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The Annual Fund & You

“We’ve chosen to make Breck our largest charitable donation recipient for the years that our children attend school there.”

Annual Fund Basics Independent schools like Breck depend on three principal sources of revenue to operate: tuition and fees, voluntary gifts to the school, and returns from our endowment and investments. Breck depends on the Annual Fund to provide approximately 6% of the annual operating budget each year.

“I give to enable the school to fulfill its mission and fund the wonderful programs at Breck.”

Some of what the Annual Fund makes possible • Excellent teaching supported by professional development opportunities, curriculum, materials and tools

Educational technology and equipment

Faculty and staff salaries and benefits

Library resources such as new books, research databases, periodicals and journals

Outstanding music, dance and theater performance opportunities

Athletics opportunities for Middle and Upper School students

• Financial aid to support a socioeconomically diverse student body

Health services

Academic support

College counseling

Advanced science, history and math research opportunities

A safe and clean campus

Programs for alumni such as class reunions, regional events, networking and more— your children will be among these ranks before you know it!

Q & A: the bottom line Common questions and answers about the Annual Fund We pay tuition for our child to attend Breck. How does the Annual Fund benefit him or her? Breck goes beyond the basics with talented teachers, small classes, innovative curriculum, state-of-the-art technology, individualized college counseling, advanced research opportunities, service and so much more. All of these are part of the equation that supports the highest academic standards along with exceptional co-curricular opportunities. Your tuition payment is not the only way you can support your children’s education. Net tuition and fees cover 70% of Breck’s annual operating budget. In order to provide the full Breck experience to each student, we ask those who care most about the school—parents, grandparents, alumni and friends—for financial support. We plan on volunteering our time at Breck. How does that factor in? Parent involvement plays a vital role in the success of Breck. While we are not able to assign monetary value to your volunteer time, it is deeply appreciated at all levels of the school. And you’ll find that volunteering gives you a greater appreciation of all that goes into building a strong Breck community. You will find many opportunities to pitch in and help, including with the Annual Fund!

“I want to set an example for my daughter.”

“We understand the cost to educate our children at Breck is high and increases every year, and we believe that Breck provides an exceptional education that, to us, is worth every penny. Giving to the Annual Fund every year may be a sacrifice, Why do we put so much emphasis on parent participation? but a well-rounded, educated child…priceless!” Gifts of every amount make a difference and count toward participation. Participation in the Annual Fund connects you more closely to the school, enriching your child’s learning experience while bringing you into the larger community. In the independent school community, high parent participation is seen as a benchmark of parent pride and engagement. We strive for 100% participation.

What is the “gap” and why not just add it to tuition? Many independent schools and colleges refer to the difference between the price of tuition and the actual cost of educating each student as the “gap.” Sometimes parents ask why Breck doesn’t just charge higher tuition and eliminate the need for charitable contributions. Adding the gap (which at Breck can be from $2,000 to $3,000 per student in any given year) to tuition would put Breck out of reach for many of our families. Moreover, as a nonprofit Episcopal school, an important part of Breck’s mission is to instill a deep sense of social responsibility in each student. We at Breck believe in teaching students by example that generosity and charitable giving are inextricably linked with social responsibility. How much should we give? Gifts to the Annual Fund vary widely depending on the ability of parents to make a gift. We ask you to make Breck one of your top giving priorities while your children are enrolled. Annual Fund gifts from Breck parents range from $25 to more than $50,000. What is the Headmaster’s Circle? You can be a member of the Headmaster’s Circle with a gift of $2,500 or more. Gifts at this level raise the bar of excellence at Breck in a measurable way.

What kind of recognition will I receive for my gift? All contributors to the Annual Fund receive recognition in our annual listing of donors. But you’ll also feel the pride of helping make Breck stronger—not just for this year, but for years to come. My employer has a matching gift program. Is Breck eligible to receive matching funds? As a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, Breck is eligible under IRS rules to receive matching gifts. The amount contributed by your employer is credited to you and you’ll receive donor recognition for the entire amount. To find out if your employer participates, visit the Breck website. How do I make my gift? Gifts can be made with check or credit card, or through a transfer of appreciated stock. You can also make your gift online at any time at If you have any other questions about the Annual Fund, or if you’re passionate about the quality of education at Breck and would like to help inspire others to share your commitment, contact Laura McCarty Tufano, Assistant Director of Advancement, at or 763-381-8296.

“I understand the need for more funds and wish that I could do more. My child is on scholarship. We are grateful to those who can and do contribute to the fund. Even I give a little as a token of support.� All of the quotes in this brochure are actual quotes from Breck parents. They were collected in an anonymous parent survey and in conversations with parents.

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