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Decrease the Dependency on Glasses or Contact Lenses with Assurance of Braverman Eye Center With the guidance of multiple board-certified Ophthalmologists, at the Braverman Eye Center they implement the Allegretto Wave Eye-Q 1010 excimer laser in their office and do the LASIK procedure in their own humidity-controlled operating room. Laser vision correction LASIK is a surgical procedure performed with an excimer laser to help people who are near sighted, far sighted or those with astigmatism reduce refractive errors and decrease their dependency on corrective eye wear or contact lenses. One of the representatives at the Braverman Eye Center stated, “Many Miami and Ft. Lauderdale LASIK patients have benefited from the technology used by our well-known surgeons at the Braverman Eye Center. Our renowned doctor Stanley Braverman has performed thousands of LASIK Vision Correction Procedures in South Florida and Ft. Lauderdale and has performed successful LASIK Surgery in Miami.” The company is also offering Custom Bladeless LASIK at $1,895 Per Eye which could save you up to $2210 for both eyes. Due to the overwhelming response, the company has extended this offer till June 30, 2013. Using state-of-the-art All Laser Wavefront Optimized Technology instead of the older technology with a razor blade, Dr. Stan himself is involved in every step of each client’s pre-op and operative laser procedure. About Braverman Eye Center: Since 1973 The Braverman Eye Center, located in Hallandale Beach, Florida, has been serving the eye needs of the community. Know as premium South Florida LASIK and Laser Vision Correction center and have helped thousands of South Florida and LASIK Miami, epi-LASIK and PRK corrective eye surgery patients. Laser Vision Correction LASIK is done in their state of the art laser surgical facility, featuring the premium Liebert System for humidity and temperature control, allowing for excellent vision results and low enhancement rates. To know more visit: Contact: Braverman Eye Center

1935 E. Hallandale Beach Boulevard Hallandale Beach, Florida 33009 (954) 458-2112

Decrease the Dependency on Glasses or Contact Lenses with Assurance of Braverman Eye Center  

The Braverman Eye Center offers Lasik eye surgery, a permanent vision correction procedure available for any kind of refractive errors. To k...