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Banga Studios, Photographers

John Leon, Fashion Designer John Leon has been designing and creating women's clothing since 2011. Leon had shown in Philadelphia, New York, New Jersey, and premiered his first collection alongside Shay Sutton, of Scripted Designs, and her Angels and Demons collection in Philadelphia in 2011. Leon is coming back with his second collection, His latest collection, Beauty Killer, is inspired by Leon's biggest fashion idol, Alexander McQueen. He believes McQueen created an unprecedented genre in the fashion world; an aesthetic that warrants further exploration and development. See some of Leon’s designs featured in the article, Let Your Inner Fairytale Shine on page 68.

Located in Toronto, Canada, Banga Studios has discovered life’s most precious rarities through their lens; they belong to a team of young artists, engineers, architects, business majors and teachers, who are all dedicated to capturing timeless moments and telling stories through art. Each photographer has something exceptional to bring to the table, and will present images that will mesmerize you with memories to come for a years. See their beautiful photography captured in our section, Bravura Brides: Bobby Weds Ameeta, on page 32.

Brian Smith, Contributing Fitness Editor Brian is a Certified Personal Trainer with over 13 years of experience in fitness, personal training, and nutrition, focusing on core stabilization, upper and lower body exercises, circuit explosive sports performance training. Brian’s business, Take the Gym Home, focuses on his client’s fitness needs and he works to create an individualized program to help attain their goals. He specializes in training one-on-one, couples, and improving sports performance in young athletes.

F/W Issue Contributors

Donna Walker, Photographer Donna Walker, of House of Walker Photographic, loves to capture natural shots of people experiencing a moment in life, a moment of celebration, a moment never to be forgotten; a snap shot in time. She & her team, with the images they capture, are storytellers, emotion provokers, keepers of time. Check our Donna’s awesome runway coverage of Atlantic City Fashion Week on page 49.

Elena Shur, Cover Shoot Photographer Not even 20 years old, Elena Shur is an up-andcoming photographer from Brooklyn; her skills as a photographer amazed our Editor so much that it was chosen as the 2014 Fall/Winter cover for Bravura Magazine. See her image, featured in the article, Let Your Inner Fairytale Shine on page 68.

Jermaine Anthony Clarke, Photographer Jermaine has been doing photography for several years, having learned from his father, the basics alongside exposure disciplines, when he was younger. As a photographer, Jermaine states that, "My first favorite thing to photograph would be scenery. I love the shapes of the land as well as the way the sunlight shapes the environment. (And) my second favorite would be models, but mostly when they’re not posed or expecting me to take a picture. Candid and journalistic works for me best; any chance that I can bring that style out of a person, I will take it.” See some of Jermaine’s amazing headshot work in our Letter from the Editor on page 6 and in our article, Winter Wonderland on page 89.

Tamiz U. Rezvi of TUR Photography also serves as our Creative Director, monitoring all submitted articles, and has carefully worked all deadlines. Check out his images of the gorgeous TV personality, Elizabeth Ann, styled by our Editor-in-Chief’s debut collection of resort & ethnic wear on page 9.

Tamiz U. Rezvi, Creative Director & Lead Photographer

Letter From the Editor After releasing the debut issue of Bravura Magazine, the goal has been to challenge myself to create something more compact, but still containing everything which we showcased in the debut issue. It has been quite the challenge, but with such an exceptional team, I have been able to accomplish only bigger & better things. Because having a solid team & foundation can only allow you to grow stronger. This year has been a big year: showcased my debut collection as a designer, I turned 30, traveled back-to-back, and spent quality time with family from aboard. Family has been one of the most important aspects of my life in the recent years, as they are the reason I am the woman I am today. So I hope my family, more than anyone else, is pleased with our second digital issue!

For this digital issue, we’re taking things international – Mexico, to be more specific; we thought outside of the box to bring you a gorgeous and one-of-a-kind original piece about letting your innerfairytale shine (shown on the cover), we’ve highlighted some of the biggest Fashion Week events and so much more! There has been a lot of time and dedication but into this digital issue, and there’s truly something for everyone who decided to read it from cover to cover! As I look into 2015, I can only think to myself, “you have to go even BIGGER!” If all goes well, I hope to showcase a second collection during Fashion Week, bring you more celebrity interviews, alongside an endless list of other things I’ve got up my sleeves! As always, I leave you with my favorite thought, and the reason I created this publication: Remember to always be yourself, be exceptional, and be bravura! Love,


Editor-in-Chief |

Bravura: A Resort Wear Collection

Designed By Tirusha Dave


Elizabeth Ann

Fun Facts about Elizabeth Ann: * TV personality, model, and spokeswoman

* She’s is a freelance makeup artist w/ 10+ years experience.

* At Carnegie Hall she studied ballet, hip-hop, and dramatic arts

* Widely known for her breakout role in the fourth installment of the Vh1 series Tough Love New Orleans, which aired in early 2012.

* As a Coors Light spokesperson, she has appeared on national Coors Light Billboards & multiple publications for Coors Light

* She’s a passionate animal lover & is actively involved in charitable work with the North Shore Animal League

Health: Healthy Thanksgiving By: Brian Smith, Contributing Health Editor

The Holidays are just around the corner. Let’s tackle them headon. A few simple changes can make all the difference in the world for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Instead of: Mashed potatoes Gravy Dark meat turkey Stuffing Desserts: pies, cakes, donuts, ice cream

Replace with: Sweet potatoes, steamed veggies, or mashed cauliflower Reduced sodium broth Breast and wing meat Extra serving of veggies Apple slices with cinnamon, sugar-free Jell-O

Helpful Hints:

Don’t starve yourself only to pig out on one large meal. Eat small meals with protein and simple carbohydrates every 2 to 3 hours to speed up your metabolism and keep yourself feeling full. This way you won’t overeat at dinner. Drink at least 64 ounces of water during the day. Keeping hydrated will curb appetite, decrease body fat, increase energy levels, and flush out unwanted toxins and fat. Replace all white flour items with whole wheat which contains fiber. The extra fiber will keep your system regular and curb your appetite. Replace salt with non-salt substitutes. Salt retains water and increases blood pressure. Replace salt with thermogenic-spices such as cumin, red pepper, paprika to help burn calories. Get plenty of sleep. Your body needs at least 7 to 8 hours of good sleep to recharge. By planning ahead, you can eat well and still enjoy the pleasure of the holidays free from guilt and excess weight.

Coach Brian is a Certified Personal Trainer with over 13 years of experience in fitness, personal training, and nutrition, focusing on core stabilization, upper and lower body exercises, circuit explosive sports per for mance training. Brian’s business, Take the Gym Home, focuses on his client’s fitness needs &he works to create an individualized program to help attain their goals. This program is brought to the clients where they can be trained in the privacy and comfort of their home or office. He specializes in training one-on-one, couples, and improving sports performance in young athletes. Coach Brian counsels his clients on proper nutrition and dietary needs, and helps them better understand how diet and exercise work together to create a healthy lifestyle. Contact Coach Brian via cell, (908) 892-1949, or also via Email:

Men’s Mind:

Fall Fashion We asked   our   readers   to   share   with   some   some   of   their   favorite   men’s   fashions   which   they   found   on   Pinterest   –   and   boy   do   we   love   that   website!   Here   are   some   great   finds   which   our   readers   shared   with   us!   Be   sure   to   follow   us   on!  

If you   come   across   something   fun,   fresh   &   funky   on   Pinterest   and   think   it’s   a   great   fashion   find,  email  it  to  us:    

Fashion: A Girl’s Guide to Fall Styles No maIer   what   divas   may   say,   you  can’t  go  wrong  with  wearing  a   plain   white   or   cream   sweater   in   the   fall   and   jazzing   it   up   with   the   right   accessories!   Here   we   have   two   great   looks   that   are   perfect   for   a   night   out   with   the   girls,   or   even   a   cozy   date.   On   the   leM,   we   especially   loved   the   cheetah   print   scarf,   which   brings   a   bit   of   wildness  to  the  ouNit.  

Images Source:  

On the   right,   our   favorite   accessory   was   hard   to   pick;   we   loved   the   scarf   –   one   can   never   go   wrong   with   that.   But   the   clutch   and   stacked   bracelets   were   equally   cute.   And   we   all   know,   nothing   is   sexier   than   knee-­‐high   boots,   and   these   are   perfect   to   complete  the  ouNit!   Images  Source:  

Pinterest-ing Finds for the Holidays

We asked our readers to send us their favorite looks for the holidays which they’ve found on Pinterest; on the next few pages you’ll find the best looks for Christmas, Thanksgiving and New Years!

Pinterest-ing Finds for the Holidays

Pinterest-ing Finds for the Holidays

Pinterest-ing Finds for the Holidays


Femme Fatale

Priyanka Chopra

P r i y a n k a C h o p r a   entered   the   world   of   fashion   &   all   things   glam,   just   like   any   girl   at   her   age   did   –   with   hopes,   dreams,   and   aspira;ons   to   make   a   name   for   herself   &   achieve   heights   of   success   t h a t   s o m e   o n l y   dreamt   of.   With   an   upward   career   in   modeling,  it  was  only   moments   before   the   doors   of   Bollywood   opened   to   her,   and   thereaBer,   it   was   a   fairytale   come   true.   Now,   on   the   success   of   her   3rd   single,   “I   Can’t  Make  You  Love   Me,”  PC  is  set  to  take   over   the   world,   one   song  at  a  ;me.  

Ten Fab PC Facts 1. The actress moved to the US at 13 to live with her aunt. She attended schools in Massachusetts and Iowa; during her time in the States, PC actively participated in theatre productions, as she learned Western classical music and Kathak.

2. A few years ago, when addressing a crowd of teens, PC admitted to being bullied in her Boston school for her skin color; she also said that she had thought of herself to be a “gawky, imperfect teenager who had low selfesteem.”

3. As a youngster herself, PC had aspired to become an engineer or a criminal psychologist. But it seemed that Bollywood was her calling!

4. The tattoo on PC’s wrist, which says, 'Daddy's Little Girl,’ is actually the true handwriting of her father, the late Dr. Ashok Chopra.

5. PC became Asian singer to NFL’s Thursday with her debut City.”

the first South be the face of Night Football, single, “In My

6. Beats by Dr. Dre has recently launched a new ad campaign, featuring the sultry singer & actress herself, in addition to her latest single, “I Can’t Make You Love Me.”

7. The actress, come singer, is currently spokesperson for international fashion label, GUESS.

9. PC’s ultra-supportive Mom is also a physician for the Indian Army, just as her Dad was!

8. PC is also a big supporter of different philanthropic groups & events, such as, Pealrs Wave Trust, ‘Save Girl Child,’ and UNICEF, among others.

10. PC was the first Indian actress to cast her foot impression in one of Italy's most celebrated museums, Salvatore Ferragamo.

Photographer: TwoFlash  Photography  |  Hair  Stylist:  Kathe  Cameron  |  MUA:  Rosa  M  Oquendo-­‐San\ago  

Fashion: Halloween Color & Candy Fun

Fashion: Halloween Color & Candy Fun

Photographer: Delfino  Cortes  Photography  |  Hair  Stylist:  Kathe  Cameron     MUA:  Rosa  M  Oquendo-­‐San\ago  

Photographer: Chris\na  MaroIo  Photography  |  Hair  Stylist  and  MUA:  Exclusive  Stylist  Danielle  PaqueIe  

Fashion: Halloween Color & Candy Fun

Fashion: Halloween Color & Candy Fun

Photographer: Chris\na  MaroIo  Photography  |  Hair  Stylist  and  MUA:  Exclusive  Stylist  Danielle  PaqueIe  

Bravura Brides

Bobby Weds Ameeta

Photos By:  Banga  Studios  

Photo By:  Banga  Studios  

Bravura Brides: Bobby Weds Ameeta

Photo By:  Banga  Studios  

Bravura Brides: Bobby Weds Ameeta Photo By:  Banga  Studios  

Photo By:  Banga  Studios  

Bravura Brides: Bobby Weds Ameeta

Fashion Week 2014

Fashion: Mercedes-Benz

Designer: Jay Godfrey

Designer: Tadashi Shoji

Fashion: Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week 2014

Fashion Week 2014

Fashion: Mercedes-Benz

Designer: Desigual

Designer: Carmen Marc Valvo

Fashion: Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week 2014

Fashion Week 2014

Fashion: Mercedes-Benz

Designer: Badgley Mischka


Fashion: Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week 2014

Lifestyle: Getting Holiday-Ready Preparing for the Holidays is never an easy task; that is why we’re going to share with you some fun & creative ways to spruce up your home for the holidays! To the left is an easy DIY pumpkin-ice bucket, and it’s just as easy to make! All you need to do is cut the top of the pumpkin off, and scoop out all the seeds from the inside. Clean it down with water, and then pack it with ice! Viola! A fun ice-bucket to kick-off a conversation with your guests! And for the little ones, the fruit-turkey, seen below is a fun, hands-on on project they can make themselves…and then munch on later during the day! Images Source:   Images  Source:  

Images Source:  

Lifestyle: Getting Holiday-Ready

Lifestyle: Getting Holiday-Ready

Another fun thing, which can be done with pumpkins, is that you can use them to decorate your deck or front porch with, by making them into flower pots! Just like the ice bucket, you’re going to cut off the top – but this time, you’re going to make it more close to the stem, as seen in the first image. Then clean the inside completely out, and wash if needed. Then place your favorite colored mums or another plant inside – as seen in the last image!

You can fill the inside of the wine glasses with ornaments or tinsel, to give it an added touch!

Images Source:  

Lifestyle: Getting Holiday-Ready

Turn over some unused wine glasses & use the tops as creative candle holders.

Images Source:  

Lifestyle: Getting Holiday-Ready

Just like wine glasses, you can use decorative, clear jars or bowls, to add a bit of more holiday décor to your home, or as a table centerpiece.

Images Source:  

Fashion: Atlantic City Fashion Week

Fashion: Atlantic City Fashion Week

Fashion: Atlantic City Fashion Week

Fashion: Atlantic City Fashion Week

Fashion: Atlantic City Fashion Week

Fashion: Atlantic City Fashion Week

Fashion: Atlantic City Fashion Week

Fashion: Atlantic City Fashion Week

Fashion: Atlantic City Fashion Week

Fashion: Atlantic City Fashion Week


Heaven in Cancun By: Tirusha Dave

No matter where I choose to go on vacation, Mexico – especially Cancun – seems to be the most enjoyable of all. And I’m never sure if it’s because of the three different shades of blue & green I see in the ocean, or the fact that I sound like a native when speaking in Spanish, but something always draws me to this gorgeous country. While out celebrating my 30th birthday this time in Mexico, I decided to mix business & pleasure; while staying at the GR Solaris in Cancun, Mexico, I was treated nothing less than a Princess & share my experience with you…

“The best part about being on this entertainment team is the experience of meeting people; I get to meet thousands of people from different parts of the world, see their personalities, and hear their stories.” –Joey, GR Solaris Entertainment Team Member

From check-in to check-out, the entire experience at the GR Solaris, in Cancun, was amazing. We were greeted by such friendly personalities at the front desk, and the entire time prior to my trip, their Social Media Coordinator, Carla, was in touch with me – letting me know all the awesome entertainment the resort had planned out the days I was there, the different types of restaurants on site, and of course, all their delicious vegetarian options! And knowing my personality, I quickly made friends with some of the awesome members of their Entertainment Team – Joey, Ray, Sandy, Ali, and Jonas, to name a few. From morning Zumba classes, to kayaking in the calm Caribbean sea, they made sure there was something for everyone to enjoy. But with all of this, the one thing that just kept getting stuck in my mind was, indeed, the entertainment crew. Whenever I stay at all-inclusive resorts, I always see how much thought and time goes into planning the activities, but it’s the one thing which is rarely highlighted about any hotel. No credit is ever given to these people who give up their days & night to be with the guests of the hotel. Some might say, “sure, it’s their job to do this.” But they could be doing something else – and that is what a lot of people fail to realize. And sometimes we fail to see what others are giving up to spend their time with us. One of the Team members, Ray, told me, “I’m married for 11 years and have 1 kids; so my favorite memory is whenever my family comes to visit and they can see what I do. And then I go home and have fun with them. Every time I go home, I’m a father and I love it.”

If you’re planning a visit to Cancun, I would HIGHLY suggest the GR Solaris – we ended up booking this resort by complete fluke, and I couldn’t have been happier. They have two amazing pools, with a swim-up bar – Manuel, the bartender makes the BEST drinks – and then a “quiet area,” with an adults-only pool. During the day, several different restaurants are open, so you can get your “grub on” whenever you’d like. But the best choice is their pizza station – and go figure, their head pizza chef was living in Camden, NJ before coming to Cancun! And if you’re thinking of getting into an adventurous mood, then hop onto the R2 bus, which will take you downtown to the marketplace and Wal-Mart, where you can find some inexpensive souvenirs to get for friends & family. And then if you’re in the mood to try something different for dinner, then head on over to Cheester Pasta, which Ray says is, “the best pasta you’ll ever eat!.” Traveling with little ones? Then Joey suggested that, “you go and visit Xal-Ha; it is a nature park and zip-lines and tubing.” And after a long night of dancing away at the clubs, everyone said there’s no place like The Surfing Burrito – the name itself says enough. You will have to take my word for it and check it out yourself! By the way, did I mention how amazing the spa was? When you walk into the spa, you’re surrounded by a calm & refreshing environment. The private massage rooms are lit with fragrant candles, instantly soothing your senses. You have no idea when the hour passes by from your massage. And then you enter the private Jacuzzi area and indulge your body in their private saunas. Without a doubt, I suggest you look into staying at the GR Solaris the next time you book a vacation to Cancun, Mexico. And be sure to let them know that Tirusha sent you there! Happy journey!

Sin City Â

Aria, Las Vegas

With more than 10 restaurants on the property, the ARIA Resort & Casino pleases anyone’s taste palette. An on-site pool-club, Liquid, is the best way to spend your morning into nights, and shopping galore. All three things which anyone would need to get away in Vegas is available to you the minute you check into the ARIA. Celebrating its grad opening on December 16, 2009, ARIA is located within CityCenter, an unprecedented development on the Las Vegas Strip. Adjacent to the ARIA is Crystals, a 500,000-square-foot destination for luxury shopping and dining; and a public Fine Art Collection. And if you’re still not convinced that this is the place to say, the ARIA is home to two distinct 2012 AAA Five Diamond hotel experiences: ARIA Resort & Casino and ARIA Sky Suites.

The property has 4,004 guestrooms, including 568 suites. In addition to the rooms, there is more than 150,000 square feet of gaming featuring 145 table games, 1,940 slot machines and a Race & Sports Book. Additionally, there’s a 24-table Poker Room including ‘The Ivey Room.’ Moreover, there is 300,000 square feet of high-tech meeting and convention space. Finally, there are three primary pools and one adults-only pool, LIQUID (shown below); and there are 42 cabanas throughout the 215,000-square-foot pool deck.

Adjacent to ARIA lies one of the truly unique venues for entertainment and shopping in Las Vegas: The Shops at Crystals. Under its crystalline, glass-and-steel canopy, visitors will find the world’s largest collection of luxury brands in Las Vegas with offerings from the world's most esteemed brands, including: Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Dolce & Gabbana, BVLGARI, Ermenegildo Zegna, Tom Ford and Tiffany & Co. The collection of prestigious designer shops, restaurants and nightlife is unrivaled on The Strip and makes Crystals a magnetic destination for connoisseurs of fine fashion. The Shops at Crystals houses galleries from three of the most renowned artists in the world: The Rodney Lough Jr. Wilderness Collections Gallery, The Art of Richard MacDonald presented by Cirque du Soleil®, and The Gallery featuring Dale Chihuly. The Shops at Crystals is home to 6 critically-acclaimed food establishments including three celebrity-chef-owned restaurants: Mastro's Ocean Club, Pinkberry, SHē, Social House, Todd English P.U.B., Wolfgang Puck Pizzeria & Cucina, Starbucks, and Bobby's Burger Palace.

Local Hidden Secrets “Hole-in-the-wall” is the best phrase to describe Kiss My Slice Pizza. Not only did I almost miss the place when I walked by, but it’s in China Town! Believe it or not, the pizza is only $1 a slice for plain cheese, and it’s doesn’t get much expensive after that! But the best pizza they have is their pesto pizza! It’s the most delicious pizza I’ve tried! Just look up Kiss My Slice Pizza on Facebook, and you’ll find out where they really are hiding in China Town! Because if I had to give someone directions, they’d be lost J Be sure to let them know Bravura Magazine sent you! -Tirusha Dave, Editor in Chief

“We wanted to give the ‘Evil Queen’ from Snow White a very couture & classy look. Everything from the hair to makeup was on-point for this shot, bringing about a sense of beauty within evil.” –Tirusha Dave, Shoot Director

Model: Christina Llyod MUA: Danielle Paquette Hair Stylist: Stephen Wilkerson Designer: John Leon Photographer: Elena Shur

Let Your Inner Fairytale Shine

Model: Jordon Briggs Makeup Artist: Joanna Auyeung Hair Stylist: Joanna Auyeung

“The Queen of Hearts”

Model: Merissa Xhelili MUA: Danielle Paquette Hair Stylist: Danielle Paquette Designer: John Leon Photographer: John Treichler

“Maleficent” Model: Dead n Drippin MUA: Mesmerizing Kreativity Hair Stylist: Mesmerizing Kreativity Photographer: TUR Photography

Model: Ella Patel

MUA: Danielle Paquette Hair Stylist: Danielle Paquette Photographer: Jaykhan Photography

Every girl wants to be a Princess‌

“Little Red Riding Hood” “Red Riding Hood has always been a classic tale of innocence. When creating this look, we wanted to bring back the past, with a pinup girl hair & makeup flair, alongside a couture gown. Only time shall tell what lies behind the doors for Little Red.” -Tirusha Dave, Shoot Director

Model: Ashleigh Murphy MUA: Mesmerizing Kreativity Hair Stylist: Stephen Wilkerson Photographer: Fahad Mailk of Canvas Design

The Hostess with the Mostess: Hostess Gifts For that   one   friend   who   loves   to   entertain,   entertain,   and   entertain,   this   is   a   cute   –   and   quirky   –   giM   for   them   during   the   holidays,  a  birthday,  or  “just  because.”     The   “Big   Mouth   Toys   Ul\mate   Wine   BoIle,”   is   a   glass,   no   less,   but  holds  a  750ml  full  boIle  of  wine.  Once  you’re  done  using  it,   you   can   input   a   standard   wine   boIle   cork,   or   jazz   it   up   with   a   fancier  one!     Cost:  $14.23   Where  to  buy:  

How can   you   go   wrong   with   margaritas,   and   on   top   of   that,   colored   margarita   salt?!   Well,   we   found   the   perfect   source  to  add  a  dash  of  color   to  your  drinks!     Dell   Cove   Spices   has   created   this   unique   brand   of   colored   margarita   salt   &   we   instantly   loved  it.     The   colored   addi\on   is   made   from   sea   salt,   food   coloring,   colored   salt,   and   packaged   in   a  round  \n.     Cost:   $24.95   (8   \ns,   one   of   each  color)   Where  to  buy:   Dell  Cove  Spices  Etsy  Shop  

Anything personalized   is   always   a   good   touch!   Especially   when   it   is   something   that   a   person   can   use   almost   on   a   daily   basis.   These   monogram   mugs   are  the  perfect  touch  for  any  girl  –  and  even  for  a   guy!  Who  doesn’t  like  coffee?!     Cost:  $8.00   Where  to  buy:  

We came   across   these   fancy   stoppers,   which   are  made  from  gold  zinc   alloy!   They   are   available   in   the   top   16   popular   leIers   –   so   hope   yours   is   there   too!   But   it’s   a   great   giM   to   add   to   the   perfect   boIle   of   wine   when   visi\ng   someone   during  the  holidays!     Cost:  $34.00   Where  to  buy:  

With the  rise  of  social  media,  everyone  is  either   Instagram-­‐ing,   or   Pic-­‐s\tching   –   crea\ng   these   forever   las\ng   memories   in   one   neat   square!   And   it   just   happened   to   be   that   we   found   the   most   adorable   way   to   save   those   pictures!   These   ‘Instabook   Accordion   Books’   are   the   perfect   giM   to   give   anyone   who   loves   to   take   pictures   and   save   them   in   another   way,   other   than  their  phones!     Cost:  $21.00   Where  to  buy:  Rag  &  Bone  Bindery  

Lifestyle: Food For Thought When geqng   together   with   your   friends,   there’s   nothing   more   fun   than   having   some  delicious  finger-­‐foods  and  drinks,  to   help  get  the  party  started!  Our  writers  had   set   out   to   find   some   interes\ng   and   delicious  treats  for  all  to  enjoy!       The  first  one  comes  from  Vered  DeLeeuw,   a   blogger,   foodie,   and   mom,   from   San   Francisco,   CA.   We   came   across   her   Broccoli  FriIers,  and  had  to  share!   Serving  size:  3  paqes   Makes:  8  servings     Ingredients     Olive  oil  cooking  spray   1  (16oz)  package  frozen  chopped  broccoli   3  large  eggs   1  teaspoon  kosher  salt   1/2  teaspoon  garlic  powder   1/2  teaspoon  dried  oregano   1/4  teaspoon  black  pepper   1/8  teaspoon  cayenne  pepper   1  cup  (4oz)  grated  sharp  cheddar  cheese   1  cup  (4oz)  almond  meal     Direc;ons   1.  Preheat  oven  to  400  degrees  F.  Line  two  baking  sheets  with  parchment  (not  foil  –  they  s\ck  to   foil)  and  lightly  spray  with  olive  oil  cooking  spray.       2.  Place  the  broccoli  in  a  microwave-­‐safe  bowl.  Cover  with  a  microwave  safe  plate  and  microwave   5  minutes,  s\rring  midway,  to  thaw.  Drain.       3.  Meanwhile,  in  another  large  bowl,  whisk  together  the  eggs,  salt,  garlic  powder,  oregano,  black   pepper   and   cayenne.   Add   the   cheddar   and   the   almond   meal,   then   add   the   thawed   and   drained   broccoli.  Use  a  large  spoon  to  mix  everything  together  well.       4.   Use   your   hands   to   form   into   24   paqes.   Arrange   the   paqes   on   the   prepared   baking   sheets,   making  sure  they  don’t  touch  each  other.  Bake  15  minutes  on  each  side,  un\l  browned.  Allow  to   cool  a  couple  of  minutes,  then  serve.  Very  good  on  their  own,  or  dipped  into  Greek  yogurt  or  sour   cream.    

Broccoli Fritters

Another delicious  treat  we  found  this  chicken  and  asparagus  s\r-­‐fry  by  Ali  Ebright;  she’s  a  freelance   recipe   developer   and   food   writer,   photographer   and   stylist,   and   blogs   at   Gimme   Some   Oven   and   Gimme  Some  Life.  This  is  a  perfect  meal  for  the  family  or  even  as  a  tasty  app  when  friends  are  over!   Ingredients:   1  Tbsp.  soy  sauce     1  Tbsp.  honey     2  boneless,  skinless  chicken  breasts,  cut  into  bite-­‐sized  pieces  (about  1-­‐inch)     1  Tbsp.  olive  oil     1  bunch  asparagus,  cut  into  bite-­‐sized  pieces     4  cloves  garlic,  thinly  sliced     2  scallions,  chopped     2  tsp.  toasted  sesame  oil     (op\onal)  1  tsp.  toasted  sesame  seeds   Direc;ons:     1.  In  a  small  bowl  or  in  a  zip-­‐lock   bag,   combine   soy   sauce   and   honey.   Add   chicken,   and   s\r   to   coat.   Set   in   the   refrigerator   un\l   ready.     2.   Meanwhile,   heat   oil   in   a   large   skillet   over   medium-­‐high   heat.   Add   asparagus,   and   sauté   un\l   cooked,   about   5   minutes.   Remove   the   asparagus   with   a   sloIed  spoon,  and  set  aside.     3 .   R e m o v e   c h i c k e n   f r o m   marinade,   and   add   to   skillet.   Sauté   un\l   nearly   cooked   through   (with   the   insides   s\ll   slightly   pink),   about   5   minutes.   Then   add   garlic,   scallions,   and   the   reserved   marinade   to   the   pan.     4.   Sauté   for   an   addi\onal   2   minutes   un\l   the   chicken   is   cooked  and  the  garlic  is  fragrant.   Remove   from   heat   and   s\r   in   sesame   oil.   Serve   immediately   with  rice,  garnished  with  toasted   sesame  seeds  if  desired.  

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Lifestyle: Food For Thought

Now when  it  comes  to  entertaining  with  some  fun  beverages,  that  is  one  are  you  cannot  go  wrong  in…especially  if   you  KNOW  your  drinks,  or  you’ve  got  some  crea\ve  recipes!  This  first  drink  comes  from  Jerry  James  Stone  –  who   has   been   developing   recipes   for   about   a   year   now   at   various   publica\ons   (Discovery   Channel,   Whole   Foods   Market,  KQED’s  Bay  Area  Bites   Ingredients:   5  Cups  Ice   1  Cup  Tequila   ½  Cup  Grand  Marnier   5  Limes,  more  for  garnish   1  Orange   1  Cup  simple  syrup   6  Beer,  Corona   ⅓  Cup  coarse  Salt   Direc;ons:     1.   Place   limes   and   the   orange–which   should   be   at   room   temperature–on   the   counter   and   roll   them   with   your   hand,   back   and   forth,   while   applying   pressure.   Be   careful,   you   don’t   want   to   break   them   open,   do   it   semi-­‐ gently.  They’ll  feel  like  a  semi-­‐ filled   water   balloon   when   ready.  This  way  the  citrus  will   yield   more   liquid   when   you   juice  them.     2.   Juice   the   limes   and   the   orange   in   a   large   measuring   cup,   then   add   in   the   tequila,   Check  out  more  of  Jerry’s  recipes  on:  hIp://   Photo  Courtesy:  Jerry  James  Stone,   grand   marnier,   and   simple   syrup.  Mix  together.       3.  Pour  the  salt  into  a  shallow  bowl.  Using  one  of  the  juiced  limes,     swipe  the  outer  rim  of  one  of  your  glasses.  Swivel  the  glass  upside   down  in  the  salt  un\l  the  rim  is  covered.  Repeat  for  each  glass.     4.  Add  a  heaping  cup  of  ice  to  the  blender  and  just  enough  of  the   margarita  mixture  that  the  ice  is  not  covered.  Blend,  adding  more   ice  or  margarita  mix  un\l  the  desired  thickness  is  achieved.     5.  Pour  the  frozen  margarita  into  a  salt-­‐rimmed  glass,  pop  open  a   Corona,   and   place   it   upside   down   in   the   glass,   submerging   it   into   the  margarita.  Repeat  for  each  glass.     Photo  Courtesy:  Jerry  James  Stone,  

Lifestyle: Food For Thought Now the   team   at   We’re   Not   Martha   have   got   us   drinking   these   fresh-­‐cranberry   Mojitos   at   every   party   we’ve   had   since   2014   has   started;   and   we   know  this  will  be  a  HUGE  hit  during  the  holidays!   Ingredients:   8  oz.  fresh  cranberries   1  cup  sugar   1  cup  water   20  mint  leaves   2  tablespoon  lime  juice   Ice   4  oz.  rum   4-­‐6  oz.  soda  water   Direc\ons:   1.   Put   cranberries,   sugar,   and   water   in   a   medium   saucepan   and   bring   to   a   simmer   over   medium   heat.   (Then   lower   the   heat   a   bit   to   medium-­‐low   and  con\nue  to  cook  for  about  10  minutes,  before   your  berries  start  burs\ng.  Remove  from  heat.)     2.  Once  the  berry  mixture  has  cooled,  strain  them   (You   can   strain   the   berries   right   away   if   you   prefer.)     3.   Now   it’s   \me   to   get   into   mixing!   Put   about   10   leaves   of   mint   and   a   tablespoon   of   lime   juice   in   each  glass.  With  the  back  of  a  wooden  spoon  or  a   muddler  mash  the  mint  up.     4.  Now  put  ice  in  each  glass  and  pour  2  oz.  of  the   cranberry  syrup  and  2  oz.  rum  into  each  glass.     5.   Top   off   each   glass   with   soda   water.   And   sprinkle   some  fresh  cranberries  in  for  garnish.  

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Fashion: Ready for New Years Eve? Before you   even   think   twice   about   it,  New  Years  Eve  is   right   around   the   corner!   In   just   a   few   months,   we   will   be   ringing   in   2015   –   and   with   e a c h   n e w   y e a r   comes   new   styles,   trends  and  fashion!   The  next  few  pages   will   give   you   an   idea   of   what   the   rising  trends  are  for   t h i s   u p c o m i n g ,   fashionable  night!  

Mini Skort     Store:  Zara     Price:  $49.99  

Dress with  Cord  &  Diamante     Store:  Zara     Price:  $79.70  

Decode 1.8  Sequin  Dress     Store:  Bloomingdales     Price:  $168.00  

Alexander McQueen   Self-­‐Belted   Leather   Sheath  Dress     S t o r e :   N e i m a n   &   Marcus     Price:  $4,174.00  

Health: Tis’ The Season to be Healthy


Winter Wonderland

MUA: Ai  Francis   Model:  Anna  Lex   Photographer:  Jermaine  Anthony  Clarke  Photography  

Fashion: Winter Wonderland

Photographer: Elena  Shur  Photography  |  Model:  Shaad'  Joshua  Gasper|  MUA:  Stacy  Dajani  

Fashion: Winter Wonderland

Model: Stefania|  MUA:  Mhuan  Lai  

MUA: Ai  Francis   Model:  Anna  Lex   Photographer:  Jermaine  Anthony  Clarke  Photography  

MUA: Ai  Francis   Model:  Silviya  Taseva   Photographer:  Elena  Shur  Photography  


8 Yoga Starter Tips

1. During   your   first   few   yoga   classes,   you   can   simply   focus   on   geqng   used   to   moving   and   breathing  the  way  we  move  and  breathe  during  a  yoga  session.  Keep  your  body  safe,  but  don’t   worry  about  perfec\ng  the  pose.  Pay  aIen\on  to  the  safety  cues,  learn  to  listen  to  your  body,   and  don’t  judge  yourself  for  what  you  perceive  to  be  physical  limita\ons.     2.   Your   prac\ce.   Every   \me   you   do   a   yoga   prac\ce,   whether   it’s   on   your   own,   or   with   an   instructor,  this  \me  is  all  about  you.  Spend  a  few  moments  before  you  start;  tune  into  your  body-­‐ mind-­‐emo\onal   state.   What’s   going   on   with   your   body,   thoughts,   and   emo\ons   in   this   moment?   Every  day  will  be  different.  Let  your  state  of  being  guide  what  version  of  a  pose  you  take,  what   style  of  yoga  you  prac\ce,  and  how  much  physical  energy  you  expend.     3.  Variety  is  the  spice  of  yoga.  Your  yoga  prac\ce  doesn’t  have  to  be  the  standard  hour  and  15   minutes.  Make  it  five  minutes.  Make  it  20  minutes.  Make  it  as  long  or  as  short  as  you  need  it  to   be.  

4. Build  your  founda\on.  Asana  is  a  Sanskrit  term  meaning  ‘to  sit’  or   ‘siqng  down.’  It’s   commonly   translated  and  understood  as  ‘seat’  or   ‘connec\on   to   the   earth.’   Likewise,   every   posture   begins   from   the   ground  up.  Pay  aIen\on  to  the  parts  of  your  body  connected  to  the   floor:  Your  hands,  feet,  sit  bones—maybe  even,  eventually,  the  top  of   your  head.   5.   Breath   comes   first.   Your   breath   will   lead   your   movement.   Start   your  inhale,  then  move;  start  your  exhale,  then  move.  Whether  the   movement   is   big—pulling   your   hips   up   into   down   dog;   or   small— lengthening  through  the  crown  of  your  head,  your  breath  will  guide   it.   Here’s   some   examples:   inhale   and   lengthen   the   crown   of   your   head;   exhale   and   draw   your   belly   buIon   in   and   up,   engaging   your   core;  inhale  step  forward;  exhale  sink  your  hips.  

6. Asana   and   flexibility.   Improved   flexibility   is   one   of   the   first   and   most   obvious   benefits   of   yoga.   During  your  first  class,  you  probably  won't  be  able   to   touch   your   toes,   never   mind   do   a   backbend.   But   if   you   s\ck   with   it,   you'll   no\ce   a   gradual   loosening,   and   eventually,   seemingly   impossible   poses  will  become  possible.     7.   Fact.   When   you   breathe   deeply   for   a   con\nuous,  and  not  necessarily  extended,  period   of   \me,   you’re   ac\va\ng   your   parasympathe\c   nervous  system.  The  areas  of  the  body  associated   with   this   system   are   in   the   cranial   and   sacral   regions   of   the   spinal   cord,   and   ac\va\ng   this   system   jump-­‐starts   a   variety   of   calming   systems   in  your  body.     8.   Breath   awareness.   At   any   \me,   at   any   moment   during   your   day,   become   aware   of   your   breath.   Where   are   you   breathing   from?   Most   of   us   breathe   from   our   upper   chest,   using   less   than   a   third  of  our  en\re  capacity  for  drawing  in  energy   and   releasing   stress.   Remember   your   three-­‐part   yogic  breath.   Source:  

Lifestyle: What I Learned From Divorce By: Tirusha  Dave   They  say  any  marriage  that  lasts  less  than  five  years   Photo  Courtesy:   is   a   starter   marriage.   At   the   age   of   26,   I   was   Gimmie  Some  Love   married;  I  was  divorced  at  27.  I  guess  you  could  say   it  was  more  of  a  test  drive  for  me.  Humor  aside,  did   I  want  to  be  the  one  who  found  a  lawyer  and  filed   for   divorce?   Of   course   not;   but   aMer   looking   at   myself   in   the   mirror,   I   knew   that   divorce   was   the   safest  choice.  I  reflected  back  on  the  rela\onship  I   shared   with   my   ex,   and   it   was   then   that   I   realized   there  were  so  many  signs,  that  I  was  entering  into   something  which  wasn’t  ok.     However,  I  look  back  at  when  I  first  told  my  friends  about  what  exactly  was  happening  in   my   life,   and   find   myself   wondering   why   people   found   it   so   easy   to   say,   “work   it   out,”   especially  when  they  were  not  going  through  the  same  thing  as  me.  It  was  as  if  this  same   hypocri\cal  society  who  things  divorce  is  taboo  also  felt  that  a  woman  should  stand  by   her  husband  no  maIer  what.  And  this  brings  me  back  to  the  same  point  of  self-­‐respect;   if  you  know  you’re  being  treated  horribly,  or  someone  you  know  it,  why  would  you  tell   him  or  her  to  s;ck  through  it?    

So what have I learned since my divorce…

Mourning  is  okay:  The  one  thing  I  quickly  came  to  learn  was  that  “mourning”  is  okay;  it’s   not  the  type  of  mourning  you  feel  when  someone  close  to  you  has  died,  but  indirectly   part  of  you  has  died,  and  you  want  to  adhere  to  those  feelings  .  I  want  to  be  in  love;  I   want  to  be  swept  off  my  feet,  but  at  the  same  \me,  I  want  to  be  safe  &  cared  for.  I  want   to   be   respected   and   acknowledged   for   my   likes   &   dislikes.   Mourning   is,   indirectly,   a   ‘reflec\on  period’  that  allows  you  to  know  what  you’ve  been  missing  and  what  you  need   to  look  for.       Don’t  talk  yourself  down:  There’s  always  so  much  “talk”  about  someone  when  they  are   divorced;   only   you   know   the   real   reasons   why   things   didn’t   work   out   and   you   are   the   only  person  you  have  to  answer  to.  So  don’t  let  the  gossip  of  others  bring  you  down  –   plus,  when  people  gossip  about  you  is  when  you  truly  see  who  your  real  friends  are.  

Help your  feelings:  The  best  way  to  let   the  feelings  inside  of  you  free  is  to  talk   it   through   with   someone;   seeing   a   therapist   or   someone   else   to   speak   about   what   is   going   through   your   mind   is   not   a   bad   thing,   and   you   shouldn’t   allow   people   to   judge   the   type   of   person   you   are     just   because   you  are  in  therapy.  Seeing  a  therapist   doesn’t   mean   you’re   crazy   ;   it   only   means   that   you   have   a   non-­‐ judgmental  person  you’re  able  to  talk   to   about   what   you’re   going   through.   Did  I  see  a  therapist?  No,  not  exactly.   But  I  had  an  outside  outlet  that  I  was   able   to   speak   with;   they   had   no   bias   about   the   topic   and   were   able   to   put   certain  things  into  perspec\ve  for  me,   which  I  didn’t  think  of  before.  An  extra   ear  is  always  a  good  ear.  

Rediscover yourself:  This  is  a  point  in  life  when  you  can  really  find  out  who  you  are,   and   what   your   hopes,   dreams   &   passions   are.   It   was   just   a   few   months   before   my   divorce   when   I   rediscovered   my   passion   for   pain\ng   and   sketching,   and   in   a   way,   it   became  therapeu\c  for  me.       Dare  to  be  single:  There’s  no  reason  to  rush  right  back  into  a  serious  rela\onship,  or   even  marriage  right  aMer  your  divorce.  This  is  a  new  chapter  in  your  life,  and  you  are   the   author.   Live   the   kind   of   life   you   want   to   see,   and   do   the   things   you   want   to   do.   There’s  nothing  holding  you  back!   Think   outside   the   box:   Try   da\ng   someone   who   you   “wouldn’t   see   yourself   with.”  Because  the  lesson  in   that   is   that   even   you   don’t   know   what   type   of   person   you   want   un\l   you’re   with   someone.   And   who   knows… people  tend  to  surprise  you!       Be  true  to  yourself:  As  I  said   before,   only   you   know   you,   so   don’t   lie   to   yourself.   If   y o u   d o n ’ t   f e e l   t h a t   something  is  right,  speak  up   or   walk   away.   Don’t   allow   yourself   to   ‘seIle’   for   anything   in   life,   especially   rela\onships.   Stand   up   for   yourself,  your  self-­‐respect  &   your   beliefs,   and   don’t   let   a n y o n e   e l s e   t e l l   y o u   otherwise.    

Your thir;es  is  a  ;me  in  your  life  that  you  should   enjoy  to  the  fullest.  Sure  you’re  not  21  and  single   anymore,   but   you   s\ll   look   like   you   are,   and   your   body   feels   the   same.   You’re   clear   of   any   health   issues   and   have   a   sense   of   maturity   within   your   personality   &   characteris\cs.   It’s   a   point   in   life,   where  you  are  able  to  be  free,  try  new  things,  visit   places  you’ve  never  been  before,  and  simply  put  –   enjoy  life.       Consider  it  a  second  chance  at  life  –  I  know  I  did.   The  day  I  chose  to  do  something  for  myself,  is  the   day  I  realized  I  can  live  life  again,  and  this  \me,  on   my  terms.       The  past  two  years  have  taught  me  a  lot;  not  only   have  I  learned  who  I  am  as  a  person,  but  I  have  also   learned   how   others   are   in   life   &   how   to   handle   them   when   situa\ons   aren’t   what   they   seem.   I’ve   come   to   learn   who   are   my   friends,   and   who   will   be   there   for   the   long-­‐run,   not   just   while   things   are   fun   &  exci\ng.   I’ve   learned   that   I   really   enjoy   working  with  younger  children;  I   learned   that   I   had   a   hidden   talent   as   a   fashion   designer;   I   learned   that   I   am   an   important   person  and  that  I  should  always   put   myself   first.   Because   if   you   don’t   present   self-­‐importance   as  something  you  value  most  in   life,   then   nobody   will   give   you   the  respect  that  you  deserve.  

“…if you don’t present selfimportance as something you value most in life, then nobody will give you the respect that you deserve.”

Bravura Magazine F/W 2014 Digital Issue  
Bravura Magazine F/W 2014 Digital Issue  

Bravura Magazine has released its second digital issue; this season we highlight F/W 2014.