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MAY 02nd - 08th 2011

The Royal Wedding




Brazil population nearly 191 million.


Announcing their engagement Prince William had said: "The timing is right now, we are both very, very happy." Miss Middleton added that joining the Royal Family was a "daunting prospect" but said: "Hopefully I'll take it in my stride." Much has been made of the non-aristocratic roots of the royal bride who, according to many predictions, could well be on her way to becoming Britain's new people's princess.


Emma Watson denies bullying claim .



Royal wedding party with a brazilian flavour.



GaGa fan kills cat in bizarre tribute.



Lindsay Lohan set for morgue duty.


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Udderbelly Festival is back!



Tornadoes' wild sweep leaves America in shock .



Retailer Luiza joins IPO boom.

SPORT: Ronaldo's still in business.


The New




The Brazilian Post

MAY 02nd - 08th 2011

Will Kate be the new Diana?

'She has disinterred a lot of feelings people had about Diana in 1981,' said Rachel Johnson, editor of the magazine The Lady. But, unlike Diana, who came from an established aristocratic family, Middleton was a 'middle class girl come good,' and 'far too clever' to become hunted down by the media in the way Diana did. Royal watchers have passed a largely positive judgement on Kate's few official outings ahead of the wedding, praising her 'natural' and 'unaffected' style. 'She works the crowds well,' commented the BBC's royal reporter. Kate Middleton will be following in Diana's footsteps but how exactly does she compare to the bashful royal bride who became the world's most photographed woman?

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Catherine "Kate" Elizabeth, née Middleton - the english rose Shy Diana the people's princess, wooed young and old alike with her style, reserved behavior and charm. In contrast, in the early days of Diana's relationship with Charles, she ventured to say to one of his confidants: 'If I am lucky enough to be the Princess of Wales....’

Diana "Di" Frances, née Spencer- the people's princess Catherine Elizabeth Middleton entered the public arena in a more assured way than Lady Diana Spencer. When one friend once remarked she was lucky to be with William, Kate reportedly quipped: 'He's lucky to be going out with me.’

Kate, at 28, is nine years older than Diana was.

She was 19 when she became betrothed to Charles.

Kate is five months older than William and they have already lived together at St Andrews.

Diana was 13 years younger than the Prince of Wales, but

Kate hails from a far steadier family background than William's mother. Her parents are still together, after a marriage of more than 30 years. While Kate is a brunette and Diana was blonde, both are tall and willowy. Both were educated at public school where they were popular and sporty, captaining the hockey team and excelling at tennis. Diana had a warmth and openness which attracted Charles, something Kate is said to possess too. Their backgrounds were clear of potential tabloid fodder. Diana appeared squeaky clean, as does Kate, although she was known to moon out of the window at boys at boarding school. Turning heads: Diana stepped out in an elegant sapphire dress, while Kate dons a blue gown for a charity ball - Both admired their men from afar. Diana had a childhood crush on Charles while Kate had a poster of William

Diana's parents had split acrimoniously when she was only seven years old as a result of her mother having an affair with a married man.

in her dorm at Marlborough College. Diana, at her first official royal event with Charles after their engagement in March 1981, was pictured arriving in her car at Goldsmiths Hall wearing a plunging strapless evening gown. In December 2006, Kate unwittingly flashed a fishnet clad thigh as she got into a car after a night-out with William and Harry. Kate, like Diana, is keenly aware of her actions in front of the media. Press who doorstepped Diana in the early days found her friendly, Kate too has politely told photographers she cannot pose for pictures, helpfully giving them just enough time to take a snap. Both women have shone in the limelight - although Kate has arguably seemed more prepared for it.

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MAY 02nd - 08th 2011

The Brazilian Post

World Economic Forum on Latin America opens in Rio The World Economic Forum on Latin America 2011 opened in Rio Wednesday last week, focusing on economic perspectives for the region. The theme of the forum is "Laying the Foundation for a Latin American Decade," comprised of three thematic pillars: strengthening regional and international governance, enhancing innovation and productivity for equitable growth and promoting effective partnerships for sustainable development. More than 20 sessions were held on Thursday and Friday, covering a wide range of subjects such as the education challenges in the

region, the drug trafficking problem, the impact of global economic problems on Latin America, energy, innovation, entrepreneurship and food production. The forum's participants hope to find new ways to boost the development of the region, which is recovering relatively well from the impact of the global financial crisis. Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff attended the forum Thursday afternoon, while Foreign Minister Antonio Patriota participated in Friday's plenary session about Latin America's role in the global governance system.

Storm causes massive damages in Rio



Oxi: New drug terrifies Brazil It looks like crack, but it is much cheaper, four times more lethal and called “oxi” or “oxidado” (rust). It's a cocaine derivative, just like crack, but it contains kerosene or gasoline, acetone, battery fluid and other chemicals. The highly addictive drug is smoked, but there are also cases of oxi being grounded up in cigarettes or snorted as powder, and has been showing up in Brazil in alarming rates. Oxi is known as 'the drug of death' because it's extremely harmful to the body and addictive right after the first try. “You use oxi once, and you want to use it two, five, ten, twenty times,” a 25-yearold oxi-addict told Brazilian TV. Users take on a yellowish skin color, lose weight very quickly and develop liver problems. They start to look like emaciated living corpses in just a few weeks time. The drug causes stomach aches, vomiting and constant diarrhea, but perhaps the most alarming fact is that most users die within a year. Oxi was first spotted in Brazil in 2004 in border city Rio Branco, in the Amazon state Acre. The drug was smuggled into the country via neighboring Bolivia and Peru. Users were mostly poor, jobless people between the ages of 18 and 35. From Acre, the drug spread to other states in Brazil's north and has caused numerous deaths already in the northern states of Goiana, Mato Grosso do Sul, Brasilia as well as some states in the Northeast. In the state of Piauí, for instance, eighteen oxi addicts have died since January this year. Now, experts warn, oxi is coming to São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro which causes even greater concern with national authorities and public opinion. The police say that oxi is already being sold

in São Paulo, especially in an area in the city's center known as “Cracolândia” where hundreds of homeless crack addicts reside. There have been reports that street dealers are selling small crack-like stones for R$2 (US$ 1.20) in stead of the regular street value of crack of R$10 (US$6.30). Experts fear it's only a matter of time before oxi hits the streets of Rio. The effect of oxi is very fast, the drug reaches the brain within seconds, which makes the addict instantly want to consume more and more. It's an overwhelming reaction. “You feel compelled to take it day and night, life or death don't matter, just oxi,” said a 17-year-old user in recovery. “It absorbs your whole life.” The Brazilian government is stepping into action: small-time street dealers are being arrested and makeshift laboratories in Brazil are tracked down and dismantled. There are also social health programs being developed. The Oswaldo Cruz Foundation is planning to set up an assistance program in Rio and wants to map the use of oxi in the country.

Danes, Hudson in Brazil for amfAR

A massive storm which fell over Rio last week caused one death and significant damages in several areas in the city. According to the local authorities, it rained 274 millimeters in nine hours, twice as much as expected for the entire month. It was the fifth strongest storm since the city's alert system was established in 1997. On the Grajau-Jacarepagua highway, a 600-ton rock fell on a highway, damaging a car and injuring its driver. The Maracana neighborhood, where Rio's world-renowned soccer stadium is located, was completely underwater. In nearby Praca da Bandeira, several shops did not open on Tuesday, having been swept by mud. A number of schools also suspended classes due to the flooding. According to Rio mayor Eduardo Paes, extensive renovations are necessary to prevent flooding, and the problem will take years to be solved. He said the federal government will release 400 million reais ( 254.7 million U.S. dollars) from the Growth Acceleration Program for infrastructure projects in the neighborhood.

BA to double flights to Brazil More passengers will soon be able to jet off to Brazil as British Airways (BA) has announced that it is doubling the number of weekly flights to Rio de Janeiro from three to six. The flights will all be on a B777 aircraft, with a choice of economy, premier economy and business class seats. As a result of the increase, flights will now go from Heathrow to Rio de Janeiro every day of the week except Mondays, setting off at 12.15 and landing in Rio de Janeiro at 21.55 local time. The additional flights will be in operation from 3 November. Neil Cottrell, British Airways' head of network planning, said, "We are experiencing a real increase in demand for Rio and by doubling the number of departures, we are able to offer our customers more choice and greater availability. Brazil is also experiencing strong economic growth and this capacity increase is a great opportunity for British Airways to be a part of that growth." Earlier this month Brazilian airline TAM also announced that it was to double the number of flights between London and Rio to six a week from August this year, although approval from Brazil's National Civil Aviation Authority was pending.

American actresses Claire Danes and Jennifer Hudson came to Brazil to promote the American Foundation for AIDS Research. The foundation said on its website that last Thursday night's fundraiser in Sao Paulo was the first benefit it held in South America. A foundation statement said that Brazilian designer Francisco Costa was honoured at the event for his work in raising HIV/AIDS awareness and advancing AIDS research. He is the women's creative director for the Calvin Klein Collection, Danes presented Costa with the award and Hudson gave a musical performance.



The Brazilian Post

MAY 02nd - 08th 2011

Investing in Brazil is good business Brazil is booming. With a strong economy and stable financial and political system Brazil has, for good reason, attracted the attention of international investors. In an area of such obvious growth and potential, property investors are confident they will make substantial financial gains. Specifically, local real estate prices are increasing around 20% per year, so investing in residential developments targeted at locals can provide solid returns with a clear exit strategy. The economic scenario couldn't be more conducive to investment. Direct foreign investment in Brazil grew 84% from 18.8 Billion in 2006 to 34.6 Billion In 2007; more than India and Japan. Brazil is now the world's 8th largest economy by GDP. Even in the current global economic climate, Brazil's gross domestic product achieved a 7.5% growth in 2010. The United States economy has not seen growth equal to that since 1984 and the U.K. economy, since 1988. In light of Brazil's recent performance and strong economic potential, many investors are now willing to take the plunge, and they have very real expectations of cashing in on high levels of capital growth over the coming years. Major investment is being made in the North Eastern cities of Natal and Fortaleza, which boast stunning beaches and a tropical climate. There has been a steady increase in development projects and in the number of tourists in these cities. Natal and its surrounding area will see more than $1.8 billion invested over the next 5 years in new hotels, resorts and infrastructure; including a new airport which will be the largest in Latin America (both passenger and commercial). The North East is tipped as being Brazil's top property hot spot as the location currently offers optimum conditions for those who wish to invest. For investment opportunities in Brazil, the property market is essentially divided into two sectors: residential or first homes; and tourist or second homes. In 2010, there were many instances of international buyers returning for second homes and/or beach properties. These included homebuyers and

retirees looking to re-locate, or purchase a holiday home in Brazil, to take advantage of the country's stunning beauty and sunny climate, all easily accessible by direct air services from Europe. These buyers found Brazil a solid investment in enjoying a good quality of life at a greatly reduced cost of living. SOCIAL HOUSING PROGRAM: MY HOUSE MY LIFE In 2009, the Brazilian government announced the ÒMinha Casa Minha VidaÓ (ÒMy House My LifeÓ) program, which outlined the structure of its R$34 billion (US$18 billion) investment to provide low-income Brazilian families with a place to live.

The Brazilian government wants to see growth in the affordable housing supply to keep up with the high demand created by this program. To achieve this, it is funding the entire project, from developer and construction loans to mortgages for low income Brazilians. The program also allows for financing of closing costs and down payments for properties under R$80,000. Loans are outlined to be between 5-6% depending on income. While credit is tightening worldwide, Brazil is unique in the sense that only 10% of its real estate is currently mortgaged. This is the first time low income Brazilians can obtain mortgages, whereas previously they were only available to the wealthiest of Brazilians. The demographic targeted by the ÒMy House My LifeÓ plan is that of Brazilian families earning up to a maximum of 10 times the minimum national wage, approximately R$500 per month. With part of the purchase subsidized by the government, house insurance included in the purchase price, numerous taxes and other purchase costs reduced, the plan also ensures mortgages at very competitive rates for buyers; up to 100% LTV for a property of R$80,000. The demand has been overwhelming! 8 days after the program was launched in Natal, 25,000 families had signed up to purchase their home. Currently there is a waiting list of 70,000 people and only 2,000 approved homes. In just two years, 23 million people have risen to prosperity level C (middle class), which now has 85 million people within its strata. This middle class has a monthly income between 2 and 10 times the official minimum wage. With insufficient first home housing stock to satisfy local demand, Brazil currently has an estimated housing deficit of a minimum of 810 million properties. The middle class is expected to purchase between 1,000,000 and 1,200,000 units per year until 2015. With this in mind, it is clear that the first-residence market within Brazil's major cities is a major investment opportunity, and no region has seen faster growth than the North East.

Rio zoo names new tigers William and Kate

A Brazilian zoo Friday last week signed off on their two new Bengal tigers and in a nod to their regal bearing named them William and Kate in honor of the royal wedding in England. The big cats, a four-year-old male and five-year-old female, were acquired in a deal with an amusement park and are expected to arrive at the Rio zoo on Monday . Authorities at the institution will be hoping the pair mate when they arrive at their new home, according to local press. Rio's zoo, which at 66 years is the country's oldest, sprawls over an area of 138,000 square meters and houses over 2,000 reptiles, mammals and assorted birds. Meanwhile, half a world away, Prince William and Kate Middleton were married at London's Westminster Abbey watched by some two billion viewers around the world.

MAY 02nd - 08th 2011

The Brazilian Post



Brazil nuclear program Census data puts updated after Japan Brazil population at nearly 191 million

Brazil's Angra dos Reis bay is a tropical paradise that attracts droves of tourists each year. But it is also sharply in focus as the home of the nation's only nuclear power plant. Brazilian officials insist things are safe at the two pressurized water reactors, Angra I and Angra II, which face the sea some 150 kilometers (90 miles) west of Rio de Janeiro. But security improvements have been stepped up in the wake of the devastating disaster at Japan's Fukushima nuclear power plant, crippled by a March 11 earthquake and tsunami. "We were taking measures (to improve security), but Fukushima accelerated them," Jose Manuel Diaz Francisco, in charge of security at Electronuclear, the public company in charge of the plants, told media sources. Angra I, which has been in operation since 1985, has an output of 657 MWe, while Angra II, in operation since 2001, has an output of 1,350 MWe. While there is little chance of an earthquake on the Brazilian coastline, the reactors are surrounded by hills prone to landslides: in 1985 a catastrophe was narrowly averted when a mudslide nearly blocked the plant's cooling water discharge area. Both reactors last year provided 32 percent of the electricity in the state of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil's third most populous state -- which amounts to less than five percent of the country's electricity demands. Currently 85 percent of electricity in Brazil is generated by hydroelectric power plants. However, experts say by 2020 the country's numerous rivers will not be able to meet the output needed as the Brazilian economy booms and demand for energy continues to grow. After 24 years of controversy, work on the con-

struction of a third reactor, Angra III, resumed in June 2010, with an expected completion date of 2015. The plant is expected to generate 1,400 Mwe. Brazil has plans to build up to eight nuclear power plants by 2030, even though nuclear energy is extremely unpopular: 54 percent of Brazilians oppose nuclear energy, while 57 percent fear a nuclear accident, according to a recent poll by the IBOPE institute. An Electronuclear spokesperson said the Angra reactors are safer than the damaged Japanese reactors because they use pressurized water in the process and not boiling water. Nevertheless Electronuclear engineers have studied the Japanese experience and plan to build a small hydroelectric plant near the ocean to provide backup power to cool the reactors in case of a catastrophic power failure. Authorities also plan to build jetties to evacuate the 20,000 people living near the power plants in case landslides block the sole coastal road. Greenpeace activists believe those safety measures don't go far enough, and vehemently oppose construction of the third reactor. On Monday last week, some 20 activists dressed in orange overalls and wearing gas masks hurled smoke bombs outside the Bank of Public Development (BNDES) in Rio de Janeiro. The bank is to provide more than 60 percent of the financing for the plant, estimated to cost some 5.8 billion dollars. "We are calling for the immediate halt of this loan," said Ricardo Baitelo with the local Greenpeace chapter. “Brazil has the means to replace nuclear with safer renewable energy sources," such as wind and solar power, Baitelo told the media.

Honda prepones Brazil factory break for lack of parts Japanese carmaker Honda said Tuesday last week that it will close a plant in Brazil earlier than scheduled because of a possible parts shortage resulting from Japan's earthquake and tsunami. The Brazilian plant normally takes a two week break in July during the southern winter season, but it will be pushed forward to somewhere between the end of May and beginning of June. "Due to natural disasters and their impact experienced by suppliers of Honda Motor Co., there could be a shortage of auto assembly parts starting in May" at the factory in Sumare, outside Sao Paulo, a company statement said. The Honda plant in Manaus in Brazil's Amazon basin will not be affected, the statement said. The Sumare plant currently turns out 650 vehicles a day -- Civics, Citys and Fits. After the March 11 quake and tsunami, Honda briefly suspended production of cars and parts in Japan. By March 31 it announced a phasing in of production and of exports. Honda already announced similar breaks in North American, Philippine, and British plants due to parts shortages.

Brazil's population climbed to more than 190.7 million people in 2010, according to initial results of the decennial census released by the country's official institute of geography and statistics. Last year the South American giant had a population of 190,755,799, according to the institute, an annual growth rate of 1.17 percent since the last census in 2000. The country's southeastern states had the largest populations: Sao Paulo had 41.3 million inhabitants, Minas Gerais a population of 19.6 million, and Rio de Janeiro's 16 million inhabitants. The entire southeast region, which also includes the state of Espirito Santo, has 42.1 percent of the country's population. Women comprise 51 percent of the country's population, according to the institute.



The Brazilian Post

Brazil slams rights abuses by West Brazil's Foreign Minister Antonio Patriota has lambasted Western countries for their human rights practices, emphasizing that they have the worst record in human rights abuses. In an address to the Brazilian Senate on Thursday last week, Patriota criticized “developed countries� for their history of human rights abuses and urged them to re-examine their rights practices. "The debate on human rights is polarized between north and south, as if only developed countries had something to teach developing countries. It is a mistaken conception, because the worst abuses were committed by developed countries," a media source quoted Patriota as saying. The Brazilian foreign minister also slammed the duplicitous attitude of the developed and Western countries towards other nations regarding human rights. In October of last year, the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) for the first time called on the United States to shut down its notorious Guantanamo Bay prison in Cuba over accusations of human rights violations in the detention facility. Former and current detainees at the Guantanamo Bay detention camp have reportedly been abused and tortured on numerous instances. According to a new study published online on the PloS Medicine website, medical and psychological evaluations have basically proved allegations of torture and abuse at the detention center. The US-led wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have also caused huge civilian casualties in both countries.

Brazil - Sugar tax plans shelved Brazil's government has reportedly decided against the imposition of a controversial sugar export tax, according to reports in the Brazilian media. Citing an anonymous government official, media sources reported last week that plans to levy a new tax on sugar exports have been shelved. The tax was originally mooted as a mechanism with which to bolster the ethanol industry in Brazil, by encouraging greater production and lowering prices. However, according to sources, the proposal has been "practically buried". Allegedly, the government has taken this step in order to avoid exposing itself to unnecessary risk, for it has been feared that, were the tax implemented, this would translate as higher prices for importers. This, in turn, would damage Brazil's position in the world market, undermining competitiveness.

MAY 02nd - 08th 2011

Drones to combat drug trafficking in brazil unable Black box from to fly for lack Paris-Rio flight of fuel recovered

Search teams have recovered part of a black box flight recorder from the Air France plane that crashed into the Atlantic en route from Rio de Janeiro to Paris in June 2009 with a loss of 228 lives. But the part retrieved does not contain the key data which could reveal why the plane crashed. A statement from France's Bureau of Investigation and Analysis, BEA, said the chassis that held one of the recorders was discovered a day after a salvage ship began working to retrieve bodies and wreckage using Remora submarines. Investigators announced they had found the main wreckage in early April, on the fourth and final attempt. "During the first dive by the Remora 6000 which lasted more than 12 hours, the chassis of the flight recorder was found, without the module protecting and containing the data," said the BEA statement. The official cause of the accident remains uncertain, but suspicion has fallen on malfunctioning speed sensors used by Airbus. Air France has been accused of not responding quickly enough to reports that they were faulty. Investigators and Airbus have stressed that without the black box flight recorders the mystery of the plane's last moment may never be solved.

Brazil's first unmanned anti-drug surveillance plane has sat on the ground since it arrived from Israel more than a month ago because of a lack of fuel. Federal police say no company has bid to supply fuel, apparently because the contract is too small. The Israeli-made drone can fly on the same fuel used by other federal police aircraft, but officials decided they wanted a separate contract for the 3,170 gallons (12,000 liters) needed for the unmanned plane. Brazil plans to eventually operate 15 of the unmanned planes.

Google to correct map highlighting Rio slums Internet giant Google has agreed to redo its online map of Rio de Janeiro within a year after being criticized for giving undue prominence to the Brazilian city's notorious favelas. "Google never intended to defame Rio," Google's director of communications in Brazil, Felix Ximenes, told the media, noting that the person who drew up the map was himself a Rio native. A current visitor to Google maps finds a favela in almost every area of the city, which is preparing to host the 2014 World Cup and the 2016 Olympic Games. Google has pledged within six months to a year to update the map so the names of normal neighborhoods and streets are given more prominence rather than the slums. Roughly one third of Rio's six million population live in slums perched on its steep hillsides, many of which are considered no-go areas due to gangs and criminals. But, in contrast to the impression given on the map, the favelas occupy just 3.8 percent of the city's total area, said institute for town planning Pereira Matos, quoted by media sources. The map could lead people to presume the city was simply "a conglomeration of slums," said a Brazilian daily, noting it highlighted even the smallest favelas but missed off important tourist attractions and large residential neighborhoods.

MAY 02nd - 08th 2011

The Brazilian Post

Brazil's Vale to invest $1.4B in Amazon dam‎ Brazil's biggest mining company Vale (VALE) announced that it will invest an estimated $2 billion in the world's most controversial hydroelectric dam project: the $9.2 billion Belo Monte dam in the Brazilian Amazon state of Para. Vale's CEO, Roger Agnelli, said in a statement that, “the acquisition of a stake in the Belo Monte project is consistent with our growth strategy, contributing to a secure supply of energy for Vale and the creation of added value for our shareholders as a self-reliant energy producer.” Vale will now take a 9.2% stake in Belo Monte's consortium, Norte Energia, filling the gap left behind by private equity firm Gaia Partners, who left the Norte Energia consortium late last year. Vale's interest in Belo Monte is not surprising, nor is it new. The company runs 9 hydroelectric dams in Brazil and three in Indonesia, including the new, and small 90 megawatt Karebbe dam. That $180 million is expected to help miners like Vale boost nickel production to about 200 million pounds per year. But Belo Monte is a behemoth by comparison. When built, it

will be the third largest hydroelectric power station in the world, second only to Three Gorges in China and Brazil's own Itaipu, which it runs with Paraguay. Belo Monte will have the installed capacity to produce 11,200 megawatts of electricity, while Itaipu has capacity to produce around 14,000 megawatts and Three Gorges is around 22,000 megawatts at full capacity. Of course, no dam ever runs at full capacity and because of the rise and fall of Amazon rivers during the dry seasons, the Belo Monte dam is expected to average around 4,500 megawatts, making it still one of the most powerful generators of power in the country, and very important for mining operations in Para state. Para is one of Brazil's biggest states, and most desolate. It is also home to a large swath of virgin rainforest and Belo will be built along the Xingu River, smack dab in the middle of that forest. A few hundred acres of rainforest will be flooded to form the reservoir and part of the Xingu will be diverted to drive the river into the dam, moving the turbines that will generate electricity for Brazil starting at some time in 2015. Around 9 injunctions are currently out against Norte Energia, all filed by attorneys general in Para state, citing vari-

ous problems with environmental licensing. Nearly all of the native tribes in the region are against the dam, though no tribes will have to relocate because of its construction. Around 20,000 people in neighboring towns will be forced to relocate. Norte Energia is required to invest nearly $1 billion in various infrastructure projects for towns affected by Belo Monte, such as hospital improvements, roads, water, sewer and housing for those who will have to move, especially. The costly project remains in limbo because Norte Energia has been unable to tap the financing it needs to meet all 40 environmental prerequisities before it starts building the dam. It has yet to meet 16 of them, according to environmental regulator Ibama. The dam was criticized by the Organization of American States last month on human rights grounds, charging that Brazil's government did not properly listen to native tribes and locals regarding environmental and social impacts the dam would have on their lives as it is being built, and possibly after its construction. The government's Foreign Affairs Ministry dismissed OAS's complaints as unfounded. US celebrities like Sigourney Weaver and James Cameron have been the most vocal supporters of indigenous rights and local movements against Belo Monte. Late last year, Cameron released the Message from Pandora short documentary about Belo Monte, comparing it to the indigenous fight against large state-corporate interests in the movie “Avatar”.Vale was originally part of a bidding consortium to acquire the rights to own and operate Belo Monte in April of last year. It lost the bid to Norte Energia, which is a consortium mostly of Brazilian owned electric power companies. There is some speculation that Vale's rich cash flow — around $9 billion as of the fourth quarter — could help Norte Energia out of its financial limbo, thus allowing the company to finance the build-out requirements of Ibama. Once those 40 requirements have been satisfied, then Ibama will grant a full installation license and the massive Brazilian National Development Bank (BNDES) will likely step in with a bridge loan to get the project started. BNDES director of infrastructure and signatory to the loan deals with Norte Energia, Nelson Stiffert, has stated numerous times on the record Belo Monte was an important development project for Brazil and must get built, though within the social and environmental guidelines set forth by Ibama.



Kate Moss poses nude for Brazilian Vogue

She may be 37-years-old, but Kate Moss can clearly still do a smouldering magazine cover as well as a model half her age. And she's got the body to prove it. The British model looks stunning as she poses nude for the May issue of Brazilian Vogue, wearing nothing but a pair of gold cuff bracelets, and showing off a pair of tiny tattoos above her derrière. With her hair a shade of honey blonde and her eyes rimmed with black eyeliner, the sizzling picture was taken by renowned photographer Mario Testino. The photograph, along with inside images, were taken in the city of Sao Paolo to mark the magazine's 36th anniversary. Kate recently told Vogue U.K that she shot 60 pages for the magazine while in the South American country with her eight-year-old daughter Lila. 'It was a lot,' she told the magazine. 'I had Lila with me and I thought it would be more of a holiday. 'Mario usually finishes quite early, but not this time.' The model is clearly still in demand for glossy magazine shoots, appearing on the covers of both VogueParis and Vogue Japan in May. It looks like it is going to be a busy few months for the model who is tying the knot with her boyfriend, Kills rocker Jamie Hince this summer. The couple are said to be planning to wed on July 2 at an undisclosed location, but sources have claimed it will be near her £2million Cotswolds home.

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White House congratulates British royal couple

The White House Friday congratulated Britain's Prince William and his bride Catherine Middleton on their marriage. The White House wished the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge "a lifetime of happiness together", media sources reported quoting a White House statement. "On this occasion, the American people extend heartfelt congratulations to the peoples of the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth and share in their hopes for a bright future for the Royal couple," the statement said. British Prince William and Kate Middleton held a wedding ceremony at Westminster Abbey in central London last Friday.

Kate's engagement dress sells like hot cakes A sapphire-blue dress that British royal bride Kate Middleton wore during the announcement of her engagement to Prince William has been flying off the shelves in China. In a popular online store, over 200 blue dresses were sold over the past few days in the run-up to Friday's royal wedding. Mock engagement rings have also become sought-after items. An online customer, who goes by the name "Chihluo", bought an engagement ring and said: "Its shiny appearance gives me a taste of the glamorous royal life." A post titled "What to wear to land a Prince? Check Kate out!" on received 100,000 hits till last Friday. The post listed outfits worn by Kate on various occasions over the past eight years including the one she wore when she first caught the attention of William at a charity auction in 2002.


MAY 02nd - 08th 2011

Royal newlyweds leave palace by helicopter Prince William and his new bride Kate left Buckingham Palace by helicopter on Saturday to start their married life together. The small commercial helicopter took off from the palace's back garden the morning after their fairytale wedding, which was watched by an estimated one million people on the streets of London and two billion on television around the world. The couple spent the night at Buckingham Palace, Queen Elizabeth II's official residence in London, following a party that went on until 3:00am. Pictures showed the couple holding hands as they strolled through the palace grounds, then shaking hands with royal staff before leaving. The new Duchess of Cambridge wore a belted short blue dress, with a cropped black jacket and black wedge heels, while the Duke was dressed in an open-necked white shirt, dark blazer and beige trousers. William is a helicopter search and rescue pilot in the Royal Air Force but it is not known whether he was at the controls. The prince has two weeks off from his RAF duties on the island of Anglesey, northwest Wales, but no information has been released by his household as to where the couple are spending their honeymoon.

Royal wedding watched by 20 million in UK More than 20 million people are expected to have tuned in to watch the royal wedding on television in the UK, with early indications suggesting it is a record for the modern, multi-channel era. The surge in demand for electricity at the end of the royal wedding was the fourth-highest ever caused by a televised event, meaning that the ratings have likely beat even huge shows such as the finals of The X Factor and Britain's Got Talent and big sporting events such as England's World Cup matches. National Grid said that, after the couple reached Buckingham Palace after the ceremony at 12.40pm, demand for electricity increased by 2,400MW - the equiva-

Elton John a fan of duchess Kate

Singer Elton John admires Kate Middleton for marrying Prince William but he thinks the couple will face difficulties in future because of their high profile image. "I hope everyone celebrates for them, whether they agree with the monarchy or not. It's about two people falling in love and getting into a situation, for her especially, where it's going to be the most difficult life. I mean, let's face it, we know what that kind of marriage entails, and the press never leave you alone, the courtiers ... I admire her for going through with it," media sources quoted John as saying. He further added: "I've only met William and Harry twice. But I'm very glad to have been invited because I think it was a very joyous day and I think [Diana] would be very happy with his choice, [Kate] seems such a great girl and they seem so much in love." The singer attended the royal wedding at Westminster Abbey, London on April 29.

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lent of nearly a million kettles being turned on at the same time. The surge was a third higher than that recorded after the wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer in 1981, which registered 1,800MW when 28million people had been watching. However ratings now tend to be lower than they were in decades gone by when viewers had fewer channels to choose from, and there was no internet or video games. Electricity demand surges do not directly correlate with TV ratings, because they indicate how many people got up to switch their kettles on - rather than the total number of people watching to begin with. This surge in demand is beaten only by three other televised events: England's World Cup semi-final against Germany in 1990 (2,800MW), an episode of

The Thorn Birds in 1984 (2,600MW) and England's World Cup quarter-final against Brazil in 2002 (2,570MW). National Grid also registered a 1,500MW drop in demand when viewers had their first glimpse of Catherine Middleton's wedding dress as she got into her car to the abbey - with such a drop (rather than a surge) indicating that people were flocking to their TVs rather than carrying on with more electricity-hungry activities. John Carnwath, power system manager in National Grid's control room during the ceremony, said: “It's been a fascinating day to work in our control room, seeing the huge impact on electricity demand of millions of people across Britain being brought together by William and Kate's wedding. We're proud of the role we have played in helping the nation share their big day.�

MAY 02nd - 08th 2011

‘Half of UK men don't know date of their wedding anniversary'

Men are apparently losing the art of romance as a new survey has revealed that half of married men in Britain don't know the date of their wedding anniversary. And one in 10 under-25s even confesses to giving his wife a gift he had previously been given by someone else. Research has found that one in five women buys her own flowers rather than wait for her man to deliver. Also, as many women have long suspected, one in four men buys his wife's anniversary flowers at the local petrol station.

Teen UK girls biggest binge drinkers: Report Teenage girls in Britain are the biggest binge drinkers among the rich and industrialised nations of the world, a report has said. UK's half of 15-year-old girls have been drunk at least twice, a report by Demos, a think tank based in London said adding, that the figure is almost double the average in other wealthy countries. According to the report, girls in UK are now more likely than boys to have been binge-drinking at least once in the last month. One third of teenage girls said they have been "intoxicated" in that period - second only to Denmark in Europe. A shocking 11 per cent admitted they had sex later and regretted while drunk. A quarter were injured or suffered an accident while sozzled. Twenty-seven per cent of girls aged between 16 to 24 had gone binge-drinking in the last week, against just 17 per cent in 1998. The report, using figures from a host of studies, showed one third of girls aged 11 to 21 had drunk so much they'd "lost control" or been sick. Just over half said they drank because of stress or to "forget their worries". "Across Europe, Britain has one of the worst problems with bingedrinking by teens - and girls here are drinking more than boys, Demos deputy director Julia Margo said.

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Emma Watson denies bullying claim Actress Emma Watson has denied claims that bullying drove her to take a break from a prestigious US university. Media reports had said students at Brown University, in Providence, Rhode Island, had teased her about her role as Hermione in the Harry Potter films. But in a statement on her website, Miss Watson, 21, said: "I have never been bullied in my life." She said she did not know what she wanted to do after September, but would focus on acting for the time being. She had enrolled at Brown in September 2009, initially to study literature. Reports had alleged that students said "10 points to Gryffindor" - a reference to a house at Hogwarts, the school for wizards in the Harry Potter films - when Miss Watson correctly answered a question in class. Miss Watson said: "I felt the need to let you all know the reason I took a semester off from Brown had nothing to do with bullying as the media have been suggesting recently. "I feel the need to say this because accusing Brown students of something as serious as bullying and this causing

me to leave seems beyond unfair." Last month she announced she was taking time out of study to focus on her film career. Although her spokeswoman said last week that Miss Watson would transfer to another university in autumn, Miss Watson's statement said: "Please don't try and speculate about what I might do in September - no-one can possibly know because I don't even know yet! "Like my other fellow Brown students I am trying to figure out my third year and whether or not I will spend it abroad (this is common)." In the frequently asked questions section of her website, the first question is "why did you chose Brown University over a British one?" Her undated answer is: "I was seriously torn as to whether to stay in the UK or go to the States as let's face it the UK has some of the best universities in the world. But, ultimately, I loved the course at Brown and really liked the idea of experiencing a different country and culture - and I must say I've never been happier, I absolutely love Brown."

UFO spotted over royal wedding venue Looks like Prince William and fiancee Kate Middleton had some unexpected guests at their wedding. A tourist reportedly filmed a UFO hovering over Westminster Abbey — the venue for Friday's royal wedding. The two-and-a half-minute video footage shows a shimmering white object in a cloudless blue sky near Big Ben. It seems to move and shift shape — but to have three sections, like the starship USS Enterprise from TV's Star Trek. "First we thought it was a parachute but it was way too high up," media sources quoted the tourist as posting on the Internet. "It changed shape but stayed there for at least 30 minutes. Then I lost sight of it," the tourist added.

Twitter banned at ‘UK varsities the royal wedding hotbed of Twitter was banned at the wedding venue of Prince William and his bride-to-be Kate Middleton. The social networking site was effectively barred from the royal wedding with signal-blocking technology installed at Westminster Abbey, media reports said. According to Yahoo, the move was suggested by members of the royal family and approved by security. A police official confirmed the technology, which also blocks calls and therefore untimely ringtones, and was turned on early Friday morning uk local time and ran for the duration of the ceremony.


UK homeland security strategy has failed to address the threat of extremism at universities, parliamentarians have said in a report titled 'Keeping Britain Safe'. The report said some colleges had become sites where extremist religion and radicalism could flourish "beyond the sight of academics". It also noted that there was a "reluctance to co-operate with the police on part of some varsities that did not want to be seen to be 'spying' on students", media sources report.


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party with a Brazilian flavour

Despite the clouds and the menace of rain, the sun ended up shining in Hyde Park, blessing the party where over 150 000 people celebrated the Royal Wedding, in the midst of many performances by live artists, lots of champagne, music and cheers, while watching the ceremony broadcasted live on the giant screens. London being such a multicultural city, Hyde Park was a huge melting pot of different nationalities and cultures celebrating the event that represented for all those present a moment of joy, festivity and dreams coming true. And, obviously, among so many people, the Brazilian Post found some brazilians, also celebrating this occasion. Danilo Feitosa Peres arrived in London a month ago to study English. An online media professional in Brazil, he works in a company that has offices in London and, therefore, wants to improve his linguistic skills in order to work in the British capital. "I'm really enjoying being here in London and my English is evolving too. It couldn’t be any other way, since we really must learn it to get by here" he says, delighted with the city that he claims is "a fantastic place that words can’t describe. You have to be here and see it”. Danilo is surprised with the level of involvement of the British people. “The Royal Wedding is awesome and it’s amazing how they get engrossed in things in this country, how patriotic they are". For him, to be in London at this time is an honor. "It's great to be a part of all this and I will always have a story to tell." Andreza Menezes is also studying English in London, but the appeal of the Royal Wedding is even bigger for her, since she wants to follow Fashion Design. "I scheduled my arrival according to it. So far it’s been incredible. I love the elegance and the exuberance. In the Royal world there is much fashion", she says. Andreza considers that the wide variety of styles that can be found in London are an inspiration for her professional future. "I want to specialize in personal styling, so it's great to see all this, learning about new ideas and cultures." Jessica Dowie is Australian, but, when she saw a group of Brazilians dancing the samba in Hyde Park, she loved it and tried it too. Being a fan of the Brazilian culture, she loves to be able to meet so many different people at an event like this. “This is a very big day, very exciting. It's lovely to see all this great camaraderie, so many different people celebrating". In Australia, the Royalty is not as popular as in England, but the Queen still has great popular support. Yet curiously, despite the number of Republicans going up over time, Jessica says that "now, with the royal wedding, the Republican Voters went down.”

- Article and photo by: Luis Costa Pires

MAY 02nd - 08th 2011

MAY 02nd - 08th 2011

The Brazilian Post

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London police William advised to sign pre-nup arrest 20 ahead of royal wedding Twenty squatters were arrested in raids across London ahead of the royal wedding, police said. Officers swooped on three addresses as part of an intelligence-led operation, taking the suspects into custody at various London police stations. One lawmaker described the raids as "some form of pre-emptive strike". Scotland Yard had more than 5,000 officers on duty for Friday's wedding and had pledged to take "robust" action against anyone threatening to disrupt the occasion. Police sources said the raids were made as part of investigations into recent outbreaks of disorder in central London, including student and anarchist riots. "These arrests were part of ongoing proactive work to tackle suspected criminality," a Scotland Yard spokesman said. "They were not specifically related to the royal wedding but had been brought forward ahead of the event." Nineteen people were arrested for stealing electricity at an address in Camberwell, south London, and one person was arrested in Hackney, east London, in connection with a riot on March 26. An address in the village of Sipson, next to London's main Heathrow Airport, was also raided but there were no arrests. Joe Rake, 20, a Sipson squatter, said he woke up to some 40 officers raiding the property. "It seems obvious to us that they thought we were going to do something at the wedding," he said. "They searched through our things but took nothing away and made no arrests." Police imposed a tight security clampdown around the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. Snipers took to rooftops and undercover officers mingled among the crowds as part of a massive covert and overt operation. Security against potential threats from Islamist extremists, dissident Irish republican terrorists, anarchists and even lone stalkers was being balanced with the desire to let onlookers enjoy the pageantry. Officers had been scouring central London for explosives and hidden weapons in the last few days, inspecting drains, lamp-posts and traffic lights.

One of Britain's most successful divorce lawyers, Ayesha Vardag, has advised Prince William to sign a pre-nuptial agreement to limit the potential financial payout in the event of a divorce. William, British Queen Elizabeth II's grandson, tied the knot with Kate Middleton on Friday last week. "There is merit to him in having a prenup,'' Vardag told media sources. But a British royal family spokesman said there would be no such agreement. Vardag has the opposite opinion for Kate. "I would advise her against a prenup primarily on strictly monetary grounds as the courts are traditionally generous to claimant wives,'' she said. The fairytale marriage between Will's parents —Princess Diana and Prince Charles — in 1981 ended in a decree nisi in 1996. Diana received a lump sum settlement of 17 million pounds and 350,000 pounds a year. Vardag's comments came in the context of prenuptial agreements becoming binding in England unless deemed to be unfair after she won a famous case last year. But the UK Supreme Court's ruling making the agreement a binding is not applicable in Scotland, where the UK royal family generally spend a part of the year. "If they (William and Kate) were to divorce while in Scotland or elsewhere they could be subject to that nation's jurisdiction and then the local law on divorce would apply,'' said Vardag. She said the royals could adopt the attitude that they are above prenups. Three of Elizabeth's four children have divorced; her daughter, Anne, more than once.

Prince William vetoed Tony Blair's wedding invite?

A prominent English historian has claimed former UK prime minister Tony Blair was not invited to the royal wedding because Prince William does not like the politician. “I think the plain truth is that for all sorts of reasons, [Prince] William developed a powerful dislike of Mr. Blair," Dr David Starkey told Sky News during a debate on the monarchy. "Particularly the way in which he intervened at his mother's funeral service. These are not political at all, they are personal choices.” Blair famously described William's mother Diana as the "People's Princess" following her death in a Paris car crash in 1997. UK media commentators believe a rift developed between him and the royal family in the aftermath of the accident and the handling of the funeral, which came amid an unprecedented public outpouring of grief. Neither Blair nor his Labour successor Gordon Brown were invited to the wedding. However former Conservative premiers Sir John Major and Baroness Thatcher were invited. Sky chief political correspondent Jon Craig said many Labour lawmakers are angry at the apparent "wedding snub" to the ex-Labour leaders. "Although [Blair] today said he is not offended and wished the couple well," Mr Craig said overnight. "But many politicians believe it is Mr Blair's memoirs that is to blame, as there are three pretty poignant references to William in that book. "He is quite disparaging about the royals and also talks about a private conversation with Prince William and reveals the prince's thoughts - and many MPs believe that is why William has taken great offense and not invited Mr Blair." Starkey took part in the Sky News monarchy debate which coincided with a poll on Twitter, showing a majority of tweeters are in favour of the monarchy. More than 2100 people took part, with more than two thirds - 70 percent - backing the royal family, while the remaining 30 percent want to see a change.



MAY 02nd - 08th 2011

Congo Utd sack coach by SMS! Congo United coach Gideon Ochieng was reportedly sacked as head coach by club chief, Fadhil Bayusuf, in a bizarre way - by text message - just hours after they lost 4-0 to KCB in Nairobi. According to reports, the said text message read: “Coach you are among the very good coaches here in Kenya but by your bad luck you have been unable to shine. I therefore feel it’s better you stepped down so we can give the chance to another coach to continue with the team.” A devastated Ochieng’ said: “I have just received a text message from the club president himself terminating my services and I think this is a crude way to do things since I have a one-year contract that runs up to the end of December 2011.

Manson talks after 20yrs

Twisted killer Charles Manson has broken a 20year silence with a bizarre rant in jail. The crazed US cult boss who led the 1969 Sharon Tate murder spree described himself as a "bad man". Manson, 76, said in a magazine interview: "I live in the underworld. I'm very mean. I'm a very mal hombre (Spanish for bad man). Nasty. "I don't play. I shoot people. I'm too bad. I'm a mean guy. I'm an outlaw. I'm a criminal. I'm everything bad." He added: "You have to accept yourself as God." Manson and his commune, known as The Family, butchered seven people including actress Sharon - wife of film director Roman Polanski. He is serving life in California's Corcoran State Prison. The rambling interview was his first since the late 1980s.

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Lady Gaga fan kills cat in bizarre tribute

A Lady Gaga fan has been charged with animal cruelty after she killed her cat and used its blood to make an outfit to wear to a Gaga concert. 20-year-old Angelina Barnes reportedly drowned the cat in her bathroom, before cutting it up and smearing its blood on her face and arms. She was about to leave her home for Gaga's Oklahoma City show when a relative walked in on her and discovered the crime. She is now being treated for depression and faces an animal cruelty charge. Reports have speculated that Barnes was inspired by Lady Gaga's infamous meat dress, which she wore at the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards, or her 2009 performance of 'Paparazzi' which saw her covered in blood.

Man kills woman, has sex with corpse A man has been arrested in China for killing a young woman as she looked like his exgirlfriend and then having sex with the corpse, a media report said. 23-year-old Zhang Fenglang said he killed the woman as she looked like his ex-girlfriend who had left him, a local daily quoted prosecutors as saying. Zhang fled Shanghai and was arrested from his hometown in Shandong March 30. He was sent back to the city to face criminal proceedings. He told the police that he had no intention of killing the woman - till he saw her face. It sparked anger as he recalled getting dumped by his ex-girlfriend. "At first, I only wanted to rob her. But when I looked at her and discovered how much she resembled my ex-girlfriend, I decided I must vent my anger," he told the police. His girlfriend broke up with him in July and he then moved to Shanghai. He, however, decided to rob people and return to his hometown after getting into gambling debt. The media report said that Zhang confessed that he initiated the attack on the 27-year-old woman by putting a rope around her neck and strangled her to death. He allegedly had sex with the woman's corpse soon after the murder.

Chinese man fears end Dutch woman's bra cure a hit ! of world, attacks father A Chinese man who feared that the world was coming to an end, screamed "we will die together" before attacking his father and nephew in Shanghai. Xia Hongbiao, 48, then set fire to their home, according to media reports. Xia allegedly attacked his father, who is in his 70s, and his 18-year-old nephew. "It was horrible. I saw big holes in the heads of both the old man and young man, and they were bleeding profusely," a neighbour said. Xia once bought 150 kg of rice and boxes of food and drinks and warned neighbours to prepare for the "coming disaster to mankind".

Ukrainian woman gives birth to 20th child

A Ukrainian woman has given birth to her 20th child, making her the most prolific mother in the country, media reports said. Leonora Nameni, 41, said she was not going to stop there and was planning to have more children. Doctors said the baby boy and his mother were doing well. The family with 10 sons and 10 daughters lives in a village in West Ukraine, a Ukrainian website said. Jonathan, the eldest child in the family, is 20 years old and is already married. Six children are working, eight are in school, and six are preschoolers. Both parents were brought up in large families as well. Janos Nameni, the father, has 16 brothers and sisters. Leonora is one of 14 children. The family owns a small farm, where the children work. The parents said they give their children good education and teach them to respect traditions. Television is prohibited in the family. The most prolific living mother in the world, according to the Guinness Book of Records, is Leontina Albina from Chile who gave birth to 55 children.

Rachel de Boer finally told some friends a secret she'd kept for years: She slept with stuffed socks sewn between the cups of an old bra to prevent cleavage wrinkles and smooth out her neckline. Three years later, a professionally designed and manufactured version of that same contraption is sold in 150 lingerie shops across the Netherlands and Belgium, approved by a research institute and getting interest from retail outlets in Germany, Austria, Portugal, Spain, Britain and France. Sceptical but curious, her friends also wanted sock bras to smooth out their cleavage wrinkles. So De Boer made five more versions of what is now called "La Decollette." Her friends were so enthusiastic about the results, they encouraged the former real estate agent to stop selling houses and design an antiwrinkle night bra that women would want to wear to bed. La Decollette, which has a soft, padded rectangular piece of material between the collar bone and the sternum and sits between the breasts, was born and to De Boer's amazement, has addressed a problem many women all over Europe seem to share. The cupless bra is worn at night and keeps the

breasts "in place" to prevent the compressing of breasts together which De Boer says can create vertical wrinkles. De Boer's anti-wrinkle bra has been a hit at lingerie shows around Europe and she said it also has the stamp of approval from the Parisian research institute CERCO or Center d'Etudes et de Recherches Cosmetologique.

Australian on hunting spree shoots son A quail shooting trip in Victoria's northwest turned tragic for a father and son duo after the boy was struck by his dad's bullet. It is believed the father, 70, took aim at a quail and accidentally shot his son, 34. The duo from Pascoe Vale, a western suburb in Melbourne, were quail shooting in marshland near Jarklin, about 60 km from Kerang, a rural town on the Loddon river in northern Victoria in Australia, when the accident occurred, the media reported. An air ambulance rushed to the scene where paramedics treated the man for wounds to his face and shoulder before taking him to Royal Melbourne Hospital. The status of the seriousness of injuries could not be ascertained.

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Showbiz: Meryl Streep will act in a Brazilian soap opera. Page 15

What's up: On the hanging gardens of Boundary. Page 19

Sacred Chat: An incredible journey. Page 20

Ryan bids adieu to acting career! The actor Ryan Phillippe recently said to the media that he will put an end to his acting career. The star is tired of the spotlight. Page 15

The Royal Merger! Congratulations to Prince William and Catherine who were recently joined in the holy bond of matrimony. The entire city was spruced up and counting days to the much awaited event. On the wedding day, just about everybody seemed to be outside taking part in the street parties with live outdoor screening of the royal wedding, and then singing and playing live music. There was also food from local cafes and restaurants, punch and enough bunting to get one feeling truly patriotic on the big day. Wow, what an experience!

Thank you London! We are overwhelmed by your response to the English edition of The Brazilian Post. So from now every 2nd issue released will be in English. Do not forget to grab your copy!



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Hello my beloved readers, This was a long period without writing to you. London is shining and I was having my rest, my drinks and trying to get some tan. But I missed you, gorgeous ones. And this week everyone is on fire! The chemistry between Shakira and Paqué, Beyoncé and Jay Z is really showing. Lindsay is back to court, our Diva Lea T is marvelous on her Vogue moves. You want more? Then come with me!

Lindsay Lohan set for morgue duty And hips don´t lie! Lindsay Lohan is in trouble with the Law one more time. She did it again! Lindsay will serve as a janitor at the Los Angeles morgue as part of the 480 hours of community service imposed on her probation violations, media sources reported last week. The Mean Girls actress is reported to have stolen a necklace worth 2,500 dollars earlier this year from a Los Angeles jewelry store. According to People magazine, however, Lindsay will not move the bodies. "She will do a basic cleaning job". She will be scrubbing the floors, walls and removing garbage from the morgue. According to the report, Lohan will serve 120 hours as a janitor at the Los Angeles coroner's office and an additional 360 hours at a homeless women's centre. We are tired of this game, Lindsay. Is this real or something to just keep you in the headlines?

The Spanish magazine "Cuore" brings out a really juicy cover. The issue shows the Spanish player Gerard Pique in a really happy mood. The best part is the magazine making sure that these pictures are 100% without Photoshop. The photo was taken right after a meeting between Gerard Pique with his girlfriend, the Colombian singer Shakira. "Cuore" is a very popular magazine in Spain and is characterized by having an acid humor. So love is in the air and the boys are getting explicit. Oh, mama!

Gay Walk of Fame honors Christina Aguilera Christina will be forever remembered. For what? To have performed Genie in a Bottle? (sic) The pop star is to be the first star immortalized on Hollywood's new Gay Walk of Fame. The 'Beautiful' singer had her hands and feet printed in the sidewalk at West Hollywood, in The Abbey. Stevie St. John, representative for the Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Center, explained that the 30year-old singer was chosen because of her numerous advances and contributions to the gay community. Legendary gay hotspot, The Abbey was one of late Elizabeth Taylor's favourite hangouts, and when the owners recently decided to remodel the club, they chose to include the Gay Walk of Fame as an attraction. Christina recently admitted she always gets advice from her gay friends, because she thinks they understand her problems better than anyone else. She said: "I love giving my male friends advice. And when I need advice myself? I go to my gay guy friends. They're very understanding and they are often coming from the same perspective.

LEA T Covers FFW Mag!

Lea T is on the cover of the May issue for FFW Mag! Magazine. If you don´t know her, you need to. Lea T is an transsexual top model and has been busy making headlines as the new fashion sensation. She has campaigned for the designer Jean Paul Gaultier as a result of her success. The 28-year-old Brazilian, formerly known as 'Leo', is the daughter of a former football player called Toninho Cerezo. But she got famous by kissing Kate Moss on the cover of LOVE magazine. Early this year, she hit the Brazilian catwalk for the first time. She made an appearance in designer Alexandre Herchcovitch's show during Sao Paulo Fashion Week. She is glamorous. She is a transgressor. Love you, T!

MAY 02nd - 08th 2011

Jessie J :

Chart numbers don't matter!

"I don't base my career on awards and chart numbers, but it's wonderful to see the hard work pay off." Jessie J to the Billboard. Jessie J, the wannabe European Lady Gaga, doesn’t surprise me trying to be blasé and pretending that she doesn’t care if she ends up as a one hit only singer. Girl, your music sucks. Sorry, Matt!

The Brazilian Post



Meryl Streep will act in a Brazilian soap opera Meryl Streep will give a short performance in the new soap opera called “Fina Estampa”, at the Brazilian TV channel Globo. Aguinaldo Silva, a famous Brazilian soap opera author, revealed that Meryl Streep will participate in this new production that is set to debut in September. He has said in a magazine interview that "to know more about the Hollywood actress's appearance, you have to make sure to not miss the next chapters". This will be a lovely treat. I can´t wait to see it!

RYAN PHILLIPPE bids adieu to acting career

The actor Ryan Phillippe recently said that he will put an end to his acting career according to the media. The star is tired of the spotlight. And part of the reason for wanting to end his career and move? Probably is his very public love life. The 36-year-old actor has suggested that he might be take a step back from acting to instead go behind-the-scenes. He says he is now sick of being tabloid fodder and paparazzi prey. "I think I'll end my career as an actor. I'm introverted. I'm ready to leave the scene. I'm 36 years old, but I'm doing this for 20 years, "he said. Ryan also vowed that he is not the man the gossip sites say, especially as regards the betrayal of his ex-wife Reese Witherspoon and current girlfriend, Amanda Seyfried, with singer Rihanna. “I’m a good guy,” Ryan said. “I’m not that guy you read about.” Believe it or not?


J-Lo wants $20 Million for American Idol 11

Jennifer Lopez was being reported to leave American Idol show to focus just on her own reality show. But now J-Lo wants $20 million to continue in the season 11 of the reality show. You know, she is doing extra work. Along with her American Idol pay raise, Lopez is also said to be a front for the new Latin America talent. The show will bring her husband Marc Anthony as judge. Lopez is already making $12 million this season, while our source says she has requested for the extra cash to stay on the show: “They will have to do whatever it takes to keep her happy'. ‘Her new contract is their major priority. They’ll have to come up with megabucks to appease Steven Tyler as well, but he will only make about a half of what Jennifer earns.’” This is what I call Latin power!


The Royal Wedding

MAY 02nd - 08th 2011

The Brazilian Post

THE ROYAL WEDDING The Royal Wedding took place in Westminster Abbey, London. Prince William and Kate Middleton are now husband and wife. He looked dapper, she looked classy. They both said yes.





MAY 02nd - 08th 2011

The Brazilian Post

The Royal Wedding


01 Britain's Prince William, and Kate Middleton leave after their wedding ceremony in Westminster Abbey, in central London 02 Britain’s Prince William (L), and his brother and best man Prince Harry, arrive to Westminster Abbey for Prince William’s marriage to Kate Middleton 03 Britain's Prince William, and his brother and best man Prince Harry (L) and Stephen Lamport, Receiver General of the Abbey (R), arrive at Westminster Abbey 04 Britain's Prince Charles and his wife Camilla arrive at Westminster Abbey 05 Britain's Queen Elizabeth waves as the Duke Edinburgh looks on, on their way to the wedding 06 Kate Middleton arrives to Westminster Abbey for her marriage to Britain's Prince William 07 Guests arrive at Westminster Abbey before the wedding 08 Britain's Prince William, and Kate Middleton exchange rings before the Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams 09 Britain's Prince William and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, walk up the aisle, after their wedding ceremony in Westminster Abbey 10 Britain's Prince William and his wife Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, travel to Buckingham Palace in the 1902 State Landau, along the Procession Route, after their wedding 11 Britain’s Prince William and his wife Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, kiss as they stand on the balcony at Buckingham Palace










MAY 02nd - 08th 2011

The Brazilian Post

Zaza Oliva our Cool Hunter takes from the streets the latest fashion trends and tells you where to find what you're looking for. Clothes and accessories that fit your style and budget.

India, 15 British/student Headband: Vintage Shop:£2 Top: American Apparel:£15 Cardigan: Top Shop:£30 Belt: Vintage Shop:£1 Shorts: Levi's by vintage shop:£15 Tights: Top Shop:£6 Bag: Beyond Retro:£40 Trainers: Converse:£30 Suitcase: Vintage shop:£30 Music: Talking Heads Best thing of London: friends,buildings,shops

Nicole, 22



Simone, 21 Tremaine, 29 American/store manager Cap: Polo at E-Bay:£17 Sunglasses: Vintage Shop:£22 Sweater: Gap:£9 Shirt: Vintage Shop:£12 Jeans: Levi's by Rockit:£12 Trainers: Polo at E-Bay:£15 Music: everything Best thing of London: people

Denmark/art midia student Headband: American Apparel:£15 Top: Spotmax Jacket: Stine Goya:£100 Trousers: Vintage shop:£35 Belt: Vintage Shop:£2 Socks: H&M:£5 Shoes: DR.Martens:£60 Bag: Beyond Retro:£25 Music: Minimal Best thing of London: everything

Sweden/event management Sunglasses: Ray Ban:£120 Scarf: from Greece street market:£5 Dress: Vintage shop:£50 Jacket: M&Q:£250 Handbag: Beyond Retro:£35 Tights: Primark:£2 Shoes: Top Shop:£70 Music: minimal,electro Best thing of London: you never can get bored,always something to do

Maria, 23 Macedonia/Model Sunglasses: Ray Ban:£120 Dress: Vintage Shop:£7 Cardigan: Vintage Shop:£30 Jacket: Zara:£50 Boots: All Saints:£185 Shop bag: Dr.Martens:free Music: Indie Rock Best thing of London: Shoreditch

Hadarrah, 29 British/store manager Sunglasses: Marc Jacobs:£100 Jumpsuit: Vintage Shop in USA:$10 Belt: Vintage Shop in China:around £90 Blouse dress: Vintage Shop:£15 Sandals: Marni:£600 Music: Reggae Best thing of London: weather and art

Linzi, 23 British/student Necklace: Top Shop:£1 Dress: H&M:£8 Belt: Primark:£1 Jacket: Oasis:£120 Tights: H&M:£7 Shoes: River Island:£70 Bag: H&M:£20 Music: House music Best thing of London: Nightlife

What’s Up You don't have anything to do? Dada, our columnist is going to fill your week's schedule with the best programs, cultural tips and all that is happening in London. Make the most of it!

Guanabara Social Club

Festival of Britain

Grand Design Live All that is needed in terms of products, technology, ideas and projects for home gardening and landscaping, you'll find in one place. The Grand Design Live brings professional designers who will be giving lectures, answering questions, giving updates on projects and more. Some of the major attractions include: Ask an Expert: Here professionals will answer questions about construction and reform. The first 30 minutes of the consultation are free. House of the Future: The most modern and the latest in design and technology will be revealed in this section. Kitchen Live Experience: Top chefs will be teaching how to prepare delicious recipes and allow the public to test modern cooking utensils. Till 08/05 £11 -£15 ExCeL Centre 1 Western Gateway, Royal Victoria Dock, E16 1XL Info: 0844 209 7349

MAY 02nd - 08th 2011

Learn a little more about the British cultural legacy by participating in the 60th anniversary celebrations of the Festival of Britain. The festival has been celebrating and promoting British art and culture for six decades and the Southbank Cultural Centre is full of special attractions. Four distinct areas in the space has themes inspired by the first edition of the festival in 1951. An exhibition of specially designed beach huts crafted by renowned artists and a huge manmade beach situated along the river bank enthralls the visitors. This year's program brings cultural and leisure activities for adults and children, making this event an ideal choice for families. Choose from art exhibits, music and dance performances, speeches or simply bring the children to have fun at the amusement park installed on-site.

The Guanabara Social Club has the finest selection of Latin American and Brazilian themed films on Monday nights. Their screenings feature great classic fiction films, educative and hard hitting documentaries, as well as a selection of short films. To make your night even more enjoyable bring your friends to the Happy Hour promotion, running all night, on selected cocktails and bottled beers + Live music + guest DJ's + samba classes - this is the best place to be on a Monday night in London. So forget your Monday blues with some of the top Latin and Brazilian cultural events on offer! Free Mondays: 17:30 - 2:30 April 2011 Oscar Winning documentary - Waste Land Guanabara Parker Street Covent Garden, WC2B 5PW Info: 020 7242 8600 ou visite

Until 04/09 Free entrance Southbank Upper Ground, Southbank, SE1 9PP

Real Food Festival If you seriously think 'you are what you eat', be sure to visit the Real Food Festival. Other than finding fresh high-grade products produced by 400 top producers, one can enjoy a mix of delicious food, music, debates, workshops, products and creations that carry names like the renowned chef Jamie Oliver. Thursday 05/05 4pm-8pm Friday 06/05 11am-5pm Saturday 07/05 11am-6pm Sunday 08/05 11am-5pm £13.5 - £20 Earls Court Exhibition Centre, Warwick Road, SW5 9TA Info: 020 7244 3993

The Pocket Dream Theatre Company will be presenting one of the most famous plays by Shakespear ' A Midsummer Night's Dream' at the Southbank Centre. The play that looks more like a fairy tale, where young lovers are enchanted by fairies, nymphs and other enchanted beings will be the highlight of the Udderbelly Festival and is directed by Edward Hall. What makes the play even more interesting is the fact that the company Pocket Dream is composed entirely of a male cast. Despite being produced especially for children the show promises to delight the adults too.


Until 14 of may £15.5 For the presentation schedule go to: Southbank Centre, Belvedere Rd, SE1 8XX

Butterfly House Exhibition Bring your kids to be amazed with the colourful world of the Butterfly House Exhibition at the Natural History Museum. Visitors will be able to see up to 800 live butterflies and moths, from up to 30 species, flying around a butterfly house. Several interactive activities are also part of this event, among them outdoor attractions like a maze, a treehouse and a kids play area all located in the garden.

Udderbelly Festival The coolest cow of the UK is back! Yes, we are talking about the host of the Udderbelly Festival. A giant purple inflatable structure in the form of a cow in an upside down position serves as a tent and stage for the Udderbelly Festival. For 12 weeks, this festival which has been a success in Edinburgh and Brighton since 2006, is full of cultural attractions such as concerts, comedy, drama and even bingo. For fans of English humour, comedians Lucy Porter and Carl Dornelly, Pete Firman, Gina Yashere, Barry Cryer and Mark Dolan promise their viewers laughs out loud. Another attraction that is a great success and will be part of the festival's program is the Alternative Eurovision Song Contest, a competition where musicians improvise on a musical show. For complete schedule and pricing see the Till 17th July Southbank Centre, Belvedere Rd, SE1 8XX

A Midsummer Night's Dream

The Brazilian Post

Till September £3.5 10:00 - 17:50 Natural History Museum Cromwell Road, South Kensington, SW7 5BD Information: 0871 971 6105

On the hanging gardens of Boundary Following the great success of last year the Boundary bar and restaurant opens its doors again to celebrate the arrival of spring with delicious dishes and cocktails. But what many agree is the best part of the site visit - the view the place offers. The boundary is located at the heights of a beautiful garden on top of a building on Boundary Street. From the top, one is amazed with the wonderful and breathtaking views including Canary Wharf, the famous cucumber, Gherkin, and the surrounding area of east London. Until 02/10 Mon - Sun: 12pm9.30pm (till 31th May) Mon - Sun: 12pm-10.30pm (1/06 - 18/09) Wed - Sun: 12pm-8.30pm (19/09 - 02/10) 2-4 Boundary Street, Shoreditch, E2 7DD Info: 0207 729 1051


Sacred Chat

MAY 02nd - 08th 2011

The Brazilian Post

An incredible journey Soul is a dynamic system. We are all given a map at the time of birth that broadly determines the proportions of various elements in the soul but all this changes as soon as the experiences of our senses begin to leave their own imprint on the soul. The input from our senses can change this map at any time. Sounds and smells can invoke any one of positive or negative feelings. As our experiences expand they are imbedded in our memories. A beautiful melody can touch our soul. There is a constant turmoil going in within our soul. It is the eternal fight between the Cosmic Intelligence and the negative forces that are nothing but emptiness on the soul map. Those who live in reasonably happy surroundings, can sustain positive feelings most of the time and remain happy. The unhappy soul strays trapped inside an unhappy body. When the body dies the unhappy soul is released into the universe only to come back as another unhappy person. The cycle goes on. The grander purpose of life and the universe is unfulfilled. So staying happy by increasing the proportion of cosmic intelligence in our souls and getting rid of emptiness should be a common goal. The key to finding that happiness is the so-called "sixth" sense or "sense of belief" as I would like to call it. This sense is the portal through which cosmic intelligence enters the mind. Even as a child this sixth sense. There is a sense of wonder, a quest to know more and to accept what we learn, in all of us. However, this sense of wonder is mediated by our upbringing, surroundings and education and that wonder starts getting clouded. But the good news is that it can be

ARIES Life settles down, giving you an opportunity to reflect on past events and see where they might lead. The new moon falls in the zone of self-worth indicating a twoto-four week period in which you can improve your stock, whether in the sense of money or reputation. It quickly becomes apparent that now you need to administrate and stabilize your achievements and make sure that you get all the financial benefits. Very few obstacles arise now, and the rest is just plain sailing. You feel empowered, and a whole lot of people enjoy the benefits of your strength, success and enthusiasm.

TAURUS Maybe you are changing your image, improving your look or, perhaps, planning to remodel a part of your life. Its birthday time too !!! So should someone make you an offer now or an opportunity arises for you to go in a new direction, don’t put too many excuses in the way of accepting. As this is generally a time of major introspection you may find that a lot of your convictions are up for review, and in adjusting to new times you abandon convictions that no longer serve your purposes. New ideas and values are embraced, especially as regards social and political beliefs. Celebrate!

GEMINI For quite some time the focus has been on social issues. This can be connected with groups you are involved with, or who children and partners are involved with, your social beliefs, or just the friends who you associate with. Proba-

bly you have been battling away to solve a variety of issues, and it may have felt as if progress was blocked at every step. This week the stops are removed and the partnerships and alliances you have been working on fall into place. If you have been working on a friendship that seems to be more like love, you can expect positive developments.

CANCER Expect a positive transformation as you weave solid alliances with powerful people and groups. The current alignments are urging you to get behind your own change. It is possible that recent events have already altered the status quo; on the other hand, you may just need a gentle push in the right direction. If you are expecting money from business interests it is quite possible that new capital launches a stable development for the long term. There is still plenty going on as regards career and at last the many obstacles that have put the brake on rapid progress are removed.

LEO With lots of planetary influences in the area of your solar chart connected with career, a promising and lucrative development may transform your working life and bring professional stability. It is likely that you will go from strength to strength economically in the coming months. Many of the communication difficulties and educational challenges that you have been dealing with are now solved. Optimism is high and this is surely a good time to travel. It will be no surprise if you’re reaching for your passport and packing your suitcases.

Afterall, life is short and there’s a lot of world to see.

VIRGO You have been in a challenging period emotionally, partly because you demand authenticity and independence in your relationships, and more passion in your intimate life. Finding a balance in regard to who owns what, and what should be shared, are also issues you may have been struggling with, and you are prepared to fight for what seems right and just. Now the obstacles disappear one by one and very little stands in the way of a cathartic resolution and cleansing to the important emotional issues. A soul union on the deepest level can be reached over the next couple of weeks.

LIBRA You are prepared to go through hell for the important relationships in your life, and you have faced the challenges of recent weeks with courage and initiative. You are prepared to take risks for love, and these risks will be rewarded during the course of the next couple of weeks. You benefit strongly through a relationship to a friend, mentor and guide who helps you at every step. This is a great period for pioneering ventures together with others, and maybe some soul-searching lies ahead. Partners may require careful handling, although they may need more of your commitment and time.

SCORPIO This could be an excellent period for putting the shared economy on a more solid footing through a major readjustment. At

cleared of clouds by conscious effort. Once the sixth sense is opened it allows direct communication between cosmic intelligence inside our souls and the all-prevailing cosmic intelligence in the universe. The more we "believe" the greater are the chances of our consciousness flowing freely and taking advantage of the vast ocean of positive energy flowing all around us. So the first and foremost step of achieving permanent happiness is to believe in something completely with your heart, mind or soul whatever you want to call it. This sense has also been described in mythology as the inner eye or third eye. Many people already have the sixth sense opened to a great extent. This manifest in them as the power of intuition. The Bhagavad Gita describes karma yoga, the practice that allows us to continue working and doing whatever we are doing as long as we do not work for ulterior motives, and follow the pure way of life with detachment from all results of our actions. We do not consider ourselves as the "doer" but believe that cosmic intelligence within us determines all actions or karma. Be in the presence of people who know 'the truth.' Satsang simply works from the flow of cosmic intelligence between people. By sharing, it grows further. People who are in love with each other experience this feeling in the presence of the loved one. Your sorrow, pain and grief are diminished if someone else shares those with you. That is the key to compassion that flows from people who have high levels of cosmic intelligence. - Dinesh Verma

work you are a hero because of the dynamic initiatives that you have been taking of late. You are irresistible when you want to be so, whether you need to patch a frayed liaison or bring someone new to your side. Take your time with the early stages of a working or romantic relationship because the more slowly the rules of engagement are used the stronger the bond in the future. Do not judge a new personal or professional connection too hastily!

SAGITTARIUS For those who are in the mood for romance and partying, there could scarcely be a better period. You are in the company of dynamic and exciting individuals who are pursuing the same agenda as you. If you are single, several choices will be presented to you. If you have kids, this is an extremely eventful period, and it is probably a good idea to drop the work and spend more time playing. If you don’t have kids and want them, put in an effort now and you will probably have triplets. If you are creative, expect fame. Remember, there is more than one way around a current impasse.

CAPRICORN Many challenges in communication and relationships that took place last week ease off. Children, who may have been overplaying their hand, get a little bit more reasonable, and friends get a little less pushy. There is still a lot going on in family life however, and most of it is very positive. It is a good idea to encourage exciting outdoor activities now, or to invite friends or family members to take some time with you. If you

can plan a family event, it will be a great success. Entrepreneurial ventures begun now should prove successful and the returns should be maximum. Be creative!

AQUARIUS As the weeks starts, there is a sense of calm and stability on the home front. Positive new initiatives create a transformation that makes you feel more secure. This is in fact just a beginning, and in May there will be extremely positive developments in your domestic life, and the money to make your dreams practical and real. Meanwhile there are extremely dynamic and positive initiatives connected with your mental development, education and travel. The difficulties of the path disappear and success comes. Create new routines and change certain aspects of your life for more fulfillment.

PISCES This is a time when you are trying to convert your dreams into reality, which may involve a new development educationally or embarking on travels or networking. New creative ideas come to you, and what is attractive is something more creative and peaceful. On the financial front there have been many stressful issues in recent weeks, all connected with how you can have financial independence or launch new initiatives. This week you sense that blockages are removed and the money starts to flow. Initiatives start to pay off, especially those concerned with partnerships. So enjoy the ride!


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MAY 02 - 08th 2011

Tornadoes' wild sweep Birth controversy leaves America in shock distracts from big Shocked Americans are struggling to grasp the magnitude of the worst US tornadoes in decades, with 295 lives lost in a trail of destruction stretching across the south. Communities such as Alabama Governor Robert Bentley's small home town of Tuscaloosa have been virtually wiped off the map and officials are warning that the body count will rise as rescue workers find more dead amid the debris. Disbelief was written on faces across eight states crippled by the ferocious spring storms, the deadliest tornado tragedy to strike the United States since 310 people were killed in 1974. Recalling the more recent horror of 2005's hurricane Katrina, families picked through the remains of their homes, businesses and schools, bearing witness to scenes of devastation more common in war zones or after earthquakes. The toll reached 195 in Alabama and President Barack Obama said he would visit the worsthit state to see the unfolding human tragedy. ''The loss of life has been heartbreaking, especially in Alabama,'' Mr Obama said at the White House, describing the disaster as ''nothing short of catastrophic''. He said the storms ''took mothers and fathers, sons and daughters, friends and neighbours - even entire communities'' and said he would rush federal assistance to those most in need. States of emergency were declared from central Oklahoma to Georgia on the eastern seaboard and governors called out the

National Guard, including 2000 troops in Alabama, to help with rescue and clean-up operations. ''We had a major catastrophic event here in Alabama with the outbreak of numerous long-track tornadoes,'' said Governor Bentley, who declared a major disaster for his state, where up to a million people were left without power. Emergency responders searched through toppled trees, twisted billboards and ruined homes for signs of life, while thousands of survivors prepared to spend the night in makeshift shelters. ''There were direct hits on two towns, Hackleburg and Dadeville,'' said John De Block, a National Weather Service meteorologist in Alabama. He said most of the homes in Hackleburg, a town of 1500 people, were built on slab foundations and ''the slabs have been swept clean in several locations''. He said colleagues had told him the town was 90 per cent destroyed. More than 160 tornadoes were reported on Wednesday alone, and if more than 148 of those are confirmed it would set a record for a 24-hour period, surpassing the so-called ''super outbreak'' in 1974. It was also a dark day for Birmingham, Alabama's largest city with more than a million residents. Mayor William Bell spoke of ''whole neighbourhoods of housing just completely gone. Churches, gone. Businesses, gone.'' Several eastern states were still on alert yesterday for tornadoes and severe thunderstorms.

Gaddafi's men using rape to take on rebels : US The US envoy to the United Nations told the Security Council on Thursday last week that troops loyal to Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi were increasingly engaging in sexual violence and some had been issued the impotency drug Viagra, diplomats said. Several US diplomats who attended a closed-door Security Council meeting on Libya told media sources that US ambassador Susan Rice raised the Viagra issue in the context of increasing reports of sexual violence by Gaddafi's troops. "Rice raised that in the meeting but no one responded," a diplomat said on condition of anonymity. The allegation was first reported by a British newspaper. Pfizer Inc's drug Viagra is used to treat impotence. If it is true that Gaddafi's troops are being issued Viagra, diplomats said, it could indicate that they are being encouraged by their commanders to engage in rape to terrorize the population in areas that have supported the rebels. The use of rape as a weapon during wartime has received increasing attention at the United Nations. Last year, un Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon appointed a special envoy on sexual violence during armed conflict, Margot Wallstrom. Earlier this month, Wallstrom chided the Security Council for failing to mention sexual violence in two recent resolutions on Libya, despite having made the subject a priority. Wallstrom said at the time that reports of rape in Libya remained unconfirmed but cited the highly publicized case of Eman al-Obaidi, the woman who burst into a journalists' hotel in Tripoli last month saying she had been raped by progovernment militiamen. The International Criminal Court is already investigating whether Gaddafi's government committed war crimes in its violent crackdown against demonstrators who demanded greater freedoms. The crackdown sparked a rebellion that has turned into a civil war. The US mission to the United Nations declined to comment.

issues: Obama

Defending his own legality to lead the US, President Barack Obama on last Wednesday produced a more extensive Hawaii birth certificate in an extraordinary attempt to bury the issue of where he was born. He declared: "We do not have time for this kind of silliness." Citing huge budget decisions in Washington, Obama said: "I am confident that the American people and America's political leaders can come together in a bipartisan way and solve these problems. We always have. But we're not going to be able to do it if we are distracted." Obama spoke shortly after the White House released the long form of his birth certificate, which contains extensive data. The certificate says Obama was born in Hawaii, which makes him constitutionally eligible to hold the office of president. Obama released a standard short form before he was elected in 2008, but requested copies of his original birth certificate from Hawaii officials last week in hopes of quieting the lingering controversy. White House officials have said the issue was settled long ago. But so-called "birthers" opposed to Obama have kept the issue alive. Potential Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump recently began questioning why Obama hadn't ensured the long form was released. "We're not going to be able to solve our problems if we get distracted by sideshows and carnival barkers," the president said. Obama never named names in addressing his critics.



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MAY 02nd - 08th 2011

MAY 02nd - 08th 2011

The Brazilian Post

Cambodia, Thailand break truce Thai and Cambodian troops exchanged gunfire near a disputed temple despite a cease-fire agreement between them, local media reported on Saturday. A century-old conflict between the two states over the ownership of several 11th century temples was reignited last year and boiled over on last Friday. "The fighting started again this morning at around 4:00 a.m. [on Saturday] at Ta Krabei temple, Thai soldiers launched the attack first," Cambodian Colonel Suos Sothea told a news agency. "Thai troops have fired small arms, rockets and artillery at our troops. We have also opened fire to defend our territory, but we have not used heavy weapons to fight back yet." At least six Thai soldiers and one civilian have been killed in the clashes, authorities said. Cambodia has said three of its troops have been killed in the fighting. A total of 48,192 villagers from Thailand's two border provinces, Surin and Buri Ram, have already been evacuated. The border between Thailand and Cambodia has never been demarcated in detail.

UN, West put Syria's Assad on notice European capitals summoned Syrian ambassadors last Wednesday to demand that president Bashar Assad stop gunning down his people and the UN's top human rights body prepared to reinforce that warning in a rare emergency session. France, Britain, Germany, Italy and Spain told Syrian ambassadors in a coordinated effort that they condemned the recent violence in the Middle Eastern country and that Assad must change his ways, France's foreign ministry said. The European condemnation was a significant blow to Assad, a Britisheducated self-styled reformer who has made a high priority of efforts to bring Syria back into the global mainstream, efforts that included hosting a series of visits from European diplomats. It was far from clear, however, if Europe's shaming of Assad would have enough impact to moderate his government's brutal handling of the Syrian uprising. France said it expressed its "firm condemnation of the escalation of the repression by Syrian authorities against the population'' and called on Syria to respect its international obligations on human rights. Meanwhile, UN's Human Rights Council has agreed to a US request for a special session Friday focused on Syria.

Sarkozy condemns Marrakech attack French President Nicolas Sarkozy condemned the attack targeting a crowded cafe in Morocco, in which French nationals were among victims, the Elysee Palace said on Thursday last week. "The president has learned with consternation the terrorist attack which took place today in Marrakech," Morocco's main tourist destination, the French presidency said in a statement. "He condemns firmly this heinous, cruel and coward act, which has made numerous victims, including some French people," it added without giving a figure. According to Moroccan television channel, an explosion killed 15 people in Marrakech, among them six are French tourists.



Obama committed to comprehensive immigration reform Pointing out that perpetuating a broken immigration system is not an option if America is to win the future, the US President Barack Obama expressed his commitment to a comprehensive immigration reform, the White House said. Obama reiterated his concern that the US educates the best and brightest but then ships that talent overseas or expels talented young people who have grown up as Americans and want to further their education or serve in the military. He said this during a meeting with influential Hispanics from across the US to discuss the importance of fixing the broken immigration system for America's 21st century economic and security needs. "The president reiterated his commitment to comprehensive immigration reform that both strengthens security at borders while restoring accountability to the broken immigration system, and pointed out that perpetuating a broken immigration system is not an option if America is to win the future," the White House said. Obama expressed his deep disappointment that Congressional action on immigration reform has stalled and that the the Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors (DREAM) Act failed to pass in the Senate after being passed in the US House with a bipartisan majority in December last year, the statement said. Obama also noted that the only way to fix the immigration system is through legislative action in Congress, and that he cannot unilaterally change the law. He made it clear that while his administration continues to improve legal immigration system, secure borders, and enhance immigration enforcement so that it is more effectively and sensibly focused on criminals, more voices are needed to elevate the immigration debate beyond the politics, false debates, and rhetoric that have dominated the issue," the White House said. Obama urged meeting participants to help elevate the debate, and to forge partnerships across sectors and across demographics. "There was broad agreement that more voices are needed to change the tone of the debate so that Congress acts to fix the broken system in a way that upholds America's history as a nation of laws and a nation of immigrants," the statement said. Obama reaffirmed that he will continue to work to forge bipartisan consensus and will intensify efforts to lead a civil debate on this issue in the coming weeks and months.



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MAY 02nd - 08th 2011

France uses unexplosive Libya at risk of food crisis as bombs in Libya: spokesman domestic clashes continue

France has started last week to use unexplosive bombs to strike targets on the ground in Libya in the hope to reduce unnecessary damage to nearby civil infrastructures and civilians, the military's spokesman Thierry Burkhard said. At a press conference, Burkhard said the unexplosive bombs, around 300 kilograms and stuffed with concrete mass instead of explosives, have been adopted since last Tuesday to hit vehicles of Libya forces loyal to Muammar Gaddafi. The purpose to use concrete bombs was to increase accuracy of each strike and reduce unnecessary damage, he said, denying that the air operation in Libya by the foreign coalition was running short of aircraft or munitions. Some early report said Britain, France and other European countries were running low on stocks of laser-guided bombs, but several officials of NATO and allied countries since last week have stood out to deny bomb shortage in the Libya operation.

The World Food Program (WFP) on Thursday last week warned that Libya is at risk of a full-blown food security crisis within the next 45 to 60 days. "The country's food security system has been severely disrupted and the country is unable to import enough food, due to disruption of port activities and the lack of fuel," UN spokesman Farhan Haq said. "It also says that immediate steps must be taken to increase the flow of commercial goods, to replenish stocks of food and inputs for local production, and to maintain social safety nets," the spokesman added. Humanitarian aid has arrived in the Libyan cities of Misrata and Benghazi over the past few days, the United Nations said last Tuesday. Meanwhile, fierce fighting continued between Libyan rebels and forces of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi.

Russian prez to hold first UN Security Council press conference in 3 years

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev is going to hold a news conference on May 8, the first in three years, the official Kremlin press service announced last Thursday. This announcement was unusual as the Kremlin press service has seldom made such a preview without revealing the specific topics and place of the conference. Local media reported that this would be Medvedev's first press conference in three years. According to Moscow's analysts, Medvedev may use this opportunity to announce his further plans on the run-up to the 2012 presidential elections.

slams terrorist attacks in Morocco

The UN Security Council on Thursday last week condemned "in the strongest terms" the terrorist attacks in Morocco, which killed at least 15 people, saying that "any acts of terrorism are criminal and unjustifiable." "The members of the Security Council condemned in the strongest terms the terrorist attack that occurred in Marrakech, Kingdom of Morocco, on April 28, 2011, causing numerous deaths and injuries," the Security Council said in a press statement issued here late last Thursday. The Council members "expressed their deep sympathy and sincere condolences to the victims of this heinous act and to their families, and to the people and government of the Kingdom of Morocco," the statement said. "The members of the Security Council reaffirmed that terrorism in all its forms and manifestations constitutes one of the most serious threats to international peace and security, and that any acts of terrorism are criminal and unjustifiable, regardless of their motivation, wherever, whenever and by whomsoever committed," the statement said. Earlier on Thursday, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, in a statement issued here by his

spokesman, said that he "is appalled by today's bombing in Marrakech which killed and injured Moroccans and foreign nationals." The secretary-general "reiterates his firm rejection of the use of indiscriminate violence against innocent civilians and maintains that no political objective justifies or is served by such heinous acts," the statement said. At least 15 people, including six French nationals, were killed and 20 others, mostly Europeans, injured in Morocco on last Thursday after a suspected suicide bomber detonated a device in a busy square in the tourist haven of Marrakesh, in what was the deadliest attack in eight years, reports said. "The members of the Security Council reiterated their determination to combat all forms of terrorism, in accordance with its responsibilities under the Charter of the United Nations," the statement said. "The members of the Security Council reminded States that they must ensure that measures taken to combat terrorism comply with all their obligations under international law, in particular international human rights, refugee and humanitarian law," the statement added.


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MAY 02nd - 08th 2011

Brazil's key airports set to go under private sector control Security and management of Brazil's key airports are likely to go under private management follow a government decision to push forward aviation development ahead of the 2014 World Cup and 2016 Olympics. Former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva's government launched ambitious plans to modernize the country's major airport in preparation for the two major sport events with an eye on promoting Brazilian cities and international conferencing destinations. But the plans have been slow in implementation, while officials fret over the time left to prepare for the World Cup. Major upgrades in both security and airport facilities were cited in published reports on what Brazilian media and officials see as the absolute "must" for Brazil to gain international respectability both for safety and comfort of air travel in and around the country. Brazilian presidential Chief of Staff Antonio Palocci, in a speech Tuesday to the national economic and development council, said five major airports would be earmarked for what industry analysts described as the first phase of the modernization, which includes automation and general streamlining and tidying up of the services on offer.

The operations and expansion of Brazilian airports is seen as a key issue in the runup to the 2014 soccer World Cup, which is scheduled to be played across 12 Brazilian cities, and the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. Aviation analysts joined a media outcry over fears the present infrastructure in Brazil is ill-equipped to deal with the volume of traffic before, during and after the two major sport events. The government plans to tender concessions for private sector companies to manage two airports in the Sao Paulo state and one in Brasilia, officials said. Palocci told the national economic and development council, which is led by President Dilma Rousseff, "We want to combine the urgency of the works with public and private investments." The airports earmarked for private sector management include the Sao Paulo and Brasilia airports and the Viracopos airport in Campinas, about 60 miles north of Sao Paulo. The government is also looking into ways of opening airports in Rio de Janeiro and Belo Horizonte to private sector

development. Industry experts say Brazil may need to invest more than $21 billion on its plans for developing major airports' long-term capacity for handling passengers during and after the sport events. Current industry estimates say the airports may need to be equipped to handle up to 310 million passengers a year, compared with about 130 million a year at present. In addition to infrastructural development, that dramatic increase in passenger traffic will also require more skilled staff at every stage of Brazil's aviation development, industry analyst said.



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MAY 02nd - 08th 2011

Publicis Groupe Brazil Retailer Luiza buys into Brazilian Joins Consumer IPO Boom with $911 agency to bolster Million Offering Leo Burnett Leo Burnett Brazil is to be renamed Leo Burnett Tailor Made, after yet another Brazilian agency acquisition by parent company Publicis Groupe, this time of independent advertising company, Tailor Made. The French company, led by Maurice Levy, has acquired a minority stake in the agency founded by Paulo Giovanni, but could increase its stake to 100% in 2013. Giovanni will take on the newly created role of chairman and chief executive for the agency. Leo Burnett Tailor Made will work out of Leo Burnett's current offices in Sao Paulo, and will provide its clients with a full range of communications services. With 160 staff, the agency will handle clients including Fiat, Procter & Gamble, Emirates and Chrysler Group. Tailor Made is the third Brazilian agency Publicis Groupe has bought into this month. Yesterday, it announced it had agreed to acquire GP7, while last week it increased its stake in Talent Group to 60%. Tom Bernardin, chief executive of Leo Burnett Worldwide, said: "Our objectives for Leo Burnett Brazil are bold and aggressive. With our already strong presence in the market and a reputation for creative excellence, the acquisition of Tailor Made, and most importantly the leadership of Paulo Giovanni, we are better positioned than ever to take advantage of the opportunities in this booming market. "Paulo is a proven leader and I am delighted to welcome him to the Leo

Brazilian electronics and furniture retailer Magazine Luiza SA plans to raise as much as 1.43 billion reais ($911 million) in an initial public offering, becoming the fourth consumer company in the nation to seek equity financing for the first time this year. The Francabased company plans to sell as many as 67.9 million shares at 16 reais to 21 reais each, according to the prospectus published April 17 in Valor Economico. The shares are scheduled to be priced after the market closes today and begin trading on May 2. Six Brazilian companies sold shares this year, raising a total of about 3.64 billion reais, 47 percent more than in the same period last year. Consumer companies are gaining from retail sales growth exceeding 8 percent for 17 straight months and the fastest economic expansion in two decades. “Retail companies have benefitted not only from credit expansion, but also from a stronger tendency of Brazilians to consume,” Joao Pedro Brugger, who helps oversee 70 million reais at Leme Investimentos in Florianopolis, Brazil, said in a telephone interview yesterday. “It turns out that one thing leads to the other, and this sector really stood out in terms of the number of IPOs.” Magazine Luiza has 611 stores and plans to use part of the proceeds from the IPO to open new outlets, according to the prospectus. The retailer was founded in the Sao Paulo city of Franca in 1957 by Luiza Trajano and Pelegrino Jose Donato. Luiza Helena Trajano, their niece, took over management in 1991 and is the company's chief executive officer. Luiza is selling shares amid signals consumer spending may slow. Brazil's bank lending expanded in March at the secondslowest pace in 13 months as the government stepped up efforts to contain demand and inflation by curbing consumer credit, according to a central bank report released yesterday. Through newspaper and television advertisements featuring Trajano, Magazine Luiza is marketing the sale to individual investors in a nation where record economic and employment growth are creating a new class of potential shareholders. “The idea, on top of attracting big investors interested in Brazil, is to also reach a part of the population that is starting to invest in stocks and is exactly the target public for the company,” Jean-Marc Etlin, vice president for investment banking at Banco Itau BBA SA said in an April 19 interview in Sao Paulo. Itau is managing the sale along with BTG Pactual SA, BB Investimentos, Barclays Capital and Banco Santander SA.

In the ads, Trajano calls on customers to become Magazine Luiza's partners, with the slogan: “In each stock, many values.” “Luiza wanted a personal touch in the IPO campaign,” Etlin said. “It was her idea to be in the advertisements.” During former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva's eight years in office, 21 million Brazilians were brought out of poverty, and unemployment fell to a record low 5.7 percent in November.Latin America's largest economy grew 7.5 percent in 2010, the fastest pace in more than two decades, and should expand 4.5 percent in 2011, Finance Minister Guido Mantega said April 26. President Dilma Rousseff, who took office this year, said eradicating poverty will be her main goal. Unemployment in March rose less than forecast to 6.5 percent. That was the lowest on record for the month, indicating the economy is still heated. Of the Brazilian companies that have sold shares this year, only T4F Entretenimento SA, a live-entertainment services provider, has declined, sliding 8.3 percent from its offering price of 16 reais on April 11. Footwear maker Arezzo Industria & Comercio SA has gained the most, rising 28 percent from the initial price of 19 reais. The trend of consumer and retail companies leading Brazil IPOs is likely to continue, BM&FBovespa SA's CEO Edemir Pinto told reporters in Sao Paulo this week. “This is a sector that is attracting a lot of interest from investors outside Brazil,” Itau's Etlin said. Magazine Luiza also plans to use the money from the IPO to remodel stores, acquire companies in the electronics and retail industry and bolster its cash position, according to the prospectus. The company and shareholders declined to comment, citing the so-called quiet period before the offering, according to Magazine Luiza's outside press agency in Ribeirao Preto. Will Landers, manager of the $1.06 billion Latin America Fund at BlackRock Inc. (BLK), said in an April 13 interview that Brazil IPO valuations are too high and that companies seeking share sales may have to cut their prices to make them attractive. At least four Brazilian company IPOs were priced either at the bottom of initial estimates or below this year, according to data compiled by Bloomberg.

MAY 02nd - 08th 2011

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Brazilian Real Approaches Highest Since 2008 on Foreign Direct Investment Brazil's real rose, approaching its strongest level since August 2008, after foreign direct investment last month exceeded forecasts, signaling increasing demand for assets from Latin America's biggest economy. The real advanced 0.4 percent to 1.5621 per dollar at 5 p.m. New York time, from 1.5688 yesterday. The currency touched 1.5611 yesterday, the strongest level on an intraday basis since Aug. 5, 2008. A majority of the 25 emerging-market currencies tracked by Bloomberg gained today against the dollar. Brazil's central bank said today the economy received $6.8 billion in overseas investment in March, exceeding a $4.9 billion median forecast of 13 economists surveyed by Bloomberg. Foreign investment in Brazil is on course to reach $60 billion this year, central bank President Alexandre Tombini said in Brasilia today. “There is a general movement towards more risky assets and this benefits the real,” Vladimir Caramaschi, chief strategist at Credit Agricole Brasil SA in Sao Paulo, said by phone. “It's also the continuation of the trend towards appreciation. The data on FDI particularly was pretty strong and it suggests that the real could continue on this trend.” Investors are increasing their demand for higher-yielding assets on speculation the Federal Reserve will decide to keep the target U.S. rate at zero to 0.25 percent at a two-day meeting starting today, said Win Thin, global head of emerging- markets strategy at Brown Brothers Harriman & Co. in New York. Brazilian policy makers voted 5-2 on April 20 to raise the benchmark Selic rate by a quarter point to 12 percent from 11.75 percent.

“It's really still sort of a sell the dollar, buy everything else kind of market right now,” Thin said by phone. “It's a very positive thing” that Brazil's current account deficit, which the central bank said today widened to $5.7 billion in March, can be covered by incoming foreign direct investment, said Thin. “The current account deficit has to be financed either through FDI or through hot money,” he said. The central bank said it twice bought dollars in the spot market today, first at 1.5642 and then at 1.5639 each. The purchases are part of an effort by policy makers to curb the cur-

rency's two-year 40 percent rally. They bought $29 billion in dollars in the spot market this year through April 15 and have also purchased the U.S. currency in the forward market and made bets against the real in futures markets in 2011. Yields on Brazilian interest-rate futures contracts maturing after January fell after Finance Minister Guido Mantega said the government should use all of its fiscal and monetary weapons to control inflation, which ran at a 29-month high of 6.44 percent through mid-April. The yield on the contract due in January 2017 fell the most in more than three weeks, tumbling 11 basis points, or 0.11 percentage point, to 12.64 percent. “We need to use all possible weapons against inflation, be it monetary weapons, be it fiscal weapons,” Mantega said today at an event in Brasilia. Yields on longer-term contracts are dropping on speculation that the government may take more measures to control inflation in the near-term, said Eduardo Galasini, head of proprietary trading at Banco Banif Primus in Sao Paulo. Speaking at the same event as Mantega, Tombini said slowing inflation back to the government's target next year will require a “prolonged” and incisive effort. “This has been determined and will be pursued in a consistent and incisive way,” he said. Brazil targets annual inflation of 4.5 percent, plus or minus two percentage points. Inflation will surpass the upper limit of the target between July and August, as the central bank uses the range to accommodate price shocks, Carlos Hamilton, the bank's director of economic policy, said last month.

Brazilian Central Bank Sees a 'Prolonged' Cycle of Interest-Rate Increases

Brazil's central bank said that it will prolong its interest rate adjustment cycle at a slower pace even though a “substantial” part of its fight against inflation has already been carried out. Policy makers raised the benchmark Selic rate by 25 basis points, to 12 percent, on April 20 after 50 basis-point increases at each of their two previous meetings this year. “The majority of the committee believes that a substantial anti-inflationary effort was already introduced in the economy over the past four months,” the bank said in the minutes of its April 19-20 meeting. President Dilma Rousseff's administration is relying on a mix of higher borrowing costs, measures to curb credit growth and spending cuts to bring the fastest inflation in 29 months back to the 4.5 percent target in 2012. Taming inflation will require a “prolonged” and “incisive” effort, central bank President Alexandre Tombini said on April 26. “The Copom understands, with unanimity, that given uncertainty over the persistence of recent inflationary pressures and the complexity of the global envi-

ronment, the total adjustment of the reference interest rate should be, starting at this meeting, sufficiently prolonged,” the minutes today said. Developing nations from China to Chile are stepping up efforts to tame inflation that's being stoked by a 32 percent jump in commodity prices in the past 12 months. Consumer prices in Brazil accelerated to 6.44 percent in the year through mid-April, the fastest pace since November 2008. The central bank targets inflation of 4.5 percent plus or minus two percentage points to accommodate price shocks. Rousseff's government pledged to cut 50.7 billion reais ($32.4 billion) from its 2011 budget to help curb inflationary pressure. In December the central bank raised banks' reserve requirements to slow credit growth, and this month the government doubled to 3 percent the so-called IOF tax on consumer credit. Bank lending expanded in March at the secondslowest pace in 13 months, the central bank said in a report yesterday. Total outstanding credit rose 1 percent in March to 1.75 trillion reais ($1.11 trillion) from a revised 1.73 trillion reais in February, down from a 1.3 percent increase in the previous month. The average interest rate charged on consumer loans rose to 45 percent in March, up from 43.8 percent in February, the bank said. The central government primary surplus, excluding interest payments, widened to 9.1 billion reais in March, the Treasury said April 26. The surplus was wider than the median 8.2 billion reais estimate in a Bloomberg survey of 13 analysts. Growth in Latin America's biggest economy will slow to 4.5 percent this year from 7.5 percent in 2010, the fastest pace in more than two decades, according to estimates by the Finance Ministry.

Brazil aluminum use seen rising 13 pct in 2011 Brazilian consumption of aluminum products should rise around 13 percent from 2010's 1.3 million tonne total, the Brazilian Aluminum Association, ABAL, said on Wednesday. Production of aluminum cables and wires alone should rise 58.4 percent, the association said. Brazil ranked seventh among the world's top aluminum producers in 2010, turning out 1.54 million tonnes of primary aluminum. Domestic consumption in 2010 rose 29 percent, driven by economic growth of 7.5 percent. Brazil's GDP is expected to rise 4.5 percent this year.



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MAY 02nd - 08th 2011

Growing Middle Class Fuels Brazil's Economy

From the bustle of Sao Paulo, where a vista of modern steel and glass skyscrapers seems endless, to its vast farmlands, Brazilian optimism is on the rise and so is its growing consumer class. They are consuming everything from cell phones and laptops to Coca-Cola and Nikes, and they were out en masse at the Morumbi shopping center in Sao Paulo on a recent Sunday. As the developed world struggles, Brazil grows faster, on the strength of its export economy, but also rising domestic demand. Its middle class continues to expand -- and spend. An estimated 35 million people joined the middle class between 2003 to 2009, and 20 million more are expected to be included by 2014. Unemployment is at a relatively low 6.5 percent. The Brazil story is not without its problems -- inflation is running at more than 6.4 percent, near the top of its central bank's target range, its currency is arguably overvalued and real estate has seen outsized gains that seem unsustainable. Brazil has taken steps to curb hot capital inflows, and it is trying to cool consumer credit growth from about 20 percent annually, to about 12 percent, by raising taxes on credit. The hyperinflation of the 1990s is not such a distant memory, and the central bank is battling inflation with rate hikes and a current interest rate of 12 percent. The country's many advantages are not lost on Brazil's business community, though there is caution when discussing Brazil's success and future. Poverty remains a huge problem, with roughly 15 percent of the population estimated as living in absolute poverty. The education system is also not sufficient to create the kind of workers the economy needs. The government is encouraging families to keep children in school by paying them a monthly stipend. "If we are not so smart, but a little bit smart we will take advantage of (what we have) and become one of the important powers of the world," a senior Brazilian bank official said in his Sao Paulo offices recently.

Brazil is also saddled by huge infrastructure needs -- and costs. Some private economists forecast that the country will have to spend some $700 billion to a trillion dollars to get roads, airports, sewers and sports facilities ready for both the 2014 World Cup and the 2016 Olympics. Brazil officials privately disputed some of these lofty estimates, but this week President Dilma Rousseff's chief of staff announced plans to hand over the country's five largest airports to the private sector in an effort to speed up much needed upgrades. Known for its large agriculture industry, Brazil has not even tapped its potential for food production. It currently grazes cattle at a ratio of one hectare per animal, but it could increase the density and create more farmland. It also has an unusual advan-

New Brazil policies may not prevent rising ethanol prices Brazil's move to assume more authority over the country's ethanol supply chain may not prevent a repeat of this month's surge in prices for the renewable fuel, an analyst said. The nation's fuel regulator Agencia Nacional do Petroleo, Gas Natural e Biocombustiveis is taking on more control over the production, import, export and storage of ethanol and other biofuels, according to a presidential decree signed into effect by President Dilma Rousseff. Brazil also reduced the minimum amount of ethanol that can be mixed with standard gasoline. Ethanol prices reached record highs this month, the end of the annual inter-harvest season when sugarcane mills are shut down and supplies wane. Prices may go even higher next year, according to Arnaldo Luiz Correa, an analyst at Archer Consulting in Sao Paulo, because demand is rising faster than the supply. “Cane won't grow faster now that ANP is supervising it,” Correa said in an interview. The industry needs more investment in production capacity or “the problem's only going to be worse next inter-harvest season,” which lasts from January to April. Gasoline sold at the pump currently includes 25 percent ethanol, though the current policy permits blends as low as 20 percent. The decree reduces the lower limit to 18 percent. Only a third of the ethanol produced in Brazil is blended with gasoline. The rest is used in the growing number of flex- fuel cars in Brazil that can run on pure ethanol, according to the Sao Paulo-based sugar-cane trade group Uniao da Industria de Cana-de-Acucar. Record Prices The price of anhydrous ethanol that's mixed with gasoline rose to a record of 2.73 reais ($1.73) a liter on April 20, up 122 percent since the start of the year, according to Piracicaba, Brazil-based research institute Centro de Estudos Avancados em Economia Aplicada. Those prices are coming down with the start of the new harvest season, making it less likely the government will lower anytime soon the 25 percent ethanol blend-rate currently in use, said Jacqueline Bierhals, a manager at the Sao Paulo-based research agency Informa Economics FNP. By the end of this week, about 200 of the 335 mills in southern Brazil will be processing sugar cane, according to a Unica statement today.

tage in its climate which allows the rotation of three crops a year, as opposed to the normal two per year. Brazil also sits on one of the world's most promising oil finds. Some 300 kilometers off its Atlantic coast, giant Petrobras explores in deep water, hoping to take Brazil production to five million barrels per day and to the ranks of the world's major oil producers by 2020. "We think Brazil has the potential and the resources to go from the 2 million barrels it produces today to five million by 2030," said Enrique Sira, director of research for Latin America for IHS Cera. Petrobras forecasts an earlier time frame. Brazil also is the biggest exporter of iron ore in the world, and has an increasingly close relationship with China, the biggest importer of iron ore. China, hungry for all types of Brazilian commodities, is its fastest growing trading partner, responsible for 15.3 percent of Brazilian exports at the end of last year, from 6.2 percent in 2003. In the same time frame, the portion of exports to the U.S. has fallen to 9.6 percent from 18.2 percent. There are also opportunities in Brazil's financial infrastructure. Currently, there are just 800,000 domestic and international investor accounts in Brazil, of a population of roughly 200 million people, according to Brazil's Bovespa exchange. Bovespa is promoting educational campaigns for investors and projects that number could rise to 5 million in five years. While the Bovespa exchange is one of the world's largest, trading stocks, commodities, and derivatives of all sorts, there is also no developed secondary corporate bond market in Brazil. As far as consumer banking goes, Brazilian and international banks see big opportunities for growth as the new middle class seeks out banking services. As for those cell phones, they also represent an opportunity. Brazilians are big users of mobile banking, or banking by cell phone.

Blair says Games could transform Brazil economy Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, a key player in London's winning bid for the 2012 Olympics, said Friday that the 2014 World Cup and 2016 Olympics can help Brazil reduce its economic and social problems if the government handles them well. Blair said British planners for the Games were acutely aware of what some nations did right in planning the Olympics to maximize economic and social benefits. He cited the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, Barcelona's in 1992 and Seoul in 1998 as examples. "You can use the Olympics as an economic platform to attract a whole lot of business and investments that go way beyond a sporting event," Blair said at the World Economic Forum's Latin America summit. "But if you do it imaginatively, you can learn a whole series of things that can be applied throughout government." Rio won the 2016 Olympics the first time the Games will be held in South America - largely from pitching it as a chance to showcase how the event can leave a legacy of social transformation. Rio has long been plagued by violent crime, acute economic inequality and a few decades that saw the city poorly governed and falling into ruin. But Rio has bounced back of late, much like Brazil itself. It has increased economic activity following the discovery of oil

fields in the Atlantic off the Rio state coast, implemented a lauded policing program that is making strides in safety and gotten a big boost in self-esteem after winning its Olympic bid. Brazil, meanwhile, will host the 2014 World Cup - a rare case of a single nation hosting the globe's two biggest sporting events within such a short time span, and doubling the chance for Brazilians to reap benefits from them or be seen as a failure if it cannot meet expectations. "We look at these sports events as a catalyst and we're much more interested in what comes from," said Renato Villela, the finance secretary for Rio state, who spoke at the same panel as Blair. Villela used as an example the rapid bus transit system that Rio will implement for the Olympics, a system that will remain after the event. A social benefit that could come from the bus system may be slowing the growth of slums in Rio. Villela said that because of Rio's poor transportation, many people decide to build homes in precarious shantytowns prone to deadly mudslides simply because they need to be close to their jobs since they cannot count on public transportation. The investment that Rio is making in the bus system, ostensibly for the Games, will "last and will increase the mobility of Rio's work force," Villela said.

MAY 02nd - 08th 2011

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Brazil posts record current account gap for March Brazil's current account deficit ballooned to a record for the month of March as foreign companies in Brazil sent more profits home and Brazilians spent more on travel and goods overseas. Latin America's largest economy ran a current account deficit of $5.7 billion in March, the central bank said on Tuesday. The shortfall was much wider than the $3.5 billion deficit in February and topped the $5 billion deficit in March 2010. Brazil was expected to post a $5 billion current account deficit for the month, according to a Reuters survey of 12 analysts. The forecasts for the deficit ranged from $3.6 billion to $5.5 billion. "The deficit reflects larger Brazilian demand for goods and services abroad, both for consumption and production," said Tulio Maciel, head of economic research at the Brazilian central bank. Maciel also forecast a $5.2 billion deficit in April. The current account, the broadest measure of a country's foreign transactions, indicates how reliant an economy is on financing from foreign capital. As multinationals generate more of their

income in emerging markets like Brazil, they are also repatriating more profits and dividends. In Brazil, that amount jumped to $3.7 billion in March, up from $2.5 billion in the month a year earlier. In a sign that the outlook for Brazil's economy remains robust, companies spent as

Brazil needs state incentives to boost solar power in region MPX Energia SA, which is building South America's first privately owned solar energy plant in Brazil, says the country needs more incentives to help the renewable energy technology take off as it has in neighboring nations. MPX's 1-megawatt pilot project is expected to be attached to Brazil's national power grid within two weeks and to begin producing power by the end of May, Lucio Coelho, business manager at MPX said in a telephone interview. MPX has received permission from regulators to expand the project's capacity to 5 megawatts. Coelho said that's not likely because electricity generated by solar panels cannot compete with other sources without subsidies. “Today, photovoltaic technology is expensive,” Coelho said. “Solar needs an incentive program,” to be economically viable, he said. That may include national auctions for power contracts, the system Brazil uses now for power generated from hydroelectric, wind, biomass and natural gas-fired plants, he said. There is a state incentive program in Brazil's northeastern state of Ceara, where MPX built the plant. Coelho said MPX will participate in an auction for subsidies from Fundo de Incentivo a Energia Solar, a Ceara state fund that remunerates developers for energy produced by photovoltaic projects. MPX's 10-million real ($6.4 million) project is in the city of Taua, 500 kilometers (311 miles) south of the equator where solar radiation is strong, the company said in an e-mail. Solar energy is becoming more common elsewhere in South America. Peru and Argentina have organized renewable energy auctions in which 10 photovoltaic projects received contracts to sell a total of 100 megawatts, according to government websites. Latin America's first government-owned solar project went into operation in March, a 1.2megawatt facility in Argentina's northwestern San Juan province. Comsa Emte SL, a Barcelona, Spain-based engineering company, built the $12 million plant.

much on leasing machinery abroad as they did last year -- roughly $1.25 billion in March. Backed by one of the world's strongest currencies, Brazilian consumers have been flocking abroad, packing stores in Miami and cafes in Paris. In March, tourism cost Brazil $1.65 billion in outflows against earnings of $630 million, a deficit 87 percent wider than a year

earlier. Brazil's currency, the real, has rallied over the past two years as foreign investors pour money into the country, drawn by high interest rates and economic expansion even as some developed economies continue lackluster growth. An improved trade balance did little to stem the widening current account deficit. Brazil's exports to a recovering world economy outstripped its imports, more than doubling the March trade surplus to $1.6 billion. Despite economic expansion slowing from 7.5 percent last year to an expected 4.5 percent this year, foreign direct investment remains strong and will help offset the current account deficit. "In all, figures on the balance of payments remain comfortable," Marcelo Carvalho, senior Brazil economist for BNP Paribas, said in a research note. FDI jumped to $6.791 billion in March, compared with $2.1 billion the same month in 2010 and $7.7 billion in February. Authorities maintain a bullish outlook on FDI as Brazil's growth potential still outstrips that of many other economies.


Sport Adriano’s out with injury Adriano could be out of the field for almost 5 months. The player who joined Corinthians last month after a miserable season playing for Roma, has suffered a heel injury. Adriano was expected to make his debut for Corinthians after recovering from a shoulder injury but now the player will be out injured for a few months after tearing his tendon while training. Adriano was very confident and preparing himself for a new start after he had been cut from the Brazilian player list for the 2010 World Cup and a horrible 8 months in Italy but now this injury could seriously compromise Adriano’s plans to get back to the top. The Corinthian’s supporters hope Adriano will follow Ronaldo’s example overcoming this critical moment in his career.

Massa’s Hopes to win 2011 has not been the best season so far for Ferrari’s Team. But Massa believes that the team and he can improve their performance and answer all the critics, especially with the European Season approaching, the Turkish Grand Prix, in just over one week time. Massa believes that if they qualify better on the grid, they will potentially increase their chances in the race. Massa has been under pressure since Fernando Alonso's arrival at Ferrari and he knows that he needs good results to keep his place in the team. However after a good race in China Grand Prix, and 6th position, the Brazilian driver confidence is growing but even with the recent improvementshe admits that Ferrari still has a lot of work to do.

Swimming News Updates:

Brazil: the last day of the Brazilian championships in Rio saw Cesar Cielo, Olympic 50m free champion, win the 100m 'fly in 53.07/. In his absence, the 50m free went to Bruno Fratus in 22.10. Next stop for Brazilians aiming to race at the world championships in Shanghai this summer will be the Maria Lenk Trophy next month. London: Ian Thorpe was among the 1,900 overseas guests invited to the Royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton in the British capital last Friday.

Ronaldo's still in business Ronaldo retired from the football pitch last February but the 3 times best FIFA player of the year is still in business. He is a partner at a marketing company that is responsible for managing the athlete's images and looks to secure sponsorships for them. The company called “9ine” is a partnership venture between Ronaldo, entertainment entrepreneur Marcos Buaiz, and London-based advertising powerhouse WPP. The company, which officially launched in March with offices in Sao Paulo and London, has already made good deals. 9nine has signed the UFC middleweight champion, Anderson Silva and the Brazilian football stars, Lucas and Neymar , and from now on these stars will have the help from the biggest scorer in the World Cup's history. One more time, things look good as Ronaldo scores another fantastic goal.

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MAY 02nd - 08th 2011

MAY 02nd - 08th 2011

The Brazilian Post

Clarence Seedorf in Brazil The 4 times Champions League winner(Ajax-1995; Real Madrid 1998 e Milan 2003 e 2007), Clarence Seedorf, could be the great surprise in the Brazilian 2011 Championship. During the last weeks the Brazilian press has been speculating that Flamengo and Corinthians are interested in the Dutch footballer. Seedorf, 35, could go from Italy to Brazil at the end of the 2010/11 Serie A. His team, Milan, is one step away from the title, but even if Milan wins the Serie A, the chances of Seedorf leaving the club are huge. The fact that Seedorf’s wife is Brazilian and he speaks very good Portuguese could play a significant part in his final decision. Corinthians and Flamengo’s fans are very excited about the possible transfer but they will need to wait until the end of the Italian season to know Seerdorf’s destination.



Copa Libertadores The 2011 Copa Libertadores da America, the most important football competition for the top clubs in America, has finished their second stage and after 2 months and many exciting games, 16 teams have guaranteed their place in the next round. Cruzeiro, was the best team in that stage of the competition hence until the end of the tournament the Brazilian team will play the second leg at home. The last four stages of the tournament (Round of 16, Quarterfinals, Semifinals, and Finals) form a single-elimination tournament, contested by the sixteen teams which advance from the Second Stage. The 16 qualified teams are seeded in the knockout stages according to their results in the second stage, with the group winners seeded 1–8, and the group runners-up seeded 9–16. The winner of the Copa Libertadores will play in the 2012 Recopa Sudamericana and in the 2011 FIFA Club World Cup. See the Round of 16 games below: Cruzeiro(BRA) x Once Caldas(COL) Libertad(PAR) x Fluminense(BRA) Internacional(BRA) x Peñarol(PAR) Junior Barranquilla(COL) x Jaguares(MEX) Cerro Porteño(PAR) x Estudiantes(ARG) LDU(ECU) x Velez Sarsfield(ARG) America(MEX) x Santos(BRA)

No fear of losing Lewis Hamilton Martin Whitmarsh, the Chief Operating Officer of the Mclaren, is confident that Lewis Hamilton will renew his contract with the English Team but the press continues to speculate about Hamilton’s future. Hamilton is very unhappy about Mclaren results since the 2009 season but even with the bad results and the interest shown by the other teams, Whitmarsh believes that Lewis Hamilton will stay with Mclaren. “Lewis has a longer career and he is very intelligent to realize that the atmosphere he has here is helpful. Lewis has made it clear that he wants to stay and I want him to stay too.”, said Whitmarsh.



MAY 02nd - 08th 2011

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