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PART THREE STUDIO POTTERY & APPLIED ART Thursday 7 September 4pm start Lot 400 - 464

400 CROWN LYNN vase modelled as a swan, matt off-white glaze, tiki mark to base, 22cm height $200 - 350


401 CROWN LYNN small swan, matt off-white glaze, tiki mark to base, 11cm height $100 - 200

402 CROWN LYNN two plain/blank Coronation mugs, 1953 (from edition of 1000), no 693 & 798, 13cm height $100 - 200

403 CROWN LYNN Cook Bicentenary Plate 1769-1969, City of Gisborne (ed of 2000) together with Dorothy Thorpe Santa Barbara saucer (2) $75 - 125

404 CROWN LYNN model of monkey eating banana c1948-55, no. 193, bears stick-on-label, 14cm height $1,000 - 1,500

405 CROWN LYNN pair Wharetana Ware bookends, brown glaze impressed no, 1020 (factory flaws and repaired damage to one) $500 - 1,000

406 CROWN LYNN Wharetana dish/canoe bailer, with original paper label to base, 20cm length $200 - 400

407 CROWN LYNN presentation plaque c1965, gilt enriched on dark brown base, 14cm length $300 - 600

408 TEMUKA POTTERY tobacco jar and cover modelled as Maori warrior, mauve glaze, designed by T N Lovatt, impressed mark to base, 28cm height $800 - 1,200

409 Four Vintage Ti-Toki Liqueur Bottles formed as totem poles, brown & green glazes, of sizes $100 - 200


410 FRANK CARPAY FOR CROWN LYNN footed table bowl, pale mint green with stylised red & green motifs, tiki & Handwerk marks to base, 22.5cm dia $1,000 - 2,000

411 FRANK CARPAY FOR CROWN LYNN wall plaque decorated with spring blooms in vivid blue, tiki & Handwerk marks to base, 23.5cm dia ILLUSTRATED: Gail Henry, New Zealand Pottery (1999) p.199 (b/w) $1,000 - 1,500

412 FRANK CARPAY FOR CROWN LYNN wall plaque decorated with spring blooms in vivid blue, tiki & Handwerk marks to base, 23.5cm dia ILLUSTRATED: Gail Henry, New Zealand Pottery (1999) p.199 (b/w) $1,000 - 1,500

413 Crown Lynn most likely by Frank Carpay, two small dishes, one marked ‘with the compliments of Fletchers by Crown Lynn’ to base, the other with green spiral motif and tiki mark to base, both 10cm sq. $100 - 200

414 DAME LUCIE RIE (1902-1995) side handled coffee pot, stoneware, manganese with fine radiating sgraffito to the neck, the interior white, impressed LR seal to base, 20cm height $1,250 - 2,000

415 DAME LUCIE RIE (1902-1995) AND HANS COPER (1920-1981) a pair of coffee cups and saucers, stoneware, manganese with fine radiating sgraffito, the interiors and undersides white, impressed LR and HC seals to base, 7.5cm height together with similar conical cup and saucer (hairline crack to cup) $1,250 - 2,000

416 BERNARD LEACH (BRITISH, 1887-1979) press moulded bottle vase of square sided form, impressed mark to inside of foot, 18cm height $600 - 1,000

417 BERNARD LEACH (BRITISH, 1887-1979) hexagonal vase in temmoku glaze, 20cm height PROV: with original The Leach Pottery, St Ives purchase receipt, Aug 13 1972 $400 - 600

418 LEN CASTLE four early slip trail pin dishes decorated with animals (one af) 10cm dia each together with another plain pin dish, 11.5cm dia PROV: Vendor’s husband worked with Len Castle at Auckland Teachers College c1960s $300 - 500



419 LEN CASTLE large table bowl, impressed mark, 37cm dia $300 - 600

420 LEN CASTLE bowl with ribbed edge, impressed mark, 26cm dia PROV: Vendor’s husband worked with Len Castle at Auckland Teachers College c1960s $200 - 400

421 LEN CASTLE bottle vase of triangular form, ash glaze with impressed motifs, impressed mark, 17cm height PROV: Vendor’s husband worked with Len Castle at Auckland Teachers College c1960s $300 - 600

422 LEN CASTLE early stoneware planter with scored body, impressed mark, 14cm height PROV: Vendor’s husband worked with Len Castle at Auckland Teachers College c1960s $150 - 250

423 LEN CASTLE stoneware trinket box with double ended bird motifs, blue glaze interior, 13.5cm length $500 - 700

424 LEN CASTLE bowl with chun glaze & tenmoku exterior, impressed mark, 20cm dia $200 - 350

425 RUTH CASTLE hanging garlic basket with fine rattan core, 45cm height approx $125 - 250

426 GRAEME STORM large ‘Peacock’ table bowl, tenmoku glaze, impressed mark, 39cm dia PROV: Similar bowl was purchased by Shah of Persia $300 - 600

427 GRAEME STORM shallow bowl, unmarked, 28cm dia $100 - 200

428 DOREEN BLUMHARDT shallow bowl, impressed mark 32cm dia $150 - 250

429 DOREEN BLUMHARDT shield shaped vase with coral impression, impressed mark, 24cm height $150 - 250

430 DOREEN BLUMHARDT free form dish, impressed mark, 22cm length together with similar sedge grass holder, impressed mark & paper label, 8cm height $100 - 200

431 Doreen Blumhardt sushi platter, impressed mark & paper label to base, 19cm length $75 - 125

432 DOREEN BLUMHARDT spherical footed floor vase, impressed mark & paper label to base, 32cm height $400 - 700

433 DOREEN BLUMHARDT spherical footed floor vase, impressed mark & paper label to base, 26cm height $350 - 600

434 DOREEN BLUMHARDT lamp base, unmarked, 29cm height $100 - 200

435 DOREEN BLUMHARDT slab built floor vase, impressed mark & paper label, 60cm height $500 - 800

436 DOREEN BLUMHARDT floor vase, impressed mark & paper label, 48cm height $500 - 800

437 DOREEN BLUMHARDT three of three graduated ewers with single lug handles, impressed marks, 50, 44, 40cm heights $200 - 400



438 DOREEN BLUMHARDT biscuit barrel c1970, tenmoku glaze, impressed mark, 22cm height overall $100 - 200

442 ROY COWAN charger, incised initials & dated ‘80, 36cm dia (repair to rim) $100 - 200

446 NEIL GRANT charger, impressed mark, 34cm dia together with large charger, mark unknown (2) $100 - 200



439 DOREEN BLUMHARDT small vase , ribbed body, impressed mark, 14.5cm height $100 - 200

440 DOREEN BLUMHARDT small vase, octagonal form, tenmoku glaze, impressed mark, 16cm height $100 - 200

443 ROY COWAN charger, incised initials & paper label to base, 35cm dia $150 - 300

447 RICK RUDD slab form wall hanging plaque, 30 x 35cm $150 - 250

441 LAWRENCE EWING lidded crock, incised mark, 22cm height $100 - 200

444 ROY COWAN elongated platter, incised mark, 56.5cm length $150 - 250 445 ROY COWAN elongated platter, incised mark, 47cm length $125 - 250

448 BRIAN GARTSIDE free form decorative panel, 42 x 34cm overall $100 - 200

449 BRIAN GARTSIDE free form tile, signed to reverse panel, 20 x 20cm $100 - 200

450 CECILIA PARKINSON conical flask form, incised mark, 16cm height together with unmarked small blue bowl (2) $75 - 125

451 WARREN TIPPET polychrome decorated small bowl with yellow interior glaze, painted mark & dated ‘87 to base, 11cm height $150 - 250

452 EMILY SIDDELL wire and slip cast kete, 16cm height $400 - 700

454 PETER RAOS perfume bottle, calla lily pattern on blue ground, etched signature & dated 2000, 16cm height $500 - 800

455 PETER RAOS conical form paperweight, calla lily pattern encased in clear glass, etched signature & dated 2000, 10cm height $400 - 600

457 DOMINIC BURRELL two handblown sculptural vase forms in blue/green encased glass, one signed & dated ‘05 to base, 16cm, 15cm heights $400 - 700

458 ANN ROBINSON hand blown glass flowers, one dark aubergine & other lighter purple flower heads, clear stems and stamens, 32cm length (one stem broken) $600 - 1,000

453 GARY NASH pink frost glass bowl, signed & dated ‘88 to base, 32cm dia $150 - 250

456 PETER RAOS spherical paperweight, calla lily pattern encased in clear glass, etched signature & dated 1991, 9cm height $300 - 500





459 EDGAR MANSFIELD (1907-1996) Animism #2 cast bronze on stone plinth, ltd ed 4/6 inscribed with title and edition to base 57cm height overall; 14cm width (of bronze) $1,500 - 2,500

460 GRAHAM BENNETT (B 1947) Identity cast bronze, iron & granodiorite stone sculpture signed and dated 2000 to base 65cm height overall $800 - 1,600




461 LUCIANO MINGUZZI (ITALIAN 1911-2004) Acrobatic Contortionists [1955] bronze sculpture on plinth with original paper label 37cm height $1,500 - 2,500


462 RICHARD KILLEEN Red Dog, Dilana Rug limited edition 3/30 signed, entitled & dated 2005 to reverse $2,000 - 4,000 463 BARRY LETT (1940-2017) HART Stick wooden placard 186cm height overall $750 - 1,250 464 BARRY LETT (1940-2017) HART Stick wooden placard 186cm height overall $750 - 1,250 This ‘HART stick’ was made for protesters to carry at demonstrations against the 1981 Springbok rugby tour. The heart motif was the logo for Halt All Racist Tours (HART) and became a well-known symbol of the anti-tour movement. Lett made these sticks for fellow protesters. He wanted a more creative response to the tour after the violence of the protests in Gisborne and Hamilton (on 22 and 25 July 1981 respectively). Lett was part of Artists Against Apartheid, an organisation that relied on more creative, less confrontational approaches. It organised street parades, concerts, street theatre, and fund-raising, drawing together artists from all disciplines – music, visual arts, theatre, and writers.





artist I N D E X PART 1 A Albrecht, Gretchen 5, 29 Angus, Rita 10-12 Arndt, Mina 63 B Barnes, Frank 43 Barraud, Charles D 47 Blomfield, Charles 79 Boyd, Arthur 68 Burton Bros. 41 D Drawbridge, John 76 E Evans, Jane 75 F Frizzell, Dick 24 G Gaut, Joseph 39, 40 Gully, John 42 H Hanly, Pat 6, 30 Harris, Jeffrey 69 Hodgkins, Frances 34, 35 Hoyte, John B.C. 44-46 Hotere, Ralph 2, 3 Hurley, Gavin 23 J James, David 67 K Kelly, Cecil Fletcher 53 L Lane, Tony 71-73 La Volpe, Alessandro 66 M MacDiarmid, Douglas 77 MacLeod, Euan 22 McCahon, Colin 1 McIntyre, Peter 56-60 McWhannell, Richard 20 Maddox, Allen 28 Muggeridge, Marianne 26 N Nerli, Girolamo P. B. 37, 38, 61, 62 O Olds, Paul 52 P Page, Evelyn 31-33 R Richmond, Dorothy Kate 13-15, 36 Rust, Johan A. 64



S Scott, Ian 27 Shields, Brian 70 Sherwood, Maud 16-18 Smither, Michael 25 Spencer Bower, Olivia 19 Sutton, William 55

E Esplin, Tom 192-199

T Thompson, Sydney Lough 48-51 Tole, Charles 21

F Fairburn, Geoff 324 Fletcher, Blythe 353 Fomison, Tony 336 Fong, Luise 228 Ford, John Bevan 312-319 Foweraker, Albert Moulton 225 Frizzell, Dick 183-188

W Wadsworth, Edward 4 Weatherill, George 65 White, Robin 7-9 Williams, Geoff 78 Wilson, Tim 74 Wilding, Cora 54

G Gibb, John 212, Gillies, John 371-374 Goodall, John S 279 Greig, Jason 242 Gross, Frank 288-292 Gurschner, Herbert 282

PART 2 A Albrecht, Gretchen 189 Allwood, Stephen 254-257 Arndt, Mina 362 B Badcock, Douglas 204, 308-310 Badcock, John 205 Baker, William 217, 218, 219 Barns-Graham, Allan 358 Barrar, Wayne 234 Beadle, Peter 200-203, 300 Belnos, Sophie Charlotte 348, 349 Birks, Geoffrey W 281 Blomfield, Charles 220 Boelee, Rudolf 262 Bowring, Walter A 360 C Callcot, John 213 Cherry, Rob 229 Chilcott, Gavin 258 Cook, Ebenezer Wake 275 Cowan, Roy 191 Crook, Gordon 346, 347 Cubey, Michael 259 Culbert, Bill 233 D Day, Melvin (Pat) 294-296, Deans, Austin 305a, 306, 307 De Lacy, Charles John 273 De Latour, Tony 240 De Vel, Gaston 297-299, 301 Drawbridge, John 332 Driver, Neil 245 Dutch, Ted 190

H Hamlin, Ian 304, 305, 311a, 311b Hammond, Bill 244 Handy, Charlotte 252 Harris, Jeffrey 239 Henderson, Louise 287 Hollings, Russell 211 Howorth, Charles 214-216, 226 Hutton, John 280 J Johnson, Harry John 274 Johnson, Keryn 329 K Kaan, Simon 325, 326 Kahukiwa, Robyn 321 King, Marcus 206 Knight, Gwen 210 L Langley, William 277 Lee-Johnson, Eric 364 Lindsay, Lionel 283 Lovell-Smith, Colin 357 Lusk, Doris 293 M MacPherson, Mary 235 McBeath, Isobel 303 McCormack, T.A. 268-270 McDowell, Robert 311 McIntyre, Simon 340 McIvor, Lois 248-251 McLeod, Rob 343 Maguire, Marian 241 Mander, William 272 Mayo, Eileen 284, 285, 286 Moore, Michael 247 Muru, Selwyn 320 Mutch, Tom 345

N Ngan, Guy 333 Nibbs, Richard H 352 Nicholl, Archibald 363 O O’Brien, Gregory 243 Ogilvy, Frank Stanley 278 O’Hagan, Peter 369 Osbourne, Fanny 355, 356 P Page, Evelyn 224 Palethorpe, Joseph 361 Paul, Janet E 370 Pearson, Alan 246 Peter, Juliet 334 Pick, Seraphine 236, 237, 238 Poppelwell, Martin 227 Pountney, Jane 253 R Radford, Paul 341 Rewiri, Kura Te Waru 327, 328 Roberts, Glenda 366, 367, 368 Robertshaw, Des 261 S Savage, Cedric 208 Schama, Sophia 230, 231 Skill, Frederick J 350 Smither, Michael 337, 338 Strankowski, Kazimierz 232 Stewart, Helen 207 Stoddart, Margaret Olrog 264 Sydney, Grahame 344 Stringer, Terry 260 T Tapper, Garth 365 Tawhaio, Tracey 322 Taylor, E Mervyn 330, 331 Taylor, Rob 342 Thornley, Geoff 339 Tole, John 302 Tume, Stuart 323 V Vickers, Charles 276 W Waghorn, Reginald 267 Watson, R. B 209 Webb, Marilynn 335 Weeks, John 263 Welch, Nugent 265, 266 Wilson, E.R 359 Wilson, Laurence 221-223 Worsley, Charles N 354

PART 3 B Bennett, Graham 460 Blumhardt, Doreen 428-440 Burrell, Dominic 457 C Crown Lynn 400-407, 413 Carpay, Frank 410, 411, 412 Castle, Len 418-424 Castle, Ruth 425 Cowan, Roy 442-445 E Ewing, Lawrence 441 G Gartside, Brian 448, 449 Grant, Neil 446 K Killeen, Richard 462 L Leach, Bernard 416, 417 Lett, Barry 463, 464 M Mansfield, Edgar 459 Minguzzi, Luciano 461 N Nash, Gary 453 P Parkinson, Cecilia 450 R Raos, Peter 454-456 Rie, Dame Lucie 414, 415 Robinson, Ann 458 Rudd, Rick 447 S Siddell, Emily 452 Storm, Graeme 426, 427 T Temuka Pottery 408 Tippet, Warren 451

NEW ZEAL AND & INTERN ATION AL ART AUCTION N OV EM BER 2017 E n t r i e s cu r rentl y i nvi t ed

ENQUIRIES Helena Walker | TEL +64 4 472 1367 | Dunbar M Sloane | TEL +64 9 377 5820 |


1 2







1 GRETCHEN ALBRECHT China (Red) • $25,200 2 COLIN MCCAHON Titirangi • $140,000 3 TREVOR MOFFITT Stan Graham Series • $18,760 4 TOSS WOOLLASTON Tasman Bay from Takaka • $60,000 5 ROBIN WHITE Paremata Landscape • $31,000 6 JOHN DRAWBRIDGE Two Circles • $ 38,000 - NZ AUCTION RECORD 7 ROBIN WHITE Florence with Harbour Cone • $18,000 - NZ AUCTION RECORD 8 ANN ROBINSON Coconut Ice Bowl • $28,700 104










9 steve harris Ratana Church • $28,000 - NZ AUCTION RECORD 10 FIONA PARDINGTON Te Huia te Rae • $23,000 11 GOTTFRIED LINDAUER Chief Renata Kawepo • $227,000 12 C F GOLDIE Tamehana [1900] • $323,000 13 ROBERT BERENY (HUNGARIAN) Lady Reading • $155,000 14 GRAHAME SYDNEY Silverton • $113,600 15 JULIET PETER Easter Moon • $20,300 - NZ AUCTION RECORD FINE ART


MILITARIA N OVEMBE R 2017 E n tr ies c u r re n t l y i nv i t e d

Illustrated Ludwig Teutenberg Double Barrel Percussion Shotgun Est $7,000–12,000

ENQUIRIES Bettina Frith | TEL +64 4 472 1367 | Dunbar M Sloane | TEL +64 9 377 5820 |

ANTIQUE & DECORATIVE ARTS N OV EM BER 2017 E n t r i e s cur rentl y i nvi t ed

ENQUIRIES Bettina Frith or Anthony Gallagher | TEL +64 4 472 1367 | Dunbar M Sloane | TEL +64 9 377 5820 |























20 • 21



1 Geo III S/S Lidded Tankard • $4,000 2 Suite of Six S/S Candlesticks by John Watson • $23,450 3 Wedgwood Keith Murray Collection • $10,000 4 Whitefriar Glass Collection • $20,000 5 Japanese Meiji Bronze & Ivory Figure • $11,000 6 Pair Victorian S/S Claret Jugs • $4,700 7 Royal Doulton Flambe Sung Vase • $4,100 8 Royal Worcester Twin Handle Vase • $8,700 9 Royal Worcester Twin Handle Urn • $8,900 10 Ming Meiping Vase & Cover • $2,600 11 Platinum Solitaire Diamond Ring • $52,700 12 Platinum Diamond Bridge Ring • $25,800 13 Platinum Sapphire & Diamond Ring • $4,100 14 18ct Pearl Cluster Ring • $2,350 15 Liberty Opal & Diamond Pendant • $39,400 16 NZ Colonial Gold Brooch & Earring Set • $103,000 - NZ AUCTION RECORD 17 Art Deco 18ct Diamond & Jade Pendant • $2,100 18 Victorian 15ct Locket & Chain • $5,000 19 Cultured Pearl Necklace • $1,900 20 Art Deco Brooch • $8,400 21 NZ 15ct & Opal Brooch • $6,600 22 Two Strand Uniform Pearl Necklace with Diamond Clasp • $9,000



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