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House Competitions: The Future of Property? You Can Own a Castle Mortgage Free for £5!

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House Competitions: The Future of Property? Many homeowners as of late have been taking unconventional measures to sell their properties. House competitions have grown in popularity, and many are succeeding. In such a competition, rather than sell a property for a single amount, many tickets that cost a small amount are sold (eg £2, £5, £10) to cover the price, and a winner is chosen. Sounds like a raffle, but don’t be mistaken. In order to be considered legal by the UK Gambling Comission, a prize competition must include an element of skill, otherwise it will be classified as a personal lottery, which is illegal in the United Kingdom. For this there is often a question of some kind, or even a mathematical picture puzzle. In this way properties that would otherwise be untouchable to most, are now becoming accessible to anyone. It is also the often case that should a competition fail to reach its target number of entries, there is a cash prize awarded from the proceeds. Even better is the potential for charity fundraising through house competitions, something that participants can take satisfaction in, knowing they are helping a good cause recieve money by contributing. Overall, a low-risk high reward atmosphere is created in which theres lies a win-win scenario for both seller and buyer.

There is also the chance to win a Scottish Baronial Mansion/Castle. With 5 acres, beach access and over 45 rooms, you could change your lifestyle or take a life changing cash prize. Orchardton Castle has been refurbished in the last year and has two new boilers, full central heating, even a cinema. Tickets only cost £5 and the odds are very good. Their question is Internationally friendly using picture maths. Facebook Page The owner is taking less than the valuation and will make over £250,000 for charity once the target entry number is hit. With only 550,000 entry tickets availThere are many such competitions running and you able and free entry route. can find 16 or so of them listed on https://www.homefor details. One last point, with all the cold weather around, it should be noted that Orchardton is in the Gulf Stream and has the mildest UK weather. Even with the country covered in snow, they are barely getting enough to build a snowman. Temperatures in the Summer can be as high as thirty degrees in the sheltered back garden where the palm tree grows It will be a shame if this place does not reach its target as the area is something of a healthy retreat and a well kept secret in Southern Scotland.


You can own a castle mortgage free for ÂŁ5! The WinACastle Competition is the chance to get a fabulous lifestyle, or buy the one desired. If you are still looking for a gift, you can buy tickets for someone else and for every ticket that you get, you will get one free. The prize? A stunning castle on the Scottish Riviera. Close to the Scottish/English border, Orchardton Castle is a renovated, idyllic peaceful place and at the same time only 90 miles from Edinburgh and Glasgow. The nearby market town of Dumfries was voted in 2017 the happiest place to live in Scotland. Orchardton castle has over forty rooms as well as a Cinema, music room and impressive hallways.With five acres of land in total there are extensive lawns,

beach access, established woodland, rare plants and trees and an enclosed hedged garden to the south. If a picture is worth a thousand words, take a peek inside at WinACastle is also an opportunity to give something back. The competition aims to raise over ÂŁ250,000 for Rainbow Trust, Mossburn Community Farm, Nithsdale RDA and to stop Yulin dog meat festival. You can enter the competition to win Orchardton via (UK) or www.winyourcastle. com (International), where you can also find detailed information about the property, maintenance costs, business possibilities,and contact the organisers.


LEGO® Marvel Super Heroes 2 Adds “Black Panther” DLC Pack Inspired by Marvel Studios’ Film

previously released Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 content, and the Champions, Out of Time, and Agents of Atlas Character Packs. The Season Pass is available for £11.99 suggested retail price or Players Embark on a Daring Mission Within as part of the LEGO® Marvel Super Heroes 2 Deluxe Edition, which features the main game, access to the the Kingdom of Wakanda Classic Guardians of the Galaxy Character Pack, and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment announced an exclusive Giant-Man LEGO® Minifigure (Minithe release of Marvel’s Black Panther Movie Charac- figure only available in the physical version of the ter and Level Pack, the new DLC for LEGO® Mar- Deluxe Edition). vel Super Heroes 2. The pack, available at £2.49 on PlayStation® 4 and Steam and at £2.39 on Xbox One LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 is available on Playsuggested retail price, adds a level and characters Station®4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch™, and Wininspired by Marvel Studios’ upcoming film, Black dows PC. Panther, which released in cinemas nationwide on the 13th February. Set within the Kingdom of Wakanda, players will take the legendary Wakandan Super Hero and his sister Shuri on a dangerous mission within the darkest depths of their homeland, battling mutated creatures and arch-nemesis Erik Killmonger’s vicious army. New playable characters Black Panther (Vibranium Suit), Okoye, Nakia, Erik Killmonger (Black Panther), Ulysses Klaue and Everett K. Ross, add to the main game’s roster of over 200 Super Heroes and Super Villains. LEGO® Marvel Super Heroes 2 is an all-new, epic adventure and sequel to the smash hit, LEGO® Marvel Super Heroes. This original branching storyline, co-written by award-winning comics writer Kurt Busiek, transports players into a cosmic battle across a myriad of Marvel locations ripped from time and space into the incredible Open Hub World of Chronopolis. Packed with signature LEGO® humour for fans of all ages, gamers will go head-to-head with the Follow LEGO® Marvel Super Heroes 2 at: time-travelling Kang the Conqueror in this fun-filled Facebook: journey spanning the Marvel Universe. Twitter:

The Black Panther level pack can be purchased sepa- Instagram: rately or as part of the Season Pass which includes six YouTube: Packs and four Character Packs, including the Game


WARNER BROS. INTERACTIVE ENTERTAINMENT ANNOUNCES SCRIBBLENAUTS™ SHOWDOWN Players Face Off in Fast-Paced Multiplayer Party Experiences for Nintendo Switch™, PlayStation® 4 and Xbox One

acter from the vast Scribblenauts™ dictionary of over thirty thousand words to outsmart an opponent. Action-oriented “Speedy” mini-games reward the player who completes a given challenge first. A board game style map displays players’ progress. With multiple ways to make up ground, every player has a chance to win, which keeps the excitement going until the end! In Versus mode, two players can go head-to-head in more than 25 mini-games that vary in every session. The mini-games can also be enjoyed by a single player. Versus mode allows continuous play of games by shuffling players into game after game for non-stop fun. Sandbox mode, the Scribblenauts™ series’ cherished

creative playground, allows one or two players to solve objectives in eight new levels by summoning any object they can imagine and earn hidden Starites and achievements. Players can also let their imaginations run wild by unleashing whatever objects they Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment announced can think of and watching them interact in unexpectScribblenauts™ Showdown, a new video game based ed ways. on the inventive franchise that expands upon the puzzle-action series’ creativity by introducing two new Adding to the family fun, players can either choose, party game modes for one to four players. Scrib- or design, their own original Scribblenaut™ to repblenauts™ Showdown will be available 9th March resent them throughout the game, all drawn in the for Nintendo Switch™, PlayStation®4 computer en- classic Scribblenauts™ art style. The Scribblenaut™ can be further customised with unique clothing and tertainment system and Xbox One. quirky accessories by earning Starites and completing “Scribblenauts™ Showdown delivers imaginative achievements. fun and the humour that Scribblenauts™ fans love with new social elements to challenge friends and family,” said Steven Chiang, Executive Vice President, Production, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. “Players of all skill levels will enjoy testing their creativity in the fast-paced, head-to-head party style gameplay.” Follow Scribblenauts™ Showdown at:

In the game’s Showdown mode, up to four players face off and imagine their way to victory through card-based strategy and creative skill. “Wordy” mini-games require unleashing the best object or char-


LEGO® Marvel Super Heroes 2 “Champions” DLC Character Pack Revealed Pack Adds Favourite Teenage Super Heroes from Marvel Comics Series

co-written by award-winning comic book writer Kurt Busiek, transports players into a cosmic battle across a myriad of Marvel locations ripped from time and space and combined to form the incredible Open Hub World of Chronopolis. Packed with signature LEGO® humour for fans of all ages, gamers will go head-tohead with the time-travelling Kang the Conqueror in this fun-filled journey spanning the Marvel Universe. The Champions character pack can be purchased separately or as part of the Season Pass, which provides access to six Level Packs and four Character Packs, including the previously released Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 , and the Out of Time and Agents of Atlas Character Packs. The Season Pass is available for £11.99 or as part of the LEGO® Marvel Super Heroes 2 Deluxe Edition, which features the main game, access to the Classic Guardians of the Galaxy Character Pack, and an exclusive Giant-Man LEGO® Minifigure (Minifigure only available in the physical version of the Deluxe Edition).

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment announced the characters in Champions, the next downloadable Character Pack for LEGO® Marvel Super Heroes 2. The upcoming pack, priced at £1.69 on PlayStation® 4 and £1.59 on Xbox One, will add characters from Marvel Comics’ popular Champions comic book se- LEGO® Marvel Super Heroes 2 is available on Playries, offering players the chance to unleash the limit- Station®4, Xbox One®, Nintendo Switch™, and less strength of Amadeus Cho and supersonic flight of Windows® PC. Nova. The pack also includes Ironheart, Devil Dinosaur, Moon Girl, Viv, Wasp (Nadia Pym), and Hawkeye (Kate Bishop), expanding the main game’s roster of over 200 Super Heroes and Super Villains. The Champions are a group of teenage Super Heroes started by three Avengers disillusioned by the behaviour of their elders and the general state of distrust by the people towards super-powered beings. Eager to show the world what it truly means to be a Super Hero, they formed their own team and soon recruited other teenagers with similar ideals to their cause. To- Follow LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 at: gether they are determined to change the world their Facebook: own way! Twitter:

LEGO® Marvel Super Heroes 2 is an all-new, epic Instagram: adventure and sequel to the smash hit, LEGO® , Mar- YouTube: Super Heroes. This original branching storyline, Game


Middle-earth™: Shadow of War™ NEW Blade of Galadriel™ Story Expansion & Free Updates

with pinpoint accuracy.

- Play as Eltariel for the first time, an elite assassin known as the Blade of Galadriel, and go head-to-head with the newest addition to the ranks of the Nazgûl. Wield Eltariel’s dual Elven blades and harness the Light of Galadriel with a host of deadly new combat abilities, skills and gear.

- Player Skins – Choose to appear as Talion or Eltariel

- Tremor – Ologs can pound the earth with tremendous force, staggering nearby threats and heavily Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment released the damaging structures. Blade of Galadriel™ Story Expansion, all-new downloadable content (DLC) for Middle-earth™: Shadow - Gifts of Treasure – Followers can now bring players of War™ allowing gamers to play as the elite Elven the gift of a Treasure Orc, providing even more ways warrior Eltariel for the first time. Known by her en- to earn Gems and Mirian. emies as the Blade of Galadriel, Eltariel is a deadly assassin working for the Elven Queen, Galadriel, - Photo Mode Upgrades – New filters, frames and and has been sent to Mordor for millennia to hunt the styles, along with adjustable expressions and added Nazgûl. The Blade of Galadriel™ Story Expansion stickers, giving players more options for customising in-game action shots. features the following content:

in the main story campaign. - Training Orders Update – Players can now upgrade their Orc Followers with Training Orders while in the Garrison, saving time and offering more flexibility in deployment.

- Encounter memorable new Nemesis characters, such as Flint, Tinder and the Slayer of the Dead, while - Player Stats Page – New menu for players to track battling the Nazgûl and learning more mysteries of a variety of in-game statistics, including the number and type of enemy kills, dominations and betrayals; their past. fortresses conquered and defended; gear pieces col- Gain eight unique Legendary Orcs who can return to lected and upgraded; and many more. join your forces in the main story campaign with new - Field of View Options – More ways for players to abilities added to the Nemesis System. customise the user interface and scale their field of - Unlock an Eltariel character skin that can be used in view. the main story campaign. - Nemesis System Enhancements – Orc Captains (whether friends or foes) can exhibit new traits and behaviours, adding further depth to combat encounFor the latest information or to join the Middle-earth™: Shadters and player interactions, such as: ow of War™ conversation, visit us on YouTube (Shadowof-

- Tunnel Rat – Orcs can burrow into the ground and summon Ghûls.

WarGame), Twitter (@ShadowofWarGame), Instagram (ShadowofWarGame),




(MonolithLive), Community (ShadowOfWar) or the official

- Sniper Shot – Archers can fire from great distances website (


Sony Pictures presents the new comedy featuring everyone’s favorite bunny, Peter Rabbit. Based on the classic children’s tales of Beatrix Potter, this modern revamp sees our mischievous furry hero and his gang of rabbits up to new and hilarious antics. Everything changes for Peter Rabbit (James Corden) and his animal companions when a new neighbor with a dislike for pests, Mr. McGregor (Domhnall Gleeson), moves into town. In this tale, things are taken beyond the vegetable patch as Peter Rabbit and Mr. McGregor vye for the attention of the friendly animal-lover

next door (Rose Byrne). The animals, including Peter Rabbit, Flopsy (Margot Robbie), Mopsy (Elizabeth Debicki), and Cottontail (Daisy Ridley) are depicted with state of the art animation. Directed by Will Gluck, and co-written by Rob Lieber and Will Gluck, the film is set to release in UK cinemas on Friday 16 March 2018.


Jason Bateman (the “Horrible Bosses” films, TV’s “Arrested Development,” “Ozark”) and Oscar nominee Rachel McAdams (“Spotlight,” “Dr. Strange”) team up in New Line Cinema’s action comedy “Game Night.” John Francis Daley & Jonathan Goldstein are directing the film, marking their second film as co-directors, following “Vacation.” Joining Bateman and McAdams in the cast are Billy Magnussen (“Bridge of Spies,” TV’s “American Crime Story”), Sharon Horgan (Amazon’s “Catastrophe”), Lamorne Morris (TV’s “New Girl”), Kylie Bunbury (TV’s “Pitch,” “Under the Dome”), Jesse Plemons (“Black Mass,” TV’s “Fargo”), Danny Huston (“Wonder Woman,” “X-Men Origins: Wolverine”), Chelsea Peretti (TV’s “Brooklyn NineNine”), with Michael C. Hall (TV’s “Dexter” and “Six Feet Under”) and Kyle Chandler (“Manchester by the Sea,” TV’s “Bloodline”).

thugs and faux federal agents. So when Brooks gets kidnapped, it’s all part of the game…right? But as the six uber-competitive gamers set out to solve the case and win, they begin to discover that neither this “game”—nor Brooks—are what they seem to be. Over the course of one chaotic night, the friends find themselves increasingly in over their heads as each twist leads to another unexpected turn. With no rules, no points, and no idea who all the players are, this could turn out to be the most fun they’ve ever had… or game over.

Bateman and McAdams star as Max and Annie, whose weekly couples game night gets kicked up a notch when Max’s charismatic brother, Brooks (Chandler), arranges a murder mystery party, complete with fake

The film will be released in UK cinemas beginning March 2, 2018. “Game Night” is a New Line Cinema presentation and will be distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures, a Warner Bros. Entertainment company.


From filmmaker Steven Spielberg comes the science fiction action adventure “Ready Player One,” based on Ernest Cline’s bestseller of the same name, which has become a worldwide phenomenon. The film is set in 2045, with the world on the brink of chaos and collapse. But the people have found salvation in the OASIS, an expansive virtual reality universe created by the brilliant and eccentric James Halliday (Mark Rylance). When Halliday dies, he leaves his immense fortune to the first person to find a digital Easter egg he has hidden somewhere in the OASIS, sparking a contest that grips the entire world. When an unlikely young hero named Wade Watts (Tye Sheridan) decides to join the contest, he is hurled into a breakneck, reality-bending treasure hunt through a fantastical universe of mystery, discovery and danger.

a screenplay by Zak Penn and Ernest Cline. “Ready Player One” was produced by Donald De Line, Spielberg, Kristie Macosko Krieger and Dan Farah; with Adam Somner, Daniel Lupi, Chris deFaria and Bruce Berman serving as executive producers.

Three-time Oscar winner Spielberg (“Schindler’s List,” “Saving Private Ryan”) directed the film from “Ready Player One” stars Tye Sheridan (“X-Men:


Apocalypse,” “Mud”), Olivia Cooke (“Me and Earl and the Dying Girl,” “Bates Motel”), Ben Mendelsohn (“Rogue One – A Star Wars Story,” “Bloodline”) and T.J. Miller (“Deadpool,” “Silicon Valley”), with Simon Pegg (the “Star Trek” movies, the “Mission: Impossible” movies) and Oscar winner Mark Rylance (“Bridge of Spies,” “Dunkirk”).

costume designer Kasia Walicka Maimone (“Moonrise Kingdom”). The music is by Oscar-nominated composer Alan Silvestri (the “Back to the Future” films, “Forrest Gump”).

Warner Bros. Pictures and Amblin Entertainment present, in association with Village Roadshow Pictures, an Amblin Production, a De Line Pictures Behind the scenes, Spielberg reunited his creative Production, a Steven Spielberg Film, “Ready Player team from “Bridge of Spies,” including Oscar-win- One.” ning director of photography Janusz Kaminski (“Schindler’s List,” “Saving Private Ryan”), Os- Slated for release beginning Thursday, March 30, car-winning production designer Adam Stockhausen 2018, the film will be distributed by Warner Bros. Pic(“The Grand Budapest Hotel”), Oscar-winning editor tures, a Warner Bros. Entertainment Company, and in Michael Kahn (“Saving Private Ryan,” “Raiders of select territories by Village Roadshow Pictures. the Lost Ark”) and Sarah Broshar (“The Post”), and


MARK FELT: THE MAN WHO BROUGHT DOWN THE WHITE HOUSE centers on “Deep Throat,” the pseudonym given to the notorious whistleblower for one of the greatest scandals of all time, Watergate. The true identity of the secret informant remained a mystery and source of much public curiosity and speculation for more than 30 years. That is until, in 2005, special agent Mark Felt shockingly revealed himself as the tipster. This unbelievable true story chronicles the personal and professional life of the brilliant and uncompromising Felt, who risked and ultimately sacrificed everything – his family, his career, his freedom – in the name of justice.

produced by Michael Schaefer, Nik Bower, Deepak Nayar, Peter Guber, Jeffrey Vinik, Yale Badik, Des Carey and Colin Wilson. The film will be released in the UK on 23 March, 2018.

Based on the books by Mark Felt and John O’Connor, MARK FELT: THE MAN WHO BROUGHT DOWN THE WHITE HOUSE was written and directed by Peter Landesman. The film was produced by Jay Roach, Peter Landesman, Steve Richards, Marc Butan, Anthony Katagas, and Ridley Scott and executive

“I was going to visit Felt, and then I was going to Washington, to find out not just who this guy was, and how he pulled this off, but why. When I found out why, I was floored. Politics barely had a thing to do with it. It was principle, and it came at the steepest possible price - his career, all his friendships, his wife’s life, and his future. He had self-immolated in the quiet dark and no one knew.” - Peter Landesman, Director


THE GREATEST SHOWMAN HAS A FLAIR FOR SHOWBUSINESS No.1 AT THE UK BOX-OFFICE IN 6TH WEEK OF RELEASE LONDON, UK, February 2018: THE GREATEST SHOWMAN continues a remarkable run at the UK Box-Office reaching No. 1 in its 6th week of release, taking an outstanding £2.206k over the 3-day weekend, bringing the cumulative total to £23,239k. This is the first time a film has ever claimed the No.1 spot over the weekend this far into release and the 6th weekend of THE GREATEST SHOWMAN is bigger than the 6th weekend of Star Wars The Force Awakens (£2,013k), the biggest film of all time in the UK (£123,054k).

By the end of the week, THE GREATEST SHOWMAN will be the biggest film of 2018 in the UK. Since its Boxing Day release, THE GREATEST SHOWMAN has continued to perform consistently, capturing the hearts and voices of audiences all over the world (including Australia where the film also achieved a first place finish in the 6th week of release). The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack also continues its dominance in the Official UK Album Chart, spending a fourth consecutive week at No. 1, with the show-stopping anthem of empowerment ‘This Is Me’ currently No. 8 in Official UK Top 40 Singles Chart. THE GREATEST SHOWMAN Sing-Along version will hit cinemas nationwide from the 23rd February and available to book now.

Managing Director, Twentieth Century Fox UK (Theatrical), Cameron Saunders says: “Audiences across the country are looking for joy and happiness, and with The Greatest Showman joy and happiness has found them, shaken them by the hand and given them a great Hugh Jackman sized bear hug. We’d like to thank everyone for returning the embrace, making it the UK’s No. 1 during the most vibrant time for cinema going in recent history. At the beginning of the movie, Charity Barnum says: “I wish for happiness like this to last forever” – this timeless, modern day classic promises to do exactly that. Experience it in cinemas today, tomorrow and again next week!”

THE GREATEST SHOWMAN stars Hugh Jackman in the title role, alongside Michelle Williams (All the Money in the World), Zac Efron (Baywatch), Zendaya (Spider-Man: Homecoming), Rebecca Ferguson (Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation) and Tony Award nominee Keala Settle. The film is directed by Michael Gracey; produced by Laurence Mark, p.g.a., Peter Chernin, p.g.a., and Jenno Topping, p.g.a., with songs by Academy Award and Grammy Award winners Benj Pasek and Justin Paul (La La Land), THE GREATEST SHOWMAN is distributed by Twentieth Century Fox and opened in cinemas nationwide on 26th December 2017.


Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle Review A fantastic cast, clever script, suspenseful yet humorous action, realistic special effects, and beautiful sets and scenery - all ingredients that make this film a top of the line action-comedy. It surpasses the 1995 film Jumanji in every respect, and is easily enjoyable if viewed as a stand alone film.

In this movie, the game of Jumanji is no longer a board game, but a video game, making the story relatable to a modern audience. Four highschoolers - a popular pretty girl, a tall football player, a geeky boy, and a nerdy girl - find it while stuck in detention and, with nothing else entertaining to do, decide to play the game together. They each choose an avatar, and soon find that they themselves are sucked into the game, becoming the characters they chose. The contrast between the real life teenagers and the characters they become sets up much of the comedy in the film. The geeky boy is Dr. Xander Bravestone (Dwayne Johnson), a muscular man, the tall football player is Franklin “Mouse” Finbar (Kevin Hart), a short weak man, the nerdy girl is Ruby Roundhouse (Karen Gillan), a

beautiful athletic woman, and the popular pretty girl is Prof. Shelley Oberon (Jack Black), an overweight middle-aged man. Johnnson, Hart, Gillan, and Black all deliver spectacular acting performances, in that they make it easy to believe they are indeed the teenagers from reality trapped in different bodies. Once one is in Jumanji, the only way he/she can escape the game is by completing it. Our four unlikely companions must therefore talk to and combat with characters generated by the game, collect items, and accomplish tasks, all of which leads to a variety of hilarious and sometimes dramatic situations. Although they are in a video game, each player has only three lives, leaving the obvious assumption of what may come of running out. Along the way they befriend and gain the help of Jefferson “Seaplane” Mcdonough (Nick Jonas), who is really a kid named Alex, and has been stuck in the game for years. The nature of their predicament leads this motley crew of heroes to develop a sense of camaraderie that would never have flourished in reality, providing for a touching finish to the film. This movie is enjoyable to watch and highly recommendable.


BBC Current Programmes

Hold The Sunset

For Edith (Alison Steadman), life is pretty good. Beyond Bionic She’s been a widow for some years now, but her chilBeyond Bionic will profile the science behind the an- dren live locally and drop by regularly, and she enjoys imal’s amazing ability, and explore a series of new daily visits from Phil (John Cleese), an old boyfriend hi-tech gadgets and engineering principles which who now lives across the road. Andy will use in an attempt to replicate the natural and physical attributes of animals.

Troy: Fall Of A City Collateral

David Farr’s (The Night Manager) visceral eight-part retelling of the fall of Troy comes to BBC One.

Bereaved sisters Mona (July Namir) and Fatima (Ahd Kamel) are processed at Harsfleet detention centre.

Still Game Still Game returns for another hilarious six-part series, following the adventures of lifelong friends Jack JarInside Britain’s Moped Crime Gangs vis and Victor McDade as they cope with everything Reporter Livvy Haydock meets three of the UK’s modern life throws at them. newest type of criminal: thieves who commit their crimes using mopeds.


WORKING MOTHERS HIT BY £1.3 TRILLION IN LOST EARNINGS DUE TO INFLEXIBLE BUSINESS CULTURE Millions of highly skilled British working mothers are forced to accept jobs way below their qualifications and training – and therefore earn far less than men over the course of their working lives – due to the inflexibility of recruiters, according to an exclusive new survey. The survey shows that a record number of mothers are returning to the workplace after having children, but are having to take on roles considerably below their potential.

The survey, carried out by Feel, a London-based recruitment consultancy, shows how British business is allowing trillions of pounds of value in female talent and expertise to go uncaptured. According to Feel’s founder, Jane Johnson, highly qualified mothers in the UK, who are willing and able to work, are increasingly being let down, because of a lack of creativity and understanding about how flexible arrangements could tap into this vast pool of underutilised female talent. 75% said they would like to find a job that utilised their degree qualification if it offered some kind of flexibility.

The majority of mothers (75%) surveyed said they were currently working but more than half (54%) had left or changed jobs because of family commitments. 75% of the women surveyed had been to university, but almost a third said a degree qualification had played no part in them getting the job they do now. And 64% of those currently looking for jobs said they were willing to trade flexibility for a job that used their academic or professional experience.

Data from the Office of National Statistics show that the earning potential of women tracks that of their male counterparts when they enter the workforce, but starts to diverge between the age of 25 and 30. According to the ONS, the pay gap gets wider from the age of 30 and never recovers as female workers trade away their earning potential for jobs that fit around a family. Between the age of 30-65, a woman is £5-10k worse off each year than her similarly qualified male colleagues - in median salary before tax - and this continues until retirement. It means that, at current rates of pay, working mothers in the UK are being hit by as much as £1.3 trillion in lost earnings.


“There are 4.9 million working mothers in the UK,”

working,” said Johnson. But the survey also asked about the career changes working mothers had made since having children – “the big issue”, according to Johnson.

says Jane Johnson, “and there is an opportunity worth almost £1.3 trillion for the UK economy that is being wasted. But this can only be reversed if businesses explore more flexible ways of working and get these highly qualified, talented women back into the work- Answers included: stepping down from leadership force and into jobs at their full potential where they positions; taking menial jobs just to get the flexibility; taking redundancy or large chunks of time out of earn salaries to match.” the workforce because employers dismissed requests “There is a huge amount of uncaptured value, but we for flexibility; and side-stepping successful corporate find many businesses simply aren’t aware of just how careers - to go self-employed, freelance or even not flexible parents can be. Flexibility doesn’t just have work at all. to mean three days a week, and not being around at critical points for the business.”

“It should not be beyond us in 2018 to think creatively and get these highly-qualified, talented people back The Feel survey asked nearly 1,800 mothers what into the workforce and capturing their value for the their ideal working scenario would be and the answers UK economy,” said Johnson. showed just how creative some employers are being. The flexible and more creative solutions included: “I cannot think of any other scenario where a business full-time hours which included some days working would accept this degree of wastage. We have to see from home; flexible working-day start or end times more businesses in 2018 rising to the challenge.” to fit around the school day; four days’ working hours For more information on Feel click the link below: spread over five days to provide office cover every day; or nine day fortnights which still ensured business-cover over core hours. “The answers given in our survey showed some really positive examples where flexible working is truly


Research shows men will spend more cash on Mother’s Day than any other celebration this year, but isn’t it the thought that counts?

on Impulse, a last-minute panic purchase - maybe not so thoughtful after all! It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it.

With Mother’s Day quickly approaching on Sunday Research suggests that how you present a gift is just 11th March, children across the country, young and as important, if not more important, than the gift itself. A study in Stanford Business found that presents old, will be rushing out to purchase gifts for Mum. that were given adorned with a bow, were found to be Our spending behaviour is often studied, and this cel- much more appreciated than those without, independebration is no different. Research has shown that men ent of the cost of the gift, the little touches really do are much more likely to part with their hard-earned make all the difference! cash in aid of Mother’s Day, when compared to any other day during the year. But is this what Mum’s really want? Or would they prefer a thoughtful, beauti- It may be a phrase of thought – but it’s literal fully presented gift that truly shows your appreciation. meaning warms our heart. Along with so many others, we say it’s the thought If you look in a dictionary, you’ll find the definition that counts, and here’s why: of ‘the thought that counts’ to be a sweet one. The Spending more money doesn’t make it more thought that counts is used to indicate the kindness behind the act being the thing that matters, as opposed thoughtful. to the act itself. If we think about it, that’s something A recent study by Mintel found that on average, sons Mum has always brought us up to be, kind. spent just over £40 on a Mother’s Day gift, when compared to just under £29 for daughters. Whilst on first inspection this might suggest men showed more generosity, looking closer reveals a telling reason why this is the case. Almost a quarter of all men that bought Mother’s Day gifts admitted that they bought

Put some thoughtfulness into your gift this year with Hallmark Cards and Gift Wrap, Mother’s Day, 11th March 2018. For more details on this or any Hallmark range this year: Contact, 0113 833 0239.


Things to Do in Edinburgh

The Usher Hall The Potter Trail Muggles welcome. Visit and learn about the Edinburgh locations that inspired JK Rowling to create her famous characters and scenes from the much loved Harry Potter books. Along with visiting where she wrote her books, visitors will learn about the real live witches and wizards of medical Edinburgh.

Scotland’s only five-star concert hall, The Usher Hall is famed for hosting a range of concerts and performances from the worlds of rock, pop, classical, jazz, world and folk music. Offering a packed programme to suit all tastes, this beautiful Edwardian building is well-loved by performers and audiences alike thanks to its magnificent acoustics.

Usher Hall, Lothian Road, EH1 2EA +44 (0) 131 228 8616 Free of charge Tours depart outside Greyfriars Bobby Bar 30-34 Candlemaker Row, EH1 2Q

Surgeons’ Hall Museum Learn more about our fascinating bodies, the histories of dentistry, medicine and surgery and the vital part Scottish Parliament The devolved national, unicameral legislature of that Scottish research played in all three. First develScotland, the Scottish Parliament sits at the foot of oped as a teaching museum, Surgeons’ Hall Museum Edinburgh’s Royal Mile by Holyrood Park and the opened to the general public in 1832, making it ScotSalisbury Crags. Open to the public six days a week, land’s oldest museum. The venue features interactive visitors can enjoy free guided tours providing an in- displays and exhibits, which will help visitors disdepth insight into the workings of the Scottish parlia- cover the stories and breakthroughs that have shaped modern surgical practice. mentary system. Free of charge Edinburgh, EH99 1SP +44 (0) 131 348 5000

Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh, Nicolson Street, EH8 9DW +44 (0) 131 557 1711


Women Travel Differently at Leonardo Hotels If a good place to rest is the key to a perfect holiday, then it is no less essential for business travel. Leonardo Hotels have everything you need. I experienced it in Edinburgh: central position, easy parking and first class service.

women travelling alone may have, but also creates a comfortable environment where they can relax after a busy day. “We have designed the rooms using feedback from female travel agents and travellers to find out exactly what they would be looking for from this style of accommodation, and so far we’ve had a hugely positive response across Europe.” Definitely a place that you can’t miss if you are going to Edinburgh. The “Women-friendly rooms” can be booked without a surcharge via the Leonardo Royal Hotel Edinburgh website As of the last few months female travellers are to get their own special treatment. Guests can enjoy a host of feminine touches, including powerful, electric hair dryers, beauty lighting, adjustable make up mirrors, fluffy bathrobes, a writing desk, a large flat-screen TV and a selection of the latest glossy magazines, all with the aim of ensuring female business, as well as leisure travellers, feel safe and well cared for. There are also parking spaces dedicated to female guests, which are located next to the hotel entrance. To complete this high class stay fresh flowers give a classy touch to the room. Lucy Basnett, Operations Manager of Leonardo Royal Hotel Edinburgh, said: “We wanted to offer accommodation which not only addresses any concerns


New World-Class Event ‘Athletics World Cup London 2018’ Launched in the UK

pot over two evening sessions of athletics under the lights.

With just one man and one women from each nation British Athletics has confirmed that eight of the selected in each event in an all-straight final format, worlds top athletics nations will compete in the Ath- the biggest competing nations are set to be welcomed back to London this summer, with registrations on letics World Cup London 2018 this summer. following which a ballot Following on from the success of London 2017 which for tickets will be held in April 2018. saw the capital become the first city ever to stage both the World Para Athletics and IAAF World Athletics To mark 100 years since women were given the right Championships in the same year, fans of the sport to vote, and as part of the Mayor of London’s #Bewill once again see the best countries competing in hindEveryGreatCity campaign, the first edition of the the UK, in the greatest athletics stadium in the world. event will see all Nations select a female athlete as team captain. The competition format featuring all field and track events up to and including the 1500m will star the world’s eight leading athletics nations over those disciplines: USA, Great Britain & Northern Ireland, Poland, China, Germany, France, Jamaica and South Africa. The ground-breaking two-day event takes place under floodlights across Saturday 14 and Sunday 15 July at the London Stadium. Each nation will be competing for a $2million prize

Richard Bowker CBE, Chair, UK Athletics said: “The Athletics World Cup London 2018 will be one of the biggest athletics events in 2018 and as such we’re thrilled to be able to launch it at the London Stadium. This is world-class competition where nation will face nation and fans will see an amazing feast of athletics over two days featuring many of the biggest global superstars in the world of sport.”

23 “This will be an incredible event which we are thrilled “This is great news. I remember my performance to be able to launch on the back of a highly-successful back in 2017. Great Spectators, great stadium, great World Championships last summer.” atmosphere and at the end I celebrated my first world Champion Title. I‘m sure all eight nations will enjoy The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, said: a fantastic top event.“ “When it comes to hosting world-class sport, no other city does it quite like London. Holding the first-ever Idriss Gonschinska, Head of Sports German NaWorld Para Athletics and World Athletics Champion- tional-Team: ships together in London last summer, will live long “The Athletics World Cup is a great opportunity for in the memory and we are again looking forward to track and field. We are grateful for a new innovative welcoming the world’s best athletes and sports fans event.“ from around the globe to our great city.” “It’s fitting that each nation competing in the Athletics World Cup will be captained by a woman as we mark the centenary of the first women securing the right to vote, I am delighted British Athletics has joined me in the #BehindEveryGreatCity campaign to support the continuing success of women and our push for greater gender equality from all backgrounds.”

Henryk Olszewski, president of Polish Athletic Association said: “This is a great honour since the new athletics event is limited to best teams from all over the world. Additional flavor is the World Cup take place in London where we come back with fantastic memories after last year IAAF World Championships where Poland won 8 medals.”

IAAF President, Sebastian Coe said: Fans can register their interest in attending the Athlet“This is one of the exciting innovative events we are ics World Cup at seeing in our sport and our thanks go to British Althletics and the Mayor of London for creating it and hosting it. We have 8 lanes, 8 top nations, 8 teams and a host of world class athletes lining up in each event to win the trophy and prize pot. This will be a fast-paced and exhilarating experience for athletes and fans.” Wayde van Nierkerk, 200m & 400m, Olympic and World Champion (South Africa) said: “It’s great to see such an exciting head to head event confirmed to be taking place in London this summer – the concept is one that will excite everyone in athletics and is sure to attract new fans to the sport. The South African team will be there in force and we hope to see fans from all over the world join us in London for what will be an amazing competition.” Johannes Vetter, Javelin, World-Champion (Germany) said:


Britain on the Silver Screen Travelling through the UK, you may experience a sense of déjà vu - that’s because Great Britain is filled with locations you’ll recognise from the movies. Several are being honoured this year with a host of BAFTA and Academy Award nominations so here are some of those places that you can visit in real life.

Station. Visit the Paddington Bear Shop, then find the statue near Platform 1 and follow the rest of the Pawprint Trail. You can also follow in Paddington’s pawsteps at Portobello Market or wander the towpath of Little Venice where the bear gave chase to the thief from Mr Gruber’s antique shop.

Dunkirk Nominations: Eight Academy Awards including Best Picture and eight BAFTA Awards including Best Film. Most of Dunkirk was filmed in France, but Britain makes some stunning cameos. Think of the scene when the civilian fleet sets sail from the seaside town of Weymouth in Dorset while on their return, they’re bolstered to see the white-chalk cliffs of the Jurassic Coast. Weary soldiers receive a hero’s welcome when they pull into a postcard-pretty train platform; you can book your own journey on the Swanage Steam Railway.

Paddington 2 Nominations: Outstanding British Film, Best Supporting Actor and Best Adapted Screenplay at the BAFTA Awards. London’s busy Paddington station appears in the sequel although exterior shots filmed at Marylebone

Phantom Thread Nominations: Four Academy Awards including Best Picture and four BAFTA Awards including Best Actor. The Victoria Bay Hotel near Whitby, North Yorkshire, was stripped back to fit the 1950s setting. Visit the modern incarnation and enjoy familiar views over the fishing village of Robin’s Hood Bay - you might even recognise some of the staff who appeared as extras. The opulent glamour of Blackpool Tower Ballroom also made the cut as the perfect setting for a lavish party scene. Take a tour, enjoy afternoon tea, or spin on the famous dance floor.


Darkest Hour

Victoria & Abdul

Nominations: Six Academy Awards including Best Nominations: Best Costume Design and Best MakePicture and nine BAFTA Awards including Best Film. up & Hairstyling at both the Academy Awards and the BAFTA Awards. London’s Cabinet War Rooms, where Winston Churchill orchestrated Allied troops during World Osborne House was Queen Victoria’s beloved family War II, were meticulously recreated for their role in home on the Isle of Wight, and the place where she this film. And of course, you can visit the real-life first met Abdul. Peek inside royal life with a tour of underground bunkers too, which stand exactly as the private apartments, bathing beach and children’s they did in 1945. And while the Commons Chamber play cottage. Queen Victoria later introduces Abdul to in the Palace of Westminster was another carefully her Aberdeenshire getaway, Balmoral Castle, which constructed set, get a glimpse of the real thing with remains the summer holiday home of the Royal Fama guided tour of Parliament. Also in the capital is the ily today and open to the public from 30 March to 31 film’s backdrop, picturesque Greenwich; explore the July. Don’t miss the stunning setting of Cairngorms rest of this World Heritage Site which includes the National Park that surrounds it, where the pair enRoyal Observatory, the historic Cutty Sark, and the joyed a scenic picnic. Meridian Line. Up in Rotherham, Yorkshire is Wentworth Woodhouse which doubles up as the interior of Buckingham Palace. Privately owned for many years, this grand historic home has recently been opened to the public.


The Play That Goes Wrong UK Tour Comes to Edinburgh Venue: Festival Theatre (Edinburgh) Dates: Mon 12 - Sat 17 March Times: Evenings 7:30pm, Matinees Thu/Sat 2:30pm Duration: 2hrs 5min (including 20 min interval) Age: 8+

2017 Broadway World Winner for Best New Play 2017 Broadway Com Audience Choice Awards for Favourite New Play 2015 Olivier Award Winner for Best New Comedy 2015 BroadwayWorld UK Winner for Best New Play 2014 WhatsOnStage Awards Winner for Best New Comedy

The Cornley Polytachnic drama society presents a murder mystery set in the 1920s, in which every part of the production is done geniously right, to make it look like things are going wrong. This award-winning comedy is a fantastic success, appearing on Broadway, in London, and now on tour in the UK. For more information, visit http://www.theplaythatgoeswrong. com/uk-tour and

Creative Team Directed By: Mark Bell Written By: Henry Lewis, Jonathan Sayer, and Henry Shields Set Design: Nigel Hook Lighting Design: Ric Mountjoy Costume Design: Roberto Surace Sound Design: Andy Johnson Produced By: Kevin McCollum, J.J. Abrams, Kenny Wax, Stage Presence Ltd., Catherine Schreiber Ken Davenport Double Gemini Productions / deRoy-Brunish Damian Arnold / TC Beech Greenleaf Productions / Bard-Roth Martian Entertainment / Jack Lane / John Yonover Lucas McMahon


This House Comes to Edinburgh Venue: Festival Theatre (Edinburgh) Dates: Tue 27- Sat 31 March Times: Evenings 7:30pm, Matinees Thu/Sat 2:30pm ‘This House’ takes a look at Westminster in 1974: a tumultuous time for the house of commons. In this production, the obscure “whips” are brought to light, depicting the measures they carry out in odrder to gain influence over parliament. The fights, tricks, games, and dramas of a drastically divided legislature are chronicled in this both dramatic and funny production.

Creative Team Written by: James Graham Directed by: Jeremy Herrin Design: Rae Smith Lighting Design: Paule Constable Music: Stephen Warbeck Choreography: Scott Ambler Sound Design: Ian Dickinson Casting Director: Alastair Coomer CDG Associate Director: Jonothan O’Boyle

Nica Burns, Caro Newling For Neal Street Productions, Headlong, In Association With Jonathan Church Productions, Gavin Kalin Productions and TC Beech LTD Present The National Theatre and Chichester Festival Theatre Production of This House

For more information visit productions/house-uk-tour/ and



death – in the form of the iconic ‘ghost dancers’ – interrupts the daily lives of a series of ordinary people. Bruce designed the set as well as choreographing the piece, which is set to traditional Latin American folk music and performed in costumes inspired by the Mexican festival Day of the Dead.

A Linha Curva | Ghost Dances | Goat

Rounding off the evening is Goat, a dance-theatre piece from award-winning choreographer and perBritain’s national dance company, Rambert returns to former Ben Duke, which premiered last year and has Aylesbury with one of its most iconic works, Ghost already been hailed as ‘a goddam masterpiece’ (The Dances, as part of a triple bill of works that show- Stage). Darkly funny and deeply moving, Goat discases its staggering range of talent in at Aylesbury sects the pleasure and pain of performing and is inWaterside Theatre from Thursday 15 – Saturday 17 spired by the music and spirit of Nina Simone, with March. a selection of her best loved songs performed live on stage by jazz singer Nia Lynn. The programme also features the revival of Itzik Galili’s percussion-fuelled A Linha Curva. 26 dancers from Rambert and the Rambert School and four percussionists perform this high-octane, celebratory work based on Latin American Samba rhythms and movements. Nominated for Best Choreography prize in the 2009 Critic’s Circle National Dance Awards and Best New Dance Production in the 2010 OliviRambert’s Senior Rehearsal Director Mikaela Polley er Awards, A Linha Curva contributed to Rambert’s said, ‘It’s fantastic to be back in Aylesbury, returning 2010 Olivier Award for Outstanding Achievement in for a second time to this beautiful waterside venue. Dance. Itzik Galili created both choreography and deI’m really excited about this programme of dance – signs for the piece with an original score by Dutch it truly is an evening of Rambert classics. I had the percussion group Percossa. honour of performing in Ghost Dances myself when I was a dancer with the company and it’s very special Book your tickets now, visit the venue Box Office, to see the next generation of dance artists bring this call 0844 871 7607 or visit incredibly moving piece back to life. The sheer scale and infectious rhythms of A Linha Curva will have you on your feet, while Goat will show you the Rambert dancers as you’ve never seen them before. Originally created for Rambert in 1981, Ghost Dances is Christopher Bruce’s response to political oppression in South America and has returned to the company’s repertory for the first time in 13 years. Ghost Dances depicts stories of love and compassion, as


In UK Cinemas 2 March 2018


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