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February 2016

How would you cope, with eight children, a breast cancer diagnosis, then your husband is made redundant? Dear Supporter,

For women like Salena donations from generous people like you helped her and her family of eight children get through “ of the toughest, darkest and most painful periods of my life”. Last year 951 families just like Salena’s relied on donations to pay the rent, put food on the table, provide babysitters, and seek counselling and support. 434 relied on our team of five dedicated breast care nurses to support them in their homes after surgery and during chemo to ensure they had the care they needed. This year, the demand is higher than ever and our team are at capacity. No person should have to face breast cancer alone and the urgent and critical support we are able to give families like Salena’s is limited. You are needed right now to help more families facing breast cancer receive the support they need. Can you help by offering a donation today? $50 would be wonderful, but amount would be hugely appreciated.

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Breast Cancer Care WA receives no government funding and rely on the generosity of supporters like you. When I asked a friend, why she gave, she simply said…“If not me, who?”

For many people, Breast Cancer Care WA is their safety net and only means of receiving the URGENT and CRITICAL support they need. Remember, we are all about the immediate need from that first moment of diagnosis. We are on the frontlines helping people battle this insidious disease every day... and this is expensive. A donation today of just…

$50 could help alleviate crippling financial stress by helping to pay rent for people unable to work during treatment or $25 could could help towards stocking a pantry and fridge to keep a family of four nourished for a week. So please read Salena’s heartfelt story and know your kind donation today will give hope and much needed support to many people just like her facing breast cancer this year. Your donation will be spent wisely and mean the world to someone in need of urgent support.

Thank you for caring and giving,

Zoe McAlpine Chief Executive Officer

P.S. Breast Cancer Care WA does not receive any government funding. Everything we’re able to do is through the generosity of people like you, please mail your donation today, call (08) 9324 3703 or go to


You can help support more brave women like Salena today by donating securely online. Click the ‘Donate’ button to the left, phone us on (08) 9324 3703. Thank you in advance.

I was so moved when I heard Salena’s story about her experience with breast cancer. She writes so honestly and openly about how difficult her experience was and how it’s since moved her to help others facing the same battle. The support we were able to provide her family was only made possible through donations from generous people like you. With Salena’s kind permission, I am pleased to share her story with you here. - Zoe

“Breast Cancer Care WA and their breast care nurses were a godsend during some of the darkest, hardest and most painful hours of my life... I’ll never forget that horrible morning in the shower when I found a lump the size of a tennis ball under my arm; It popped out of nowhere. It was so big I could hold it in the palm of my hand. No. Please no. Tests showed a 10cm mass and a cluster of 13 smaller ones in the same breast. I went home devastated, my first thought… Oh gosh, who will look after the kids… and then… Am I going to die? In a panic I looked on the web, found the Breast Cancer Care WA site and rang straight away. My mind was racing and I was so scared for me and the kids and my husband, Kenneth. The one thing which stands out is Moira, the nurse I spoke to, and how kind she was. In my panic she talked me through it all till my questions came out and were all answered. But that was just the beginning of The day of my masectomy a grueling journey trying to remain positive. because my treatment didn’t go well. I had some serious complications which affected my mobily. This meant I couldn’t drive the kids to school or myself to the train station to catch a train into Royal Perth Hospital for treatment.

All my beautiful hair...

The team at Breast Cancer Care WA were amazing. Counsellor Shelley and breast care nurse Moira visited my home and helped me through the times when I

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felt most alone. Yes, these beautiful ladies had a huge impact on my recovery. I just hope others in my situation get to experience the same support I received because it helped me more than I can ever say.

My beautiful kids visiting when chemo got tough

When Kenneth lost his job we had to move house and Moira was there to help us find solutions. We received financial support which included rent, school books and uniforms for the kids’, gas and electricity bills taken care of to keep services connected, food and petrol vouchers and my first prosthesis and bra.

Kenneth and I were in tears a lot of the time just wondering how we were going to get through it all. We will never forget what Moira and Breast Cancer Care WA did. I’m a shy person but now I’m back on my feet I’ve started going to church and giving thanks. My church has asked me to share my insights with other parishioners who are struggling with similar challenges.

All is not lost! What to do when you lose your hair!

Surviving has taught me a huge lesson and I’m now a better person. I want to volunteer and give back to Breast Cancer Care WA by fundraising, volunteering and anything they need because I want them to have the funds to help other families.

I don’t know what we would have done or where we would have turned if it wasn’t One of my tricky ch for this amazing al How to paint on my lenges... eyebrows! organisation. I will never forget them and what they did for us as a family.” We don’t know what the future holds but I am a much stronger person than I have ever been and I intend to be here to see my beautiful children grow and reach their potential thanks to everyone who helped us. On the mend and ready to help others

DONATE Please donate today and ensure no one facing breast cancer this year will have to go it alone. Please give generously.

Salena's Story - March 2016  
Salena's Story - March 2016