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n e v e k a e r b UPSE Welcomes Freshies and Shiftees with a Bang

Marcus Valdez


New faces flocked the School of Economics last June 1, 2013 as the freshmen boarded UPSE Flight 2013. The ORSEM started with the introduction of their GGs or GoTo-Guides and getting to know each other as a block. Each block had a set of Go-To-Guides from different orgs, each org representing each block. The morning was mostly spent on Block activities such as the Blanket Game, where the students’ memory was tested whether they knew the name of each other in the block, and Catch Me If You Can, an activity involving an “It” trying to tag people crossing to the other side if their name or characteristic was

dictated by the “It”. Another activity involved the whole block attempting to turn a blanket upside down while all of them were stepping on it and no feet touching outside of the blanket. After the individual Block activities, the Freshies proceeded to the organization tours. Here, the freshies, accompanied by their GGs, visited the different booths of different orgs scattered around UPSE where wacky presentations and fun filled activities were prepared for them. The organizations had the chance to introduce themselves as well as to give the freshmen a glimpse of what it means to be part of an organization in UPSE. OBEM’s presentation consisted

Elma Laset

of a video showcasing our activities, a speech by VP Angel Elpidama about the committees of the orgs, a funny skit introducing the characteristics of the org, and final words for the President Joco Santiago. Lunch was then served sponsored by Manang’s Chicken and was followed by a short program to introduce the council and to formally start the Amazing Race. Each station in the Amazing Race was handled by a specific organization. The activities in the stations ranged from making a music video on the spot to passing a cotton ball using your nose and petroleum jelly. (Continued next page)

Semstarter Article

Inspired by the longest-running noon time show in the country Eat Bulaga, OBEM’s Semstarter, held last June 14, 2013, was definitely full of fun and entertainment! The OBEM Dabarkads had a night filled with laughter, food and icing as OBEM welcomed the semester with a blast.

presidents served as tributes. VP Angel, VP Vivien and VP Junjun had icing on their faces when the game ended after their respective committees failed to guess the Henyo words. Only OIC Adrian was saved by the game winners, the Publicity and Communications Committee.

The program, hosted by Alyssa Angeles and Ely Cabelin, was opened with a prayer by Macoy Valdez and a greeting from UP OBEM President Joco Santiago. The Isang Libo’t Isang Tuwang Semstarter then proceeded to the always present game Pinoy Henyo where the committee vice

Of course, yummy food was served. The OBEM Dabarkads enjoyed the pancit the Internals Committee served. Lucky Pub, they had carbonara and P600-worth of gift certificates sponsored by Long Island and Tokyo Tempura respectively, (Continued next page)


Semstarter Article prizes for winning Pinoy Henyo. Don’t forget to aslso thank Bobba Jelly Tea for sponsoring the Semstarter. At the end of the event, each committee had to spin the wheel during the Bulagaan portion of the program. But before they could, they had to sing knock knock jokes using the names of famous UPSE professors. It didn’t matter who had the lowest score though, everyone had icing all over themselves when the night ended. With the games, the food and the Dabarkads, the semester truly started with Isang Libo’t Isang Tuwa because of OBEM’s Semstarter.

UPSE Welcomes Freshies and Shiftees with a Bang In OBEM’s station, the participants were spinned around multiple times and had to flick a cap off of a bottle without the bottle falling down. The task truly proved to be arduous as participants fell off their feet because of their dizziness. Each station that the block successfully completed earned them a certain amount of points based on how well they performed and also earned them an item in the form of a check signifying that they have completed the station successfully and pointed them to the next station they must go to. Even though it started to pour in the latter part of the race, some of the orgs continued their station activities within the School of Economics. The day ended with the awarding ceremony where the blocks performed their Block cheers. Each block’s GGs gave different awards to individuals in their respective blocks which included the Ecstatic Jet packer Award (most Bibbo), AYE! X2 Award (excellent leadership), Mr. and Ms. Stewardess (most alluring male and female), and Jetlag award (Most sabaw). For the amazing race, block E1 finished the race in first and dominated the amazing race

that the shiftees needed to know like the maintaining GWA and EWA of an Econ student is 2.5. It was then followed by another org tour similar to the freshmen orientation. Here, OBEM conducted an ice breaker where the shiftees had to guess the songs which are translated in a different language (either Filipino or English). After that, the floor was given to Joco Santiago to shed light on the organization and its goals and activities as well as what being a member of OBEM was all about.

UP OBEM, spearheaded by the Internals Committee, held its semestral applicants orientation last June 24 in the School of Economics, room 114. The members, with the theme “greatest of all time”, introduced the org along with their respective committees. Like in all the previous applicant orientations, the members established a welcoming and fun atmosphere while also being competitive with their performances. The Academics committee with their Michael Jackson inspired dance, The Externals committee with their solemn interpretative performance, The Publicity and Communications Committee with their Star Warsinspired routine, and the Finance Committee with their Filipino movie-inspired skits, showcased


not only the performing skills of the members but also the unity that bound each of them. The Publicity and Communication committee’s Star Wars dance was later revealed to be the best out of the four. Between each performance, the committee VP was given the chance to introduce his/her committee. The later part of the program introduced Breakeven, S&M, the Internals Committee, and finally the Executive Committee. Although performances comprised most of the program, the orientation would not

Franzine Foronda UP Economics Towards Consciousness, OBEM’s friendly next-door neighbor, has a July jam-packed with activities for ETC members, applicants, fellow Econ students, and UP students alike.

Last June 8, it was the Shiftees’ turn to get to know the school of choice. The shiftee orientation wasn’t as comprehensive as the Freshie Or. The day kicked off with talks done by our very own Toby Monsod and Geoffrey Ducanes. The shiftees were informed of the Grading quota set by the School as well as other relevant information

Greatest OBEM of All Time (Goat): Applicants Orientation

ETC Events for July

Dos Pingol have been complete without words from the applicant directors-- Ceejay Hernandez and Bernadette Lee. After which, the applicants have already begun to immerse themselves into the family of OBEM.

This Friday, July 12, 2013, UP ETC together with the School of Economics Student Council will hold “Kapekonomiya: Surveying the Financial Affair Policy of the University of the Philippines” in the UPSE Auditorium, from 4-7PM. Kapekonomiya is a series of forums that have various formats, and for this one, itwill be a debate on whether to scrap the STFAP or revise it instead. The STFAP in itself is a very heated topic among members of the UP Community, but just when you think things can’t get any hotter, the debaters arguing for both sides will get you hanging at the edge of your seats. Arguing to revise the STFAP is the School of Economics’ very own Professor Solita Monsod, and JC Tejano, the former Bukuluran National System Chairperson and incumbent Chairperson of UP Alyansa ng mga Mag-aaral Para sa Panlipunang Katwiran at Kaunlaran (UP ALYANSA). For the scrap STFAP side is Professor Sarah Raymundo of the Sociology Department of the College of Social Sciences and Philosophy, and Sarah Torres, the Chairperson of Students for the Advancement of Democratic Rights in UP (STAND UP). Those forming the panelists’ roster are the SESC’s Students’ Rights and Welfare Councilor, Franzine Foronda, ALYANSA’s STRAW Vice Chairperson, Amiel Ayson, Former NCPAG Student Government Vice Chairperson Bea Achacoso, and Kasama sa UP National Chairperson Eds Gabral. Free coffee will be served from 3:45-4:15PM. This event is sponsored by Maybank and covered by Rappler. On July 22, the organization will continue its second installment for Workshops 101, a series of workshops that aim to equip ETC applicants skills they will need for their application process, and also for their tasks if ever they will pass as members. The second installment will be about organizing Academics Committee events, such as Educational Discussions and Tutorials, and Academics Committee projects, such as Position Paper Writing. This workshop will then be followed by a debating workshop. ETC regards debating as an essential skill for members as it is a useful tool for discourse and making stands. The Debate Workshop also aims to train the ETC debaters for the various tournaments they will enter.

Nearly a month within the application process, the applicants will finally conduct an ETC event of their own. On July 18, they will have their first Discussion Group. Discussion Groups are centered on a certain topic, usually socio-economic or politico-economic in nature. The pros and cons of the issue will be discussed, and opinions will be solicited. The DG is facilitated by applicants or members, and not by experts, as is the case in EDs. UP ETC also takes pride in being a member of various alliances, from an umbrella organization of Economics majors to a national campaign for the passage of a bill. Because of its commitment to the alliances in pursuit of social change, ETC will hold the Alliance Day on July 19. Representatives from each alliance will visit ETC in a talk to discuss their alliance, history, objectives, activities, and more things. ETC’s alliances are the Junior Philippines Economics Society (JPES), UP ALYANSA, Freedom of Information Youth Initiative (FYI), RH AGENDA and First Time Voters Network. This July is going to be a rollercoaster for us, and we hope that OBEM joins us in the ride!

UP Ecosoc Events this July Kaye Villaseñor UP Ecosoc has a few events this July. The first is the Apps Acquaintance Party “Victor-E” which aims to acquaint the applicants with the members of the organization through fun games, performances, and food. The event will also include a portion handled by the members for the applicants. It is usually followed by an inuman for more members and apps’ bonding. The next event lined up for Ecosocers is the Live Action Role Play (LARP) created by the Echoes committee. It is a fun event where their inner geeks are unleashed; members come dressed as their favorite character for a day. The members team up and they will battle the other characters until the last man standing emerges and the team with the highest points is declared victorious. The prize for the winners is four thousand pesos in cash plus pot money. It will be definitely fun seeing Harry Potter throwing some Avada Kedavras in the same team as Obi-Wan Kenobi with his lightsaber or Aang with his air bending skills. The last event lined up for Ecosoc this month of July is also another event called Memcomm Monthly. There are no details about the event yet but it will surely be something the members can look forward to.


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