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“incubator� Company concept and design designed under the art direction of Nic Taylor



I’d like to introduce you to incubator, a place to learn, grow, and receive support; a place to meet adulthood head on.

At incubator, we focus on Career Development, Financial, and Personal Organization. We’d like everything you recieve from us to benefit your life, This is why all of our products have a dual purpose. For example the brochure to the left, can also be a recipt organizer.

The letterhead was designed to open as a bank, to promote saving money.

Signage was screen printed on cork board, so notes can easily be added.

Bags are made of fabric, so they can be reused, Tags double as to-do lists, and day planners.


my branding and company developement project, for an independant study with Nic Taylor.

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