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Read Fever The Breathless Trilogy 2 Pdf You can download from the link below. Â

Jace, Ash, and Gabe: three of the wealthiest, most powerful men in the country. They're accustomed to getting anything they want. Anything at all. For Jace, it's a woman whose allure takes him completely by surprise...

Jace Crestwell, Ash McIntyre, and Gabe Hamilton have been best friends and successful business partners for years. They're powerful, they're imposing, they're irresistibly sexy, and Jace and Ash share everything-including their women. When they meet Bethany, Jace begins to feel things he's never experienced before: jealousy, and a powerful obsession that threatens him, overwhelms him-and excites him beyond control. Jace isn't sharing Bethany-with anyone. He's determined to be the only man in her life, and it's jeopardizing a lifelong friendship with Ash. Bethany will be his and his alone. Even if it means turning his back on his best friend. Â

About The Author Maya Banks is a USA Today and New York Times bestselling author whose chart toppers have included erotic romance, romantic suspense, contemporary romance, and Scottish historical romance.

She lives in the South with her husband and three children and other assorted babies, such as her two Bengal kitties and a calico who's been with her as long as her youngest child. She's an avid reader of romance and loves to dish books with her fans and anyone else who'll listen! She very much enjoys interacting with her readers on Facebook and Twitter as well as in her Yahoo! Group.

Reviews Praise for the novels of Maya Banks "Powerful, emotional, and steamy hot."-Fresh Fiction "Heated investigative romantic suspense…Intense, transfixing."-Midwest Book Review "Definitely a recommended read…filled with friendship, passion, and most of all, a love that grows beyond just being friends."-Fallen Angel Reviews "Grabbed me from page one and refused to let go until I read the last word…When a book still affects me hours after reading it, I can't help but Joyfully Recommend it!"-Joyfully Reviewed "I guarantee I will reread this book many times over, and will derive as much pleasure as I did in the first reading each and every subsequent time."-Novelspot "An excellent read that I simply did not put down…A fantastic adventure…covers all the emotional range."-The Road to Romance "A must-read author…her [stories] are always full of emotional situations, lovable characters, and kick-butt story lines."-Romance Junkies

This book was terrible! It should not be classified as romance. There is nothing romantic about group sex. How can anyone identify with a character who has such a lackadaisical attitude towards sex? As a fan of 50 Shades, I have been seeking "the next best thing", and let me assure you this is not it. There is nothing romantic about a woman trading sex for a burger, fries, and orange juice. Save your money. The Crossfire series is better. At least the main character has traits women can identify with in Crossfire. The women are cherished and, worshipped. This storyline is not erotic, passionate, or romantic. It is, quite simply, trashy.

Fever is the second book in the Breathless Trilogy and concentrates mainly on Jace. The book picks up where Rush basically left off, and they all are attending the engagement party for Mia and Gabe. Across the room, Jace spots a woman that fascinates him and before he can do anything about it Ash approaches her and arranges for her to spend the night with them. Jace and Ash usually share their women but for some reason Jace doesn’t want to share Bethany. Then Bethany disappears in the morning and Jace is frantic to find her. Ash doesn’t understand why his friend has become obsessed with Bethany and for that matter neither does Jace. He finally finds Bethany in a homeless shelter and vows to take care of her. Jace is usually in control of everything not only in the boardroom but the bedroom as well. Bethany is ready for someone to take control of her life and take care of her. This is a passionate love story about how two complete opposites learn to trust and love. The author continues to include Gabe and Mia and it definitely adds to the story. The friendship that has developed between Bethany and Mia is nice as Bethany is not use to having any girlfriends. It is also good to see that Jace and Ash’s friendship doesn’t change because they will no longer be sharing women. This book emphasizes that some families are not the ones you are born into but the ones you create. It will be interesting to see what is in store for Ash in the last book, Burn as he vows not to fall in love like Gabe and Jace.

Rating-4.5 Heat Rating-Hot Reviewed by Donna McClaugherty,My Book Addiction Reviews

The first couple of chapters in this book were great and very sexy and I thought "oh my this is going to be HOT!" Well, yes the beginning was hot and the sex scenes in this book were hot, but the story was just boring, annoying, repetitive, and an overall a disappointment. I didn't mind that the leading lady was homeless, but the annoying back in forth of I'm not good enough for you, you are good enough for me was the majority of this book! It was almost as some chapters were just copied and pasted into later chapters going over the same stuff over and over. Jace was also the worst excuse of a Dom that I have ever read about. Normally Dom's do not let the submissive do whatever they want and always give them there way. Occasionally sure, that way we know that he isn't a complete d**K, but this was over the top and ruined the hole dominance thing for me. I wanted to scream "grow some balls!" on numerous occasions. I was very disappointed because this book could have been so much more, especially how it started off! I gave this book three stars only because of the amazing sex scenes........ I really hope Ash's book is better.......


Read An Excerpt His gaze settled on a young woman picking up glasses and plates from the tables. It was the second time his eyes had settled on her that night though she hadn't been out much, just periodically to do clean up. She wasn't one of the servers. He hadn't seen her circling with trays of hors d'oeuvres or champagne. She was dressed in black pants, a white shirt and an apron. He studied her a long moment before realizing what it was that had interested him. She looked completely out of place. And he wasn't entirely certain what gave him that impression. The longer he stared at her, the more he thought she looked like she should be an attendee at the party. Not cleaning up after the participants. Her hair was upswept into a messy bun like Mia wore sometimes, secured with a clip, and the result was a sexy mass of mussed hair that begged a man's hand to tug at it and set it free. Midnight black, unruly curls, some of which had escaped the clip and tumbled down her neck. She was slight, not as curvy as he usually liked his women. Narrow hips and small breasted but enough curves straining at the white button-up shirt to be tempting. The rest of her was small. Dainty. Almost fragile. When she turned, presenting her a view of her face, he sucked in his breath. Her bone structure was small. Delicately rendered. High, prominent cheekbones, almost as if she were underweight and a small chin. But her eyes. Jesus, her eyes. They were enormous in her otherwise small face. A brilliant shade of blue. shock blue, like looking at ice. They were startling against the jet black of her hair. She was mesmerizing. Then she hurried away, her arms straining at the weight of the tray that held all the dishes she'd cleared from the tables. His gaze followed her across the room until she disappeared through the door for the kitchen staff.

"Not your usual fare," Ash murmured beside him. Jace broke from his reverie and turned to see that Ash had already finished his dance with Mia. A brief look toward the dance floor told him Gabe had reclaimed Mia and the two were once more solidly glued together. Mia's eyes were alight with joy and laughter, and some of his earlier tension eased. She was in good hands. And she was happy. "What the hell are you talking about?" Jace said, an edge to his voice. "The chick bussing the tables. Saw you checking her out. Hell, you were practically undressing her with your eyes." Jace frowned and remained silent. Ash shrugged. "I'm game. She's hot." "No." The denial came out more emphatic than Jace would have liked. He wasn't even sure where the emphasis came from or why he was suddenly tense. Ash laughed. "Loosen up. It's been awhile. I'll go work my charm." "Do not approach her, Ash," Jace growled. But Ash had already sauntered away in the direction of the kitchen, leaving Jace standing there, fingers in tight fists at his sides. How the fuck was he supposed to explain to his best friend, a friend he regularly shared women with, that he didn't want Ash within a mile of this one?

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Read fever the breathless trilogy 2 pdf