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Breedable Shoes? a peek into the latest fashion trend







Dear Blend Readers,

Oh how we have missed you! After a

short hiatus, we are SO excited to be back! You will notice a few changes in the magazine as we are working hard to give you a new version of an old favorite! We will still cater to all of the breedables of sl, and there are so many! You may notice some new names within the pages. There have been a few additions to the staff, including Lor Pevensey as Manager and Evan (mevanm) Resident as Ad Sales Manager. Together with our Writers and Photographers, we are looking forward to some great things to come!

As always, please feel free to let me know if there is anything you

would like to see featured within the magazine! XOXO, Miranda Blogfan EDITOR


Miranda Blogfan EDITOR Lor Pevensey MANAGER Evan (mevanm) Resident AD SALES MANAGER EroBambina WRITER Bleuwulf Resident WRITER Destiny Soup WRITER Ragnhild Haalan PHOTOGRAPHY Britney Myrsny RESEARCH & TECHNICAL ADVISOR

SL Impac RL Feli

cts ines

By Destiny Soup


ack when this magazine was first becoming known the plight of a sweet little homeless kitten that was desperately sick was brought to secondlife. The woman who found this little bit of a kitten couldn’t afford the medical care for it and turned to those in the breedable world for help. KittyCatS and Wildwoods members responded and a charity auction was held. Today the kitten, while partly blind in one eye is doing well and is happy and healthy! Rl money was raised for it’s vet bills, enough to cover not only getting it back into health but also shots and getting it fixed.

taking care of animals. I myself recently brought this up in the KittyCatS chat group. My mother had been driving home from work and spotted something black in the road that was moving about a small amount, very small. She got out and took a look and it was a black kitten that was bleeding from apparently it’s mouth. Well as we take in strays, to the point where people have been dumping their unwanted cats around here, of course she brought it home. As she was on her way to the vet with the kitten I got on Sl and asked for everyone’s best wishes for the kitten.



ore and more I am seeing the line between SL and RL blurred when it comes to those animals we love. Discussions of our pets, those strays we have taken in or even fussing about those not 8 | Breeder Blend Magazine

his led to more than one private IM discussion on how in RL there are just too many people who do not seem to realize just how much of a responsibility it is to take care of a pet. And one conversation Issue Eighteen

Issue Eighteen

Breeder Blend Magazine | 9

10 | Breeder Blend Magazine

Issue Eighteen

on a rather evil neighbor boy who will probably end up in jail for his apparent homicidal tenancies as currently evidenced in his attempts to run over small animals. The outwishing of luck and prayers for this little kitten was heartwarming. Which as some of you know already, the vet declared the kitten to be about 6 weeks old, and might have to have one of it’s legs removed. The kitten, whom we are calling Road, had experienced one of it’s legs to be over extended to the point where it may or may not regain use of it. Personally I hope it does so that we will be able to find it a home, we already have 13 felines at this moment.

realizing that I am apart of it. So I wanted to thank each of you, for being there and for caring about the animals whether they be flesh and blood or pixels.


h and should there be anyone in the southwestern Ohio area looking for a RL cat... Well we’ve kind of run out of people we know around here that want them so contact Destiny Soup for further information. *Winks*


ommunities are important and the community of the breedable world in Sl is one that, for the most part, brings a soft smile to my face Issue Eighteen

Breeder Blend Magazine | 11

Crafty, Krafties

By: Lor Pevensey


have been pretty curious about Second Life Pets/Breedables for some time. I have dabbled in the Amaretto horses, the BioBreed dogs, Buldable Robots and Ozimals’ Bunnies, so when I heard about a full immersive fantasy pet MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game for you non-gamers), I was pretty interested in finding out what they were all about. The first thing I wanted to do is get myself a Kraftie Creature. I was very surprised to learn that they were free, which made it all that much more appealing for me. When my editor learned about my interest, she whipped her Kraftie Creature out (I had no idea she even had one), and on impulse I clicked on it and low and behold a menu popped up giving me three choices: Info, Join! and Stats.

24 | Breeder Blend Magazine

Issue Eighteen


he “Info” passes you a note card giving you information about the Kraftie Creatures, the “Stats” give you the statistics about that particular Kraftie Creature that you have clicked on, and when you click on “Join!”, it tells you that you are invited to play Krafties, and offers to give you a free one. When you click “Yes”, it sends you that Kraftie Creature. Mine was a Rexie of the Water type; I named him Myron after a childhood friend. It also passes you a Kraftie Starter pack which gives you a Battle Temple, Crafting Temple, Energy Capsule, a HUD and a Home Temple as well as information introducing you to the Krafties and some textures.


he other way that you can obtain your Kraftie Creature, is to go to the Kraftie Island and Issue Eighteen

visit one of the four temples: Fire, Water, Wind and Earth and click the temple to go through a short tutorial and it will send you your free Kraftie Creature. You can only have one free creature though, if you try to rez more than one, it will disappear and tell you that you have already activated your first creature.


hen you get your Kraftie Creature you can let rez it to your land and let it wander, but if you want to battle with it, you bring it into your inventory and “Attach” it on your “Avatar’s Center” and it stands to your side and follows you everywhere, including if you TP to other sims. If you click on your Kraftie Creature, and then on the Rez Shadow button, it will rez a black version of your Kraftie Creature to battle with. According to Breeder Blend Magazine | 25

the Kraftie Wiki, the Shadow Creature is “the dark essence of a Kraftie that can be made manifest as a mirror image of your pet”. So basically, the Shadow Creature has the exact same stats as your Kraftie Creature and you can use it to level up your own Kraftie Creature. To battle, make sure you are wearing your Kraftie Creature and click on the creature you want to battle with. Click “Attack” and it will ask you if you want to allow other people to attack this creature during the battle. This is an option if you are battling as a team, click “Allow” if you want others to help you destroy or capture this creature. Once you destroy the creature, you are sometimes given items that you can use to craft other items to use in your battles or to increase your strength. If you rez your home temple on your land, two wild Kraftie 26 | Breeder Blend Magazine

Creatures will arrive through the portal to battle with your creature. As you destroy or capture these creatures, a new one will show up to replace the one that disappears. You can also battle other players by using the battle temple to link to each other either individually, or in teams.


f you want to capture a wild Kraftie, you will need to buy a net from Kraftie island. Some try to evade you and if that happens you have to battle it down until it’s weak before you can capture it. I was a little disappointed because I battled a “Combat Level: 6” creature down until he was weak, I captured it, crafted a soul and bonded it with my captured creature, and his level started at an overall level of 2. I spent half the day battling wild creatures and only managed to get my favorIssue Eighteen

Issue Eighteen

Breeder Blend Magazine | 27

ite Kraftie creature up to overall level of 4, and I was thinking to myself there has to be an easier way. There is. You can buy souls at Kraftie markets and if you are lucky enough to capture a Kraftie Creature with a higher natural ability and bond it to a higher soul you might have a creature that someone might want to buy or trade, or better yet you can continue to train it and build it’s levels even higher.


and it will walk you through what items you want to craft. You can also use your Crafting temple to craft different souls for wild Krafties that you capture. I found out today, that if you have other people connect to your crafting temple while you are creating a soul, you have the potential to build yourself something very powerful. It just takes the right combination of stats to push you from an average Kraftie Creature to a powerful one.

ach time you destroy a wild Kraftie Creature, you are given some sort of item such as Chocolate, Milk, Shards of some sort of gem, or an Egg. You use these items in recipes to craft other items that you can use in your battles. To craft anything you have to make sure you have all of your collected items in your HUD inventory, and you click on your Crafting temple 28 | Breeder Blend Magazine

Issue Eighteen


htopia By EroBambina


he wonderful and fantastic world of Booshtopia, is home to many creatures referred to as Booshies. Combatable and Breedable these new creatures are very detailed and pretty mythical. Not much is known about the creature inhabitants of Booshtopia, but there have been some pretty interesting rumors and discussion regarding them. Also with the release comes the ability to interact with NPCs.


ith this new pet [companion] comes a lot of features, some new to the breedable community, including the use of NPCs! NPCs, or non-playing characters, are characters that are often seen in role playing games [RPGs]. The use of NPCs in conjunction with breedables is a whole new perspective, having not been done with a breedable pet before. The Booshies seem to be set-up as not only a breedable, but a adventure game as well. This game is reminiscent of an MMORPG, otherwise known as a Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game.


ith the induction of the Booshies comes their world of, Booshtopia. It is a vast and beautiful lush land, filled to the brim with, “- ex34 | Breeder Blend Magazine

plorable land, dungeons” and more! These creatures are said to have at least thirty (30) different species, if not more when first released. Yes, before you ask, more species will be added! It is said that through breeding is how we will be discovering the new species of Booshtopia.


he Booshies are not only breedable but they can battle too! You can go PvP (player Vs player) with your friends and their Booshie. Another option is to take your Booshie with you and go out and explore Booshtopia. You can traverse Dungeons and gain XP(experience), levels, and loot! You don’t even have to rezz anything for these beauties if you don’t want to as they can be controlled from your HUD, making them virtually primless! Issue Eighteen

Issue Eighteen

Breeder Blend Magazine | 35

36 | Breeder Blend Magazine

Issue Eighteen


ithin the Booshie game you have the choice to engage in professions. With a profession you can grow and sell food by Farming, or you could brew potions with a Concoctions job. One can also work in Synthesis to create trinkets, armor and more, from random things that can be found by exploring the Booshie home-world, to aid you on your journey throughout the mystical world of Booshtopia.


here are also a few minor professions. One of which is Tinkering. Tinkering two things, one of which is the art of reconstruction using shards drooped from Booshies upon being consumed or sacrificed. Two is fusing nests with elemental power so as to increase Issue Eighteen

your chances at receiving an elemental creature upon birth.


he other minor profession is Adventuring. When Adventuring there are two parts, Exploring and Gathering. To explore is to do just that and traverse the beautiful and expansive world of Booshtopia, Whether your exploring to complete quests, conquer dungeons, or just gathering collectible ingredients for your main profession, Booshtopia delivers that and more. Gathering is when you have your pet search for rewards and materials. The more you engage in this task the easier it then becomes to guide your Booshie to specific items and regions to search within.


efore we of human lineage found Boostopia there were many of Breeder Blend Magazine | 37

creatures already living in that land. To name a few, would be the race of Gremlins, serious creatures who take up positions of business in the world of Booshtopia. Gremlins’ seem to be a kind of creature eerily similar to the Goblin race of, “Harry Potter”. Menchy is the most notable member of his race; he lives in a humongous tree near the portal in Boostopia. He is a bio-chemist, using his skills to tailor plant genes to help further the purposes either him-self or his costumers. He is also extremely friendly and an author of guides for both human and gremlin races.


nother enity already inhabiting Boostopia were the Whispies. When young they are likened to deities. They are a form of elemental creature that roams the plains of Booshtopia. 38 | Breeder Blend Magazine

Whispies will act as a guide for for those first entering Booshtopia, and will later give you clues and answer questions.


here are three different ways to keep your Booshies. You can keep an Active Booshie, you can only have one active booshie at a time. It will follow you on your adventures, quests, and even into battle! You can change your active Booshie at any time by using your HUD.


House Booshie is the act of keeping a Booshie within a slot. Every player will start out with ten slots. This is called your house, and eventually there will be ways to expand it and room for more creatures. Booshies in your house will be either breeding or working to help you in your chosen proIssue Eighteen

October, 2012

Breeder Blend Magazine | 39

fession. They will require you to keep them feed and cared for while in your house. The house is also from where, should you choose, to rezz your pet outside of Booshtopia you can accesses them to do so.


ou can also have a Roaming Booshies. Roaming is used when no space is left for either an Active Booshie or in your House slot. Sending a Booshie to roam is to send them to live freely in Booshtopia to run, frolic, and play. When roaming a Booshie will feed it-self! You will not need to feed or care for your Booshie when it is roaming the wild world of Booshtopia. The best news is that you can call your Booshie back from roaming at anytime so long as you have room in either your house or for an active booshie.

40 | Breeder Blend Magazine


ooshie pre-orders are set to come back out soon and no definite dates are set as of yet for the actual release; however, rumors are hinting at a possible release in January, 2013. It’s not too far off from now and if not released by then we will hopefully have an actual release date. We wait with bated breath for words, tips, tricks, and notices about the new up and coming, Booshies!

Issue Eighteen

New Bre On the

eedable e Grid! By EroBambina


es! You heard it, there is a new breed-able out and it’s called, “Gem Panda’s!” These adorable panda’s pack some awesome features. Along with traits said to, “-make your heart melt,” you have the ability to craft Magic Spell Potions and compete in tournaments. It can also stand alone as a breed-able pet without the use of magic, spells, or potions.


here is much to be said about the newest cat - or in this case, panda, on the grid. The first thing that comes to mind when talking about Gem Panda’s is the words cute, furry, and awesome. What will also come to mind is the mystery of, “Naughty or Nice?”, and its exact meaning. These panda’s are made with life-like genetics, animations and are low prim! Each Gem Panda, no 44 | Breeder Blend Magazine

matter the size, is just thirteen (13) prims each and a nest is only one prim. These resilient guys will never become sick, die, or run away; however, if not fed they will fall into a type of hibernation. Once in hibernation it will take three (3) days of regular food or a recovery potion to wake a Gem Panda. The GP’s are quoted to leave you both “Stunned” & “Amazed”.


side from being a breedable and interactive pet, the Gem Panda’s also have a side game; where-in one can collect, sell and trade various ingredients. Ingredients can be used for either trading or creating magic potions. Potions can then be traded, sold, or used for various purposes. Some of which are perma – pet potions, to turn your Gem Panda into a forever pet. Also, potions can be used Issue Eighteen

Issue Eighteen

Breeder Blend Magazine | 45

46 | Breeder Blend Magazine

Issue Eighteen

to learn magic spells and allow you to compete in spell casting tournaments. Competing in tournaments can help you gain Gem power and points towards your leader-board ranking. When competing in a tournament, one also has the choice to join a tribe. A tribe is similar to a team in nature and used primarily in tournaments; but can also be used for hunting and potion making.


em Power is used in a unique way; firstly, one must give a Gem Panda a Passion Potion to reduce breeding from seven (7) to six (6) days. After that you can use a full power gem to further reduce the breeding cycle from six to five (5) days. Despite all the amazing additives of tournaments, hunting, potions & spells, they are just that, additives and in no way affect the breeding aspect of

Issue Eighteen

the Gem Panda’s. A Gem Panda can breed only twelve (12) times over any period of time seeing as there is no time limit, nor do they ever get to old to breed. After completing its twelfth (12th) breeding a Gem Panda can no longer hunt for ingredients, make potions or compete in tournaments. They can be kept as a pet after finishing their breeding cycle in its entirety.


s for breeding, there is said to be many traits to discover when breeding the Gem Panda’s, most all of which is being kept under tight wraps by the creators despite ample prodding. What we have managed to wrangle from creators’ is this; Gem panda’s can pass personalities when breeding and unlike meeroo you don’t need to match the personality of one Gem Panda to another Breeder Blend Magazine | 47

to breed. A Gem Panda can pass its Gem through breeding, although Gem Power is non-transferable. They [Gem Panda’s] cannot inbreed to parents, but grandparents they can and will breed with. The sizes of the GPs will range from micro to giant with seven different sizes including medium.


hese pets are also super interactive! All Gem Panda’s can be attached to your avatar, with animations differing by the size of the GP. So each size of panda has a different holding animation, from what we have seen one the smaller version will sit on your shoulder, climb up on your head, and even hug your chest. Also, besides the hugging animations, all Gem Panda’s of any size can be ridden! That’s right; you can ride your Gem Panda.

48 | Breeder Blend Magazine


he breeds of the Gem Panda’s are vast, but I can only tell you about a few of them. We will start off with the genesis furs, which include two coats and four colors. Firstly there is the Chestnut Lir, of which Lir is the breed of the Gem Panda. The Chestnut Lir is eerily reminiscent of a red panda, and twice as cute. Secondly, we have the Slate Lir which is a kind of grey Gem Panda, which reminds one of a raccoon. Other than that we also have the Mãui Salt & Pepper along with the Mãui Ginger & Cinnamon GPs. The last that Is currently known to the public is the is the Ebony Gem Panda, which looks like the common black & white panda bear.


he Gem Panda’s are coming to us from a creator of other breedables that has set out to, Issue Eighteen

“do better” and hopes to have achieved that with this pet. He said he wanted to “bring them to life” and have the animations and such be as lifelike and natural as possible. So many things are kept secret about this new breedable, especially the fabled, “Naughty or Nice?” The new Gem Panda’s are set to be released, hopefully, around November. We here at Breeder Blend are certainly looking forward to it! certainly looking forward to it! Issue Eighteen

Breeder Blend Magazine | 49

Enchanted Halloween By: Miranda Blogfan


here are some new and exciting things going on over at Enchanted Breedables, especially for all of you halloween lovers! The creators are happy to announce the newest of the breed, Vampire Bears and Bad Bears. I went over myself to check out these new teddy bears with fangs and blood thinking they couldn’t possibly be “cute” but I have to admit I was wrong! The artists and creators have done an amazing job on the bears, so much so that our Breeder Blend home office is now the home to new Enchanted Bear babies. nchanted Breedables is holding a hunt (I can see all of your eyes lighting up!) starting October 15 offering a new halloween bear. Starter packs of Vampire Bears are available


inworld. As for Bad Bears, they are given randomly as you breed the bears. To see more visit http:// www.enchantedbreedables. com or see them for yourself in world at secondlife/Kanagawa%20 Bay/49/200/23.

Haunted Breedable 58 | Breeder Blend Magazine

Issue Eighteen

GREETINGS Hunts R Us would like to officially invite you to join in the Haunted Breedables Hunt running from October 18th – October 31st 2012. This hunt is halloween themed to show off awesome breedables and pets in SL in a fun, interactive way. THIS HUNT FEATURES: Haunted houses and mazes on sims Special Halloween themed LE breed- ables Tricks and treats set up for hunters By: Wolverine Huntress

es Hunt Issue Eighteen

Special sales on sponsor lands Special Halloween themed breedable items that are not Breeder Blend Magazine | 59

available anywhere else at any other time than the hunt

Halloween themed costume parties for opening and closing ceremonies with giveaways Halloween themed music domains on the spon- sor lands SOME OF THE COMPANIES IN THIS HUNT: BUFOS, Gaia, Plant Pets, BattleBeasts, Durbles, Dwarfins, Gempandas, (OC) Odyssey, KittyCats, Enchanted Bears, Krafties, Fennux, Gothic Breedables, Pokemon, Dranopia, WTTJ, Squiffies, Starlas, and many more! This is a HUD-based hunt. HUDs will go on sale on opening day (Oct. 18th) for only 150L each! Once the HUD is on, the hunt can start anywhere by using the icons in the HUD to teleport to each location with a hint. This is a great way to try out new breedables and celebrate Halloween festivities while meeting new friends and connecting with breedables creators on SL. FEEL FREE TO: join our group “Sl Breedable Hunts” like us on FB “Hunts R Us” Tweet on twitter “Hunts R Us” check out our website HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! - Hunts R Us 60 | Breeder Blend Magazine

Issue Eighteen

Breedab By: Lor Pevensey

ble Shoes?

72 | Breeder Blend Magazine

Issue Eighteen


ith breedables saturating the Second life grid, there really hasn’t been a product

that has uniquely separated itself from anything else… until now.

Sebastian007 Viper, has been

a successful breeder of horses in second life for years and in his attempt to get his partner Bailey to help him with his breeding business, her response was “the only thing that I would want to breed in Second Life, would be my shoes”. And with that Charmed Breedable Fashions was born.


hoes are perhaps one of the most collectible fashion item in the world today, with so many

Issue Eighteen

Breeder Blend Magazine | 73

designers vying for attention it would only make sense to bring that passion into second life. And it seems that the Charmed Design team has done just that.


he basic concept of the breedable, is that the shoes are enchanted which is how they are

able to reproduce. The shoes will have flair points and you can use the flair points to make your shoes unique by adding additional elements such as a flower, a bow or a heel bow. Each starter kit has breedable shoes, a closet, shoe polish, a broom and a resale sachet. The closet is a place where you

74 | Breeder Blend Magazine

Issue Eighteen

Issue Eighteen

Breeder Blend Magazine | 75

76 | Breeder Blend Magazine

Issue Eighteen

breed and rez your shoes. The company will have a line of closet type environments that you can upgrade to, where you can actually live among your shoes. It sounds sort of crazy, but they are beautiful versions of the perfect shoe closet that anyone would love if they had one in real life. The closets will be scripted with animations for interaction between avatars, and some if not most, are themed. The shoe polish keeps the shoes happy, and according to Sebastian, “a happy shoe is an enchanted shoe”. The broom keeps your shoes enchanted and it is through this “enchanted-ness” that they are able to breed.

Issue Eighteen

Breeder Blend Magazine | 77

78 | Breeder Blend Magazine

Issue Eighteen

Issue Eighteen

Breeder Blend Magazine | 79


nce you breed your unique shoes, you will be able to rent a display space and sell your

shoes at a “Charmed shoe store�. Instead of dragging your broom and shoe polish to your display space, you can use your resale sachet which is the same of having your shoe polish and broom in one handy package. Charmed will also sell additional items that will help boost the flair points and stats. Shoe repair kits will help restore the stats of the shoes if they are left in your inventory too long. They will sell Magic Crystals which increase the happiness state of the shoes, which in turn increase the enchantment of the shoe. You will also be able to purchase a whole line of furniture to match your closets.

80 | Breeder Blend Magazine

Issue Eighteen

Issue Eighteen

Breeder Blend Magazine | 81

82 | Breeder Blend Magazine

Issue Eighteen


f you are lucky enough to breed a pair of glass slippers, you will be able to trade those glass slip-

pers in for a pair of real life designer shoes that will be worth a few hundred dollars. But if things go in the same direction of some of the other breedables, you will probably be able to sell those glass slippers for a few hundred dollars in your Charmed store.


nce you design your perfect shoe, you might want to just wear them. The wearable shoes

come with a custom HUD which will allow you to change sizes, colors or textures of the shoes, in addition to being able to change the toenail colors of your feet. Not only can you change the colors

Issue Eighteen

Breeder Blend Magazine | 83

of all your toenails, but if you are someone who wants to be completely unique, you can change the colors of each individual toe, to create a rainbow type effect. The downfall of wearing your shoes, is that once you make them wearable, you will no longer be able to breed them which if you breed something valuable might be unfortunate.


he first product that the company will release, hopefully by Christmas,

will be

breedable women’s shoes, but soon after they will release men’s and children’s, and in the future they may branch out to purses and jewelry.

84 | Breeder Blend Magazine

Issue Eighteen

Issue Eighteen

Breeder Blend Magazine | 85

86 | Breeder Blend Magazine

Issue Eighteen


f you want a preview of the Charmed Breedable Fashion products, you can swing by their



Composure/72/175/22. Everyone who is part of the Charmed Breedable team is very friendly and welcoming and answers any question that you may have. Or if you want, you can join their group and get a heads up on this unique product which has many people VERY excited.

Issue Eighteen

Breeder Blend Magazine | 87

An Interview with Ba

attleBeast Resident By: Bleuwulf Resident

Greetings breeders and fans!

him to battle in arena?

I’d like to tell you about some


of the most excellent breeding going on over at BattleBeast Breedables! That’s right we’re going to be discussing the Dragon breedables, a very rewarding way to invest your Lindens and your time! So lets get some inside info on the excellent new traits and features in their latest update!

: Actually, we don’t have ‘pet’ food. We

have two primary kinds of food. Eucommia is used to keep the dragons from going hungry (their “Vigour” %).



Berries are used to keep the dragons from losing their Euphoria % - which is what’s needed for breeding (making

I’m going to be a bit selfish

eggs, passing traits... all that

here to start. I’ve enjoyed all

fun stuff :)

I’ve learned about breedables


so much that I did it, I broke down and bought my first dragon egg!


: I’m really interested in the Stardust wings.

Are these traits all passable through 3rd-4th gens and

: Now I know that you

up, or do they need “new

can feed them pet food


if you want them as a pet, but they need breeder food if you want to mate them for hybrids, is there also something special I must do for 100 | Breeder Blend Magazine


: Stardust wings are passable, without any

restriction generations,


number and


without Issue Eighteen

Issue Eighteen

Breeder Blend Magazine | 101

102 | Breeder Blend Magazine

Issue Eighteen

needing new starters. We’ve added a number of new traits - tails, wings, and hybrids - all as part our update programs, to the original dragons; no “new blood” needed.



: So you can have a stardust hybrid?

: Yes – Stardust is a wing trait, separate from the

breed trait, so you can have, for example, a Western Black/

:Does a Hybrid only

Blue Hybrid DualTone drag-

come from a combi-

on, with Stardust Wings.

nation of Western Scaled & Western Feathered dragons, or will Fancy & Feathered also mingle?


: Hybrids are an innovation in the world of SL

breedables; combining other passable traits, to get something that is a blend of the two. It’s only scaled and feathered, for now. We might add in some others, later. This is an experiment, to see if you like it, and see how they breed out. Not all colors (breeds) mix like this, only certain ones. Issue Eighteen


: Does it matter which the parents are?

: For any of these pairings, the Scaled and

Feathered can be either Male or Female, either way.


: Will there be hybrid color tails too?

: Hybrid colors tails….. hmmmm ;) : What happens if you breed a hybrid coat to

another hybrid coat of a different colour?

Breeder Blend Magazine | 103

104 | Breeder Blend Magazine

Issue Eighteen


: Oh, good question! Both hybrid coats are possible as the one that will pass (as hidden,

and visible). Currently – we don’t “mix” hybrid traits to make even-more-hybrid traits.


: One last thing,I’ve already heard about Legendary size dragons being born. But

there’s rumour on the street that another size class has yet to be found,and that a clue might be found somewhere near the Main Store. Do you have any comment on this? :D


: We were quite secretive about this for some time, as we were waiting for the

sizes to appear on the SL grid. The dragon breeders asked for traits that you get by breeding them out, in depth... and so we added a Size trait. The Legendaries are the largest dragons, and you get them by starting with a Normal, breeding out a hidden trait or mutation to get a Guardian, and then doing it more... to get one even larger - the Legendary! Going the other direction... to a small dragon, you can start with Normal, breed out a Dwarf, and then keep going... to get a Tiny. :) Well, there you have it folks!

Issue Eighteen

Breeder Blend Magazine | 105

More info can easily be found at:

http://battlebeastbreed- or by contacting (BattleBeast Breedables, or Wynter Sommer by Notecard); You may also contact me, Bleuwulf Resident for any questions regarding the article or the subject matter,I will get you pointed in the right direction. Our other courteous staff members at The Breeders Blend will also gladly assist you in any related matters. I’d like to credit my sources: Many thanks to BattleBeast Resident for taking a break from his busy schedule to discuss these awesome details with us, and to the whole team over there at BattleBeast Breedables for all their hard 106 | Breeder Blend Magazine

Issue Eighteen

Issue Eighteen

Breeder Blend Magazine | 107

Breeder Blend Magazine Issue Eighteen  

Breeder Blend is a Magazine for all your Breedable Interests!