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Nº113 – March – Year 10

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Welcome back to Brazil Explore, your source for up-to-date inside stories on what makes Brazil and its people tick. This month we look at the 12 stadiums hosting matches during the 2014 World Cup. FIFA’s general secretary Jerome Valcke visited Brazil in mid-January to inspect progress for the massive event. National infrastructure needs improvement, but work is ongoing. We’ve gathered the data just for you. On another stage, we encounter another force of Brazilian culture in Gilberto Gil. We celebrate the former Minister of Culture, a productive dynamo whose whole career embodies world music. Speaking of Rio and music, it’s February and you know what that means: Carnaval! Rio de Janeiro becomes a giant stage for samba schools

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and thousands of joyous revelers, but there’s

Tr a ve l .............................................................................. 24

plenty more info in case you’re visiting at any

Rio de Janeiro

other time. What a cornucopia of goodies! Meet the lovely Miss Brazil USA Carol Baumgartner; thrill to Cirque du Soleil’s latest, Ovo (a Brazilian-heavy creative tour-de-force); tips on getting a visa to enter Brazil; the surreal functional art of Arthur Moreira and more. Usually, “more” at the end of a list means one more. In our case, more really means more. Get used to it.

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C i n e ma ........................................................................... 46 Craft: A Film Packed with Real Life

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What´s Up Brazil? World Press & Brazil

FIFA awards Neymar with greatest goal of 2011 Santos star Neymar has been awarded the 2011 FIFA Puskas Award for his sensational solo strike against Flamengo,

Interest in Brazil in the international press has been

beating Lionel

increasing over the past three years. The total of

Messi and Wayne

articles about the South American giant have grown

Rooney to the

from 3,675 in 2009 to 4,929 in 2011 (+34%). Negative

prize for greatest goal of the year. The winner was

articles have increased in number in this period (+87%),

decided by users, with more than 1.3 million

but positive articles add up to 2,976 in 2011 (superior

votes registered. Neymar’s goal, scored during a nine-

compared to the negatives). The recent economic

goal thriller in the Brazilian league in July last year,

boom in Brazil has been responsible for much of this

saw the highly rated 19-year-old dribble past three

interest. Among the total number of articles published,

defenders and complete a one-two with his team-mate

1,449 highlighted Brazil as an international player

before poking the ball past the goalkeeper. Despite his

and 960 touted investment opportunities. England’s

phenomenal effort, Neymar could not prevent his team

Financial Times covered 19% of the articles published

from losing the match 5-4, but he will be consoled by

on the 2009-2011 triennium.

claiming the award which was won last year by Turkish

Source: Imagem Corporativa

midfielder Hamit Altintop.

United Nations appoints Brazilian official to environmental post Bráulio Ferreira de Souza Dias from Brazil has been appointed by the United Nations Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon, as the next Executive-Secretary of the Convention on Biological Diversity, a four-year term. Bráulio Dias is the Secretary for Biodiversity and Forests at the Ministry of the Environment (MMA), has a PhD in zoology from the University of Edinburgh and is an associate professor of ecology (currently on leave) at the University of Brasília. Prior to his current position, he was the director of the Department for Biodiversity Conservation at the MMA.

6 | Brazil Explore Magazine

2012 Academy Awards Brazil is out of the running for best foreign film (Elite Squad 2) at this year’s Oscars, but the country will be represented by Sergio Mendes and Carlinhos Brown, who are up for the best original song “Real in Rio” from the soundtrack of the animated feature Rio by Brazilian director Carlos Saldanha. The Academy Awards ceremony takes place on February 26 at the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood.

Julia Levy e BVKids

Talento Brasil 2012 winners In its fourth season, Talento Brasil 2012 blushed the Zambotti Fernando (62, New Jersey), a tenor from São Paulo state as the winner in the adult category. Sixty-seven finalists competed following 11 regional competitions in Boston, Newark, New York, Atlanta, Miami, Orlando, Fort Myers, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Bridgeport and Broward County. Other adult category winners were model Camila Bau (Deerfield Beach, FL) and musician Dand EOF Camila Bau Danielly Pereira

Maria Eduarda Pereira

Gomes (Deerfield Beach, FL). The jury also awarded models Rafael Vicente (Boston, MA) and Bruna Barros (Pompano Beach, FL), singers Ulises Keys (Newark, NJ) and Helen Blondel (Miami, FL). Internet portal BrasilMais conducted online voting and the winner from among the 18 finalists was model Eder Silva (Newark, NJ). Child category winners were singer Danielly Pereira (Orlando, FL), model Maria Eduarda Pereira (Orlando, FL), the multi-instrumentalist Gregory Publius (Boston, MA) and capoeirista João Soares Guilhere (Fort Myers, FL). The jury also awarded highlights to models Krystal Malta (Fort Myers, FL) and Diana Silva (Cape Coral, FL), and singers Marjorie Andrade (Orlando, FL) and Lisa Day (Cutler Bay, FL). Talento Brasil is an event held by Brazil PMM-Plus Media Marketing, presented by BB Consignment, with sponsorship from American Airlines and support from TV Globo International and the Consulate General of

Escola de Samba

Brazil in Miami. 

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En v i r onm e n t

Parque Nacional da Tijuca (Vista Chinesa)

Rio Goes Greener The 2012 UN Conference puts focus on Brazil’s environmental commitment

Source: United Nations

10 | Brazil Explore Magazine

Ricardo Zerrener - Riotur

The United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development, to be held

1992, Mr. Sha related during a press conference at headquarters.

in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, next June

“Brazil has certainly shown the

will give the international community

world how to put sustainable devel-

a unique opportunity to build a global

opment into practice,” he said, adding

economic development model aimed

that the Secretariat would work close-

at improving people’s lives and ensur-

ly with Brazilian authorities to ensure

ing social equity while reducing environ-

the event’s success.

mental risks and ecological scarcity, the event’s Secretary-General said.

Luiz Alberto Figueiredo Machado, Director-General of the Department

“Rio 2012 is humanity’s chance

for Environment and Special Affairs in

to commit to a transition to a green

Brazil’s Ministry of External Relations,

economy, to lift people out of poverty. said the conference would allow the We cannot wait another 20 years.  The

international community to take stock

time to commit is at Rio 2012,” said

of progress in achieving the three pil-

Sha Zukang, who is also the United

lars of sustainable development —

Nations Under-Secretary-General for

economic growth, social development

Economic and Social Affairs.

and environmental protection — as

It’s fitting that the conference is

By UN Photo - JC McIlwaine

being held in Brazil because it has

well as address emerging challenges towards that end.

had an impressive track record on

The third session of the preparato-

economic growth, poverty eradica-

ry committee would be held from May

tion and environmental conservation

28-30, 2012, just ahead of the actual

since it hosted the historic United Na-

conference, scheduled for June 4-6,

tions Conference on Environment and

2012. Its main themes will be creation

Development, or “Earth Summit” in

of a green economy in the context of

Press Conference on “Rio 2012” Preparations

Luiz Alberto Figueiredo Machado (centre), Director-General for Environment and Special Affairs at the Ministry of External Affairs of Brazil, briefs on preparations for “Rio 2012”, the UN Conference on Sustainable Development, to be held in June 2012 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Also pictured, from left: Stelio Marcos Amarante, International Relations Coordinator in the Office of the Mayor of Rio de Janeiro; Sha Zukang, Under-Secretary-General for Economic and Social Affairs and Secretary-General of the Rio 2012; Laudemar Aguiar, Minister-Counsellor at the Brazilian Ministry of External Affairs; and Margaret Novicki of the Department of Public Information, press conference moderator.

Brazil Explore Magazine | 02/2012 | 11

By UN Photo - Eskinder Debebe;

En v i r onm e n t

Legal Tree Cutting in National Tapaj贸s Forest. 12 | Brazil Explore Magazine

green economy, to lift people out of poverty. We cannot wait another 20 years.  The time to commit is at Rio 2012,” By UN Photo - Mark Garten

Rio 2012 is humanity’s chance to commit to a transition to a

Dialogue on “Sustainable Development Expectations” ahead of Rio+20 A view of delegates at the ministerial dialogue on “Moving towards Sustainable Development Expectations” ahead of the UN Conference on Sustainable Development (Rio+20), to be held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in June 2012.

sustainable development and poverty

tems to make Rio a green city in general.

result in bolstered United Nations

eradication, as well as a compatible

Machado said the intention was to

support for sustainable development,

“make cleaner what is already clean,”

a strengthened Commission on Sus-

Laudemar Aguiar, Minister-Coun-

drawing on Brazil’s widespread use

tainable Development and United

sellor of Brazil’s Ministry of External

of renewable energy such as bio-


Relations, said the conference would

mass-fueled power stations and hy-

(UNEP), creation of guidelines to de-

be held in downtown Rio near the

droelectric power technology. “We’re

fine the green economy, and a greater

city’s port and that related civil society

not coming from a dirty matrix, but a

commitment by member states to

activities would be staged close by to

green one,” he said.

provide the financing and technology

institutional framework.



needed to build it.

enable more interaction between peo-

Asked what conference outcomes

ple attending the official venue and

they envisioned, Mr. Sha said partici-

Machado said the conference

side events. Stelio Marcos Amarante,

pating member states were supposed

would provide a platform for special-

International Relations Coordinator

to come up with a focused political

ists in many fields, including the busi-

of the office of the mayor of Rio de

document based on the event’s three

ness community and civil society, to

Janeiro, added that his office would

objectives: renewing political commit-

hold ongoing debates on issues of im-

work closely with federal and state

ment for sustainable development;

portance to societies worldwide such

authorities to ensure the conference

identifying progress and obstacles to

as poverty eradication.

facilities were well-equipped.

achieving it; and addressing emerg-

Asked about Brazil’s focus on tol-

Asked if the conference itself would

ing challenges. Much had been ac-

erance and diversity and how they re-

be a green event, Mr. Aguiar said indeed

complished already in environmental

lated to the conference, Machado said

it would and that Brazilian authorities

conservation, but the institutional

they would help create the best possi-

also aimed to showcase recent efforts,

framework for achieving sustainable

ble atmosphere for such a large-scale

such as installing energy-efficient trans-

development was largely fragmented.

event and the widest level of participa-

portation and sewage management sys-

He hoped the conference would

tion among all social sectors. 

Brazil Explore Magazine | 02/2012 | 13

T he A rt s

OVO An Insect Spectacle

Cirque du Soleil’s latest feast for the senses is loaded with Brazilian creative inf luence. by Cirque du Soleil Photos Cirque du Soleil 14 | Brazil Explore Magazine


OVO means “egg” in Portuguese

sounds of bossa nova and samba

they invented a visual language that

and is written and directed by Debo-

with funk and electro music. As you

owes a great deal to set design. His

rah Colker, the first female director

might expect from a Brazilian, there is

70-plus music videos have won him

of Cirque du Soleil (and a Brazilian).

a lot of percussion in the score. Cep-

numerous awards including the MTV

OVO is a headlong rush into a col-

pas sampled actual insect sounds

Video Award for Best Brazilian Video

orful ecosystem teeming with life,

to combine with the music. He also

in 1990. He has also designed hun-

where insects work, eat, crawl, flutter,

assigned instruments and individual

dreds of album covers for the most

play, fight and look for love in a non-

themes to specific characters. The

prominent Brazilian musicians, in-

stop riot of energy and movement.

8-piece band includes a bandleader/

cluding Antonio Carlos Jobim and

As a child in her native Brazil, Colk-

bass and double bass player, a key-

Gilberto Gil. Cardia designed and

er grew up in a creative environment.

board player, drummer, percussionist,

curated the exhibition Amazonia Bra-

Her father was a violinist and conduc-

guitarist, accordionist, violinist and a

zil, which has been touring the world

tor, and she started piano lessons at

wind instrumentalist, plus one singer.

since 2004, and

the age of eight. In 1984, she began

In almost all Cirque du Soleil shows,

in 2006 he di-

creating choreographies and direct-

the music is performed live. Unlike

rected the film

ing piece movements for musicals,

most musicals, the music needs to

No Arms for

shows, TV programs, movies and

adapt to what is happening onstage,



Deborah Colker


samba schools. She is used to de-

so the band leader, musicians, sing-

International. Among his recent archi-

veloping concepts as an integral part

ers and sound staff all communi-

tectural commissions was the design

of the rehearsal process, but for OVO

cate via headsets and microphones.

of the Museum of Telecommunications

she had to come up with the concepts

Gringo Cardia, who started out as

in Rio de Janeiro and the new Minas

a year and a half before rehearsals be-

a gymnast, has earned an enviable

Gerais Memorial in Belo Horizonte.

gan. “OVO presents the world of in-

reputation as one of the most sought-

Cardia’s set for OVO evokes the

sects with the emphasis on constant

after designers in the world of per-

mysterious habitat of insects and

movement and color,” Colker says.

forming arts and video in Brazil. In his

is infused with colors and sounds

“I have a very physical choreograph-

career as a designer, he has success-

taken from nature. “We are in a

ic language and for me the insects’

fully integrated the three disciplines

cave or a termite’s nest,” he ex-

movements translate into emotion.

he has worked in architecture, graphic

plains. “One of the biggest chal-

OVO reflects my background in dance,

design and theatrical staging. He has

lenges for a designer is to recreate

of course, but it also represents my

also made his mark as a director in film

the natural environment. I believe

lifelong love of music, the inspiration I

and video as well as a producer in the

the way to do that is to interpret

draw from sport and the liveliness you

world of theatre, opera and fashion.

rather than copy, and in this case

can discover in every aspect of life.”

In 1989, Cardia founded a cir-

to translate the forms and curves

To create the musical score for

cus troupe in Brazil before joining

of nature so we can see the world

OVO, Berna Ceppas combined the

forces with Colker in 1994. Together,

through the eyes of insects.” 

Brazil Explore Magazine | 02/2012 | 15

16 | Brazil Explore Magazine


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Ricardo Pimentel

St y le & I mag e

by Edward Pollard 18 | Brazil Explore Magazine

Carol Baumgartner Life Auteur


Ricardo Pimentel

Nicholas Rolon

I really want to use it to benefit people”

Josua Spafford

“My thinking was, now that I won this title

Several months ago, Carol Baum-

from Brusque, a picturesque beach-

to learn about American culture and

gartner passed on her crown as Miss

adjacent town in sub-tropical Santa

study journalism, which is a serious

Brazil USA, ending the most inter-

Catarina, has bigger aspirations than

passion of hers.

esting year so far in her life. Despite

looking good for the camera. Howev-

“I thought I would go to the Unit-

being a beautiful young woman, she

er, she’s grateful for the career that her

ed States, study, get a good educa-

doesn’t hold herself as someone who

looks have garnered and is not above

tion, return to Brazil, get an amazing

needs to be admired.

using her beauty intelligently. I asked

job and go to the big city.” Then she

if she was going to try for bigger con-

entered the pageant and won, which


changed everything. What got her

As a young child she contended with an ugly duckling phase. She was a chubby kid with a too-short haircut

“No, no, no,” she says. “I was in-

interest were the doors that her title

that earned her some taunting. Like

vited to participate in Miss Brazil USA,

could open and the good she could

all swans, she emerged from dark

but I never wanted to do a pageant.


obscurity to reveal a brilliant self. Her

It’s not my thing, but then I thought

“My thinking was, now that I won

parents had to encourage her at first

why not? It was an amazing experi-

this title I really want to use it to bene-

to try modeling and when she found

ence, so once in my lifetime is OK.”

fit people,” Baumgartner says. “I was

that the camera lens liked her, she felt like a normal person again.

When she first arrived in New York

engaged in charities during the whole

three years ago, she worked as an

year. I wanted to work with the United

Yet for all the attention, her mod-

au pair with simple yet earnest goals.

Nations, so I did as much with them

esty is disarming. This 22-year-old

The exchange program allowed her

as I possibly could.” 

Brazil Explore Magazine | 02/2012 | 19

Ricardo Pimentel

St y le & I mag e

20 | Brazil Explore Magazine

Felipe Suarez

Ricardo Pimentel

She may be young, but she is cer-

ferent person here. In Brazil I would al-

she says. Before I came to the U.S., I

tainly not naïve. She learned quickly

ways be at my friends’ house and they

always wanted to go to Los Angeles,

that good intentions and reality often

would say, ‘They won’t let you go in

but I think God wanted me to come to

don’t mesh the way you think they

their house. You have to call them and

New York first for some reason.”

should. “The United Nations actually

make an appointment.’ But it’s not like

taught me a lot,” she says. “Interning

that at all.”

Don’t think for a minute that Ms. Baumgartner’s bicoastal enthusiasm

at the UN was one of my dreams. Then

America seems to be hardwired

makes her anything less than a true

when I got there, one of my mentors

into her mind. Already as a teenaged

Brazilian. “I feel proud of the Brazilian

told me, ‘Carrie, if you want to help

student of English she gave the im-

community in the United States. Our

people, you have to help yourself. Un-

pression of being a native. “I started

people appreciate more than many

fortunately if there’s money involved,

teaching English when I was 17, be-

Americans what it means to be suc-

the people who really need it don’t get

fore I came here,” she says. “I taught

cessful, to be in a better place. They

the large part of what’s donated. If you

at the best school in my city and wore

are my role models.”

give $10,000, they will realistically get

glasses to look more serious because

Taking the hardworking Brazilian

$500.’ He said that I have the poten-

my students were older than me. I still

example to heart, Baumgartner has

tial to go to these places myself and

have a lot to learn, but in Brazil if you

plans of her own. She’s still looking for

help people in the way that makes me

can say ‘Hi, how are you,’ ‘there is,’

a way to juggle all her interests, like

happy.” Such revelations are definitely

‘there are,’ you’re already an expert. If

writing music or a screenplay. “I still

the stuff of which journalistic careers

my students asked me about vocab-

want to do more modeling,” she read-

are made.

ulary and I didn’t know, I would say,

ily admits. “It’s fun and now I have

So what did Miss Brazil USA learn

‘Let’s find out together.’ It was funny; I

more power to make better decisions.

about America and its culture? “I feel

went to São Paulo and pretended that

I have some projects here in New York

this is a place for opportunity,” she

I was American.”

with a few television channels. This

says. “The U.S. has been very good

This music-obsessed beach girl

year is going to be great. I’m definitely

to me and has taught me a lot. Just

from Santa Catarina has had Califor-

going to be on camera in 2012, but

the fact that one single place like New

nia on her bucket list since she was

my passion is making things happen,

York can offer you the whole world is

a kid. “I went to California and fell in

being behind the scenes. That’s what

amazing. I changed and became a dif-

love with the weather, what else?”

I like.” 

Brazil Explore Magazine | 02/2012 | 21

alguém aqui

fala a minha língua?

Solicite um intér prete: É o seu direito. E É A LEI. As leis estaduais e federais exigem que hospitais e clínicas forneçam intérpretes e materiais traduzidos a pacientes que não falam inglês fluentemente. O diagnóstico, tratamento, medicação e instruções corretas só são possíveis através da boa comunicação -- não através de uma criança, membro da família ou vizinho -- mas por um intérprete profissional que entenda a linguagem médica. Escreva uma carta em seu idioma sobre sua experiência com dificuladades encontradas no sistema de sáude. Ajude outras pessoas compartilhando sua história. Mande uma carta para o jornal ou revista onde viu este anúncio para: Attention: Language Access. Para maiores informações sobre o Language Access e o sistema de saúde de sua comunidade, visite

Este anúncio foi patrocinado pelo THE CALIFORNIA ENDOWMENT

22 | Brazil Explore Magazine

Brazil Explore Magazine | 02/2012 | 23

T r av el

24 | Brazil Explore Magazine

Pedro Kirilos - Riotur

Rio de Janeiro Marvelous City

Marvelous city, full of enchantment, marvelous city, the heart of my Brazil. By Andrea Eirado | Source RioTur

Brazil Explore Magazine | 02/2012 | 25

Pedro Kirilos - Riotur

T r av el

The lyrics from the lovely opening

The metropolitan region of Rio de

celebration is as popular with visitors

image page have been performed by

Janeiro includes 17 other municipali-

as it is for Brazilians. Considered the

many great names in Brazilian music,

ties: Duque de Caxias, Itaguaí, Man-

second largest tourist event of the

and captures the essence of Rio in one

garatiba, Nilópolis, Nova Iguaçu, São

whole year, this huge party brings mil-

single phrase. It is the capital of a state

Gonçalo, Itaboraí, Magé, Maricá, Ni-

lions of people to Copacabana beach,

that shares its name and is blessed

terói, Paracambi, Petrópolis, São João

most of them dressed in white, to

with dazzling landscapes that stretch

de Meriti, Japeri, Queimados, Belford

watch the fireworks display that wel-

from the beaches to the mountains.

Roxo and Guapimirim, which make up

comes the New Year. Also, artists from

what is known as Grande Rio.

a variety of musical styles perform on

Although this city with 6.3 million inhabitants and 159 neighborhoods

Rio de Janeiro is known and loved

has grown to be one of the most im-

across the globe for its beloved Car-

mense urban areas, it can be said that

naval, for soccer and for its beautiful

The Carnaval celebration in Rio

it emerged from the world’s largest ur-

girls and women. Native residents

is the most famous of its kind in the

ban forest. This vast stretch of green

are nicknamed cariocas and have a

world. Tourists from all over the globe

countryside called Tijuca Forest was

wonderful reputation for going out of

come to experience this spectacu-

replanted in the 19th century after the

their way to assist strangers and be

lar celebration. In Praça da Apote-

original forest had been destroyed to

carismático: friendly, nice, agreeable

ose (Apotheosis Square), the samba

make way for coffee farms.

and good-natured. The New Year’s

schools recount the history of Brazil

26 | Brazil Explore Magazine

the stages that line the beach, playing their music until dawn.

through March, and the hottest days

taking beauty. They preside along the

are always followed by luminous af-

parade route in front of the judges

ternoons, when sudden heavy cloud-

and spectators that pack the grand-

bursts often fall, bringing fresh starlit

stands and dance the night away. On


Alexandre Macieira - Riotur

with a blend of artistic flair and breath-

Ash Wednesday, the winning samba school is chosen based on certain cri-


teria used to rate the groups such as

The city is first officially mentioned

the theme or genre, costumes, story

when the second exploratory mis-

line, group leader and flag bearer.

sion of the Portuguese, led by Gaspar

But there is much more to Carna-

Lemos, arrived at the bay in January

val than the parades in Apoteose. Just

of 1502. The navigator thought this

a few years from now, the surround-

body of water to be the mouth of a

ing city streets will once again receive

great river and consequently named

Carnaval floats. There are more than

the region Rio de Janeiro (River of

300 floats (in the central and southern

January). However, it wasn’t until

regions alone) that carry thousands

1530 that the Portuguese monarchy

of participants moving to the sound

sent an expedition to colonize the

of the now famous theme songs and

area rather than continue to use this

rhythms of Carnaval. The samba

area as a mere stopping point be-

schools perform their dance routines

tween maritime adventures.

and marches during the entire month

Rio de Janeiro grew and devel-

of Carnaval (this year, the first Satur-

oped thanks to its natural use as a

day of Carnaval will be on February

port. In the same epoch when gold

18). Some of the most famous groups

was discovered in the Minas Gerais

include: Banda de Ipanema (focusing

at the end of the 17th century, the

on Rua Gomes Carneiro in Ipanema),

governor of Brazil was named viceroy

Simpatia é quase amor (in the Plaza

of the territory. At that time, Salvador,

of General Osório in Ipanema), Suva-

Bahia was the capitol of the colony,

co de Cristo (on Rua Jardim Botâni-

but growing importance of the port

co, in the neighborhood of Jardim

of Rio guaranteed the transfer of the

Botânico) and Cordão da Bola Preta

seat of power down south.

(in the central Plaza Mauá).

Igreja de Nossa Senhora da Candelária


In 1808 the royal Portuguese famJardim Botânico


as a refuge during the threat of the

Rio has a tropical climate, hot and

Napoleonic invasions. After the royal

humid, with some local variations,

family finally returned to Portugal,

caused by the different altitudes,

Brazil was granted its independence

amount of vegetation and proximity

in 1822. By that time the gold mines

to the ocean. The average tempera-

had been depleted, which gave way

ture for the year is about 72 degrees,

to the next national treasure: coffee.

with highs in the summer between

In 1889 the capital of the empire

85 and 90 degrees; and rainfall var-

witnessed the fall of the monarchy,

ies from 47 to 71 inches per year.

and political changes followed the

Summer months run from December

capitalistic directives. The transition

AF Rodrigues - Riotur

ily came to Rio de Janeiro, using it

Beija-Flor Carnaval 2011

Brazil Explore Magazine | 02/2012 | 27

28 | Brazil Explore Magazine

Pedro Kirilos - Riotur

Eliane Carvalho - Riotur

Pedro Kirilos - Riotur

Marina Herriges - Riotur

Photos: Pedro Kirilos - Riotur

Ricardo Zerrenner - Riotur

Rafael Moraes - Riotur

Alexandre Macieira - RioTur

Pedro Kirilos - RioTur

Marina Herriges - Riotur

T r av el

Igreja Nossa Senhora da Penha

from a monarchy to a republic began

Rodrigo de Freitas Pond is sur-

in 1889 and was completed by 1930.

rounded by the neighborhoods of

Santa Teresa is a favorite gather-

With the proclamation of the republic,

Lagoa, Ipanema, Leblon, Gávea and

ing place for both famous and aspir-

Rio de Janeiro became the federal

Jardim Botânico, it extends for 4.7

ing writers and artists. The bondinho

capital, which continued until 1960

miles encompassing parks, play-

is an attraction in and of itself, and the

with the construction of Brasília.

ing fields, skating rinks, a heliport, a

only one of its kind in all of Brazil that

jogging track, bike path, as well as a

still circulates. This trolley car departs

large food court.

the city center, passes over the Arcos

Tourist Attractions

Morro da Urca and Pão de Açúcar.

The Calçadão of Copacabana is

The Botanical Gardens are a tru-

da Lapa and follows the trail of time

a well-known symbol of the city. The

ly ecological sanctuary. They contain

over the ascending and descending

wide sidewalk stretches for 2.6 miles

the rarest species of plants native to

slopes of Santa Teresa.

along the beaches of Leme and Co-

Brazil and many other countries, in-

Christ the Redeemer is the sym-

pacabana, starting at the Plaza of

cluding at least 3,000 orchids in 600

bol of the city, located on the highest

Rocio in Lisboa, spanning the fresh

varieties. This park was opened in

point of the Morro do Corcovado. It

waters of Tejo and the Atlantic Ocean.

1808 by D. João VI, a principal of that

was recognized as one of the New-

It was built by Mayor Pereira Passos

region at the time.

7Wonders of the World, chosen from

in 1906 using white calcita and black basalt rocks imported from Portugal.

Pão de Açúcar (Sugarloaf Mountain):

among 21 other monuments and receiving more than 100 million votes via

Maracanã is the largest stadium

Designed in 1908 by Brazilian en-

the Internet and telephone. The statue

in the world and was built in 1950, the

gineer Augusto Ferreira Ramos and

stands 38 meters tall, with the first

year that Brazil hosted the World Cup.

opened on October 27, 1912. It was

stones laid in 1922, and had its grand

Promoters of this game projected that

the first cable car ever built in Brazil,

unveiling on the 12th of October, 1931.

it would hold a crowd of 166,369 peo-

and only the third installation of its

The Metropolitan Cathedral is

ple, and the first match was played

kind in the world. It is one of the most

located in the heart of the financial

on June 16, 1950. It was a classic

important tourist icons in the country,

district. This cathedral is a prominent

match-up between rival cities: The

consisting of three main stations in all:

feature of the cultural landscape, and

All-Star players from Rio de Janeiro

Praia Vermelha, Morro da Urca and Pão

it draws the attention of visitors with

going against the São Paulo All-Stars,

de Açúcar. These stations are serviced

its unique style and pyramid-shaped

with the great midfielder Didi (Waldyr

by four bondinhos (passenger cars),


Pereira) from Rio scoring the first goal

two that run between Praia Vermelha

For more information visit:

in the history of this great stadium.

and Morro da Urca; and two between 

Brazil Explore Magazine | 02/2012 | 29

ets ouqu






is T Va ue len sd tin ay, e’s Feb Da rua y ry 14


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32 | Brazil Explore Magazine

UN Photo: Evan Schneider

Brazil’s 10


UN Term Expires Using its non-permanent member status to help solve world issues, Brazil exerted its inf luence peacefully while increasing transparency in council management. Source: The Ministry of External Relations

Brazil Explore Magazine | 02/2012 | 33

UN Photo: Marco Castro

WORL D & M A RK ET The 2010-2011 biennium was in-

promotion and protection of human

tense and challenging. The UNSC

rights. At the same time independent

was called to act in

and cooperative, with firm convictions

conflicts, crises and

and open to dialogue with everyone,



Brazil sought to actively contribute to

of great importance

the construction of political consen-

and complexity, such

sus that would allow the UNSC to af-

as the earthquake in

firm its authority, without prejudice to

Haiti; the Iranian nu-

the effectiveness and relevance of its

clear program; grave


military incidents in

In the biennium now coming to

the Korean Peninsula;

an end, Brazil encouraged reflection

the political and se-

within the Security Council and pro-

curity stabilization in

moted concepts that might improve

Somalia; the electoral

that organ’s actions. Most important

crisis in Côte d’Ivoire;

among them are the interdependence

the conflict in Libya

between security and development

and the international

as essential elements of sustainable

military action in the

peace in situations marked by institu-

Dilma Rousseff, President of

country; the popular

tional, economic and social vulnera-

Brazil, addresses the general

protests in Syria; the independence of

bilities (an issue addressed at an open

debate of the sixty-sixth session

South Sudan; the humanitarian crisis

debate during the UNSC presidency

in the Horn of Africa; and the Pales-

last February) and the “responsibility

tinian issue; among many others. On

while protecting.” This concept is a

several occasions, the UNSC had to

much-needed political call for the pre-

respond firmly to systematic and gen-

vention of conflicts and for modera-

eral violence against

tion when deciding on the recourse

unprotected civilians,

to force and when managing the use

including women and

of force. This serves to prevent the


possibility that such protection would

UN Photo: Evan Schneider

of the General Assembly.


allow further waves of violence and

these issues on the


instability, with significant human,

agenda of the Secu-

political and material costs, not to

rity Council and oth-

mention the weakening of the very

ers, Brazil reaffirmed

legitimacy of the collective security

its diplomatic iden-

system. Brazil also insisted upon the

tity as a peace-lov-

need to coordinate peacekeeping and

ing country, strongly

peace-building activities whenever

committed to preven-

and however possible by seeking to

tive diplomacy, to the

increase interaction between the Se-

settlement of tensions

curity Council and its Peace-Building

(left) meets with Antonio de Aguiar

and crises though dialogue, to the re-

Commission (PBC). Brazil has had

Patriota, Minister for Foreign

spect for international law and to the

constant and active presence on this

Affairs of Brazil, in Brasilia.

terms of UNSC decisions, and to the

commission as the country that chairs

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon

34 | Brazil Explore Magazine


UN Photo: Paulo Filgueiras Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon (right) meets with Dilma Vana Rousseff, President of Brazil.

the PBC country-specific configura-

agenda; being constantly available to

among these countries, particularly

tion for Guinea-Bissau.

all member states; carrying out inter-

within IBSA, as a grouping of large

As a UNSC non-permanent mem-

active debates with the PBC; holding

multiracial democracies in developing

ber, Brazil’s efforts were also aimed at

an informative session for non-mem-

countries. The intense dialogue among

steering the organ to provide effective

bers of the council about UNSC activ-

them will be maintained throughout

attention and support to Haiti and Af-

ities during the Brazilian presidency,

2012, despite Brazil no longer taking

rica, particularly Guinea-Bissau and

among other initiatives.

part in the UNSC.


In 2011, alongside Brazil, all coun-

The Brazilian government is firm-

During its mandate, especially

tries in the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India,

ly convinced that taking part in the

when holding the UNSC presidency,

China, South Africa) and IBSA (India,

Security Council for the 2010-2011

Brazil also strived to contribute to-

Brazil and South Africa) were repre-

term was a significant contribution to

ward a more participative and trans-

sented in the UNSC, which contributed

further consolidate Brazil’s engage-

parent management of the council,

to the debate of the major issues in the

ment in the promotion of peace and

by carrying out permanent consulta-

Security Council’s agenda. This added

the strengthening of multilateralism,

tions among all members of the organ

a healthy political diversity to the organ

from a humanistic and democratic

on the approach to the issues in the

and strengthened diplomatic dialogue

approach to international relations.

Brazil Explore Magazine | 02/2012 | 35


A Hero Within by Clara Benjamin

To say that Alexandre Danielli’s story is unconventional is an understatement. He spent eight months f ighting a war in Afghanistan as a Civil Affairs Marine. While accompanying Italian and Georgian armies on a humanitarian mission, their MRAP (Mine Resistant Ambush Protected) tank was targeted and he was injured. Danielli spent a few days unconscious in a coma stage because of a head trauma. He woke up next to a soldier with a blast-damaged face who needed reconstructive surgery, on his other side lay another who had lost both legs. At that point, he prayed and thanked God for being alive. What makes Danielli’s story unusual is that he is a Brazilian-born United States Marine.

36 | Brazil Explore Magazine

Danielli calls Camp Pendleton

It was a photo of clean-cut, ath-

Then the team is briefed on the day’s

home. The base is located in San Di-

letic and tenacious U.S. Marines that

mission. A typical mission involves or-

ego County and has a population of

changed his fate. He was certain that

ganizing electrical generators, cables

100,000. It spans over 125,000 acres

he would enlist in the army or navy.

and supplies to provide power for any

and serves as a training base for ma-

“When I walked into a recruiting

kind of mission. “Everything needs to

rines. Danielli says it is like living in a

center, I saw photos of marines and

be neatly organized, cleaned and han-

mini city. The place has a golf course,

learned how difficult their training is.

dled very quickly. Our superiors are

movie theater, bowling alley, shop-

That’s when I changed my mind,” he

constantly yelling at us to be detailed-

ping malls, grocery stores and more

says. He went through an arduous

oriented and quick,” he says. Danielli

than 12 gyms. His son Justus also

and time-consuming screening pro-

confides that his biggest challenges

lives with him at camp. He is a kinder-

cess to eventually get the dress blue

are the constant stress and pressure.

gartener whose teachers are retired

uniform. The process includes a thor-

“When I was stationed in Afghani-

colonels and majors, while his dad is

ough background check (that includes

stan for 8 months,” he adds, “I real-

his soccer coach. Danielli jokes about

his family) and fitness tests with time

ized why our routine is the way it is.

Justus being a military brat, a playful

limits, among other requirements.

During the war, if you aren’t fast and

expression around camp for children of military members.

His daily routine can start as early

detail-oriented it can cost your life.”

as 5:00 a.m. with a set of exercises.

On the other hand all of this stress

Brazil Explore Magazine | 02/2012 | 37


38 | Brazil Explore Magazine

It is a pleasure serving as a US Marine inside and outside the Base with my voluntary work.”

and pressure gives him a sense of

my son was born.” He hopes that one

He has organized a group that puts on

brotherhood, protection and loyalty.

day his son Justus will be proud to

events benefiting rookies and veter-

He also gets a lot of recognition from

say that his father is a war veteran.

ans in the community. The Plantão de

the public and rarely pays his bills at

Danielli lives in constant fear of los-

Ajuda ao Brasileiro assists people with

bars, restaurants and airports. There’s

ing his life and not being there for his

legal issues, taxes workshops, health

always someone who is honored to

son. “You know those war movies

problems and even with resumes and

pay his tab.

that have battle scenes in slow mo-

job searches. “It’s a pleasure serving

I was very curious to know why

tion?” he asks. “It‘s the same thing. I

as a U.S. Marine inside and outside

someone would want to fight and de-

saw my life flash in front of me many

the base with my volunteer work.”

fend a foreign country. When I asked

times. The worst is knowing that I can

His contract with the USMC will

him about it, his reply put my curios-

lose this fear anytime, because when

end in 2012 and Danielli explains that

ity to rest. “How does an adoptive boy

I do, I become more vulnerable,” he

he wants to focus his time and energy

feel about helping or even dying for


on helping others and maybe even

his adoptive parents?” he asks. “This

Danielli’s work as a good citi-

going back to the classroom as a stu-

is exactly how I feel. I was born in Bra-

zen goes beyond the gates of Camp

dent. We don’t know what the future

zil, but it was the United States who

Pendleton. He uses the motto “Honor,

holds for this selfless citizen. What we

gave me the opportunities I would

Courage and Commitment” to help

do know is that wherever he is, there

never have in Brazil. It is also where

the Brazilian community in San Diego.

will be some good around him. 

Brazil Explore Magazine | 02/2012 | 39

40 | Brazil Explore Magazine

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Brazil Explore Magazine | 02/2012 | 41

T he A RTs

Gil-6-9! Gilberto Gil plays a fundamental role in the

constant modernization process of Brazilian popular music. A highly inf luential creative force for almost 50 years, he has pioneered one of the world’s most relevant and renowned careers as a singer, composer and guitarist. source:

42 | Brazil Explore Magazine

Jorge Bispo 

Brazil Explore Magazine | 02/2012 | 43

Jorge Bispo

Cult ure

The Salvador, Bahia native has

manner as he approaches musical

imprisonment and exile of Gil and Ve-

had his albums released outside Bra-

styles, Gil tackles a wide variety of

loso. It was this exile that sent them

zil since 1978, the year he performed

modern issues in his lyrics, from social

to late ’60s London, where they inter-

at the Montreux Jazz Festival. He an-

inequality to the racial question, from

faced with the cutting edge musicians

nually tours Europe, North America,

African to Asian culture, from science

of the day, including Pink Floyd, Yes

Latin America and Japan, singing his

to religion and beyond. The mastery

and the Incredible String Band.

contagious pop music in Brazilian-

and ingenuity with which Gil explores

While in London, Gil recorded an

Portuguese and other languages. His

these subjects marks him as one of

album in English for the Philips label.

music has a strong rhythmic appeal

Brazil’s greatest composer-lyricists.

When he returned to Brazil in the ’70s,

and melodic richness that is as di-

Gil’s importance to Brazilian cul-

he recorded a series of anthologies: Ex-

verse as the cultures that have influ-

ture goes back to the 1960s, when he

presso 2222, Gil Jorge (with Jorge Ben

enced Brazil.

and Caetano Veloso founded tropical-

Jor), Os Doces Bárbaros (with baianos

Along with samba and bossa nova,

ism. Radically innovative in the music

Veloso, Gal Costa and Maria Bethânia)

northeastern Brazilian rhythms such

scene, the movement fused the pop

and a conceptual trilogy consisting of

as baião were crucial to his musical

culture epitomized by the Beatles to

Refazenda (“country” flavored), Refave-

development. Using these as a start-

existing national genres. Naturally, the

la (with rhythms from Jamaica, Nigeria,

ing point, Gil forged his own music to

two artists were deeply critical on po-

Rio and Bahia) and Realce. The latter,

which he incorporated rock, reggae,

litical and moral levels which led not

recorded in Los Angeles, signaled his

funk and rhythms from Bahia such

only to Tropicalism being repressed

pursuit of pop music, which would de-

as afoxé. With the same exploratory

by the authoritarian regime, but to the

fine his work in the ’80s.

44 | Brazil Explore Magazine

a 32-day European tour called The

ebration with Veloso of Tropicalism)

String Concert (15 shows in 9 coun-

and Unplugged, (a collection of hits

tries) in which he performed with his

recorded live for MTV). In 1997, the

son Bem Gil, an impressive surprise

double CD Quanta was released. In

in the new Brazilian music scene,

1998, Quanta Gente Veio Ver won a

and the outstanding musician and

Grammy. In 2000 he released “Eu Tu Eles” and “São João Vivo”. In 2002 “Kaya N’Gandaya”, a CD and a DVD after a worldwide tour became a live album. In 2004, Eletracustico (a live CD and DVD) was the result of Gil´s concert at ONU in New York. Since Gil is committed as Brazil´s Minister of Culture, he decided to seal his journey

arranger Jaques Morelenbaum. In December of the same year, the new CD/DVD Bandadois was released. Recorded live in September, at Bradesco Theatre in São Paulo and directed by Andrucha Waddington, the show featured special guests Maria Rita, and his sons Bem and

into politics by recording in Rio. He is

José. Bem has logged many touring

still the same sensible Gil.

hours playing guitar with his father,

In 2006, the Biscoito Fino label

while José the youngest in the fam-

re-released Gil Luminoso – Voice and

ily, surprised the audience by playing

Guitar, an album recorded in 1999

bass on a few songs.

to be packaged with the book Gilu-

Gil’s accomplishments and ac-

minoso – A PoÉtica do Ser by Bené

knowledgments comprise a long list.

Fonteles. The book was an homage

He has been awarded and honored

to Gil with more than 50 of his lyr-

around the world. He has pursued

ics, photographs and a long personal

artistic excellence without compro-

statement. The Gil Luminoso tour, one

mise and still achieves commercial

of the most beautiful of his career,

success, as evidenced by 12 gold

brought him to Europe and the United States. In 2008, Gilberto Gil released Banda Larga Cordel, reaffirming his irreversible engagement with the universe of bits and bytes, a theme that has fascinated him for more than 30 years. Gil makes his work widely available for webcasts, podcasts, cellcasts, etc. In

music to which he incorporated rock, reggae, funk and rhythms from Bahia such as afoxé.”

records, 5 platinum albums and 8 Grammys. Now, at the ripe age of 69, he remains unflinching in his creative engagement to bring the heart and soul of Brazilian music to the world. You owe it to yourself to get to know his music if you somehow managed to reach this moment without

keeping with this generous philosophy,

hearing him play and sing. Gilberto

his concerts offered a warm invitation

Gil is a living world treasure, a unique

to concertgoers to photograph and

composer powered by immense tal-

film to their heart’s content. Backstage

ent and curiosity, a unique musical

scenes from the tour were posted on

ambassador powered by firm cultural

the Internet in diverse platforms from a


specially-created hot site.

Gil forged his own

Marcos Hermes

In November 2009, Gil went on

Jorge Bispo

The 1990s brought Parabolicamará, Tropicália 2, (a 25-year cel-

With thanks to 

Brazil Explore Magazine | 02/2012 | 45

Ci ne ma


A Film Packed with Real Life

46 | Brazil Explore Magazine

Craft is a film about everyone who

outside while we are sweeping the

longs to live with dignity, more pre-

floor.” The challenge that faces him is

cisely, from their chosen profession,

to make life happen when the camera

the work they love. Such people con-

is on. And that is only possible when

sciously choose a path that challeng-

real people are really living something

es them on a daily basis, forcing them

special or when great actors deliver

to excel and struggle against the ob-

through a real understanding of what

stacles between them and their goals.

is at stake. It’s what Pizzi worked

But sometimes constant work, study

hard with cast and crew to achieve.

and improvement is just not enough.

Their combined courage and will to

Craft emerged from a huge will-

say something became an enriching

ingness to say something: What is

shared experience. Craft is an urgent

the importance of luck in anyone’s

film that couldn’t wait. It’s a simple

career? How far can your talent and effort alone take you? Is it enough to guarantee you a solid career or is luck part of the craft? The term craft here relates to work, and Bianca our “hero” knows her craft. She is a somewhat young and very talented actor whose career hasn’t happened yet. In order to make a living, she accepts small acting jobs and other kinds of gigs familiar to young actors. The script was written by an actor named Karine Teles (who plays Bianca) and her husband, director Gustavo Pizzi. Teles has been a theater actor for the past 16 years, many of which she shared with her

and honest film, one that can bury the dead things we carry inside. It’s a story for those who are interested in life and its consequences. Craft is the English title, but not exactly the equivalent of the original Portuguese, Riscado, which could be translated as “scratched,” as in scratched from a list or a roster. It’s a low-budget film that was launched in 2011 to critical and public acclaim. Its screening life was prolonged as it garnered awards at national and international festivals, demonstrating that it had optimal momentum to become a successful indie dark horse.

husband. He observed and shared

This Brazilian production comes at

many of her anguishes, triumphs and

a time when Brazilian films are emerg-

especially her fears. They worked for

ing into the light of cinematic appre-

several months to transform their per-

ciation again. The Brazilian spirit, its

ceptions into image and sound.

creative force is coming to the film

The film tells a simple story while

medium to express itself. It is an indi-

searching for cinema: the necessary

cator of a certain swelling of national

and specific time for each plan – the

pride of creativity, something that is a

time it takes for life to really happen.

uniquely communal Brazilian expres-

Pizzi’s search is to understand the


delicacy of each and every possibil-

It’s a film about many things, es-

ity that is right in our face yet some-

pecially luck. In the case of Craft,

times remains unseen. He says he is

viewers are likely to count themselves

“searching for the sky that is melting

among the lucky. 

Brazil Explore Magazine | 02/2012 | 47

Over 25 types of thin-crust pizza loaded with fresh and healthy ingredients

In typical Brazilian spirit, the pizza is all-you-can-eat

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310.558.2374 48 | Brazil Explore Magazine


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Brazil Explore Magazine | 02/2012 | 49

Spo rt

Brazil 2014

A World Cup Update

With just over two years before the f irst whistle, we gauge the road to readiness of Brazil’s 12 stadiums in 2012. Note: Facilities are listed in alphabetical order by location.

Mineirão - Belo Horizonte upgrade

Original name – Governador Magalhães Pinto Stadium Home team – State owned Opened – September 5, 1965 Capacity – Before: 76,000 / After: 67,000 Scheduled matches – 6 total: 4 group stage, round of 16, semifinal New features – Pitch lowered by 3.4 meters, large video monitors installed, new stadium access roads paved. Estimated completion – December 2012 Estimated cost – $396.1 mil Federal funding – $228 mil

Mané Garrincha – Brasília Original name – National Stadium Home team – State owned Opened – March 10, 1974 Capacity – Before: 45,000 / After: 71,412 Scheduled matches – 7 total: 4 group stage, round of 16, quarterfinal, 3rd place New features – Metal stadium cover, new stands, lowered pitch, removal of athletics track. The roof will have solar panels with a 2.5 megawatt capacity, which is the amount of energy needed to run the stadium. The construction company is aiming for the Green Building Council’s highest level environmental certification. Est. completion – December 2012 Est. cost – $392.2 mil Federal funding – no federal funding

50 | Brazil Explore Magazine


rebuild Verdão – Cuiabá Home team – State owned Capacity – Before: 35,000 / After: 43,600 Scheduled matches – 4 group stage New features – New pitch will be planted May 2012. The stadium features trees in the corners, one of the project’s several green credentials. The stadium’s landscaping includes the planting of 3,200 trees. It is one of four 2014 World Cup venues aiming to receive LEED certification (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design). Est. completion – December 2012 Est. cost – $295.7 mil Federal funding – $162.4 mil

Arena da Baixada – Curitiba Original name – Joaquim Américo Guimarães Stadium Home team – Atlético Paranaense


Opened: September 6, 1914 Capacity – Before: 25,000 / After: 42,000 Scheduled matches – 4 group stage New features – With refurbishment works to adapt the venue for the 2014 World Cup, the capacity will be increased from 25,000 to 42,000 people. Changes include the extension of the press section, a new changing room and the removal of obstacles, such as columns and lifts in order to increase visibility in some areas. Accessibility will also be upgraded with priority being given to public transport. Est. completion – December 2012 Est. cost – $133.6 mil Federal funding – undetermined

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Spo rt

Castelão – Fortaleza Original name – Governador Plácido Castelo Stadium Home team – State owned Opened – November 11, 1973 Capacity – Before: 58,400 / After: 67,000 Scheduled matches – 6 total: 4 group stage, round of 16, quarterfinal New features – After refurbishment and upgrades, capacity will be expanded from 58,400 to 67,000 seats, all under a covered structure. The upgrade includes an underground parking area with 4,200 capacity, cabins, a VIP area, press room, changing rooms, multipurpose areas, an entrance square and restaurants, in addition to other improvements. The lower seating will be closer to the pitch for increased fan enjoyment of matches. Est. completion – December 2012 Est. cost – $295.5 mil Federal funding – $200.3 mil

Vivaldão – Manaus Home team – State owned Capacity – Before: 43,000 / After: 43,710 Scheduled matches – 4 group stage New features – The venue will have a restaurant, underground parking, special needs access and systems for the reuse of water and natural ventilation. The stadium will have a fixed cover for the grandstands made of a polytetrafluoroethylene membrane that offers improved durability, lighting and temperature control. Est. completion – June 2013 Est. cost – $303.3 mil Federal funding – $228 mil

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new Machadão – Natal Home team – City owned Capacity – 45,000 Scheduled matches – 4 group stage New features – The original blueprints for the World Cup include construction of the so‑called Arena das Dunas, a sports complex that will replace the Machadão stadium and the Machadinho sports center. The new facilities will provide a venue for 45,000 people, a shopping mall, office buildings, hotels, an amphitheatre, a wooded area, an artificial lake and new facilities for state and local government. The earthworks are already underway. Est. completion – December 2013 Est. cost – $237.6 mil Federal funding – $225.9 mil

Beira-Rio – Porto Alegre Original name – José Pinheiro Borda Stadium Home team – Internacional


Opened – April 6, 1969 Capacity – Before: 56,000 / After: 60,000 Scheduled matches – 5 total: 4 group stage, round of 16 New features – Modern metal roof, new ramps and access ways to gates. Lower-level seating area will be enlarged and closer to the pitch. The entire lower circuit will have boxes and special viewing areas. Est. completion – December 2012 Est. cost – $165.2 mil Federal funding – undetermined

Brazil Explore Magazine | 02/2012 | 53

Spo rt

new Pernambuco Arena – Recife Home team – Stated owned Capacity – 46,000 Scheduled matches – 5 total: 4 group stage, round of 16 New features – In order to speed up structurerelated works, rebar fabrication facilities have been set up on the building site and the premolded parts plant was expanded. Up to 2,500 employees are working day and night to finish. Est. completion – December 2012 Est. cost – $285.1 mil Federal funding – $220 mil

upgrade Maracanã – Rio de Janeiro Original name – Mário Filho Stadium

tional Historical and Artistic Heritage Institute (IPHAN) will

Home team – State Owned

be retained. Fourteen thousand parking spaces will also

Opened – June 16, 1950

be built within a 1.5 km radius of the stadium. Instead of

Capacity – Before: 82,238 / After: 76,525

the almost 200,000 places in the 1950s, the former Mario

Scheduled matches – 7 total: 4 group stage, round of

Filho Stadium will have 76,000 seats after the upgrade,

16, quarterfinal, final

but it will still be the biggest in Brazil.

New features – A new lower seating level will be laid out

Est. completion – February 2013

in an oval to improve visibility. All seating will be covered.

Est. cost – $503.5 mil

The facade, included in the World Heritage List by the Na-

Federal funding – $228 mil

54 | Brazil Explore Magazine

rebuild Fonte Nova – Salvador Original name – Otávio Mangabeira Stadium Home teams – State owned Opened – January 28, 1951 Capacity – Before: 60,000 / After: 55,000 Scheduled matches – 6 total: 4 group stage, round of 16, quarterfinal New features – In order to offer safety and comfort, a cover made of a plastic membrane will be installed over the 55,000 seats. There will be between 70 and 100 boxes, modern facilities for the press and remodeled changing rooms. The project includes a restaurant with a panoramic view of the pitch and the Tororó dike, a tourist site near the venue. Shops, kiosks and a business center complete the complex. The Fonte Nova Stadium will also house the Museum of Football and Music, a multi-use facility which is expected to host approximately 80 concerts annually. Est. completion – December 2012 Est. cost – $340.2 mil Federal funding – $184.4 mil

Fielzão – São Paulo Home team – Corinthians Capacity – 68,000


Scheduled matches – 6 total: 4 group stage (including Cup opener with Brazilian squad), round of 16, quarterfinal New features – The project provides for a stadium with 68,000 seats in an area of 200,000 square meters. Beams for the stands are made with premolded parts manufactured on-site. Est. completion – December 2013 Est. cost – $467.3 mil Federal funding – $228 mil

A special thanks to and for providing useful details, including video clips and photographs of the World Cup 2014 stadiums.

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Reci pe

Feijoada Ingredients

1 lb Brazilian dry beef 7 oz salted pig’s foot 3.5 oz salted and smoked pig’s ear 3.5 oz smoked ox tongue 3.5 oz salted pig’s tail 7 oz salted and smoked pork ribs 2 lb black beans 6 Bay leaves 2 oranges (with rind) cut in half 3.5 oz sausage 3.5 oz Brazilian smoked sausage 1.5 oz bacon 2 tsp oil 2 onions, chopped 2 cloves of garlic, chopped

How to Prepare

Clean meat well and cook pieces whole in pan filled with water on high flame for 20 minutes. Drain water and set aside. Cook beans, Bay leaves, oranges, dry beef, pig’s foot and ear for 30 minutes. Add ox tongue, pig’s tail and ribs. After a half hour, remove oranges, add pork, sausage, smoked sausage and bacon. Brown onion and garlic in hot oil, then combine with beans. While cooking, remove fat that rises to surface. After 30 or 40 minutes, remove meat once fully cooked. Cut parts into small pieces, return them to pan, let mixture simmer for 15 minutes, add salt to taste. Serve with white rice, orange slices, ‘farofa,’ sauteed collard greens and chili pepper sauce. Serves 6 “Editor's note: Some ingredients are only familiar to Brazilians. They should be available in Brazilian markets.”

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400g carne seca 200g pé de porco salgado 100g orelha de porco salgada ou defumada 100g língua de boi defumada 100g rabo de porco salgado 200g costela de porco salgada ou defumada 900g feijão preto 06 folhas de louro 02 laranjas (com casca) cortadas ao meio 100g lingüiça calabresa 100g paio 50g bacon 2 xícaras (chá) óleo 2 cebolas picada 2 cabeças de alho picado

Modo de Preparo

Limpe bem as carnes e cozinhe as peças inteiras em uma panela com água, em fogo alto, por 20 minutos. Escorra a água e reserve-as. Coloque o feijão, o louro, as laranjas, a carne seca, o pé e a orelha de porco para cozinhar por 30 minutos. Adicione a língua, o rabo e a costela. Depois de meia hora, retire as laranjas, acrescente o lombo, a lingüiça, o paio e o bacon. Doure a cebola e o alho no óleo quente e junte ao feijão. Durante todo o cozimento, retire a gordura que se acumula na superfície. Após mais trinta ou quarenta minutos de cozimento, retire as carnes, conforme cheguem ao ponto de cozimento. Corte todas as peças em pedaços pequenos, volte para a panela, deixe por 10 a 15 minutos em fogo brando e prove o sal. Sirva com arroz branco, laranjas, farofa, couve e pimenta malagueta. Porção: 6 pessoas


Going to Brazil? Good Luck Getting a Visa! As Brazil continues to shine as a diverse, booming land of opportunities, Americans are increasingly packing up and going south of the Equator.

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the next years. With such expecta-

tional five business days processing

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tions, tourism, business and migra-

time, it may take up to a month be-

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may be other more attractive reasons

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be also a convoluted process. Perma-

than the beautiful mulatas (Brazilian

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