Bremont’s stealthiest watch to date which we felt lent itself to the darker side of the film. We’re honoured to have Tom wearing our watch throughout and we’re incredibly excited to see the finished product in October.” Bremont in collaboration with Sony Pictures, has teamed up with Adi Granov to paint the Bremont Broussard, the brand’s former 1950’s French military aircraft. Inspired by the iconic shark teeth design seen on the WWII fighters Adi unleashed Venom on the nose of the Broussard giving it a modern-day twist. Venom, a character known for his belligerent looking teeth, has dramatically changed the look of the aircraft having been entirely blacked out and most notably around its radial engine. With aviation deeply rooted in Bremont’s DNA it was the perfect way for the brand to bring Venom to life.

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DARK SIDE Eddie Brock, played by friend of the brand, Tom Hardy, sports this stealthy new timepiece in the new blockbuster, Venom.



MARVEL and all related character names: © & TM 2018 MARVEL. Venom, the Movie ©2018 CPII. All Rights Reserved.

WE ARE VENOM The Bremont Bus, belonging to Co-Founder Nick English, features nose art inspired by the character ‘Venom’ from the new movie.

Bremont is offering an exclusive opportunity to win a flight in the Bremont Bus along with two tickets to a screening of the Columbia Pictures’ Venom in London. No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited. Open to legal residents of the UK, 18+, ends 1st October 2018. Go to for full terms and conditions. Sponsor: Bremont. Bremont is also offering the opportunity to win tickets to the Venom premiere in LA on the 3rd October 2018. No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited. Open to legal residents of the USA, 21+, ends 24th September 2018. Go to for full terms and conditions. Sponsor: Bremont.

Largely considered a military tradition, nose art painting began for practical reasons of identifying friendly aircraft. The practice then evolved to express the individuality of the planes, which was often considered a constraint due to the uniformed nature of the military. The practice was used to evoke memories from home and life outside of the military, providing psychological protection against the stresses of war. In painting the Bremont Broussard (known as the ‘Bremont Bus’) with its new Venom nose art, artist Adi Granov said “The Bremont Bus is such an

integral part of the Bremont brand story and so this is one of the largest scale projects I’ve ever worked on. The biggest challenge I found was trying to keep the perspective on both sides of the aircraft. I’m an aircraft enthusiast as well as a watch enthusiast so when I was approached to work on this project it was great and it’s amazing to see my piece of art flying through the air.” To see the Bremont Bus receive its makeover and to view the exclusive interview with Nick and Adi head online to

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E - 3 SE N T RY

MILITARY & SPECIAL PROJECTS Bremont has built very close working relationships with military organisations around the world. As a result, we develop exclusive bespoke mechanical chronometers that pay tribute to individual units and their unique missions. It allows us to do something unlike any other luxury watch company: create mechanical watches that not only reflect our values, but also incorporate the 'DNA' of our military customers’ professions, aircraft and equipment. If sensibly maintained, a mechanical watch should last forever - unlike battery alternatives. So a quality watch is more than simply a timepiece, it is an heirloom to be passed down through the generations. Bremont’s passion for crafting beautifully engineered chronometers is shared by many of our military clients. We go to extraordinary lengths to produce unique timepieces for air force, navy and army units around the world, far surpassing any other brand. For more information head online to

@BREMONTMILITARY Share your best Bremont wrist shots with us #BremontMilitary



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Each member of the UK Team has been presented with a bespoke, engraved Bremont bracelet.

UK TEAM’S WOUNDED HEROES PREPARE FOR SYDNEY Bremont is immensely proud to be an official supporter of the UK Team for the Invictus Games and looks forward to cheering them on as they compete in Sydney this October. Ahead of the Sydney Games, Bremont has attended some of the training sessions where athletes are preparing for their events, which include Archery, Athletics, Indoor Rowing, Powerlifting, Cycling, Sailing, Sitting Volleyball, Swimming, Wheelchair Basketball and Wheelchair Rugby. During the Archery training, which took place at Bath University, Bremont was thrilled to catch up with Daniel Phillips who is competing in five events. Daniel, who suffered a life changing spinal cord injury whilst serving out in Afghanistan, is relishing the opportunity to compete on the world stage but says that the journey to get to this point has not been easy: “A couple of years ago, after sustaining my injuries, I became a recluse and was medically discharged from the Army. I just wanted to live at home in my own little bubble.” However, since being selected to compete in the Games, Dan’s outlook has changed significantly: “The Invictus Games gives me back part of what I used to be. It allows me to get out there and inspire my family and particularly my children; teaching them to do their best no matter what holds them back, be it financial reasons, injuries or health. You can still get out there and be the best you can be.” The Sydney Games takes place during October 2018 and will attract more than 500 competitors from 18 nations to compete in 11 adaptive sports and will recognise and thank families and friends for their role and the challenges they share in supporting our

wounded warriors. Sydney will host around 1000 family and friends who’ll be in the stands cheering. The UK Team requires your support this October so please join Bremont in doing so. Dan says, “We’re an absolutely fantastic team and everyone helps to support each other and drive each other on, but in order for us to be at our best we need the support of the UK behind us. It gives us all that extra edge to go out there and make the UK as proud as we possibly can.” Find out more about the partnership and view Bremont’s short video behind the scenes at the Archery training camp online at

SHOW YOUR SUPPORT FOR UK TEAM You can show your support to the team with a Bremont Invictus Games UK Team Supporter’s Bracelet, available online or from a Bremont Boutique, from which all profits will go to Help For Heroes. Visit to show your support and for more information. Bracelets available while stocks last.

Through the sales of this product Bremont aims to raise a minimum of £10,000 for Hep for Heroes Trading which gifts its taxable profits to Help for Heroes (a registered charity in England and Wales, number 1120920, and in Scotland number SC044984).

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MARK HEALEY In July 2018, Bremont introduced a striking and remarkably technical dive watch to its collection, the Limited Edition Bremont Waterman. The mechanical chronometer follows an impressive line of marine predecessors which have built a reputation for durability and precision within the range. Bremont has worked closely with the world renowned free-diver, adventurer, big-wave surfer and ocean environmentalist, Mark Healey, in testing this new timepiece. Crucially, Healey has helped the brand in testing the new Supermarine 500 sapphire crystal case back technology. Bremont caught up with Mark following the launch to discuss what being a ‘Waterman’ entails and what life is like above and below the waves. To find out more about Mark and the Bremont Waterman Limited Edition visit

COMING UP FOR AIR Through significant mind and body training Mark is able to hold his breath for up to 6 minutes underwater.

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YOU’RE A SELF-DESCRIBED PROFESSIONAL WATERMAN. WHAT DOES THIS ENTAIL? Well, the term Waterman is an easy way to describe a wide array of ocean disciplines that a person is competent in. Basically I make my living doing what others are incapable or unwilling to do in the ocean. Professional big wave surfing, movie stunt work, professional freediving, spearfishing, under water cinematography, shark tagging, safety, rescue and creating one of a kind ocean related experiences and trips for high-end clientelle through my company Healey Water Ops. WHAT DRAWS YOU BACK TO THE OCEAN AGAIN AND AGAIN? The dynamic nature of the ocean keeps me coming back. Because it’s always changing, there’s the thrill of the unknown. Whether it be ocean conditions or encountering wildlife. In a time where so much of our lives are inundated with trivial distractions, the ocean offers us perspective on what it’s like to be alive on a basic human level. To connect with nature and at least feel for a moment what our ancestors must have felt on a daily basis. To be a part of something bigger than you and learn how to thrive in that environment. Because it’s changing all the time there’s always an element of uncertainty on some level. Freedom and uncertainty go hand in hand. WHAT ARE THE BIGGEST DANGERS YOU ENCOUNTER UNDERWATER? The dangers really depend on your ability and experience level. I could go through the list but that would take too long. The ocean is going to do what it’s going to do whether you are there or not so you have to focus on the elements that are in your control. That being said, the biggest danger is a lack of preparation, knowledge and physical conditioning. Assessing risk and mitigating it is key. Anytime you step into the

ocean, you’re in an environment that’s completely uncontrolled by humans. Everyone needs to connect with that sort of wilderness in some way, especially in a time when there’s so much noise and distraction in our daily lives. TELL US A LITTLE ABOUT YOUR PARTNERSHIP WITH BREMONT. HOW DID THIS COME ABOUT AND WHAT MAKES THE BREMONT WATERMAN TIMEPIECE AN INTEGRAL PART OF YOUR KIT? I actually met a friend of Nick and Giles while consulting for a high-end resort in Indonesia. The introduction was made and we really hit it off. I admire Bremont’s attention to detail and what they represent as a company. The style of their timepieces really clicks with me and the way they work with aviation, the military and explorers to create pieces that you can depend on, is pretty unique. It’s not just a pretty face. Being that preparation is so key with operating in the ocean, I don’t work with any equipment that I don’t trust. There are enough unforseen factors that I may have to deal with, so I don’t need my timepiece to be one of them. The Waterman is the only piece of equipment or clothing that I have on me at all times, anywhere I go, so it has more demands on it than any other item I own. It’s durable, accurate and looks good. Whether I’m applying a satellite tag to a shark or speaking in front of an audience, I have confidence in what’s on my wrist.

“I admire Bremont’s attention to detail and what they represent as a company. The style of their timepieces really clicks with me and the way they work with aviation, the military and explorers to create pieces that you can depend on, is pretty unique. It’s not just a pretty face.” The Bremont Waterman is quite a feat of engineering – and only 300 have been produced. The watch’s movement is mounted in a patented anti-shock system and can withstand water up to 500 metres. As a company that’s committed to philanthropy and championing small-scale charities, Bremont has pledged to donate a percentage of sales of the Bremont Waterman to Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii, a grassroots charity close to Healey’s heart that inspires local communities to take care of their coastlines. Read more on page 10.

HOW DO YOU INTEND TO EDUCATE PEOPLE ABOUT PROTECTING THE OCEAN? One of my main ambitions is to use film, photography, and hands-on education to deepen the broader culture’s relationship with the ocean. I absolutely believe that people will only protect something if they value it, and it’s my life’s mission to inspire others to value the ocean the way I do. The ocean’s just endlessly fascinating to me. I could live for a thousand years, and it would still never get old.

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Very few people in history have ever summited K2, only about 8% of the number who have summited Everest. Truly a mountaineer’s mountain, the death rate is over 20% for those who attempt it. Record-breaking British climber Jake Meyer, who had already climbed Everest by 21, returned to K2 for the third time, where he finally conquered the world’s second-highest mountain and the tallest in the Karakoram range on the border of China and Pakistan.

‘Enjoy her wonders, protect her legacy, and leave her better than you found her’

Jake reached the 28,251ft summit early morning on Saturday 21st July after a five-day climb from base camp. Extreme weather conditions meant he had to spend two nights at a camp en route up allowing a storm to pass before continuing his journey. Upon reaching the 8,611-meter peak Meyer became the tenth Briton in history to have climbed the second most lethal mountain on earth, before which only nine Britons had ever reached its summit and three of whom died on the descent. Bremont is proud to have supported Jake who wore the S300 model on his incredible expedition, having previously put numerous other pieces from the collection through their paces. K2 is the world’s second highest

With over 5 trillion pieces of plastic currently littering our oceans Bremont and Ambassador Mark Healey were keen to support a charity close to home for Mark with the release of this latest dive watch. Hailing from Oahu’s North Shore, and with the largest ocean garbage patch being located between Hawaii and California, a percentage of proceeds from all Bremont Waterman sales will go towards ‘Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii’. The Bremont Waterman is designed to celebrate life on and indeed under the water and fundamentally to help contribute towards protecting our oceans’ legacy. The all-purpose Limited Edition diving watch hopes to add to the increasing awareness of the issues that our oceans are facing all over the globe. Rubbish accumulates in 5 ocean garbage patches, the largest one being the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. If left to circulate, the plastic will impact our ecosystems, health and economies. Solving it requires a combination of addressing the source, and cleaning up what has already accumulated in the ocean. Started in 2010, ‘Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii’ is a grassroots, local non-profit organisation run by a small team of dedicated staff and supported by passionate volunteers. The charity inspires local communities to care for their coastlines through fun, hands-on beach clean-ups as well as coordinating educational programmes, team building corporate clean-ups, ocean plastic recycling, waste diversion services and public awareness campaigns. Find out more online at

BREMONT S300 The Bremont Supermarine S300 met Jake’s stringent requirements for the task and successfully scaled K2 on his wrist.

1 0 / B R E M O N T.CO M

mountain, 239m lower than Everest, but clearly presents a much more significant climbing challenge. This was Jake’s third attempt, after his expeditions in 2009 and 2016 were abandoned due to bad weather conditions. Jake Meyer: “Bremont watches demonstrate precise British engineering teamed with classic British design. For several years I have dreamed of flying the Union Flag from the summit of K2 and nothing made me prouder than doing so wearing the Bremont S300 on my wrist. K2 is known as the ‘savage mountain’; it demands respect and focus. Anyone attempting it must have utter trust in their abilities and in their equipment in the most hostile conditions, and I know


“Bremont watches GETTING ON demonstrate HANDS precise Jake assisted in the assembly British engineering the S300 teamed withofthatclassic will accompany British design. For him on the several yearsexpedition, I have a crucial part of dreamed of flying his kit. the Union Flag from the summit of K2 and nothing made me prouder than doing so wearing the Bremont S300 on my wrist.”

“A CROSS BETWEEN TINKERBELL AND THE TERMINATOR” Bremont’s latest Ambassador, Rosie Stancer, will attempt to cross China’s largest dune desert.

that my Bremont will never let me down however much of a pounding I get.” Bremont Co-Founder, Nick English; “Having completed the Seven Summits by the time he was 21, which includes Everest, is testament to Jake’s phenomenal climbing ability. To now add K2 to his list, the hardest of them all, and something that has taken him 3 attempts to tackle is truly amazing. Not only does Jake train extensively before these expeditions but he also has a full-time job which makes this accomplishment even more remarkable. Having worked with Jake since Bremont’s very early days it brings great pleasure to see him enjoying our timepieces and putting them to good use in such hostile environments.” In June 2005, at the age of 21, Jake stood on the summit of Mount Everest and achieved his dream of becoming the youngest man in the world to complete the Seven Summits (the highest mountain on each continent) and the youngest Briton to climb Everest. Jake also broke the World Record for climbing the 48 highest peaks of Continental USA in the shortest time possible and is now the tenth Briton to add K2 to his impressive list.

The Taklamakan desert has a fearsome reputation as China’s largest dune desert. Many have dared to venture into its interior in a quest for legendary treasures buried beneath her shifting dunes and never been seen again. Taklamakan’s literal translation is ‘the desert you go in and don’t come out’. This forthcoming expedition, whist being British-led by Rosie, is however a joint Anglo-Sino project. Rosie and her team will be crossing through the interior of the Taklamakan desert and travelling the full length of nearly 1,000 km over its giant, shifting sand dunes – and out the other side. Memorably described by one journalist as “a cross between Tinkerbell and the Terminator,” Rosie’s appearance belies the inner strength that has so successfully propelled her to previous polar success. A diminutive 5’3,” Rosie is not built in the image of Scott, Shackleton and Amundsen. Her achievements are testimony to the fact that dreams can be realised through skill, determination and courage. An accomplished polar athlete and explorer since 1996, Rosie has embarked on a series of major polar expeditions. In 2003 she skied solo and without resupply to the South Pole. Hauling a sledge more than twice her body weight for over 1000 km, she smashed previous speed records by 7 days, completing the extreme endurance challenge in 43 days 23 hours. Stay tuned for more from Rosie by following Bremont on social media.

HEIGHT 8611m / 28251ft

FIRST ASCENT 31.07.1954


DEATH RATE 70+ people

Once a month Bremont hosts an Adventurers Club event at some of its Boutiques. This is an evening where a Bremont Ambassador or friend of the brand will share tales of adventure, exploration, inspiration or innovation and invites the audience to ask questions. If you would like to be invited to future events at any of our Boutiques, please email:

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BREMONT TAKES TO THE OCEAN The results of this year’s Volvo Ocean Race made it the closest finish in the race’s 45-years and marked the first win for a Chinese-flagged team. After friend of Bremont, Kyle Langford, reached the finish line in third place with Team Brunel, we took a moment to celebrate his efforts in the competition and get some inside information from the man himself. TELL US ABOUT YOURSELF AND YOUR BACKGROUND IN SAILING. I grew up on the east coast of Australia and started sailing at 4 years old, it was normal for our family to spend all our holidays on the water. When I was 15 I competed in my first international event and that’s when I decided I wanted to make a career of sailing. Following that I started racing in Europe on the world match racing circuit, gaining a world number 1 ranking. At the same time, I was competing in the Extreme Sailing Series and RC44 circuits and then signed up with Oracle for the 34th America’s Cup in San Francisco. I then re-joined Oracle Team USA where we lost the 35th Cup in Bermuda. I decided to refocus myself on another area of sailing where I had no experience and immediately signed up for the Volvo Ocean Race with Team Brunel. WHAT IS IT ABOUT SAILING THAT YOU LOVE AND DO YOU HAVE A FAVOURITE TYPE OF BOAT TO SAIL? Sailing brings non-stop challenges. There is no other sport in the world with so many variables, we are competing on a racetrack that is forever changing with the wind and waves and I really enjoy the challenge

12 / B R E M O N T.CO M

of having to constantly evolve your way of thinking as new technology is introduced and you develop the equipment to go faster. My favourite boat is the AC72, which was faced in the 34th America’s Cup. It was the first boat of its kind and changed people’s perception of what is possible in sailing as there had never been a boat of that scale foiling and the technology and engineering involved to get that boat to fly was seriously impressive. AS A FORMER AMERICA’S CUP SAILOR HOW DOES THE VOLVO OCEAN RACE COMPARE? The Volvo Ocean Race and America’s Cup are similar in the sense that it’s simply a sailing race but the America’s Cup is like Formula 1 and the Volvo is the Dakar Rally. The Volvo requires a lot more endurance and is a much tougher mental challenge. You learn a lot about yourself whilst battling the most extreme weather conditions on earth with sleep deprivation whilst trying to maintain the motivation to push the boat as hard as you possibly can. They are both very challenging in their own right, but ultimately, you’re trying to sail faster than your competitors and have a steeper learning curve than them.

IN TERMS OF PHYSICAL FITNESS ARE THERE BIG DIFFERENCES? The America’s Cup is really a sprint race, the fitness training was based on high intensity training and it’s common to see people at their max heart rate when racing. The Volvo, however, requires a different training approach, which is more focused on core stability and trying to maintain muscle mass as we were spending up to 3 weeks at sea on an unstable platform. DID YOU HAVE TO DO MUCH PREPARATION FOR THE VOLVO OCEAN RACE? Team Brunel was a very late entry in the Volvo and we had very limited training time pre-race. We had to do several courses to meet the safety requirements of the race. There is no shore team to help repair the boat out at sea, so each sailor is in charge of different areas in case we have damage. On-board the yacht, I was in charge of the rigging, sail making and boat building and had to ensure we had adequate spares.



WHAT WAS THE TOUGHEST LEG OF THE JOURNEY FOR YOU AND WHY? Leg 2 from Lisbon to Cape Town was the toughest leg for me. It took 20 days and was the longest time I had ever spent on a boat at that point. Everything was so new to me and I didn’t know what to expect, being relatively inexperienced at ocean racing meant I wasted energy at unnecessary times and was quite often cold and wet. We saw a large range of conditions on that leg which helped prepare me mentally and physically for the next leg through the Southern Ocean. PRESUMABLY THE CONDITIONS ON THE BOAT ARE DIFFICULT? We have a watch system; we have 4 hours on deck sailing and 4 hours off. When we are off watch we are still on standby and you need to be ready to go and help if we need to change a sail or do a manoeuvre. It’s not uncommon to get zero sleep in a 48-hour period when the conditions are difficult. HAVE YOU ALWAYS WANTED TO COMPETE IN THE VOLVO OCEAN RACE AND WHY? I have always wanted to race the Volvo I just didn’t expect to do it so early in my sailing career. I think the feeling of accomplishment of crossing an ocean is amazing regardless of the result, but of course it’s better to finish at the front. BEFORE THE LAST LEG OF THE RACE, WHICH TEAM DID YOU THINK WOULD WIN? With one leg to go in the race there were 3 teams on equal points, Dongfeng, Mapfre and Team Brunel. We had momentum on our side after winning 3 of the last 4 legs but after 40,000 miles the race was decided over 750 miles. Our confidence was high and we were feeling good about the way we were sailing the boat, but the other teams were very good so it all came down to the wire.

WHAT DOES TIMEKEEPING MEAN TO YOU FOR RACES SUCH AS THIS? Timekeeping is crucial in a race like the Volvo Ocean Race. Life on-board and the way we race is all based around time, from monitoring watch timings, wind shifts and weather patterns to tracking our competitors to help gauge our performance, time is something that is observed every few moments. WHAT DO YOU LIKE MOST ABOUT BREMONT? I love the Bremont mentality of innovation and also the link to aviation. Sailing has a lot of similar principles to flying and the same spirit of adventure in aviation is very present in sailing, which make the two sports closely linked. The way Bremont was started by combining a love of engineering, aviation and watch making is a pretty cool story and it’s hard not to be impressed by! WHAT’S NEXT FOR KYLE LANGFORD? I am headed straight to Germany for a single handed event then straight down to Australia for some more sailing, followed by a much needed holiday before getting into the next big project! BREMONT S300 Robust, lightweight and a highly reliable mechanical timepiece tested to withstand the punishment of the sea.

HOW HAS YOUR BREMONT S300 PERFORMED FOR YOU DURING THE RACE? The S300 has been great, we’ve sailed 40,000 miles around the world, seeing hurricane force winds and snow of the Southern Ocean to the light winds of the doldrums around the equator and a range of temperatures from 1 degree to 40. The S300 has stood up to all gruelling conditions I’ve forced it through with no problems!

TESTED BEYOND ENDURANCE Established in 1973, the Volvo Ocean Race is a yacht race

around the world with 7 teams over 10 legs, held every three years.

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BREMONT & BICESTER HERITAGE This exciting partnership sees Bremont join Bicester Heritage as the official timekeeper of the Sunday Scramble open day events, furthering the collective passions of both companies for British craftsmanship and motoring heritage. As a key part of this collaboration, Bremont clocks will adorn prominent buildings around the historic former RAF Technical Site at Bicester Heritage. Bicester Heritage is creating a revolution in historic vehicle ownership. The unique location is the UK’s only hub for historic motoring excellence and is the national centre for a £5.5bn per annum industry that employs over 34,000 skilled people. Founded in 2013 Bicester Heritage has gone from a standing start to a home for over 30 specialist businesses, and growing, with a collective turnover of over £20m, making it the largest player in the industry and set to grow exponentially with a global reach. For Sunday Scramble events visit

HEVENINGHAM HALL CONCOURS D’ELEGANCE The Heveningham Hall Concours d’Elegance, inaugurated in 2016 as a motorsport event, bringing together some 50 of the world’s finest motor cars which are displayed amid the backdrop of Grade I listed Georgian mansion, Heveningham Hall, on dramatic grass terraces designed by renowned landscape architect Kim Wilkie. Bremont was proud to support the event and exhibit during the open days in July.

BREMONT AT HENLEY ROYAL REGATTA 2018 This summer, Bremont was extremely proud to once again support the internationally acclaimed Henley Royal Regatta which saw huge crowds gather to watch world class rowing and socialise on the banks of the Thames. Bremont exhibited its collection of timepieces within its pop-up boutique and was pleased to welcome people to the home of British watchmaking. To honour Henley’s traditional use of handheld timing, Bremont has handcrafted a beautiful commemorative mechanical stopwatch as well as 3 timepieces exclusively available to Members of the Stewards’ Enclosure, Competitors and Winners past and present.

2017 marked the first time in 178 years that renowned British event, Henley Royal Regatta, partnered with a small number of luxury brands. British watch company Bremont is the first Official Timekeeper in the Regatta’s established history. The event attracts thousands of visitors over five days and spectators can enjoy over 200 races of an international standard, including Olympians and crews new to the event. Head online to view these bespoke luxury chronometers and watch our video to see how timing is crucial to the preparation and competition of Henley Royal Regatta. Visit

#BREMONTSPOTTED An array of people in the public eye have been seen wearing Bremont watches over the last few years, here are a few of our recent favourites.

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FLYING LEGENDS AIRSHOW This summer, Bremont was proud to sponsor the flight lounge and showcase its collection of aviator’s watches at the 2018 event. The Flying Legends Airshow, produced by The Fighter Collection, combines flying displays of remarkable historic aircraft with engaging nostalgic activities to create an authentic 1940’s atmosphere at IWM Duxford’s wartime airfield. Duxford is the home of Bremont’s partner The Aircraft Restoration Company, who has restored some iconic and historically significant aircraft such as the Bristol Blenheim, Hawker Hurricane, P-51 Mustang and Supermarine Spitfires. The organisation’s Director and Bremont Ambassador, John Romain, flew some of these aircraft in the 2017 Blockbuster film ‘Dunkirk’.

BLUE BIRD K3 IN HENLEY Bremont was thrilled to see the iconic Blue Bird K3 visit the home of British watchmaking this summer at the Traditional Boat Show. A true feat of British engineering, the Blue Bird K3 is a hydroplane powerboat commissioned in 1937 by Sir Malcolm Campbell and set three world water speed records.


AUTHORISED DEALER EVENTS We regularly hold joint events with our authorised dealers. To find out if there’s an upcoming event near you or to register for event updates please email:

WIN AN EXCLUSIVE WATCHMAKING EXPERIENCE Bremont is thrilled to offer a unique chance for TWO PEOPLE to win a watchmaking experience day at Bremont HQ in Henleyon-Thames. Spend the afternoon with our watchmaking team and learn for yourself how to assemble a Bremont timepiece. Head online to enter for a chance to win this exclusive opportunity and to see what luxury British watchmaking is all about.

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Inside Bremont:

DIVE INTO THE DESIGN OF A BREMONT TIMEPIECE Bremont Co-Founder Nick English gives a brief insight into the design process of the Bremont Supermarine range.

Giles and I have always had a fascination with beautiful dive watches. In a way, it is one of the ultimate tools an active person can wear, especially if it is totally mechanical. Although in the air is where we spend the vast majority of our time, recreational diving has always been a passion of ours and I think this only adds to our curiosity. The Bremont Supermarine range has become the watch of choice for many of the explorers and divers that Bremont works with due to the immense durability associated with its build. Bremont also has a heavy connection to military personnel such as Clearance Divers, Special Forces Units and the Royal Marines. In addition to working with professional diving fraternities such as the North Sea Deep Sea Divers Certified has meant that Bremont has achieved an enviable pedigree in this sector over the years and we are incredibly proud to have created a product which military and dive professionals alike can rely on. We voluntarily develop our dive watches to ISO 6425 standards because a true diver’s watch has to adhere to some hard and fast design and build specifications. Some of these include:

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A UNIDIRECTIONAL BEZEL WITH 5 MINUTE ELAPSED MINUTE MARKINGS This is a key design feature in all Bremont dive watches. The material used in these bezels is not aluminium which can scratch easily, but ceramic or sapphire for immense durability.

CLARITY Distinguishable minute markings on the watch face are a key design requisite on most of the Supermarine range. Another requirement is good readability at 25cm in total darkness – we pride ourselves on readability. There are so many new and exciting

SHOCK RESISTANCE Bremont’s dive watches tested to over 500m have our own developed ‘Anti Shock’ movement mount integrated into the watch case. This technology was developed in the MB range of watches alongside the British ejection seat pioneer, Martin-Baker, and can be found in all Bremont S500 and S2000 models. CHEMICAL RESISTANCE We test this to prove that the watch effectively doesn’t rust if left in saltwater for 24 hours. Bremont cases have been tested well beyond this time with some serious sea-water and salt-fog tests in environmental testing facilities. The case of the Supermarine is made from the very corrosion resistant 316L stainless steel.

DESIGNING A TIMEPIECE Co-Founders Nick and Giles’ designs are inspired by British heritage and engineering as well as their own interests and passions.


TRIP-TICK® All Bremont watch cases use Bremont Trip-Tick® construction. A robust design that offers many design variations.

luminous paints that can be used nowadays, many made by a company called ‘Super-LumiNova®’ and these far exceed anything that was around even 20 years ago. WATCH STRAP A watch strap that can withstand a force of 200N. MAGNETIC RESISTANCE Many of our Supermarine models (unless they have an open crystal case back for aesthetic reasons like the S501) have a built in soft-iron Faraday cage surrounding the movement. This cage helps shield the mechanical watch movement against electrostatic and magnetic forces. WATER RESISTANCE The ISO standards defines a diver’s watch as having a water resistance to a minimum of 100m depth. All of

Bremont’s Supermarine watches are tested far beyond this limit. The Supermarine S500 for example, with the solid case back, although it has 500m written on the dial, is tested to over 1400m, which is quite a margin. For the professional diving community that may spend time saturation diving at great depths, a helium release valve is fitted to our S500 and S2000 ranges to prevent the crystal being blown out by an internal pressure build up, which is caused by helium that has seeped into the watch case.

THE NEW SUPERMARINE S500 The first diving watch Bremont ever produced was the 43mm Supermarine 500 which was introduced back in 2009. Three new Supermarine models are now available, the S500 in black and blue, as well as the S501. To find your nearest store visit

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Inside Bremont:

WHERE TO FIND US Get the full Bremont experience – drop into one of our boutiques and discover the full range In 2012 Bremont opened its very first flagship store in the heart of Mayfair, London’s luxury quarter. It was awarded ‘Store Design of the Year’ at the prestigious UK Retail Jewellery Awards. Since then, Bremont has opened four additional boutiques. Simply book an appointment or stop by to chat with our friendly staff and discover our collection of watches and accessories.

CANARY WHARF BOUTIQUE 8A Canary Wharf Shopping Centre Cabot Place, West Canary Wharf, London E14 4QT Tel: +44 (0) 203 943 5100 Email:

NEW YORK BOUTIQUE 501 Madison Avenue, New York NY 10022 Tel: +1 212 321 0012 Email:

MAYFAIR BOUTIQUE 29 South Audley St, London W1K 2PE Tel: +44 (0) 207 493 5150 Email:

HONG KONG BOUTIQUE 1 Lyndhurst Terrace, Central, Hong Kong Tel: +852 2395 0628 Email:

CITY OF LONDON BOUTIQUE Royal Exchange, London EC3V 3LQ Tel: +44 (0) 207 220 7134 Email:

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C AN ' T G E T TO A B R E MO N T BO U TI QU E ? Bremont also works with carefully selected Authorised Dealers across the globe. To find out where your nearest one is, use our store finder online: BREMONT.COM/NEAREST-STORES




01. BRITISH ENGINEERING Great Britain has a wonderful history when it comes to watchmaking and has probably been the home to more advances in horology than any other nation. Bremont is determined to play a pivotal role in the reinvigoration of this industry on British shores. Bremont builds many of its own watch components at its state-of-the-art parts manufacturing facility in Ruscombe, near Henley. As a company we verge on the obsessive in the desire to produce watches that are over-engineered for the task in hand. This passion becomes very evident when you hold a Bremont watch.

FIVE QUESTIONS WITH STUART DUFF, HEAD WATCHMAKER HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN A WATCHMAKER AND WHAT HAS BEEN INVOLVED IN GETTING TO THIS LEVEL? I began watchmaking in 1989 with the Signet group as a trainee and whilst there, I learned the basics of quartz and mechanical servicing. From there I went on to work for the Swatch group for seven and a half years and travelled to Switzerland where I was fully trained on automatic mechanical movements. After then working for the Aurum group, SWICO and completing a Rolex course on St. James Square, I moved to Bremont and have been here for over 7 years. I am proud to say that I am Bremont’s longest serving employee.

02. AVIATION AND MILITARY The love and passion for aviation has coursed through the founders' veins from very early in their childhoods. There has always been a very close association between time and aviation since the first brave adventurers took to the skies over 100 years ago. The love of aviation and its uncompromising demands are both inherent in every Bremont watch. Hand-in-hand with Bremont's love of aviation is the company's appreciation of military. Bremont has worked closely with the military for a number of years.

WHAT ATTRACTED YOU TO WORK FOR BREMONT? I moved to Bremont purely by chance. A friend had passed on my details to Nick and Giles and they took me on board as their first in-house watchmaker. I wasn’t very familiar with Bremont at the time, but it was an exciting experience to be part of a young watch company. At the beginning there was a lot of hard work involved for everyone, but starting out on this journey and seeing the potential of the company was well worth it.

03. ADVENTURE A key design requisite for the timepieces from the outset was the desire to make beautifully robust and durable watches that were at home both in the workplace and of course in rather more physical environments. The watches continue to be tested to the limits, both in the workshop but also by Bremont’s ambassadors and partners.

HAND CRAFTED Bremont watches are all carefully hand assembled at the company’s workshop in Henley-on-Thames.

WHAT ARE THE GREATEST CHALLENGES INVOLVED IN WATCHMAKING? Repairing and servicing automatic watches is my background, but now we are embarking on a much larger mission involving both assembly and manufacture which is a lot harder than you can imagine. From both a business and technical perspective there are a lot of elements that have to come together to make the process run smoothly. The intricacies and tolerances involved in watchmaking are unlike anything else but it’s great to see the end result in a Bremont watch. WHAT DO YOU ENJOY MOST ABOUT YOUR ROLE AT BREMONT? A big part of Bremont’s ethos is that we test our products to the extreme, so to be part of this process in testing different parts, their compatability and how everything comes together in the workshop is very enjoyable. Before new products are introduced into the range the parts are thoroughly checked, and assembled together to ensure that the quality of the build is the best it can be before going into production. This is a very technical process but one that is great to be involved in. It’s also great to work closely with Nick and Giles and they are around in the workshop a lot which is a real boost. WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT THE FUTURE OF BREMONT? There are many new developments taking place at Bremont, which includes working on a new in-house movement. This is very exciting and an impressive feat for a company like Bremont. To be able to do this in the UK is going to reignite the reputation of watchmaking in Britain. Seeing a lot of young watchmakers come through Bremont HQ is very positive and it makes you very proud to see the trade growing and becoming more accessible.

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