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Greenpeace blocks oil company's office

SEP 05th - 11th 2011

Students protest for increased education funding




Rousseff: stadiums will be ready



WC workers on 2nd strike in 2 weeks

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Riots to cost Met Police 34m



Mel B tired of being pregnant!



Eating in the dark



Obama congratulates new Japanese PM



Banks in Greece are banding together

SPORT: Brazilian championship update



Cinema par excellence! For the third year running the British capital will host the unmissable Brazilian Film Festival of London. The week-long festival will be exhibiting 20 films; 10 fulllength features and 10 shorts. The programme will feature a wide variety of genres, including drama, documentary, comedy and fiction. The films combine good quality acting, photography and content, presenting a great sample of Brazilian cinema to London audiences. During the festival, the public will be able to vote for the best full length and short film. The Lente de Crystal (Crystal Lens) Prize will be presented to the winners on the closing night of the Festival.

Brazil LONDON 02

The Brazilian Post

SEP 05th - 11th 2011



3rd Brazilian Film Festival After successful outings in New York, Vancouver and Miami in June, July and August respectively, the Brazilian Film Festival arrives in London this autumn. For the third time, the British capital will host another edition of the festival, opening up a great batch of Brazilian cinema to British audiences. The films this year demonstrate a certain maturity in this era of Brazilian film production. "Brazilian cinema is piping hot with a good batch of films that have introduced large audiences to our national production. We have to make room for these films and allow them to extend beyond our borders and conquer foreign audiences," says producer and festival organiser, Bianca de Fellipe. Of the 20 films to be shown, 10 will be full length features and 10 will be shorts, from a wide range of genres including drama, documentary comedy and fiction. The films are a potent mix of good quality acting, photography and content. For Iafa Britz, the chance to screen these productions in various cities, such as London, is an opportunity to get more people seeing these films. “ It's great to be able to show the caliber of films we are making, the quality, its content, this always allows cultural trade or exchange between two countries” she remarks. Names such as Charly Braun, who will be presenting his first full-length feature, Beyond the Road; Claudio Torres with debutant film of the festival, The Man of the Future; Flavio Frederico with (Boca do Lixo); Malu de Matino with So Hard to Forget, Toniko Melo with the



film Vips all feature in the programme. Two documentaries were selected for the festival. Elza, directed by Izabel Jaguaribe and Ernesto Baldan, brings the music scene of Música Popualar Brasileira (MPB) to the silver screen through the story of singer Elza Soares. The Sons of João, The Admirable New Baiano World, a documentary directed by Henrique Dantas, tells and sings the story of the career of a group of musicians from Bahía during the rise of MPB. On Saturday (10th), the presentation of the Lente de Crystal (Crystal Lens) Prize will take place at the Odeon Covent Garden. The award sculpted by artist Helena Bressane, will be subject to a public vote within two categories: fulllength features and shorts. The 3rd Brazilian Film Festival of London is presented by BNDES, with the support of the Brazilian Government and Ancine. Also, on the closing night, the producer and one of the organisers of the festival, Paula Barreto will receive a tribute from Women in Film and Television, which will include a screening of her first cinematic production, Romeo and Juliet Get Married, a film directed by her brother, Bruno Barreto. “The Inffinito Festival Circuit is the most democratic and shows what Brazilian cinema has already achieved abroad so far. It operates in key cities with different concepts and always with great local visibility." explains Paulo Sergio Almeida, emphasising that today Inffinito is one

of the most important cultural production houses in Brazil and the best showcase of the country's cinema abroad. Programme: Tuesday (6th) 8:30pm Man From The Future Wednesday (7th) 6:30pm The True Story of The Ballerina in Red / Beyond the Road - 8:30pm The Cake, Head Over Heels Thursday (8th) 4:30pm Beardy Boy / The Sons of João, The Admirable New Baiano World - 6:30pm Little Ball Satellite / So Hard to Forget – 8:30pm The Bizarre Friends os Ricardinho / 180º Friday (9th) 4:30pm One Night – Boca / 6:30pm Storm – Elza / 8:30pm The Hours' Home – Vips Saturday (10th) 4.00pm 3X4 – The Supreme Happiness / 7.00pm Romeo and Juliet Get Married Perspectives: "It's great to show the kind of films we're doing, the quality, content, always cultivate trade and cultural exchange with other countries." Iafa Britz "The cinema market in Brazil is piping hot with a good batch of films that have taken large audiences to our national production. We have to help these films make it through our borders and conquer other audiences." Bianca de Fellipe "The Inffinito Festival Circuit is the most democratic and shows what Brazilian cinema has already achieved abroad so far. It operates in key cities with different concepts and always with great local visibility." Paulo Sergio Almeida

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SEP 05th - 11th 2011

The Brazilian Post

Rousseff: WCup-14 stadiums will be ready Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff says the construction or renovation of nine of the 12 stadiums that will host 2014 World Cup will be finished next year. Rousseff says in her weekly column published last Tuesday that work on the stadiums is proceeding at an "adequate pace." She says nine stadiums will be ready by December 2012. She says the other three will be ready one year later. The slow pace of stadium construction or renovation is a concern as Brazil prepares for the World Cup, along with the lack of airport infrastructure. Rousseff says airports in six cities hosting World Cup matches are being expanded, and the bidding process for the renovation of another five airports is under way.

Greenpeace blocks oil company's office Greenpeace activists dressed as oilcovered humpback whales shut down a petroleum services company last Wednesday to protest oil exploration near a Brazilian marine national park. Two groups of activists took part: those dressed as whales and others dressed in suits and masks that resembled the face of Eike Batista, the Brazilian billionaire who controls the oil-services and shipbuilding company OGX Brasil. The Batista look-alikes dumped oil on top of the protesters dressed as whales in front of OGX's headquarters. Humpback whales breed near Abrolhos, an archipelago off the coast of the northeastern state of Bahia that is home to the Abrolhos Marine National Park. Greenpeace wants oil companies to agree to a 20-year moratorium on oil exploration near the islands, so the whales have time to reproduce and increase their population, said Ricardo Baitelo, the international organization's energy-campaign coordinator for Brazil. The humpback whales were decimated around the globe before the International Whaling Commission gave them worldwide protection status in 1966. The national park is the only area in the south Atlantic where the whales breed, making it essential to their survival, Baitelo said. OGX director Paulo Mendonca said the company's operations are fully compliant with Brazilian legislation. “The company considers the Abrolhos Marine National Park important for

biodiversity, and believes it should be preserved," Mendonca said in a written statement. Greenpeace kicked off its moratorium campaign this year in response to a federal court's decision in December to allow oil exploration within a previously protected, 30mile (50-kilometer) radius of the national park. Shortly after the decision, the National Petroleum Agency, or ANP, opened bidding for exploration licenses on 16 blocks that were completely or partially included in the previously protected area, the agency said in a statement issued at the time. Companies that snapped up the licenses included Petrobras, with the greatest number of blocks, Shell, Perenco and Batista's OGX, among others. Greenpeace sent a letter to the companies about three weeks ago asking them to voluntarily refrain from exploring in the area, Baitelo said. The organization ideally would like to protect nearly 37,000 square miles (93,000 square kilometers) of territory, including the park, Baitelo said. At the very least, it wants to ensure protection of the previously protected area. Brazil's state-run oil giant Petrobras responded that it wasn't going to explore within the 30-mile (50kilometer) radius. But other companies didn't respond, including OGX and Perenco, an Anglo-French oil and gas company. Greenpeace protested at Perenco's Rio de Janeiro office on last Tuesday. "We're trying to push them to give us an answer now," Baitelo said.

Sao Paulo funeral workers strike Funeral workers were on a strike in Brazil's largest city, and it caused delays in burials. More than 1,000 workers in Sao Paulo halted their activities on last Tuesday, delaying the release of bodies for burial and frustrating relatives of the deceased. Brazilians traditionally hold funerals within a day of death. The workers wanted a salary increase of nearly 40 percent and better working conditions. They said in a statement last Wednesday that the strike will go on until city officials meet their demands. Other health workers also participated in the strike.



Lula: Will promote Costa Rica in Brazil Brazil's former president, Lula da Silva, arrived in Costa Rica on last Tuesday for a short visit, meeting with presidenta Laura Chinchilla, and discussed two burning topics trade and investment. Lula said that he will "convince" Brazilian businesses on the potential of Costa Rica. In brief remarks to reporters after meeting with Chinhilla, Lula said that "there is space and market in Brazil for a country like Costa Rica" and aims to "convince the Brazilian businessmen to know the potential" of this Central American country. To achieve this, he said, requires more cooperation from the authorities of both countries and "more dynamics between government ministers," he said. Lula is in San JosĂŠ invited by the Brazilian construction company OAS Ltda, that is expecting to be awarded a contract worth us$52.5 million dollars to build a road in the northern part of the country. The former Brazilian president explained that the economic crisis that began in 2008, "requires countries to reflect" and, in the case of Latin America, lamented that "the problem is that we have never raised ourselves to our potential". Lula also addressed a private conference on the "Integrating social and economic development of Latin America". After the meeting between Lula and Chinchilla, Costa Rica's presidenta held a private dinner in Lula's honour. Lula visited Costa Rica when he was president of Brazil and this was his first trip to the Central American country since he left office.

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The Brazilian Post

WC workers go on second strike in 2 weeks World Cup construction workers at the Maracana went on strike on last Thursday for the second time in two weeks after elements of a pay accord reached to end the first stoppage were not met, they said. "We had the promise of an increase in our basic wage and we haven't received it so far. Also important to the workers is the inclusion of family members in the health plan," director of the construction workers' union Luiz Fonseca told reporters. Two weeks ago labourers refurbishing the giant stadium for the 2014 World Cup went on strike after a colleague was badly injured in an onsite explosion. They demanded higher pay, better security and family health care. The group in charge of the work, scheduled to be completed by the end of next year and in good time for the 2013 Confederations Cup, said talks with the union had stalled. “The consortium believes there is no motive for the present stoppage and informs it will go immediately to the Labour Tribunal to get the strike declared illegal and order a return to work," it said in a statement. There are 2,000 men working at the stadium that will stage the World Cup final and may also host the opening match of the tournament. The estimated cost of renovations was reduced by 72 million Brazilian reais to 860 million ($541.2 million) on last Wednesday on the orders of a federal body that controls public spending after the value of some services, equipment and materials was queried. The previous estimate was one billion reais.

SEP 05th - 11th 2011

Students protest for increased education funding Inspired by huge protests in Chile, thousands of Brazilian students took to streets outside the seat of government last Wednesday demanding that at least 10 percent of gross domestic product be spent on education. Some 2,500 Brazilians rallied in the capital, chanting “Chile, friend, Brazil is with you!” outside the Central Bank building, as protesters emptied a water truck in a symbolic “cleansing” of corruption, and a delegation was received by Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff. Hundreds of thousands have demonstrated across nearby Chile in recent months, sometimes clashing violently with police, as students there demand far-reaching education reforms. Many Chileans have dismissed the government's latest plan to resolve the crisis, which recently climaxed with a 48-hour general strike. In a show of support for the Brazilian movement, University of Chile student union president Camila Vallejo, one of the protest leaders in Santiago, addressed the demonstrators in Brasilia. “We want to reaffirm the unity of student movements in Chile, in Brazil, and throughout Lain America,” Vallejo, 23, said. Brazilian Julia Vasconcelos, a 21-year-old civil engineering student, waved a Chilean flag at the protest. “We support the struggle of the Chileans, and hope that their efforts influence the consciousness movement here in Brazil,” she said. In booming Brazil, the economic engine of South America, expansion and improvement of the education system is considered vital for a nation desperate to boost the number of its skilled workers, particularly as it builds up its infrastructure ahead of the 2014 soccer World Cup and 2016 Olympics. The demonstration coincides with the development in Brazil of a new 10-year national education plan, and student protesters hope the plan gets sufficient attention in Congress when it comes up for debate. “Public education in Brazil is bad. We do not have the same opportunities as students in private schools,” lamented Natalia, an 18-year-old student.

Wildfires rage in 17 protected reserves Brazilian officials say wildfires have burned about 930 square miles (2,400 square kilometers) of land inside 17 national reserves since the start of the dry season. The government's Chico Mendes conservation institute says about 1,600 firefighters and volunteers are struggling to control the flames. Officials say the dry season that began in June has been particularly bad this year, with less rainfall across the country and higher temperatures. The government says the number of fires in the jungle state of Amazonas has nearly doubled this year, with more than 260 outbreaks. Officials say the causes of the fires are often natural, such as lightning striking dry land. But they've also warned residents in the Amazon region to not light fires on their property.

SEP 05th - 11th 2011

The Brazilian Post


China firms to pay $1.95 bn for Brazil miner stake

Three Chinese firms will pay $1.95 billion for a 15 percent stake in Brazilian rare metal mining firm CBMM, the world's biggest producer of niobium, state media said last Thursday. The deal comes as China snaps up key resources globally in a bid to secure stable supplies to keep its economy, the world's second biggest, moving. CBMM, Companhia Brasileira de Metalurgia e Mineracao, produces niobium, a rare metal crucial to the production of high-grade steel for cars and other products. China's Taiyuan Iron and Steel Group, financial conglomerate CITIC Group and Baosteel Group set up an investment vehicle for the deal, due to be completed last Thursday. "This successful acquisition has major significance for the stable domestic supply of niobium resources," experts were quoted as saying. Taiyuan Iron and Steel Group, based in the northern province of Shanxi, is a major producer of stainless steel while Shanghai-based Baosteel is China's second largest steel maker by output. The deal follows a similar move by a consortium of Japanese and South Korean companies, which also took a $1.95 billion stake in CBMM in March. Japanese members of the consortium included Nippon Steel, JFE Steel, trading house Sojitz and the state Japan Oil, Gas and Metals National Corp. The South Korean entities were Posco and the National Pension Service. At the time, the companies said they sought stable supplies of the metal as China, India and other emerging countries produced more high-grade steel. Global demand for niobium grew around 10 percent annually while imports of the metal to China almost doubled over the past four years and will continue to rise in coming years, the state media report said, but gave no figures. CBMM is estimated to control more than 80 percent of the world's niobium market. The miner, part of the Moreira Salles Group, is involved in the extraction, processing, manufacturing and marketing of niobium-based products, according to the company's website. Currently, around 75 percent of niobium consumption is for alloy steels, and the metal is used in products ranging from aircraft to turbines.

Brazil to cut tax to woo telecom investment Brazil hopes to attract 70 billion reais in investment in its telecoms sector in the next four years for the construction of fiber optic cable networks by exempting companies building them from certain taxes, the communications minister said. The government would forfeit an estimated 4 billion in tax through the measure, the minister, Paulo Bernardo, said. President Dilma Rousseff has to decide whether to send the proposal to Congress or implement it immediately with a decree that would still require legislators' approval at a later date. The Communications Ministry will register companies seeking to obtain the reduction and only approve those willing to construct fiber optic cable networks in remote areas where existing communications networks are minimal. Brazil plants to extend availability of high-speed Internet across Latin America's largest economy through a National Broadband Plan that would charge about 35 reais per month for a 1 megabyte-per-second connection. Brazil's largest telecom group, Oi, CTBC and Sercomtel will participate in the broadband plan, Bernardo said in June.


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Olympics to be screened live in 3D The London 2012 Games will be the first Olympics to be broadcast live in 3D, Panasonic has announced. A pool of global broadcasters, now standing at 14 but "it will be more in the next few weeks", is being brought on board, director of Olympic Broadcasting Services Manolo Romero said. They will cover more than 40 venues, opening and closing ceremonies and more than 12 sports, some of which will be covered in 3D for the first time. For the on-site production Panasonic will provide 3D equipment including camcorders, TV monitors and a technical team for live 3D TV production at London 2012. It is a tie-up between Panasonic, a worldwide Olympic sponsor, the Olympic Broadcasting Services and the International Olympic Committee. Describing the move to 3D as "historic", Mr Romero told a technology conference in Berlin: "We believe that this will be the most significant step in the sporting history of broadcasting." Coverage of the Beijing 2008 Olympics was made in HD, fitting in with the efforts of hi-tech companies to use new technologies at the different Games. Takumi Kajisha, Panasonic's corporate communications managing director, said: "It is no doubt that the Olympic Games provides the best ever content for the 3D market and 3D will drastically change the way we enjoy the Games in the living room. “We believe that our partnership will provide a true end-to-end solution for the success of the first 3D live Olympic Games and a great new era for Olympic broadcasting."

The Brazilian Post

SEP 05th - 11th 2011

Clegg returns to riot-hit area

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has returned to Tottenham in north London to see how the area is recovering from the devastating riots. He met shopkeepers and local residents in the north London community who were affected by the wave of rioting which swept through the capital and other major English cities earlier. Mr Clegg first visited the area three weeks ago, and returned to launch an independent investigation into the causes of the riots, which will be led by former Ealing Council chief executive Darra Singh. Mr Clegg told the gathering at The Garden House cafe: "I said, of course, that I wanted to come back and see how you were doing and not only that, but I'm also very keen to make sure that we have created a kind of system where your voices, your challenges, your dilemmas, your lessons and your thoughts, which are bound to evolve over time, are properly heard by the government. "That is why Darra Singh has agreed to chair a panel for people who will go around Tottenham and other communities affected in the weeks and

months ahead, so that we avoid the risk that we forget, that we don't listen, that we don't learn the lessons, that we do properly think about this in the months ahead. "That is, I hope, a kind of show of the sincerity with which we will continue this relationship, continue to learn, continue to reflect on what happened." Among those Mr Clegg met was Stuart Radose, who had to flee his flat above a Carpetright shop as a fire ravaged the building. He told the Lib Dem leader that the residents were "looking for answers" after London fire commissioner Ron Dobson wrote to Tottenham MP David Lammy to explain that one of the reasons the firefighters were prevented from tackling the blaze was because they were dealing with a fire at an Aldi supermarket, where nobody was inside. Speaking after the meeting, he said: "I wasn't very inspired by what I heard, I must be honest. I don't know how powerful and influential he will be. “I've asked Nick Clegg that families need help with the banks and hopefully we can have some sort of government response and pressure to help families with interestfree mortgage breaks and things like

SEP 05th - 11th 2011

Made in UK

The Brazilian Post


Teacher reprimanded Prince Harry goes out of control on over stripping night out

A male teacher who worked at a school in east London while moonlighting as a stripper and appearing in pornographic films has been found guilty of unacceptable professional conduct but left free to continue teaching. Benedict Garrett, 31, was given a reprimand after a two-day disciplinary hearing in front of the General Teaching Council (GTC) in Birmingham. The disciplinary committee heard that Mr Garrett had been stripping in clubs and working as a naked butler while he was employed as head of personal, social and health education at Beal High School in Ilford, east London. Derek Johns, chairman of the panel, told Mr Garrett: "Having carefully considered the submissions and applied its own judgment, the committee considers that performing as a stripper, publishing details of your performances on a dedicated website and acting in pornographic films, amounts to behaviour which involves a breach of the standards of propriety expected of the profession." He added: "In the committee's judgment, the prevailing view of society is that the nature of your involvement in the adult industry whilst working as a teacher is conduct which falls below the standard expected of the profession. The committee therefore finds that you are guilty of unacceptable professional conduct." Mr Garrett taught at the school from January 1 2008 until July 16 last year. Mr Johns also said the panel believed the reprimand was a "proportionate" sanction and told Mr Garrett: "The committee has been impressed by the respectful and professional way in which you have represented yourself at this hearing generally and the submissions made by you in mitigation." Mr Garrett was also found guilty of unacceptable professional conduct in relation to messages he exchanged by email and on Facebook with Year 10 students. He had admitted to the allegation. The reprimand will remain on the GTC's register for two years.

Riots to cost Met Police £34m Scotland Yard is expected to have spent more on policing the riots than it spent on policing all major public order events in London last year, officials have said. The disturbances will cost the force more than £34 million, with the total expected to rise even further as the final bills from other forces called in to help is settled, the Metropolitan Police Authority (MPA) said. This compares with a total of £34.8 million spent by Scotland Yard on policing 42 major public order events between April 2010 and March 2011, figures showed. An MPA spokesman said: "The Metropolitan Police Authority expects at this stage that a figure in excess of £34 million is expected for policing the recent disturbances in London." In comparison, policing the student fees protests in London cost Scotland Yard £7.5 million, while another £2.1 million was spent providing security at the TUC anti-cuts demonstration in March, £1.9 million on the Pope's visit to Britain, and £2.2 million around last year's general election campaign. Tim Hollis, head of Humberside Police, said: "We witnessed an unusual but very welcome degree of co-operation and support from our partners in the criminal justice system. We really did see rapid and robust justice with offenders being arrested, charged, put before the courts and sentenced in days. This undoubtedly contributed to taking the momentum out of the disorder - but for the police and public it did raise the question as to why cases take so long to get to court in the normal course of events." But Eoin McLennan-Murray, president of the Prison Governors Association, claimed over the weekend that magistrates had lost all sense of proportion. However, Magistrates' Association chairman John Thornhill said the claims were "unreasonable and unfounded", adding that it was "just not the case" that normal sentencing was being ignored.

Prince Harry reportedly went "out of control" on a night out in Croatia, and was seen repeatedly hurling himself into a swimming pool that had been cordoned off. Staff at Veneranda - one of Europe's leading open-air party venues - said the prince had a "wild" night, and that he "could not be stopped" from plunging into the out-of-bounds pool while dancing to house music and downing 5-pound shots of tequila. Harry, who has been trying to lose his playboy prince reputation by focusing on his military career, arrived at the club on the Adriatic island of Hvar at 2am after a night of drinking vodka, whisky and beer in a local bar. Initially unaware of their customer's royal status, bar staff were baffled when he continued to order rounds of drinks despite running out of money and before his protection officers settled the bill. Veneranda's mar-

keting manager Sanja Britt Jusic, 33, was there when Harry and three friends arrived unannounced. “We do not normally let people swim in the pool for safety reasons. But I do not think even security could control him - he is a serious party boy and just wanted to go wild and let his hair down," Jusic was quoted as saying. "It was impossible to stop him but when you see someone having such a good time you don't really want to. We just made sure he wasn't getting hurt. He was jumping in and out of the pool all night. I was worried about him slipping and hurting himself or catching a cold, so I gave him one of the T-shirts we sell in our shop. After putting it on, he looked just like a club waiter. "We have been joking that now we will sell cups of the swimming pool water that Prince Harry swam in," she added.

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Court clerk faces bribery charge Court clerk faces bribery charge A court clerk from east London is being charged with taking bribes from a defendant in a case which makes legal history, prosecutors have said. Munir Patel, who has already appeared in court accused of misconduct in a public office and perverting the course of justice, is the first suspect to face prosecution under the new Bribery Act. Charges followed an investigation by media sources during which a man was filmed apparently agreeing to take ÂŁ500 to avoid putting details of a traffic summons on a court database. Gaon Hart, a reviewing lawyer at the Crown Prosecution Service, said the charges relate to his employment at Redbridge Magistrates' Court, Ilford, east London. "I have reviewed all of the evidence gathered by the police and considered the Director of Public Prosecution's guidelines on the Bribery Act," Mr Hart said. "I am satisfied there is sufficient evidence to charge Munir Patel with requesting and receiving a bribe on August 1 intending to improperly perform his functions. Patel has already been charged with misconduct in public office and perverting the course of justice. He still faces these charges, which relate to other alleged misconduct during his employment." Patel, 21, of Green Lane, Dagenham, will appear at Southwark Crown Court on October 14. The Bribery Act 2010 was introduced in July this year.

British rivers 'healthiest for 20 years' The renaissance of Britain's rivers was underlined on last Tuesday when waterways once considered polluted to death were revealed as teeming with life. Among the list of the 10 most improved rivers published by the Environment Agency were the River Wandle, a tributary of the Thames which runs through southwest London. It was declared a sewer in the 1960s but is now one of the best urban fisheries in the country. In the northeast, the River Wear in Northumberland and its better-known sibling the Tyne are now the top two rivers in England to catch salmon and recent surveys show that more fish are present on the Wear than ever before. The Environment Agency said the most remarkable turnaround was made by the River Taff in south Wales, which the agency said once ran black with coal dust but is now a leading site for fishing competitions. The agency attributed the improvement in the rivers' state of health to thousands of habitat improvement projects and tighter regulation of polluting industries. Ian Barker, Head of Land and Water at the Environment Agency, said: "Work that we have done with farmers, businesses and water companies to reduce the amount of water taken from rivers, minimise pollution and improve water quality is really paying off as these rivers show. "Britain's rivers are the healthiest for over 20 years and otters, salmon and other wildlife are returning for the first time since the industrial revolution." The recovery of the Thames itself was recognised last year when it was awarded the International Theiss Riverprize which celebrates outstanding achievement in river management and restoration.

SEP 05th - 11th 2011

Instruction to UK univs on muslims stirs row British universities have been asked to report muslim students "vulnerable" to radicalization to police. The vulnerable have been defined "as depressed or isolated" and likely to fall prey to hard-line influences. The instructions stem from a revised government strategy announced in June under an existing "Prevent" policy. Police and local authorities have reportedly been approaching colleges including some in London for this. Lecturers and students unions have expressed a sense of unease over the measures that violate students' civil liberties. The national union of students asked universities not to inform police about students without a warrant. A union representing universities and colleges maintained that they have made it clear that they do not wish

PM hopeful of WPC murder probe help Prime Minister David Cameron has said the shooting of WPC Yvonne Fletcher is a reminder of the "horrors" of the Gaddafi regime and expressed hope that the rebel authorities would co-operate in the investigation into her murder. Only one of the three main suspects in the 1984 killing is believed still to be alive but Mr Cameron said he was sure that the National Transitional Council (NTC) would assist British police in their investigation. Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg also said the government will do "everything we can" to get answers for WPC Fletcher's family. Rebel officials in Tripoli on last Tuesday night said one of the suspects for WPC Fletcher's murder, Abdulqadir alBaghdadi, had been shot in the head. He was an official at the Libyan embassy in London at the time of the murder. Reports in the media claimed that junior official Abdulmagid Salah Ameri, who was suspected of firing the fatal shots, is also thought to have died. That left Matouk Mohammed

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to police their students or engage in any activity that might erode the trust between them. The federation of student Islamic societies condemned the move. "Spying on a completely innocent group of people is an affront to our human rights,'' it said and suggested that engagement with Muslim students rather than spying on them would be more beneficial. Reports suggested that Prevent officers met London University's goldsmiths college students' union president and inquired about Muslim students and the institution's Islamic society. “We were appalled to have Prevent officers asking us to effectively spy on our Muslim students," the union president said. He described this "morally repugnant". He asked, "Why are Prevent not also telling us to refer on students who have irrational hatred of Islam?"

Matouk as the last named suspect believed to be still alive, it added. Negotiations have begun so that officers from the Metropolitan Police investigating the murder of WPC Fletcher, who was gunned down while on duty at a protest against Colonel Muammar Gaddafi's regime outside the Libyan embassy in London, could travel to Libya once the security situation improves. Mr Cameron said: "There is an ongoing police investigation and I am sure the new authorities in Libya will co-operate in that investigation." He added: "The murder of Yvonne Fletcher was a reminder of the horrors that happened under the Gaddafi regime, and we should be celebrating today that that regime is coming to an end, and that Britain has played a proud part in that." Mr Clegg said the government would be "looking to the new Libyan administration to help" when he was asked if pressure would be put on the NTC to extradite Matouk for a trial in the UK.

PM attends memorial for senior Tory David Cameron has attended a private memorial service for the "loving and generous" senior Conservative who died at the Glastonbury festival earlier this year. Christopher Shale, 56, was discovered slumped in a toilet cubicle in the backstage area of the music festival in June. The Prime Minister paid tribute to the chairman of the West Oxfordshire Conservative Association during a ceremony at the Church of St Mary the Virgin in Adderbury, Oxfordshire. He said: "It's rare enough in life, let alone in politics, to say that someone 'never ever let you down'. I can say that about Christopher hand on heart." He added: "But above all, what I want to say is how proud I am to call such a warm, loving and generous man a really good friend." Mr Cameron said the death had "devastated" him and his wife Samantha. An inquest in June heard that a pathologist was unable to determine how Mr Shale died and the case was adjourned to a later date.

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Beyonce flaunts baby bump at MTV awards! Beyonce had the best accessory by far at the VMAs night, her baby bump. The mummy-to-be was glowing on the red carpet at the MTV Video Music Awards.

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FESTIVAL Hi folks, the Thames Festival promises to be one of the most spectacular London events of the year, returning to the capital with a series of events, activities, festivities and entertainment for two days. Over half a million people are expected to attend and enjoy a lively, festival atmosphere, with everything from a night carnival on the river and fireworks to circus performances and a feast on Southwark Bridge on offer. Join the party in September and celebrate the cultural diversity of London in grand style!

Rub shoulders with the stars at the


The 3rd Brazilian Film Festival of London will take place from the 6th-10th September at Odeon Covent Garden and here's your chance to attend! Win 2 full-access* passes to all the film screenings at the festival by just answering a simple question!

Send your creative responses to this question at

“ Why do I deserve to rub shoulders with the stars at the 3rd Brazilian Film Festival of London?� and win the chance of a lifetime! *The films shown at the opening and closing ceremonies are not available as part of this promotion.



SEP 05th - 11th 2011

The Brazilian Post

Hello beloved readers, I am back again this week with the juiciest gossip about the celebrities that we all can't get enough of. Everyone all over the place seems to be preggers, is it contagious? Hilary Duff is flashing her bump while doing yoga, Beyonce amazed us with her baby bump debut and Mel B just wants to get the baby out now. Read on for details and much more here in Showbiz. Come with me, y´all and keep sending me your love and feedback at:

Gisele & Tom: the richest celeb couple

Forbes is giving the world another reason to be jealous of Gisele Bundchen. According to the magazine, the supermodel and her NFL quarterback husband, Tom Brady, have earned themselves the title of "World's Highest-Paid Celebrity Couple". The Bradys were able to clinch the top spot by earning a combined total of $76 million between May 2010 to May 2011, beating the likes of Brangelina and Posh & Becks to the number one spot. Thanks to a profitable year filled with product endorsements and business ventures, Forbes suggests Gisele could be well on her way to becoming the world's first billionaire supermodel. We hate to say it, but congrats guys!

Sarah Jessica Parker's bodyguard tries to kiss her Ok, this is creepy! The man who was hired to protect and guard Sarah Jessica Parker tried to get a little bit closer with the actress. The Sex and the City star was in Moscow promoting her new movie I Don't Know How She Does It at the city's Bolshoi Theatre, where bodyguard Oleg Donstov was hired to protect her. But Parker was shocked when he reportedly ripped his shirt open and leaned in to smooch the actress as she was leaving the venue. A video of the encounter shows the star screaming as Donstov corners her, say media reports. The security guard now faces losing his job and is trying to make it up to his wife, who was left seething after viewing the video of the incident on TV. So does he feel bad for what he did?? Of course not! Donstov says, "I shouldn't have done that as a professional but I couldn't believe Sarah Jessica Parker was there, that close to me. Home life could be even more difficult but I'll try to buy some roses and smooth things over." Well, let's see if you get any bodyguard work again, creep! Glad you're okay, SJP!

Chaz Bono finalizes gender reassignment surgery

Chaz Bono began his gender reassignment journey 3 years ago, but it sounds like he is finally ready to put any questions of his manhood to rest and make it official. Yes, you've guessed it: he wants a penis. During an Australian radio interview, Chaz shared that he's ready for the final operation, but needs to be 100% sure that he is undergoeing the "right" proce-

dure. "It's a big surgery, this one, it's not totally perfected and it's something I really want to be 100 per cent sure that the procedure that I decide to go along with is the right one for me. Right now it's very much something I'd like to do. I'd like to have a penis and I feel very comfortable as a male now." Needless to say, he's got to give this serious thought before he risks losing the best feeling in the world. Whatever Chaz decides, we support him 100% of the way and wish him the best as he prepares for the most important operation of his life! Bono is best known because of his mother Cher.

SEP 05th - 11th 2011


flaunts baby bump at MTV Awards

Beyonce had the best accessory by far at the VMAs night, her baby bump. The mummy-to-be was glowing on the red carpet at the MTV Video Music Awards. The singer was shining as she announced her first pregnancy to the world. The beauty was in a bright orange asymmetrical gown by Lanvin with stunning diamond accessories. At the moment that Beyoncé rubbed her belly onstage, Twitter exploded with a record-breaking 8,868 Tweets Per Second (TPS). Previously, the whiteknuckled last seconds of the U.S. Women's Soccer match against Japan held the record with 7,196 TPS. Beyoncé' baby bump announcement also out-tweeted Osama Bin Laden's capture and death in May, and the Royal Wedding of Kate Middleton and Prince William in April. Congrats Beyonce and Jay-Z!

Osbournes planning a return to TV?

YES! And this is great news! The entire Osbourne family initially rose to fame with their unprecedented reality TV show, The Osbournes, that hit MTV in 2002, and now it appears that Kelly and Jack are likely to return to their old stomping ground by teaming up for a new series together! “The Osbournes always work together in some small way. We run things past each other and, for me it's like having a support system in everything you do. Jack and I hope to work on a TV project together — we talk about it all the time”, Kelly revealed. Well, then, gurl, it's about time you two stopped talking and started MAKING THIS HAPPEN. Show all these reality bitches what you two are made of! You've done it before, and you can most CERTAINLY do it again!

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Hilary Duff does yoga Is that a baby bump we see? The preggers Hilary Duff hit the gym with her older sister, Haylie, in LA. She wore a grey t-shirt that allowed periodic glimpses of what looks like a growing baby bump! Hilary Duff isn't letting her pregnancy hold her back from enjoying the activities she loves, like yoga, which other pregnant celebs like January Jones and Alyssa Milano have enjoyed throughout their entire pregnancy, so we hope she sticks with it! Her pregnancy did, unfortunately, cost her a role in the Bonnie and Clyde remake, but she doesn't seem to be bothered about it. “I don't wanna give them any more press than they've already gotten off me. I think my baby is a little bit more exciting”, Duff revealed. We're so glad she values family over fame! It probably doesn't hurt that she got a $100,000 severance check either!

Mel B tired of being pregnant! Honestly, who wouldn't be tired of being pregnant so close to the finish line?? Mel B certainly seems to be. The singer was worried that she might go into labor at Kim K's wedding, but it turns out that was just wishful thinking because the baby has yet to show and not for a lack of trying: She Tweeted, "Ok, I have walked, had a hot curry, a bit of 'you know what', cried at a movie, bounced up and down on (a) work out ball, Still no labour, any ideas? Nipple tweeking, hahah I tried that too, and……… nothing! I had a really hot bath yesterday, and ……… nothing, I have tried Everything trust me!! "I am being very chilled about it peeps but it would be good if it happened soon, ya no (you know) what I mean!! Well I guess this baby has a mind of its own, it will come when it's good and ready!!" Calm down, gurl! You were right when you said it'll come when it's ready! No worries! Best of luck!

Vivienne Westwood in tax trouble!

It looks like iconic fashion designer Vivienne Westwood has some worrying to do. Apparently she "significantly undervalued" the net worth of her label in tax returns. But those in charge at HM Revenue & Customs have figured it out, and now she must pay back almost £350,000 in tax. Ouch! Maybe it is a little karma payback for being so snooty toward the Duchess Catherine of Cambridge??? According to blogger Perez Hilton, the designer disapproved of Kate Middleton's look, stating that she "needs to catch up a bit somewhere with her style".



London by Night

The Brazilian Post

SEP 05th - 11th 2011

LONDON BY NIGHT London by night is full of surprises, joy and beautiful people. The Brazilian parties are always special. Take a look at the photos at Santa FĂŠ party and know why.

- Photos by Mirelle Tome

Paty and Lewes

Carol,Raquel and Fernanda

Gessica ,Silvana and Duane

SEP 05th - 11th 2011

The Brazilian Post

London by Night

Claudinha comemorating her birthday at Santa FĂŠ

Tati, Tania and Diego

Fran, Jonathan and Juliana

Junior ,Tania, Meneghel and Rafael

Gleison and friends

Adriana and friends

Amanda,Cris, Kamila,Nubia,Gisa and Carol

Vitor,Nema, Cris and Meneghel




SEP 05th - 11th 2011

Minna, 20

This week, our cool hunter Zaza spots some really great styles on people on the streets and shows how even you can afford that look.


Sweden/sales assistant Dress: Zara: £12 Blazer: Vintage shop: £3 Bag: Monky: £4 Socks: H&M: £3 Shoes: Levi's by vintage shop:£40 Music: Hip Hop Best thing of London: Primark

British/student Jumper: Vintage shop: £7 Denim jacket: Vintage shop: £1 Skirt: Topshop: £45 Bag: Vintage shop: £15 Boots: Marks&Spencer: £45 Music: The Drums Best thing of London: High Street

Elin, 22 Icelander/fashion student Jacket: Vintage shop: £20 Dress: Ralph Lauren by vintage shop: £80 Bag: Vintage shop: £8 Boots: Vagabond: £150 Music: Sufjan Stevens Best thing of London: the gays



Jess, 22

Eleonor, 21

Australian/musician Sunglasses: Sports Girl: £30 Shirt: Vintage shop: £50 Skirt: Vintage shop: £30 Jacket: Sports Girl: £80 Tights: H&M: £7 Shoes: Vintage shop:£70 Bag: Vintage shop:£30 Music: Lykke Li, Vampire Weekend, Radiohead Best of London: Shopping, history, cafes, atmosphere

Nuha, 29 British/artist Hat: Old hat shop: £80 T-shirt: American Apparel: £18 Skirt: Vintage shop: £5 Bag: Vintage Shop: £30 Tights: Top Shop: £7 Boots: Vintage Shop: £4 Music: Nick Cave Best thing of London: art and music scene

British/actress Hat: Charity shop: £1 Necklaces: Vintage shop: £40 Dress: H&M: £10 Jacket: Top Shop: £150 Tights: Primark: £3 Boots: Kurt Geiger: £150 Music: a bit of everything Best thing of London: trends

Emilia, 18 Finlandesa/Turista Oculos de sol: Shady Character:£250 Colar: marca Finlandesa:£40 Jumper: Top Man:£30 Calca: Weekday:£10 Sandalia: de Paris:£10 Musica: Black Kiss Melhor coisa de Londres: andar por ai

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What’s Up You don't have anything to do? Dada, our columnist is going to fill your week's schedule with the best programs, cultural tips and all that is happening in London. Make the most of it!

The Brazilian Post


Until 25/10 Free Selfridges 400, Oxford Street W1U 1AT

Brazilian IndepenDance Party IndepenDance party comes to Soul Brazil to celebrate 189 years of Brazil's Independence. Besides all the Brazilian rhythm and dance another good reason not to miss out is that the party will raise money for The Prostate Cancer Charity. Bottles of champagne will be given away for those who indulge in some serious movement and prove to be the best dancer. Girls that bring ten friends will also be given a table plus a free bottle of champagne. 10/09 Free before 9pm and £10 afterwards Soul Brazil, 9 Brighton Terrace, Brixton, just behind the NatWest Bank More Information/ Tickets:

The Museum of Everything: Exhibition #4 Until the 25th of October your shopping time at Selfridges can be even more interesting. The glamorous department store will be receiving an array of art works from The Museum of Everything. Over 100 drawings, paintings and sculptures made by international artists will be displayed at the Ultralounge Exhibition Hall and at the shopfront windows. The event will be selling as well as displaying products available at The Shop of Everything and offering talks, screenings and workshops.

SEP 05th - 11th 2011

E17 Art Trail More than 1200 artists will be exhibiting their work in 160 venues in Waltham Forest. It's an opportunity to discover non-mainstream artists including fashion designers, painters, singers, musicians and sculptors. Access to the full list of events and venues at

Thames Festival We still have one more month of summer and the city has plenty to offer. Festivals are still on and one of them promises lots of fun for the whole family. The Thames Festival is a huge event full of arts and entertainment. The event is divided into four different zones: Zone 1 - Westminster Bridge to Waterloo Bridge, Zone 2 - Waterloo to Blackfriars Bridge, Zone 3 - Blackfriars Bridge to London Bridge and Zone 4 - London Bridge to Tower Bridge and beyond. There will be loads and loads of activities but we have shortlisted some of the highlights so you can have an idea of what's going on: Photo Masterclass and the chance to win a Nikon D7000 camera worth around £1,300 or a Nikon S9100, Thames Parade - boats with live music, a Cinema Bus, Firework Finale, White Rabbit Storytelling, Kids Choir and others attraction which you can find on the website: 10/09 - 11/09 Between Westminster Bridge and Tower Bridge

Brazilian contemporary dance by Grupo Corpo See classical ballet as you never seen it before. The Brazilian contemporary dance company Grupo Corpo reinvents ballet, blending classical style with lively Brazilian rhythms. For this short season at Sadler's Wells, the company brings two spectacles; Onqoto, exploring the origins of the universe through a football match, with music by Caetano Veloso and Jose Miguel Wisnik and using lighting effects which could be a show in itself. Paulo Pederneiras promises to transport the audience to the Maracana Stadium. The other show, Ima, is about magnetism and its

laws of attraction and repelling bringing to the stage beautiful movements that will make the public go dizzy with excitement. 13/09 - 16/09 £10 - £38 Sadler's Wells, Rosebery Avenue, EC1R Ticket office: 0844 412 4300

Thursday 08/09: Ardal O'Hanlon, Kevin Eldon, Abandoman, Arthur Smith Friday 09/09: Rich Hall, David O'Doherty, Stewart Francis, Craig Campbell Saturday 10/09: Milton Jones, Shappi Khorsandi, Frisky and Mannish, Josh Widdicombe Sunday 11/09: Stephen K Amos, Angelos Epithemiou, Steve Hughes Sunday 11/09: Comedy Club 4 Kids £5 Old Royal Naval College 2 Cutty Sark Gardens SE10 9LW Info: 020 8269 4747

Eating in the Dark

Big names of the standup comedy scene will be entertaining audiences at the Greenwich Festival Comedy. The festival has been a huge success in previous years and the forthcoming edition promises hilarious moments for the punters. Kids are not left out either, for those over six years old the festival brings Comedy Club 4 Kids on Sunday, where there will be something for the whole family to have plenty of laughs at. Have a look at the lineup and be ready to laugh to death with the best at the comedy show.

Different from any restaurant you have ever been to, the Dans Le Noir can certainly offer you an unforgettable sensory culinary experience. What sets this place apart from everything else is the fact that there you will be eating in complete darkness. The proposal is to make diners re-evaluate the notion of taste and smell by leading them to appreciate the true taste of each ingredient. To please everyone the Dans Le Noir has four different menus: Blue - fish and sea food, Green - vegetarian, Red - meat and White the surprise menu with the chef's special choice which makes the experience of eating in the absence of sight even more interesting. Afraid of having your dinner spilt all over you by the waiters? No worries! Another detail that makes this restaurant so unique is the staff working in there. All the waiters are blind, so in a place where you can't see a thing the blind guides become your eyes.

07/09 - 11/09 £18.5 - £24 Wednesday 07/09: Micky Flanagan, Sean Walsh, Dan Atkinson

Monday to Saturday From 6:30pm - 12am 30-31 Clerkenwell Green, EC1R 0DU Info: 020 7253 1100

Greenwich Festival Comedy


Sacred Chat

SEP 05th - 11th 2011

The Brazilian Post

THE STILLNESS OF MIND Quietness of mind is not a thing to be produced by will-power, by any action of desire; if it is, then such a mind is enclosed, isolated, it is a dead mind and therefore incapable of adaptability. Such a mind is not creative. Our question, then, is not how to make the mind still but to see the truth of every problem as it presents itself to us. It is like the pool that becomes quiet when the wind stops. Our mind is agitated because we have problems; and to avoid the problems, we make the mind still. Now the mind has projected these problems and there are no problems apart from the mind; and so long as the mind projects any conception of sensitivity, practises any form of stillness, it can never be still. When the mind realises that only by being still is there understanding - then it becomes very quiet. That quietness is not imposed; it cannot be understood by an agitated mind. Most of us are in such turmoil, worried about so many things, anxious about life, death, security and our relationships. There is constant agitation; and it is extremely difficult, naturally, for a mind that is so agitated to understand the ever-increasing social as well as psychological problems. And it is essential, is it not? To understand a problem completely, there should be a silent mind, a mind that is not biased, a mind that is capable of being free, still and allowing the problem to reveal itself, unfold itself. And such a quiet mind is not possible when there is conflict. Why are we in such conflict, each one of us, society, the state and the whole world? When conflict ceases,

Aries 20/03 to 20/04 This week you have to be strong when dealing with people's criticism of your decisions, especially in your professional life. You will be determined in doing whatever it takes to get what you want, even though it may seem like a waste of time to others. However, you are not worried about waiting a little longer to achieve your goals. Go ahead and trust in your abilities to open closed doors.

Taurus 21/04 to 21/05 This week you should have the drive to sort out everything you need to by mid week. The entrance of the Moon into Capricorn is giving you a sense of responsibility that will encourage you to finish what you have started. By the weekend you will be free to enjoy time with your friends and take that time out from work that you richly deserve. Allow yourself the right to enjoy by being adventurous!

Gemini 22/05 to 22/06 Don't you dare run away from your problems again! This week you will have to face that serious conversation that you have been avoiding for so long. The Moon in Capricorn should give you the energy to be more straightforward and to stop

trying to waffle your way out of trouble. Firstly, be honest with yourself and you will see that it is much easier to deal with things head on. If you succeed, then by the weekend you should feel lighter and free of the weight of these unresolved issues.

Cancer 23/06 to 22/07 It's time to arrange that meeting with that person that you haven't seen for a long time and to call that person who you've been thinking about, but never seem to find the time for. This week you should plan to be surrounded by friends, family and the people you love. After the stressful period that you have been through together, your partner may appreciate being included in your plans for the weekend.

Leo 23/07 to 22/08 You may feel like a stranger in your own nest, as if you don't have a partner with whom to share your inspirations. The best thing to do this week is not to count on other people's support. Be confident in your own way of doing things. It doesn't mean that nobody loves you, it is just that they are also trying to find their own path. Don't be sad for not feeling like the centre of the universe this week. By the end of the week you will sense once more how important you are.

Virgo 23/08 to 22/09 You should have lots of energy to share with people around you this week. Show them how determined you are to put your life back on track. Your partner should feel proud of you because you are really accomplishing your promises and your relationship is starting to feel the freshness of happier days. At the weekend be careful not to go over the top with your celebrations because you may wake up with a bad hangover that will undo all that positive energy you have built up over the week.

Libra 23/09 to 22/10 This week you might feel the weight of duty from your family. You will find their demanding attitude difficult to deal with and you may have some difficult choices to make. It will be impossible to please everyone, so take a deep breath and have faith in your judgement. Don't blame your partner for not helping you, it's time to take your own decisions. At the end of the week give yourself a break and go out with friends.

Scorpio 23/10 to 22/11 This week you should take advantage of the entry of the Moon into Capricorn by putting your theories into practice and creating

obviously there can be a peaceful mind; but a mind that is caught in conflict cannot be tranquil. So, if we would understand the process of conflict, and how it arises, then perhaps there would be a possibility of the mind being free, quiet. A mind which has many hidden drawers and cupboards with innumerable skeletons held down by will, by denial and suppression, can it be still? It can be driven, willed to be still; but is that stillness? A man who is hanging on to passion, who is lustful and has suppressed it, held it down, how can such a man have a calm, still, rich, mind? A man who is tortured by ambition and therefore frustrated, how can such a man have a still mind? It is only when ambition is understood; when the problems of ambition, with its frustrations, conflicts and its ruthlessness have been understood, that the mind becomes quiet. By looking into yourself deeply, opening all the cupboards and drawers, unearthing all the skeletons and understanding them, the mind becomes quiet. Silence is difficult and arduous. It isn't something that you can experience by reading a book, listening to a talk, sitting together, or by retiring into a wood or a monastery. You have to be burningly aware - aware of your speech, snobbishness, your fears, anxieties, and sense of guilt. And when you die to all that, then, out of that dying comes the beauty of silence.

something real. At the beginning of the week make that call about that work opportunity or even take the time to finish that essay you've been putting off. By using your strong will, you will see that even the smallest step can bring you great results. Instead of worrying about your financial life, come up with a good plan in order to improve it.

Sagittarius 23/11 to 22/12 Your social life may be full of nice people, but you still have the sensation that something is missing. There is nothing wrong with those around you, but you need the excitement of new ideas, fresh input and inspiration all the time. Take a moment to reflect and try to employ some of the ideas that you already have into something useful. Be aware that your partner may feel resentful about your lack of acknowledgment of his or her efforts.

Capricorn 23/12 to 21/01 The Moon will move into Capricorn at the beginning of the week and it is time to deal with certain emotions that you've been avoiding. You may feel upset without any logical reason, but something deeper in your subconscious wants to come to the surface. Your relationship with your parents, especially with your mother may

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- Jiddu Krishnamurti

be the key to find out what's going on. Open yourself up to this experience and you will see that many things become more clear.

Aquarius 22/01 to 20/02 Whatever duties you have this week, they will be hard to achieve. What you really want to do is lose yourself in your imagination and explore your playful side. The Moon is in conjunction with Neptune in your sign at the end of the week and this is pulling you away from reality. You can use this energy in two different ways. You can either create wonderful things or just put your feet up and party. It's up to you.

Pisces 21/02 to 19/03 Don't waste your time reminding yourself of all the negative experiences of the past. Now is the time to move on and enjoy what life has in store for you. Meet up with friends, ask that crush out on a date or even leave town this weekend. Remember that the more you dwell on your sorrows, the more you will feel them. Understand that pain can become a habit, but so can happiness. Make your choice! Renata Fornari is an Astrologer and Tarot Reader. For feedback, suggestions and consultations reach her at :


The Brazilian Post


SEP 05th - 11th 2011

Obama congratulates US blacklists Syrian new Japanese PM foreign minister

US President Barack Obama congratulates Japan's new Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda and looks forward to working with him, the White House said last Tuesday. "We have a long-term and vital alliance with Japan and the Japanese people. The strength of those bonds will remain with the change of the government," spokesman Jay Carney told reporters. Noda became Japan's sixth new prime minister in five years, inheriting an in-tray groaning with disaster recovery, nuclear crisis and economic gloom in the aging, debt-choked nation. "The president congratulates the new prime minister and looks forward to working with him," Carney said aboard Obama's presidential Air Force One airplane as the president traveled to the state of Minnesota. The outgoing finance minister takes the place of Naoto Kan, who resigned after just 15 months in office with rock-bottom poll ratings, perpetuating the country's chronic revolving-door leadership at a time of national crisis. Obama thanks Kan for the close relationship they had, said Carney.

Putin fetes unity with 'biker brothers'

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin on last Monday described leather-clad bikers as brothers and boasted of the "indivisible Russian nation" after roaring into a biking rally on a Harley Davidson. The black-clad Putin led a column of bikers, their lights blazing into the night sky, who drove into a mass biking rally held on a former Soviet warship in the Black Sea port city of Novorossiisk. Putin, an avowed fan of bikes, appeared to be riding the same massive three-wheeled Lehman trike conversion motorbike he rode to a similar meeting of the bikers in Ukraine last year. Cheered by the biking faithful, Putin immediately took to the stage upon arrival and delivered a demagogic speech which managed to combine patriotism, historical memory and the motorcycle, state television pictures showed.

"I want to tell you, brothers, it's really great that you have not forgotten the heroism of the past," he told the crowd. Recalling that Novorossiisk had been freed from Fascist occupation 68 years ago, he added: "These pages of history are in a striking way linked with the motorcycle because it was easiest to take children away from firing by motorbike. "This historical memory is the cement which makes people of different peoples, ethnic groups and religions into one indivisible Russian nation, and creates a great Russia!," he said. He said the defenders of Novorossiisk had a great slogan which was "relevant today for bikers and for Russia... Only movement forwards!" The bike provides an ideal vehicle for Putin's trademark hardman antics which are becoming ever more familiar in Russia as he seeks to convince Russians he remains their strongman ahead of elections. Russia is to hold presidential elections in March with many commentators expecting that Putin will seek to return to Kremlin. The massive rally was organised by a Russian biking group by the name of "The Night Wolves" and Putin now appears to have become firm friends with their leader Alexander Zaldostanov, who goes by the name of "the surgeon". The state ITARTASS news agency described the rally as an "international bike show... with a patriotic direction."

The US Treasury Department slapped sanctions on Syria's foreign minister and two other top officials last Tuesday, adding new pressure on the embattled regime of President Bashar al-Assad. Asset freezes and bans on business interactions were imposed on Foreign Minister Walid Muallem, top presidential advisor Bouthaina Shaaban, and Syrian ambassador to Lebanon Ali Abdul Karim Ali, the Treasury said. "Building on our sanctions targeting the entire government of Syria, we are bringing additional pressure to bear today directly on three senior Assad regime officials who are principal defenders of the regime's activities," said Treasury Under Secretary David Cohen. The new sanctions follow an August 18 order signed by President Barack Obama that froze all Syrian state assets inside the United States and forbade investment and exports to the country, due to the Assad government's deadly crackdown on anti-government protesters. It also banned imports of oil and gas from Syria, aiming to hurt a key revenue stream for the Assad regime. The attacks on protesters "constitute an unusual and extraordinary threat to the national security, foreign policy and economy of the United States," the presidential order said. Last Tuesday's sanctions announcement was one of a series of such actions over the past several months designed to raise pressure on the Syrian government to bow to pressures for democratic reforms or even step aside for a new leadership. The sanctions have been matched by similar blacklisting from Europe, which on last Monday moved to ban oil imports from Syria. Earlier last Tuesday, too, EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton urged Assad to stop the violent crackdown on protesters. But Damascus appears determined to ignore the pressure.



The Brazilian Post

Obama's uncle held for drunken driving A long lost uncle of President Barack Obama, arrested on suspicion of drunken driving, is being held without bail though he told police he planned to arrange bail through the White House. Onyango Obama, 67, was arrested Aug 24 in Framingham, 32 km west of Boston, after police said he made a rolling stop through a stop sign and nearly caused a cruiser to strike his sport utility vehicle. After being booked, he was asked whether he wanted to make a telephone call to arrange for bail. "I think I will call the White House," he stated, according to a police report. Onyango Obama, originally from Kenya, is the halfbrother of the president's late father. He pleaded not guilty and was being held without bail on a detainer from US Immigration and Customs Enforcement. ICE said he had an earlier deportation or removal order. Such orders are generally for people living in the country illegally. The White House had no comment. The president refers in his memoir to retracing his roots to an Uncle Omar, who matches Onyango Obama's background and has the same date of birth, media said. An administration official had confirmed that the arrested man is the half-brother of Obama's father. There was no other administration comment immediately available.

SEP 05th - 11th 2011

German city introduces 'sex tax meters'

The German city of Bonn has reportedly introduced "sex tax" meters for street prostitutes in an attempt to tax the world's oldest profession. Prostitutes working on the streets of the erstwhile West German capital would now have to buy a ticket from converted roadside vending machines before starting their working "day" -- prostitution is legal in Bonn between 8.15 pm and 6 am. A night's ticket will set a sex worker back 5.30 pounds, irrespective of the number of clients they have, media reported. Like parking metres, the vending machines, that once dispensed tickets to the city's drivers, also tell users the times of day when a ticket is necessary: in this case between the hours of 8.15 pm and 6 am, Monday to Sunday. If a police officer catches a sex worker without ticket, they will be fined or banned from working. Monika Frombgen, a spokeswoman for Bonn city council, said the ticket machines would bring street prostitutes into fiscal line with their peers in registered sex establishments. "This is an act of tax fairness. Prostitutes in fixed establishments such as brothels and sauna clubs already pay tax," she was quoted as saying. Some 200 prostitutes work in Bonn. This is the first time tax tickets have been sold on the streets in Germany.

Strong 6.8 quake hits near East Timor A powerful 6.8-magnitude earthquake struck deep beneath the seabed near East Timor on last Tuesday but no tsunami warning was issued, a local geophysics agency said. The quake hit at 13:57 pm (0657 GMT) at a depth of 469 kilometre (291 miles), about 271 kilometre northeast of the capital, Dili, according to Indonesia's geophysics agency. "We did not issue a tsunami warning. There are no reports of damage so far," said Novita, an official at Indonesia's national quake centre. "The quake was felt by the people in Timor island, but not strongly," she said. East Timor sits on the Pacific "Ring of Fire", where the meeting of continental plates causes high seismic activity.

SEP 05th - 11th 2011

The Brazilian Post



Arco Iris Residential delivers 92 more houses Coinciding with the second phase of the Brazilian government housing programme "My House, My Life," ECOHOUSE DEVELOPMENTS will deliver 92 more houses in August under its Arco Iris Residential project, in Natal, RN. Working hard at the construction site with heavy machinery and 192 men, including engineers, master-builders, bricklayers, carpenters, machinists, Arco Iris Residential completed its second phase of the project, paying for their investors with returns of 20% over the capital invested in one year. In September, the third phase of Arco Iris Residential project onsets : the construction of 92 more houses.

Aerial view of Arco Iris Residential completely urbanized, fully integrated into the city of Natal and a few meters from the Federal Highway

Heavy machinery working on the compression of the foundations.

Surrounded by natural beauty, the Arco Iris Residential begins to take shape.

Work in progress: the walls of the houses being raised.


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Barclays boss makes last-ditch plea to halt SPEED bank reform

NEWS: Middle Class; Bourgeois and proud

The past four years have seen a sharp contrast between recession-hit rich countries and buoyant emerging giants. Estimates from the Asian and African Development Banks, using a rather broad definition of middle class as living on $2-20 a day, confirm the picture. On this measurement, which includes many people who are only just above the poverty line, a third of Africans and threequarters of Latin Americans were middle class in 2008.


Number of Verizon workers striking over benefit decreases; 31% of Verizon’s 196,000 employees are unionized.


Number of points the Dow Jones industrial average fell on Aug. 8 after the U.S. – debt downgrade; it was the largest one-day point drop since December 2008.

Brazil's economic boom attracts expats and Americans

Two years ago Jovino Caldeira Coutinho had had enough. After living in the United States for 11 years, the 45-year-old construction worker decided to pack up and head back to his homeland, Brazil. With the US housing market in depression, demand for his construction and demolition business had dried up. Mr. Coutinho now runs a construction firm in a beach city near Sao Paulo, and says he has more work than he can handle alone.

Bob Diamond, chief executive of Barclays, is to hold talks with chancellor George Osborne on Friday as bankers mount a last-ditch effort to delay implementation of banking reforms. The independent banking commission led by Sir John Vickers is expected to recommend within a fortnight that banks split their retail operations from more risky investment banking activities. But Diamond will argue that because reforms mean banks will have to hold more capital, it will reduce their capacity to lend to small businesses and personal customers. Diamond will ask Osborne for a flexible interpretation of the new rules, designed to prevent another meltdown, and urge the chancellor not to implement in them in the short term because of the faltering economic recovery and eurozone crisis. There is increasing speculation that Barclays could move its investment banking arm, Barclays Capital, to New York if the Vickers report, which must be approved by Osborne, is too strict. Other heads of British banks such as Ana Botín, chief executive of Santander in the UK, are also due to meet Osborne in next few days, before publication of the proposals on 12 September. The lobbying blitz against the commission's plan to ringfence high street deposit-taking from investment banking has gathered a head of steam in recent weeks. Banks' efforts were supported by a report which claimed that UKFI, the body which manages taxpayers' stakes in Lloyds and RBS, had warned reforms could knock between £5bn and £10bn off the share prices of those banks. But the banks' campaign appeared to backfire earlier this week, when business secretary Vince Cable accused them of "special pleading". Cable said bankers were being "disingenuous in the extreme" in arguing for a delay in plans being drawn up by the commission. "The uncertainty and instability in the markets makes it all the more necessary that we press ahead and make our banks safe and reform them," he said. But Stuart Fraser, head of the City of London Corporation, said: "It is vital we reconcile political imperatives with what is practical for banks. There is only a finite amount of capital available, and if banks have to stump up more, they shouldn't be rushed." Arguments about the pace of change are said to have divided the coalition government, with Cable reportedly pitted against the more banker-friendly Osborne. Government sources said on Wednesday that implementation of reforms could be delayed until after the general election in 2015. David Cameron appeared to reflect the views of banks and employers, saying reforms shouldn't be "taking risks that put the economy at risk".

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SEP 05th - 11th 2011

BCC cuts its forecast for UK economic growth in 2011 It now expects the economy to expand just 1.1% in 2011, compared with its 1.3% estimate in June and 1.9% at the start of the year. The BCC said the government's aim to rebalance the economy towards exports and business investment was not happening fast enough. The Treasury has declined to comment. BCC director general David Frost said the government had to do more to help companies grow, at the same time as continuing measures to reduce the UK's budget deficit. He said the government needed to cut the burden of regulation that firms faced. "The government is right to reduce the deficit, but these measures must be matched by policies to stimulate growth," he said. BCC director general David Frost: "The economy is weak, we need to get reform". Among the changes demanded by the BCC is a simplification of the planning system. Mr Frost said: "The present system is broken." He cited the M6 toll motorway in the Midlands as an example: "Only three years to build, 18 years stuck in the planning process. "At the moment we have a real stand-off. It's holding back economic growth, and we need changes to the planning system to get things moving." The BCC has also cut its forecast for economic growth in 2012 to 2.1% from 2.2%. It said that the Bank of England should consider another round of quantitative easing (QE). Under QE, the Bank injects fresh money into the financial system to try to boost bank lending and, in turn, the wider economy. But one former member of the Bank's Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) said what was needed was an interest rate rise to rein in inflation. Andrew Sentance, who left the MPC in May, told media that inflation was eating into people's spending power and the MPC should move to curb it.

SEP 05th - 11th 2011

Banks in Greece are banding together Navigating Greece's banks through the shoals of economic crisis is a labour worthy of Heracles. With merely mortal powers, the executives running the country's biggest banks have not done too bad a job. They entered the crisis with relatively prudent balance-sheets and several raised capital earlier this year, when markets were more forgiving. They are also starting to band together to cut costs and plump up their capital cushions. On August 29th investors cheered the merger of the country's second- and third-largest banks, Eurobank EFG and Alphabank, to form what will be Greece's biggest. They also managed to secure a promise of an investment from Qatar and announced plans to issue shares to raise capital. The news prompted a sharp rally in Greek banking shares, which jumped by almost 30% as investors forecast more mergers. Although the euphoria was ephemeral—shares fell the following day—the deal may do something to help stabilise an embattled financial system. The big advantages of the deal are that it will allow the banks to cut costs, mainly by trimming their branch network, and thus to improve capital ratios. Executives say that within three years the merged bank will reduce its annual costs by €650m ($936m). That would be enough to restore it to profitability if there were no further write-downs on its holdings of Greek government bonds. Yet talk of profitability looks ambitious given the bleak economic outlook. The two banks posted an alarming rise in bad loans during the first half of the year. Executives say things have improved since, but the trend will not go properly into reverse as long as the Greek economy keeps contracting. Deposits have been flowing out of the system, in part because Greeks are running down their savings to make ends meet. That bodes ill for loan losses, too. The risk of a big shock still looms as well. There are worries about whether enough holders of Greek government bonds will take part in the privatesector bail-out package agreed in July for it to take effect. This week the interest rate on one-year government bonds surged to 60%, suggesting that many investors think a default is imminent. Despite their best efforts, Greek banks still risk being swamped.

Brazil in surprise interest rate cut to 12% Brazil's central bank has unexpectedly cut the country's key interest rate to 12% from 12.5%, citing a "substantial deterioration" in the outlook for the global economy. The bank's rate-setting committee voted five to two in favour of the cut. It had raised rates five times this year in order to combat rising prices. The surprise cut has raised questions about the independence of the central bank, after a number of politicians called for a rate cut in recent days. These included President Dilma Rousseff, who took office in January. The central bank said high debt and weaker growth in developed economies could impact Brazil. A number of analysts were baffled by the decision to cut rates. It's almost as if the US and Brazil had traded places.” "They gave in to political pressure. The costs will likely be much higher inflation and a deterioration of central bank credibility. It has damaged the inflation-targeting regime." Mauricio Rosal at Raymond Jones called the cut "a bit premature". Inflation in Brazil is currently running at 6.9%. Neil Shearing, senior emerging markets economist at Capital Economics, said that while his firm had not seen the rate cut coming, it was now predicting further interest rate reductions by the end of the year. "After all, with the world's highest real interest rates, Brazilian policymakers have plenty of room for manoeuvre," he added. This year had seen a number of moves by the government designed to prevent the economy from overheating. As well as the five interest rate rises, the government announced in February it would implement 50bn reais ($31bn; £19bn) of spending cuts. Other anti-inflation measures have included a big increase in banks' reserve requirements to hold back lending. The Brazilian economy, Latin America's largest, grew more than 7% in 2010 and is expected to grow by about 5% this year.

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Punch boss toughs it out despite continued losses

Roger Whiteside, the new chief executive of Punch Taverns following the recent demerger of managed pub operation Spirit, put on a brave face on last Thursday as he revealed the debt-burdened tenanted pub business was still losing sales. Shares in the company had immediately collapsed by 80% following the demerger a month ago, as investors anticipated that the residual business was highly likely to be forced to seek new terms from its bondholders. Punch revealed a 5% drop in comparable net income for the three months to 20 August, partly due to the absence this year of a World Cup-related boost to trading. Delivering the year-end trading update, Punch gave no details about acute concerns over its capital structure. "We have the resources we need for the forseeable future," Whiteside said. "We are in control of our own destiny." But doubts persist among investors – both shareholders and bondholders. One analyst said: "It's not the elephant in the room, it's the herd of elephants in the room." It is thought that Whiteside privately acknowledges the scale of Punch's debt challenges, but does not want to concede ground publicly ahead of expected discussions with bondholders. Talks are thought likely to start some time after former British Energy finance director Stephen Billingham takes up

his role as chairman in two weeks. Punch has about £2.36bn of net debt and a market capitalisation of about £63m. The value of the company to shareholders is now little more than twice the £30m bill incurred by the company for demerging Spirit. Most of the debt is in two long-term securitised loans against the tenanted pub operations. These comprise about 5,000 pub properties, more than 10% of the UK total, rented out to publicans who are tied to exclusive beer-supply contracts. Under the terms of these loan agreements, Punch's interest bills are scheduled to start increasing relatively shortly, putting further pressure on the struggling business. Besides these two securitisation structures, Punch has about £93m of cash and a halfshare in drinks distribution business estimated to be worth about £30m. In recent times Punch has had to spend some of its cash reserves in order to ensure its underperforming estate of pubs generates sufficient returns not to breach loan covenants. It remains to be seen how long this can continue. As set out before the demerger, Punch plans to sell off 2,000 pubs, reducing the business to a core of 3,000 sites. The company believes this will be a more viable business given the current economic climate and sharp declines in pub drinking in recent years.



Barcelona style in the Premier League Tevez is certainly changing his mind about leaving Manchester City. After a magnificent start the “New Galacticos” are the sensation of the season. City is delivering very good football, tactically and technically and showing that Premier League is not just about physical contact. The new names, Nasri, Aguero and Clichy are feeling comfortable at Manchester City doing a great job and giving many options to the coach Roberto Mancini to which he can apply his tactics. On the 14th of this month the Champions League trajectory will start for City and they will have a new challenge and a big opportunity to show to the world that this is not just a good spell in the Premier League. City will face a tough group (Bayern Munich, Villarreal and Napoli) but with the high quality football they are showing there is no doubt that they are serious contenders for the Champions League title.

BRAZIL prepares for SA championship

World No.1 volleyball team Brazil returned to the courts for the first time after finishing second in 2011 FIVB Volleyball World League over the weekend as they beat Japan and Germany at home in Rio de Janeiro. Led by legendary coach Bernardo Rezende, Brazil is currently preparing for the South American Championship as they look to defend their title from September 19 to 26 at home in Cuiaba and book their spot at the 2011 FIVB Volleyball Men's World Cup from November 20 to December 4. “This tournament is important to get the team in shape and I believe that is very useful for Bernardo, as he has many good players and not enough spots in the team for all of them,” Sidão said. “We are all feeling good, feeling confident and looking to improve.” Giba was not available for selection as he sat out due to an inflamed left leg. Brazil will stay in Rio de Janeiro for the next few days before returning to Aryzão, the Brazilian Volleyball Development Center, in Saquarema, to continue preparation for the South American Championship.

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SEP 05th - 11th 2011


SEP 05th - 11th 2011


wants beach soccer at Rio

2012 Calendar – Formula 1 Now you can plan your 2012 Formula 1 season. The FIA has confirmed its calendar for the next season. The addition of the United States round makes for a 20-race season, which will get underway in Australia on March 18. The season finale will take place in Brazil on November 25.

2012 FIA Formula One World Championship calendar: 27/05 Monaco 10/06 Canada 24/06 Europe 08/07 Great Britain 22/07 Germany

29/07 Hungary 02/09 Belgium 09/09 Italy 23/09 Singapore 07/10 Japan

Rivaldo rolls back the years Rivaldo came off the substitutes' bench to fire a winner for Sao Paulo which took them up to second in the Campeonato Brasileiro on Saturday. The former Barcelona forward, who won the World Cup with Brazil in 2002, is now 39 but proved his worth to Sao Paulo by grabbing the goal away to Figueirense which sealed a 2-1 win on the hour, having come on at half-time. Sao Paulo had failed to win any of their previous four league games but forged ahead three minutes before the break through Cicero. Figueirense levelled in the 48th minute through Joao Paulo before Rivaldo became the hero, lifting his side into second, above Vasco da Gama on goal difference. Leaders Corinthians and Vasco are both away from home on Sunday, taking on Coritiba and America MG respectively. Elsewhere on Saturday, Fluminense completed a remarkable comeback in the last eight minutes to win 3-2 at home to Atletico Goianiense to move up to seventh. Atletico Mineiro climbed out of the bottom four with a 2-0 win over fellow strugglers Avai. An own goal by Leocadio in the 28th minute and a 79th-minute effort from Daniel Carvalho sealed back-to-back victories for Atletico, who beat Atletico Paranaense in midweek to end a sixmatch winless league run.

FIFA president Sepp Blatter is pushing for beach soccer to be included in the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. Speaking at the beach soccer World Cup last Thursday, Blatter said there already are proposals to put the sport on the Rio program, but "the local organizing committee needs to take the initiative." Blatter told media that the event belongs in the Rio Games because it was born on Brazilian beaches. Beach soccer probably could be inserted on the Olympic program as a discipline of soccer -- not as a separate sport -- meaning it would need approval only by the IOC's executive board ahead of the Games. Beach soccer is played five to a side, with unlimited substitutions.

18/03 Australia 25/03 Malaysia 15/04 China 22/04 Bahrain 13/05 Spain


14/10 Korea 28/10 India 04/11 Abu Dhabi 18/11 United States 25/11 Brazil

Brazilian championship update The first half of the Brazilian Championship is over and Corinthians have won the symbolic title of the first half of the tournament. However with 17 games left nothing is decided yet. Five teams are fighting match by match for the top place and 8 more teams are fighting to escape the relegation zone. With the transfer window closed and no more speculation, the teams and players can now concentrate and focus solely on the games. Once again one of the stars of the championship is an Argentine, Montillo who is having an amazing season and helping Cruzeiro in the fight for a place in next year's Copa Libertadores. But he shares the limelight with the young starlet Neymar and the new rehabilitated Ronaldinho, both also having a fine season. However, the quality of football on show is not reflected by match attendance. There is a problem of empty stadiums right now in Brazil, with high ticket prices and game scheduling not meeting supporters' expectations. Because of this, year after year, spectator numbers are plummeting.



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SEP 05th - 11th 2011

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