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ELITE - C130 The “Complete Solution” The new MAN Elite C130 is a total bus solution. Utilising the well known MAN A69 Euro 5 chassis in combination with a fully endorsed and fully supported Body, MAI are providing the Australian Market with a “Complete Solution”.

DDA Compliant The bus is fully DDA compliant, the entry area is ample to allow for easy ingress and egress for all passengers. The manual flip out ramp has an inbuilt handle which folds away and makes the deployment of the ramp a safe and simple process.

Fresh Modern Interior Utilising modern European design, the interior of the bus is uncluttered and modern. The layout provides maximum loading for passengers. The design is attractive and offers the passengers a high level of comfort and safety.

Modern Ergonomically Designed Drivers Area The driver’s area is well laid out with all controls being within easy reach of the driver. There is ample vision and room within the driver’s area, along with good storage. The design concept provides a pleasant working environment for the operator.

High Quality Components Designed specifically for the Australian market, the bus is fitted with high quality well known components. The bus is fitted with SMC Doors, Thermoking AC, Mobitec Destination Signs and Vogel Seats. This makes servicing easy and parts supply is readily available Australia wide.

Engine Common Rail Euro 5 EGR


MAN D 2066 LUH 32 EURO 5

ZF 6 speed automatic model 6AP 2000 Ecolife, with integrated retarder and electric pressure modulation.

EDC: Electronic Diesel Control System Horizontal, water cooled 6 cylinder 4 stroke diesel engine with Common Rail injection, exhaust turbocharger and intercooler, EGR, low noise and environmentally friendly. Replaceable cylinders liners. Rating to EEC 99/1999 235kW ( 320Hp ) at 1,900rpm Maximum Torque: 1600Nm at 1,000 – 1,400rpm Bore: 120mm Stroke: 155mm Displacement: 10,518cm3 290

Rear Axle (Disc Brakes) MAN HY-1336-B Low-noise hypoid axle Axle ratio Standard: 5.57 Optional: 4.625 Axle/suspension design capacity: 13,000 kg.

Front Axle (Disc Brakes)

275 260



Rigid axle with deep drop centre. Axle/suspension design capacity: 7,100 kg


Output (kW)

VOITH DIWA 4 speed automatic model D864.5 Sensotop, with integrated retarder and hydraulic torsional vibration damper.

215 200


185 170

Standard: 7 x 10-hole disc wheels. Option: aluminium.

155 140 1900



Torque (Nm)

Standard: 7 x 295/80R 22.5 Radial Option: 7 x 11R 22.5

1600 1450 1300



Consumption (g/kWh)

1000 230 225 220 215 210 205 200 195 190 800 900 1000 1100 1200 1300 1400 1500 1600 1700 1800 1900 2000 2100 2200 2300

Speed (rpm)

Lubrication System Pressure lubrication via gear pump.

Engine Oil Cooler Integrated in engine lubrication system.

Cooling System Thermostatically controlled, Hydrostatic fan. Cooling expansion tank with inspection glass.

Intake System Dry type air filter with restriction indicator and pre-separator.

Ball and nut type power steering. Type: ZF8098 Steering wheel diameter: 500mm Steering column adjustable for height and rake.

Suspension (Electronic ECAS) Air suspension with 6 identical rolling seals with integrated elastic stroke limiter. No. of units Front Rear Air bellows 2 4 Shock absorbers 2 4 Level control values 1 2 Stabiliser 1 Electronically controlled constant entrance height and suspension characteristics under all load conditions. Raising/lowering device – front and rear. Additional price options: Kneeling facility – left Lowering device – front Raising device – front

The Complete S

MAN Elite C-130 Brake System ( Electronic EBS )


Service brake: Electronic brake system EBS ( including ABS, TCS ) . Dual circuit air brake system to ADR directives by Wabco. Front axle: Disc brakes Rear axle: Disc brakes Automatic brake adjustment on both axles. Auxiliary and park brake: Spring Linkageless spring-loaded air brake acting on drive axle. Manual actuating value. Disc brake pad wear indicator. Electronic brake wear harmonisation system. Mechanical release possible on pressure drop. Bus stop brake for urban operation actuated by lever on instrument panel.

Geared Speed in km/h at 1,900rpm ( electronically limited to 100 km/h )

Brake System Components

Tyres 295/80 R22.5 Gear:










Gear ratio:






Speed (km/h) :





90.6 106.1 15.4

Transmission Voith 864.5 Sensotop. Rear axle ratio: 4.625 1st





Gear ratio:






Speed (km/h) :






Auxiliary Brake


Auxiliary Brake: Integrated retarder. Water cooled with electric pressure modulation.

Frame Low floor diagonally braced, with cross-members and outriggers. Towing device at front and rear.

Electrical System Chassis electronics based on CAN bus system for on-board electronics with full diagnostic capability ( TEPS ) and defined interface for various body electrics version. Voltage: 24V. Alternator: Bosch 2 x 120A Low-maintenance batteries: 2x12V/225Ah. Starter: 24V/5.5kW (7hp ) . Main battery switch: electric.

Instrument panel with central display ( LCD ) and intergraded rev counter for monitoring operation and function ( on-board diagnosis ) . Optional Electronic tachometer ( analog or digital ) . Dual pressure gauge for front and rear axle brake circuits. Oil pressure gauge. Coolant temperature gauge. Fuel gauge. Battery charging check lamp. Warning flasher system. Horn. Stalk switch for direction indicators, high beam, headlight flasher and wipe/wash system. Speed limited to 100 km/h. Cruise control. Pulley on engine for air conditioning.

Fuel System

Compressed Air System Gear-driven compressor with water-cooled cylinder head.


Rear axle ratio: 5.57 with ZF and 4.60 with Voith.


Asbestos-free brake linings. Brake lines of plastic ( stainless steel in engine area ) . Brake lining wear indicators and inspection holes.

Bendix air dryer. Tyre inflator connection: 1 Test connections.

Transmission ZF 6AP 2000 Ecolife.

Electronic throttle control. Fuel tank capacity: 300 litres. Number of tanks: 1 Position of tank: On right behind rear wheels. Fuel and water separator: In line.

NOTE : Information contained in this brochure was believed correct at the time of printing. MAN AUTOMOTIVE IMPORTS reserves the right to change any detail in the specification sheet without notice. MAN AUTOMOTIVE IMPORTS, as permitted by law, shall not be liable in any way as a result of any reliance placed by any person on details contained in this brochure. Some options may only be applicable to certain models. It is important that you confirm all specifications with your dealer prior to ordering. 0911



Dimensions Overall Length Overall Width Wheelbase Overhang

12,495 mm 2500 mm 6120 mm Front 2755 mm Rear 3620 mm


2 Door + 2 Wheelchair 1 Door + 2 Wheelchair

Refer Drawing (44) Refer Drawing (47)

Frame Exterior Side Panels Exterior Roof Exterior Front & Rear

Stainless Steel 4003 Aluminiumn Pecolit GRP

Front & Rear Position of Doors Type of Door Door Opening

SMC Front & rear SMC in swing Front 1039 mm Rear 763 mm

Side Glass Side Glass Color Windscreen Destination Glass

Bonded Tinted Grey 50% One Piece One Piece


Seat Type Drivers Seat

Vogel System 750 Isri Suspension


Flooring Treated Ply 15 mm Floor Covering Tarbus Dark Grey Additional Floor Covering Logo Tiles to wheelchair area Floor Step Edges Safety step edges Wheelchair Ramp Manual flip out




Roof Interior GRP Roof Hatch Type Manual emergency Number of Roof Hatches 2

Interior Finish Interior Side Panelling Roof Centre Panel Pillar Capping

Grey formica Painted GRP (off white) ABS grey color


Dashboard Drivers side box

GRP grey color GRP grey color


Exterior mirror Interior mirror Interior mirror

Manual rear view side mirror Manual convex at front header Manual convex at centredoor


Exterior front Exterior rear Drive lights

4 halogen head lights LED LED spot lights

Climatization Air Conditioned

Thermo King heat cool


Body Batteries

24 Volt Multiplex 2 x 12 volt 175 Amp



Mobitec front side & rear

Safety Items Fire Extinguisher First Aid Kit Emergency Hammers

One at drivers area One at drivers area At emergency side windows


295/80 R 22.5 300 Litres

Tyres Fuel Tank Capacity Reverse Camera Reversing Sensors

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