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January 2018


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Latest Updates Looking back over 2017... We look back at this year and can proudly say that BRD was fully engaged in delivering its mandate for supporting the people of Afghanistan. Under our social protection program, we supported 37 vulnerable women in animal husbandry and kitchen gardening for to enable them to support their families; 15 youths were empowered through vocational training which provided them with job opportunities; and we contributed towards reducing risky behavior, including crime and irregular migration. BRD supported 300 street children and children from the lowincome families by providing them with the stationery kits and opportunities to start or continue their education in schools. BRD was also actively engaged in the promotion and protection of human rights, through awareness, education and advocacy. Four events were organized over the course of the year, including the promotion of accountability and transparency, and access to information through social media. We have engaged with and supported several communities in their organization of clean up activites in their home districts in Afghanistan. This year BRD also contributed to the successful completion of the pilot-mapping project. This was implemented in the city of Kabul, where 15

volunteers were trained in trash mapping using the Let’s Do It app and mapped more than 40 illegal dumping sites. BRD was the winner of the partnership with Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock (MAIL) for implementation of the “Establishment and Capacity Building of Irrigation Associations (IAs)” under the Water Investment Facility Program funded by the Asian Development Bank (ADB). The implementation of the program will start in January 2018 and will be completed within the calendar year. In 2017, BRD was actively engaged on international platforms and participated in some international conferences. These included the Clean World conference in Tallinn, Estonia, the World Justice Forum in The Hague, Netherlands and an anticorruption conference in Vienna, Austria. Lastly, BRD also put to gather its four-year strategic which will be implemented from 2018-2021. This strategic plan is a four-year map that determines what it will take for BRD to reach to its strategic goals and see its vision come to life. BRD achieved all these activities in collaboration with our partners, civil society, national and international organizations, UN agencies and government counterparts.

Established in 2002 and previously known as the Bureau for Reconstruction and Development, the Bureau for Rights-Based Development (BRD) is a registered Afghan non-profit, non-governmental development organization that aims to implement and promote rights-based development for a strong, viable, and pluralistic society in Afghanistan.

Our Vision

BRD’s vision is of an Afghanistan where the entire population lives with improved livelihood, social justice, integrity and prosperity. Where all human rights, including the rights of women and children, are recognized, upheld and respected, and where citizens have an active role in determining the values, direction and governance of their communities and country - for the benefit of all.

Our Mission

BRD is dedicated to creating an environment in which men and women are able to improve their standards of living through the equitable and sustainable use of resources, with special attention to vulnerable groups of society, particularly women and children.

Our Values

Commitment: BRD is committed to delivering quality services to its target group based on their needs, to continuous improvement and innovations, and to effective collaboration with our stakeholders and society at large for positive and sustainable change. Integrity: We conduct ourselves at all times in a manner that is ethical, legal, and professional, with the highest degree of honesty, respect and fairness. Accountability: We promote openness and transparency in our operations, ensuring that we are accountable for our actions at all times.

Respect: Regardless of gender, caste, religion, language, or ethnic considerations, BRD treats all segments of society without prejudice. Impartiality: We are impartial in our actions. The delivery of our services is based on the needs of our target groups, without consideration of nationality, race, religion, or political point of view.

Organisation Mandate

BRD aims to encourage and support beneficiaries to switch from a passive role to an active role of right holders, taking responsibility for their own development. This leads to increased ownership and sustainability of development efforts.

The BRD exists to develop a pluralistic society in Afghanistan where human rights are respected and citizens are empowered to improve their standard of living. The human rightsbased approach to poverty eradication and development lies at the very heart of BRD’s work. BRD’s approach to poverty eradication starts with the connection between poverty and human rights, from the perspective of people living in poverty. As a development organisation, BRD understands needs as the basis for claiming human rights, and supports marginalized people in their efforts to claim their rights.


Q&A volunteer

Thank you! BRD Afghanistan would like to take this opportunity to thank all of its volunteers around the world for their work throughout 2017. We would like to wish you all a happy and successful 2018! Elizabeth Beggs Manja Kovacic Valeria Blos Miguel Sánchez de Pedro Emily Ulrich Eunice Koid Ashley C. Overholser Anna Moran Evelyn Mantoiu Bryce Sady

Thematic Insights - Our Plans for the Future The 2018-2021 Strategic Plan outlines our ambition for change and the outcomes that we expect to achieve over the next four years. These outcomes are in line with the Government of Afghanistan’s (GoA) national priorities of promoting human rights, sustainable development, governance, and, ultimately, poverty reduction. In this plan we focus on contributing towards improving citizen representation and activism, which makes for a strong foundation of good governance in local communities and the nation as a whole. Moving forward with this four-year strategic plan will help us realize outcomes aligned with both the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the Afghanistan National Peace and Development Framework. Under our first strategic objective, ‘Strengthened respect for human rights’, BRD wants to empower individuals, groups and communities to respect and promote human rights and sustainable development. BRD also aims to systemize and strengthen individual, civil

society organization and communitybased organization monitoring and advocacy efforts to ensure that state and private sectors adhere to the national and international obligations towards human rights, sustainable development and environmental protections. Our second strategic objective, ‘Enhanced democratic governance’, aims to promote accountably and inclusiveness of public institutions, and increase citizen participation in the policy and decision-making process. BRD will also strengthen CSOs oversight capacity to monitor the performance of public institutions, and promote and improve access to information in the target areas. Training and increased networking among community-based organizations (CSOs) and CBOs in the targeted communities will enhance their advocacy efforts to increase accountability of public institutions to the people, and to improve public services. Our third strategic objective is ‘Improved livelihood and protection of vulnerable groups’. BRD will promote social inclusion to improve social protection and reduce vulnerability,

and provide vulnerable populations— especially women, children, youth, people with disability, minorities, returnees and internally displaced persons (IDPs)—with diversified livelihood options to be self-sufficient and to strengthen their resilience. Under our fourth and last strategic objective, ‘Ensure that BRD is an efficient, effective, relevant, transparent and sustainable organization’, we will focus on strengthening the organization’s structure, systems and processes. We will aim to improve capacity for monitoring and evaluation, grant management, and developing human resources and financial management to ensure effective, efficient and highquality program delivery. Under this strategic objective we will also aim to increase BRD’s access to diversified and sustainable resources, through systemizing and improving the function of resources mobilization within the organization for the delivery of the strategic plan. We will also strengthen our marketing and PR through social media platforms and outreach through different publications.


World Clean Up Day 15 September 2018

Intensification of mobilization in preparation for 15 September 2018 Let’s Do It Afghanistan has intensified its mobilization and public outreach activities in preparation for the international cleanup day on 15 September 2018. The Let’s Do It media team have started to conduct interviews with residents of the areas where there are large trash sites, in the various districts of Kabul city. They will discuss with them their role in waste management and how they can be engaged in this clean up, and by encouraging their support for the 2018 clean-up day. The team is also planning to identify and recruit mapping coordinators in each province in order to map the trash sites in preparation for 15 September this year.


www.brd.org.af /donations/ $15.00 - Support Peace Building in Afghanistan Afghan local Civil Society Organisation (CSO) and Community Based Organisation (CBO) support peace-building at community level, creating an environment supportive of self-sustaining and durable peace through promotion of peaceful conflict resolution and formation of an integrated civil society. Your contribution will cover the cost of a 3-day peacebuilding training course for 20 to 25 participants, aiming to deliver non-violent communication skills and pragmatic conflict resolutions to the participants who are mainly from the local CSOs and CBOs, including the community arbitrators.


Tallinn, Estonia Afghanistan

BRD International Engagement BRD to send delegation to the Clean World Conference in Tallinn, Estonia to meet with other participants of the Let’s Do It initiative. Clean World Conference 2018 is targeted at leaders and partners of Let’s Do It! World and World Cleanup Day. Delegates will gather together to discuss, in detail, how to organize World Clean Day on 15 September 2018. World Cleanup Day is the biggest birthday present to the world from Estonia. The Clean World Conference 2018 is taking place in Tallinn, Estonia from 26 to 28 January 2018. The conference’s title for this year is called ‘Connecting Heroes’. The Let’s Do It Afghanistan team leader and core team members will attend as the delegation from Afghanistan. The delegation will participate in both the Leader’s Academy and the Clean World Conference. The conference will be a great opportunity for the Let’s Do It Afghanistan team to share their experiences and benefit from the experience of other teams, as well as to establish links with professionals, organizations and teams from around the world.

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BRD January 2018  

The fourth issue of the BRD monthly journal and the first of the New Year.

BRD January 2018  

The fourth issue of the BRD monthly journal and the first of the New Year.