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Bulgarian Red Cross Youth BRCY PORTFOLIO

Founded in 1921 and a part of the Bulgarian Red Cross.



The Bulgarian Red Cross Youth (BRCY) is a voluntary youth organization, which is an integral part of the Bulgarian Red Cross and belongs to the International Red Cross Youth Movement. Through its volunteers throughout the country and through its training programs, activities and services, BRCY involves children and young people to humanitarian values and principles, works to reduce social and health vulnerability, advocates for the improvement of their condition and promotes tolerance, non-discrimination and respect for diversity and multiculturalism.


Youth Department Secretariat of the National Council of the Bulgarian Red Cross 67, James Boucher Blvd. Phone: +359 2 8164 783 Fax: +359 2 8164 780 e-mail: web:

90 years We Change the World

In 2011 the BRCY turns 90 years old, being the

The Bulgarian Red Cross Youth is an organization with an established high public profile, strong capacities and provides quality services and activities, which have positive influence for reducing vulnerability of children and young people and for promoting humanitarian values among them. The image of well functioning youth Red Cross organization makes it an appropriate option for community service of the younger generation in the country.

oldest youth organization in Bulgaria.



BRCY portfolio

I. WHAT WE DO 1. SOCIAL ACTIVITIES Work with children from social institutions, as well as with children and youth from families living below the poverty line. Activities aiming to assist children with special needs. Violence prevention among children and youth through series of workshops on children’s rights and conflict management . Social-welfare assistance campaigns (16 October—World Food Day; Christmas campaign “Children Help Children”, etc.), which mainly collect food, toys, etc. from children in school and donate them to social institutions, thus on the one hand helping the needy children and on the other hand building attitude towards giving and helping in the mainstream society. International Competition and Exhibition “How Do You Like My Art?” for disabled children aged 5-15, mainly featuring paintings and applied art. The selected works are sold and the funds go into a special fund for talented children with special needs, which provides scholarships to children to develop their talent. Prevention of human trafficking awareness-raising . Consultation Center on Foster Care.

2. DISSEMINATION OF HUMANITARIAN VALUES AND INTERNATIONAL HUMANITARIAN LAW Promotion of Humanitarian Values training program Exploring Humanitarian Law program

Spotlight The Consultation Center on Foster Care was established under a project funded by the Velux Foundation. It promotes foster care and supports prospect foster parents during the whole process. The Center has three employees and is also involving volunteers in promoting foster care all over the country.

Spotlight The Promotion of Humanitarian Values program aims at raising awareness among young people about discrimination, about the reasons for having prejudices towards different groups of people, and about encouraging an attitude of tolerance, social inclusion and combating violence. Page 2

BRCY portfolio


Spotlight We have 15 Youth Emergency Teams who are trained to give first aid and psychological support to people during a situation of disaster. They work in the green area of the disaster and are an invaluable support to the professional disaster response teams.

First Aid peer-to-peer training for students in high school School First Aid Teams for children from 12 to 14 years old Youth Emergency Teams Participation in the European and Balkan Conventions in First Aid National Competition in First Aid

4. HEALTH PROMOTION HIV/AIDS and substance abuse prevention (tobacco & drugs prevention) Prevention of sexual risky behavior

Peer leaders training programs in the field of health promotion Promotion of healthy eating habits and healthy lifestyle among children and youth Spotlight

Spotlight The BRCY manages two well functioning drop-in centers in cities of Rousse and Kyustendil which offer needles, syringes, psychological support, family counseling, testing for HIV/AIDS, TB and sexually transmitted infections, training in resocialization construction of basic life skills and referral to institutions and hospitals. Page 3

"Health for Schools" project the goal of which is to create sustainable knowledge and skills for healthy eating and active lifestyles among children from 3rd grade, covered 7500 children in 19 regions of the country. It proved to be interesting for the children and to be successful in building their habits to lead a more healthy lifestyle. This project also inspired us to develop a training module on the same topic for.

BRCY portfolio

II. HOW WE PREPARE OUR VOLUNTEERS? TRAINING SYSTEM Four-module system for training of peer educators:



To encourage our volunteers to do more, do better and reach further, to reward their work and to praise how much they care, the BRCY established Annual Awards in five categories, following the lines of the main activities of the organization as well as innovative activities. Any regional branch can apply with whichever activity they see as their strong side. The award is 1000 BGN and it should be spent for development of the same field of activity it was earned for.

We implement a system of volunteer management which allows us to get many young people interested in what we do and want to stay and to more for the benefit of the vulnerable.

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BRCY portfolio

Spotlight The highest decisionmaking body of the BRCY is the National Assembly. It is comprised by delegates of the youth organization from the 28 regions. The sessions of the National Assembly are held on annual basis. Every two years the National Assembly elects the President of BRCY, the members of the Executive Board and the members of the Control Committee.

III. YOUTH IN DECISION MAKING STRUCTURE The Bulgarian Red Cross Youth is the biggest non-governmental Youth Organiation in the Republic of Bulgaria with 4480 members and 4929 volunteers, united in 274 clubs all over the country.

ganization, what it should focus on and what challenges it should address. The young people’s own decision-making structures are in place at regional and national level.

Through the system of selfgovernment and their own elected bodies, the volunteers take their own decision about where they want to take the or-

There is a youth representative in the General Assembly of the Bulgarian Red Cross and often also in the National Council of the Bulgarian Red Cross.

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