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Rousseff launches plan to boost, protect national industry

JULY 25th - 31st 2011

In the studio: GUSTAVO CIRÍACO



The leading football clubs now have the cash and sponsors to compete with Europe, of which the proposed £44 million Tevez deal is the latest example. South American players returning to their home continent is no novelty, but they tend to do so only when they can no longer play with the best in Europe. Ronaldinho, Deco, and Adriano have all returned in recent years, but all did so in the downswing of their careers. Tevez, though, is playing the best football of his life and the deal offered to him recently signposts the increased financial power of the Brazilian league.


Police seek arrests in Amazon killings

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Scotland Yard may get first woman chief



Hacking row may singe Cameron



Rihanna keeps it real



Vintage Festival



CIA to resume operations in Pak



Prince Andrew to step down as UK trade envoy



Brazilian Volleyball back to the top

£44 million Tevez deal :

Economic boom spurs Brazilian Clubs



The Brazilian Post

JULY 25th - 31st 2011



The fee and wages offered for Tevez amounted to more than for any other player in Brazil. But Corinthians, one of the biggest clubs in Brazilian football, was remarkably able to afford him. This is primarily due to a television deal the club had negotiated, the largest in the country and the 3rd largest in the world. After a collective deal between the clubs could not be reached, Corinthians capitalised by arranging their own. They are the best-supported team in Sao Paolo, Brazil's largest city, and the second biggest team in the country, behind Flamengo. This popularity allowed them to negotiate a deal thought to be worth between £40m£50m annually. It provided the financial muscle required for them to compete with the European elite. Beyond TV rights, Corinthians' prestige and popularity ensured one of Brazil's best commercials deals; pharmaceutical giant Neo Quimica sponsors them and paid £15m for the right to advertise on their shirts last season. Neo Quimica is thought to have contributed to the wages of Liedson, the Portugal striker who returned to Corinthians from Sporting Lisbon in January, and who now earns £40,000 per week. The deal to sign Liedson is not an isolated case. Sponsorship money is flooding into Brazilian football, thanks to the wealth generated over a decade of economic progress. Growth last year was a record 7.5 per cent, and 48.7m Brazilians have entered the middle or upper class since 2003. This has inevitably led to more revenue for teams. "People have more money, salaries are up, they can spend more on tickets and shirts," said the Flamengo president, Patricia Amorim. Brazil's larger clubs can now pay wages they previously would not have been able to afford. Ronaldinho earns £100,000 per week at Flamengo, largely thanks to corporate sponsorship. Another pharmaceutical company, Unimed, helped to pay for Fluminense's double-signing of Deco and Juliano Belletti from Chelsea in 2010, which helped them to that year's Campeonato Brasileiro.

CORINTHIANS: Tevez deal off Brazilian side Corinthians have admitted defeat in their attempt to sign Argentinian star Carlos Tevez from Manchester City for now. Amid the proposals and counter-proposals, Corinthians president Andres Sanchez had said last Monday that his board would assess Manchester City's offer carefully but the board decided that there were too many sticking points to clinch a deal in the time available. The Brazilian side's initial offer for the 27-year-old striker was reportedly worth 40 million euros ($63.57m) but there was much debate between the two clubs on how the fee would be structured. In a statement on their website, Corinthians said the deal was off. "There is no more sufficient time for the transfer to go through," the statement said. However, the club added that "we hope to be able to count on Tevez in the near future." Sources said that the clubs had not been able to agree all the financial loose ends nor on a length of contract for the player who left the club for West Ham in England in 2006 a year after helping Corinthians to the league title. Striker Tevez wants to leave Manchester to be closer to his daughters, who live in Buenos Aires with their mother, his estranged partner. City had hoped to sell Tevez to Corinthians to avoid him potentially leaving for a club with whom they are in direct competition, either domestically or in Europe, while also improving the player's family arrangements.



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JULY 25th - 31st 2011

Rousseff launches plan to boost, protect national industry Brazil's president Dilma Rousseff announced last night the launching of a new plan aimed to boost and protect against international competition Brazilian pungent industry. The plan, according to Brazil's mandate, is aimed towards the increase of local production and battles foreign protectionism. “We will consistently fight protectionist practices – unlawful, fraudulent on world trade – affecting directly our products,” Rousseff affirmed while talking to an industrial leader's crowd in Porto Alegre, south of Brazil. The president stressed that the new plan is to be launched on August 2nd and targets commercial tensions with Europe and the United States. “The Brazilian government is excited to act boldly and with no time to loose,” Rousseff remarked. “Competition forces us to strengthen our industry, a joint venture between the State and the private sector to boost our competitive conditions,” she said. “Our plan will increase local components in manufactures, a very decisive factor.” Rousseff also vowed to carry out tax reforms and credit expansion for the industrial sector badly hit by real's 100% overvalue to the dollar in the past ten years. Brazil's president also explained the plan addresses the “world economic unbalance” which causes capital pressure on emerging markets, putting weight on inflation and exchange rates.

Police arrest 23 men trying to smuggle cocaine Brazilian police say they have arrested 23 African men who tried to board a plane to Angola with cocaine-filled capsules in their stomachs. Federal police press officer Camila Silva says the men were arrested Monday at Sao Paulo's International Airport as they were checking in for a flight on Angola's TAAG airline. She says they appeared nervous so they were asked to pass through a security X-ray machine before boarding the plane. She says one also had almost 18 pounds (8 kilograms) of the drug hidden in his suitcase. Police have not revealed the nationalities of the men, who face charges of international drug trafficking.

Brazil reduces ethanol fuel requirement There has been speculation for several months that Brazil might reduce its countrywide ethanol fuel requirement. This has now become official. Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff has announced that in an effort to subdue inflation, the ethanol mandate will be reduced from the current blend level of 25 percent to either 18 percent or 20 percent and the final decision on the blend level will be made before the end of the month. Implementation would occur in August. The action is a direct result of rising prices for sugar that have been caused by back-to-back lower than expected sugarcane harvests. A source said, “The effect of ethanol prices has been very negative for inflation and inflation expectations and the President has decided to act.” Fuel accounts for 2.5 percent of the weighting within the main IPCA price index and experts predict the reduction could ease inflationary pressure. The sugarcane harvest is currently underway and it is not yet known what the final harvest numbers will be. Should they come in higher than expected, sugar mills may produce more sugar versus ethanol, or some may decide to produce the ethanol and export it to other markets including the U.S. Energy ministry officials are expected to meet to discuss the potential consequences of reducing the ethanol blend.

Brazil to support agricultural development in Guinea Bissau Brazil and Guinea Bissau last Thursday signed a technical and scientific cooperation agreement in the agricultural sector and Brazil's Foreign Affairs Minister, António Patriota, gave assurances that his country would support the development of the agricultural sector in Guinea Bissau. During a working visit to Guinea Bissau, before heading off to Luanda to take part in the meeting of the Council of Ministers of the Community of Portuguese-speaking countries (CPLP), Patriota noted that the agreement aimed to provide cooperation that was more focused on the efforts that the West Africa country is making to develop its agricultural sector. The Brazilian minister for Foreign Relations also said that his country would support Guinea Bissau in making use of its cashew crop, which is a strategic product for the country and which is also plentiful in Brazil.

The Brazilian Post



Police seek arrests in Amazon killings Police in Brazil have indicted three people for the killing of a couple of prominent environmental activists in the Amazon three months ago. The campaigners were shot dead in a forest reserve in the northern state of Para. The police said the couple had been opposing the eviction of rural workers from land owned by a local farmer, accused of arranging the killings. The landowner and the two suspect gunmen remain at large. The environmentalists - Jose Claudio Ribeiro da Silva and his wife, Maria do Espirito Santo Silva - had lived in the town of Nova Ipixuna for 18 years. They were killed due to their opposition to the eviction of three rural workers from land owned by a local farmer, Jose Rodrigues Moreira, police said. He is accused of organising the killings with his brother, Lindonjonson Moreira Silva, and another man, Alberto Lopes do Nascimento. The two gunmen hid in the forest early in the morning and shot the couple as they slowed down to cross a bridge on a motorbike, police chief Silvio Maues said. But a sister of Mr Silva, Claudelice Silva, told sources that there were other motives for their killings. 'There were a lot of people who wanted them dead because they constantly denounced environmental crimes,' she said. Local authorities say they often reported on the illegal activities of loggers and cattle ranchers in the region. The Brazilian President, Dilma Rousseff, ordered a federal police investigation at the time, and the authorities promised to increase protection to environmental activists most at risk. But the three men indicted remain at large and no arrest warrants have been issued. The Catholic Church's Pastoral Land Commission (CPT) has a list of 125 activists who have received death threats - many of them in the Amazon region. The CPT says that over the last decade 42 campaigners had been killed and another 30 had attempts on their lives.



The Brazilian Post

Sao Paulo to have 160 buses run on renewable diesel Amyris Brasil S.A., a subsidiary of integrated renewable products company Amyris Inc., will be supplying an expected 160 city buses in the Brazilian city of Sao Paulo with renewable diesel derived from sugarcane. The supply contract starts in August, and will run through the end of 2012. From this period, buses operated by the Viacao Santa Brigada will use a blend of ten percent Amyris renewable diesel. “Brazil's growing demand for low-sulfur diesel creates a significant opportunity to highlight the superior performance and benefits of our renewable diesel while allowing the country to reduce diesel fuel imports, which comprised nearly 20 percent of Brazil's diesel needs in 2010,� John Melo, chief executive of Amyris. The city of Sao Paulo has more than 15,000 buses consuming about 450 million liters of diesel per year. Under city law, Sao Paulo is working to reduce fossil diesel use by ten percent every year through 2018. Amyris' sugarcanebased diesel will help meet the city's target of reducing fossil fuel use in the public transit system.

JULY 25th - 31st 2011

6 transport officials fired for corruption Six senior officials at Brazil"s transport ministry were sacked last Tuesday for a simmering corruption scandal that already forced the former transport minister to step down. The officials were fired due to suspected involvements in overbilling several state infrastructure projects, a scandal which was first unveiled by the local weekly news magazine Veja. President Dilma Rousseff has ordered a suspension of all the ministry's public bidding activities until investigation ends. Alfredo Nascimento, the former transport minister, resigned about three weeks ago after a local newspaper questioned an abrupt remarkable profit increase in the construction company owned by his son. Nascimento is the second cabinet member who resigned over corruption allegations since Rousseff took office in January.

Brazilian president offers aid to stormdevastated states Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff last Wednesday offered federal support to two northeastern states which were ravaged by a deadly storm over the weekend. The president spoke to the governors of Paraiba and Pernambuco and sent newly-appointed Minister of Transport Paulo Sergio Passos to assess damage. The president also asked Minister of National Integration Fernando Bezerra to provide all necessary support, according to a presidential spokesman. The minister confirmed that 5 million reais (3.2 million U.S. dollars) would be sent to the rain-hit region in a week to fund reconstruction. The storm left 11 people dead, two missing and 1,600 homeless. Some 14,900 people had to leave their homes due to floods and mudslides. Several state highways were ruined and 16 dams in Lagoa Seca city of Paraiba burst. A total of 42 municipalities declared a state of emergency.

JULY 25th - 31st 2011

The Brazilian Post


Floods leave 11 dead, thousands homeless Eleven people were killed and more than 13,000 left homeless in floods in two northeastern Brazilian states, the local civil defense service said. Pouring rains began last Friday and continued over the weekend, causing floods and landslides in 26 cities in the states of Pernambuco and Paraiba. Electricity supply disruptions were also reported. Damage and casualties are still being assessed. Pernambuco was hit by massive floods in May. According to official reports, over 12,000 people were left homeless in 65 cities and towns in northeastern Brazil.

Boeing set to win the Brazil jet deal

The Boeing Co. cast its net wider in the campaign to secure Brazil's multibillion-dollar order for up to 100 jet fighters, pledging generous technology transfers and training for Brazilians as part of the deal. Boeing is in competition with French Dassault Aviation's Rafale fighter jet and Swedish company Saab's Gripen NG rival. Since U.S. President Barack Obama visited Brazil in March and met with President Dilma Rousseff, Boeing seems to have gained more support in media reports before the decision-making process reaches the next stage in 2012. Although, All through 2010 Dassault's Rafale was tipped as the hot favorite to win the multibillion-dollar contract after positive comments by former Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva and hopeful pronouncements by French President Nicolas Sarkozy. Boeing backers in the Brazilian government and military have cited the company's track record and strong, possibly unrivaled, features of its offering, the F/A-18 Super Hornet. Rafale has had few buyers and Gripen has had rivals point out that its Gripen New Generation uses the General Electric F414G engine, developed from the F/A-18E/F used on the Super Hornet's engine. Boeing last Wednesday unveiled its marketing strategy at an aviation industry forum in Sao Jose dos Campos where it outlined for Brazilian businesses and universities a "broad spectrum of opportunities" available to them as part of Boeing's Super Hornet offering in the bid for the F-X2 fighter aircraft competition. 'Boeing will provide the Brazilian air force with the most advanced combat aircraft to meet its operational requirements, as well as a broad array of ben-

efits to Brazilian industry,' said Tom DeWald, Boeing Super Hornet campaign leader in Brazil. As the world's largest aerospace company, Boeing is wellpositioned to deliver an industrial partnership program through robust technology transfer, research and development and competitive work placement opportunities with Boeing and our extended network of suppliers.' More than 100 representatives of companies, universities and industry associations joined government officials from Sao Jose dos Campos and the surrounding region at the Boeing Industry Day, which was hosted by Sao Jose dos Campos Technology Park. 'Today's forum supports our goals to foster technological innovation, revitalize local and regional economies, improve industrial competitiveness and create new jobs,' said Jose de Mello Correa, Sao Jose dos Campos secretary of economic development and science and technology. The lobbying for the contract has involved government and state leaders at the highest levels, with even the king of Sweden at one point considered as an intermediary. The deal for an initial 30 of the projected 100 jets for the Brazilian air force inventory is worth more than $4 billion but no confirmed figures have emerged from Brasilia. Aside from the price and relative efficiency of the competing aircraft, at issue is Brazil's insistence on extensive transfer of technology as part of its overall strategy to start manufacturing a jet fighter of its own. That's a tough call for the bidders, as none of them find the prospect of the customer turning into an arch competitor in a lucrative area of defense industry, believed to be worth hundreds of billions of dollars in future sales. Air forces worldwide are considering phasing out jet fighters bought from the 1950s onward. Brazil has emerged as a major competitor for European and North American manufacturers of executive jets and smaller passenger aircraft, mainly the result of an extensive research and development program pursued without significant foreign help. Brazilian Defense Minister Nelson Jobim told reporters during a visit to France that the government would consider the deal next year, but "the principal necessity is technology transfer."


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The Brazilian Post

JULY 25th - 31st 2011

Confessions of an artist :


Gustavo Ciríaco, a former political scientist, is a talented Brazilian dancer and choreographer acclaimed internationally. He has being travelling the world with his art projects always using both his theatre and dance skills and his anthropologic and political-social knowledge to interact with the public and create a close relation between artists and spectators as well as to know his public and their reality within a social and, sometimes, community sense. Ciríaco is in London for the next few days, performing one of his most successful projects Here Whilst We Walk as part of the Sacred InTransit art festival. Here's presenting excerpts from his tête-à-tête with Dada Bueno, special correspondent, The Brazilian Post. The Brazilian Post - When did you first have contact with art? Who inspired you to become a professional dancer? Ciríaco - I decided to study Political Science because I wanted to be a diplomat.. The opportunity to start in another carrier came up when I was watching an spectacle and I met a girl who invited me to the dance school and I just fell in love with dance. Art activities run in my family and I was always surrounded by poetry, painting, literature and classical music but was at the school where I could share with other people artistic experiences and start the process of professionalization and amplify my field of activity with theatre, circus skills and other areas of art that you find when you do contemporary dance. With dance I've learned and understood my body properly and I learned how to translate it in body language, then I start to pavement my own way towards the world of the arts. TBP - How was the transition between the two Gustavos, the political scientist and the artist? How much your experience as a political scientist affects your productions and artistic development? Ciríaco -The transition started quite slow, I did not jump straight into dance, but once I started I then realise that was no way back for me but still I was doing political scientist research to pay my dance lessons. The most difficult about all this was to start in a area that you don't know properly in terms of financial future, status and investments, it is something to do with art in general but today that is the only activity I do for living. TBP - Is your project Neighbours a result of the fusion between art & political science? Ciríaco - Yes, politics involves people with different roles that take part in one same cause, this idea of political sharing I rediscovered on the dance, my desire to execute an spectacle, a performance basically implies to be in a same place, in a same time so the performance happens. This basic condition continues in my work and I'm always questioning. Neighbours project involves my experience in Political Science, Social Science and Anthropology as an study about local social structures and about how people organise themselves culturally in a physical space, this concern is implicit in Neighbours and as well in Here Whilst We Walk. In addiction I like the idea of experiencing, Hélio Oiticica's art of work has always inspired me and as in his work I try to provide situations that lead the public to questioning. TBP - The duo Dupla de Dança Ikswalsinats (1995 - 2005) with Frederico Paredes has got you started in your international carrier? Ciríaco - Yes, it has but there is another experience before that

Walk to the Sacred InTransit and so far the project was really welcome as well as in countries like France, Spain, Portugal, Denmark, Belgian and Germany. We've already done 28 cities and this week London will be the 29th. However as in my other project Still - Sob o Estado das Coisas - which I would love to bring to London as well, both are about sharing the same space at the same time, the basic point that is the meeting between public and artist.

which was a cultural exchange on Norway when I was 17. This experience made me see better what Brazil is, how people behave, made me understand more about anthropology and cultural events, about values and made realise people have a different notion about space and time completely different from each other. After this my international carrier was launched with my partnership with Fred. During this period we had three important international invitations. One from Holland to participate on the project called Dialogue, an experience that made me think about my work, a result of the questioning I was subjected; an artistic residence in Munich, a partnership between Brazil, South Korea and Germany and finally a participation on the French project Year of Brazil in France. TBP - Just one year after your partnership with Frederico come to an end you came with your well known project Here Whilst We Walk - 2006 - coproduction between Alkantara (Portugal) and Panorama (Brazil) - with Austrian Andrea Sonnberger. This project travelled with you around Europe and now is back with one single presentation at the InTransit Festival 2011. The festival moves its audience physically as well as mentally, people are invited to participate rather than spectate causing an unpredictable reaction from the public that is watching. Ciríaco - This project is an extension of my projects with theatre and others street projects I had started before when I was still working with Fred. Later on Here Whilst We Walk came to life. It was supposed to be first presented at Alkantara Festival, in Portugal, but it was first showcased in a few cities in UK as part of Nuts Festival, a project between Brazil and UK. In one of this tours around UK the artistic director of Chelsea theatre participate on the walking and invited us to bring Whilst We

TBP - People from countries like Brazil, Spain, France, Portugal, Germany and UK went through this proposal of movement. Have you notice distinct reaction by the spectators from each country or would you say the experience bring up an universal behaviour or varies significantly from country to country? Ciríaco - This project counts entirely on the public participation, there is any other way but having them walking with us. The maximum number of participants is 22 per session, this group would be surrounded by an elastic band and together go for an unusual walking. The response varies but the main point is that this work was possible to happen because we are talking about democratic countries, that makes me ask what would happen having this project in countries or societies where the behaviour codes are extremely strict, where the people grouping is forbidden, I don't have this experience but in October we are bringing Here Whilst We Walk to (Jerusalem) Palestine to see what the limits would be like. TBP - Once you said in an Interview: "It's not easy to survive as a dance-choreographer living in a Third World country, even with all the recent improvements in Brazil... Doing art is a battle against a general disbelief in considering what we artists do as work..." How do you see the art scenario today in Brazil? Ciríaco - One way to evaluate the situation in Brazil is paying attention to the inadequate media coverage. I myself had a really dramatic situation to promote my spectacle Still in Rio. My budget was really short then I had to contact all the press and send the promotional material. The response was not the expected. Basically nothing was published about the show, or people got back to me too late. Two weeks later I nearly boarding a plane which crashed and the whole media was after me because I was supposed to be on that plane. Apart of Sao Paulo, Brazil hasn't got a good cultural management legacy, Brazil lack people with knowhow to develop strategies to promote and consolidate the artistic production from the beginning to the end, going through all the process that involves promotion, raising funds, find sponsorship, be able to discern which projects has necessity for subsidy or public fund and as well to think of our political cultural.

JULY 25th - 31st 2011

The Brazilian Post

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Hacking row may 'Meow meow' drug now UK clubbers' favourite singe Cameron The News of the World crisis turned severe after UK's top police officer and one of his deputies resigned following allegations of taking favours from an ex-editor of the publication. Stephenson, London's metropolitan police commissioner at Scotland Yard, took responsibility for his force appointing Neil Wallis, a former deputy editor of News of the World, as a public relations adviser. He also accepted hospitality worth £12,000 at a health spa, where Wallis was a PR consultant. Wallis was arrested on last Thursday on suspicion of being involved in phone hacking and paying bribes to policemen. Pointing a finger at Cameron, Stephenson suggested the PM risked being "compromised" by his proximity to former NOTW editor and Cameron's media director until January, Andy Coulson. "Once Neil Wallis's name did become associated (with hacking scandal), I did not want to compromise the PM in any way by revealing or discussing a potential suspect who clearly had a close relationship with Coulson," said Stephenson. Coulson is currently on bail. Cameron's continuance as Prime Minister will become untenable if evidence emerges that he knew about Coulson's direct participation in phone-hacking before making him his communications director. At a press conference in Pretoria, Cameron said: "I don't believe the two situations are the same in any shape or form. In terms of Andy Coulson, no one has argued that the work he did in government was inappropriate or bad. He worked well in government and then left it. There is a contrast with the situation at the Metropolitan Police where, clearly, the issues have been around whether the investigation is being pursued properly."

Scotland Yard may get first woman chief The Scotland Yard may get its first woman Commissioner if Sara Thornton is chosen to replace Sir Paul Stephenson who resigned as Metropolitan Police chief following the phone hacking scandal in Britain, a report said. Thornton is said to be the early favourite. She is the chief constable of Thames Valley force, which covers constituencies of British Prime Minister David Cameron and Home Secretary Theresa May. Chief Constable of Thames Valley Police, she is independent and will keep her distance from senior politicians and the media; she was at the Metropolitan Police from 1986 to 2000. Sir Paul resigned as Metropolitan Police Commissioner on last Sunday, following the phone hacking scandal, involving the 'News of the World' tabloid. He was criticised for hiring the tabloid's former deputy editor Neil Wallis, allegedly involved in the scandal, as an adviser. Sir Paul, however, insisted he had no knowledge of the extent of the phone hacking. He said in a statement: "I have taken this decision as a consequence of the ongoing speculation and accusations relating to the Met's links with News International at a senior level and in particular in relation to Mr Neil Wallis." He added: "Let me state clearly, I and the people who know me, know that my integrity is completely intact. I may wish we had done some things differently, but I will not lose sleep over my personal integrity."

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Mephedrone, the former "legal high" sometimes referred to as "meow meow", has become the clubbing scene's favourite drug in Britain, a recent research project shows. A new paper published in the online version of the Journal of Substance Use found the drug was more popular than cocaine and Ecstasy among clubbers despite being made illegal in April last year. The research, done by a team at Lancaster University, raises important questions about drugs policy and the impact of classification on substance use. It has been suggested that legal highs have become popular because their use carries no criminal sanctions. But Fiona Measham, a senior lecturer in criminology who led the research, said there was little evidence that making mephedrone illegal had affected its popularity. Of the 308 people questioned in a survey at two clubs in south London one night last summer, 154 intended to use drugs that night - mephedrone was the most common drug, with 27 per cent planning to take it. Mephedrone was found to be the second most commonly used drug in the past month and past year (41 per cent and 52 per cent respectively), with only cocaine being used more frequently (44 per cent and 59 per cent). Its price appears to have remained stable since possession of it was criminalised, with a gram costing between £20 ($38) and £25. Significantly, the findings did not suggest that users switched to other legal highs when the drug was made illegal. "Part of the legal highs debate is this idea that if you ban one, people move on to another," said Measham. "But this didn't happen ... People don't take anything because it's legal, they take it because they like it." The researchers suggested the rise in popularity of mephedrone might be partly down to deeper trends affecting the illegal drugs market. They write: "The popularity of mephedrone suggested by this study should be placed in the national context of a recent reduction in the availability, purity, prevalence and associated deaths for established illegal drugs in Britain, such as Ecstasy and cocaine."

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The Brazilian Post

JULY 25th - 31st 2011

Robertson: London Gilani's son 2012 Olympics will be gets degree at delivered under budget UK varsity

UK Sports Minister Hugh Robertson is “confident” the London 2012 Olympics will be delivered under budget after announcing that 88% of the construction program for the Games had been completed. Robertson said on Tuesday that the anticipated final building costs of the project had fallen by £16 million during the last quarter to £7.25 billion. The International Broadcast Centre became the fifth venue to be completed last week and the Aquatics Centre – the last major arena for the Games – could be unveiled before the one-year countdown on July 27. In March, the 80,000-seat Olympic Stadium in Stratford was completed. “With one year to go construction is 88% complete, ahead of time and under budget,” said Robertson, according to the BBC. Robertson said that the Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA) had done a “remarkable job to deliver top quality facilities in a challenging environment imposed by a fixed deadline and strict budget”. He added: “They have continued to drive down costs, which means we can celebrate one year to go with confidence and a real sense of excitement and expectation.” Robertson was speaking just a day after he insisted that security preparations for the 2012 Olympics would not be affected by the resignations of London's top two police officers. Scotland Yard chief Paul Stephenson and Assistant Commissioner John Yates, Britain's top anti-terrorist officer, resigned amid an intensifying scandal involving phone hacking. Both individuals insisted they quit to ensure the police will have stable leadership ahead of the London Games. Robertson stated that much of the security framework was already established before Counterterrorism Minister Pauline Neville-Jones left her job in May. “I am not concerned about the resignations in relation to Olympics security,” Robertson said in a statement to The Associated Press. “Pauline Neville-Jones made a massive contribution to get this in a good place.” The statement added: “The appointment of Chris Allison, as the Met assistant commissioner in charge of all of this, has also really driven it forward. He is the point man on Olympic security and I am 100% confident that we are where we ought to be.”

Amidst the academic caps tossed high in air by the students adorned in gowns, it was a proud moment for Prime Minister Syed Yusuf Raza Gilani as he attended the convocation ceremony of his son Qasim Gilani at the UK's prestigious Brunel University on last Tuesday. As parents, Prime Minister Gilani and his wife Fauzia Gilani along with their daughter Fizza and other sons witnessed the graceful ceremony held at the 40-year old university based in Uxbridge in West London. Qasim Gilani has passed his graduation in Bachelor of Science (Economics and Finance) and plans to do Graduate Diploma of Law. The convocation ceremony started in the university's main hall as the Vice Chancellor entered the arena flanked by faculty and outgoing students, proceeding in form of an academic procession. Qasim Gilani along with fellow students took oath for playing positive part towards society and utilize their energies for the benefit of humankind. At the end of ceremony, Prime Minister Gilani mingled with the cheerful parents of the graduating students and felicitated them. He also exchanged pleasantries with his son's classmates and congratulated them on their success. The Prime Minister attended the event as part of his private engagements as he arrived in London on last Monday on a four-day visit and also held meetings with British leadership including Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg and Foreign Secretary William Hague.

Murdoch attacked at parliamentary hearing

In a dramatic development perhaps never witnessed in UK`s illustrious parliamentary history, an intruder barged into a Westminster committee room hearing Rupert Murdoch`s and his son James`s testimonies on last Tuesday, and shoved a plate filled with shaving foam at the media baron, temporarily breaking up the session that was nearly two hours over schedule. The hearing on the voicemail hacking by reporters of the nowshuttered News of the World for news scoops was suspended as Louise Mensch, a Conservative MP, began asking questions. A man — later identified as comedian Jonnie Marbles — moved towards Rupert Murdoch. James rose to fend off the intruder and the elder Murdoch`s Chinese wife Wendi Deng lunged to block him. Soon after the committee reconvened, Murdochs` testimonies concluded with the father making unqualified apologies for voicemail intercepts saying, "I would like all the victims to know how deeply and completely sorry I am with the horrible invasion of their lives." He ended, "Saying sorry is not enough. Now, justice must be done. I wish I had seen these problems much earlier." Later, the committee also grilled former News International CEO Rebekah Brooks who admitted "mistakes were made" and reiterated the apology that Murdoch Senior offered. Brooks was the editor of the 168-year-old News of the World when the hacking took place. She resigned last week and was arrested and released on bail.

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Celeb Quote: "I have a lot of help that I didn't think I needed. My sister, Linda is like my children's' second mother. It's pretty amazing, because she wanted to have 14 children and can't have any." - Celine Dion to Star Magazine on motherhood


There are plenty of interesting events and activities happening to keep Londoners busy during the summer. One of these is the Somerset house screenings. So how about catching some timeless movies like Polanski's 'Chinatown', Luc Besson's sub-aquatic drama 'The Big Blue', Joe Cornish's 'Attack the Block', 'Thelma & Louise', 'In the Mood for Love' and 'The Princess Bride' in a beautiful neo-classical courtyard at Somerset House. Enjoy folks!


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JULY 25th - 31st 2011

The Brazilian Post

Hello beloved readers, This week I bring the saucy celebrity world to you. The girls still rule! RiRi talks about her fashion style and Drew about her fitness. Marc and Jlo's marriage secrets are coming out following their split and Marilyn Munroe, even after so long, is still making hearts race! Whoa to that! Keep me informed about what you think about your favourite section on and here's the dope!


keeps it real

Paltrow raising children in a religion she doesn't believe in! She is said to not believe in religion but is still planning to raise her family culturally Jewish. WHAT? Following Gwyneth Paltrow's recent appearance on ancestry show Who Do You Think You Are? she decided to raise her children as Jewish. Apparently, after Gwyn found out that her family comes from "a long line of influential East European rabbis," she was inspired to raise her kids in a Jewish environment. What's the deal, Gwyn? Are you embracing your religious side now? Is it just that you like Jewish traditional holidays? Have you told Chris Martin about this decision??? We'd like some more answers‌but in the meanwhile, congrats on your decision to introduce your kids to Judaism! Or we suppose we should say MAZEL TOV! Ha!

While Rihanna may at times have her fashion style compared to that of Lady GaGa's, the gorgeous singer says that's just not the case. "I don't think I could walk down the street wearing bubbles or a dress made of ham, [but] what Lady GaGa has done has been kind of amazing. I am the opposite. I wear clothes I would wear on the street. I'm all about a real look.", RiRi told to We Love Pop magazine. And we love that about you RiRi. It's nice to see celebs wearing outfits that most people could look at for inspiration or put together themselves.


used a butt double in Friends With Benefits!

To all of you who were looking forward to seeing Mila Kunis' booty for real in Friends With Benefits, we have some bad news: She used a buttdouble! 'I showed side boob and I figured I can't just give everything all away at once. I gotta let it all out in little pieces here and there.' she revealed. We suppose the olive branch here is that she does show some side-boob. Also, in usual hilarious fashion, Justin Timberlake had the best reaction on hearing about Mila's role: 'I wasn't begging [to be naked]. When I found out Mila was going to be naked, I was really sort of like, 'Ewww, gross. But I guess if that's what it takes to make the movie, then I'll do it.' Such a hero for the ages! Ha! Well, your butt or not your butt, Mila, the movie looks like fun! The question is: Did JT use a double/do we even get to see his?? We demand answers!

Shannen Doherty

is coming back to TV! The former 90210 star is getting her own reality television show on Wetv. The special series will follow Shannon Doherty and fiancĂŠ Kurt Iswarienko around as they plan for their upcoming nuptials. We'll get to see her pick the location, deal with planners, and choose the perfect white dress. And according to executive producers, audiences will see Shannon like never before - nice unfiltered, honest, and vulnerable. OMG! Yes, we DO think they've found the biggest and the baddest bridezilla. We can't wait to be entertained!

JULY 25th - 31st 2011

The Brazilian Post

Marc Anthony didn't like J.Lo dressing sexy

is launching Kidswear line

Lily Allen's Lucy In Disguise isn't closing Lily Allen's vintage store Lucy In Disguise is doing just fine, despite British newspapers reporting bad business has forced her to close the store in Covent Garden. A rep for the singer told Vogue UK that "Our Covent Garden space was a nine month pop-up store that helped us successfully launch the Lucy in Disguise concept and this current move was always part of our plan. Lucy in Disguise is pleased to announce that we have a new store. As we develop this exciting new space on 48 Lexington Street which will open in August, we are able to welcome our customers to our pop-up store just around the corner at 3 Lowndes Court." And just in case anyone wants to say otherwise, Lily tweeted this lovely little message: "If any other publication wants to write deliberately misleading articles about Lucy in Disguise, feel free, I WILL sue you." You've been warned. And show them who's the boss here, Lily!


How Drew Barrymore lost 20 pounds and kept it off

Marc Anthony was quite a controlling husband during his 7 years of marriage to Jennifer Lopez, especially when it came to her clothes. If Jenny ever wore something sexy, Marc would "make her feel terrible about herself" says one source close to the soon to be divorced couple. He even tagged along to a photo shoot last year and said one of the shots was "too sexy and unbecoming for a 40-yearold mother of two". It's true that J-LO is more sophisticated nowadays and doesn't try to get attention just for her sexy 'rear'. I think she is more artistically respected and is not just a better looking slut. Also, she worked damn hard to get that body back after giving birth to twins, and she needs to encourage mommas around the world to keep up with a fit body. I vote for some sexy, but not vulgar!

Gwen Stefani


Drew Barrymore is looking better than ever! So, what's her secret? Six years ago, Drew lost 20 lbs. and has been able to keep off the weight ever since. She credits sustainable eating to her success."I was a full vegetarian, living on carbs. [Now] I eat more protein. If I want that pasta, I'm gonna have it though! I don't eat a ton of meat, but if my body needs some, then I'll eat it. When I don't feel good about myself, I'll eat healthier or eat a little less.", she said. Drew isn't a fan of Hollywood fad diets, so instead she makes sure to eat three meals a day consisting mostly of organic fruit and vegetables and also drinks plenty of water and takes lots of Vitamin C. Of course, eating well isn't the only reason for her success. Drew's made sure to add in plenty of exercise."I didn't exercise before, but ever since I started, my body has really changed. It turns out those people who say exercise is good for you are right. I hate that! It doesn't matter how you raise a sweat so long as you have fun doing it!", she added. And fun means using the Bar Method, a combination of yoga, pilates, and running about 5 miles three days per week. Wow, Drew! It's obviously working and is something that is completely manageable on a day-to-day basis. Looking gorgeous! Gwen Stefani wants to share her children's rock star style and expand her popular Harajuku line to include children's clothing. The style icon is teaming up with Target and will introduce Harajuku Mini in their stores and website. The line will be geared towards babies, kids and tweens. It is set to launch in two sections: one in November and the other in January. “Harajuku Mini is a dream come true. I've always wanted to do a cool children's fashion line inspired by the supercute and playful kid's clothing you find in Japan. The whole idea is about being creative, expressing your own individuality and having fun getting dressed. Target has given me the creative freedom to design kid's clothing that is different than most anything you usually see out there with great quality, attention to detail and most of all, available at amazing prices.�, Gwen reveals. As for amazing prices, Stefani didn't lie, as items will range from $3.99 to $29.99. WOW! Moms, we can't wait to see the goodies!

Marilyn Monroe's supposed porn video worth half a million! A 6-minute porn film, shot sometime between 1946 and 1947, starring an unknown Marilyn Monroe is being auctioned off in August for at least $500,000! There are only two copies of the short film featuring the actress masturbating and having sex with an unknown man. The other was made public in 1997, and then sold to a private collector in 2001 for $1.2 million! Although there was some scepticism whether or not the woman in the rare film footage was ACTUALLY Marilyn, a letter from the president of the American Film Institute states that if it wasn't Monroe, it must be "her twin sister." Organizers of the Buenos Aires Film Collecting Fair, where the film is being auctioned, expect the item to go for at least TWICE the starting price! One million bucks for a 6 minute sex scene? Don't these people know they can get that stuff for free on the internet? HA!



London By Night

The Brazilian Post

JULY 25th - 31st 2011

LONDON BY NIGHT London by night is full of surprises, joy and beautiful people. This week we spotted Santa FĂŠ party. Check the photos and see you are there.

Carlos and Camila commemorating her birthday.

Geovanna having a nice birthday party.

Ires, Nilli, Dubla and Cristina.

Flavia,Camila,Cleo and Eluana.

Adriany commemorating her birthady.

Claudia,Jeanine,Talita and Carol.

JULY 25th - 31st 2011

The Brazilian Post

London By Night

Margarete,Geovanna, Michelle, Priscila, Claudia and Leticia.

angelica, Alexandra, Isabella, Carolina,Veronica,Adriany ,Ana,Ver and Sucda.

Do you want more?

Everybody having a good time.


Delicious Home-made food and The Best Feijoada of London FOOD ALSO SOLD BY WEIGHT

Alex and Renata.

020 7792 9050




JULY 25th - 31st 2011

Pridi, 24

This week we will be showing the columnist quick review at what we have seen so far. This will be the fashion celebration of the previous seasons . Take a look guys and enjoy it.

British/stylist Necklace: Charity shop: £3 T-shirt: Charity shop: £2 Jacket: Lee: £40 Jeans: Topshop: £40 Boots: Dr. Martens: £70 Music: Pop, a bit of everything Best of London: the people

Jiyoung, 22 South Korean/student Sunglasses: Pop vintage shop: £12 T-shirt: Asos: £20 Skirt: Primark: £8 Shoes: Office: £82 Bag: Topshop: £36 Music: Jason Mraz Best of London: multicultural, open mind people



Nicole, 22 Sweden/event management Sunglasses: Ray-Ban: £120 Scarf: Greece street market: £5 Dress: Vintage shop: £50 Jacket: M&Q: £250 Handbag: Beyond Retro: £35 Tights: Primark: £2 Shoes: Topshop: £70 Music: Minimal, electro Best of London: you never get bored, always something to do

Erika, 24

Sweden/actress Sunglasses: Ray-Ban: £120 Dress: Vintage shop: £40 Shoes: £ 170 Bag: Vintage shop: £10 Umbrella: Vintage shop: £35 Music: hip hop

India, 15 Simone, 21 Denmark/art media student Headband: American Apparel: £15 Top: Spotmax: £35 Jacket: Stine Goya: £100 Belt: Vintage shop: £2 Trousers: Vintage shop: £35 Socks: H&M: £5 Shoes: Dr. Martens: £60 Music: Minimal Best of London: everything

Remy, 21 French/music producer Sunglasses: Ray-Ban: £110 Shirt: Uniqlo: £30 Jeans: Meltin Pot: £30 Socks: Decaton: £2 Shoes: Vans: £30 Music: electronic music Best of London: parties

British/student Headband: Vintage shop: £2 Top: American Apparel: £15 Cardigan: Topshop: £30 Belt: Vintage shop: £1 Shorts: Levi's by vintage shop: £15 Tights: Topshop: £6 Bag: Beyond Retro: £40 Trainers: Converse: £30 Suitcase: Vintage shop: £30 Music: Talking Heads Best of London: friends, buildings, shops

The Brazilian Post

What’s Up

JULY 25th - 31st 2011

You don't have anything to do? Dada, our columnist is going to fill your week's schedule with the best programs, cultural tips and all that is happening in London. Make the most of it!

Do you have a passion for everything that is vintage? If the answer is yes, head to the Southbank Centre to check out rarities of retro fashion, art, film and design starting from the 20's right through to the 80's. The party counts on 70 live performances, 150 DJs, 250 stalls, vintage food and cocktails, catwalk shows and workshops. Besides all the events going on at Southbank Centre, numerous vintage clothes stalls and a food market will be spread outside the building as well.


High Arctic We could call the High Arctic exhibition a prediction of the Arctic's future as this project is set in the year of 2100. Many possible futures of our Arctic environment take shape as different kinds of installations. Mark Clark from United Visual Art, UVA, travelled with The Arts & Climate Science Foundation in Cape Farewell to the Arctic Archipelago of Svalbard, between Norway and the North Pole bringing with him his impression about what one day the Arctic could become. The exhibition is a fantastic visual show with lights, sounds and sculptural forms that will delight the visitors as make them think about the human behaviour and our interaction with the environment.

Funky Fridays at Museum of Childhood

Vintage Festival

The Brazilian Post

From the 29th of July the Museum of Childhood is hosting special Friday activities and live music with different themes that will occupy and amuse your kids. However, the fun time is not limited to Fridays only, special guests, music and storytelling are part of the Summer programme which include as well a retrospective exhibition of Judith Kerr's pictures book, author of The Tiger Who Came to Tea. 29/07 - 02/09 Free V & A Childhood Museum Cambridge Heath Road, E2 9PA Info: 0871 971 4232

29/07 31/07 Outdoors events free Day pass £60 Day pass + evening revue £75 £100 Southbank Centre Belvedere Road, SE1 8XX Info: 0871 6632501

Till 23/10 £5 - £6 The National Portrait Gallery St Martins Place, WC2H 0HE Info: 0871 971 4234

Until January 2012 £4 -£6 National Maritime Museum Romney Road, Greenwich, SE10 9NF Info: 020 8312 6565

Free Ice Cream Workshop Impress the family and friends by inviting them to taste your own home-made ice-cream. Have a masterclass with Chris McLean, Petter Jone's head chef and you won't disappoint your guests. By the end of the workshop you will be able to prepare the blueberry and raspberry ripple, caramel and toffee or mint choc chip versions. 27/07 Wednesday 6pm 30/07 Saturday 10:30 am Free - no bookings necessary Peter Jones Sloane Square, SW1W 8EL Info: 020 7730 3434

The Press Photographer's Year Exhibition A fine selection of the best press photography published by the UK

media is being shown in this exhibition. Famous shots from 2010 like the engagement of Kate Middleton and Prince William along with other important events from the world of sports, news and culture. These will be accessible to the public till September at the National Theatre. Till 04/09 Free National Theatre South Bank SE1 9PX Info: 020 7452 3400

Hollywood Portraits at National Portrait Gallery Memorable portraits of James Dean, Greta Garbo, Marlon Brandon among others. Glamour of the Gods is a unique opportunity to see rare portraits from 1920's to 1930's, some of them never shown before. The exhibition sheds light on how photography was used as a marketing tool by the cinema industry back then promoting artists, films and mesmerising the public.

Red Market If you consider yourself a nocturnal type, this is for you. The Red Market offers everything the conventional markets usually offer, the only difference is that you don't need to jump out of bed on Saturday mornings anymore. Drinks and all sort of food can be tasted at anytime from noon to midnight. Now you can enjoy your Fridays out without fear of missing your visit to market, isn't that great? Until 24/09, every Friday and Saturday Red Market 288 - 299 Old Street, EC2A


Sacred Chat

JULY 25th - 31st 2011

The Brazilian Post

FROM EGO TO HUMILITY Ego, it can get a bit confusing. Sometimes people say that a well-developed ego is essential and at other times that it is harmful. So, is ego good or bad? This really depends on how we define it. It's better to ask myself, what is my real identity? Who am I, and am I living my true identity or a false one? We can have many 'false' egos but only ever one true identity. It is the false egos that lead us into trouble! “I am this type of person!”, “I am right!”, “I am better than…”, “I am not as good as…”, these phrases are signs that we're coming from ego. Other signs include: feeling insulted, seeking approval, making comparisons, focusing on other's mistakes and one-upmanship. Ego creates negative thinking, doubts and worries. It is always more concerned about how other peoples' actions affect 'me' rather than taking any account of how 'mine' might affect them. When we become stuck in ego and believe that this is 'who we are', we limit ourselves. When we step back into our true identity our relationships improve. We become more assured and our self-esteem grows. Living our dreams becomes a real possibility because we become more resilient and less affected by other's negativity. We can experience true contentment. Humility is to know who I am, to align myself with my true nature and become my best self. Begin to explore this and test it out. Some useful questions are: What is my true nature? What are my core values? What am I doing just to fit in? What qualities do I admire in others? To attain a true perception of ourselves, we need to know both who we

ARIES You should feel the weight lifting from your shoulders. What appears as a giant blot on the landscape could in reality be a blessing. You are now in a highly creative phase, and one in which you should find some time to actually enjoy yourself. Although there’s an edginess with your relationships and friendships this week, take time to take a step back to see things from the other persons point of view. You may be tempted to act impulsively, but think of the consequences before doing anything.

TAURUS Although the idea of working as part of a team appeals to you, you know yourself that you get on a lot quicker by doing things by yourself. Don’t let anxiety or restlessness push you into impulsive actions at home or at work, even if you feel limited with certain situations. Family and property matters start to make even more of an impact on your life. It may be time for a gathering of the clans or the moment to shut the door on the office in order to focus on your nearest and dearest.

GEMINI Try to stay focused over career matters, as if your attention wanders, you may agree to something you don’t understand then will be too embarrassed to say you weren’t listening. The weekend brings fun to the

fore, but fantasy can dilute clear positive thinking, so be wary. Although there could be some dreamy propositions being dangled in front of you there is also a chance that something will slip between your fingers. And all for the sake of a missed phone call or a misunderstanding.

CANCER It’s time to sit down and work out how to expand your horizons, be it literally or figuratively, but keep it real and gauge your expectations with a healthy dose of reality. You find it easy to connect with others this week, so amp up the charm factor and see where it takes you. A healthy dose of self-worth should soon set matters to right. On the one hand, you could be at the beginning of a period of great activity in your bank account and, on the other, events could cause your ego to soar or sink.

LEO You feel compelled to share more emotionally with others, and as you start to open up you’ll find the experience unbelievably rewarding and cathartic. You should be beginning to sort out your feelings. Make sure though that there’s a healthy amount of give and take. It’s not all about you, so don’t hog the limelight. Travel too could be on the agenda, and, if you are indeed going a considerable distance, be prepared for some unexpected pit stops and a surprise once at

your destination.

VIRGO Don’t allow someone’s restless indecision to push your buttons to the maximum. It’ll only cause more tension and setbacks. Work on stabilising joint finances for the future, then everything will be in place when decisions need to be made. Try not to be too anxious if you’re not hearing from certain people or you cannot see signs of progress. Ideally, you need to take the pedal off the metal and retreat to a place where you can find rest and recuperation. Good news comes over the weekend.

LIBRA Collaborations are beginning to play a more significant role in your life. On the job front, squabbles are never far away, so take a step back for an objective look at what’s causing them. It may be time for new guidelines to be put in place. You could be about to join a group with whom you share many interests, a new project at work could be poised to start or you could be recognizing the advantages of team spirit, especially in a close emotional relationship. Now is the time to reach out to people.

SCORPIO A feeling of vagueness or uncertainty could be the cause of your recent distress over not

are and who we are not. We need to honestly assess both our strengths and weaknesses, what we do well and where we trip ourselves up. Humility is uncompromised strength, it is to have everything and want nothing. Those egos though! They are going to do their very best to trip us up. Here are some tactics you can employ to out-maneuver them. When success comes your way, make sure to “Share the Praise.” Enjoy successes without boasting or gloating and always make sure how everyone has helped to make the task successful. Include every small contribution, as it all adds up. Even with personal success, appreciate the help that has come to you along the way. Recognise your talents and what you are good at, but don't get trapped by them. Learn to value yourself as a 'being' first and not just for your skills. When you offer suggestions be careful not to move into telling people what to do. If you do, back track and gently express your opinions. Allow other people their opinions, be willing to acknowledge other's points of view and when appropriate, defer to the other person's judgment and agree they might be right. One final outmaneuver… stop comparing yourself to others. Everyone is valuable, including you. Be who you are and let others be who they are. Rather than focusing on weaknesses, begin to see your own selfworth and others' good points. Inner Space, Covent Garden

getting the job done in time. Remember that fatigue can come from excessive strain or long hours, so pace yourself. Tackle issues one at a time and don’t over reach. Should someone central to one of your high hopes make contact or you come across a piece of information that directly relates to an endeavour in the planning, follow it up. You should have no excuse for sidelining your ambitions now.

SAGITTARIUS You’re lucky to have the knowledge that friends and family give you the rich tapestry of support and encouragement no matter what you aim for over work or love, so when relationship conflicts arise, you’ll be taken by surprise. If you’ve messed up by default, work out how to make amends. Over the coming weeks, your need to stretch your legs - whether in the real or metaphorical sense - should be more than satisfied. Plan this break and the process should help you discover something about yourself.

CAPRICORN Much as you’d like life to run smoothly, and preferably to your blueprint, the reality is that there are going to be hurdles to get over along the way, so don’t sweat the little things. It’s a pointless waste of time and energy. Focus more on having fun with family and friends. In general, this is a period when other people show you how much they value you. This week could

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also bring finances to the fore. And, if you have been waiting for the right time to open up negotiations, the wait is over. Grab the chance!

AQUARIUS You may have meetings in the diary that you hope will lead to big things; alternatively, you could find that people will be making you offers that require serious consideration. Earlier in the year it was down to you to put out feelers and make the initial moves, whether for personal or professional reasons, but now it is down to others. Especially where romance is concerned please play hard-to-get. Don’t worry that you will frighten away an admirer, you expect to be wooed and won, and be absolutely certain.

PISCES This week boosts your confidence and self esteem, so don’t be afraid to don the mantle of a leader. You’re in a good place to go out on a limb and take a chance over money and love, but be sure to make informed choices before making decisions. Make sure everyone involved in an endeavour is on the same page and should people be sending you mixed signals or failing to supply confirmation, confront them now. Do not leave anything that involves paperwork until the last minute. Double-check!

World Many killed as Xinjiang erupts again Violent clashes left several people dead after rioters attacked a police station in China's restive province of Xingjian. At least four people were killed by the rioters while the police gunned down "several rioters", the official media reported on last Monday quoting police sources. The rioters took several people hostage during the attack on the police station in Hotan town in Xingjian. This is the first major case of rioters taking hostages in China's western region bordering Pakistan, which is a major source of Islamic militants. Unconfirmed reports said police had managed to free six hostages by challenging the rioters. The police said rioters broke into the police station last Monday afternoon and "assaulted the police, took hostages and set fire to the station." Two hostages, a member of the armed police and a security officer were killed in the attack, while another security official was severely injured. It added the police "shot a number of rioters" while freeing the hostages. The cause of the clashes is still not known but there are signs that the attack on the police station is related to the separatist movement of East Turkmenistan being conducted by a section of Uighur Muslims in Xingjian. The Uighur militants attacked a police station killing 16 constables and officers in 2008. This was followed by clashes between Uighurs and the majority Han community in July 2009 that left 197 dead. Last August, they detonated an explosive in a group of paramilitary officers resulting in the death of seven people in the city of Aksu. Sources said the national counterterrorism office has despatched "a working team" to the region.

Greece Deal: Markets scrutinised the details Markets scrutinised the details of the deal and investors turned their attentions to the American debt deadlock. Having surged on last Thursday in anticipation of a resolution, markets rallied on Friday morning following news of a new aid package for Greece. But, they eased from their early highs amid fears the measures to contain Greece's debt crisis will not be enough to quell regional turmoil. The euro initially made gains but later weakened as investors focused on how the Greek rescue package will be implemented. Amid relief at the deal, Greek 10-year bond yields narrowed to 13.7pc, having been trading at around 17.6pc last Friday. But, Spanish and Italian 10-year bond yields began to widen again, reaching 5.7pc and 5.4pc respectively.

Embaixada do Brasil

Auxiliar de apoio, contínuo/motorista (£1.700 mensal). Maiores detalhes Inscrições pessoalmente,

9h30 -12h30 ou 14h30 – 17h30, 18 julho a 1 agosto 2011 (Seg-Sex), 32 Green Street, Londres W1K 7AT.

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JULY 25th - 31st 2011

‘Strauss-Kahn slept with 3 women on assault weekend' Former IMF chief Dominique StraussKahn, who was freed from house arrest recently, slept with three women in the course of a few hours over the weekend of the alleged assault on a maid at a Manhattan hotel, a media report has claimed. Le Point magazine reported that the former chief of the IMF told his wife Ann Sinclair that he slept with three women as a last romp before the presidential election in France. "It wasn't just one for the road before the presidential campaign," a friend of Ann Sinclair said. "It was three." Strauss-Kahn's wife, who is with him in New York, continues to defend her husband. "Dominique has never been violent with anyone," she told friends. "Even the children, he never smacked them. He's a seducer, not a rapist." Sinclair, 64, told friends that her husband had warned her of his "skirt chasing" ways ahead of marriage. "Don't marry me. I'm an incorrigible skirt chaser." After he had cheated on her, he would tell her, "I warned you". It had previously been reported that Strauss-Kahn had tried to hit on a hotel receptionist but was rebuffed. Hours before the alleged assault, a woman from the banking world was reportedly seen entering the Sofitel Hotel with him. The court date for the next hearing of the sexual assault case against Dominique Strauss-Kahn was postponed from July 18 till August 1. The case against Strauss-Kahn has been weakened considerably after it emerged that maid has been lying to investigators. Strauss-Kahn's lawyers have asked for dismissal of the charges against him. They say that the sexual encounter between their client and the maid was consensual. But legal experts say that the maid's lies doe not automatically lead to a dismissal. Kenneth, Thompson, the maid's lawyer, has also asked prosecutors not to drop the case against Strauss-Kahn.



The Brazilian Post

JULY 25th - 31st 2011

JULY 25th - 31st 2011

CIA to resume operations in Pak

Ending months of estrangement, Pakistan military has allowed CIA to resume its normal operations in the country with Islamabad approving 87 visas for the agency sleuths. The logjam was broken during the crucial visit of Pakistan's military run ISI's chief lt gen Shuja Ahmed Pasha here with Islamabad and Washington framing out new rules of engagement, a media report said. "That will bring the agency back toward normal operations in Pakistan, after what was a low point after the January arrest of CIA contractor Raymond Davis," media reports said. "Under new rules of the road, the CIA — in theory, — swill share with the Pakistanis more information about what its operatives are doing in the country. For example, that joint CIA-ISI counter-terrorism operations have resumed." A tricky issue is the fate of Shakil Afridi, a Pakistani doctor who was arrested by the ISI in May for allegedly helping the CIA try to identify DNA of Osama bin Laden's family by running a private vaccination campaign in Abbottabad before the May 2 raid on bin Laden's compound. "US officials are said to have pressed for Afridi's release. The Pakistani countered that, because Afridi is a Pashtun who works in Khyber Agency in the tribal areas, certain tribal customs for compensation of victims must first be satisfied".

Russia foils major terror strike in Moscow Militants from the volatile North Caucasus had planned to stage a "major" terror act just outside Moscow, the head of Russia's state security agency told President Dmitry Medvedev on last Monday. "One of major terror acts was averted in the Moscow region several days ago," FSB chief Alexander Bortnikov told the Kremlin chief. He said in televised remarks the agency had detained four people from the restive Northern Caucasus, adding the militants had planned to target public places and "transport infrastructure" in the Moscow region. The FSB also confiscated several explosive devices carrying 10 kg of TNT equivalent, arms and maps, Bortnikov told Medvedev. Russia is battling a Muslim insurgency in the North Caucasus where attacks on officials are a daily occurrence and after several years, suicide attacks have returned to Moscow. A suicide bomber from the North Caucasus killed 37 people at Russia's busiest airport Domodedovo in January. Two female suicide bombers from that region killed 40 and wounded dozens on the underground during morning rush hour in 2010. Over the past six months Russia has seen 169 terrorlinked crimes.

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Hina Rabbani Khar is Pakistan's new FM

Pakistan's government has decided to appoint Hina Rabbani Khar, minister of state for foreign affairs, as full-time foreign minister to lead the country's delegation into the talks with India in New Delhi by the end of this month, official sources said. The decision in this regard was taken by PM Yusuf Raza Gilani on last Monday and sent a summary for Khar's appointment as the new foreign minister to President Asif Ali Zardari for a formal approval. The slot of Pakistan's foreign minister was vacant since February 9 when the incumbent Shah Mahmood Qureshi was removed form the post for his stance over the diplomatic status of Raymond Davis, a CIA contractor who killed two Pakistani nationals in Lahore. In the absence of FM, the country's foreign secretary, Salman Bashir,

had to defend Islamabad's embarrassing position when the world's top fugitive Osama bin Laden was detected and killed in a unilateral US raid in Pakistan's cantonment town of Abbottabad on May 2. The move to elevate Hina Rabbani Khar as FM was made in the wake of upcoming India-Pakistan FM level talks, official sources said. Khar, 34, was a member of national assembly of the PML-Q party during the military regime of Gen Pervez Musharraf and joined the ruling Pakistan People's Party ahead of the February 2008 general election. She was appointed as minister of state for economic affairs by the current government in 2008. Four days after Qureshi's removal, she was appointed minister of state for foreign affairs. Like most of other Pakistani politicians, comes from a feudal background.

7 US NGO workers kidnapped in Pak Seven Pakistani workers of a US NGO were kidnapped by unknown persons in Balochistan province of southwest Pakistan on last Tuesday. The workers were kidnapped in Sarkhab area of Pishin sub-division, about 50 km from provincial capital Quetta, by some persons travelling in two vehicles, officials were quoted as saying by TV news channels. The workers of the American Refugee Committee were returning to Quetta after visiting a camp for Afghan refugees at the time of the incident. The kidnapped persons are all residents of Balochistan. The incident occurred in an area located a short distance from the border with Afghanistan. The police and Levies militia launched a search to trace the kidnapped persons. No group claimed responsibility for the incident.

64 missile warheads stolen from Romania train Dozens of small, old rocket warheads were stolen from a train carrying military equipment from Romania to Bulgaria, officials said on last Monday. Authorities promised that the 64 warheads posed no danger to the public but offered varying explanations. The Romanian national police said there was no risk because they were not attached to rockets. Spokesman Florin Hulea declined to provide further details. Two daily newspapers cited officials close to the investigation as saying that the warheads did not contain explosives. Bulgaria's Economy Ministry said the warheads belonged to 122mm-diameter Grad rockets, which are typically fired from vehicle-mounted multiple-rocket launchers. It said in a statement that the shipment was part of a transfer of "nonfunctional components and parts'" for reprocessing at the VMZ factory, one of Bulgaria's largest military factories, in Sopot, central Bulgaria, where the components and parts were to be replaced and the warheads prepared for sale. "The fuzes (warheads) were transported separately from the projectiles,'' the ministry added. Romanian officials also tried to portray the last Saturday theft as accidental. Eugen Badalan, a member of the parliamentary defense committee, said the thieves "had no idea what they stole,'' and prosecutors said they were investigating whether the components were stolen by scrap metal thieves. However, only one of the eight cars on the 27-car train was broken into. The Bulgarian Defense Ministry confirmed in a press release that the recipient of the fuzes was a Bulgarian company, not its armed forces. It said the Interior Ministry's Dangerous Weapons Control Service had issued a permit for the transport of the delivery.



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Direct Selling:

Castlestone Providing boost to raided by family incomes FSA

Speed News: 34,000 police jobs to be axed

Crime rates could jump as one in 10 police officers is axed under Government spending cuts, an official inquiry has warned.

Europe's leaders back new Greece deal

Eurozone leaders are supporting a new bail-out for debt-laden Greece with a lower interest rate and more time to pay it off.

Brazil markets foresee rate pause, but cautious

The rate hike was expected but the statement accompanying the decision removed language about a "prolonged" tightening cycle, which some analysts read as a hint the bank could stop tightening rates as soon as their next meeting at the end of August.

Financial watchdog, the Financial Service Authority (FSA) on last Wednesday raided an investment management group's offices across the UK after receiving a complaint about the company, which is responsible for around $540m (£335m) of investors' money. Castlestone Management (EU) Limited, authorized as a fund service provider by the Irish Central Bank (ICB) in mid-2008, had until recently offered four investment fund for sale to UK private investors via advisers. Its portfolio consisted of three commodities funds investing in the likes of precious metals, agriculture and energy, and one multi-asset fund investing in equities, bonds, properties and currencies, among others. All are Dublin-listed. But three of the four – the Aliquot Commodity fund, Aliquot Agriculture fund and Intelligent Portfolio Asset Allocation fund – were closed to new investors in early June 2011 following intervention by the ICB. It was reported at the time that Castlestone had not been complying with tougher new rules introduced to cover investments known as Ucits IV funds (which included three of the four), even though compliance is not fully required until mid-2012. The Ucits directive aims to introduce similar investment rules for investment management groups across EU member states, allowing them to operate and cross-market their products throughout the EU. The ultimate aim is for any resulting cost-savings to trickle down to consumers. Castlestone's product literature indicates that it charges a standard annual management fee of 1.75% but a relatively high performance fee of 15% across its products. The FSA raid was conducted with support from the City of London police, who searched Castlestone offices near Sloane Square in the centre of London.

Brazil's IPO market stumbles amid market volatility Volatility in Brazil's equity market in recent months is frustrating the intentions of local companies to obtain financing via initial public offerings of shares, operations that traditionally attract avid foreign investor interest. Copersucar has exclusive agreements to market sugar and ethanol produced by 48 cane mills in the states of Sao Paulo, Parana, Minas Gerais and Goias. It sold 5.24 million tons of sugar and 3.55 billion litres of ethanol in the year ended March 31. The company said, in the preliminary prospectus for its IPO, that it planned to use the proceeds to improve its capital structure in order to boost investments and increase working capital. Concerns about the economic outlook in the U.S. and China, debt-ceiling talks in the U.S., the euro-zone debt crisis and a continued increase in Brazil's benchmark Selic interest rate to control inflation have all weighed on the Brazilian equities market in the past few weeks

Many over-fifties are cashing in on opportunities offered by "direct selling" companies to boost their earnings or supplement their retirement income. Direct selling is face-to-face selling outside a normal retail environment, either on a one-to-one basis or at specially held parties. Companies such as Betterware, Herbalife and Avon use direct sellers. It is certainly a big business. The industry is worth £2bn annually to the UK economy with more than 400,000 people selling products this way. Direct sellers can often earn more money by recruiting other people to sell products too, and then earning commission on the sales their recruits make. In most cases getting started requires only a very modest initial investment – usually about £100. Sellers are self-employed and so will need to sort out their own tax and National Insurance payments. Another advantage is that hours are flexible and can generally fit around other jobs or family commitments, which is why traditionally, direct selling has appealed to young working mothers. But increased redundancies and the difficulties older people have finding work means recruits are joining at all times of life. The Direct Selling Association (DSA), the trade body that represents the UK's major direct selling companies, has seen a 29 per cent increase in recruits aged over 50 in the past year. The DSA estimates there are currently 120,000 direct sellers over the age of 50 in the UK, compared with 93,000 in 2009/10. Recent statistics have shown that unemployment is falling, but overfifties are struggling to get back into work, with 44 per cent of unemployed at that age having been out of work for more than a year. Paul Southworth, the director general of the DSA, says: "In terms of quality of life, from what our member companies tell us, many in the plus-50 age bracket enjoy the social side of direct selling, which allows them to continue to work and network with a variety of people.

JULY 25th - 31st 2011

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Prince Andrew to SSE increases gas and step down as UK electricity prices trade envoy Buckingham Palace has confirmed that Prince Andrew will give up his title as Britain's "special representative" for Trade and Investment. The prince has been criticised over his friendship with controversial figures, including convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, an American financier. The prince has held the role as UK envoy from 2001 - his remit was to promote UK business interests abroad. His friendship with Mr Epstein, who was sentenced to 18 months in prison in 2008 for soliciting a minor for prostitution, led to calls for Prince Andrew to step down from his role in March, but Prime Minister David Cameron gave him his full backing. The prince's judgement has also been questioned for holding meetings with Libyan leader Col Muammar Gaddafi's son Saif, and for entertaining the son-in-law of Tunisia's ousted president Zine El Abidine Ben Ali at Buckingham Palace. A Buckingham Palace spokeswoman said the prince would "continue to support business in the UK", adding that he "will not have a specialist role as defined by government but will undertake trade engagements if requested". In his 2011 annual review, published on last Thursday, the duke said: "As the evolution of my role continues apace and in order to reflect the changes I have outlined, I have decided that the label I gave myself when I began this role of Special Representative has served its purpose and is no longer necessary to the work that I do today and, more importantly, in the future." Prime Minister David Cameron said he would like to thank the duke for the "major contribution he has made over the last decade to UK trade".

Brazil to expand broadband Internet Brazil plans to expand internet access with low-cost broadband service across the country. By 2014, the government wants internet access available to 70 per cent of Brazilian homes, compared with today's 27 per cent, Communications Minister Paulo Bernardo Silva told reporters on Thursday. Internet providers are expected to begin offering this access in 60 days, at speeds of at least one megabit per second for a monthly fee of 35 reals, Silva said. He cited studies showing that for every 10 per cent of the population with access to the internet, the economy grows 1.4 per cent. 'For the economy, the internet is an essential service,' he said. By 2014, Brazil should be able to provide the population with internet speeds of at least five megabits per second, Silva added. The 12 Brazilian cities that will host the 2014 World Cup are expected to install internet networks with speeds of between 50 and 100 megabits per second, Silva said. The government plans to spend 10 million reals ($A5.98 million) on the infrastructure needed to expand broadband internet access.

Scottish & Southern Energy (SSE) has announced an increase in its electricity and gas prices by 11% and 18%, edging millions of households closer to fuel poverty. It is the third price rise from one of the "Big Six" – SSE, British Gas, EDF, E.ON, npower and Scottish Power – in less than two months, and will take the typical dual fuel bill from £1,094 to £1,265 per year. The increases, to be introduced on 14 September, will affect around 5.2 million electricity customers and 3.6 million gas customers across the UK. SSE last raised electricity prices in August 2008 and gas prices in December 2010. It guaranteed there will not be another price rise until August 2012 "at the earliest". The SSE announcement comes less than two weeks after British Gas stunned households by announcing a rise in electricity and gas prices by 16% and 18%, just eight months after it raised its prices by 7%, and Scottish Power's early-June announcement of a 10% rise in electricity prices and 19% rise in gas prices. The firm blamed the increase on the rising wholesale prices of electricity and gas, and also noted that Ofgem has increased the price it charges for energy firms to use the networks to distribute electricity and gas to customers. It also blamed the "mandatory environmental and social schemes" that suppliers are required to fund, such as the Carbon Emissions Reduction Target and the Warm Home Discount. Consumer Focus said that if all the Big Six energy firms raised their prices by the same as Scottish Power, (19% for gas and 10% for electricity), a further 1.3 million Britons would be plunged into fuel poverty, on top of the 5.1 million people if there were no price rises.



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Helvécia in the UEFA Futsal Cup After winning the FA National Futsal League Helvécia got the opportunity to represent England in the UEFA Futsal cup. Helvécia is in the preliminary round that will be held in Vienna from next month. Keeping contact with the Brazilian Post, the Helvécia President Ademar Pereira said that the team is working very hard, sleeping, eating and living futsal 24 hours. A record 49 clubs from 48 associations are taking part in the UEFA Futsal Cup's 11th edition and 45 of them were involved in the draws. The 28 lowestranked contenders will begin in the preliminary round from 13 to 21 August and have been split into seven groups of four teams. All seven group winners will join the 17 clubs who were given byes in the main round. Matches will take place between 24 September and 2 October. The top two in each main round group will progress to the elite round draw on 11 October, where they will join the four highest-ranked clubs. The elite round is played from 12 to 20 November and will decide the four teams that will compete in the finals next April.

Don´t push them Wherever you go in England you can see people´s passion for sports; in pubs, shopping centres and at homes. Everywhere they are watching and talking about sports. Football, cricket, rugby, F1 are just some of the examples of the sports people love in England but this passion can also be the reason for some athletes feeling the pressure and failing to win competitions. The Premier League is one of the best and hardest competitions in the world and the quality of the players is unbelievable but when you look at the English Team and names like Rooney, Lampard, Gerard and Terry you don't understand why they don´t show their talents in the National. When you see Murray playing you can say that you are watching a complete player, he has the quality, he has the fitness, he is young and he has all the cards to win but something is still missing; infact the problem is not about talent and commitment, the problem is about expectations. So maybe if the athletes had more space to breathe better results would appear straight away.

Pan American Games Update The Pan American Games competition orders for the men's and women's teams are drawn. The 8 countries of the American Continent that are qualified for the continental Handball match were placed in their competition groups for the XVI Pan American Games Guadalajara 2011. Because Mexico is the host country of America's Fiesta, the technical body of the women's National Selection headed by coach Lourdes Martinez, chose to place Mexico in Group A, alongside Chile, Puerto Rico, and Argentina. Group B is made up of Brazil, the Dominican Republic, Uruguay, and the United States. In the men's division, through the technical body headed by Victor Romero Valencia, Mexico was placed in Group B alongside the Dominican Republic, the United States, and Argentina. Group A is comprised of Brazil, Canada, Chile, and Venezuela. The Handball competitions will be held from October 15-24 in the San Rafael Gymnasium. Handball is one of the 15 sports that will get tickets to the 2012 London Olympic Games; therefore, a high level of competition is expected from these upcoming competitions.

Brazil, Argentina out is not a surprise Brazilian Volleyball back to the top

Paraguay and Uruguay are in the final and Brazil and Argentina are out of the America's Cup. For the majority of the people that is a big surprise but if you look at the last results they can explain why Brazil and Argentina are out. Uruguay finished the last World Cup in the fourth place and Forlan was the best player in the competition. Paraguay has a good defense system and has always been a hard team to beat and now they know how to score. Brazil and Argentina have the best players in the world but this doesn´t mean they have the best teams. Players like Messi, Tevez, Neymar and Pato don´t shine in the National team like they shine in their clubs. In addition, when playing in the National Team they don't have the support or the freedom that they have in their clubs. Messi misses Xavi and Iniesta, Neymar is too young to hold all this pressure on his shoulders. The truth is that from now on to see big teams out of the big competition will be more common that we think.

Less than a month after the Brazilian men's volleyball national team lost to Russia, in the 2011 FIVB Volleyball World League Final the Brazilian U-19 Boys put the Brazilian Volleyball back to the top. Brazil demolished Puerto Rico 3-0 (25-15, 25-11, 25-16) to claim the gold medal at the inaugural U-19 Boys' Pan American. Both teams are qualified to next month's FIVB Boys' Youth World Championship to take place in Argentina. Joao Ferreira was Brazil's top scorer with 13 points while Flavio Gualberto and Henrique Batagim contributed 9 points apiece to the winning cause. “Our strategy helped us to succeed,” Brazil's Coach Percy Oncken said. “Our boys played with their hearts out and worked very hard.” United States, another team with a ticket to Argentina, scored a 3-0 (25-23, 25-19, 25-21) over hosts Mexico to take the bronze.

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Arco Iris Residential delivers 92 more houses

intro - Coinciding with the second phase of the Brazilian government housing programme "My House, My Life," ECOHOUSE DEVELOPMENTS will deliver 92 more houses in August under its Arco Iris Residential project, in Natal, RN. Working hard at the construction site with heavy machinery and 192 men, including engineers, master-builders, bricklayers, carpenters, machinists, Arco Iris Residential completed its second phase of the project, paying for their investors with returns of 20% over the capital invested in one year. In September, the third phase of Arco Iris Residential project onsets : the construction of 92 more houses.

Aerial view of Arco Iris Residential completely urbanized, fully integrated into the city of Natal and a few meters from the Federal Highway

Heavy machinery working on the compression of the foundations.

Surrounded by natural beauty, the Arco Iris Residential begins to take shape.

Work in progress: the walls of the houses being raised.


Invest in Brazil Today The Safe Way with Ecohouse Developments ECOHOUSE DEVELOPMENTS, Office 306, 2 Sheen Road, Richmond,Surrey, TW9 1AE

0203 468 6910 Email: Website:

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