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Brazil v Ghana match at Craven Cottage

AUGUST 22nd - 28th 2011

Foreign automakers eye Brazil's market




Google maps 'river views' Amazon

Brazil WC 2014:


Rousseff insists plans on track

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3rd Brazilian film festival of London



No plastic surgery for Kate Winslet



Leonard Street Party



Afghan governor attacked



British firm Rigby & Peller sold

SPORT: Volleyball World Grand Prix



under the scanner

The center-left Rousseff took office on January 1 amid high expectations, buoyed by a roaring economy and the huge success of her predecessor and patron, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva. But she has faced an increasingly tough economic environment, plagued by inflation and a marked slowdown in growth even before the global market plunge of recent days. The Brazilian President has suffered the first major fall in her popularity, a poll showed last week, as she battles a rash of corruption scandals and a slowing economy.



The Brazilian Post

AUGUST 22nd - 28th 2011


Although her ratings remain relatively high, a sustained fall could undermine the 63-year-old career civil servant's ability to stay the course on economic austerity measures and make it harder to push reforms through an unruly Congress.

Rousseff's approval rating dropped 6 percentage points to 67 percent, while the number of those who disapproved more than doubled to 25 percent, a survey by the Ibope polling firm showed. "People had expectations that weren't fulfilled," said Flavio Castelo Branco, director of economic policy with the National Industry Confederation, which releases the poll. Her government adopted $30 billion in unpopular budget cuts and has hiked interest rates five times to 12.5 percent to combat inflation, jacking up costs for the country's credit-reliant consumers. She has taken a tougher stand against corruption and nepotism than Lula, angering her main coalition partner but apparently failing to reap the reward of greater public support. Further falls in polls could rob her of the crucial political clout she needs to maintain budget cuts and continue to root out corruption in ministries. "She needs to improve her communication skills or she risks losing more political capital," said Rafael Cortez, a political analyst with Tendencias consultancy in Sao Paulo. Despite some improvement, Rousseff still shies from public appearances and, unlike the charismatic Lula, struggles to connect with ordinary people. Among planned reforms to improve Brazil's growth prospects that have yet to be taken up by Congress are an overhaul of the country's Byzantine tax code, and legislation to regulate royalties from the country's oil riches. With the mounting global crisis set to slow Brazil's economic growth more than initially expected, Rousseff aides fear her ratings could turn further south. "Her biggest concern right now is the economy," said a source in the presidential palace on condition of anonymity. Investment bank Credit Suisse lowered its 2011 economic growth forecast for Brazil on last Tuesday to 2.9 percent, well below the consensus of around 4 percent and a far cry from last year's stellar performance of 7.5 percent. Rousseff's disapproval ratings rose across the board in the Ibope poll, from education to health and public security. But the biggest jump in dissatisfaction came in monetary policy, rising 20 percentage points to 63 percent. Rousseff's fight against poverty got the best marks from poll respondents, though that rating also fell from the previous poll in March. She has made the eradication of extreme poverty a major policy goal and launched her flagship social welfare program in June. Since June, Rousseff has lost three cabinet members to graft and ethics scandals and faces fresh corruption scandals in the agriculture and tourism ministries. The Ibope survey polled 2002 people from July 28-31 and has a margin of error of plus or minus 2 percentage points.

Rousseff undecided about 2014 Election Brazil's communications minister says President Dilma Rousseff has not decided whether she or her predecessor, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, will be their party's candidate in the 2014 election. In an interview published last Wednesday in a Brazilian newspaper, Paulo Bernardo said Rousseff would be the likely candidate if she desires to run. But Bernardo said Rousseff and her very popular predecessor must first talk to decide which one will be the 2014 presidential candidate for the ruling Workers' Party. Rousseff took office January 1. Her government has since confronted political scandals and economic issues. Last week, police arrested the dep-

uty tourism minister, Frederico da Costa, and at least 34 other people in a corruption sweep linked to funding for major sports events. A recent poll showed that her personal approval rating has declined since March. Earlier this year, Brazil's government announced $30 billion in budget cuts to curb rising inflation. Brazil is Latin America's biggest economy and is considered one of the world's major emerging economies. Da Silva served two terms as Brazil's president from 2003 to 2010. He left office with approval ratings of about 80 percent. He picked Rousseff, a former government minister, to be his successor. Brazilian law prohibits presidents from running for a third straight term.

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AUGUST 22nd - 28th 2011

The Brazilian Post



Brazil minister resigns Rousseff insists 2014 after graft allegations WC plans on track

Brazil's agriculture minister resigned last Wednesday the president's office confirmed, as the minister became the latest in a string of top officials to step down amid corruption allegations. "Over the last 30 days, I have faced a daily barrage of false accusations without any proof," Wagner Rossi wrote in a letter cited by the media. Brazil's new president Dilma Rousseff, who took office at the start of the year, launched an anti-corruption drive in July, beginning in the ministries of transport and tourism. "Everything is false, everything was contested. I answered each charge with supporting documents that the press just ignored," said Rossi. Federal Police in Brazil last week opened an investigation into complaints of alleged corruption within the ministry, including accepting bribes, which Rossi allegedly had knowledge of. In a statement, President Rousseff said she "deeply regretted" Rossi's departure, saying he had "made an important contribution to the government with quality projects that strengthened Brazil." Rousseff added her disapproval that the minister had not been treated with a presumption of inno-

cence in regards to the allegations. Rossi is the fourth minister to depart the young administration, including Rousseff's chief of staff, Antonio Palocci, who resigned on June 7 over allegations of influencepeddling. Palocci, a finance minister during the previous administration of Rousseff's popular predecessor Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, reportedly amassed a huge fortune while serving in government and running a consulting firm. Transport minister Alfredo Nascimento and 30 other officials resigned in July after accusations of corruption, and defense minister Nelson Jobim stepped down after making negative statements about the government. The tourism ministry has also come under scrutiny, with the Federal Police issuing 38 arrest warrants earlier this month for officials and business leaders suspected of embezzling public funds. Rousseff succeeded the charismatic and popular Lula, who left power with a record 80 percent approval rating after two consecutive terms that lasted from January 1, 2003 to December 31, 2010. The two longtime allies will decide together on which one will seek the presidency in 2014, the country's communications chief said last Wednesday.

Deforestation in Amazon up Deforestation in Brazil's Amazon increased by 15 percent during the past 12 months, the National Institute for Space Research (INPE) said. From July 2010 to July 2011 the vast South American rainforest lost 2,654 square kilometers (1,649 square miles) of vegetation in the states of Mato Grosso and Para, according to a preliminary analysis of satellite photos. The year before, 2,295 square kilometers (1,426 square miles) were destroyed over that time period. This July, 225 square kilometers (139 square miles) were lost to deforestation, though this was significantly less than the 485 square kilometers (301 square miles) destroyed in July 2010. In April 477 square kilometers (296 square miles) were destroyed, with more than 95 percent of the devastation taking place in Mato Grosso, which is a major agricultural frontier used for cattle ranches and soybean farming. Last Wednesday's figures were calculated from a satellite system known as DETER, which detects in real time when an area larger than 61 acres is destroyed, though its results are not always exact due to cloud cover. Brazil, the world's fifth largest country by area, has 5.3 million square kilometers of jungle and forests -- mostly in the Amazon river basin -- of which only 1.7 million are under state protection. The rest is in private hands, or its ownership is undefined. Deforestation has made Brazil one of the world's top greenhouse gas emitters, and the pace of deforestation peaked in 2004 at 27,000 square kilometers (10,000 square miles) a year. The rate of deforestation has declined since then, in part because of DETER, and at the 2009 UN climate change summit in Copenhagen, Brazil committed itself to reducing Amazon deforestation by 80 percent by 2020.

Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff last week brushed aside concerns over delays in preparations for the 2014 World Cup, insisting that all stadia would be ready in time for the tournament. Practically all the works which were to have been carried out in the 12 venues across Brazil for the tournament have run into delays, with some struggling to meet FIFA construction deadlines. But Rousseff insisted: "We have stadia which are still being built and these must be ready by December 2013 to be in an extremely calm and comfortable situation. "There are others which are a little more delayed but all will be ready. I feel confident that Brazil will be ready in 2014 to present the best World Cup. We (the government) together with the governors and the mayors of the cities of the World Cup are taking all necessary measures to ensure that this will happen." The Confederations Cup takes place in Brazil in June 2013 and will act as a warm-up for the World Cup requiring that most of the infrastructure for 2014 be in place. World football governing body FIFA had expressed their concern over delays but gave the organisers a vote of confidence at the end of June, after May's announcement that two stadia Sao Paulo and Natal - would not be ready to host Confederations Cup matches. Work has recently begun on the Sao Paulo stadium which will host the opening World Cup games but building has not started at Natal Stadium in the north east of the country. As well as sporting infrastructure, Brazil will need to spend over $11.4 million on improving roads, hotels, improving security, telecommunications network and airport capacity. "We are strictly following the timescale to extend those airports that are most congested in the country," added Rousseff, whose government have announced plans to privatise the administration of the international airports of Guarulhos and Viracopos (Sao Paulo), and Brasilia. As well as the 2014 World Cup, Rio de Janeiro will host the 2016 Olympic Games.

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The Brazilian Post

AUGUST 22nd - 28th 2011

Zara supplier probed Annual march demands social justice over forced labor Brazilian authorities are investigating claims that a supplier for Spanish clothing brand Zara is forcing workers to toil in inhumane conditions, a labor ministry spokesman said last Wednesday. The probe that began in May focuses on unsanitary conditions and long working hours endured by workers -- some of them undocumented Bolivians -- in factories in the city of Americana, an industrial town outside Sao Paulo. According to authorities, the Zara brand -- owned by the world's biggest fashion retailer, Spain's Inditex -- subcontracted its work to the Brazilian supplier Rhodes, which in turn further contracted work out to other firms employing the undocumented workers in "precarious conditions." Raids on factories in the city have found people working in stifling, confined spaces for 14 hours a day, in "degrading" circumstances, with sleeping quarters above the factory floor, the spokesman said on condition of anonymity. Two other factories with similar conditions have been found in Sao Paulo, the spokesman said. Inditex on last Wednesday acknowledged the issues raised by the probe, in a statement carried by the Brazilian press, and ordered its subcontractors to "immediately regularize" the conditions for all its workers. Brazil's labor ministry said it had already slapped Zara with 52 fines and was considering prosecution on charges of "contracting slave labor," and whether to include the firm on a blacklist of companies that exploit workers. The popular Zara brand is available in 78 countries, with 5,154 stores worldwide, according to company figures.

At least 50,000 Brazilian rural workers called for increased social justice, especially for women, from President Dilma Rousseff's government as they marched through Brasilia's streets on last Wednesday. "Brazil is a very socially unequal country and when it comes to women, that inequality is even bigger," said Carmen Foro, who coordinated this year's annual protest march. The crowd of women -70,000 according to organizers and 50,000 according to police -- wore straw hats and brandished purple banners while they marched down the capital city's main thoroughfare. "We have come to deliver the Brazilian rural workers' demands to President Dilma. We fight for water, for healthy food, for food security, for a non-sexist education, for access to healthcare and an end to domestic violence," said a union manager. For the first time, the yearly protest is addressing a female president in Brazil and Rousseff was expected to join the march at the end of the day in a city park. "We are anxiously awaiting her arrival, because since she is a women, she will understand our pain. Even if she is not in our social class. Dilma Rousseff was a political prisoner and a victim of discrimination," said 71-year-old Ivanize Magalhaes, who traveled for three days to join the protest. Each year the march brings thousands of rural workers from all over Brazil to Brasilia. The protest movement is a tribute to Margarida Alves, a union leader who was assassinated in 1983 while fighting for social justice.

AUGUST 22nd - 28th 2011

The Brazilian Post


Google Maps 'river views' Amazon

Two women washed clothes in the dark water of the Rio Negro as a boat glided past with a camera-laden Google tricycle strapped to the roof, destined to give the world a window into the Amazon rain forest. A "trike" typically used to capture street scenes for Google's free online mapping service launched last Thursday from the village of Tumbira in a first-ever project to let Internet users virtually explore the world's largest river, its wildlife and its communities. The project was the brainchild of Amazonas Sustainable Foundation (FAS) which two years ago went to Google Earth with an ambitious vision of turning "Street View" into a

river view in the lush and precious Amazon Basin. "It is incredible; all those months of planning and then having this technology here," FAS project leader Gabriel Ribenboim said as trikes went into action, one atop a boat and another pedaled on land. "It is very important to show the world not only the environment and the way of life of the traditional population, but to sensitize the world to the challenges of climate change, deforestation and combating poverty." Trikes have cameras that continuously snap images in every direction. The pictures are woven into Google Maps and Earth services so people can virtually peer about as if they were there. Satellite positioning equipment on trikes pinpoints where images are gathered. "When I saw this I thought of the first probe they sent to Mars," Jose Castro Caldas said as he took refuge in the shade next to a Street View trike in Tumbira. "There must be masterminds at Google working on this," he continued. "But it is funny to see how rustic it is, too -- it is a bike with spoke tires."

Boeing gives guarantees to Brazil

Boeing Co. says it will provide a full transfer of technology to Brazil if the U.S.based company wins a $5 billion fighterjet bid. The president of Boeing Military Aircraft tells Brazil's Senate that the South American country would be able to fully produce the F-18 Super Hornet if it purchases the planes from Boeing. Christopher Chadwick said last Thursday that President Barack Obama had already made the guarantees to Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff. The technology transfer is a key issue for Brazil, which also is analyzing bids from Sweden's Saab AB and France's Dassault. Saab AB is offering the Gripen NG fighter jet, while Dassault has the Rafale jet. The purchase of the 36 aircraft was recently delayed because of budget cuts.


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The Brazilian Post

AUGUST 22nd - 28th 2011

Birmingham stages 'Broken society': PM peace rally after riots heckled after riot speech

Community groups held a peace rally on last week in England's second-largest city against the hit-and-run attack that claimed three lives during rioting in Birmingham. Scores of people gathered in Winson Green, where three Muslim men Haroon Jahan, 20, and brothers Shazad Ali, 30, and Abdul Musavir, 31 were mowed down and mortally wounded on a Wednesday when a car struck them at high speed. The trio had been with a larger group guarding a row of Pakistani-owned shops from looters. The killings had threatened to ignite clashes between the area's South Asian and black gangs, but appeals for calm and unity from Jahan's father have so far been heeded. The father, Tariq Jahan, joined other victims' family members in addressing the crowds in Winson Green from a stage bearing the banner "One City, One Voice for Peace." Two males have been charged in the attack. Joshua Donald, 26, and a 17-year-old whose name was withheld because of his age were arraigned at Birmingham Magistrates Court on three counts each of murder. Both were remanded in custody after brief hearings. The magistrates court is normally closed on Sundays, but like many other British courts remained open around the clock to help process the hundreds of defendants charged in connection with the riots. Thousands have been arrested across the country, with more than 800 charged in London alone.

Prime minister David Cameron's promise to fix Britain's "broken society" prompted heckles from a teenage audience in his rural powerbase on last Monday, underlining the deep divisions about what caused the country's worst riots in decades. In speech at a youth club in the picturesque town of Witney, Oxfordshire, Cameron blamed the trouble on a society where fathers abandon families, gangs flout the law and people refuse to take responsibility for their actions. But the young audience was unimpressed, heckling the Conservative leader and pointing the finger at public spending cuts, inequality and higher university fees which they fear will widen the gap between society's haves and havenots. "He is blaming everyone but himself," said Jake Parkinson, 17, unemployed. "The rich get richer, the poor get poorer. I'd love to go to university, but it's the money that is putting me off."

Cameron, wearing a crisp white shirt and blue tie and sporting a suntan after a Tuscan holiday cut short by the rioting, stood in front of graffiti portraying two hooded and masked youths striking a gangster pose. The cartoonlike characters fitted the stereotype of those who took part in four nights of rioting that triggered a bout of soulsearching about the state of British society. There were whistles when Cameron entered the stuffy, cramped room and "chicken" noises at the end from teenagers. Many in Witney said they thought the biggest threat to public order came from a government austerity drive that they say will inevitably lead to the closure of social services funded by the state or third parties, such as charities. "He wants people to get in touch with families, but for some their families aren't there and the youth centre is the only place where they can talk to people," said Clayton, 15. "But he's shutting all the youth centres."

AUGUST 22nd - 28th 2011

Buy aircraft carrier for just £3.5 million Cash-strapped Britain is putting an aircraft carrier, warships, helicopters as well as battle fortified Land Rovers on the market for a song. Under an almost distress sale to plug a gaping £36 billion hole in the ministry of defence's budget, the price of the aircraft carrier HMS Ark Royal built at a cost of £200 million has dipped to a ridiculous level of £3.5 million. Also on offer at almost throwaway prices are Type 22 frigates costing £400 million each at £300,000, destroyers at just a million pounds, reports quoted senior officials. It's not only the naval weaponry that is up for grabs, but also the 13 gazelle helicopters which cost almost five million to build apiece are being sold at just £100,000. Senior military officers are said to be furious at the sell-offs, which they claim are giving away quality defence equipment while the forces need everything they can get.

Teachers also victims of cyberbullying A new study has found that more than one third of teachers in the UK are victims of online abuse, with majority of them being women. The findings of a survey conducted by Plymouth University found that almost 72 percent of the abuse originated from students but over a quarter was initiated by parents. It also suggested that while most of the slurs come via social network chats, there are also some Facebook groups that are specifically formed to abuse teachers. In some instances, whereas some people posted videos of teachers in action on YouTube, some took to to attack their teachers posting scornful comments. When asked if they had been victims of online bullying, 35 percent of the teachers answered affirmatively of which 60 percent were women. “This parental abuse is something we haven't come across before,” Prof. Andy Phippen, the author of the report, was quoted as saying. “Sometimes they are abusing other children at the school as well. Schools need to clamp down on it, or it will increase in prevalence,” he added.

UK's hormone plan to turn Hitler into woman British spies plotted to lace German dictator Adolf Hitler's food with female sex hormones during World War II in a bid to curb his aggressive impulses, a new book has claimed. The Allies hoped their plan to smuggle doses of oestrogen into his food would make the Nazi dictator less aggressive and more feminine - perhaps like his sister Paula Wolf, according to the book, 'Secret Weapons: Technology, Science And The Race To Win World War II'. In his book, the author, Professor Brian Ford of Cardiff University, has explained that oestrogen was chosen because it was tasteless and would have a slow and subtle effect, meaning it would pass Hitler's food testers unnoticed. In fact, the Allied plot to turn "Herr Hitler" into "Her Hitler" was just one of a number of wacky ideas cooked up to break the stalemate, says the

Made in UK

The Brazilian Post

author. "Research had showed the importance of sex hormones - they were beginning to be used in sex therapy in London. The Allies hoped to smuggle oestrogen into Hitler's food and change his sex so he would become more feminine and less aggressive," Prof Ford was quoted as saying. The author has claimed that Britain gave serious consideration to the plan and that it was perfectly plausible. And, British spies were already in place and poised to carry out the plot. "Hitler had testers to taste his meals so there was no mileage in putting poison in his food because they would immediately fall victim to it. Sex hormones were a different matter," Ford said. “They affected you only if you took them for months on end, so no one would have realized the hormones were in food," he said.


No-go destinations back on Brit holiday hotspots list

Destinations like Rwanda and Bosnia, once considered off-limits by British holidaymakers, are now rising up on Brit holiday hotlist, according to a research by Tripadvisor. In the last year, Rwanda has seen more growth in searches on the holiday website than any other country, with an astounding 656% increase firmly planting it on adventurous British travellers' must-visit lists. Rwanda is making a name for itself amongst outdoorsy tourists with its lush, rolling green hills and gorilla trekking and tours. The FCO still warns against travel to certain areas of Rwanda, but much of the country is now open to tourism. And the dangerous-destination-boost doesn't stop with Rwanda. Many of the biggest search increases on TripAdvisor in the last year belong to destinations which were previously considered no-go zones. Conflicts recently kept Macedonia off the tourist trail, but it's seen a 48% increase in searches for holidays there in the last year. Ohrid, a Unesco World Heritage Site in the

southwestern part of the country and on the eastern part of Lake Ohrid, is particularly popular with tourists. The FCO still warns against visiting certain parts of the country, but confirms most visits to the country are 'trouble-free'. Sarajevo in Bosnia - out of bounds for much of the 90s during the Bosnian War - is also a hit with tourists (with a 38% search boost), while the country is becoming known for affordable ski holidays. Emma O'Boyle, TripAdvisor spokesperson, explained: 'As Brits look for their next great travel experience, it seems destinations that only a few years ago would never have been an option are now being considered. 'We're seeing rapidly growing interest in destinations like Rwanda and the Republic of Macedonia, showing that British travellers may be becoming more intrepid and looking for something different than the traditional beach holiday. ‘As with any travel plans, it's important to check the FCO website for the latest travel advice so you can plan accordingly for the safest trip possible.'

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Made in UK

The Brazilian Post

Check the programme for the show time of the feature-length films. Tuesday Sept (6) Man from The Future

Zero is a brilliant and lonely scientist who believes he is unhappy because twenty years ago he was humiliated by the love of his life. When he tries to create a revolutionary source of energy, he accidentally goes back to the past and sees himself in the opportunity to meet his 20-years-younger self and “correct” the mistakes in his own life. Trying to manipulate the path of time is much harder and confusing than what it seems. When? Tuesday (6), 8:30pm

Wendnesday Sept (7) Beyond The Road

Santiago, an argentine in his late twenties, sets out to Uruguay to claim a land inherited from his parents, killed tragically some years before. As he arrives he meets Juliette, a belgian girl in search of a past love and a new life. What appeared to be a simple ride, slowly becomes a brief -but intense- journey. Together, they visit places and meet people lost in time, sharing experiences that bring them closer in a relationship of growing affection. But the differences become evident when the glamorous and frenetic universe of a seaside town comes between them. When? Wendnesday (7), 6:30 pm

Head Over Heels

Head Over Heels is a romantic comedy that analyses the delights and difficulties of contemporary love life: its limits, joys, fantasies and dissatisfactions. Alice, 35 years old, is married, has a son and her professional activities take up all of her time and having robbed pretty much all of her libido! In a twist of fate she loses her husband and her job at the same time. Stunned, Alice decides to change radically and embrace a unique opportunity: to become an executive of a sex shop! In this new erotic world, she transforms herself and rediscovers pleasure and the capacity to love. When? Wendnesday (7), 8:30 pm

Thursday Sept (8) The Sons of Joao, The Admirable New Baiano World

The film richly portrays the Brazilian Popular Music (MPB) scene during the 60's and 70's, through the path of the innovative and revolutionary musical group Novos Baianos. It particularly reveals the influence that João Gilberto had in their musical lives and his valuable contribution to the improvement of the songs composed and sung by the group. The film also illustrates a time when the members led a communitarian style of life and its impact on their final work. The film features unique and rare archival materials of the best MPB music and has special appearances by Tom Zé, Rogério Duarte, Orlando Senna, Moraes Moreira and Pepeu Gomes, among many others. When? Thursday (8), 4:30pm

So Hard to Forget

Júlia is trying to get her life back after an intense love affair with Antônia. In this process she will find new friends who are also experiencing loss of important things in their lives. They share the experience of pain, a feeling of solitude and, above all, a desire for better times. When? Thursday (8), 6:30pm

AUGUST 22nd - 28th 2011

London to host the third edition of the Brazilian Film Festival

Check the programme for the show time of the feature-length films.

The Inffinito Festival Circuit continues its celebration of 15 years as the largest showcase of Brazilian cinema abroad and after successful editions in New York (June) and Miami (August), the festival will arrive in London this autumn. From 6th to 10th September, the British capital will host the third edition of The Brazilian Film Festival of London which will showcase commendable talent from Brazilian cinema. The program also includes the Crystal Lens Award Ceremony for Best Feature Film, chosen by the audience, and a WFTV tribute (Women in Film and Television) to producer Paula Barreto. The official festival programme will take place at the Odeon Covent Garden and will consist of 18 films, 10 full-length features and 8 shorts, all unseen in the UK. Claudio Torres' The Man of the Future will be screened at the festivals' opening ceremony, at the British Academy of Film and Television Arts. “It's really pleasing to witness the excitement, interest and curiosity our cinema creates abroad,” explains Paula Barreto, the producer and one of the founders of Infinitto. According to the organisers, the Brazilian Film Festival of London consolidates a platform from which Brazilian Cinema can be exhibited and seen on the biggest stage in Europe and provides the best opportunity to widen Brazil's communication with various European countries as seen from past experiences. “One of the key issues in our industry is to get them to “travel”. Exibiting them in this systematic manner to the outside world, in events such as the Inffinito Festival Circuit, is essential because it allows people to see how diverse and pluralistic our cinema is,” explains the distributor, Marco Aurelio Marcondes who is also one of the festival curators. The producers also highlight the richness of the current era of Brazilian cinema; with its wide range of films and the quality of its productions promising to conquer more territory. Film producer, Bianca Fellipes, states, “the Brazilian film market is piping hot with a great batch of films which has introduced large audiences to our national cinema.” She adds, “we have to make way for these films and allow them to leave our shores to captivate the interest of foreign audiences.” The next few editions of the Brazilian Post will feature reviews of the films by our team. For more information go

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180º is an unusual Brazilian film. It's not about drug dealers nor corruption (police or politicians) or about the misery endured across the country. The film tells the story of Anna, Russell and Bernardo, three members of the urban intellectual middle class in Rio de Janeiro. They risk it all in a game of passion involving the authorship of a book. The non-linear narrative invites the spectator to piece together an elaborate puzzle, the solution of which can be found in the characters' past as well as their present. When? Thursday (8), 8:30pm

Friday Sept (9) Boca

Adapted from his autobiography, the film recounts the story of Hiroito, The King of Boca do Lixo (a region of nightclubs, strip joints, prostitution, bars, and drug dealers in downtown São Paulo of the 1950s). Hiroito was a well-born bohemian and at the age of 21 was accused of murdering his father. Hiroito was not indicted; however two months after his father's death, he bought two guns, moved to Boca do Lixo and became one of the most dangerous criminals of the region. When? Friday (9), 4:30pm


Elza Soares is renowned as one of Brazil's original samba superstars whose career has spanned fifty years. A remarkable singer and show woman, Soares was known for uniting traditional samba sounds with modern touches that leant her songs a multi-generational appeal. Directors Izabel Jaguaribe and Ernesto Baldan's documentary, “ELZA” explores her repertoire's diversity and presents a series of encounters with renowned Brazilian artists such as Caetano Veloso, Jorge Ben Jor, Paulinho da Viola and Maria Bethânia. When? Friday (9), 6:30pm


Since he was a little boy Marcelo da Rocha has found it difficult to come to terms with his own identity. His biggest pleasure is to imitate people and to pretend to be someone else. In order to follow his dream of learning how to fly, and to become an airplane pilot like his father, Marcelo runs away from his mother's house and sets off on the biggest adventure of his life. He starts to impersonate a series of different characters, until he manages to perform his highest scam. At a big party in Recife he poses as the businessman Henrique Constantino, whose father owns Gol Airlines. When? Friday (9), 8:30pm

Saturday Sept (10) The Supreme Happiness

The Supreme Happiness is the story of a middle-class family searching for happiness. Set in the enchanted and marvelous Rio de Janeiro of the late 1950s. The film features Paulo, from age 10 to 18, while he discovers the wonders of love and sex, backed up by the strong friendship he has with his grandfather. When? Saturday (10), 4pm

Romeo and Juliet Get Married

Juliet, a die-hard Palmeiras fan falls in love with Romeo, die-hard fan of rival soccer team Corinthians. Juliet's father would never accept such a son-in-law. Not wanting to lose Juliet, Romeo pretends to be a Palmeiras fan. The lie creates a series of hilarious twists and turns, and when the truth is revealed, the couple's love must rise above their family's sports rivalry. When? Saturday (10), 7pm

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Showbiz: Kelly Rowland sways UK! Page 10

What's up: Gay Sports day London. Page 15


AUGUST 22nd - 28th 2011

Sacred Chat:

Relationship equations. Page 16

Will Smith's comeback to music?

Believe it or not, but the fresh prince of Bel Air might come back! The actor, who was a rapper once upon a time, is looking to revive his music career. Page 11

Rub shoulders with the stars at the


The 3rd Brazilian Film Festival of London will take place from the 6th-10th September at Odeon Covent Garden and here's your chance to attend! Win 2 full-access* passes to all the film screenings at the festival by just answering a simple question!

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AUGUST 22nd - 28th 2011

The Brazilian Post

Beloved readers, another week and I return with more celebrity spice for you. Will Smith is returning to his roots and might bring back the music. And for Gwen No Doubt its all about her music. Kanye is trying to get some instant fame again and is re-recording Amy Winehouse's smash single. This and much more in your favourite section. And keep sending me your love, suggestions and feedback at

Gwen Stefani chooses music over fashion Gwen Stefani, my queen ever and ever, is trading New York Fashion Week for the recording studio next month. Finally! According to sources close to the designer, Gwen is unlikely to appear at her own runway show during New York Fashion Week. The No Doubt singer is expected to miss out on taking her final bow when her label L.A.M.B. shows their new collection because the group is currently based in Los Angeles working on their first album for over a decade. A spokesperson from L.A.M.B. didn't confirm the rumor, but didn't deny it either: "Given the extraordinary demands of working on three fashion lines while also finishing a new record, it is hard to say whether she will be able to attend the actual presentation in New York next month." If Gwen ends up staying in LA with her bandmates, it'll be her first time missing a show since launching the label.

Kelly Rowland sways UK Kelly Rowland was on the red carpet looking beautiful at the press launch of The X Factor at the O2 Arena, here in London City. Rather than playing it safe, Kelly managed to impress her new audience: us! And yes, that was a bit of side boob we saw. While normally that wouldn't look too fabulous on the red carpet, she somehow managed to not make it look trashy. But why doesn't she try a new hair color? This is so Destiny Child times. Boring!

Tina Knowles still designing for Beyonce And we wish she wasn't. And we mean it! Over the weekend Beyonce kicked off her weeklong concert at the Roseland Ballroom in New York City. For her first sold out performance on Sunday night, Beyonce took the stage in a flashy little number designed by her mom Tina Knowles. All we can say is no, Tina. Just simply no. Why? (you must be asking) Well, all her "stuff" is just a big mistake.

No plastic surgery for Kate Winslet!

Kate Winslet is standing up against the beauty pressures in Hollywood and saying "NO" to plastic surgery! Cool! She along with her fellow English roses, Rachel Weisz and Emma Thompson have formed the "British Anti-Cosmetic Surgery League," which not only fights against pressures to go under the knife, but also promises to speak out against ageism in the entertainment industry. "I will never give in. It goes against my morals, the way that my parents brought me up and what I consider to be natural beauty. I am an actress, I don't want to freeze the expression of my face.", Kate said. Meanwhile, Rachel adds that people "who look too perfect, don't look sexy or particularly beautiful." We totally admire your message and wish more actresses would follow in your footsteps!

AUGUST 22nd - 28th 2011

The Brazilian Post


set to work with David Guetta Despite her swift firing exit from X Factor, Cheryl Cole is getting her career back on track with her first try into the film world, as well as a new solo album. And with the help of, she's apparently getting ready to work with David Guetta on a few new tracks! A source explains: "Cheryl will be a top solo star in the US, if Will has anything to do with it. The man is so well connected, and he sleeps, breathes and eats music. He has a studio at home where he is trying out new sounds for Cheryl. He wants the best and is very picky. David is an old friend and has produced some of the best dance anthems of the past few years, so it's a good place to start." We can't wait to hear your new sound, Chezza! And try to impress us, at least this time! Take some classes from Kelly Rowland, she knows well how to shadow someone. HA!

Will Smith's comeback to music?

Believe it or not, but the fresh prince of Bel Air might come back! The actor, who was a rapper once upon a time, is looking to revive his music career. Producer La Mar "Mars" Edwards says the two are working together on "bringing [Will] back." It's been 6 whole years since Will put out his last album Lost and Found, a collaborative effort with Mary J. Blige and Snoop Dogg. We know Will has a lot on his plate. In fact, why not bring Will's daughter Willow for a duet? This would be pretty awesome!

Kanye honors Amy Winehouse And here comes Kanye trying hard to impress again! HA! In honor of Amy Winehouse's tragic death last month, Kanye West has reportedly recorded a new version of her smash single, Back To Black, and will release it next month! "It's pretty emotive. It's Kanye singing from the heart – with synthesizers", a source explained. Really nice, though. If anyone can evoke that kind of raw emotion while using autotune and synth, it's certainly our boy Yeezy! We're sure Amy would be touched! Can't wait to heart it! Amy R.I.P!



Eminem crowned Hip hop king amid controversy Following their crowning of Lady Gaga as the Queen of Pop, Rolling Stone has now named Eminem the King of Hip Hop! The decision is based on numbers and myriad categories in which those numbers are calculated (sales, Grammys, followers, Billboard presence, airtime play, etc.) but the facts are the facts. Just because a man is King doesn't mean he's everyone's favorite. While many agree with the honor, there are others who think it's just plain whack! HA! And a lot of them are going to Twitter to express their discontent! Coming in second place to Em was Lil Wayne, followed by Drake in at third. Then Kanye West and Jay-Z came in at fourth and fifth. And placed sixth was the lovely Nicki Minaj. She was also the only woman on the list. YEAH, girl power! Rolling Stone has all of the charts and math drawn out, category by category, for anyone who wants to see it to believe it. So congrats, Eminem! We think you're definitely king material, but maybe not so Hip Hop.

RuPaul's drag race winner arrested You do know Tyra Sanchez, right? This gurl won herself the coveted title of winner of RuPaul's Drag Race in the second season, though no one has heard from her since. Sadly, we have heard some news about her - but it ain't good. Tyra - given name James Ross - was arrested in Georgia this week for having weed in the car she was riding in. Between herself and the driver of the car, there was barely an ounce found, but it was enough to have them both tossed in the clink for a few hours. She posted a bail bond not too long after. Not really the kind of behavior befitting a queen. She didn't even have any lipgloss on! Such a shame!!! She needs to learn from Paris Hilton.



London by Night

The Brazilian Post

AUGUST 22nd - 28th 2011

LONDON BY NIGHT London by night is full of surprises, joy and beautiful people. The Brazilian parties are always special. Take a look at the photos and know why.

- Photos by Fernando Tresseno Hugero, Susana, Carmem, Rafael, Karla,Claudio, Elcimar, Patricia, Rocky cellebrating Carmen and Claudio Birthday at Santa Fé

Michele enjoying Santa Fé party

Juliana cellebrating her birthday with her sister Livia at Coco Bambu

Patricia breaking hearts at Coco Bambu

Talyta Brasil cellebrating her birthday with Adleya no Santa Fé

AUGUST 22nd - 28th 2011

The Brazilian Post

London by Night

Juliana and Dj Rodrigo Sampa at Made in Brasil

Made in Brasil is always a good choice

Ana , karoliny and Valeria at Santa Fé party

Spiritual Caipirinha good option in Camden

Nathy, Barbara and Dayane at Santa Fé party

Cristina and friends cellebrating her birthday at Spiritual Caipirinha Bar in Camden

Dj Marco Sampa making the party in Made in Brasill

Santa Fé, one of the best perties in London.




AUGUST 22nd - 28th 2011

The Brazilian Post

Sophe, 28

This week, our cool hunter Zaza spots some really great styles on people on the streets and shows how even you can afford that look.

London/stylist Sunglasses: Ray-Ban: £150 Hat: Vintage shop: £20 Vest: American Apparel: £15 Shorts: American Apparel: £30 Dress: Preen: £400 Belt: Vintage shop: £10 Socks: H&M: £2 Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell: £120 Bag: Prada: £1.500 Music: Muse Best thing of London: shopping

Sarah,19 Hong Kong/student Sunglasses: Boutique in Carnaby Street: £26 T-shirt: Vintage shop: £10 Shorts: Vintage shop: £35 Socks: Pringle: £5 Trainers: Converse: £35 Music: Indie, rock Best thing of London: street style

Annie, 19 Slovakia/photographer Hat: Camden Market: £15 Sunglasses: Camden Market: £10 Dress: Camden Market: £20 Belt: H&M: £8 Jumper: H&M: £12 Tights: Topshop: £10 Shoes: Zara: £20 Bag: H&M: £20 Music: Indie Best thing of London: freedom



Halena, 28

Ireland/store manager Top: Whistles: £55 Trousers: Whistles: £110 Trainers: Converse: £35 Music: Kings of Leon, Artic Monkeys, Anna Calvi. Best thing of London: diversity

Lucy, 25

Jess, 23

Jersey/nanny Sunglasses: Ray-Ban: £120 Top: Topshop: £20 Skirt: Topshop: £35 Leggings: Marks & Spencer: £8 Boots: Dr. Martens in a second hand shop in Camden Town: £30 Bag: Vintage shop in Bristol: £10 Music: electronic Best thing of London: always something to do

Scotland/stylist Top: Charity shop in Dalston: £4 Dungarees: Beyond Retro: £24 Trainers: Converse: £35 Watch: Uniform Wares: £480 Music: The best of, Muddy Waters, Rihanna Best thing of London: friends

Dushka,19 London/student Sunglasses: E-Bay: £10 Dress: H&M: £15 Cardigan: Primark: £8 Socks: Primark: £2 Shoes: Office: £20 Music: Iron and Wine Best thing of London: Clubs

What’s Up

AUGUST 22nd - 28th 2011

The Brazilian Post


You don't have anything to do? Dada, our columnist is going to fill your week's schedule with the best programs, cultural tips and all that is happening in London. Make the most of it!

Notting Hill Carnival

Batman Live

The biggest European Carnival hits the streets of Notting Hill one more time this bank holiday. For 47 consecutive years this big party offers whatever you can imagine in terms of Caribbean music, food, performances and fabulous costumes that make the event one of the most colourful parties in the world. The parade attracts over a million people so make sure you don’t lose your friends! Choose between one of the two dates: Sunday, best for family as there are lots of attractions for kids, or Monday for the very best of the costumes. But if you want to make the most of your bank holiday go ahead and play both days.

One of the most loved superheroes is about to arrive in London. Batman, accompanied by his friends and foes, has already invaded the UK in this spectacular arena show and now they are ready to mesmerise fans in London. The O2 Arena will hold 19 performances which tell the story of how Batman and Robin first met. The live show is a mix of acrobatics, theatrical action, pyrotechnics, illusion tricks and a big screen full of special effects with breathtaking sequences. A show that fellow Robin would call a holy fun time!

28/08 and 29/08 Free Notting Hill, Chepstow Rd, Westbourne Grove, Ladbroke Grove, W11 1HT

24/08 - 04/09 £20 - £35 O2 Arena Peninsula Square, Greenwich, SE10 0DX Info: 0872 148 4736

Leonard Street Party The options for this bank holiday are aplenty. So if you live in East London and don’t feel like heading

to the Notting Hill Carnival in the west side of the city, don't bother! You can find your own street party just near Old Street station. If Carnival is not you cup of tea you might find your tribe at the Leonard Street Party. This event, organised by local venues, has a great community environment and offers everything you could expect in a good party: film screenings, conga dance, live music and DJs, fancy dress party, art, food and a chill out area for you to charge up your batteries. 28/08 10am -9pm Free 100-106 Leonard Street, Shoreditch, EC2A 4RH Info: 0207684 8618

Horror Season Keep an eye out for the season of horror films that is coming up in the next few days. The horror fantasy film festival, FrightFest, has organised five days of premieres, previews, personal appearance and, of course, sanguinary films that will certainly guarantee thrills & chills during all the screenings. For the lineup with films, prices and timetables log onto 25/08 - 29/08 Thursday 25th–three films–£25 (Sold Out), Friday 26th–six films plus the Total Film Icon interview–£50. Saturday (Sold Out) and Sunday the 27th (Sold Out) & 28th–six films–£48. Monday–five films 29th–£42 Tickets for individual films also available. Empire Cinema Leicester Square Tickets: 08 714 714 714 or go online at:

Shake Your Body Electronic music lovers are counting down to the start of South West Four Festival. This big event plays an important role in the London electronic scene bringing the best artists of this category like Tiefschwarz, Tim Green, Loco Dice, M.A.N.D.Y, Layo & Bushwaka! and SOS. Unfortunately, Saturday tickets are already sold out and unless you already bought yours, you won't be able to see the names quoted above but you still can shake a tail feather on Sunday when Sasha, Simion Mobile Disco, Cirez D, Rich Hawtin among others will be hitting all four stages and making the crowd go wild. 27/08 and 28/08 £45 - £65 Tickets: www.southwest Clapham Common, Windmill Drive, SW4 9DE

A Decade of Secretsundaze Secretsundaze has a special reason to celebrate this bank holiday. The legendary party - known for the great atmosphere, cool crowd and for keeping the party venue a secret until a few hours before the party starts - is ten years old!!! For this special ocassion resident DJs James Priestley And Giles Smith have invited Moodyman (Detroit) who will ensure a good set full of house and techno mixed with some soul and funk. Location and tickets to be announced

Gay Sports Day London The gay man's health charity, GMFA, is organising a day full of fun and sports within the gay community to raise funds so that the organisation keeps fighting against the HIV contamination among gay men. To participate you can enter a team (5) or enter individually by emailing Apart from raising funds to combat the spread of HIV and raising awareness about this health problem, the Gay Sports Day is a great opportunity to socialise and have a laugh participating in the races and sports events, such as the egg and spoon race, 50m mince, sack race, handbag toss and space hopper steeplechase plus a special trophy for the best fancy dress team. 29/08 1pm Free Spring Gardens (Vauxhall Tavern) 372 Kennington Lane, Vauxhall, SE11 5HY Info: 0207820 1222


Sacred Chat

AUGUST 22nd - 28th 2011

The Brazilian Post

RELATIONSHIP EQUATIONS Are you in conflict with the people you love most? Do you experience incredible highs followed by invariable lows in your relationships? Have the days of wine and roses become days of whine and neuroses? -Jaya Row

Love tainted with selfishness is 'attachment;' it is only about you. You expect a return for your affection, tangible or intangible. You make demands on people and bind them. You feel insecure, vulnerable and threatened. Your expectations never seem to be met with. The more people do for you, the more you want. The relationship thus becomes conflict-ridden. In the end, it breaks down and you lose the person. The age-old philosophy of Vedanta (hinduism) steps in with new ways of defining ourselves, others and the world around us -- ways that will appeal to the younger generation. It takes dedication, a leap of faith, and practice. Expand your mind. Get attached to a wider circle of people – community, nation, humanity. Work for a group, for the welfare of the world. As you get attached to the higher you get detached from the lower. True love is born and your relationships become free from the endless strife that prevails now. In order to fill the haunting sense of emptiness in your life you depend on people for your happiness. Thus the starting point is faulty. Only when you are happy within can you establish meaningful relationships with others. It is absurd to depend on others to fill the void. Vedanta says you are 'paripurna' – totally fulfilled. You do not need anyone to make you happy. Gain knowledge of your fulfilled state. Love others for what they are, the good as well as the bad. Understand that people behave according to their nature. Do you hate a lion for its ferocity or a deer for its timidity? You love both creatures

Aries 20/03 to 20/04 This week you will have lots of energy to sort out a great many outstanding issues. In your professional life it might be the right time to let your abilities shine, although you need to control your impulsive habit of throwing everything away. Use your good ideas to build opportunities and approach people. On Thursday, the Moon is going to be in Cancer and you may have some uncertainties, especially in how to deal with some family issues. It's also time to ask your partner for a bit of space.

Taurus 21/04 to 21/05 Family and friends may bring you exactly what you are looking for in your life right now. You want peace and a safe place in order to plan the next step towards achieving your professional goals and conquering stability in your life. It is not the time yet to tell the people close to you about your plans, but their company may be good food for your spirit. Go ahead and believe in yourself!

Gemini 22/05 to 22/06 The Moon starts this week in your sign and you may feel more excited about talking about your

emotions, rather than connecting with them. Be careful with some misunderstanding at work, which could result in serious problems. If you have a partner, this is a good time to become more intimate. Treat your emotions like a friend and don't repress them!

Cancer 23/06 to 22/07 You will feel tired at the start of the week and it will feel like a huge effort to do even the smallest things. But stay calm and you will feel your emotional strength return by the end of the week. The Moon will make its way into your sign on Thursday and everything will seem so much easier, even though the issues will remain the same. This period will require action and strength on your behalf, which will help you to boost your self- esteem and confidence!

Leo 23/07 to 22/08 The Sun is leaving your sign and in its wake you will discover the freshness of a new beginning. Personal relationships are still harmonious and the party hasn't stopped. However, with the entry of the Sun into Virgo you will begin to notice the details more. It's a good opportunity to see if you've been overlooking something important in the enthusiasm of

the moment. With Mercury in retrograde movement, you may feel worried, especially financially. It's time to get back on track.

Virgo 23/08 to 22/09 This week the Sun starts to shine in your sign and the things, which were unclear before have begun to take form. It's time to put your plans into practice, just don't forget to use your charm and empathy. Romance is in the air! Don't overdo it with the alcohol or food or your health will suffer the consequences. It's a great time to approach your boss with that idea you've been sitting on.

Libra 23/09 to 22/10 Your reasonable nature will be in greater evidence this week. You will be saying the right things at the right time, which might surprise even your closest friends. It will also be necessary for you to fight to defend what you think is right. The advice for this week is: don't be afraid to pick a side, because you will always have the chance to change in the future.

Scorpio 23/10 to 22/11 You might feel a lack of

equally because you understand their nature and accept them for what they are. What prevents you from accepting people as they are? Why do you complain when a partner gets angry or a child is timid?Look at others as part of yourself and you will focus on their best qualities. You will see opponents as partners, competitors as comrades. You will celebrate others' victory as if it were your own. Thus your happiness multiplies a billion times! Today you are happy only when good things happen to you. In the end love turns Godward. You worship God in all beings. Vedanta says there is only One. If you see separateness, it is your delusion. Just as one ray of light refracts into seven different colours, you see distinctions and demarcations because you view the world through the prism of your body, mind and intellect. You see maximum separateness when you identify with your body. See the world through your mind and your circle of love expands to include your family. Rise to the intellect and you see oneness among your compatriots. Merge with Atman, the Spirit within, and all differences vanish. You exult in the experience of the One in the many. You see yourself in all beings and all beings in the Self, just as you admire your images in different mirrors. Only then will you be free from sorrow and delusion. And you will attain the exalted state of enlightenment. Inner Space, Covent Garden

energy this week, so it's a good time to take the opportunity to put your feet up. Don't demand too much of yourself, as there is a time to plant as well as a time to harvest. From Thursday onwards, you will feel your power return. Spend your weekend beside someone you love.

Sagittarius 23/11 to 22/12 The Moon is in Gemini, which is your opposite sign and this can give you the urge to meet a friend, go to the cinema or perhaps some other activity that will awaken your curiosity. It's a good time to invest in your studies. Meanwhile, in your professional life be aware not to become over enthusiastic. Get the first proposal done before moving on. It's time to weigh up the pros and cons.

Capricorn 23/12 to 21/01 The biggest challenge this week will be to reconcile your workaholic nature with your family needs. But the good aspects of the planets will help you to give more attention to whatever is more important to you. It's time to enjoy time with friends and accept that dinner invitation that you've been postponing. Remember that the more we open ourselves up to life, the more that life

TO ADVERTISE mail us at or call Marcelo 078 2816 5812

gives back to us.

Aquarius 22/01 to 20/02 Your partner may ask you for more attention and you may find this difficult to understand. It seems hard for you to focus on the details, but this is what people will demand of you. Your work isn't giving you the results that you are expecting and one of the reasons is that you are spread too thinly. Rethink your attitudes and see if you have been giving the proper attention to the facts.

Pisces 21/02 to 19/03 Shaking the dust off is the theme of the week. It's time to put the mess that has been around you in order. You will get a lift from the entry of the Moon into Cancer and you should use your natural perception to decide what steps to take next. You will be full of physical energy and if you have any doubts in your emotional life, don't make any decisions, but wait until things become clearer. Renata Fornari is an astrologer and Tarot Reader. For feedback, suggestion and consultations reach her at:

World Republican race for White House heats up The US Republican presidential primary race displayed a tilt to the right on last Sunday after conservative Texas governor Rick Perry entered the contest and Tea Party darling Michele Bachmann won a telling victory in an early poll. The fourth-term governor, supported by the Christian right, vowed to put Americans back to work and assailed Barack Obama on the economy, where the president is most vulnerable. "We cannot and must not endure four more years of rising unemployment, rising taxes, rising debt, rising energy dependence on nations that intend us harm," Perry said, as he asked the voters to give a 'pink slip' to Obama. Hours later, Bachmann, a favourite of the ultraconservative Tea Party movement, took first place in Iowa's Ames Straw Poll - seen as a key indicator of who will fare well in early nominating contests next year. "We've just sent a message that Barack Obama will be a one-term president," she said. Tim Pawlenty, a former Minnesota governor, decided to drop out of the presidential race, media reported. His decision came a day after he finished a distant third in the Iowa straw poll.

China may have examined US stealth chopper: report Pakistan probably let Chinese engineers examine the wreckage of a top-secret US stealth helicopter that crashed during the raid killing Osama bin Laden, according to media reports. US intelligence agencies concluded that it was likely that Chinese engineers -- at the invitation of Pakistani spies -- took detailed photographs of the severed tail of the Black Hawk helicopter equipped with classified technology designed to elude radar. Relations between Pakistan and the United States are at their lowest ebb, strained by the covert American raid that killed bin Laden near Pakistan's main military academy and Pakistan's earlier detention of a CIA contractor. President Barack Obama's administration recently suspended about one-third of its $2.7 billion annual defense aid to Pakistan, but assured Islamabad it was committed to a $7.5 billion civilian assistance package approved in 2009. US Navy Seals reportedly tried to destroy the helicopter after it crashed at bin Laden's compound on May 2, but the tail section of the aircraft remained largely intact. A senior Pakistani security official denied the report and pointed out that the wreckage had been

handed back to US officials shortly after the raid. "It's just speculation. It's all false. The wreckage was handed back. There is no helicopter left (in Pakistan)," the official said. The US officials cautioned that they did not have definitive proof that the Chinese visited the town of Abbottabad where bin Laden was killed. They also said Pakistani officials denied showing the advanced helicopter technology to any other foreign government. The US case is based mostly on intercepted conversations, in which Pakistani officials discussed inviting the Chinese to the crash site. One official told the newspaper that intelligence officials were "certain" that Chinese engineers had been able to photograph the helicopter and even walk away with samples of the wreckage. Reaction from China was skeptical. "We express deep doubts about this. Such a thing would never happen," a Chinese defense ministry spokesman, who did not give his name, said. Foreign ministry spokeswoman Jiang Yu in May dismissed the notion that China had asked to see the wreckage of the US helicopter as "ridiculous".

The Brazilian Post


AUGUST 22nd - 28th 2011

Afghan governor attacked

A team of six suicide bombers some wearing explosive vests stormed a provincial governor's compound in eastern Afghanistan on last Sunday, killing 22 people in the latest high-profile attack to target prominent Afghan government officials, authorities said. The Taliban claimed responsibility for the attack in the Parwan provincial capital of Charikar, some 50 kilometres north of Kabul. The province is home to Bagram Air Field, a sprawling base for US and NATO troops. The coordinated assault is the most recent in a string of spectacular Taliban attacks within an hour's drive of Kabul, a worrying sign of the insurgency's strength near the heart of the country and its determination to target Afghanistan's nascent leadership. Early this month, the Taliban shot down a helicopter in a province on the western border of the capital, killing 38 American and Afghan troops. In late June, gunmen killed at least 21 people in an attack on the Inter-Continental hotel in Kabul itself. The violence is a sign of NATO's broader struggles in the east, where persistent insurgent attacks forced the alliance to pull forces back from outlying patrol bases and outposts. The coalition, which plans to send 10,000 troops home by the end of the year, is considering whether to move forces from Taliban heartlands in the south to reinforce troops fighting insurgents in the east.



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AUGUST 22nd - 28th 2011

Singapore PM Storm brings down stage in concerned about Indianapolis; 4 dead economic crisis China and India-driven Asian economies will be vulnerable if the United States and Europe slip into another recession, Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong cautioned on last Sunday. Lee, who leads a trade, export and financeoriented city state of 5 million people, stressed that the debt crisis in European and the American economic woe would hurt Asian economies. The European and American economies were facing troubles, stressed Lee in an annual independence day address traditionally delivered on first Sunday after the August 9 Independence day celebration. Lee noted that China, India and other emerging markets were doing quite well for now but these economies faced threats if America and Europe get into another economic recession. He also cautioned that Singapore, an economy based on global market performances, would have to be cautious about the fragile state of the American and European economies. Singapore economic growth had slowed down in the second quarter of this year. Besides monitoring and managing trade-oriented island state's gross domestic product performances in a cloudy economic environment, Lee faces the challenges of ensuring Singaporeans of the future prosperity, calling on the people to be united in going forward into the future of the vibrant city state.

At least four people were killed and 24 others injured on last Saturday when a stage where a music concert was being held collapsed during a storm in the US city of Indianapolis. American country music group Sugarland was to perform at the Indiana State Fair and fans had gathered for the concert when the storm struck. "A big gust of wind came through. All the scaffolding and speakers -- all that came crashing down -- and the whole stand just collapsed," a man who witnessed the incident was quoted as saying. The strong wind brought down the stage shortly before 9pm (local time). The incident was declared as a level 1 emergency. The collapse occurred just after singer Sara Berelleis had finished her set and show headliners Sugarband was to take the stage next. “I'm speechless and feel so helpless," Bareilles said on her Twitter page. "My heart aches for the lives lost". The viewers were evacuated to a nearby building following the tragedy.

Heavy gunfire as Syria troops, tanks enter Homs Heavy gunfire erupted as Syrian troops backed by tanks entered several towns in the flashpoint central province of Homs on last Monday, activists said. "The community of Hula is under siege ... The army is carrying out raids and arrests under the cover of heavy gunfire," the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said. Another rights monitoring group said "a large number of tanks entered Hula this morning." “Security agents encircled all the entrances to into Hula and they started shooting to terrify local residents. Then the army went in to make raids and arrests," said the Observatory. It said pro-regime militiamen and security agents were deployed on all roads and in villages around Hula to erase anti-government graffiti from the walls. The Homs operation came a day after gunboats joined in a pounding of the port city of Latakia that killed 26 people, in the first attack from the sea since an anti-regime revolt erupted in March, according to activists.

AUGUST 22nd - 28th 2011

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Arco Iris Residential delivers 92 more houses Coinciding with the second phase of the Brazilian government housing programme "My House, My Life," ECOHOUSE DEVELOPMENTS will deliver 92 more houses in August under its Arco Iris Residential project, in Natal, RN. Working hard at the construction site with heavy machinery and 192 men, including engineers, master-builders, bricklayers, carpenters, machinists, Arco Iris Residential completed its second phase of the project, paying for their investors with returns of 20% over the capital invested in one year. In September, the third phase of Arco Iris Residential project onsets : the construction of 92 more houses.

Aerial view of Arco Iris Residential completely urbanized, fully integrated into the city of Natal and a few meters from the Federal Highway

Heavy machinery working on the compression of the foundations.

Surrounded by natural beauty, the Arco Iris Residential begins to take shape.

Work in progress: the walls of the houses being raised.


Invest in Brazil Today The Safe Way with Ecohouse Developments ECOHOUSE DEVELOPMENTS, Office 306, 2 Sheen Road, Richmond,Surrey, TW9 1AE

0203 468 6910 Email: Website:



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AUGUST 22nd - 28th 2011

UK unemployment total on the rise

SPEED NEWS: Bank of America to cut 3,500 jobs

Bank of America will cut 3,500 jobs this quarter as part of a wider restructuring that could lead to the loss of thousands more jobs as per media reports on last Friday.

Coca-Cola to invest $4 bn more in China Coca-Cola, the world's top soft drink producer, will invest another USD 4 billion in China from 2012 to 2014, according to a media report.

SABMiller goes hostile with Foster's bid

Global brewer SABMiller has taken its $10 billion bid direct to Foster's Group shareholders, days before Foster's announces its annual results, having failed to win over the Australian company's board.

Hewlett-Packard slumps as company shift

Hewlett-Packard Co. (HPQ) fell the most in more than 23 years after issuing forecasts that missed analysts’ estimates and unveiling a set of strategic shifts that undermined confidence in the company’s management.

RBS customers face rival ATM ban

Thousands of Royal Bank of Scotland customers have been barred from using cash machines operated by the firm's high street rivals. Changes brought in by RBS last month to its "basic" account have resulted in customers only being allowed to withdraw money from ATMs operated by the company.

The number of people claiming Jobseeker's Allowance also rose, by 37,100 in July to 1.56 million, its biggest increase since May 2009. The claimant count has now risen for five months in a row to its highest level since February 2010. The increase in unemployment between April and June came as a surprise to some economists, as most had predicted these figures would show a slight fall in the number of people out of work. David Kern, chief economist at the British Chambers of Commerce, said the latest data revealed "a worrying rise in unemployment". "Given the government's programme to reduce the deficit, the figures are not altogether surprising," he added. "We expect unemployment to increase by 150,000 over the next year or so, peaking at around 2.6 million." The government has always said it expects private sector job creation to make up for job and spending cuts in the public sector, as it tries to rebalance the economy and repay the country's borrowings. However although the number of people in employment is still rising, it's not at the rate necessary to stop the unemployment rate increasing. Job creation in the private sector needs steady and strong economic growth, and that hasn't been happening enough, recently. As Andrew Goodwin, senior economic advisor to the Ernst & Young ITEM Club, puts it:

Royal corsetmaker Rigby & Peller sold After more than 50 years in the brassiere business, the Kenton family says it is time to sell as Belgian bramaker pays £8m. Famous British lingerie firm Rigby & Peller, whose clients include the Queen as well as Hollywood royalty such as Scarlett Johansson, has been snapped up by one of its suppliers. The family-run firm, which is as famous for its rigorous bra fitting service as for its discretion, has sold an 87% stake to Belgian bramaker Van de Velde for £8m. The deal delivers a substantial windfall for the Kenton family who have retained a minority stake. Husband and wife team June and Harold Kenton bought the business in 1982 for £20,000 and latterly their children, Jill and David, have helped to run the business. June Kenton, who after more than 50 years in the brassiere business says she can judge a woman's bust size just by looking at her, said it was the right time to sell as the company needed a partner to fulfil its ambitions for growth. However, both she and her son will continue to have a say in its future: "It will be business as usual," said the 75 year-old, adding: "When we open new stores I'll be running around doing fittings, I'll be flying all over the world for them." Ignace van Dooselare, Van de Velde's chief executive, said: "It is our intention to work closely with both the Kenton family and the existing management team, to invest and grow Rigby & Peller both in the UK and internationally." Part of Rigby & Peller's cachet stems from its royal warrant. Kenton has been making trips to Buckingham palace for more than 50 years in her official capacity as "corsetieres to HM Queen Elizabeth" and during her long career has served several generations including the Queen, the Queen Mother, Princess Margaret and even Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie. It was even the fitter for the Two Ronnies' costume extravaganzas in the 70s and 80s, but in recent years the firm has also won over pop royalty with Lady Gaga wearing its underwear as outerwear. The company was founded in 1939 from a single shop on London's South Molton Street by two corsetieres: Gita Peller, a Jewish refugee who fled Hungary (legend has it with corsetry samples in her suitcase) and Bertha Rigby, who took her in when she arrived in Britain.

"We've seen more than 100,000 join the claimant count since the start of the year. "And now that the ILO measure of unemployment has begun to rise as well, there is conclusive evidence that the labour market has turned." The best hope for an improvement in these figures is a return to more robust growth. The number of unemployed men increased by 18,000 to 1.45 million. The level of unemployed women rose by 21,000 to 1.05 million - the highest figure since May 1988. The number of employees working parttime because they could not find a full-time job increased by 83,000 to 1.26 million - the highest figure since comparable records began in 1992 Chancellor George Osborne admitted the unemployment figures were "disappointing", but said they were not surprising. “With what is going on in the world economy and with world markets, they are not entirely unexpected," he said. He added that the government was continuing efforts to help create new jobs, highlighting last Wednesday's announcement of 11 new "enterprise zones". These are designed to boost local economic growth and create more than 30,000 new jobs by 2015. The chancellor added: "Policies like enterprise zones are going to make a real difference, I hope, to making sure that those jobs do not just get created in London or the City of London, but actually are generated around the country."

AUGUST 22nd - 28th 2011

The Brazilian Post

Brazil's middle class woes

Talk to an economist about Brazil and sooner or later the same old cliché will pop up: 'the rise of the middle classes'. This stock phrase has become the go-to explanation for pretty much everything in Brazil; from why the country's retailers are posting record profits, to why traffic is so bad in São Paulo, and why Chinese manufacturers are lining up to invest in local factories. But who are these new middle classes, the C class that now includes 95m Brazilians and makes up just over half of the

country's population? For Brits, this might mean anyone who shops at Brazil's version of Waitrose or who has golf clubs in the back of their Volvo. Alternatively, if you're in the US, maybe it's an image of white picket fences springing up across the Amazon. But Brazil's middle class is, by most of these people's standards, poor. The government's definition is any household with a combined monthly family income of between R$1,000 ($631) and R$4,000. In other words, a whole family surviving on about $20 a day is still considered middle class. Interestingly, though, a new study by Brazil-based Data Popular shows that Brazilians also make the same mistake. Only a third of middle class Brazilians knew they belonged to Class C, while the rest identified themselves as lower-income or poor, according to Data Popular, which interviewed 3000 people across 251 cities. Similarly, 55 per cent of upper class Brazilians identified themselves as middle class and 35 per cent as lower income. It was only the poorest Brazilians that actually got it right. Just over 80 per cent of lower-income individuals classed themselves correctly. This tendency to identify with a lower social class could have the following explanations: About 31m Brazilians only entered the middle class between 1999 and 2009 so it will take time for people's perceptions to change. Brazil is expensive. If you've been to São Paulo recently you'll see that many things cost the same as (or even more) than they do in the US or Europe. If you're earning a Brazilian wage but paying developed world prices, no wonder many still feel poor. Aspirations are high. Since the US has a strong cultural influence on Brazil, when Brazilians think of the middle class, they also often think of a much higher standard of living than $20 a day could afford. If Brazil really is a US in the making, then the 'middle class' is still very much an aspiration, and not a reality



Brazil's new policy: dealing with the real A few lucky Brazilian businessmen are about to have their prayers answered: they will soon be paying lower taxes. From the beginning of October manufacturers in four labour-intensive industries—clothing, footwear, furniture and software—will see the main payroll tax, of 20%, abolished. The government will claw back some, but not all, of the 25 billion reais ($16 billion) the measure will cost it over the next 18 months by taxing turnover at 1.5% (2.5% for the software industry). If by the end of 2012 the scheme is deemed a success, it may be extended to other industries and made permanent. The tax cut is the centrepiece of President Dilma Rousseff's longawaited industrial policy, announced on August 2nd. It also includes a promise to act more quickly where imports involve dumping, and stricter checks on the origins of goods (Chinese manufacturers are rumoured to be evading anti-dumping tariffs by shipping via third countries). A “Buy Brazil” policy will bend public-procurement rules to allow the government to pay up to a quarter more than the lowest price in order to secure a local supplier. The aim is to protect Brazilian industry from an ever-strengthening currency. As Europe and the United States lurch from crisis to crisis, high interest rates are attracting capital to Brazil: its policy interest rate, at 12.50%, is the highest in real terms of any big economy. Companies such as Vale and Petrobras, which export iron ore and oil respectively, are shielded by strong world prices for commodities. Both are turning in record results. Construction and services are boosted by strong domestic demand. But industry is struggling. Though overall unemployment is at a record low, manu-

facturers are laying off workers. Industrial production fell by 1.6% in June. In some ways the new industrial policy amounts to the continuation by other means of the “currency war” declared last year by Brazil's finance minister, Guido Mantega. Having previously increased a tax on short-term capital inflows and raised reserve requirements for banks' currency trading, on July 27th he fired his latest salvo. Futures contracts that bet on further strengthening of the real are to be taxed at 1% of their notional value, and that rate could rise to 25% should the ministry deem it necessary. The announcement caused the real to fall by 2% against the dollar. But past experience suggests the reprieve will be short-lived. Consumers may worry that curbs on imports will raise prices. And by giving special treatment to some industries, the measures introduce distortions. But the policy also suggests a new realism within government. Mr Mantega habitually refers to foreign “currency manipulators” as the source of Brazilian industrialists' woes. Speaking in São Paulo on August 3rd Fernando Pimentel, the minister for industry, laid some of the blame closer to home. The strong real was likely to last for the foreseeable future, he said, and industrialists needed to learn to live with it. Cutting payroll taxes for four chosen industries, he added, was just the start of a necessary updating of Brazil's labyrinthine tax system. There is certainly room to do more. According to the World Bank's annual “Doing Business” study, a hypothetical medium-sized business in Brazil loses 41% of its profits to payroll taxes, one of the world's highest rates.

TalkTalk and Tiscali UK fined £3m for incorrect billing TalkTalk and its Tiscali UK subsidiary have been fined £3m for incorrectly billing 65,000 customers for services they had not received. It is the largest financial penalty ever imposed on a telecoms provider by Ofcom. TalkTalk said it was "disappointed" at the scale of the fine, which it described as "disproportionate". Media regulator Ofcom launched an investigation into the telecoms group following complaints from more than 1,000 customers. Ofcom found it had wrongly billed consumers, in particular people who had closed their accounts, in more than 62,000 cases between January and November 2010. Despite a warning from the regulator to sort out the problem, the two businesses incorrectly billed almost 3,000 more customers in subsequent months. TalkTalk, which bought Tiscali UK in 2009 was named by Ofcom in April as the most complained about provider of home phone and broadband services. The company has paid back more than £2.5m in refunds and goodwill payments to people who had received the wrong bills. Ofcom said the fine reflected the "seriousness of their breach of the rules" and was intended to "act as a deterrent to them and other telecoms companies who must comply with the rules". It said

the level of the penalty also reflected the steps the company had taken towards complying with the rules, and the financial compensation it had already offered consumers. Ofcom is able to fine companies which breach telecoms rules up to 10% of their relevant turnover. TalkTalk said in a statement: "We are pleased that Ofcom has recognised the significant steps we've taken to solve this problem and has acknowledged that the issues surrounding the integration of the Tiscali business in 2010 are behind us." “The billing migration was completed last year and in the last three months Ofcom has received only 12 complaints on the issue. In addition, as announced in February, every customer impacted has been reimbursed and compensated with payments totaling over £2.5m. "Last year I recognised that we needed to invest in our systems, processes and customer services and we are making significant progress. We have seen a 40% year-on-year reduction in customer service calls; Ofcom receives three times fewer calls about TalkTalk than they did at the height of the Tiscali integration; and our 5 million customers are more loyal and more satisfied than they were 12 months ago.


Sport Brazil v Ghana match at Craven Cottage

Craven Cottage, the home of Fulham FC, will host the five time World Champions Brazil for the first time with a glamour friendly match on Monday 5th September, when The Gillette Brazil World Tour returns to London for a mouthwatering clash with Ghana. The Black Stars arrive back in London following their memorable game against England at Wembley Stadium by the leading sports agency Kentaro With this coupled with their enthusiastic support, a sell-out crowd is anticipated for the clash against the Seleção. The match is being organised and marketed by the UK arm of sports marketing company Kentaro. “The Brazilian and Ghanaian National Teams provided some of the most exhilarating football from the World Cup last year and this coupled with their fanatical support should create a fantastic match and occasion at Craven Cottage,“ Kentaro COO Jonathan Hill said. “We are delighted to be able to bring this match to London and are expecting a huge level of interest in the game. This latest match in the World Tour will provide Ghana and Brazil's first meeting since the 2007 match in Sweden and follows a sell-out match between Brazil and Germany in Stuttgart. Tickets are available from or via 0843 208 1234. Tickets start from just £25 (£15 for under 16s).

It's time to decide One of the first opportunities on the list of FINAapproved qualification events for London 2012 is the Dutch Open Swimming Championships in Eindhoven on December 2-4. The meet serves as Olympic trials. All boxes are ticked: long-course for a meet organised by the KNZB (Dutch Swimming Federation) and Eiffel Swimmers PSV, and the FINA stamp of approval for Olympic qualification for any who sets a time there. The venue is terrific. It hosted the 2008 European Championships at which Federica Pellegrini (ITA) set the world 400m freestyle record and Alex Dale Oen (NOR) made history. Meantime, three months before the Dutch meet, the Dutch Olympic squad will be in Leeds, England, training from September 4-11 before heading for a tour of the London Aquatics Centre a month before the British squad gather there for a week-long training camp.

The Brazilian Post

AUGUST 22nd - 28th 2011


Woods's drama

Tiger Woods hasn't won a major title since the 2008 U.S. Open, so his prospects are uncertain, given how his own position has changed dramatically in the last three years. First, there was the shocking sex scandal and the subsequent loss of his family in a $750 million divorce. Then there were the unrelenting injuries, followed by nine straight tournament losses and a three-month sabbatical, in an effort to regroup and heal. Recently, there was an ugly breakup with his long-time caddy. In 2008 Woods entered in the U.S. Open ranked number 1 in the world and was an expected shoo-in for his 14th major title, today Tiger Woods is ranked number 30. There is no doubt about his talent and his top class golf but everything that happened to him outside the golf course has compromised his game and now he's fighting against his own ghosts to get back to the top. Nevertheless as a fan, I am 100% sure that Woods will recover his best game and shine on the golf course as he used to.


AUGUST 22nd - 28th 2011




Back to his best

No time to retire

Michael Schumacher is not in his top form this season and his best result was a fourth place in the Canadian race; this is one of the reasons why rumours about his retirement are increasing although the seven-times champion is refusing to retire at the end of the 2011 season. "Despite some funny rumours and stupid untruthful stories, I keep repeating myself that you will have to see me in 2012, whether you like it or don't like it," Schumacher said in an interview with Mercedes' website. "I will be there,� said Schumacher, looking ahead to what he hopes will be a brighter 2012. “And the good thing is that I have a lot of support from all around, in particular from the company, in particular from the team, that they all wish me to be there, so I wish to be there, so I look forward to it."

Volleyball World Grand Prix FIVB Volleyball World Grand Prix is entering in the final preliminary and former Brazilian star Virna Dias has tipped her country to win the 2011 tournament. The legend, who won the Grand Prix in 2004, said that the returning Natalia as well as Sheila and a number of promising young hopefuls will help the side finish on top after missing out to USA last year. She also says the competition is the perfect opportunity to prepare properly for the Pan American Games later this year as well as the London 2012 Olympic Games as it means the team has enough time to gain experience.

The Brazilian superstar and icon of world football signed for Flamengo from Milan last January. It was a highly controversial signing by the Brazilian giants nonetheless, as many believed that the player was well and truly past his best. Ronaldinho was down on form and extremely low in confidence, making it a miserable way to the end of his career but after 18 rounds of Brazilian football, it looks like he finally found his feet in Flamengo. He has been excellent and decisive and has already scored nine goals in the league. He has been inspired in recent matches, and if his form continues in this manner in the coming months, even a return to his ultimate best could be on the cards.

Important facts: Tourism in Brazil growing at 16.4% per year Expected income to Brazil over next 10 years : US $26 billion FIFA World Cup in 2014 Olympic Games in English is the number language in the global and hospitality sectors Growth of 1.6 million jobs over the next 10 years in Brazil (Source: WTTC 2011)

2016 1 used tourism

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The Brazilian Post

AUGUST 22nd - 28th 2011

FOREIGN AUTOMAKERS EYE BRAZIL'S PROMISING MARKET Brazil's auto market - the fourth-largest in the world - is a top prospect for foreign carmakers seeking new buyers, with strong growth expected in the coming years, industry experts say. Recently, China's JAC Motors (Jianghuai Automobile Co.) announced it would invest US$900 million to build a factory in Brazil, while German luxury carmaker BMW said there was a "high probability" it would also set up an assembly plant. "The Brazilian market is one of the biggest in the world," finishing fourth last year behind China, the United States and Japan, the director of Brazil's auto industry group Anfavea, Ademar Cantero, told media. "This year, it should be fifth or sixth. But beyond its ranking, it's a promising market that will show positive growth over the next few years." Five years ago, Brazil was just the 10th largest auto market worldwide. But as Cantero explained, while US and European markets are nearly saturated, the South American country only has one car for roughly every 6.5 people - a ratio that is music to the ears of foreign firms. The emerging power's "economic stability" and rising household spending translates into what he called a "social migration, towards a category of consumers who are only now buying their first car." For Cantero, that means the market still has "enormous growth potential. This outlook attracts exporters, and those wanting to invest." Over the first seven months of 2011, car production in Brazil's 38 auto factories most of them in the country's southeastern industrial heart-

land - reached 2.02 million units, a 4.3 per cent jump as compared with last year. Anfavea is looking for five per cent growth in domestic car sales in 2011, which would mean 3.69 million units sold, and production of 3.42 million units, which would represent a 1.1 per cent increase over 2010. "The trend over the next few years will be to maintain this pace of

growth," said Anfavea president Cledorvino Bellini. He noted that the industry group's projections were "prudent" given an "international situation that is not favorable, and about which we cannot predict the consequences." Last week, the administration of President Dilma Rousseff included the auto sector in a sweeping government plan of tax breaks and incentives aimed at helping national industry cope with competitiveness lost from the surging real. The Brazilian currency has been hovering at its highest level in the 12 years since it adopted a free exchange system in January 1999. The strength of the real has undercut exports while fueling imports. Brazil remains one of the fastest-growing economies in the world, with 7.5 per cent growth in 2010, but some sectors are ailing. Industrial production fell 1.6 per cent in June. "This is a first step so that we can once again become competitive in the country," said Bellini, who sharply criticized a massive increase in car imports of more than 650 per cent over the past five years. There are more than 30 million cars in Brazil, a country of more than 190 million people. Italian auto giant Fiat leads with 22.9 per cent of sales, followed by Germany's Volkswagen with 22.22 per cent and US carmaker General Motors at nearly 20 per cent, according to industry data.

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