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Experience the Thrill of Making Music Making music is fun. You could spend years learning one instrument, and still not be able to produce the sounds that you feel inside. With Dr. Drum Beat Making software you can do it all, and you can do it right now. Dr. Drum makes it possible for anyone, even someone who has no formal music education, or playing experience to create awesome sounds and music tracks in any genre. 

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Create the Beat: The power to music comes from the beat. It is the heart and soul of any soundtrack and you can create these amazing sounds in minutes with Dr. Drum. You get hundreds of prerecorded beats to begin with, and you can edit them on the 12-pad kit right on your screen. Each sound included is recorded in studio quality sound, not tacky MP3 that will sound hollow and cheap. Your Dr. Drum beats will thunder and echo through the room when you let them loose. 

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Turn On the Music: If you want more than just heart-pounding beats, the ability to turn on amazing music is right in the program. The 4-octave keyboard lets you make your own sounds, import fresh sounds to edit, or choose from thousands of selections in the recorded database. Incorporate FX and make each creation unique and exciting. Turn Up the Volume: The powerful 16-track synthesizer in the Dr. Drum Beat Maker program lets you easily edit each individual track, or all at once, to control volume, resonance, frequency LFO and overlap sounds fast. Choose to import your own live music and use the synthesizer to capture individual notes or sections, and then recreate them in the perfect octave for your new creation. There’s no limit to what you can do with Dr. Drum’s sequencer. When you’re finished with your masterpiece, save it the way professionals do, in 44.1 stereo 16bit PCM .wav file that will be welcome at any club or be the life of any party. 

==> Try Dr Drum Beat Maker Here

Dr. Drum is the Secret to Successful Music Production: Don’t slave away learning instruments that take years to master, and studying theory and production. Create the music of your soul today and be the envy of all your friends. You don’t even have to tell them that you didn’t study for years or spend thousands on hightech equipment. Your personal Dr. Drum studio on your computer can be your own little secret to making mind-blowing music right in your own home. Proble music maker,beats audio,beat maker,recording software,drum machine,beats studio,music mixer,beatmaker,dj program,beat making software,make your own beats,music editing software,make your own music,music creator,music production software,dj programs,online music maker,free beat making software,music maker free,music making software,free music maker,beat maker online,beat maker online,make music online,make music,drum samples,beat maker free,make beats,music maker free download,music mixing software,make your own song,how to make beats,beat maker software,make beats online,beat machine,music creation software,drum software,free music making software,music maker online,free beat maker download,free online beat maker,beat maker free download,make a song,hip hop beat maker,remix software,free hip hop instrumentals,free rap instrumentals,drum tracks,beat maker download,music maker software,beat creator,free music production software,beat making,making beats,beat making software free,music making software free,beat makers,create your own music,create music online,download free instrumentals,drum beat maker,beat studio,make a beat,make your own beat,music maker download,music software for pc,rap beat maker,make a song online,free online music maker,beat software,best music making software,free beat maker online,beat making programs,beats maker,create your own beats,beat mixer,how to make a beat,online beat machine,free music creation software,create your own song,best beat making software,hip hop beat making software,professional beat making software,download beat making software,dr. drum,dr. drum beat making software ms

Experience the Thrill of Making Music  

Making music is fun. You could spend years learning one instrument, and still not be able to produce the sounds that you feel inside. With.....