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Making Breathroughs Possible: With sincere gratitude, we recognize the following individuals and organizations who have made breakthroughs possible in the past year. While many individuals nationwide also make contributions to local affiliates, this list recognizes support provided to national initiatives and to the local sites whose fiscal sponsor is Breakthrough Collaborative. Thank you! Angels $100,000 + The Atlantic Philanthropies Applied Materials, Inc. Jack Kent Cooke Foundation Gap Foundation, Inc. John A. and Cynthia Fry Gunn

Reporting on July 1, 2008 - June 30, 2009 REVENUES Category Foundations Corporations Individuals Trustees Events Government, Dues & Earned Income In-Kind Contributions Use of Unrestricted Net Assets

Sheila* and Tom Larsen Terry and John Levin Lopez Low Foundation Betsy and Ed McDermott

Susan and Bill Oberndorf

Champions $75,000 + Grace* and Steven Voorhis

Rainmakers $50,000 + S.D. Bechtel, Jr. Foundation The Sato Foundation

Shakers $30,000 + The Bank of New York and The George Link, Jr. Foundation

Diana Farrell and Scott Pearson*

BlackRock Financial Management, Inc.

Mr. and Ms. Mark* Atkinson

Blum Capital Partners, L.P.

Aimee and Wynne Snoots

Marsha Maytum and Bill Leddy

Ms. Anette Marweld

Len and Jennifer Dulski

William Laney Thornton

Nion McEvoy

Lisa Erdberg and Dennis Gibbons

Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Vascellaro

Kenneth and Vera Meislin

Justin Faggioli and Sandra Donnell

Marie and Eugene Washington

Paulette Meyer and David Friedman

Supporters $500 +

Zalec Familian & Lilian Levinson Foundation

Ms. Karen Hibbitt

Silicon Valley Community Foundation

Doers $5,000 +

Susan Hirsch and Susan Leal

W.L.S. Spencer Foundation

Nicola Miner and Robert Mailer Anderson

The Women of Silicon Valley

Motivators $10,000 + Anonymous Melissa Buckley* and Raj Atluru Cisco Foundation Dodge & Cox Barbara Epstein Foundation Betsy* and Jule Hannaford The Hellman Family Foundation The George Frederick Jewett Foundation

Adam and Tina Roark

Mr. and Ms. Charles A. Ballard

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

Mr. Jeffry Baum

Ms. Tess Roering

Mr. and Mrs. Skip Berg

Thomas and Shelagh Rohlen

Eleanor Bigelow

Theo Schwabacher and Michael Gallagher

Barbara and Kurt Gronowski Alyssa and Jonathan Harris Ms. Ann Hatch

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen A. Hopkins

Raymonde and Douglas Kramlich

Ms. Kristin Horne Anne and Jeffrey Howson

Jeanne Blamey and Rob Fram Mr. Samuel Book Melvin B. Brackendorff Michele and Henry Brasch Edward D. and Sherri Bullard Dale J. Burch

Glenn Solomon and Lisa Kay Carroll Stevens Tad and Diane Taube Mr. Hunter E. Walk Kay Yun

Friends $1 +

Marie and Barry Lipman

Timothy Dattels and Kristine Johnson

Burt and Deedee McMurtry

Koret Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Crosby

Anthony and Celeste Meier

Janni Lehrer-Stein

Patricia S. Dinner

Steven L. Merrill

Belinda and Pascal Levensohn

Dave and Diana Edwards

Mr. Iyar Anderson and Ms. Atsuko Horiguchi

Jacqueline & Christian Erdman


Ms. and Mr. Andrea Evans

Karen Anselmo

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Fortescue

Ms. Alexis Anzo

Will and Julia Parish Fund

Mimi and Peter Haas Fund

The F.A.O. Schwarz Family Foundation

Morgan Stanley

Robert and Anne Pedrero

Mr. and Mrs. Eric Greenberg

Ms. Liz Hume and Mr. Jay Jacobs

B.T. Rocca, Jr. Foundation

Ms. Deborah Minor

Kari and Jack Novatney


Anne D. and John Herrmann

Matthew Gunn*

Mary and Paul Slawson

Stu* and Meg McLaughlin

John and Averel Wilson

Marla Miller and David Kremer

Mr. and Mrs. John Glynn

Mrs. Jaquelin H. Hume

Laura and Michael Lazarus

Carrick and Andy McLaughlin

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Macrae*

Leslie and Walter Burlock

Leigh and William Matthes*

Marshall* and Gretchen Milligan Kaatri and Douglas Grigg Linda and Jon Gruber Oracle Corp.

Ms. Mei Yung Lee

Roselyne C. Swig

Ms. Kimberley Magowan

Lynda Greene

Mr. and Mrs. William Fisher

Mr. and Mrs. Bob Spinner

Angie and Seth Taube

Leslie and George Hume

Grousbeck Family Foundation

Bob and Kathy Burke Carolyn and Preston Butcher

Mr. Wesley Tanaka

Susan Sachs Goldman

Bloomingdale’s, Inc. The Dinan Family Foundation, Inc. Dana and Bob Emery The William H. Donner Laura and John Fisher Foundation, Inc. Randi and Bob Fisher Fordham Street Foundation

Eve and David S. Kleger

Sandy and Catherine Dean

Charlotte and David Winton*

Mr. Timothy Barton*

Michael Simmons

Mina Kenvin

James E. Canales

Eve Niquette and Charles Pohl Carolyn Klebanoff and Fred Cohen Ms. Sarah E. Stein* and Mr. Richard Creighton Dr. Michael Cohn and Ms. Jane Ottenberg Nadine* and Alex Terman Mr. and Mrs. William Dagley Teri and Trevor Watt* JosĂŠ Davila* and Meghan Shannon Joanie* and Tom Wattles

AT&T Foundation

Deborah and Michael Shepherd

Ms. Virginia Boyd

First Republic Bank

Movers $20,000 +


Andy* and Linda Ach

Mr. Robert C. Winters

Doris and Donald Fisher

4,053,154. Grant and Shelley Behrman

Gretchen and John Berggruen

Jerome and Roslyn Meyer

Percent 49% 6% 8% 7% 8% 5% 11% 6%

Partners $2,500 +

John C. Atwater and Diana L. Nelson

Polly* and Newton Merrill

Amount 1,967,956. 237,738. 336,827. 275,587. 342,265. 215,997. 445,536. 231,247.

Madeline and Isaac Stein Jack and Susy Wadsworth Diane B. Wilsey

Liebe and Bill Patterson

Investors $1,000 +

Tom and JaMel Perkins

The Abbey Family

John A. Sellon Charitable Residual Trust

Mr. and Mrs. Steve Abernethy

Carl* and Margrit Vogt


Kathe G. Williamson*

Ms. Michelle Banks

Deborah McManus Linda and Tony Meier Ronay and Richard Menschel Mr. and Mrs. Doug Merritt Mr. and Mrs. Hans Morris Billy* and Mary Peebles John and Lee Pritchard Ms. Paige Qvale Kendra and Erik Ragatz Diane Rosenberg Sally and Toby Rosenblatt

David and Carla Crane

Mr. Chris Funk Benjamin and Linda Greenberg Mr. and Mrs. Daniel P. Gregory Mr. James Hormel

Jean S. Albert Ms. Blake Anderson

Ms. Julia Appel Ms. Joanna Arenstein Mr. and Mrs. Roy Austin Susan A. Austin

Bob and Judy Huret

Ms. Deborah Bain and Mr. Joel Young

The James Irvine Foundation

Robert Bambace

Todd and Lucy Johns

John and Joan Barkan

Michael Katz, The Gloria F. Ross Foundation

Elisa Zuritsky and Mr. Jordan D. Barowitz

*Donors who are current members of the Board of Trustees or served during the 2009 fiscal year are denoted with an asterisk.

Fiscal Year 2009 Supporters Mr. Dmitri Mehlhorn

EXPENSES Category Academic Excellence Teacher Recruitment & Training Site Support, Training & Conferences Research, Evaluation & P olicy Brand Development & Communication New Site Development Administrative Fundraising

Kate Mehr*

Amount 404,084. 370,793. 741,631. 619,161. 487,816. 551,359. 404,979. 473,332.

Percent 10% 9% 18% 15% 12% 14% 10% 12%



Amina Sheikh

Megan Miller

Mr. Andy Shin*

Jennifer and Jim Mills

Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Shogry

Catherine Mitchell Laura Steele Monahan

Mr. Michael Moses

Mr. Ori Z. Soltes and Ms. Leslie Shampaine

Mr. and Mrs. Guy Muzio Nancy and William Kales

Adhitya Nagraj

Mollie Bass

Patricia and Simeon David

David Gilson

Helen M. Nanney

Ms. Emily Bazelon and Mr. Paul Sabin

Ms. Lauren Davis

Joyce Glazer M.D.

Elizabeth Kao Sarah Karpen

Ms. Martha Davis

Melissa Goldberg

Victor and Susan Benson

Gretchen and Andre de Baubigny

Catherine Goldenheim

Mr. Daniel Bernal

Mr. Howard Detweiler

Katherine H. Black

Ann Dey

Blank & Meenan, P.A.

Mark Dixon and Janet Zhou

Chotsie and Allan Blank

John and Linda Donovan

Mialisa* and Robert Bonta

Greg Doxey

Mr. and Mrs. Edward M. Gramlich

Joan and Barry Boothe

Angela Lee Duckworth

Mr. John Gulla and Ms. Andrea Godbout

Aaron Goldstein GoodSearch Google, Inc. Arthur and Katherine Graham

Hamilton and Edie Kean Lynn Kertell Joanne Y. Kim Jane and Charles Klein Kathryn Nyrop and Stephen Koch

Nancy and John Hargraves Ms. Kim Newell John and Heidi Niblack Mr. Andy D. Northrop and Ms. Laura M. Fontana

Barbara Ochs

Richa Gupta

Anna Krenkel

Elena and Michael Patterson

Ms. Anna Hamilton

Deborah Krow

John and Jane Pearce

Stephen and Diana Elkin

Stephen J. Harrick and Jennifer U. Min

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Krzys

Jay and Rosa Peir

Robert and Amee Burgoyne

Ms. Heidi Erbe

Michael J. Harrington

Mr. Peter Kuechle

Teri Reddick and Carlton Pendley

Linda and Tom Burns

Mr. and Ms. John W. Erickson

Mr. Richard Harris

California Healthcare Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Philip Erickson

Meg and Doug Hart

Mr. and Mrs. Miguel Espinosa

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Hartley

Peter and Athalia Esty

Ms. Julia Hartung

Piper McDonald Evans

Ms. Jill Hawkins

Mary Rose Fernandez

Mr. George T. Hendren

George and Michelle Caughey

Mr. and Ms. Jonathan Fichter

Katherine Hewitt

Kalpana Chandrasekhar

Mr. Gilbert Fleitas and Kelli Donovan-Fleitas

Elizabeth Hobgood

Mr. Bob Buehl and Ms. Veronique Fourment

Pam Calloway and Mark Smith Morrow Cater Catholic Charities of Santa Clara County

Paul and Helen Chapman

Mr. Louis Eisenberg

Kirstin Hoefer and Robert Brown

Mr. and Mrs. Stanford Kuroda Rudolf Bergmans and Ann Lane Mr. Jed Lau Mr. and Ms. Peter L. Laub Jane and Richard Leider Jace Levinson Dr. and Mrs. William A. Lieber Norman and Marion Livermore Mr. Roger Douglas Locker and Mrs. Pauline Klein-Locker

Jeff Wagner and Nancy Leopold

Alison Rafalowsky

Elisa Wang

Mr. Jason Rubenstein

Jennifer Williams

Mary Ryan

Ms. Kaye Willis

Josh Schaffer

Alex and Allison Wong

Connie and Haig Mardikian

Julia C. Schieffelin

Rhea Wong*

Mr. Adam Schimel

Gilda and Cecil Wray

Abby and Gene Schnair

Mrs. Kara K. Wright

Barbara Schrader

Michael Leeds and Becky Yee

Frederick A.O. Schwarz, Jr.

Mr. Matthew Yellin

Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Schwarz

Ms. Laura S. Zahn

Bruce and Margaret Madding

Jacqueline and John Hullar

Pamela S. Mann and Mark E. Miller

Charles Danzoll

C. Whitley Porter

Ms. Kimberly Wicoff

Gisele Huff

Nancy Dana

Molly Voorhees

Mr. Jim Roth

Scott MacLeod

Mr. Bobby Cupp and Ms. Meredyth Skemp

Kathryn Vizas

Lynn and Peter Wendell

Judy and Gerald Huff

Elaine Coyle-Weil, St. Luke’s School

Matt Vanderzalm

Kimberly and Seth Rosen

Mr. Robert MacDonald

Mr. Don Iglesias

Jeffrey Urstadt

Vera Weintraub

Todd and Jane Horn

Nicholas and Samantha French

Mr. David Tsang

Mike Rodenbaugh

Mr. David M. Foster, Esq.

Morgan Cosby and Rusty Howson

Beth* and Mark Porter

Ms. Lisa Trygg and Mr. Michael Karl

Mr. Adam Wegel

Ms. Madeleine Clarke and Mr. Steven Gray

Dr. Eliza Humphreys

Ms. Florence D. Polikoff

Mr. Arthur Trueger

Letitia Roberts

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph C. Hoopes Jr.

Ms. Alex Cook

Mike and Debra Pleasants

Ruth Hubbard and Raser Timbrell

Mr. and Mrs. Mark T. Lundquist

Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Folse

Charles L. Frankel

Mr. Christopher Pleasants

Peter Thorp and Donna Williamson

James J. and Patricia Ludwig

Mr. Sean Foley

Honorable Robert T. Francis

Dr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Pitt

The Washington Post Company

Betsey and Robert Webster

Linda and John Clarke

Jennifer A. Coleman

Gitte Peng

Phyllis Taylor

Jane L. Richards

John and Maureen Clancy

Mr. Edwin J. Cohn

Ms. Jane Su and Mr. Richard Chow

Ms. Emily Wang

Glenn W. Holsclaw and Donna Hubbard

Sean Fox

Gordon and Tina Strause

Milbrey S. Raney

John Flickinger* and Angela Maria Parra

Mr. and Mrs. Matt E. Fowler

Diana and Steve Strandberg

Esan Looper*

Maria Ciuca

Linda and Norman Cohen

Jim and Liz Steyer

T. Rowe Price Associates Foundation

Tom Paper

Mr. Alex Edwards-Bourdrez

Rob and Joan Stein

Ms. Charlotte Nugent

Ms. Rachel Kort

Andrew and Jamie Durkovic

Ellen and David Stein

Mr. and Mrs. Ben Suter

Kristina Omari

Mr. Casey Budesilich and Mr. Steven Murphy

Jane A. Spray

Eleanor and Robert November

In Honor of Zachary Tracer

Jill Buckley

Mr. Edward Silva Ms. Samantha Singh

Mr. and Mrs. Mark D. Gilbert

David and Laure Kastanis

Harvey and Julie Silberstein

Mr. and Mrs. Marc Morgenstern

Uta Landy and Philip Darney

Bennet and Carol Beach

F. Mitchell and Lisa V. Sewell

Richard and Barbara Mendelsohn

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Barry

Mrs. and Mr. Latonia G. Karr

Seventh Avenue Presbyterian Church

Mr. Richard Friedman

Dr. and Mrs. David E. Jackson

Sam Masuno and Francisco Matute

Frontier Capital Management Company, LLC

Ms. Maiya Jackson

Matthew Matera

Mr. James C. Gaither

Ms. Lydia Johnson and Mr. Ed Bolen

MĂŠlange Matthews

Ms. Meg Garlinghouse

Vincent Joe Jones

Jon and Mimi McBride Ms. Natalie McSherry

Ms. Shafia Zaloom and Mr. Brian Neece To our knowledge, this list is accurate and inclusive of all donations between July 1, 2008-June 30 2009. Please contact us if there are any omissions or errors. JustGive

Breakthrough student receives grant, promises to pay it forward in the future Alice Ng, a former student and teacher at Breakthrough New York, was recently awarded a grant from the Erin Anderson Fund which honors the memory of our founder Lois Loofbourrow’s daughter and provides opportunities for Breakthrough students to receive financial support for academic endeavors, travel abroad and special circumstances. Below, Alice reflects on her experiences with Breakthrough:

Dear Breakthrough Collaborative: My name is Alice Ng, and I am from New York City. I am sixteen years old and Breakthrough has been an important part of my life for five years now. Like many other Breakthrough students, I became a Breakthrough scholar the summer after my sixth grade year. I honestly cannot imagine where I would be now without Breakthrough. I truly believe that I owe all that I am and all I will accomplish in the future to the Breakthrough program. Breakthrough is more than I ever expected when I first applied as an extremely shy sixth grader. To me, Breakthrough is not just a high-school and college-preparatory program. The Breakthrough community, the teachers, the students, and the directors are my family. These are the people in my life whom I can always count on to be there for me and help me in times of trouble and believe in me even when I don’t believe in myself. This place is my home. Currently, I am spending my junior year of high school studying abroad in Rennes, France with a program called, School Year Abroad France. It is with the courage and confidence that I have acquired at Breakthrough that I was able to have the courage to apply for School Year Abroad France and be able to pay for it myself.

Alice Ng in the Loire Valley, France, Autumn 2009

In addition to honoring Erin’s memory by repaying the $1,000 grant to ensure other Breakthrough students may benefit from this fund, my life actions, decisions, and plans will also pay tribute to her memory. I will make Erin proud with everything I will achieve in the future; her legacy will live on. Thank you for your generosity and for your support. Sincerely,

Alice Ng

Breakthrough New York Student, Class of 2011

Breakthrough 2009 In-Kind Donors

We are very grateful to the following donors for their in-kind support in the form of donated goods or services to Breakthrough Collaborative between July 1, 2008 and June 30, 2009.

Matt Vanderzalm Mary and Paul Slawson The Fairmont San Francisco National Public Radio The Morehead-Cain Scholars Program The Robertson Scholars Program Foundation Gap Inc. Legal Team Volunteers Nixon Peabody Thelen LLP Organizations and Transactions Clinic, Stanford Law School Taproot Foundation Breakthrough Locations: Atlanta • Austin • Boca Raton • Cambridge • Cincinnati • Denver • Fort Lauderdale • Fort Worth • Hong Kong • Houston • Manchester • Miami • Minneapolis • New Haven • New Orleans •New York • Norfolk • Philadelphia • Pittsburgh • Providence • Sacramento • St. Paul • San Francisco • San Jose • San Juan Capistrano • Santa Fe • Washington D.C.

Breakthrough Collaborative Board of Trustees

Breakthrough is Marshall Milligan, Chair absolutely amazing. Andrew Ach Mark Atkinson The kids who come to Timothy Barton this program will truly Melissa Buckley José Davila become the leaders of John Flickinger our society in the Matt Gunn Betsy Hannaford future. - A Breakthrough Houston teacher

Sheila Larsen Esan Looper Robert Macrae William Matthes Stu McLaughlin Polly Merrill

Billy Peebles Beth Porter, Ex Officio Michael Schweitzer Andy Shin Sarah Stein Nadine Terman Glen Tripp Carl Vogt Grace Voorhis Trevor Watt Joan Wattles Kathe Williamson David Winton Rhea Wong

Our Mission Breakthrough Collaborative is a national non-profit that increases educational opportunity for high- potential, low-income middle-school students and inspires outstanding college and high-school students to pursue careers in education. Learn more, make a donation or get involved at: Breakthrough Collaborative 545 Sansome Street, Suite 700 San Francisco, CA 94111 415-442-0600

Celebration Annual Report 2009

Ce ebrating Excellence in Education

2009 has been a fantastic year for Breakthrough Collaborative. We received the Excellence in Education award from California Senator Barbara Boxer, served thousands of collegebound middle and high-school students and celebrated the achievements of our program alumni who are working to increase educational opportunities for underserved youth. Our focus remains serving our students and teachers and inspiring all participants to strive for academic excellence. In 2010, we will continue to advance our mission at 34 sites across the US and in Hong Kong. Join us as we celebrate a few highlights from 2009.

Photo courtesy of Orange Photography

“Teaching on Steroids” In the words of Morehouse Senior Oluwa Abney, who loved the intensity of serving at one of our San Francisco sites, working at Breakthrough is like “teaching on steroids...I’ve never been worked this hard in my life and I knew that I was going to love it or hate it and I love it so much!” Indeed, no other internship offers the level of challenge, responsibility and accomplishment in a single summer. This rigorous teaching experience translates into our alumni pursuing careers in education as principals, nonprofit leaders and policy makers. Breakthrough has been frequently rated as one of Princeton Review’s Top Ten Internships and will continue to hire the best and brightest young people to teach in our programs.

Breakthrough by the numbers

5,400 college-bound students were served this year at Breakthrough.

3.53 the average GPA of a Breakthrough teacher.


Oluwa Abney taught an Ancient Civilizations class at Breakthrough San Francisco last summer. Photo by Orange Photography.

high school and college students taught at Breakthrough programs this summer.

Teachers capture summer on film in photo contest This summer, we tapped into our teachers’ creative potential, asking them to capture images from programs across the country. Our Grand Prize winner was Benjamin Pierce of Breakthrough New Orleans who won a $250 Gap Gift Card for the above photo of the goodbye handshakes that close each day of summer learning and celebrate the bond between our students and their teachers. Check out more winning photos on our blog at

Inside: Breakthrough alumna shares her story - 2009 Fiscal year in review - Thanking our supporters

Breakthrough Collaborative Annual Report 2009  

Celebration Annual Report for Breakthrough Collaborative's fiscal year from July 1, 2008 - June 30, 2009.