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0 breadedEscalope Design Studio

Sascha Mikel / Martin Schnabl / Michael Tatschl

A name like ‘bre pleads for more stolid age... * breadedEscalope is Sascha Mikel, Michael Tatschl and Martin Schnabl. The Studio was found in 2008 and is currently based in Vienna.

* Austrian delicacy

bE (breadedEscalope) creates socially sustaining artifacts and systems which convince through their personality, meaning and simple beauty. Their Solutions are partly handy and poetic, but always more than just formal aesthetic. The ‘statements’ of the group are the results of artistic product research and define the studio’s identity. Statements are manifested in small series, manufactured by bE. These approaches define the further treatment in applied work regarding projects and services upon third parties.

eadedEscalope’ gut feeling in a



“Artifacts and systems are never just aesthetic; we create to open versatile channels of experiencing a product. Beauty is an illusion - we understand design to be poetic, functional, communicative, playful, serious …

cts as

ments “The following artefacts are part of our product research and our experimenting series. Alltogether they represent our design thinking which constantly remains in a ... process.


Inefficent Vase


Inefficient Vase

porcelain, holes, cork handmade,amount of holes varies, screen print on the bottom



H.30 : Ă˜.13

130 13


Ulmer Stehhilfe


Ulmer Stehhilfe a new Interpretation of Max Bills Ulmer Hocker of 1954. New requirements are shaping new products. Things that worked yesterday have to alter to endure. Times are changing and so do the proportions. Max Bills design classic is scaled to a new height to comply a new function whenever its simplicity in form and manufacturing process remains. The Ulmer Stehhilfe is a podium for lectures and bar table for discussions, since its structure is simple, it is easy to transport.

Two persons are standing towards each other, but are still seperated by the Ulmer Stehhilfe. Consequently they feel less vulnerable. By this predefined separation of space, the personal distance to the counterpart is minimized and a more relaxed atmosphere is created. H.115 : L.42 : B.35 Handcrafted, available in 5 types of wood

Proximity through distance: The Ulmer Stehhilfe serves as a psychological prop supporting both communication participants.







42 115


Samsa Bucket


Samsa Bucket 10 Buckets assembled to become a unique system. • • • • • • •

use it as a rack to sort all your pretty shoes, Sneakers, Stilettos….. or as a toy storage for your children separate all your laundry in colours & fabrics. equipped with a light source SAMSA creates an extraordinary atmosphere. use it as your own little garden to grow your herbs and flowers and all the other joyful things. or as a party tool for cold drinks and snacks... put it in your office as a rack for papers, fliers and magazines

Available are, do it yourself-kits, ready mounted systems and also ready mounted chandeliers.


B.109 : L.60 : H.43 UV resistent PP diverse Color-Range


Mundane objects becoming design products? The use of containers is omnipresent in all eras of mankind. They are fundamental tools and they therefore became kind of mundane in each different form and appearance. Over the years, especially the bucket turned out to be iconic and thereby representative to all kinds of objects related to storage. In this appliance the buckets turn from the status as everyday object to a design product. Changing the user´s perspective also changes the benchmark of this (essential but ordinary) object. In response to the predominant attitude of design consumption of our society, this draft also visualizes an attempt to create a design product which can be available for everyone. Build it yourself, use it as inspiration and become creative with your personal environment.


Samsa Chandelier


Samsa Chandelier


Original Products The process adopts the principle of rotational moulding. A robust, hollow orb was constructed housing a suspended silicon mould of the product (stool or any other). After filling the mould with a specific mix of resin the orb is allowed to interact with the terrain - surrendered to the formative surrounding, maybe pummelled by white water or rolled down a secluded woodland path. The action of the rotation is always unique and the variations, subtle or manifest, are recorded by the flexing walls of the silicon mould.


design through performance

The resin hardens in unique distortions and colour patterns, the landscape with which the orb interacts. This occurs in a particular amount of time, vanquishing a distance that is significant for the outcome, a manifestation of time and place.The process is paramount; embracing serendipity and chance and negating controlled intervention. It celebrates the importance of coincident. The journey of the orb forms a strong character, so an essential shift from object to experience takes place.

Original Process / Modus Operandi Production Process for Original Stools and Original LaVa

1. Open lid of the orb; 2. Open the lid of the mould; 3. Mix the right amount of resin & add colour at will; 4. Pour it into the mould; 5. Close the lid; 6. Roll it down a hill; push it into white water etc.; 7. Wait 45min.; 8. Demount the orb and the suspension on the inside; 9. Pull off the silicon form; 10. Welcome your new family member.

silicone mould

“Seeing the orb rolling down a hill, knowing that inside something evolves by doing so, is capturing; the fact that you can’t see anything from outside makes it mysterious. The pattern, the form, the character, all materializes without a chance to intervene; you are merely a spectator.�


Original Stool cause & effect. The process is in the foreground and defines the product; the product is just the consequence, the outcome.It strongly reflects the coincidence, the uniqueness in every piece, the influence of time and place. This unconventional, innovative process transforms every object into a single individual piece that tells the capturing story of its accruement. The final product is never predictable and celebrates the importance of coincident. If the sphere rolled down a lawn or coincidently rolled on a rocky surface, the difference will be recognize able. With the astriction of human influence, the natural ascendancies [such as the lay of the land, vegetation, weather and season] become the essential part of the process and the product; Like flora and fauna are formed by natural ascendancies, it is formative to the product too. The impact of place and time is recognizable. Like time and place form our character they are the creative & creating elements of the process too and impersonate the final product. The awareness of the formative process and the extraordinary story lets the user see the product with different eyes; he imagines, feels, builds up an emotional connection.


Original Vase



Original Stool

H.45 : L.32 : W.32 Polyurethan,Pigments The form of the stool depends on production contitions such as: decline, roll-speed, temperature .. different color, depending on the added pigments


The ‘original-stools’ are the children of a carefully conceived, free-range kinetic process that captures specific time and place by permitting topography and meteorology to provide the distinguishing individual characteristics for each piece.


Original LaVa The LaVa (Lamp - Vase) is produced with the “original process�. The result of the process is a hollow form which is cut into two pieces. The separation of these parts, define their function. Only through the careful separation, these 2 parts gain their function. Their identical color, shape, production conditions etc. make them belong together.



H.45 : L.13 : W.13 Polyurethan,Pigments different color, depending on the added pigments and the production conditions.



Clone Products The “Clone Stools” are the mechanical reproduction of chosen Original Stools. Distortions and imperfections of the selected originals are preserved in a detailed negative mould and cloned with a static process in our intern manufacture. (Vienna Original; The unique character, formed & produced by the streets of Vienna – Vienna Clones; the exact copies;)


Clone Products A specially designed machine enables a smooth rotation via two intertwined and singularly controllable frames. Liquid PU-resin which is blended with glass-fibres, is filled in a negative mould and processed to a rigid hollow form. After demoulding and post processing, they are painted with UV-resistant lacquer. As a consequence bE is able to reproduce (clone) products of the original series.


Lang Lamp

a memorial marks the end of the era of the traditionl light bulb.

“A lamp that know how to spend and how to take light�




Lang Lamp By pulling on the cable, the lamp is switched on /off. Inspired by Josef Lang, the Hangman of Kaiser Franz Josef who became doubtful famous as the “laughing Austrian hangman.” The learnt carpenter soon became warmly accepted part of Vienna’s society because of his new methods for a faster, more human execution. H.220 : L.120 : W.65 PVC, wood, clear bulb, cable

Perfoman &Exhibitio

nces ons

Stazione Rogers, Triest 24.10- 29.11.09 Blickfang 09, Wien 16.10. - 18.10.09 Vienna Design Week, Wien 02.10. - 11.10.09 Das Moebel , Wien 04.05 – 04.07.09 Goto Atelier, 100 meter freistil, Wien 12.03.09 Temporäre Kunsthalle, Berlin 4 – 6.1.09 VDW Review, Levante Parliament, Wien 17.11.08 Biennale internationale design, Saint Etienne 15 - 30.10.08 Designer’s Saturday, Blickfang, Langenthal 08 - 09.11.08 DIE ZELLE, Wien 12. - 19.10.08 Walking Chair Gallery “Heiß und Fettig“, Wien 24.07 - 30.09.08 GKS , Villach 2008 DMY international design festival, Berlin 21 - 25.05. 2008 Bargehouse, MA Exhibition, London 11-18.11.07


“Variationen vom Schwein� Exhibition @ Das Moebel original stool production performance 11.05.2009


design through performance


“Variationen vom Schwein� Exhibition @ Das Moebel original stool production performance 11.05.2009


design through performance

#9 GKS

original stool production performance 2008


design through performance


Vienna Design Week 2008 original stool production performance


design through performance


DMY Berlin 2008 original stool production performance Jury Selection


design through performance


Vienna Design Week 2009 “grow to go” as part of the passionswege series during vienna design week 09 bE was brought together with the vienna flower shop “wildwuchs”. bE transformed the identiy of the store with a concept based on consumer behaviour and the idea of ‘convenience’. Aiming towards a rethink of peoples relationship to plants the bE took the appearance of fast food and transferred it to the fare offered by a flower shop: the sales concept mimics the corporations’ convenience foods, including the special labels, mascots and packaging concepts. What are being sold in burger boxes are seeds in selected growing mixtures: sweet potatoes in sri lanka coconut soil or basil in waldviertel home soil.

grow your own soil in one way packaging and seeds are the essential ingredients of “grow to go”. Once seed is sown you are able to watch your vegetables grow on your desk.

grow-stick wooden stick with a sun-flower seed attached to it. Pile it into the ground and document the process of growing your named flower.

seed-bombs clay with various flower seeds. Throw it somewhere in public space and watch it grow next spring.


Vienna Design Week 2009 “grow to go” cooperation with wildwuchs

watch Video on Youtube“growtogo”

in prog


#13 Your Clock

.. does not dictate time. .. lets you take your own time. .. holds a moment. .. keeps time waiting for you.

#13 Your Clock

.. does not dictate time. .. lets you take your own time. .. holds a moment. .. keeps time waiting for you. After you have pulled the cord, your Clock will update its display to the current time. Elapsed time gets indicated through the sound of the flipping plates. You decide when time passes by. Your Clock is part of the series “inefficient objects” These objects are not inefficient in first place, but they give you the opportunity to be inefficient. They are a subconscious excuse to act inefficient. What is efficiency? Objects are mostly designed to increase convenience in our daily lives and to optimize our time schedule. Only people in a hurry are seen as productive protagonists of our society. We are told that our daily activities become easier and more efficient. But where does all this saved time end up? According to the amount of gadgets, devices and smart objects that are increasingly surrounding us, our lives shouldn’t be that complicated as they are perceived now. H.9 : L.25 : D.8,5 working Prototype

The series “Inefficient Objects” draws a picture of a world that is apart from our ‘speed-up’ culture. A world where moments of human inefficiency are celebrated.

#14 Linotable

#14 Lino Table

linoleum surface. An abstract memory, no photo, no video;

Like every being, also humans do possess an every own need to mark their territorial. By doing so, not only claim of ownership and presence, but also communication is aspired. The numerous variants are a ubiquitous way of communication in every culture and time.

If the space for creative action is spent, the tabletop can easily be changed with a new one. The tabletop is now used for prints of the relief in the linoleum surface. By printing the linocuts, the owner of the table can share it with everyone he likes.

Linotable wants to encourage your need to impart and internalize. Communication is important for you, as a reflection and mark of presence, but also for others to decipher and read. Linotable combines the possibility of the material with the desire to disclose. The interchangeable tabletop is coated with linoleum, which isn’t only a great table surface, but is also used as a material for relief printing. (Linocut) Linoleum is easily process able and provides an aesthetic character, which reminds on carvings in trees and park benches. The coffe table becomes a place for news and tidings, which get internalized in the soft linoleum by its users. This is the place where expressions, news, lover’s oaths etc. are manifested. The table works as a time document of all people presenting themselves on its

L.60 : H.48 : W.42 Linoleum coated tabletop, oak, Linoleum knife, print cylinder;


Coffee table; 60 x 48 x 42cm Linoleum coated tabletop, oak, Linoleum knife, print cylinder;




Chewing Gum Joint Chair


Chewing Gum Joint Chair work in progress


Furniture Recollection


Furniture Recollection This project takes the chair and the table, two utilitarian objects of our every day use, and modifies them to establish a broader consideration and purpose. With an electronic storage system, invisibly integrated in the objects, the owner has the opportunity to transmit data from their computer or mobile phone to the furniture. The system will compress and archive the information automatically. It does not allow the user to delete information once it is transmitted. The furniture recollection becomes the physical placeholder for our virtual possessions – it hosts our photographs, videos, texts, audio recordings etc. In contrast to the predominant treatment of products within our society, where a product starts to lose value from the onset of deterioration, the products of the furniture recollection increase in value the older they become and the more personal information gets embodied in them. The abrasion of the surfaces with age is a physical indicator of increasing value.

The products accompany their owners through their entire lives. Over this time span they record and compile the memories and legacy of the owners which can be assimilated by their descendants after they inherit the objects – maybe as heirlooms. The furniture forms a common ideological centre for connected generations, providing a place of memory for the individuals. As long as the furniture is used, the content and therefore the contributors remain unforgotten. It provides an equal opportunity to sustain personal legacy for the benefit of following generations. The shape of the objects themselves is reduced to functionality and understatement. All emotion usually communicated by the physical appearance of products is shifted to the embodied virtual layer, the objects themselves are anonymous.

The table

-encourages communication in our everyday life. In particular the kitchen table is often at the centre of intimate family life. We all remember the table where we used to have dinner with our parents or grandparents. It is the place where the family communicates, decisions are made, where a child might learn to write their first words and where they later learn for school, where birthdays are celebrated, the Christmas dinner takes place, where we pray, or just read the newspaper. Tables are the centre of our households and communicate a strong sense of place. The furniture recollection wants to encourage and amplify this effect. Young couples will buy the furniture recollection table to build and share their common future life on. The purchase of the table is a new, crucial and symbolic act when a family starts to make a home.

The chair -is dynamic compared to the table- it is portable and fits in many different environments. It meets the needs of all those who don’t require the stability of the table. It is the product for singles, students, or those who might simply have a need for more personal reflection and privacy. Teenagers wait for the day, when they finally receive their own chair, in a “coming of age� permitting them to leave the close family environment and the circle of the table to start their own individual story. A first step in the future of a young couple might be to bring their chairs together in the same environment- where they start to share their past and give their partner a personal insight. The table would set the seal on their bond for shared life later on, with the chairs remaining a place of private refuge and reflection.

...but the memories remain...


Legacy Lounger



Legacy Lounger The body of Lounge-Chair is hollow. Letters, personal souveniers, .. can be put through the slot into the chair, where they remain until the chair gets distroyed and those peronal memories can be rediscoverd. Prototyp based on the concept of the Furniture Recollection

Team Sascha Mikel, M.A. //

Martin Schnabl, M.A. // Michael Tatschl, M.A.//


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