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June 2014 providing personalised emotional, practical and financial support and care to people affected by breast cancer

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Heroes unite!

The streets of WA are preparing to turn purple as heroes take up the challenge to wear the iconic purple bra on the outside of their clothes to raise money for those affected by breast cancer.

Registrations are now open for Purple Bra Day 2014 and we are inviting YOU to take on the challenge. We need people to step up and help us reach our fundraising target of $500,000 to continue our vital services for those with breast cancer.

How can YOU make a difference? Anyone can be a hero. Just register for FREE for your hero pack, including your purple bra and then you can start your fundraising!

If just 770 champions raise $650 each, we can reach the $500,000 target!


opportunities for

Purple Bra Day This is your opportunity to grab a tin and be part of the fun for Purple Bra Day as we need our amazing volunteers to help us reach our fundraising goal on Friday 20 June. Opportunities are available from 6am and time slots are flexible to work in with your schedule. This is always such an uplifting and rewarding day so get out your purple

In this issue Support Services - Love is all you need...2 You are not alone......................................3 Happy little surprises................................4 warm woolies and do not miss your chance to make a difference.

Register by visiting the volunteer page on our website, email or call 9324 3703.

Breast Cancer Care WA, 1034 Wellington Street, West Perth WA 6005 l (08) 9324 3703 l

14 years of making a difference..............5 Fundraising Champions............................6 Long Table Lunch raises $315,000.........8

Services Team Update Pregnancy and breast cancer study

One of the things that the Services department loves about April is participating in the Long Table Lunch.What an amazing event it was. It was wonderful to see the response from all the guests to the three women; Lisa, Roxy and Debbie that we featured this year. All three had a great day Cathie Smith Support Services and have spoken about how special it was Manager / Counsellor for them. Many people talked to us on the day about what we do as they found that the event highlighted the extent of our services in a more tangible way this year.

Therapy groups We have just finished our latest therapy group that assists women to deal with fear and uncertainty after breast cancer. Based in Mandurah, we were once again pleased with the response from the ladies who attended the course. Some of the comments: • Rewarding, loved the openness, the care, love and support. Loved discovering that I still have a creative mind. • The group has challenged my self control and I have learned to “let go”. • I look at my group art work every day and it always makes me smile, remember to slow down and dance in the rain.

Women diagnosed with breast cancer during or immediately after a pregnancy can face particular challenges as they manage treatment and care for a new baby. To date, there has been little research into the best care for these women. The Gestational Breast Cancer Study is investigating the number of women in Australia and New Zealand who are diagnosed with breast cancer during or shortly after pregnancy, the treatment they receive and the expected outcomes of the pregnancy for the mother and her baby. The researchers will use the findings to develop guidelines for health professionals to help them best treat and care for women diagnosed during or shortly after pregnancy. The researchers are looking for women who are interested in participating in the study. You may be eligible if you have been diagnosed with breast cancer for the first time: • during pregnancy or within six weeks of giving birth, and • gave birth between January 2013 and June 2014. If you are interested in finding out about your eligibility for the study, or for more information, please contact Nasrin Javid at

• At times I was confronted by my feelings, thoughts, fears etc., but I feel better for doing it. Our next group is planned for June and will be in Bunbury. We are taking bookings for two other courses to be run in our new facility in Cottesloe later in the year so please contact us if you are interested.

Love is all you need Sometimes things just happen for a reason and often it is about allowing some space for an opportunity to arise. This has just happened to the Services team at Breast Cancer Care WA in the gift of a most special and meaningful painting. The artist is Tracey Cleeman and she has crafted the most beautiful picture titled “Love is all you need” that was meant to be auctioned at the Long Table Lunch. Unfortunately due to some unusual circumstances it didn’t happen and so it landed in the office of the Services team. We were all very taken with Tracey’s work and felt that it would be the most wonderful focal point for our new counselling and therapy rooms. Tracey has very generously donated it to us with the thought that it would now have the opportunity to touch many women’s lives. It highlights some of the important messages that many women discover as they go through their breast cancer journey:

Act mindfully • Accept entirely • Move strongly • Think softly • Speak beautifully • Love completely • Thanks Tracey for this wonderful picture and the most encouraging thoughts It will now be treasured by many. Contact Tracey at for more information.

Radiotherapy for breast cancer

External Beam Radiation can be used to treat breast cancer. This is carried out with Planning where a Simulator with the use of x-rays and scans, maps the area through 3D imaging to target the dose. The skin is tattooed to ensure daily accuracy. This is given outside the body and targeted to a cancer site which then damages the DNA (genetic body of the cell), halting the growth and division of the cancer cell. The chemical bond breakage damages the nucleus of the cell and the cell dies. Normal cells are damaged also, but can repair in a few hours. As not all cells are in the same phase of their cycle, the aim of radiotherapy is to attack the cancer cell when it is most vulnerable. The total dosage required is prescribed by the Radiation Oncologist and is then

divided into daily doses (fractions), Moira Waton therefore hitting Breast Care Nurse the different cancer cells at the vulnerable stage on different days. When the cancer cell tries to divide it no longer has an intact “blueprint”. The dosage (gray) is given in daily doses which allows for normal cell repair and minimal side effects, which is why radiotherapy is given over six weeks.

Self care during radiotherapy The radiation oncology team, including nurses, will advise on individual self care and can be a good support and resource through your treatment.

General advice: Skin reactions: Areas of skin can become pink and sore within 1-2 weeks and natural skin folds of the breast can be affected. • Keep the area dry. • Do not use perfumed products on or near area, i.e. soap, deodorant.

Fatigue: This may occur due to cell waste products breakdown and energy for cell regrowth (also due to recent chemo and surgery). • Take frequent rest periods. • Accept support. • Limit your activity but regular gentle exercise may help.

Nausea: This may occur due to cell waste products breakdown. • Use medication as prescribed.

• Do not expose to direct sunlight.

• Eat small meals and often..

• Check with treating doctor regarding cream application to treated areas.

Try to write a diary of your concerns in order to communicate them with the team at your next treatment. If you have any concerns, please report them to the radiation oncology team.

• Wear loose fitting clothes. • Use electric razors only.

You’re not alone A breast cancer diagnosis can cause a wide range of experiences and emotional reactions for both the individual diagnosed and those around them. Dealing with these emotions and discovering what lies ahead is important for everyone involved. Feelings of isolation can be strong and having the opportunity to learn from others and share your own experience is vital to help you see that you are, in fact, not alone. If you are going through breast cancer yourself, or supporting someone with breast cancer, the Breast Cancer Click’s member blogs are a great way

to understand how people react to and cope with their varying experiences. These online stories are a way of gaining insight into how others have dealt with the varying stages of their breast cancer journey. Whilst every individual’s breast cancer experience is unique, many of the stories will relate to your own experience and help you work through what you are currently facing – from initial diagnosis, the completion of treatment through to the experience of an annual check. Plus, writing your own blog in a safe and anonymous environment such as the

Click may also be a great way to express your own thoughts and emotions. Click members also support each other in sharing their experiences and providing words of encouragement and advice along the way. Please join us online to read more about the experiences of our Click members at Spirit Newsletter June 2014 l Page 3

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May 2

Life is full of surprises Can you us deliver one? Dearhelp <Personalisation>,

There’s nothing quite so delightful as receiving an unexpected surprise… a bunch of flowers There’s quitetoso to say ‘I love you’…anothing box of chocolates saydelightful as receiving an unexpected surpris ‘I care.’ Sometimes it can feel like the clouds say ‘I love you’…a box of chocolates to say ‘I care.’ Sometimes it can feel have opened and you’re showered in rays of and you’re showered in rays of sunshine. sunshine. At Breast Cancer Care WA we want to make life just a little brighter for everyone affected by breast cancer and one of the things we love doing is creating ‘happy little surprises’ for ‘our girls’ and their families.

At Breast Cancer Care WA we want to make life just a little brighter fo breast cancer. So we are hoping you willA funhelp us by giving a happy little day at Adventure World with her fami You may have heard about our pamper days. Monica was one ly. of a group of ladies we brought together for a lovely day of of pampering, a family outing, cleaning or jus really deserves it … a day We’d love to give more ‘happy surprises’ so please happy surprises. It was her day to forget her troubles as she considerbe a generous donation by visiting www.and hope wh was pampered with beauty treatments and make-up a ...whether you give $5 orartistry, $500 you’ll helping totodaybring joy professional portrait photograph and delicious food and bubbles. A fun day out at Adventure World was a wonderful surprise for Sharon, her partner and their four children when they’d all been through a really tough time. and help us bring some sunshine to someone needing it most.

more information you can contribute please Our experienced team are hereFor with all theon how information andcontact support a Kathy Kane on 9324 3703 or email breast cancer needs. For most, the news comes as a huge shock. They ne Having someone help with her cleaning and some extra money for utilitywho bills wasknows a very welcome surprisethey’re for mother of going two what through and to help them find direction Courtnee while she was going through treatment and unable Help with phone bills so families ✔lives. to work. difficult and frightening time of their $30 can keep in touch Breast cancer is a very tough journey for the woman who Stock the cupboards with some ✔ groc receives that dreadful diagnosis and for all her loved ones. $50 eries We’re here There for them all. are If a husband or partner, mother, sister, so many questions. Will there be surgery, radiation therapy port a family with a couple brother or child needs someone to talk to, we’re here to listen. ✔ ofSuphou $75 rs of house cleaning What wewill so oftenithear are wetheir going to cope?’ allis, ‘How affect children, their partners, their career and their finan Receiving a ‘happy little surprise,’ lifted all these families’ spirits ✔ Help towards school fees and books $100 and gave them hope. It literally brings a ray of sunshine into lives ply a cab when thingsThe can be thing looking awfully grey. most women is thatSup voucher tend to help som about they often toeonthink about ev e ✔ mak $100 e it to treatment their own, which can make breast cancer overwhelming. An Donateeven towards amore specialised ✔ mas $120 tectomy undergarment need when you’re facing cancer. ✔Help pay a utility bill $150 Take a medCancer ical bill One of the things we love doing at✔Breast Care WA is creating $250 off someone’s hands ‘our girls’ and their families. ✔Treat a fam ily to a special outing


Offer support with a series of ✔ coun You may have heard about our pamper one of a gro $30 0 sellidays. ng sessionsMonica was together for a lovely day of happy surprises. It ewas day $50 to0forget her ✔Rent or mortgag assistanher ce pampered with beauty treatments and make-up artistry, a professional delicious food and bubbles. Cour tnee and Janine toasting the day.

A fun day out at Adventure World was a wonderful surprise for Shar


#nomakeupselfie raises over $6,500 The end of March saw the #nomakeupselfie campaign on social media take off as thousands of people took a selfie, posted it online and made a donation to breast cancer. Over $6,500 of donations came in to Breast Cancer Care WA along with messages of support, plus new monthly donor sign ups. Thanks to everyone who got behind this campaign to help raise awareness of breast cancer and also the funds needed to support Western Australians going through their journey.

14 years of making a difference On March 12, over 50 supporters and volunteers came together to celebrate Breast Cancer Care WA’s 14 years of making a difference to people affected by breast cancer. During the afternoon, Breast Cancer Care WA’s CEO Donna Rendell and Chairman Malcolm Day personally thanked and awarded individuals and groups for their outstanding contribution. Founding Director and major sponsor Ross Taylor from the Brady Cancer Support Foundation spoke about the early days, how he helped to get Breast Cancer Care WA off the ground and is now proud to be in a position to continue to contribute and be part of such a vibrant organisation. He also congratulated Breast Cancer Care WA founder, Ros Worthington, on receiving her gold pin award, our highest honour. It was Ros’s vision and determination that helped establish the organisation in 2000 when she saw a huge gap in service delivery in WA.

“She wouldn’t stop until she had filled it…that’s just the type of lady she is!” Ross said. Congratulations were also given to Donna and Malcolm for their leadership which has seen the charity grow into the organisation it is today. From humble beginnings, Breast Cancer Care WA is very proud it can now deliver professional and personalised emotional, practical and financial services to over 1,000 Western Australians affected by breast cancer every year. Donna said the work of the organisation was only limited by the support it receives and thanked Ross and supporters for their outstanding contribution. She also thanked the Vic Hotel in Subiaco for hosting the lunch and making the day possible. For more information on the event or how you can contribute please contact Kathy Kane our Community Relations Manager on 9324 3703 or email

From the Library Thanks to our fundraisers

“The Blue Day Book”

Thanks to a generous corporate box donation from Annapurna, we were able to take some of our fundraisers to see Mrs Brown’s Boys at Perth Arena in April to say thank you. Between them, they have raised over $80,000 for Breast Cancer Care WA. Incredible!

Although this resource has been around for a decade or so, the contents never seem to date and are a constant delight.

A Lesson in Cheering Yourself Up By Bradley T Greive

Ninety three black and white photographs of engaging animal portraits, together with amusing, witty comments, cannot fail to put a smile on the reader’s face! Some words of wisdom can be observed on the back cover - “Everybody has blue days. Oh, what to do? Who knows what fantastic

things are in store just around the corner? Get out there and go for it! Live every day as if it were your last, because one day it will be” Do not lose this “gem of a book” on the book shelf, it needs to be aired every now and then!

Reviewed by Clarisse Jennings Librarian, Volunteer, Breast Cancer Survivor and Spiritual Healer Spirit Newsletter June 2014 l Page 5

Fundraising Champions We are incredibly grateful to receive the support from the WA community who organise events of all different shapes and sizes. The continuous show of support is incredible and helps us to assist so many women, men and their families. We are pleased to share some of the results from recent community events below.

Thank you to our amazing fundraisers • Pink Ladies Day – raised $10,000 • 007 Party – raised $8,600 • Wine and Cheese Night – raised $6,150

Upcoming Fundraisers

Silas Iron Girls On Saturday 3 May, Emily and Lindsay from Silas St Physiotherapists completed the Busselton Ironman comprising of a 1.9km swim, 90.1km bike ride and 21.1km run. More incredibly still, the girls took on this challenge in honour of their friend and colleague Donna who was diagnosed with breast cancer in November 2013. Donna’s strength and courage in the face of adversity inspired the ladies to fundraise for Breast Cancer Care WA. The results are still being collated but it looks like the ladies have raised over $10,000!

Boobalicious It’s almost time for the 11th annual Boobalicious Ball on Saturday 28 June. An evening to mesmerise men, inspire women and entertain all. Taking place at the Grand Ballroom at Crown Perth, this evening of fun and celebration aims to raise vital funds for Breast Cancer Care WA. With a delicious three course meal, raffles, auctions and live entertainment, it will be a night to remember.

Good luck to the team at

Savour a special lunchtime treat at Crown, for only $49.50* including: • A decadent two course lunch at Silks, Bistro Guillaume, Nobu, Modo Mio or Rockpool Bar & Grill • A complimentary glass of sparkling wine • Complimentary valet parking

Available from Monday to Friday until 27 June 2014. To book, call 9362 7551 or visit

Moora 2014 hosting the Dandaragan Long Table Lunch It was Moora’s turn to continue the Dandaragan Long Table Lunch tradition this year on Sunday 6 April. The Moora Performing Arts Centre was packed with over 250 guests attending the lunch. The event was themed around olives and produce from Moora and the team even sold their own line of products for the event. Well done Moora!

Upcoming Fundraisers Swan River Run We are thrilled to be a Gold Charity Partner for Perth’s newest running event, the Swan River Run that has a 14km and 5km course option. Option 1: As a charity partner we are offering some dedicated participants the chance to enter as a ‘Gold Charity Participant’. You will receive: • Entry fee covered. • Prime starting position. • A unique Breast Cancer Care WA race day shirt and temporary tattoos.

• The opportunity to be featured on our website. To apply for this opportunity we ask that you fundraise a minimum of $750. To find out more contact Jo on 9324 3703 or Option 2: You can still enter and fundraise for Breast Cancer Care WA as a regular participant. Simply visit www. and select ‘Breast Cancer Care WA’ when prompted to choose a charity partner. Limiting your consumption of alcohol and living a healthy lifestyle is one way to reduce your risk of breast cancer. So why not raise awareness and funds by doing Dry July for Breast Cancer Care WA? Pledge to give up alcohol for the month of July and get sponsored by friends, family and colleagues. Contact Jo to find out more

Care at The Kardy On Sunday 3 August the Kardinya Tavern will play host to the 4th Care at The Kardy fundraiser. For $60 you will enjoy a three course meal and a fun filled time with silent auctions, a raffle and door prizes. There will even be a special guest auctioneer to keep you entertained. Last year the event raised over $7,000 for Breast Cancer Care WA. For more information and to purchase your tickets contact Jan Crow on 0403 303 005 or email

Jump for Jane There are still places available for the upcoming Jump for Jane tandem skydive fundraiser on October 25 & 26. If skydiving is on your bucket list then this opportunity to jump with stunning views of the Perth CBD is for you. Last year participants raised over $38,000 in honour of our late board member Jane.

To find out more and to register contact Jo on 9324 3703 or

New merchandise lines have arrived We are very excited to have new additions to our merchandise line. They will make great gifts for yourself, a treat for someone special and a great add on for our community fundraisers. You can purchase your items through our merchandise page on our website or by contacting Ruth on 9324 3703 or

Stubby Holder $7 each Our Breast Cancer Care WA stubby holder will keep your beverage cold and help us to keep providing personalised, emotional and practical support for our clients.

Nail Fie (with holder) $5.00 each A win/win product, not only stylish and practical, but purchasing one for $5.00 raises money for a great cause.

Purple Bra Day Pin $5.00 each Our new iconic purple bra on a lapel pin. Wear it with pride!

Become a Fan $4.00 each Well, maybe just buy one and show that you are a fan! This amazingly effective plastic fan is 17cm in diameter and was a sell out at our recent Long Table Lunch.

Wristband $2.00 each Show your support of our organisation with these purple wristbands. At only $2.00 each you could get an armful!

And please don’t forget our beautiful Hug Me Bear at just $20.00. A luxuriously soft, purple teddy dressed in a lovely T shirt that proudly shows your support. She sits approximately 25cm in height and is finished with an organza bow.

Spirit Newsletter June 2014 l Page 7

Long Table Lunch raises $315,000

Entertainment books The 2014/2015 Entertainment™ Book is now available to purchase for just $65. From every book bought, $13 will come straight to us to help us raise much needed funds.

On Sunday 13 April we celebrated our eleventh Celebration of Women Long Table Lunch and we would like thank YOU, all the fantastic people and businesses of WA who contributed so generously to our signature event. To mark the new decade of the event, we celebrated with three fabulous women on their breast cancer journey. This truly is a unique event made possible by so many wonderful people of WA, so our sincerest thanks go out to all who donated services, equipment, produce, prizes, auction items and their precious time. Our Patron, Mrs Tonya McCusker, was in attendance and the McCusker Charitable Foundation generously donated $60,000 to continue our third breast care nurse role for another 12 months. This role was appointed last year thanks to generous pledges made by the attendees. The guests were called upon once again at this year’s event, this time to help us keep our counsellor, Linda on board for another year. 60 generous people raised their hands and pledged $48,100 to help us get closer to the $60,000 needed to sustain this key position.

We are most grateful to have such loyal and generous supporters. Without YOU we couldn’t do what we do.

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together”

Entertainment™ Memberships are packed with hundreds of up to 50% off and 2-for-1 offers for the best local restaurants, cafés, attractions, hotel accommodation, travel and more! It is available as a traditional Entertainment™ Book OR the new Entertainment™ Digital Membership for your Apple or Android device, and gives you over $20,000 worth of valuable offers valid through to 1 June 2015. Please give us a call 9324 3703 to order a hard copy and for a digital version please go to: orderbooks/87306p

African proverb

This philosophy sums up the exceptional work of the 150 strong volunteer team who donated over 1,030 hours across the weekend. Every one showed team work, dedication and support for fellow volunteers and ensured the best service was provided to our guests. You did a fantastic job! A huge thank you to everybody who participated and a special thank you to the Royal Australian Navy from HMAS Stirling and to Lisa and Amy Bissell, Glen McCulloch and Jeff Seaton for being fantastic team leaders.

Alex dances her way to the top Our amazing Volunteer Coordinator, Alex has just come back from Florida after performing in the USASF Dance World Championships. After months of hard work and preparation, Alex’s team came 17th for Poms and 10th for HipHop. We are all so proud of you Alex, congratulations! Breast Cancer Care WA, 1034 Wellington Street, West Perth WA 6005 l (08) 9324 3703 l

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