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• Wheelchairs are found in a variety of sizes

and shapes with sufficient choices that you can get the wheels you want to take you in the place you want to go with the help you need. • Active manual wheelchair is a good choice when you have enough strength in the upper body, but by an individual or an electric wheelchair is mostly preferred in patients with upper body injury. • When you have considered your necessities and selected your chair, find various choices of powered and manual wheelchair accessories in the market or online.

• Electric wheelchair accessories may include wheelchair armrests, tray and foot movements, the anti-tip device and prolonged braking. • Manual wheelchair accessories also offer the same equipments and wheelchair chargers and batteries as well.

• A battery charger plus an additional one can be a good electronic wheelchair accessory, as it can enable the electric wheelchair to operate more efficiently.

•Most electric wheelchairs are available with a battery and a battery charger, providing flexibility with an extra place to charge the battery and also a back-up battery to help users obtain nearly all out of their wheelchair.

•Electric wheelchairs are mostly preferred by individuals or patients with impairments in the upper body. •This is just to make people comfortable manual wheelchair accessories. For example, wheelchair blanket to cover the entire body are very useful. Most traditional blanket is not suitable for wheelchair riders correct size.

1. Easy To Use in Transportation 2. Easier to propel and turn due to the frame rigidity; no energy lost in frame movement 3. Greater strength and durability; less moving parts

4. Greater adjustment ability for posture, meeting individual needs and allowing for change in wheelchair skills (seatback angle adjustment) 5. Often More Compact

Manual wheelchair accessories easily and securely fit to your wheelchair frame :- Wheelchair Accessories that aid in installation and quick removal of tie d...

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