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October 2011 News Letter Speeding Through various forums, our residents have been concerned with speeding through the neighborhood. The HOA Board of Directors addressed Holly Springs Town Council four years ago to get speed bumps installed; however, their request was denied. The town cited that speed bumps slowed down emergency response time and damaged emergency vehicles. Based on new technology, community watch will approach town council again with a plea to install “Speed Cushions” in the neighborhood. These cushions do not slow down emergency response times and do not cause damage to the vehicles. In order to convince town council to consider our request, we will need as many people as possible to sign the petition. The petition will be mailed this month with the annual HOA meeting agenda, ballot for candidates running for a board position, and the proxy. Please have as many members of your family and neighbors signed the petition so we can reduce speeding through our neighborhood. Even your teens can sign the petition. The following link is a 4 minute video about the speed cushion technology.

Police Reports 

Breaking and entering into unsecure vehicles continues be an issue in Holly Springs. Braxton Village has reported no incidences in the month of September. Keep up the good work by locking up. A kitchen fire was reported the last week of September.

NOTE: A new school speed limit sign is in place on Avent Ferry Road in front of the school. During school operational hours, the new speed limit is reduced to 25 MPH.

NC State Fair Safety A wonderful way to end summer is going to the State Fair for some family fun. Children are always fascinated by the rides, games, and funnel cakes. The crowds can be heavy and separation from your adventurous child is a scary situation. Keep the following tips in mind if you plan on visiting the fair this year.  Write your cell phone number on the inside forearm of your child.  Take a picture of your child at full length to remember what they’re wearing.  Instruct your child not to walk off with a stranger if separated from you, but to stay in place.  As an additional reminder, secure your vehicle and personal belongings. Only take what is necessary.

Halloween Another fall favorite for the kids is Halloween. Parents should be aware of potential risks to your child if they are celebrating this festivity.  Adults should always examine the treats before allowing children to eat.  Use extra caution on the streets at dusk and after dark.  Carry a flashlight and wear reflective clothing.  Write your cell phone number on the inside of your child’s forearm incase of accidental separation  Avoid poorly-lit areas  Remind your children about strangers

Recruitment During the month of October on a cool dry day, community watch will attempt to recruit new members into the program using door hangers. If you would like to assist with the distribution of the hangers, please contact and I’ll get the hangers to you. Please encourage your neighbors to join.


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Braxton Village Community October 2011

October 2011 News Letter  

Braxton Village Community Watch Newsletter

October 2011 News Letter  

Braxton Village Community Watch Newsletter