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Etiquette Reservations In order to offer you the best service possible, please arrive approx. 15 minutes prior to your reserved time. You will be greeted in the lounge with our welcome ritual. If you will not be able to keep your appointment, please inform us in advance so we can offer the appointment to another guest. We are happy to cancel your reservation up to a maximum of 24 hours prior to your appointment time. With shorter cancellation times we permit ourselves to charge a fee. Health Before starting, please inform us of any health limitations you may have due to high blood pressure, heart conditions, metabolic dysfunctions, allergies, and if you are pregnant or have recently had an operation. We will gladly take these into account with our recommendations. Payment We accept cash, credit card and EC card payments. Thank you for your understanding. The Schnitzler Beauty Lounge is a quiet and relaxing environment. As the flow of energy should not be disturbed in the rooms, please turn off all technical devices such as mobile phones and cameras. The Beauty Lounge is a smoke free zone.

at Breidenbacher Hof Schnitzler Beauty Lounge At Breidenbacher Hof Königsallee 11 40212 Düsseldorf, Germany Tel. +49 (0)211/68 78 74 15 Fax +49 (0)211/68 78 74 13 Email: Lounge hours: Mon – Sun 10 am – 10 pm

Committed to tradition and beauty

The Schnitzler Beauty Lounge

Á la carte beauty Trust us and our partners. In order to give you the maximum amount of care and sense of well-being, we work together with selected beauty concepts and exclusive products from: Guerlain La Mer La Prairie Sisley Martine Micallef Beauty by Clinica Ivo Pitanguy Ligne St. Barth

At Breidenbacher Hof Breidenbacher Hof, located in Königsallee in the heart of Düsseldorf, looks back on its long and evocative history. Built in 1812 by restaurateur Wilhelm Breidenbacher as a hotel for the Empire‘s rich and powerful, the Hof had become one of the best addresses in Düsseldorf by the mid 1900‘s. With the modernization of the hotel, new life was given to the myth of the legendary five-star grand hotel on the ”Kö“. Here it is a tradition to pamper discriminating guests with excellent service and luxury.

Create your own personal pampering treatment from our multifaceted range of products and services.

The Breidenbacher Hof is also home to the Schnitzler perfumery, which is synonymous with the highest quality standards, individual customer service and a refined awareness of current trends. The Schnitzler Beauty Lounge represents the successful symbiosis of proven tradition, an individual relaxing atmosphere and innovative beauty care. The focus of our philosophy lies on the experience of being pampered, harmony between body and mind and individually customized applications.



Since 1828, the time-honored Guerlain brand has been devoted to female beauty Guerlain‘s founder, Pierre-François-Pascal Guerlain, carried out research as a chemist, searching for rare, natural and valuable raw materials that he combined into extraordinary skin care products. Care for your body and mind with a master‘s touch. The products in the Orchidée Impériale line are based on a molecular extract of the orchid root: The quintessence of the phenomenal longevity of the orchid. Its highly effective texture works on all skin layers against all signs of skin aging – preventive and regenerating. Made to measure pampering treatments Guerlain looks back on a long tradition and its extensive experience in beauty care. Since the first Guerlain beauty salon was opened in 1939 on the Champs élysées, they have worked constantly on further improving treatment techniques, in order to provide every customer with a unique and highly individual spa experience. Therefore each session combines expertise, individuality and a sensory experience, resulting in a highly customized pampering treatment.

GUERLAIN facials

GUERLAIN body treatments

Everyone is unique. In order to always optimally satisfy personal needs, Guerlain offers individual treatments. Each treatment is tailored to exactly fulfill your wishes and the needs of your skin.

Just like your face, also your body deserves an individual treatment that combines a high degree of effectiveness with absolute relaxation. Immerse yourself and enjoy both the treatment as well as the result.

Orchidée Impériale facial

Imperial body treatment

An extraordinary pampering experience based on the extraordinary effectiveness of the Orchidée Impériale skin care lines. Treatment time: 105 minutes € 235,–

Intensive facial

Treatment time: 105 minutes

Complete facial

Treatment time: 75 minutes

Treatment time: 105 minutes

Radiance treatment

Treatment time: 60 minutes

Whole body peeling

e 210,–

Treatment time: 60 minutes

e 150,–

Radiance facial

A fresh and radiant complexion. Treatment time: 45 minutes

e 85,–

For him

Intensive facial

Treatment time: 105 minutes

Complete facial

Treatment time: 75 minutes

e 210,– e 150,–

Radiance treatment with an immediate effect A fresh and radiant complexion. Treatment time: 45 minutes 4

e 85,– 5

e 195,– e 105,– e 85,–

The La Mer Luxury Facial

An intensive, luxurious La Mer experience that will transform your skin. After this treatment, your skin will feel smooth, uniform and deeply moisturized. You will be convinced by your skin‘s renewed freshness and radiance. Your facial expressions will be clearly more relaxed and your skin will be visibly more radiant…the ultimate luxury experience! Treatment time: 90 minutes e 185,–

Anyone who has tried Crème de la Mer once

The La Mer Luxury Body Treatment on a unique, extremely complex bio-technological fermentation process. Dr. Huber was convinced that it is not only the ingredients, but also the method with which they are processed that can make such a great difference between a good moisturizer and a ”small wonder“. To this day, Crème de la Mers Miracle Broth™ is prepared exactly according to the elaborate process invented by Dr. Max Huber. It is a process that lasts 3 – 4 months. The finished cream is filled into its jar by hand in order to not disturb its delicate balance.

is amazed by its unbelievable ability to quickly reduce lines and small wrinkles and leave your skin looking smoother, tighter and younger. Even the most dry skin will become supple and the most sensitive skin soothed. Then there are also those who declare that Crème de la Mer can achieve unbelievable results – as has been stated by Dr. Max Huber. THE HISTORY Crème de la Mer was created under extraordinary circumstances. Many years ago, the astronautphysicist Dr. Max Huber suffered an explosion that burned and disfigured his face. After numerous unsuccessful scientific and medical treatments, Dr. Huber decided to help himself. Twelve years and 6,000 experiments later, he discovered Crème de la Mer.

THE RITUAL Its precious texture requires precise application. Both morning and night, ”warm up“ a small amount of the cream between your fingertips in order to free its essential active ingredients. Apply the cream to your clean and dry face, neck and on the area around your eyes, patting it in gently.

THE CREAM The cream‘s core element is a highly effective Miracle Broth™. There is nothing miraculous about these ingredients – Dr. Huber combined seaweed, vitamins and minerals as well as citrus fruit, eucalyptus, wheat germ, alfalfa and sunflower oils into a nutrient-rich formulation. The cream‘s secret is based 6

This unique body treatment uses a combination of the best elements from the sea to indulge your body from head to toe. Your skin will be treated in a luxurious manner with mineral rich algae extracts and La Mer‘s own ingredients. A regenerating massage promotes circulation and restores the balance of your body‘s energy. Your body will be left with an incomparable sense of wellness. Treatment time: 60 minutes e125,–

The La Mer Luxury Face & Body Treatment

The La Mer Experience A beneficial body treatment from head to toe. This regenerating and extremely relaxing full body massage promotes circulation and boosts metabolism, rebalancing your body’s own energy. Your face and décolleté are then intensively indulged with the effective La Mer care products, which channel nutrients and energy into your skin. Your body and mind will be rebalanced and you will return to your day with a wonderful sense of relaxation. Treatment time: 150 minutes e 295,–


The tradition rich beauty care from Sisley has completely dedicated itself to aromatic and botanical cosmetics

Hydration & Youth

Phyto Aromatique Treatment for intensive hydration. Treatment time: 60 minutes e 120,–


This family business was established in 1976 by Hubert d’Ornano in Paris and is still considered today as being a one of a kind jewel within the French beauty industry. All body care products have been prepared in French laboratories. In order to develop products with the highest quality, Sisley only selects the best plant types in each category. The extraordinary textures guarantee a nearly perfect symbiosis with your skin. They stimulate your skin’s microcirculation and promote oxygenation and as a result also cellular regeneration.

Phyto Aromatique Treatment for healthy radiance. Treatment time: 60 minutes e 120,–

Extreme Comfort

Phyto Aromatique Treatment for dry skin. Treatment time: 60 minutes

e 120,–


Phyto Aromatique Treatment for skin regeneration. Treatment time: 60 minutes e 120,–


Phyto Aromatique Treatment for a clear complexion. Treatment time: 60 minutes e 120,–


Phyto Aromatique Treatment against pigment displacement. Treatment time: 60 minutes e 120,–

Phyto Aromatique Anti Aging Treatments Sisleya Radiance

Treatment menu for incomparable radiance. Treatment time: 90 minutes e 195,–

Sisleya Purity

Treatment menu for a clear complexion. Treatment time: 90 minutes

e 175,–

Sisley Extra Rich

Regeneration treatment menu. Treatment time: 90 minutes

e 175,–

Sisleya Intense Hydration

Treatment menu for intense hydration. Treatment time: 90 minutes

e 175,–


Phyto Aromatique Treatment for men. Treatment time: 60 minutes 9


e 125,–

LA PRAIRIE REFLECTS ON ITS IMPRESSIVE HERITAGE. THE COMPANY’S ORIGINS GO BACK TO THE RENOWNED LA PRAIRIE CLINIC IN MONTREUX For more than half a century, the clinic has been a pioneer in anti-aging cellular therapy, whose unique achievements have benefited more than a thousand visitors from all over the world. Since 1982, La Prairie has been an independent company that has specialized in developing innovative skin care products. La Prairie‘s secret to success in luxury care is a modern range of products that are based on the exclusive La Prairie Cellular Complex. La Prairie products will help your skin look younger, even in the case of sensitive skin. Each individual product counteracts premature skin aging, negative environmental influences and modern daily stress.

LA PRAIRIE facials Swiss Cellular Anti-Aging Treatment

Caviar Firming Treatment

Cellular Hydrating Treatment

Pure Gold Radiance Facial

An intensive skin refining and smoothing treatment. It smoothes fine lines and wrinkles. Treatment time: 80 minutes e 150,– Intensive hydration for your skin. For dry to normal/ dry skin. Intense hydration penetration and bonding. Treatment time: 80 minutes e 150,–

Cellular Resurfacing Treatment

An extensive treatment for renewing your skin and refining its structure. Your skin will be radiant and appear smooth, clear and fresh. Treatment time: 80 minutes e 150,–


Swiss Cellular Treatment for Men

The pampering treatment for men. Adjusted to meet the demands of their skin needs, profound or soothing. Treatment time: 60 minutes e 115,–



Pure luxury for your skin. This treatment gives your skin immediate radiance and compactness. Treatment time: 80 minutes e 160,– The new gold standard in anti-aging care. A serum with 24 carat gold visibly tightens and firms your skin, giving it a radiant, warm glow. The warm masks ensure a sense of well-being. Treatment time: 100 minutes e 195,–

The Brazilian professor Ivo Pitanguy is considered the ”father of cosmetic surgery“ and has been distinguished by the world‘s most renowned universities for his outstanding accomplishments. After studying medicine at the university in Rio de Janeiro, he worked as a surgeon in the USA, France and England. In his endeavor to pass on his knowledge, he founded the clinic ”Clinica Ivo Pitanguy“ in 1963, which soon became a very well regarded training center for surgeons from all over the world. Under the direction of Ivo Pitanguy’s daughter, Dr. Gisela Pitanguy, and with great technical effort and extensive scientific knowledge, the clinic created its own skin care line Beauty by Clinica Ivo Pitanguy. Inspired by the fascinating possibilities of aesthetic surgery and their extensive experience in the area of dermatocosmetics, the products were developed according to very strict scientific criteria. The result is convincing: The body care products from the Previous collection stimulate decelerated cell functions and beautify skin. The result is smooth skin, youthful elasticity and a fresh and radiant complexion. The core of each formula is based on the skin rejuvenat-

Previous Dermo Lifting

An extraordinary beauty treatment, which was developed in perfect synergy with the product’s antiaging properties in order to produce an amazing lifting effect, new radiance and the secret to youthful skin. Treatment time: 75 minutes e 145,–

ing ability of Centella asiatica, a small exceptional plant with a long tradition. For thousands of years, Centella asiatica has been highly valued as a medical plant, especially in India and Africa, due to its extraordinary therapeutic properties. The oil extracted from it not only regenerates connective tissue, but also prevents the formation of scars, increases the formation of collagen and has strong antiinflammatory properties. Once applied, the products penetrate deep into your skin, without leaving your skin shiny. They are unbelievably soft and their effectiveness can be seen and felt.


Previous Purifying Care

A beauty treatment that was designed to gently calm and relax your skin. It visibly relaxes your facial features and provides intensive hydration and complete purification. Treatment time: 60 minutes e 115,–

Previous Post Lifting Care

This treatment is highly recommended, especially after a surgical lifting, for skin healing. The massage is individually adjusted to fit your unique needs, draining your skin and optimizing its reconstruction. Treatment time: 60 minutes e 115,–


Martine Micallef opened her own cosmetic studio in Côte d‘Azur in France 18 years ago, where she offered her services to a discriminating and elite clientele. Based on the experience she collected from this time period, she has created an exclusive body care line that combines highly effective active component technologies with natural ingredients. Her holistic body care concept pursues the ideal of natural and balanced beauty.

Martine Micallef beauty treatments for Her and Him A thousand and one nights ...

This modeling facial is based on three phases: Skin is cleaned and freed of dead skin cells. The highly effective ingredients build up the skin from the inside. During the last phase your facial features are remodeled. Treatment time: 75 minutes e 160,–

With Le Soin, Micallef worked intensively together with one of France‘s most renowned laboratories to make this wonderful product line a reality. Her vision: The systematics and effectiveness of professional cosmetic institutes to enhance luxurious lightness and perfect elegance.

Relaxation ...

Martine Micallef’s products embody the aesthetics in which inner and outer beauty reflect and passionately enhance one another.

An exclusive full body treatment for body and mind. Indulge yourself with a journey of discovery for your body, mind and soul. Treatment time: 105 minutes e 210,–

Extravagant tubes and vials, decorated with exquisite Swarovski stones and the golden M. Micallef monogram accompany this incomparable treatment.


A revitalizing, anti-stress treatment that consists of a synergy of various relaxation techniques (acupressure, shiatsu, stretching) and provides pure wellness. Treatment time: 75 minutes e 160,–

A journey of discovery ...


The family business Ligne St. Barth was founded in 1983 by Birgit and Hervé Brint, who still manage the renowned laboratory today.

Ligne St. Barth face and décolleté treatments with manual massage

LIGNE ST. BARTH Body treatments



Enjoy the fresh aromas of natural elixirs. The particularly calm, pampering treatment sequence helps you relax deeply. The high-quality, herbal body care products with natural vitamins and minerals have an intense clarifying effect and stimulate the skin’s own restorative abilities. The result is clear, smooth and fresh skin. Treatment time: 60 minutes e 85,–

It is located on one of the most beautiful islands in the Caribbean, St. Barthélemy. The Brin family‘s French forefathers already settled on this island in the 17th century. Here they obtained knowledge from the Arawak Indians about the beneficial properties of the tropical plants. Already at the end of the 19th century, Honorine Brin, Hervé Brin‘s great-great-grandmother, was already well-known on the island for her knowledge of Indian naturopathy. Birgit and Hervé Brin combined these Caribbean traditions with the most modern technology and highest quality standards.


Enjoy this intensively relaxing and restorative treatment with fresh papaya as well as pineapple or cucumber mousse. The effect of the high-quality herbal body care products with natural vitamins and minerals is intensified by these fresh fruits. The fresh and natural feeling on your skin, enhanced by wonderfully soft Caribbean aromas will carry you away to an exotic world. The nourishing manual massage with the aroma of bourbon vanilla, delicate lilies or Caribbean gardenia flowers perfects the feeling of wellness. Treatment time: 90 minutes e 110,–

Ligne St. Barth’s body care products are prepared exclusively in its own laboratory in St. Barthélemy and contain all the active ingredients from the plants, fruit and flowers from which they are obtained. The natural texture and composition of the body care products are suitable for all skin types and therefore are quickly absorbed. Let yourself be carried away to the paradisiacal world of tropical beauty. 16

Body peeling with coconut oil and papaya Treatment time: 30 minutes e 45,–


Exquisite body mask – beneficial relaxation Treatment time: 60 minutes e 90,–


Body wrap with clay & pineapple or cucumber mouse Treatment time: 30 minutes e 45,–


An exotic beauty bath Treatment time: 30 minutes


e 55,–

Element Treatments Well-being in harmony with the elements Our element-wellness programs are combined with western and eastern traditions as well as high-quality nourishing textures. Exclusive relaxation rituals at the beginning also promote the harmonization of body and mind. Natural plant and fruit oils and elixirs pamper your skin in an extraordinary and sensuous manner.




Fire represents heat and symbolizes the warmest season, summer. It represents the full moon: A time for splendor and expansion of full potential. Fire is used as a source of warmth and has drying and creative abilities. This element nourishes the earth and is fed with wood. The fire element is dynamic and stimulates the skin’s metabolism and cellular regeneration.



Wood is considered the first element. It is equated with spring and represents the waxing moon: A period of renewal and sudden growth. Just as nature grows and new vitality springs upward from the ground during this period, wood also symbolizes the Sublime, the Almighty, the Upright – like a tree that stretches upward towards the sky. Wood nourishes fire and is fed with water. The living nourishing character of the wood element promotes purification and invigorates both your body as well as your mind.


The earth element represents the harvest, a period of fertileness and growth. It is equated with midsummer: A period for equilibration and centering, as this element symbolizes the middle. Earth originates from the ashes of fire and nourishes metal. The energy produced by this element has a calming and harmonizing effect. Body and mind are rebalanced and are nourished and regenerated. Your body‘s shape will find its perfect definition.




The metal element is the densest of the five elements. It is equated with fall and represents the waning moon: It is a period for cleansing and accumulating. Pressure in the interiors of the earth press the minerals together. The silvery metal is nourished by the earth and controls wood. This element symbolizes the transformation of rough material into pure ”essence“. The metal wellness program clears and cleanses your skin with a lasting and profound effect.

Water Mystery

The water element represents the coldest season. It is equated with winter and represents the new moon: A period for quiet, reflection and mystery. Water has the characteristic of following the path of least resistance and represents calmness and depth. It is nourished by metal and contains fire. The ancient Chinese called water the ”blood of life“. The maritime ingredients in this treatment pamper your skin in a luxurious manner.


Our specials

Earth – Balance

Experience new impulses and welcome the effusive lightness of being with body, mind and soul. You begin the treatment with a cleansing ritual with white clay and precious yellow flowers. The element ceremony with crystal clear water gives off an almost paradisiacal aroma and bestows new life energy. Silky textures are distributed and smoothed out on your body. At the end, we will indulge you with a special choreography for your face, neck and décolleté, with the art of a light touch that caresses all of your senses. Treatment time: 180 minutes e 240,– (1 person) Time for Two: 200 minutes e 475,– (2 persons) This perfect couples‘ relaxation can also be enjoyed in the Schnitzler Beauty Lounge.

Element treatments Wood – Metamorphosis

Revitalize your body, mind and soul with the holistic treatment of green plant power. After a revitalizing cleansing ritual with bamboo and white clay, experience a new world of relaxation with our regenerating element ceremony. Ivy, menthol and camphor activate and purify your tissues, avocado oil refines and soothes skin. The aroma of Caribbean gardenia flowers and the perfected art of a divine massage awaken your senses and pamper body and soul. Treatment time: 90 minutes e 140,–

Metal – Transmutation

Experience deep-down relaxation and extensive cleansing of your body, mind and soul. You will immediately discover calmness and balance at the beginning of this treatment with our oriental foot ritual. Enjoy the fine art of a professional massage. It will free you of tension and drive away those all too bleary thoughts. This special application for your face and décolleté has a clarifying effect and stimulates your skin‘s own restorative abilities. This gentle element ceremony is completed with intensive body care products selected especially for your skin‘s needs. All over your body, your skin appears refined, velvety and silky smooth. Treatment time: 275 minutes e 330,–

Fire – Fusion

Replenish yourself with new energy with this varied treatment. It starts with a cleansing ritual using white clay and red flowers. The invigorating wellness ceremony dedicated to the fire element imparts vitality and vigor. Through this intensive application also mind and body will radiate with youthful beauty. A pedicure with nail polish is the perfect finish to your stay at the beauty lounge. Treatment time: 210 minutes e 250,–

Water – Mystery

This treatment pampers body and mind with all variants of maritime ingredients. All of your body‘s metabolic processes are positively influenced at the beginning with an extraordinary cleansing ritual. 20

Enjoy this indescribable spa experience, where your skin is lastingly provided with valuable minerals and vitamins. Rich textures will transform your skin into a soft to the touch dream of velvet and silk. Abandon yourself to the limitless pleasure of the gentle and beneficial element ceremony. Treatment time: 100 minutes e 160,– (1 person) Time for Two: 170 minutes e 330,– (2 persons) This perfect couples‘ relaxation can also be enjoyed in the Schnitzler Beauty Lounge.


As an exclusive Beauty Lounge, we also offer a wide variety of themed evenings, product presentations and specialized lectures from reputed speakers.


Manicure (Including nail polish) Pedicure (Including nail polish)

e 60,– e 60,–


The following services can only be booked in combination with another treatment. Eyebrow shaping e 10,– Eyebrow tinting e 12,– Eyelash tinting e 15,– Complete eye care e 30,–


Upper lip depilation Bikini area depilation Lower leg depilation Whole leg depilation Underarm depilation Back depilation Brazilian waxing 21

from from from from

e 15,– e 25,– e 35,– e 50,– e 25,– e 50,– e 60,–

A man’s world It has become an indisputable fact, ... that an increasing number of men are learning to appreciate comfortable massages, relaxing baths and beauty treatments. Men are no longer considered to be cosmetic grouches, as the professional treatments provided in a Beauty Lounge are no longer a ”woman‘s domain“. Well-kept skin and a relaxed body have become an unwritten law for personal wellness for both sexes. More men continue to discover that body care and holistic applications have a positive effect on body & soul. As men and women are both different, men will find that special rooms have been created just for them at the Schnitzler Beauty Lounge. Metal – Transmutation: This element symbolizes the transformation of rough material into pure ”essence“. The cabins – an extraordinary and exclusive beauty & body treatment world – were designed exclusively for men. The design: Exactly what men love – like an exclusive car: It is made with the finest leather with burl inlays. The floor is covered with natural slate, the treatment bed has an elegant piano lacquer finish and is equipped with a Bose Sound System including an audio connection for your iPod as well as with sophisticated LED light technology. Interesting art and attractive features complete the program.


Intensive facial Treatment time: 105 minutes

e 210,–

Complete facial Treatment time: 75 minutes

e 150,–

Radiance treatment with an immediate effect. A fresh and radiant complexion. Treatment time: 45 minutes e 85,–

La Prairie Swiss Cellular Treatment for Men The pampering treatment for men. Adjusted to meet the demands of their skin needs, extensive or soothing. Treatment time: 60 minutes e 150,–


Phyto-Aromatique Treatment for Men

Treatment time: 60 minutes

Element Treatment – Metal

Experience deep-down relaxation and extensive cleansing of your body, mind and soul. Enjoy the fine art of a professional massage and let your tension and burdensome thoughts fade away. This extraordinary application for your face and body has a clarifying effect and stimulates your skin’s own restorative abilities. Treatment time: 275 minutes e 330,–

This all promises pleasure, relaxation and total well-being. Today, special body care concepts pamper gentlemen with distinctive cocktails of active ingredients and selected spa rituals.


e 125,–


His And Her SPA Menu - Breidenbacher Hof, Dusseldorf, Germany  

His And Her SPA Menu - Breidenbacher Hof, Dusseldorf, Germany