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==== ==== Turbo charge your article marketing and article submission by submitting a different unique article to hundreds of article directories and niche blogs. Click The Link Below For More Info! ==== ==== How to Sell Outsourced Articles Are you looking to make money with the reselling of outsourced articles? If so, you have so many options to choose from. In fact, you may be wondering where and how you can get started. Are you an established website owner who has experience with creating professional websites? Are you familiar with HTML? Do you have experience marketing websites to ensure that they arent lost in the millions of other websites already available online? If so, create your own online marketplace. This is where you will list your outsourced articles for sale The first step in doing so is choosing a domain name and web hosting plan. When examining your options, be sure to read all rules and restrictions. Some companies require you to have a business account to sell, but others do not have this restriction. Next, look for affordable web hosting plans. If you are selling outsourced articles, you paid to have these articles written. To increase your profits, keep your business expenses low. Most importantly, you need to decide how you want to sell the outsourced articles. This is another choice that may be difficult for you. If you are looking to make money right away, list each article for sale individually on your site. Sell it with exclusive rights. By giving up full rights to the article, you can reasonably set a higher asking price. This is because you will remove the article from your website and transfer selling rights to the buyer. If you want to earn the most money, but dont mind waiting for that money to arrive, consider selling your articles in PLR packages. PLR packages are a series of articles that are offered for one low price. As an example, 10 articles for $10. When selling PLR articles, buyers know that you will sell the article more than once. That is why they are willing to pay such a low price. The money the saved will likely be spent on an article rewriter, which charges less money. Since you can sell an unlimited number of PLR article packages, there is potential to earn a significant amount of money overtime. As previously stated, creating your own online marketplace is recommended if you have a large number of articles to sell, if you are familiar with internet marketing, and if you know how to build a website. If you do not meet these recommended qualifications, you can still make money reselling outsourced articles. Instead of creating your own online marketplace, you will want to turn to existing websites. When selling your outsourced articles on an existing marketplace website, you should be able to set your own terms. This means that you can sell your article with exclusive rights or with usage rights. The approach you take should depend on how much money you want to make. As a reminder, you paid to have these articles written by a professional. To profit form their resale, you

need to charge more money than what you paid. But, since many third party websites charge you fees, these fees should be factored into your selling price. What is nice about using third party websites to sell your outsourced articles is that you can gauge your success. Creating your own online marketplace is recommended only if you have a large collection of articles available for sale, twenty at the very least. Before you spend a lot of money buying outsourced articles to resell, you should first test the waters to make sure that you can profit from doing so. As for hiring writers to compose the articles for you, use your best judgment. To retain the largest profit, choose a quality article writer, but one that has reasonable rates. You do not have to disclose your intent with the articles, but state your expectations. To resell outsourced articles, you must retain the rights to them. Let the writer in question know that they turn over full ownership of the articles to you once paid. PPPPP Word Count 665

==== ==== Turbo charge your article marketing and article submission by submitting a different unique article to hundreds of article directories and niche blogs. Click The Link Below For More Info! ==== ====


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