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Appointments In The Dentist Center The activation of the reward center, they will show the behavior that often leads to a new surge of dopamine. Someone who is in love, so will always look for the one that he or she can give. That blissful feeling again This also explains why people in love really can only think of one person, and everything else is not important anymore. Homework, paper route, dentist appointment? It became insignificant side issues; there is only one thing that counts! The sometimes almost obsessive craving for a next meeting is somewhat similar to the quest of a drug addict to his next bang. Nora adrenaline Besides dopamine is also created additional nor adrenaline in the brains of people in love. Nora epinephrine makes the heart beat faster and gives extra energy. The spiced things up a bit, makes people awake and alert. Moreover, nor pine shrine suppresses the appetite and need for sleep, as do amphetamines. Nora adrenaline gives people in love energy, so they can operate. Well with short nights this extra energy can be nicely used to hunt their favorite object, without having to lose time on trivial activities such as eating and sleeping. "THE CONCENTRATION OF SEROTONIN IN PEOPLE IN LOVE IS OFTEN AS LOW AS THE LEVEL OF SEROTONIN IN PEOPLE WITH OCD. NO WONDER LOVERS SO TENACIOUS AND THE STRANGEST ANTICS TO BE "IN THEIR BELOVED

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