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Succeed Big! Buy In The Best Subdivision Buyer agents work solely for buyers, avoiding the conflicts of interest inherent in the traditional seller oriented and builder owned purchase transactions. Hiring a real estate agent and finding a good lender are the first two activities you need to take care of on any home buying transaction. The way the transaction works, your lender will work with you on financial issues and your real estate agent will be your team leader. Your first counseling session with them sets the stage for your relationship. Most folks don't start looking into loans until they start looking for houses. You really should talk with a lender first, then look at homes you can afford. The only one to really be able to give you a solid answer on what you can afford to buy, will be your mortgage lender. Make time for that call and you will save time in the long run. Your credit history is how a lender will judge the likelihood that you’ll pay them back the money they lend you. To remove some of the stress that comes with the mortgage lending process, you will want to gather documents together as soon as they are requested. Being organized will help you get your loan closed faster and help avoid any last minute delays. A few extra minutes spent now could save you thousands of dollars and years of frustration later. Your lender is there to get you through the loan process, and your real estate agent will help you find the house and get you from start to finish with the contract. The three main players on any home transaction consist of you, the real estate agent and the mortgage lender. Working together as a team you will find the transaction to be a pleasant one. Now is a great time to buy. Interest rates are low as well as home prices in most areas. Short sales, while they do take somewhat longer than a regular sale, many home prices are still discounted. In some areas homes are still receiving multiple offers. Get prequalified to find out where you stand. Whether you plan on buying around the corner, or across the country, the Internet is a smart place to get started. It’s fine to surf the Internet to search for your dream home, but when it comes time to actually view the homes, make sure you are fully represented by your own real estate agent. Using the Internet can save you a lot of time and gas. This is the number one resource tool you can use as a source for eliminating homes and neighborhoods that you have no interest in dealing with. Area schools, crime stats, commute times, and area shopping and recreational facilities are other things to take a look at. If you know your schedule will not permit doing home repairs and updating, don't look at fixer-uppers no matter how cheap they are.

Look for a neighborhood with about 200 homes that is just 5 miles over the border of any urban centers. For another type of method to locating these neighborhoods, you can attempt to work inside given drive times to the local city's uptown area. Strive for a commute time that may be reached inside of forty-five minutes during rush hour and much less than thirty minutes during other times of the day. Examine Developments First

Succeed Big! Buy In The Best Subdivision  

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