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The Work Book All About Kimberley

Who we were Kimberley is a city with a storied past. The community was established in 1896, and its name is borrowed from a fabled and productive South African mine, in hopes that Kimberley, BC would yield similar success. And it did. Kimberley, BC became home to the world’s largest lead-zinc mine — the community’s primary industry and employer until 2001. Tourism and recreation have also played an important role in Kimberley’s


history. The community has long held affection for hockey, skiing, golf and the great outdoors. The community also developed a Bavarian theme that was adopted by residents and businesses. For a time, Kimberley enjoyed renown as the “Bavarian City of the Rockies,” and the theme is still evidenced in some of the community’s facades and businesses. In keeping with its previous Bavarian theme and mining history, the

Kimberley Heritage Museum

community of Kimberley remains no stranger to the unconventional, hard

Kimberley, BC | The Work Book

work and reinvention. As Kimberley continues to experience new growth and momentum, it proudly remains “a good place to be.”

The little things make a big difference. Discover why Kimberley, BC is just right for you.

Who we are Kimberley is a community. It’s the highest city in Canada. It’s a mountain town. A destination and a home. It’s a story of people, sharing their lives with one another, guests and visitors, businesses and organizations. This city is a diverse story of people with many perspectives, ideas, and imaginations, reinventing and celebrating where they live, work and play.


Kimberley is simultaneously a former mining town, a contemporary resort and tourism destination, and the once renowned Bavarian City of the Rockies. It’s a place to grow up, and a place to retire to. It’s a place to do business differently and a place to call a home base. It is many stories, all at once. And it continues to change and evolve. With so much opportunity, transition and possibility it would be unreasonable to suggest that Kimberley exists in a singular capacity.

Instead, Kimberley is in a period of unprecedented change, and as it grows into its next chapter of possibility, it is intentionally and deliberately “a good place to be.”


fast facts


The 411, right quick.


Population: 6,652

Perched in the Purcell mountains, with Rocky Mountain Vistas



60.62 km2


The East Kootenay’s fastest growing city coordinates:

49°41'05"N 115°58'59"W Weather:

Kimberley, BC | The Work Book

How does Kimberley compare to the others out there? Average july temperature °C:

Average hours of sunshine per year:

















distance in kms to international airport

Average days with windchill below -20°C:


21 KM


105 KM




121 KM




253 KM




255 KM



The opportunity Here’s the deal. There’s great people. A good little city. It’s close to what’s needed, and even closer to what matters. Housing is competitively affordable. The city and regional market is brimming with strong sectors and business opportunities. An international airport is only minutes from the city. There’s an incredible array of recreational opportunities just out the back door. But that’s not all. Super sunny? Check. Healthy and safe? Check. Clean, fresh and a quintessential Canadian mountain city? Check. Warm community, caring for its future? The nation’s most independent restaurants per capita?


Check. Highest city in Canada and world’s largest free standing cuckoo clock? Check. A hint of eccentricity? Check. All that’s required here is imagination, aspiration and an eagerness to make things happen. The City of Kimberley is motivated and keen to connect with businesses and individuals looking to invest here. We think it’s a good place to be: to be in business, be settled down, be seeking adventure, or be inventing and innovating differently in a top-notch community.

Let’s discover how Kimberley might be a great fit for your story. Contact us today, and let’s connect. 250.427.9666 or email: Info@InvestKimberley.com



Kimberley, BC | The Work Book


Think Kimberley? Think regional. It’s what’s around that counts! Kimberley exists in a regional market. There’s a population of 8,200 in

People in Kimberley make a living in a variety of ways, but an increasing

Kimberley’s immediate area, and an additional 33,000 in Cranbrook and area,

number are choosing self employment. There was 6.5% growth in the

just 25 minutes away. Kimberley is also situated near the centre of the Kootenay

number of business licenses from 2012 - 2013, and 76% growth from

Rockies region: a region distinguished by a cluster of resort and resource

2007-2013. The fastest growing business categories are:

communities, furnished with a wealth of natural capital and alternative culture.

Business services (i.e. serving other businesses)

Professional services (including those regulated by

This Kootenay Rockies region area offers access to over 100,000 people!

professional associations)

Alberta and the Praries contribute significantly to Kimberley’s economy. The proximity to Alberta (2 hours), National Parks (2.5 hours) and one of Canada’s wealthiest economies — Calgary (4 hours) has contributed to Kimberley’s draw as both a destination playground and a desired lifestyle community.

Wholesalers (those selling consumer goods to retail businesses)

Retail stores

Arts, artisans, and musicians (as well as entertainment in general)

Kimberley also competes globally. Mobile households and businesses can choose to locate anywhere, and they’re choosing Kimberley. Kimberley’s

Retailers and other consumer-oriented businesses in Kimberley are

welcoming culture and natural attributes have contributed to a population growth

focused on delivering unique, niche products and high-quality customer

of 8.4% Kimberley’s primary competitive advantages are uncommon – made

service. With the regional service hub located in nearby Cranbrook,

more so because of their unique interconnectedness. It’s not just a single driver

successful Kimberley retail businesses cater to the preferences of

or difference, it’s an assembly of unconventional features that so distinctively

locals (Kimberley and Cranbrook) as well as the visitor population.

sets Kimberley apart. Whatever the business, it is likely aligned with the values that the The collection of natural attributes, combined with recreation opportunities and

community holds and aspires to, including outdoor pursuits,

sound infrastructure in such close proximity enhance the opportunity to enjoy a

natural materials, and an authentic experience not commonly found in

high quality of life.

box stores.



Sector opportunities While Kimberley offers many different types of business, there are three primary sectors that provide significant opportunity for growth and benefit: value added, knowledge work, and export. Value Added


What type of business is often clever, nimble and versatile enough to be anywhere? Value added. Value added businesses take raw and wholesale materials and invest labour and knowledge to create a consumer product of greater value. From manufacturing to food production to consumer goods and services, Kimberley is a great place to situate value added businesses. Its location, access to shipping and transportation and welcome of diversity. The valueadded sector is supported by the City’s progressive, forward-thinking and helpful planning and building department. Give them a shout to discuss your value-added ideas in Kimberley.

Kimberley, BC | The Work Book

Knowledge Based Smart businesses dig Kimberley. As a mountain resort community with great connectivity, KImberley sees an increasing number of knowledge workers using Kimberley as their base. Online marketing, cloud solutions, software design, communications, graphic design, architecture, as well as videographers and photographers are just some of the many businesses serving the world while based in Kimberley. Knowledge-based businesses can also include accountants, lawyers and health professionals. Kimberley’s perfectly poised for knowledge based individuals and firms looking for the best of living in a mountain location. In addition, the nearby


international airport provides daily flights to Vancouver and connectivity to Calgary, Canada and the rest of the world!

Export Happily, one of Kimberley’s greatest exports is its community experience. Tourism and the visitor economy fall into the export category of businesses. While Kimberley tourism products are consumed locally, purchasing decisions to visit a destination are made in locations and markets outside our region. Kimberley is proud to be one of BC’s 14 designated resort municipalities, and the tourism export sector does well here. Other Kimberley businesses and individuals export goods and services to targeted regions, both local and international. Many of these businesses overlap with the knowledge-based and value added sector.


10 10

Kimberley, BC | The Work Book


A good place to be

learning. Higher Education

Kimberley is a community that welcomes innovation. At this elevation, things may look differently, but we’re also inclined to see things differently too. Our community’s extraordinary past has taught us the importance of learning new things, the value of new perception and growing better together. And, as they say “playing is the first form of learning” which means we’re surrounded by education opportunities. Here’s some of the place to learn in Kimberley… 11

Schools Kimberley’s school system consists of three primary schools, one middle school, one secondary school and an independent school.

Education Facilities Kimberley is home to a College of the Rockies (COTR) regional campus. The college provides facilities for specialized training, including video conferencing, computer-and satellite based courses, and centre with a computer lab and projection screen. The campus is also home to a distinct set of courses that deal with sustainable and alternative building. The main COTR campus is located in Cranbrook and offers programs in Trades, Recreation, Tourism, Business, Computer Science, Health, Child Youth and University Studies.

Education opportunities in Kimberley also include instruction for a range of activities and pursuits, including skiing, rock climbing, swimming, water sports, music, arts and dance and more.



A good place to be


Kimberley’s geography and sense of place contributes to vitality and wellbeing. It has a reputation for being sought out by those seeking a community aligned with good living. There’s fresh water, clean air, plenty of sunshine and an abundance of options for outdoor activities. In addition there’s good access to a wide array of health and social services within the community. Kimberley offers a comprehensive health centre — a medical clinic integrated with six physicians, Interior Health, X-ray and laboratory services,


physiotherapy and therapeutic services, health practitioners and a pharmacy; all in one centrally located facility. Kimberley is also serviced by the East Kootenay Regional Hospital (EKRH), the region’s central hospital with numerous specialists and services. The community also is home to naturopaths, massage therapists, optometrists, chiropractors, dentists, acupuncturists, mid-wives, dhoulas and more. In addition to meeting the needs health of the community, this is a profoundly safe community. Kimberley’s crime rates are some of the lowest around. It’s a connected place with small-town charm, reflected in the community’s culture of care. Safety services in Kimberley include an RCMP detachment, a municipal fire department with two stations, an ambulance station and an exceptional search and rescue team that serves the area.

Kimberley, BC | The Work Book


A good place to be

connected. Water: Pure and simple

For those who do not wish to compromise the quality of their water, Kimberley offers exceptional quality. Its water source begins in the alpine area of the Mark Creek watershed. From there Kimberley’s water flows into a 275 million litre reservoir on Mark Creek, just kilometres upstream from the city. Water for Marysville is drawn from a direct inlet in nearby Matthew creek. 13

All water and sewer systems are provided the City of Kimberley.

Telecommunications: Connected with speed There’s no need to compromise on speed. Kimberley offers high speed internet throughout the community, provided by Shaw Cable. DSL service from Telus is also available throughout Kimberley. Local telephone service is provided by Telus and long distance service is available from a variety of providers. Kimberley also boasts great cellular telephone coverage, available from Telus Mobility, Rogers or Bell.

Electricity & Natural Gas: Enlighten up! Kimberley’s electricity is provided by BC Hydro and natural gas is provided by FortisBC. Unlike many communities, Kimberley is fortunate to offer extensive natural gas infrastructure and home service.



A good place to be

arriving. 1,2,3 easy.

Arriving in Kimberley is convenient and simple. The community is well served by its transportation connections, with easy air or road access to western Canada and the U.S. Pacific Northwest.

Air: Connected to everywhere 14

The Canadian Rockies International Airport is just a 15-minute drive from Kimberley. It provides direct flights to Calgary, Kelowna and Vancouver and has undergone a runway extension and expansion of the terminal area to accommodate larger aircraft from more distant North American and European locations. The airport is a key strategic advantage for Kimberley and enhances its viability as a location for businesses that require travel to major North American markets. In addition, there are three other sizable airports (Calgary, Spokane and Kalispell) within a few hours drive of Kimberley that provide

Ground: Roll in, roll in, roll in It’s just 15 minutes to one of Canada’s primary arterial routes from Kimberley’s city limits. Kimberley is located on Highway 95A, just slightly removed from Highway 3, one of Canada’s two east-west routes, running west to Vancouver and east to Alberta and beyond. Highway 95A runs north as the combined Highway 93/95 to meet the Trans-Canada Highway at Golden.

Other Transport Kimberley is served by Kimberley Public Transit, which provides service throughout the city as well as scheduled round trips to Cranbrook. Door-to-door service is also available for the mobility-impaired.

further access to locations throughout North America and Europe. The community also offers ready access to a full variety of Unlike many other regional airports, the Canadian Rockies International

transportation-related.services including courier and delivery,

Airport consistently enjoys favourable flying conditions and few cancellations.

air freight, trucking, vehicle rentals and taxi.

Kimberley, BC | The Work Book


Outdoor Infrastructure: Places to golf

A good place to be


There are three public golf courses within City limits, offering a combination of experiences in a quintessential mountain golf environment.

Places to ski Kimberley is home to Kimberley Alpine Resort, located just three minutes from downtown Kimberley. The hill boasts a vertical rise of 2,475 ft., with

There’s been over a century to develop an impressive array of infrastructure and services, unique to a community of this size. Infrastructure supports and hosts a wide variety of events and activities.

Indoor Infrastructure: Arenas

1800 skiable acres, over 75 runs, and is serviced by five lifts.

Places to roam There’s a trail and pathway network with hundreds of kilometres of trails for walking, running, biking, snowshoeing, skiing and more. The Kimberley Nature Park is one of Canada’s largest parks within a municipality.

Kimberley boasts two indoor arenas, complete with spectator seating, dressing rooms and concession facilities.

Kimberley is also situated the beginning of the NorthStar Rails-to-Trails, a

Aquatic Centre

Kimberley and Cranbrook.

The community is home to the new Kimberley Aquatic Centre - a competition size 25 metre pool, complete with diving boards, tots pool, water features and a ‘lazy river.’ The centre also has a large 20-person whirlpool, a multipurpose room and a steam room. This facility is completely wheelchair accessible.

Conference Centre The Kimberley Conference and Athlete Training Centre is the region’s largest facility of its kind. It accommodates up to 500 person theatre style events, and offers four breakout rooms. The centre is also fully wheel chair accessible. Other community infrastructure include a Curling Centre; Library & Museum; Community Hall; and an arts centre with a 60-seat theatre, contemporary gallery and dance studio. There’s the 500-seat McKim theatre, a two-court indoor tennis facility, bowling alleys, a movie theatre, fitness centres and an exceptional climbing gym.

25 km paved path for walking, cycling, blading and skateboarding that links

Place to camp The Kimberley Riverside Campground is an exceptional full-service campground and RV resort located beside the beautiful St. Mary River. This modern, well managed campground offers an outdoor pool, mini-golf and disc-golf course and many more amenities.

Pedestrian downtown The heart of Kimberley is a beautifully landscaped pedestrian-only shopping area. Its bandshell is a popular location for community celebrations, festivals, events and performances. There’s also multiple outdoor rinks, public tennis courts, lawn-bowling greens, a skateboarding park, and a mountain bike skills park.



16 16

Kimberley, BC | The Work Book


A good place to be

discovered. British Columbia


TO & FROM Edmonton




21 km

15 mins

Vancouver, BC

945 km

10 hours

Calgary, AB

410 km

4 hours

Edmonton, AB

670 km

7 hours

Spokane, WA, US

330 km

4 hours

Cranbrook International Airport

Golden Lake Louise Banff





Vernon Kelowna Vancouver Osoyoos


Cranbrook Creston

Due to our mountainous location, boat traffic to Kimberley is currently Fernie


non-existent. However, arriving in Kimberley by air or land couldn’t be easier.

Washington Kalispell Spokane

Coeur D’Alene



Kimberley’s conveniently located just 15 minutes from the Canadian Rockies International Airport, and just ½ an hour from one of Canada’s primary travel routes, Highway # 3. Kimberley is situated near the south-east corner of British Columbia, and is a 4-hour drive from Calgary, AB and Spokane, WA.



18 18

Kimberley, BC | The Work Book

No ordinary proposition If you think differently, we’d like to connect. If you’re considering Kimberley for your business, the City of Kimberley would appreciate the opportunity to discover how we can work with you. If you’re ready to explore a connection with Kimberley, then start with these steps:

Step 1: Talk to us Tell us your story. Your ideas. How you think Kimberley might be a good fit for your business. We’ll listen, ask questions, and share our insight and possibilities with you. Do it now! Call us at 250.427.9666 or email us at:



Step 2: Come visit Kimberley’s story is best experienced in person. If you’re considering connecting with Kimberley, we’d be happy to help arrange a Kimberley experience that works. We can create connections with people, places and experiences that may help make your possibility a reality.

Step 3: Plan with us

time of unprecedented opportunity and possibility, Kimberley is seeking the

Now that we’ve talked and you’ve been here, let’s sift through the ideas and

unconventional, the intentional, the entrepreneurial. We want business types

possibilities together. If your aspirations seems like a good fit for you and the

unaccustomed to using the word ‘can’t.’ Sound unconventional? That’s right.

community, then we’ll work together with you to create a good start.

Doing things differently works in Kimberley. We desire the extraordinary and the different, because the unconventional are the ones who ‘can.’

Kimberley is growing quickly, and poised at an incredible crossroads. As the community’s economy continues to shift from a mining era towards a

Let’s connect!


Info@InvestKimberley.com | 250.427.9666


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The Work Book: All About Kimberley  

The Work Book: All About Kimberley  

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