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December 2017


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Latest Updates BRD Media and Public Outreach program has been launched

To increase the public understanding of BRD programs, raise awareness and convey the needs and concerns of the public to the decision maker, BRD has launched its media and public outreach program. BRD’s program has been started by a committed youth volunteer team, who are present in all the regions in Afghanistan. They will provide insights on key development issues, human rights concerns, accountability and other civil actions as well as being the voice of the people in relation to the public services, peace and security, and propriety needs in their respective regions. These insights and findings will be published through BRD’s social media channels and for a wider reach they will use our international media channels.

Successful proposal by BRD to Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock BRD was the winner of a competitive call for proposal by the Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock (MAIL) Afghanistan. The main objective of this assignment is to establish and strengthen the capacity of the Water User Association and Irrigation Associations in the targeted areas of the project. It is used to motivate, train, and

mentor members of the Water User’s Associations/ Irrigation Association for effective management of water resources, which will have a direct impact on increasing agriculture production and will contribute to the socioeconomic development for communities and the country. The main activities under the program will be as follow; a) Social mobilization to demand from institutions and farmers for PIM b) Under the guidance of the newly approved by laws by MAIL, form and strengthen Irrigation Associations (IAs) and Water User associations (WUS) under the bye Laws of MEW c) Plan, design and oversee the construction of secondary and tertiary level structures in consultation with the IAs and WUAs d) Develop a participatory assessment and diagnostic (PAD) framework to facilitate the implementation of PAD and give Irrigation Associations and water Users Associations a say in project formulation The total allocated budget for the program is 723,000 USD funded under the Asian Development Bank (ADB) grant. The program will be implemented immediately and it will commence in January 2018 and with the belief that it will be completed on 31 December 2018.

Established in 2002 and previously known as the Bureau for Reconstruction and Development, the Bureau for Rights-Based Development (BRD) is a registered Afghan non-profit, non-governmental development organization that aims to implement and promote rights-based development for a strong, viable, and pluralistic society in Afghanistan.

Our Vision

BRD’s vision is of an Afghanistan where the entire population lives with improved livelihood, social justice, integrity and prosperity. Where all human rights, including the rights of women and children, are recognized, upheld and respected, and where citizens have an active role in determining the values, direction and governance of their communities and country - for the benefit of all.

Our Mission

BRD is dedicated to creating an environment in which men and women are able to improve their standards of living through the equitable and sustainable use of resources, with special attention to vulnerable groups of society, particularly women and children.

Our Values

Commitment: BRD is committed to delivering quality services to its target group based on their needs, to continuous improvement and innovations, and to effective collaboration with our stakeholders and society at large for positive and sustainable change. Integrity: We conduct ourselves at all times in a manner that is ethical, legal, and professional, with the highest degree of honesty, respect and fairness. Accountability: We promote openness and transparency in our operations, ensuring that we are accountable for our actions at all times.

Respect: Regardless of gender, caste, religion, language, or ethnic considerations, BRD treats all segments of society without prejudice. Impartiality: We are impartial in our actions. The delivery of our services is based on the needs of our target groups, without consideration of nationality, race, religion, or political point of view.

Organisation Mandate

BRD aims to encourage and support beneficiaries to switch from a passive role to an active role of right holders, taking responsibility for their own development. This leads to increased ownership and sustainability of development efforts.

The BRD exists to develop a pluralistic society in Afghanistan where human rights are respected and citizens are empowered to improve their standard of living. The human rightsbased approach to poverty eradication and development lies at the very heart of BRD’s work. BRD’s approach to poverty eradication starts with the connection between poverty and human rights, from the perspective of people living in poverty. As a development organisation, BRD understands needs as the basis for claiming human rights, and supports marginalized people in their efforts to claim their rights.


Q&A volunteer

Lydia Crisp

Currently living in Melbourne, Australia, I have been working in educational publishing for the past four years and am about to move to Fiji to volunteer in a communications/public relations role for 6 months. To be living on the other side of the world and volunteering with an organisation based in Afghanistan is an incredible opportunity, and one that wouldn’t be possible without online volunteering. Editing and proofreading skills are an easily transferable skill in the digital world, and it’s a mutually beneficial arrangement; I get to continue using my editing skills and contribute to an incredible organisation, and BRD gets some additional support that they would otherwise not have access to. It’s also been really interesting talking to the staff at BRD and learning more about their organisation – volunteering for BRD has given me a very small glimpse into the complex issues the organisation faces. I hope that I have been able to make a positive contribution to BRD, no matter how small it may be, and I urge anyone with skills that can be used online to consider online volunteering.

Thematic Insights International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women The UN General Assembly has designated November 25 as the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women. Violence against women and children is perhaps the most pervasive violation of human rights. Afghanistan is the country where the level of violence against women reached a serious stage. 2017 was a challenging year for women and children in Afghanistan. Despite

considerable progress in establishing laws, policies, mechanisms and programs, implementation has been far slower. The widespread prevalence of violence against women is a serious issue, particularly with regard to domestic violence and marital rape, child marriages, and trafficking in women and girls. This root causes of the violence are largely, a deeply entrenched cultural values; attitude and

practices that are rooted in gender stereotype and ultimately justify exploitative behavior and violence against women. As rights based organization, BRD is actively engaged in different front for eradicating violence against women and children, both through advocacy, education, awareness raising and supporting the vulnerable women for improved livelihood.


World Clean Up Day 15 September 2018

Campaign for mobilising youth organization for World Clean Up Day 15 September 2018 The Afghanistan Lets Dot It National has lunched complain about mobilizing youths and youth focussed organization to activity in engaged with in the World clean day. A meeting has been organized with the joint executive committee of youth associations representing all the provinces of Afghanistan. The committee has committed their full support their active engagement in the world clean-up, they will fully the Let’s Do It Afghanistan provincial teams for community mobilization and coordination before and during the clean-up day.


www.brd.org.af /donations/ $45.00 – Give Non-Violent Communication Training Help to tackle the societal and family problems arise from the culture of violence in Afghanistan by sponsoring the peace education through nonviolent communication for adults and children, including those with hearing disability. They will learn about nonviolent communication (NVC) through non-verbal methods where the key components of NVC are integrated, for example making art and understanding sign language. Your donation will cover the cost for a 3-day nonviolent communication workshop, including the required learning tools for an Afghan.


Austria Afghanistan

BRD International Engagement BRD at the Conference of the States Parties to the United Nations Convention against Corruption The Conference of the States Parties (COSP) is the main policy-making body of the United Nations Convention against Corruption. It supports States parties and signatories in their implementation of the Convention, and gives policy guidance to UNODC to develop and implement anti-corruption activities. The Conference was established, as per article 63 of the Convention: • To improve the capacity of States to implement the Convention; • To enhance cooperation among States in achieving the objectives of the Convention; and • To promote and review the implementation of the Convention.

The Conference meets every two years and adopts resolutions and decisions in furtherance of its mandate. All States that have ratified the Convention are part of the Conference, while signatories, non-signatories, inter-governmental and nongovernmental organizations can apply for observer status at its sessions. The Conference has created subsidiary bodies, operating under its mandate, to assist in carrying out its work. They are meant to advise the Conference and make recommendations to help deliver its mandate (in accordance with article 63, paragraph 7 of the Convention). BRD as the civil society organization engaged in promoting accountability in Afghanistan had an observer status at the conference.

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BRD December Issue  

Issue three of BRD's monthly journal.

BRD December Issue  

Issue three of BRD's monthly journal.