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Dating is Easy When You Get Out of Your Head What are some ways that you can get a guy out of his head and get him more relaxed and thinking about being with the woman on an equal plane, instead of always putting her on a pedestal and trying to do everything to please womankind? Guys think too much. They put obstacles in their way, instead of just getting out there and meeting women. The truth is that a guy is most likely in a job that keeps him locked in a logical mindset all day long, and this means he’s always in his head, strategizing and ruminating about how to go about doing what he never gets around to doing. When you are locked in your head, women feel it, and it has a negative impact on your ability to seduce and date many women. I’m going to give you three great ways to get out of your head and help you improve your success with women. One, learn a style of dance. Something sensual is best, whether it’s salsa or some other form of Latin dancing. It can be a powerful way to not only meet women, because a lot of the time these classes are filled with women, but it gives you an opportunity to get in touch with your body and learn how to touch women in a sensual and fluid way. It connects you to your body, it makes you more aware of your body, and it can be a great way for getting you out of your head and starting to make you more of a sensual person. I’ve been taking part in Systema, a Russian martial arts form, lately, which has a big emphasis on breathing and relaxation. What’s great about this is it also teaches you how to defend yourself and to use your body and your mind as a collective in a way that’s optimal for you so that you can get the most output from it. That can be a great alternative, too. What I want you to keep in mind with these options and with the suggestions that I’m giving you is that I’m looking at how they can not only benefit you from the standpoint of getting you out of your head, but how doing them can have a three-fold or even five-fold advantage in helping you in many areas to do with getting better with women. Another thing I would say is that we, as people, don’t give credit to relaxation in our day- to-day lives enough. It’s amazing how powerful relaxation is and how much of an impact it can have, not only on your well-

being, but in the way that you come across to people — especially women. I would say that being able to get relaxation in on a daily basis is going to drastically impact the results you have with women and how clear your mind is when you go into interacting with women. Now, for many, this isn’t a rational option. Being able to get a massage or some sort of relaxation in once every week or two can be powerful and will benefit you in the longterm. Another tip is to simply get your focus outside of your head. When you’re always in your head and all your focus is inside, what you’re doing is becoming self-conscious and thinking about yourself. Focus instead on the girl. Come from a point of curiosity; think about what it is you’re curious about her that you can reflect on and keep focused on. Not only will this be a great way for you to open her up, but it will be a great way for you to move the conversation forward and show a genuine interest in a woman. Find out more on:

Dating is Easy When You Get Out of Your Head