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Welcome to this months Breeze Get Ready for Summer with our local experts on hand to make you look stunning this season. Plus all of your favourite regulars.... So sit back, relax and feel the Breeze!

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Last months image really did spark off some memories with readers...Here’s a couple more for you to think about! We love to publish old school photographs, so if you have any lurking in the attic or amongst the old family albums why not send them in for other readers to enjoy?

Breeze Magazine / Memory Lane 156C HIGH ROAD, BEESTON, NOTTINGHAM NG9 2LN or email: DEADLINE FOR JUNE 11 ISSUE: 23rd May 2011

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tion breeze promo Rabbit Awareness Month - Free healthchecks and free rabbit day! It’s national Rabbit Awareness Week (RAW) at the end of May and Churchcroft Vets have got rabbit offers through the whole month. There will be displays including photos of some of the common rabbit health problems, information to take away and staff on hand to discuss any questions in more detail. They’ll also have at least one lovely bunny hopping about to keep an eye on everyone. According to the PDSA’s recent survey, there are very few rabbits in the U.K. that are kept in an appropriate way. As part of the rabbit day they’ll be advising on the five areas of rabbit care that all owners have an obligation to manage. In addition, Churchcroft are offering free health checks for rabbits through the whole of May to make sure everyone’s beautiful bunnies are in perfect health. Free health checks can be booked for any normal appointment time during May. Churchcrost are hosting a rabbit information afternoon on Saturday May 14th from 2-5pm. Everyone is welcome to this FREE event where they’re going to have an afternoon for detailed discussion of all the important elements of rabbit care. Why not give them a call on 0115 922 4855 to book your Happy Hopper in for a free health check or see more information about these Bunny Bonuses on


100% HUMAN HAIR EXTENSIONS With over eighteen years experience in Hair Extensions Cailee Byron (pictured) explains what they can do for you. “Its a delight when we see the confidence hair extentions give to our lovely ladies! Don’t worry If you are not blessed with thick hair, or if your hair doesn't seem to grow, or maybe you just cannot wait for long hair, help is on hand with our new secret hair application that is undetectable to others. Just imagine long, beautiful, thicker hair and all your friends saying “Wow! You look amazing”. That’s the response we get from our clients and you can too...” Q) CAN YOU TELL WHEN THEY'RE IN? A) No, they look and feel perfectly natural.

Here are some common questions and answers:

Q) WHAT IF YOUR OWN HAIR IS COLOURED? A) No problem! First ensure the colour of your hair is the colour you wish to be for the next 3 months, and then we will match it.

Q) HOW LONG DOES YOUR HAIR NEED TO BE FOR EXTENSIONS? A) A minimum of 2" in the nape of the neck.

Q) DO YOU NEED SPECIAL SHAMPOOS AND CONDITIONERS? A) We prescribe our products to guarantee the service and quality of the hair.


Q) WILL THE HAIR BE CUT AFTERWARDS? A) Yes the hair is long initially and we will cut it to your requirements.

Q) HOW DO I PAY? A) In full prior to ordering; (credit card, cheque, or cash are all acceptable)


Q) ARE THEY HARD TO MANAGE? A) No,most people say how easy they are and help is on hand if you need it

Q) IS IT REAL HAIR? A) Yes, 100% top quality european hair. Q) DOES IT HARM YOUR OWN HAIR? A) No, not when handled correctly. (We will show you how) Q) HOW LONG DO THEY LAST? A) Up to 3 months. Q) CAN THE SAME HAIR BE USED AGAIN? A) Yes, again and again.

Q) DO I NEED TO COME IN FOR CHECK UPS? A) Yes, we take out and re- apply any extensions that are growing down; this keeps your extensions in place for longer, plus it takes less time to take them out thus saving you money. Check ups are charged at a hourly rate (or pro rata). Every 4 weeks are recommended. Q) HOW MUCH DOES IT COST TO HAVE THEM RE-APPLIED? A) About half the original cost.

Q) WHEN CAN I HAVE THEM PUT IN? A) Any day except sunday. Q) HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE TO ORDER THE HAIR? A) They come in the next post.

Q) HOW MUCH DO THEY COST? A) From just £100 For all your hair needs come to Cailee Hair & Beauty Professionals for a

Full consultation worth £17 Absolutely FREE!!!

Call now on 0115 946 1994 Or visit


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Reset Renewables is based on the experience and expertise of over thirty five years in the electrical trade. Breeze finds out how the they can save you money.. With energy conservation becoming ever more pressing due to rising utility prices, Reset Renewables can help with newly available technology to help reduce your outgoings and your Carbon Foot print. Low energy solutions to domestic, commercial and industrial customers can now be installed and these go one step further by enabling the customer to receive payment for their own electricity generation! By fitting Solar PV (photo voltaic) system and an additional electricity meter, customers can turn the sun’s energy into electricity. This will save you money year in, year out. The systems, must be installed professionally by a Micro-generation Certification Scheme (MCS) approved installer. MCS is a government backed scheme which approves products and installers. Any electricity generated from your new system is yours to use, as you would conventionally. The system may generate an excess amount which if you do not use directly, this source is then exported back to the National Grid, a percentage of which you will be paid for! The additional benefits of solar installation by Reset Renewables are: Lower energy bills For every unit (kwh) of electricity produced from your Solar PV system you will be paid 41.3 pence (systems up to 4 kw) index linked for twenty five years. This is electricity you do not have to buy, so also saving on your electricity bill saving between 13 – 15 pence per unit (Kwh) on average depending on your tariff. If you do not use the produced electricity you can sell this back to your electricity supplier. Control over bills Allow you to take a hold of your electricity costs spiralling as you produce your own electricity. Return on investment Within the current financial market you will get a better return on your investment than banks, building societies and ISA’s. Any quotation provided by reset renewable will provide a percentage rate return on investment allowing you to see the amount both saved and made year on year. Please ask one of their consultants to explain this to you in more detail. Green Once installed Solar PV produces no harmful emissions and saves on co2.

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n o i t o m o r p e z bree

A Reset Renewables Installation will help you with: • Lower Electricity costs • Good return on investment • Carbon footprint reduction Business/Landlords benefit too: Landlords can make another income from their roof allowing tenants to use the electricity and for the landlord to collect the feed in tariff guaranteed for twenty five years. Businesses can reduce electricity costs and their carbon footprint. Commitment to the customer As a company, Reset Renewables are approved installers of Solar PV and belong and adhere to: • MCS (Micro – generation Certification Scheme ) • REA (Renewable Energy Assurance) code of practice • Napit (National association of professional inspectors and testers They use MCS approved materials with manufacturer’s warranties of between 20 – 25 years Call Reset Renewables for a no obligation quotation and take a positive step to cut your electricity costs and your carbon footprint. Tel: 0115 8378322

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Rylands Church in Beeston Rylands has a long history of changes. Breeze follows the timeline and finds out how things are today... Local shoe retailer Mr A W Pounder established a Mission Church in Victory Road, Beeston Rylands in 1951. It was built on gardens at the rear of houses along Meadow Road. The mission's official opening on September 8, 1951, was performed by Coun T L V White and the Rev Iram G Wall, then minister of Chilwell Road Methodist Church, gave a message of welcome and fellowship. When Mr Pounder became terminally ill in December, 1955, the church was handed over to the Methodist Church for pastoral oversight and it became part of the Nottingham West Circuit. The church's longest-serving member is Bill Wheatley, who was awarded the MBE in 2008 for his service to the community. He came to work at Ericssons in Beeston in 1952 after completing his National Service. Bill, 81, recalled how he found faith in 1954 after a friend invited him to attend the newly developed church in the Rylands. He's been active in the church ever since as a steward and local preacher, as well as leading many activities, including Junior Christian Endeavour, Sunday School, Sunday School anniversaries, bible class, youth work and boys clubs. He was also a key figure with others in the formation of the Midland Camping Venture. The first two camps were held at Ashover in 1963 and they were a huge success. Over the next forty years, thousands of children enjoyed more than 100 junior and senior camps.They frequently involved more than 4,000 campers drawn from churches in the Midlands, other parts of the country and even a few from Europe. Over the years many young people from Rylands have been on camp and as a result found faith. One 'camper' Cheryl Smith went on MCV in the 1970's and is now a member at Rylands along with her husband and sons. Some became ministers, evangelists and youth leaders or involved in other forms of full-time Christian work. In the late 1970s a new extension went up at the rear of the church. Electric heating replaced the old coke-fired boiler and indoor toilets were installed. The kitchen was modernised and a new noticeboard and sign was erected on the front of the church. Today, 2011 the new noticeboards are being custom built for the front of the building to bring it up to date. There has been a new coat of paint inside and out.

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During the 70s and 80s teenagers in great numbers came into the building to attend midweek clubs and Sunday evening worship. A coffee bar was launched, as well as a weekly youth club. The name Rylands Methodist Church had been firmly established for some time and affectionately called Rylands rather than Victory Road. During the 1990s St Mary's Anglican Church in the Rylands passed over to the Elim Church.The former Anglican congregation continued to meet but now in Rylands Methodist Church, holding their own services for several years. The Elim Church eventually closed, leaving Rylands Methodist Church the only place of worship in the Rylands. Rainbow Club for mums and tots, started in the 1980s and continues to attract 12 to 15 families. Today, activities and ongoing work at Rylands mean that this vibrant church continues to serve all those who wish to nourish their spiritual and communal lives with a comprehensive range of meetings and services such as coffee mornings and parent/child groups as well as outings and walks along with bible study groups and Sunday evening worship. Anniversary events already planned include a community celebration weekend on May 21-22 Saturday 21st May 10am til 4pm is a Community Fun Day for everyone to visit. There will be a BBQ, ice cream van, cake stalls, bible stall, book and toy stall to name but a few. Also on display will be timed performances throughout the day of dancers, puppetry show, etc. It is guaranteed to be a jam packed day of fun for all ages! An open-air songs of praise on the Weirfield on Sunday, June 12 is also arranged with the Hope Community Gospel Choir. Members of the church are also putting aside 60p a week for 60 weeks. The total raised will then be shared between the church and a church in the developing world. An anniversary booklet is being prepared and memories of Rylands Methodist Church are welcomed. Anyone with information to contribute to the booklet can e-mail: Revd. Chris Gray would like to welcome all to the Rylands Church on Victory Road. Contact: 0115 943 1164 or email:

at a glance

Using the finest range and quality of tiles, Kevin Taylor ensures a quality of finish from beginning to end. Precise and with attention to detail, Kevin, a local family man, prides himself on taking care of those things that really matter so that your finished room will last. "I am pleased to be able to say that I have recommendations and have worked locally so I have built up a good reputation for reliability" says Kevin. There are no hidden extras in Kevin's charges. Offering free competitive quotes, with prices that include all materials and labour. Kevin can work on a wide variety of projects including the tiling of ramps for disability access. With huge discounts available on the choice of tiles, Kevin can advise from start to finish, make sure you give Kevin a call for a free quote.

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on i t o m o r p e z e bre

Continuing their success over the years, Custom Design Interiors have moved to new premises at 29 Derby Road, Long Eaton, NG10 1LU. They first opened for business in 2003 and have gone from strength to strength. Breeze find out more... So what is the secret of their success? They consider it is due to the pride the Custom Design team take in their work. They share a desire to see a job well done and completed with the minimum of fuss. Every care is taken from design to completion to make sure you end up with your dream kitchen, bedroom or bathroom. Planning for alterations can be a big hassle but just call into the Custom Design Interiors showroom and everything will be done for you, from the initial measure to design, manufacture and then fitting. They take all the hassle away from you and give you the best custom made service. Your budget won’t take a hammering as they manufacture all cabinets and doors to suit all pockets. With twenty five years experience in the kitchen, bedroom and bathroom industry plus a well established team of designers, craftsmen and fitters you can be assured of professionalism as standard and you will be glad you joined the success story and chose Custom Design Interiors. Custom Design Interiors 29 Derby Road, Long Eaton, NG10 1LU. Tel: 0115 946 1717

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If you’ve been struggling with your weight and have been considering a surgical gastric band but are worried about having expensive and invasive surgery then you may want to consider the ‘Hypno-Band Weight Loss System’ instead... As a Licensed Hypno-Band Practitioner, Julietta will psychologically take you through the process of having a gastric band fitted - by using suggestion and visualisation your mind will be convinced that your stomach has become smaller. “We will also deal with the psychological issues that make you overeat, changing your relationship with food forever”. Why choose Julietta? “I offer a free, no obligation initial consultation so that you can make an informed choice. Simple, clear explanations. 1-on-1 sessions based on your individual goals. Upfront pricing information. The Hypno-Band course costs £350. This includes your own weight loss CDs and information pack. Private clinics are held in Long Eaton and Nuthall – providing a safe and confidential environment. This isn’t a ‘magic pill’ – it involves work on your part but my primary focus is to work with each individual client to solve your problems and help you achieve your goals. Interested? Then telephone Julietta now for your free initial consultation: 0115 972 1424 / 07807 301602 For more information visit

Marion Mortimer has some exciting news that she wishes to share with you ...”Hear it here first and help to change your life!” “We are offering you a unique opportunity to attend a special meeting to hear about a new method of monitoring what's going on inside your body”. Here are just a few of the facts: • The UK has one of the world's highest heart attack rates! How high is your personal risk of having a heart attack or a stroke? • 16 million people have high blood pressure which is blamed for 60,000 deaths a year! • Strokes are the largest cause of adult disability in the UK! • Atherosclerosis occurs in many adults to some degree because arteries stiffen with age Did you know that your arteries narrow when you are suffering stress? Do you understand the effects of this restricted blood flow? • Scientists have developed a non-invasive scanner to test and assess the relative 'age' of your arteries Be among the first in the country to hear more about the process and how you can take immediate steps to help protect your future well-being. How much to attend? It's Free! The Maycliffe Hall, Toton Lane, Stapleford 6pm on Thursday 30th June 2011 Be sure of a place by calling Marion Mortimer to book 0115 939 3662

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“Come and join me at Platinum Skin Care Centre as I celebrate a successful first year with 20% off all May treatments” invites Sharon Oakes. Choose from Dermalogica and CACI facials, Indian Head Massage, Jessica Manicures and Pedicures, lash and brow treatments and waxing to get ready for summer. “As well as offering Dermalogica’s prescriptive facial treatments l also supply Dermalogica skin care products including the new Ultracalming. Dermalogica have taken the latest findings in scientific research to create the most advanced sensitised skin system on the market, helping to dramatically reduce redness and improve skin health”. “If you suffer from sensitive or other skin problems such as acne, skin ageing or pigmentation come in for a Free Face Mapping consultation, where l will examine your face and neck, prescribe home care and salon treatments to improve your skin”. Looking for effective anti ageing treatments? Look no further than CACI facial toning. CACI is backed with over twenty years of medical research and is recognised as one of the best non-invasive answers to re-educating muscle fibres and improve skin tone and texture. A concentrated course of ten treatments followed by regular maintenance every four to six weeks is recommended. Take advantage of the May first anniversary offers and save over £80 on a CACI course! Phone Sharon at Platinum Skin Care Centre for advice and information. “I am located inside Robert Howes Hairdressers, next to the Derby Street shoppers car park”. 2a Derby St, Beeston, Nottingham. Tel: 0115 922 2248

When was the last time you changed your hair? With Summer approaching, it’s the time of year we all love. Its out with the old and in with the new, so why shouldn’t that apply to your hair too? Whether its Honey Blondes or Daring Reds, Robert Howes have the colour for you. Robert Howe’s has been an established name for many years and also has young and experienced stylist’s ready to help you achieve the look you want. Kelly and Keri have been back with Robert a year now after moving from Loxx on Beeston High Road. Kelly’s experienced in all aspects of hairdressing and also specialises in bridal hair. Keri enjoys highlighting and new colour trends. “We want to welcome customers old and new to our busy salon, with its warm and friendly atmosphere. We would also like to say a big thank you to all our customers that have followed us throughout the years, and we look forward to seeing you all again soon” Robert Howes 2a Derby Street, Beeston Nottingham NG9 2LG Tel: 0115 925 0141

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finest nearly new clothing and accessories

it’s designer it’s classic it’s catwalk it’s fashion and it’s green! buying or selling simply the best


0115 9220653

A greener kind of clothes shopping experience is proving a huge hit with bargain hunters and fashionistas alike from across the East Midlands. Renaissance Fashion Agency breathes new life into nearly-new clothing and accessories, giving its customers a chance to make huge savings compared to the high street. The principle’s simple – Renaissance displays for sale items that clients bring in as long as they are good quality, in excellent condition and less than two years old. “Stock is coming in at record levels, meaning customers will have an incredible choice. Labels include Paul Smith, Karen Millen, Coast, Hobbs, Whistles, Topshop, All Saints, G Star, Office, Next, M&S and many more, with many items never worn and swing tickets intact”! What is converting customers to green shopping? “I think value, quality and variety are key factors” says Proprietor Liz Luddy, “Our stock changes on a daily basis – something not found on the high street. In tough times people have seen that this is a thoroughly enjoyable way of both making and saving money”. For more information and a glimpse of some of the latest stock, check out their website on , Renaissance, 31 Wollaton Road, Beeston, Nottingham NG9 2NG Telephone: 0115 922 0653

Roderick Patterson has been selected as a finalist once again in the prestigious Clinical Dental Technician of the year category of The Probe Dental Awards 2011. The announcement of the winner will be in early May in London. “Our Denturist (Clinical Dental Technician), Roderick Patterson’s experience and professionalism makes him an excellent choice to help you derive the maximum benefit from advanced dental technology. We can design, construct fit and adjust complete and removable partial dentures, as well as overdentures on implants”. For an free consultation please call 0115 973 3591 20 College Street Long Eaton Nottingham NG10 4ND


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Experiencing aches? Pain? Sports-related injury? Then visit Physio Rooms, specialists in sports and holistic massage therapy for a lasting and effective solution to combat stress, fatigue and musculoskeletal-related problems. A Nottingham-based company, Physio Rooms strives to deliver a specialist and highly personalised massage therapy service, with the added convenience of treatment performed in the comfort and privacy of your own home or on-site location of choice. “By choosing us as their principle therapy provider, clients are granted instant access to the benefits of an individually tailored programme of treatment, designed specifically to address any existing joint or musculoskeletal related ailment; all delivered with the greatest expertise and care to improve physical performance and wellbeing”. As part of their chosen treatment package, clients shall receive a complementary consultation, after-care advice and accompanying home exercise prescription, all delivered personally by a HPC registered physiotherapist, currently practicing within the musculoskeletal field. To create a rewarding and premier service, Physio Rooms strive to educate and share with their clients, their expert knowledge and clinical expertise to help them feel supported, informed and most importantly, inspired to develop and maintain a strong and well-conditioned body. Treatments range from a full body, holistic massage to more sport-specific massage treatments for the back, neck and upper and lower limb, starting from just £19! To find out more, visit or call Rebecca on 07800 566 795

Breakthrough weight loss classes are a unique way of helping you lose weight for good... Because diets sometimes don’t work for most of us....”we all know that feeling of working hard to lose the weight, only to put it all back on again, and then some!! That’s because your problems with food never really go away, they’re just suppressed for a while, and as soon as the diet finishes they come back...only worse”! The only way to really lose weight for good is to eliminate those cravings, and get rid of bad food habits such as eating at the wrong time of day, ‘grazing’ when you’re not hungry, or piling on the plate! Wouldn’t it be nice if you could change those habits easily? Without all the pain of being on a diet? Well that’s where Breakthrough Weight loss comes in....How does it work? Using techniques to bring about a state of deep relaxation, we can change those habits at a very deep level, so you simply don’t want those huge portions and naughty foods! Most people are pleasantly surprised at how quickly and easily it all happens, and that’s because it takes place just below your conscious level....this means you don’t feel you have to fight yourself any longer. The only way to really change your diet is to change your mind about the food you eat. The classes run for 6 weeks, and are kept very small, that way most people say they feel a benefit after the very first session! Sign up today, and feel the difference for yourself!! Call Bridgette Hamilton on 07813 462589 to book your place now!

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Local Psychotherapist, Martin Smith PhD takes a look at some of our common approaches to dealing with stress, depression and anxiety and the problems such approaches cause for all involved. Our concerns about our health and visiting people who can help are well founded in a common reluctance and a hope that problems will go away. The fact is that they rarely do go away and even when they do they often resurface later, worse than they were before. This reluctance to seek help is certainly common with conditions like stress, anxiety and depression. Local Psychotherapist, Martin Smith, sees many people who have been suffering from issues for sometime and have been avoiding or putting off seeking help. The reasons are many fold, two common ones are the perceived stigma of seeking help for mentally related conditions, and the other that many feel they can beat it on their own. For many they keep such issues to themselves believing others will not or have not noticed. Martin has found that often everyone else has noticed, well before the individual who is suffering. He will often have relatives or close friends ring up to get information to take back to the person involved. It is never too late and often people who come to see him will talk later of their own disbelief of not coming to see him sooner. The truth is that seeking help for anxiety, stress and depression is a sign of strength and benefits not only the individual but everyone close to them. For Martin what we term that help, be it, therapy, personal development or coaching, it does not matter, helping the person get on with their life does. Martin runs a well established private practice based in Long Eaton and can be contacted on 07973 410010 or email: whether you are in need of help or know someone who does give him a call to see how he can help.

“A few months ago a very close friend of mine came to visit me, this is when i was introduced to Arbonne. I was told just try the products and to give some feedback a few days later, why not I thought? Hesitantly i thought why is my friend, that is a dancer telling me, a therapist, to try Arbonne? So i did .... Then I understood why!.... After using the products I was instantly getting complements on my skin plus I was so happy with the results I needed to know more. I work full time and like everyone I wanted more of and income but need to earn the money in a way that suited my lifestyle. Basically with Arbonne I am meeting people and telling them about how fantastic the Arbonne Swiss range is, plus spreading the word - Think to yourself how many times have you recommended a book or CD and never been paid for that recommendation.? I'm not only getting paid for this recommendation I am

now actually being paid to shower! I’m loving it - it gives me freedom, ownership to have my own Arbonne business with little or no start up cost's. Ask yourself do you work for money or is money working for you? I know now that I enjoy having my own business working hard but working smarter. The company is growing at 111% per year and the CEO won the Ernst and Young entrepreneur award in 2005 for incredible growth. Vogue talk about Arbonne all the time and publish that Arbonne is the worlds best kept secret . I have found that I have been able to work my Arbonne business around my existing full time job. Giving an ordinary person like me and the opportunity to experience an extraordinary life. I'll leave you with this thought ... in order to have what you have never had, you have to do what you have never done!�

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Join local fundraisers Alfie and Jess at their gig to raise funds and enjoy an amazing line up.... Shout Out! For Haiti and Japan was set up by Alfie Cameron and Jessica Holdsworth shortly after the recent Japanese Tsunami. Inspired by all the different relief efforts, they decided to team up with two different charities; WANDA to raise money for the Japanese victims, and Random Acts, to raise money towards the ongoing relief efforts in Haiti, following the shattering earthquake last year. Alfie and Jess were blown away by the overwhelming support from the local community, and quickly assembled an amazing line up of local talent and a fantastic, central venue to help with their venture. Headlined by Internal Conflict and supported by four other, metal based bands, Shout Out! looks to be a night of talent, to raise money for the people who need it the most. Search Shout Out! For Haiti and Japan on Facebook, or check out the line up and get your ticket on the Venue’s site: The event is on 31st May 2011 at The Maze in Nottingham, tickets are £4 each. Over 16’s only

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l a e p p a e z e bre


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l a e p p a e z e e br Breeze deliverers Hannah and Jess are travelling to a remote village called Tijhza in Morocco in October. “The village doesn’t have many amenities including a doctor’s surgery, so during our time there we may be helping to build wells and football pitches and lending a hand in a school. This is a long term project which is aiming to enable the villagers to support themselves and their families with enterprising schemes such as bee keeping”. To help them with their efforts Hannah and Jess are fundraising for the village and also raising funds to cover their costs for the expedition. “We have arranged a Moroccan Evening at Florence Boot Hall at The University Campus with a three-course meal, charity raffle (prizes include meals at local restaurants) and live music from a local band”. The event is being held on Saturday 18th June from 7pm. Tickets are priced at £20 for adults and £14 for under 16s. *Discount for Breeze readers: £18 for adults and £13 for under 16s when quoting ‘tagine’ with your order* For tickets call Jess on 0115 925 5681 or Hannah on 0115 917 8886 or email: Any donations from local organisations would be greatly appreciated; please email:

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The organisers of the Gem 106 Great Notts Bike Ride have announced the official charities for the 30th anniversary event, which is set to take place on Sunday 19th June this year. The annual ride, which will celebrate its 30th anniversary this June, will raise funds for Cerebral Palsy Sport, CLIC Sargent, Nottinghamshire Scouts and the Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI). Lisa Rutter, Events Manager for the Royal National Lifeboat Institution commented: “We are extremely proud to have been selected as one of the official charities for this event, and look forward to supporting all of the cyclists taking part on the day.  People from all areas have been rescued by our volunteer lifeboat crews and lifeguards, and we hope that everyone taking part will support the lifesaving service that they offer.� Up to 5,000 riders are expected to take part in one of four events – a 72-mile challenge, a 58-mile challenge, a 19-mile community ride and a family lap ride. Each will start and finish at the National Water Sports Centre, at Holme Pierrepont. Caroline Dolan, Fundraising Manager at C P Sport said: “Cerebral Palsy Sport is dedicated to improving the quality of life of hundreds of children and adults with cerebral palsy every year.  The charity exists entirely on voluntary contributions, making events such as the Great Notts Bike Ride crucial in enabling us to continue our life changing work�. Keith Morris, speaking on behalf of Nottinghamshire Scouts, added: ''We would like to thank the Great Notts Bike Ride for selecting Nottinghamshire and Mansfield Scouts as one of the official charities for the next three years and we look forward to supporting all participants on the day. We will be encouraging our young people, leaders and supporters to take part and raise money for Scouting which will help us continue our work here in Nottinghamshire.�

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l a e p p a e z e e br

Riders will be encouraged to raise sponsorship for the official charities. Helen Gorman, director of locally based Perfect Motion, who co-organise the ride with Pennine Events said: "All four charities will bring a vast array of experience, ideas and fundraising expertise to the table and we hope that entrants will dig deep and use the bike ride as an ideal opportunity to support these fantastic causes." Martin Beals, 64, from Carlton, has raised money for children’s charity, CLIC Sargent in the past by taking part in the Gem 106 Great Notts Bike Ride. In 2005 Martin organised a group of friends and family to take part in the Great Notts Bike Ride and they raised ÂŁ672 for CLIC Sargent. He will be continuing his support for the charity this year by marshalling the event. The Beals family have dedicated a lot of time to raise money for CLIC Sargent over the past few years, as Martin’s grandson Ben sadly passed in 2006 away after being diagnosed with a rare form of cancer. m Martin said: “The Great Notts Bike Ride is a really fantastic event that brings people from all walks of life together to get active and raise money for really worthy causes. There’s such great camaraderie between all the riders, young and old, and I can’t wait to help out at this year’s event.  “We received brilliant support from

CLIC Sargent when Ben was diagnosed, so we just want to give something back. I’m encouraging cyclists to sign-up, take on the challenge and raise money to help the charity support children and young people with cancer, and their families.� Dee Tyler, CLIC Sargent Event Fundraising Manager, said: "We want to say a huge thank you to the Great Notts Bike Ride for choosing us as one of its' official charities for 2011. CLIC Sargent is encouraging cycling enthusiasts across the UK to get out into the open air, get active, and raise money for families affected by childhood cancer. “Locally, the charity funds a team of care professionals based at Queen’s Medical Centre including specialist social workers and youth development workers. The charity also runs Billy’s House, a CLIC Sargent Home from Home, which provides free self-catering accommodations for families who often travel long distances for their child’s treatment. Lack of funds means that CLIC Sargent can only support two out of three children and young people with cancer – that’s why your support makes such a difference." Anyone wishing to sign up and fundraise for the four official charities can do so by visiting

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Welcome to this months special Look who else is celebrating with us - Why not share a celebration or surprise a loved one by having their picture and a few words printed we’d love to hear from you... and it’s FREE!


'Happy 9th Birthday Devonn Have a brilliant day. All Our Love Forever Mummy and Daddy xxxxx

Congratulations on a very special year Ken and Lorna Paling, both 80 years young and celebrating their Diamond Wedding Anniversary! You are very much treasured from all your family.

  Happy Birthday Ben We love you loads from all your family xxxx

Phyllis Bestwick Happy 85th Birthday Mum Our love Peter and Betty and all your lovely family

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Happy Birthday Mummy From Mason x x x also Grandma Grandad & Hazel xxxx

Happy Birthday Jess You are very, very special from all your family xxxx

Happy Birthday Izzie Love from Mum and Dad, Sam and grandparents xxxx

Happy 18th Birthday Craig love from Mum, Dad and Matthew

Don’t Forget Your Local Farmers’ Markets WOLLATON




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n o t i k r u o get y

Looking for something Fun, Flexible and Family Orientated Fitness why not try Orienteering? A new club has been set up in Bramcote on Thursday evenings to enable local people have a go at the fun activity of ‘Orienteering’. So if you’re feeling a bit sluggish after the cold winter or just want to improve your map reading skills why not give orienteering a go? What does Orienteering make you think of? Muddied Army Officers on manoeuvres? Something that is done by other people who are fitter, younger and more sporty than you? The reality of Orienteering is very different to these stereotypes. All orienteering courses are graded in difficulty so it’s up to you where you begin. Some people choose a slow amble around the course, enjoying the scenery and taking time over the map, while others prefer to race against the clock! Most events are open to beginners, with helpful marshals on hand with advice and support. The basic idea is that you are given a map to follow and you need to find certain key points (called controls) in order along the way. Courses vary in length and technical difficulty and are organised year round at various scenic locations in Nottinghamshire and beyond. In fact many who have caught the bug travel further afield, even internationally, to take part in events. All levels of fitness are catered for. It's a fun way to get fitter whilst enjoying the countryside and it is a sport that can be done individually or with the rest of the family at a relatively low cost. It will improve your mental agility so would even suit those who prefer a good crossword to a cross country run! The club meet in Bramcote Leisure centre car park at around 6.30pm on Thursdays, £3 for adults and £1 for children. For more information see or contact Catherine Hughes on. 07940 575758 or Praise from recent newcomers to Orienteering: “the activities are exceptionally well organised and enjoyable! You forget you are exercising” “Its more interesting than going for a run” “It lets me spend time with my parents doing something fun” “ it was good exercise and fun finding the clues and using the dibber” (computerised gadget that logs results)

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“With some very basic training from really friendly people it was much easier than I expected. In fact on the very first day I actually did two courses because I had such fun on the first one”. “it’s the perfect combination of brain training and gentle exercise. More fun than the Wii any day!” “it's an inexpensive, fun family sport for all ages and abilities and a great way to spend time together outdoors with family. My son said how friendly and helpful everyone is. He’s really enjoyed the variety of different map games, ‘multiskills’ activities and the free biscuits at the end”!






07967 745 375 OR 0115 972 5440

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gardening Twining climbers, such as Honeysuckle and Clematis, need to be supported and fastened in and around their supports. Herbaceous plants will need support as well, before they are too tall or for heavy blooms like Peonies. Sowing and planting

With its warm spells and cool nights, May is a month of fading bulbs and herbaceous borders growing in leaps and bounds. There is still a risk of a cold snap and heavy showers in May. The old English proverb, “Never cast a clout till May is out” nicely sums it up! But May’s garden is starting to get fidgety for Summer and is already bursting with life, vibrancy and the sweet sound of our feathered friends! Here is what you should be busy with during this month... May Garden Maintenance Tidy your garden – cut back, prune and divide. Dead head any of the spring flowering bulbs such as Dafodil so that the plant stores energy in the bulb rather than utilizing it on seed production. Allow their foliage to die down naturally. A good tip is to apply liquid fertiliser

once any bulbs have flowered. Spring flowering bulbs really benefit from such maintenance to ensure good flowering next year. Dig up and divide overcrowded clumps of bulbs once they have flowered - spring flowering bulbs will start to die off and require this about now. Cut back old growth on any trailing plants such as Aubrietia to make them more vigorous and encourage new flowering. Remove those faded wall flowers and clear out spring bedding ready for this years summer bedding plants to come. Prune spring flowering shrubs such as Berberis once they have flowered and evergreen shrubs such as Viburnum Tinus. Evergreen shrubs that may have suffered frost damage will need any dead foliage trimmed. Tender shrubs such as Penstemon and hardy Fuchsias can be cut back after any frosty nights have past.

Due to the drought in April, anyone who has dug their gardens, can be left with a mess. They might well have hard dry blocks of earth in their gardens that they cannot do a thing with. It’s a good idea not to dig, fork or rotovate your garden, rather you should start growing plants in pots, seed trays or even old guttering. Plant out any summer bedding towards the end of the month to alleviate the risk of frost damage.If the forecast is for May to be a little colder it’s best to wait until June - it won’t do any harm to hang back a little. Plants raised from seed and cuttings can be hardened off now and you can do this by leaving them outside for increasing amounts of time. Try putting them out at the warmest part of the day then build up to overnight exposure. Do this for a few weeks before planting them outdoors to ensure that growth continues when they are planted out. Summer-flowering bulbs like Gladioli and Dahlias will now be wanting to be planted out. Dahlias benefit from full sun but can tolerate partial shade - if you try to find a spot that provides at least six hours of sun a day they will fare better. Be careful though - planted too early they can be exposed to the risk of the tubers being damaged by freezing or rot. If you have Hostas in your garden and they are slow to come up then you still have time to divide the plants before they come into leaf.





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Vegetables As it warms up (hopefully!) potatoes will grow very quickly within moist conditions. Earth up Potatoes - which is when you draw up the soil around the stems of the plants to leave a small shoot uncovered. This increases the length of the underground stems that will bear Potatoes. Plant any remaining potato tubers now. Mulch Strawberry plants to so that the fruits are off the ground and deblossom Strawberry runners planted in the spring. When the Strawberries start to grow bigger and swell, avoid overwatering to avoid grey mould. Cover them, and other fruit, with netting to protect from pests and birds. Sow Beetroot, Winter Cabbages, Carrots, Peas, Broad and Runner Beans, Lettuce and Spring Onions.

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Prepare the ground by weeding and raking the surface to break down large clumps of soil. Sow seeds finely into a furrow made with a trowel, covering the seeds with soil and then watering well. Staggering sowings prevents a glut of any one crop. Potting on m Plants that are showing signs of being root bound need potting on. Root bound plants will look distressed and unhealthy, and if you see the roots growing out of the drainage holes that’s a sure sign a bigger home is needed for the plant as there is not enough soil in the pot to retain any moisture causing them to wilt quickly after watering. Use some liquid feed on containers every two weeks and ensure tubs and baskets are well watered.

Protection May is still in ‘frost territory’ here in the UK so make sure you protect tender plants. Pests such as Vine Weevil larvae can cause serious damage to plants within containers. Vine Weevil can be checked for by tipping out the rootball and inspect for the creamy orange-headed maggots, which will tend to curl up into a ‘c’ shape. Rescue is possible if the damage is not too extensive. Wash off all the compost and remove the grubs and remaining eggs, then replant in fresh compost. Some plants are more at risk from attack than others, eg. Primulas, Fuchsias and Impatiens, but most plants in pots are at risk. The Nematode - Steinernema kraussei is a biological control and goes under the trade names of Nemasys Vine Weevil Killer or Grubsure so look at these to prevent re-infestation. m Now, if you done all this it may be just the time for that familiar sound beloved of most gardeners.... the kettle boiling ready for a cuppa! Enjoy.


The Feminine touch can bring you: Colour advice: matching to existing and the latest colours

• - Georgian windows etc •Glossing - finished professionally •Wallpapering - including ceilings, all finishes•Tiling Tel: 07866 250419 or 07812 437496

Commendations available on request, plus portfolio of completed jobs

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tion breeze promo

With more light shining into our rooms it becomes more apparent when your UPVC window units look shabby. Misted up glazing units really start to show up and look a real eyesore, quite apart from diminishing your view. The surface of the frames, especially if they are white, will look yellow and rather dirty no matter how much you try to clean them. Like wise the seals on the frames may have become partly denatured and no longer offer the seal they once did against not just the cold but also the noise (noise is especially apparent when windows are not sealing properly so if you live on a busy road this can lead to a greater background noise in your home when traffic is heavy). So what to do? The assumption is that all these problems means new windows. Wrong! The UPVC Refurbishment Centre specialises in turning your old units back into smart looking serviceable windows. This includes upgrades to window locks, a full check and repair on hinges (many double glazed windows suffer from sprained hinges after a period of years making them difficult to open or adjust), totally new glazing units where required (and upgraded to the latest thermal glass). In fact any problems that currently exist that can be put right will be put right meaning that your windows will be secure, clean looking and afford a clear view. The special chemical cleaning method employed by The UPVC Refurbishment Centre will effectively bring the original UPVC colour back to the surface by removing the top film of faded/yellowed molecules, leaving a smooth and serviceable surface for regular cleaning. Save ££££ now and give the UPVC Refurbishmnent Centre a call on 0115 932 7180 or 0771 046 2914 Unit 5, Belfield Steet, Ilkeston, DE7 8DU

A new Football Club has been set up. They invite you to join them...

get your kit on

Beeston Park Rangers Football Club was set up by Nichola Potter and her husband Iain last year. “After several years with another local club we decided to start up our own team and let the boys who joined pick the name and colours for the team. This was how Beeston Park Rangers U13's was born. As a result we got boys who had drifted out of the game to come back and some players new to the game to play for us”. Explained Nicola. Once the team were able to get a sponsor to buy them a kit and had managed to secure a place to play at the Weirfields in the Beeston Rylands the team were up and running - literally as their Sunday mornings came and the the fun began! “We've had a good season finishing mid table and the team has grown together and the boys are enjoying there football again” adds Iain. Through word of mouth, contact was made by Rich Ward and after agreeing on their philosophy of ‘its all about the kids’ they went on to set up a Beeston Park Rangers U8's. They have had a successful first season in their friendly league. Both Iain, Nichola and Rich look forward to joining the YEL U9 league next season. “We have now formed an U10 team for next season and are looking for more players to join the Squad, so any boys or girls in year 4 going into year 5 next school term are welcome to apply - please get in touch with us” says Iain. “I’m a qualified coach and my weekends revolve round coaching or watching and playing football and my aim is for kids to enjoy playing football and to develop more skills and most importantly to have fun, and hopefully win!” he adds. If anyone is interested in joining Beeston Park Rangers F.C then please contact Nichola Potter on 07971193416 or email: or email:

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If you have a new business and would like to be featured call our team on 0115 967 8663 Let the readers of Breeze know you are here!

Beautiful Feeling is owned and run by Tracy Bexon. Tracy lives in Toton village with her husband and two teenage children where she was also born and raised. “I enjoy meeting different people and walking my two lovely beagles and mixing with the local community. Six years ago I decided I would like to train up to become a beauty therapist and provide a relaxing service for the local community. My training began at Central College in Nottingham's Lace Market in 2005, gaining my qualifications as a Beauty Therapist, including Facial Electrical equipment in February 2006. On completing my training, I formed Beautiful Feeling as a mobile beauty therapy service, offering basic beauty therapy treatments to people in their own homes. This has now evolved into a salon based business which allows me to offer a wider range of services using salon only, quality products such as Dermalogica to a broader range of clients and more importantly allowing me to create a tranquil place for the treatments we offer. We pride ourselves on being a friendly small business able to offer you the treatments and advice you want and only the treatments you want without any ‘Hard’ sell”. You are never too young or old to benefit from the treatments Beautiful Feeling provide so why not call in to see them at 145 Attenborough Lane, Attenborough. NG9 6AA Or call 0115 922 2216.

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29 Oakley Road, Long Eaton Nottingham NG10 1FQ


concept to completion

For a free quotation call Oliver on

07794 64 9714 0115 9131075

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ARIES [Mar 21st-Apr 20th] You discover keeping things to yourself isn’t always a good thing. Yet, not wishing to speak the truth as you feel damage has already done, your respect for another lessons even more. Catching up with unfinished jobs around the home helps to unwind and clear the air. Meeting up with family and friends encourages trips home and away. TAURUS [Ap 21st-May 20th] Moving forward in life becomes easier after getting to grips with recent events. Partners make light of one situation allowing you to think differently. Putting forward new ideas for securing the future is welcomed. Pleased at seeing a familiar face you seal the relationship even more. You capture and treasure moments away from home. GEMINI [May 21st-June 21st] Love and Romance take over beginning of the month when least expected. Pressure mounts when taking on added responsibilities. Exploring more into what you hear you secure an opportunity in making one move bringing positive changes for you and your family. Finishing jobs around the home and starting others fills in any spare time.

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CANCER [Jun 22nd-Jul 23rd] Happy and content you have done your best for someone, you are taken by surprise when things are done for you in return. Speaking your mind becomes important when being drawn into someone else’s arguments. Making sure all your paperwork is kept updated as well as having a good old sort out in the home makes you feel much better.

LEO [July 24th-August 23rd] Although you may feel nothing seems to be moving through all your hard work, your content when hearing nothing is in vain. Family ties keep you busy but you manage to organise some routine from what you feel is chaos. Social invitations coming your way are accepted. With a busy month in tow you manage to secure time for yourself. VIRGO [Aug24th-Sept 23rd] Enjoying some independence and ready to move forward, you take steps, which not only satisfy your curiosity but bring satisfaction too. Carefully chosen books and a place for learning are well on the cards. Putting fresh new ideas to a younger person pays off when a decision they make secures their future long term. Happy moments.

By ANNE HARBOUR Dip.Hyp. HPD. MNCH - Clinical Hypnotherapist HPD. Affiliate member of The National College Student & Alumni Guild. Member of the National Council for Hypnotherapy (MNCH)

Telephone: 07845 405835 LIBRA [Sept 24th-Oct 22nd] Not always able to be where you want to be you settle for second best. Travelling against your will is accepted on a temporary scale. Trusting loyal friends goes a long way when needing to talk. Priorities are made and met. End of month your satisfied all will be achieved in time. You look forward to a busy and fulfilling time ahead.

CAPRICORN [Dec 23rd-Jan 20th This month brings rewards through sheer determination on your part. Feeling more energised and raring to go you greet new challenges head on gaining support and recognition along the way. Aware of what needs to be altered in your life you begin making those changes with support from loved ones. Social life becomes busier.

SCORPIO [Oct 23rd-Nov 22nd] Enjoying change May brings new and exciting adventures for you to experience. Up against time and pressure you ease the situation by pulling back and assessing what has taken place. With an understanding of the problem you deal with the matter putting an end to any uncertainty. Time away with close family and friends enjoyed.

AQUARIUS [Jan 21st-Feb 19th] You are strong determined and able to deal with what May presents. Having a mind of your own you seek advice on the quiet making one decision you do not regret. Taking time out for others goes a long way and is much appreciated. Making sure you find the balance needed to achieve your goals for the month you spend time for yourself. PISCES [February 20th-March 20th] Home life could well be under strain due to the interference of others. Burying your head in the sand is no solution but by giving your support and reassurance to those you love, heals any rift that may have occurred recently. Catching up with unfinished business takes time but produces satisfactory results. Plans for a break gets underway.

SAGITTARIUS Nov 23rd-Dec 22nd] Wondering if you have taken on more than you could chew with a younger member of the family you get to grips with what needs to be done and see it through. The finalisation of a business deal is sealed one way or another. Loosing items in the home becomes frustrating but found just in time. You treat yourself to something special.

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Each month we feature whats on in YOUR area and bring you up to date with the latest achievements and events of local people and groups. Why not send us your information - if you are a non-profit making organisation and you or your group have achieved something you’d like to share with our thousands of readers in our area or you’d like to let readers know about an event your group is holding, then send your information to: Please include any photographs Deadline for June 2011 Issue is 28th May 2011

NOTICEBOARD, Breeze Magazine, 156C High Road, Beeston, Nottingham, NG9 2LN or email:

Several members of the Inner Wheel Club of Church Wilne, Rotarians and friends went by coach to visit the Houses of Parliament. The tour guides at the Houses of Parliament were very knowledgeable. “We were taken to see the Great Hall dating back 1099 and also St. Stephen’s Hall which in 1550 was converted from a chapel into a debating chamber. We were then shown around The Central Lobby and the Houses of Lords and Commons”. Ilkeston Rotary Club members recently hired a A full and Pullman coach for a trip on the Great Central interesting day Friends of John Clifford are Railway at Loughborough. was had by holding a Spring Fair to raise To celebrate the return of Rotarian Chas all. money for IT equiptment for Shooter following a serious operation, all of the children at the Club, under the presidency of John Clifford Primary School on Rotarian Roger Sissons, enjoyed a Saturday 21st May 11am till 2pm . buffet lunch in style in a refurbished They will be having lots of fun filled Pullman coach 'Cromwell' whilst things including a bouncy castle, BBQ, travelling through Leicestershire on Raffle, Face Painting  the former Great Central Railway route and much much more. to Leicester. Why not join them! A thoroughly enjoyable day was had by all, in particular Rotarian Chas who was guest of honour for the occasion.

Some of the UK’s hottest acts are set to feature in a live showcase tour, hitting three cities later this year as part of the Live & Louder Tour. Electro-pop and fusion group, originally from the Midlands, Swami, will perform tracks from their eagerly awaited album. The three events, set to take place in the Nottingham, Birmingham and Cardiff branches of The Glee Club in May and June will be hosted by DJ’s SonnyJi from BBC’s Asian Network and Tindy Gerewal, who found fame as one of ‘The Family’ on the hit Channel 4 TV show. News of the exciting showcase has quickly spread across the industry and Radio One DJ, Nihal, has backed the three events; he said: “Swami are one of the most consistently innovative bands that I’ve come across at Radio One. These live shows will be an exercise in audio adrenaline.” The Live & Louder Tour series is the brainchild of Gareth Aston, Events Manager at national charity, Caudwell Children, who are staging the events to raise money for disabled children living in the UK. “The events are all about the music but our motivation is definitely the children.” commented Gareth.   The three Live & Louder events take place on Wednesday 25th May in Nottingham, Wednesday 1st June in Birmingham and Sunday 12th June in Cardiff. Tickets are on sale now, priced £8 each, and expected to sell out fast. Tickets are available via the Glee Club Box Office on 0871 472 0400 or by visiting Caudwell Children is one of the UK’s fastest growing children’s charities. Since 2000 the charity has provided services worth over £13,000,000 and helped improve the lives of thousands of disabled children with over 350 different medical conditions. For more information about the events and Caudwell Children visit 

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DISCOVER HISTORIC WOLLATON, WOLLATON VILLAGE DOVECOTE MUSEUM See inside the 16th century dovecote that was home to over 2,000 pigeons and now includes the Rural Wollaton Exhibition. Open on the Second Sunday of the month including 8th May, 12th June, 10th July, 14th August. Plus Saturday and Sunday 10th and 11th September, from 2.00pm-5.00pm. Admission is free with donations welcome. Dovecote Drive, Wollaton, Nottingham NG8 2NB. Details Marilyn Nurse 0115 928 5055 or Jean Dinsdale 0115 928 4643 EXPERIENCE THE GUIDED TOURS Sunday 8th May and 12th June 2:00pm at Wollaton Hall Gardens to Wollaton Village (ending at the Dovecote) Meet at the phone box in top car park by the Hall (1¼ hours) 3:30pm Wollaton Village to Wollaton Hall Gardens Meet at the Dovecote (1¼ hours) Evening Tour Wednesday 15th June 7.00pm Meet outside Library. Including Old Coach Road, the Canal and Martins Pond (2 hours) All tours free, Donations welcome

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Golddiggers for Charity are having a garden party on 21st May from 2pm onwards at 4 Steven Close, Toton, NG9 6JX. All proceeds going to the E.M.A. Air Ambulance and Derby Breast Cancer Unit. There will be a BBQ, raffle, tombola, home made cake stall, childrens fancy dress parade, childrens dance troupe, a karate demonstration, psychic Erica Rogers, childrens treasure hunt, bran tub etc. Go along and give them your support and have a good time!

A concert will be held by Police Male Voice Choir Northern Ireland at Chilwell Road Methodist Church, Beeston on Friday, May 13th at 7.30 p.m. The Choir started up in 1973 with approx eight serving Police Officers who enjoyed singing for pleasure. The choir now consists of about fifty members who are mainly retired police officers. There are fewer than a handful of serving police officers and a few support service members in the choir. They sing for pleasure throughout Northern Ireland and beyond. The choir has won numerous festivals across Britain. During their existence they have visited Sweden, Prague, Germany, Canada, Scotland, Jersey and Devon in England singing for various charities. Each year in May they take a trip away to finish their singing season and this year it is to Nottingham. The choir’s repertoire includes “You Raise Me Up”, a “Scottish medley”, “Morte Christe”, an “Irish medley”, “Gwahoddiad”, “Danny Boy” and “Panis Angelicus”. Tickets are £6 (£5 in advance), Student/Child £3 and are available from the church office – 0115 943 1164.

Attenborough Colts Football Club Under 8s have enjoyed a successful season playing in the YEL Under 8s ‘Friendly League’. Attenborough Colts are now looking to add current School Year 3 players to their squad for next season. The club has been going for forty years and aims to provide competitive football in a friendly and safe environment. The team train on a Monday night on the fields behind Chilwell School as well as playing their home games there on a Saturday morning. The club also have spaces for younger players too. For more information please contact club chairman David Baggley (0115 913 9598) or go down on a Monday between 5 and 6pm, meeting by the play area on Long Lane, Attenborough.

“What a great night we had at our Open Meeting. Our speaker John Stirland told us about his local upbringing and his life in gardening and entertained us with humourous anedotes about the people he has met during his career. He kindly stayed right until the end, talking with people and answering questions. Thank you to everyone who donated cakes and helped on the night. We made a profit of £458 for our charity”. Thank you to everyone who attended/contributed to the Right Royal Spring Fayre raising £531 for our charity. The stalls were brilliant with everyone entering into the red, white and blue spirit. “It was kind of Prince William and Kate Middleton to spare us the time from their busy schedules to pay us a visit”! Both amounts will go to their chosen charity of the year, The Alzheimer's Society.

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at a glance

Mark Allsopp has nineteen years experience in the painting and decorating industry. He is a local man married with a young family,who was raised in Chilwell. Mark over the years has worked on some unusual jobs including: Trent College, Repton School, Premier Inn Hotels, The Park Nottingham, to name a few. Eleven years ago he started working for Spruce Painting Contractors based in Carlton. In early 2011 Spruce closed down. Mark was made redundant so he decided to set up his own business. Mark prides himself on customer satisfaction a professional attitude, comprehensive rates and an extensive knowledge of the industry including both commercial and private work. Quality is always guaranteed and Mark’s professionalism and experience shines through on any job, both big or small. So, why not give Mark a call today for a free quote.

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