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We provide solutions for the challenges of today and tomorrow

Trade-Line provides high quality hardware for water and sewage systems developed according to market needs Trade-Line is a Danish company specialized in pipe systems for water and sewerage. We are supplier for utilities, contractors and entrepreneurs who need long lasting products that are easy to install and use.

Trade-Line works closely together with a few open minded suppliers of high quality goods. In that way we can act fast and let specialists turn our ideas into products of the highest possible standards. We also invest in our own moulds in order to produce small series of innovative products. That gives us the strength to develop and act - we can listen to the needs of market and release the desired products in short time. We listen closely to the needs of the market, no matter if it is the needs of a single customer or more global needs due to the fast changing world. Among our developments are systems to re-use rainwater in private households, pipe systems prepared for camera inspection, climate adapted manhole covers and other low tech but highly needed solutions and hardware.

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TL Resilient manhole cover Climate adapted manhole cover that maximizes the safety for persons and vehicles by opening by flooding and automatically falling back in position afterwards.

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‘The world is full of challenges. One of them is the climate-related disasters. That calls for global actions and rethinking of our human behavior. Trade-Line cannot solve the global problems. We can only contribute by responsible thinking in all our doings, but we can develop and produce climate adaption solutions and products that make it easier to handle climate-related problems in the cities.’ ‘We owe our success to the commitment, responsibility and expertise of our employees. They are all experts and fully familiar with our products and the everyday challenges of our customers. It enables them to understand all needs and pursue solutions.’ Tell us about your challenges – our team of specialists might be able to solve them.

We want to act responsible in all aspects of our business. Therefore we want to participate in getting a better global climate and solve some of the current challenges from changes in the climate. But we also take our local responsibility seriously and secure good working conditions for all employees in our own business and at our supplier’s factories. As everywhere else we act accordingly and have several yearly inspections of our environmental impact and the conditions for our employees.

Internal environmental management • Internal environmental management (ISO 14001) : Byggeriets kvalitetskontrol A/S • EN 124 norm 2 yearly audits at iron foundry (legal demand) : Kontrolrådet Norge • Inspection of environmental and working conditions at iron foundry: COWI Danmark

Sdr. Lourupvej 23 · DK-6690 Gørding · Tel.: +45 7022 5025 · Fax.: +45 7517 7098 · mail@trade-line.dk · www.trade-line.dk

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