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ABOUT US Fast fashion is nice in a pinch, but we believe that slow fashion is better. At Madison Maxey we strive to achieve an old world shopping experience and to make purchasing a Madison Maxey blazer a personal, honest and true exploratory experience that’s about so much more than exchanging cash for goods. We believe that good garments should be passed down from generation to generation, mom to daughter, and we source the best natural fibers we can find in order to achieve garments that will stand up to this test. We also use high-quality surplus fabric from designers to create unique collars and to remain low impact in an industry that can be overly wasteful. There’s something timeless about a blazer and we strive to serve that woman who believes in a classic, but modern chic and gravitates towards quality, yet unique garments. Most of all however, is our dedication to the customer. We want you to be happy with your experience with us, and in order to achieve that goal we are always changing and growing. We are a company who’s here to service you. We hope you enjoy what we can offer, and we hope your dreams can be achieved while confidently wearing one of our blazers.

S P R I N G/ F A L L 2012 BODIES

TESSA W: $145 R: $232

NICA W: $140 R: $225 F ABRICS





BODY FABRIC TAN 97% cotton 3% Spandex

All Linings are %100 Silk in plum purple

BODY FABRIC NAVY 97% cotton 3% Spandex

BODY FABRIC Black 97% cotton 3% Spandex

The Tessa Blazer in black with knitted accents

The TESSA Blazer in Navy stretch twill with floral accents

The NICA Blazer in black stretch twill with floral accents

The NICA Blazer in tan with salmon accents


MADISON MAX EY founder and head designer Madison Maxey is a bit of a daydreamer and doodler, but with a passion for garment design she's found herself working for the pages of Nylon and in the design studios of Tommy Hilfiger, Peter Som, Zanda Rhodes and Donna Ricco. Through living in France and routine trips to Shanghai, she has developed a cultural clash aesthetic that makes her designs both interesting and sophisticated. However, without a bit of whimsy, no design nor day is complete. With a charming and witty feel to her garments, her work has gained acknowledgment from the CFDA and Teen Vogue alike . TESSA LEWIS co-founder and public relations Tessa Lewis is someone who is passionate about almost anything she puts her mind to. With her hands in endless amounts of projects, she can be seen doing work in anything from painting and drawing to strategizing her latest business idea. While pursuing her dreams, she has found herself designing and marketing for a wide range of companies, developing an eclectic sense of style and a passion for meeting new people from all walks of life. At the end of the day, her belief in the benefits of great design has kept her yearning for more.


Photo Credits: Mark Fitton and Michelle Ramey Model Credits: Kendal, Camilla, Erin and Alice

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