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Learning About Eating Your Way To Success. It can have amazing benefits for your life and success! Get more information at Many people quit certain diets after only a day! But if 85% of people fail, then 15% of people succeed. Diet success is possible, but it doesn't come from eating only cookies, drinking shakes, or cutting out carbs and fat. True diet success comes from comprehensive lifestyle changes and attitude adjustments that support healthy living. The body wants to be healthy. When the body is healthy and happy, it is willing to shed excess fat when it receives the right balance of protein, carbohydrates, healthy fats, vitamins, minerals, water and fiber. Very few diets, whether through regular food, products, pills or programs can deliver on the body's nutritional requirements in a small number of calories AND at the same time teach a person how to eat healthy and move their body in a way that supports health rather than causes injury. What are the factors of successful weight loss? The researchers at the National Weight Control Registry, a list of people who have lost at least 30lbs and have kept it off for at least a year, have a pretty good idea: 78% eat breakfast every day. 75% weigh themselves at least once a week. 62% watch less than 10 hours of TV per week. 90% exercise, on average, about 1 hour per day. Dr. Wayne Andersen, co-founder of the Take Shape For Life program for weight loss and weight control, studied the successful habits of those people registered with the National Weight Control Registry. In addition to the habits listed above, he came up with a couple more key elements and created the acronym "BeSlim," which stands for Breakfast, Exercise, Support, Low-fat meals 5-6 times per day, Individual plan, and Monitoring. All of these components must work together for diet success to occur. In particular, Dr. Andersen created a built-in support network of free health coaches for all Take Shape For Life clients. Take Shape For Life health coaches teach their clients to live by the BeSlim philosophy during all phases of the program, from weight loss to transition to maintenance. This is the key reason why this program is NOT another diet. Most clients not only lose weight, but they keep it off and live healthier lives. Whatever program or diet you choose, make sure you include these healthy habits as part of your

weight loss AND weight maintenance plan to ensure your short-term and long-term diet success and you might qualify put your name on the National Weight Control Registry. Belinda Kan is a Certified Health Coach whose helps her clients lose weight quickly and safely as the 1st phase of the Take Shape For Life program. She notices that the most dramatic improvements in her clients' health and happiness come AFTER they have lost the weight and kept it off. Article Source: Learning About Eating Your Way To Success. It can have amazing benefits for your life and success! Get more information at

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