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I was born on 2 september 1996 then I brought to house also see my brother and slept with my parents. I in 1997 , then i fulfilled one year and then drank milk also cried a lot In 1998, then i fulfilled two year, also my parents separated,and me cut the four fingers of the right hand In 1999, then i fulfilled three year, after left of take milk and taught to sit in the potty In 2000, then i fulfilled four year, also me baptized and between garden of children In 2001, then i fulfilled, five year, after between to traction and learned new things In 2002 , then i fulfilled the six year, after between to kindergarten and dance the mapale In 2003, then i fulfilled the seven year, after between to Pre-kindergarten after me graduated from pre-kindergarten and, pass to primary In 2004, then i fulfilled, eight year, after between, to first grado and I lost by a language problem In 2005, then i fulfilled nine year, after, repeat, first grade and I met new friends In 2006, then i fulfilled ten year, after between to second grade and he died my grandfather In 2007, then i fulfilled eleven year, after between to third grade and the aida teacher me the tapeworm mounted by be a meneses In 2008, then i fulfilled twelve year, after between to four grade and there I met my best friend edison In 2009, then i fulfilled thirteen year, after between to five grade and win the gymnastics with my mates after me graduated from five grade and, pass to secondary In 2010, then i fulfilled fourteen year, after between to six grade and lived in a wooden house with my family In 2011, then i fulfilled fifteen year, after between to seventh grade, also make my first communion and I started to develop myself, on the other hand my mom arrangement the house In 2012, then i fulfilled sixteen year, after between to eighth grade, and I had new friends In 2013, then i fulfilled seventeen year, after between to ninth grade, and me occurred some accidents: The which were; 1. the opening of finger heart of the hand right. 2. the fracture of the clavicle and also me they operated the column In 2014, then i , go to comply eighteen year, and between to tenth grade in the

course 10-03 with our director of course the teacher luz merry and with about mates old and others new for my also I met new friends after my nephew was born called: leonel alejandro meneses romero

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