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Creating health actively.

The best is just good enough.

State-of-the-art diagnostics and highly-qualified staff – the Dusseldorf private center of performance diagnostics, internal medicine and cardiology of Prof. Dr. med. Baumgart offers you all you need for a positive feeling of well-being.

Establishing a hundred percent secure diagnosis requires outstanding specialists as well as state-of-the-art medical technology. And this is exactly what is offered in the center of Prof. Dr. Baumgart.

Life expectancy has increased considerably in the last few decades. Reaching the age of 100 seems to be possible today – thanks to a better hygiene and a rapid medical progress. This, however, also bears new medical challenges. People want to enjoy the extra years earned with indulgence and not with lingering illness. Today, modern medicine provides us with various possibilities to actively influence our health. We are able to increase well-being and performance while ensuring a high quality of life and physical fitness in the long-term. By supplying all your needs, we offer you the reliability you want to live a life without any health problems.

In addition to a 4D sonograph, our center is equipped with the most modern devices for early diagnosis of vascular damages (vascular elasticity) as well as all relevant devices that are required to perform an internist cardiological examination. Advanced diagnostics by means of cardiac MRT, cardiac CT and heart catheter examinations are carried out in our affiliated surgeries. Our performance diagnostics centre also offers you the possibility to check your physical capacity by means of ergospirometry (optionally on the treadmill or bicycle ergometer). Prof. Dr. Baumgart maintains direct contact with a network of highlyqualified specialists and professors who will quickly find a solution to your medical requirements if further examinations by other specialists are needed.

Spiroergometry Endurance performance, energy metabolism during physical exertion and performance of the cardiovascular system can be evaluated by means of ergospirometry. It serves as ideal preparation and training control in endurance sport.

Cardiac Magnetic Resonance Tomography (MRT) MRT provides high-definition, three-dimensional images from the body’s inside by means of magnetic waves. In this process the body’s organ structures are calculated and illustrated in high-precision images, using absolutely no X-rays.

Extensive laboratory diagnostics Laboratory findings enable us to precisely categorise illnesses by their stages, to perform follow-up examinations and treatment controls and to initiate suitable preventive measures.

Cardiac CT Calcifications of the coronary vessels and possible stenoses under relatively low exposure can be exactly represented by means of this novel X-ray procedure.

4D sonography Especially soft tissues can be evaluated very well by means of ultrasound examination (sonography). By means of our 4D sonograph we can evaluate heart size, heart muscle function as well as heart valve function in detail. In this process we are able to show you the interaction of your heart structures on our 40-inch LCD screen.

Heart catheter examination The heart catheter examination still is the most exact way of reproducing the coronary blood vessels and offers the possibility to instantly treat constrictions by means of balloon implant or STENT (vascular support).

Vascular diagnostics Especially first arterial changes can be detected early on the basis of the ankle brachial index and the measurement of the vascular elasticity.

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You will feel comfortable in our exclusive environment and enjoy first-class services. The physician will dedicate all his time to you – whether you come to the private center upon recommendation, for personal preventive measures or by referral – you will leave with the confident feeling of having done the best for maintaining your health!

Previously, Prof. Dr. Baumgart was in charge of the heart catheter laboratory of Essen University Hospital. He is the author of numerous publications, co-editor of medical textbooks and acts as medical expert. Prof. Dr. Baumgart was appointed member of the European Association of Cardiologists and is also member of the scientific advisory board of Internationale Gesellschaft für Prävention e.V. (international association of medical prevention). He holds lectures especially in the field of cardiology on numerous national and international conventions and symposiums, which he partly organises himself.



The private center of Prof. Dr. Baumgart offers you medical diagnostics, consultation and therapy to the highest standards. However, our services are tailored to individual needs and provide our clients with the highest level of reliability.

In addition to his activity as head of the Dusseldorf private center for performance diagnostics, internal medicine and cardiology he is the medical director of the Preventicum in Essen.


In the heart of Dusseldorf where life is throbbing, we offer you a haven of tranquillity. With us you can focus on your health and thus on yourself.

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With us you feel comfortable and receive first-class service!

Prof. Dr. Dietrich Baumgart, internationally renowned specialist for internal medicine and cardiology.



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Flyer English - Breidenbacher Hof, Dusseldorf, Germany  
Flyer English - Breidenbacher Hof, Dusseldorf, Germany  

Flyer English - Breidenbacher Hof, Dusseldorf, Germany