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The clock easily contaminated from exposure to sweat, dirt and other substances. Clean the clock using a slightly damp soft cloth. Or use toothpaste with a soft brush running rub lightly and rinse with water. This will extend the life of the clock. Do not use any solvents, cleaning agents, industrial detergents, adhesives, paint or spray surfaces clock. So we must applying the right way to preserve your watches. The following tips will help you: • For energy meter quartz (Quartz), after failing to wear daily, keep close to supplies have strong magnetic fields such as TV, refrigerator, cabinets, computers, or cell phone active. Because in the magnetic environment more so will cause your battery will soon run out the clock, capacitor (IC) of the magnetic susceptibility meter to the computer clock does not work correctly. • For clock uses the Automatic (movement) or winding (Handwinding movement), then saving time, schedule or performance tuning to avoid a period of 15 hours - 21h daily. Because if we do the work on this period will cause unintended damage to the wheels of the system clock. • For the function clock measuring time sports (Chronograph), should limit the use of metal measuring sports (chronograph hand) regularly, because if you use this function continuously (inadvertent or unintended like) will cause the battery as fast clock, parts count and divide his time (split time) with dysfunction. Other functions such as: Alarm (available at Swatch Touch Alarm clock or clock Harmony of Time Jacques LeMans line number 1-1046A) or a light meter (available at Swatch Touch Loomi) these should be limited inefficient use of excessive and continuous functions mentioned above. • Do not test the hardness and wear resistance of the watch glass (sapphire glass) with things being as hard than sapphire glass cutter, diamond ... as this will damage the glass clock. • Note secures control knob to adjust the clock back an hour or calendar, to prevent water can penetrate inside the clock. The clock frequently while wearing a hot bath or sauna also made waterproof capability of the clock has been reduced. • Always make sure that there is enough power for the apparatus of the clock, change the batteries regularly and exactly the type of battery in the Warranty Repair Center with its authorized Braun ,Swatch and Jacques LeMans. The implementation of the replacement battery for Braun Watches, Swatch watches and Jacques LeMans not a Warranty Repair Center with its authorized Braun, Swatch and Jacques LeMans will be able to clock leading to damage such as water, the clock stops activities, running the wrong time.

The tips to keep Braun Watches