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How To Avoid Workplace Romances Romance has a time and place – and at work ISN’T one of them. Here’s how to keep the romance out of your daily job.

A workplace romance can be detrimental to your professional life and

career. There is no getting around this. Dating somebody who you work is never a good idea. Most workplace romance takes place with young

professionals. Busy works schedules can lead to a lot of time spend with others in your office. Naturally you are going to get close with the girl from sales, but you need to realize what you may be doing to the way that other people in the office see you. Not having the time to meet

people outside of the office is a common excuse, but recognizing that this is a recipe for disaster is the first step in avoiding these situations at all costs. Here is a quick guide on how to avoid flirting on the job. The Signs The first step in avoiding flirting on the job is to recognize the signs that

one is beginning. If you’re getting really close with somebody from work, make sure that you aren’t being overly flirtatious. Being playful with

somebody that you work with can be fun and can make the day go by faster, but being overly flirtatious can give them the wrong idea entirely. Take a step back and look for the signs that you are falling into a workplace romance before it even begins. Make A Commitment Make a commitment to yourself that you’re not going to enter into a workplace romance. Telling yourself that you’re not going to do

something is a good way to avoid it. When you make this commitment, you will be letting yourself down if you break it. This is entirely different than make a commitment to your employer. Most employers frown on romance on the job and this could lead to a very awkward exchange between you, the girl and the HR department.

Think The Worst The best outcome to a workplace romance could be that you date for a

little while, get engaged and then get married. But what about the worst? Have you thought about getting fired? What about if this girl claims

sexual harassment? Putting these situations aside, how you would you feel if you were passed up for a promotion because you were dating a girl that would be your subordinate? Always think about the worst thing that could happen to avoid work place romance. Watch this FREE video presentation to learn how you can turn even the coldest, most despondent girl into a fun-loving, PASSIONATE SEX

ADDICT! All you have to have is your cell phone to do it! Click Here To Watch The Video! Keep Personal Emails To A Minimum Emails are a standard for a lot of businesses. Memos, promotional material and other business copy are sent through emails. But what

should you do if you get a personal email from a girl that is not exactly “business oriented?” Respond to it with language that cannot be

misconstrued. If the emails keep coming, ignore them and have a chat with the girl so she knows that it makes you uncomfortable. Emails have a way of surfacing even after they are deleted so keep this mind before you that “Send” button. Business Trips Business trips can be a lot of fun. Most companies will send their employees to different conferences around the country to get them

oriented with the latest technology or techniques in their field. However, business trips can also lead to romance. Sitting at the hotel bar with a

coworker sharing stories from college or discussing former relationships can make sparks fly. If you see this coming, avoid the situation by heading back to your room early. Get Out

One of the best methods to avoiding a workplace romance is to have a

non-workplace romance. Being in a relationship will cut all of the funny business out of your real business. Make time to get out and meet people other than those that you work with. Join a gym or just get together with friends and head out one night a week. Making an effort to meet people other than those that you work with will put you in a position to meet a girl that will not affect your professionalism. We have all heard the horror stories of a workplace romance. Some of the outcomes can even be scary. Dating on the job can easily ruin your

credibility within a business and there are countless people who have changed jobs specifically because of this. If you love your job then you

shouldn’t be willing to sacrifice it on a fling. Be careful during business trips and recognize the signs before a workplace romance begin.

Following these simple guidelines will allow you to avoid flirting on the job and keep you in good standing with your employer. Watch this FREE video presentation to learn how you can turn even the coldest, most despondent girl into a fun-loving, PASSIONATE SEX

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How To Avoid Workplace Romances