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March 2011

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The 22nd April 2002, 19-year-old Robert Steinhauser, killed 17 people Mutahar, Yasmine, Frederikke. at his old school. A few months earlier, he was expelled, and he obviously wanted revenge. He went berserk armed with a shotgun. He Logos Alexander. aimed at the teachers and shot 14. He also shot two students and a policeman. Seven people were injured from the shooting in addition. Ethos Students were trapped in their classrooms for hours, because Robert Christian Dahl. ran amok. When the police finally found him he had committed suicide. Robert caused so much pain. One of the teachers’ daughter had tied a letter to a wreath at the school entrance: "Why did you have to die? Nobody deserved it. Mum, I love you. I always loved you. No matter how hard the times, I loved you. Franziska." Robert had hidden his expulsion for his family. He had pretended every morning that he was going to school. But he could not continue his lie. He was too primitive to admit his school behavior to his parents. This lack of responsibility for his own behavior, the expulsion and the fact that Robert was obsessed with violent computer games are believed to be the motivation for Robert’s desperate attack. The brilliant thing about using Pathos can easily be seen here! We all(normally) love our mother and it would hurt us really bad if someone took her away from us. People can easily understand the feelings and put themselves into the situation. This is not something foreign for the common people and Pathos is a good way to awake these feelings and make us feel the way the author wants us to. In this case she has included a letter from a victim’s daughter and we feel sad about the situation. Right after that she begins to talk about Overskriften til sekundær tekst with violent computer Robert’s lack of responsibility and obsession games. She(author) is highlighting the points that make Robert stand in a bad light and highlighting the teachers and the school in a good light. All this, by using Pathos.




German School Tragedy 18 are killed in Gutenburg School in German, Erfurt. Friday the 26th of April a 19 years old former student, who was dressed all in black went on killing students and teachers with a pump gun at his former school in the eastern German city in Erfurt, Gutenburg school before committing suicide. He held the pupils of the school hostages for a whole 4 hour period before the police could affirm the building safe. Many innocent people were killed that day. 14 teachers, two schoolgirls and a policeman besides the shooter himself and fifteen of those died a few minutes after the shooting began shortly after 11 o’clock local time, where the students were sitting exams. According to the students the shooter was only aiming for the teachers. He went on killing them from classroom to classroom without even hesitating it. He couldn’t care less. Two girls were shot “by mistake” only because of he was so reckless and lost control. The shooter was apparently expelled from the school about a month ago and was forbidden from taking some exams which is a must to get into university, Arbitur. Statistics show that this shooting was the worst school massacre in Europe since 1996 and BBC Berlin says that it was also the worst in Germany’s post-war history. This tragedy must have been the most horrible experience in their lives. Parents, teachers and the whole society really should get out of the bubble they are living in and start doing something to prevent such accidents in the future. Yasmine Fariq

Logos German Mass-homicide. The 27th of April will from now on become a day of memorial and sorrow in Germany. A nineteen year old man has killed seventeen people, wounding six others, and finally he committed suicide. The former student had just been expelled from the school where he was just about to take his “Arbitur� or also known as an exam you have to take to enter a university. Fourteen of the eighteen killed were teachers whom he randomly met at classrooms and in the halls. Two of them were students and the last was a policeman who was killed coldbloodedly when he rushed into the school. A student at the school said they were joking about it when they heard the first shots and went out of the class to see what was going on, then they saw a man in black clothes killing their teacher. It shocks Germany which was just getting over the eleven people that died in Tunisia a couple of weeks ago. It is a rare sight to see mass homicides of this size in a modernized country and even rarer in Europe, so surely does it shock all of the neighboring countries people as well. So the recent acts has shown us that the statistics are improving in the European school-shootings aswell as they improve in America.

Ethos German tragedy Daily Mail the 27th of April 2002 Disaster happens in the German town Erfurt. Cold-blooded boy kills 18 people in his former school. “He pointed his gun and shot. We saw a teacher go down.” Filip Nieman said, a student on Gutenberg school. Around 700 students in the age 10 to 19 years were trapped on the school while a former student walked in the corridors with a pump gun and killed random students and all the teachers he could find. When the police arrived he immediately shot the first. When the police found him he had committed suicide. Even the most important men in German grieve for this tragedy, and there may come a discussion about the legal age for carrying firearms. This tendency has spread from the United States and we must act immediately. If we do not, our beloved community will transform into a place of selfishness and hatred. The change we must do now will cost resources and it will be hard, but we must take it. Not just for our sake, but for the sake of the next generation. Enough of young people have died already; there sacrifice must not be in vain. Otto Schily, the minister of the Interior, stated “We must ask ourselves the question, what is wrong with a society, since such a young man acts in such a catastrophic and aggressive way”

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