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BEATRIZ ROJO BEITIA Ronda San Cristobal 116, Zizur Mayor, Navarra, España Email: Phone: +34 666718927 EDUCATION University of Navarre, School of Architecture, Pamplona (Spain) BA (Hons), M. Arch in Architecture with specialisation in Landscape planning (2:1)

2005 - 2013

ADDITIONAL EDUCATION Latin American Biennial of Architecture 2011 (University of Navarre)

March 2011

International Seminar 2010 (University of Navarre) Timber Constructions (Engineer Peer Haller)

March 2010

Other courses: Social Psychology course (University of Navarre) Family and Teaching training course (University of Navarre)

February 2008 – June 2008 September 2007 - January 2008

ARCHITECTURAL / DESIGN SKILLS Nueva Babel, Pamplona, Spain Independent Theater company

August 2012 – February 2013

Responsibilities: · Built temporary structures for different performances. · Designed scenography projects as well as work statements, drawings, costs and delivery schedules. Projects:

– “ The second coming” – “Romeo & Juliet, the musical” – “Desired antidote” Burckhardt + Partners AG, Basel, Switzerland Internship, Architectural and general planning company

September 2011 – April 2012

Responsibilities: · Built CAD drawings based on information provided by Projects leaders and supervisors. · Conducted research needed to complete architectural projects · Completed design work, including 3D renderings, hand drawings, sketches, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe illustrator ppresentations and feasibility studies. · Provided layouts, work statements, drawings and delivery schedules · Building models Projects: – – –

NSLF Novartis Pharma AG, Basel, Switzerland (in construction) Schweizergarten, Wien, Austria (construction starting 2015) Pavillon St. Johanns-Park, Basel, Switzerland

SKILLS Computer skills: – – – –

Word processing and spreadsheet application using Microsoft Word/Excel/Publisher/Access for Windows and iWork for Apple. Projects presentation using Power Point, Adobe Illustrator and Moviemaker. Windows and Mac OS X, as regular operative systems. Design programs: Autocad (2D + 3D), Sketch-up, Photoshop, Artlantis, 3D Max, Adobe Suite, Maxwell.

Languages skills: – – – –

Spanish, native proficiency. English, full professional proficiency. French, professional working proficiency. German, elementary proficiency.

Communication / teaching skills: –

Private tutoring · Taught 2D and 3D software programs, Maths, Technical drawing, English, Spanish and French.

English Summer Schools (Poblet, Spain) · Organised groups of children / teens. · Managed activities ex. Sports, handcrafts, festivals, performances.

2007 - 2013

Summers 2005, 2006, 2007, 2009

Leadership / team skills: –

U.D.C. Txantrea, Pamplona, Spain · Coached basketball techniques (15 girls – 10 to 14 years old)

Camp Blue Ridge (Equinunk, PA) USA · US Work and Travel (Specialist Counselor) · Taught and coached basketball techniques.

Sagrado Corazon School, Pamplona, Spain · Coached basketball techniques (15 girls – 9 to 10 years old)

School year 2010-2011, 2012-2013

Summer 2008

School year 2003 – 2004

Organisational skills: –

Juventud y Cultura Organization, Madrid, Spain · Coordinated foreign students in the area of Navarre.

Juventud y Cultura Organization, San Diego, CA & Richmond, VA · Supervised Spanish teenagers.

August 2010 – September 2011

Summer 2010 -2011


– – –

3rd prize in “Potential advertising” awarded by University of Navarre (2004). 3rd prize in “Potential advertising” awarded by University of Navarre (2005). Restauration of a Winery in Quel, La Rioja, Spain. Amongst the five works selected for the exhibition.



BEATRIZ ROJO BEITIA BA (Hons), M. Arch Ronda San Cristobal 116, Zizur Mayor (31180) Navarra, SPAIN email: phone: +34 666 71 89 27




HAND-DRAWING SKETCHES - Water color paintings - Pencil and charcoal paintings.




PROJECTS 7 Wキ];ミSWミ0 IニWが"0; Wノが"} キ W ノ;ミS

Bridge project that helps the communication among the three neighbouring countries: France, Germany and Switzerland. This project will travel through three triangular platforms at different heights thus creating a series of views to major tourist landmarks of the three countries.

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