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Presentation to En Route International Friday 26th July 2013 Derek Sanders and Sean Kennedy

Mune’s Authentic Roots A strong immune system is integral to staying healthy. Inspired by a home remedy to naturally support the immunity of their family, Lucie and Derek Sanders created Mune proprietary recipes of 100% natural ingredients known to support the immune system. Through sampling 100 000+ people we’ve learned that the vast majority of people aspire to naturally support their immunity, understand that they can by making healthy consumption choices, and love the taste of Mune.

The Airborne Opportunity Renowned travel journalist Simon Calder had this to say about the airlines industry:

“Airlines think of themselves as a force for good providing an airline experience which is focused on quality levels of service and alleviating travel risks.” We agree that quality levels of service and alleviating perceived travel risks are paramount to a traveler’s experience and assessment of an airline. Mune is delicious, convenient, and has proven efficacy. Presented and communicated effectively, it will positively contribute in a real, effectual manner to a traveler’s perception of their airborne experience. Including Mune within the service of food and drink provides a fantastic opportunity to address on-board health challenges.

Flying is bad for our health... fact or fiction? Since the first passenger flight in 1908 travel has been a force for good: connecting people, increasing social experiences and adding to economic activity. However there is a perception amongst an increasingly significant number of people that air travel, and particularly the in-flight experience, can have negative health consequences. Whether or not we subscribe to this view is irrelevant, the reality is that many of the industry’s customers set foot on an airplane with some degree of trepidation.

In fact, experts point out that the environment of a plane is probably less risky, health-wise, than other crowded, confined spaces. Given airliners’ improved ventilation systems, aircraft cabins are now healthier than the office, according to Marc Gendreau of the Lahey Clinic in Burlington, Mass, USA. Mune’s range of Immune Support and Defence products is not a magic solution, but its ingredients do have proven efficacy in combating fatigue and boosting the immune system and can provide airlines with a visible, effective and enjoyable solution to counter those negative customer perceptions.

Negative Health Perceptions of Airline Travel 1 Dehydration

3 Infectious agents

Relative humidity drops significantly in flight, especially on long journeys. Humans find a 50% rate of humidity to be comfortable, but 25% humidity is tolerable in very arid locations. Humidity in-flight drops to 10% and below, leading to a physiological effect: rapid dehydration. Dry skin and eyes occur, and the rest of the body reacts to the lack of moisture by compensating or adjusting its biochemical levels.

In a study conducted by the University of Arizona, samples from a variety of surfaces across numerous everyday environments (including airplanes) were collected and analyzed for Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus Aureus. MRSA was found in 3% of personal vehicles, 3.24% of work offices, 6.25% of public restrooms, 33% of home offices, and 100% of the inspected planes, including 60% of the tray tables.

2 Recycled air

4 Low pressure air

In reality, the average airplane’s cabin air is more likely to be cleaner than air a customer breathes on the ground. Air cabin air is completely refreshed about 20 times/hour. By comparison, the air in the average office building is refreshed just 12 times/hour. On most airplanes, the air is circulated throughout the cabin from top to bottom. This keeps air supplies localized, so even sharing somebody else’s air (which is filtered and refreshed) is only with the people in the immediate vicinity - not the entire cabin.

The inflight air is the same air as outside, but modified. The outside air is drawn in, compressed and then pumped into the cabins. It is considered low pressure air, causes the nitrogen gas in our bodies to expand, and may affect the times and dosages of medications. Fingers, ankles and joints can also swell, and may cause a feeling of bloatedness.


Negative Health Perceptions and Mune’s Counter Effect Issue

Customer concerns

Mune efficacy



Dry skin, eyes

Body naturally hydrated


Recycled air

Transmission of airborne illnesses from other passengers

Immune system boosted


Infectious agents

Transmission of viruses and bacteria from surfaces

Immune system boosted


Low pressure air

Bloating and swelling

Body naturally hydrated


What’s in Mune? Mune products contain significant amounts of Vitamins B3, B5, B6, B9, B12, C, and D3, and ZINC, and a proprietary recipe of delicious ingredients known to support the immune system. These ingredients enable Mune to be supported by Commission Regulation (EU) No 432/2012 supported claims: Vitamins B6, B9, B12, C, D, and ZINC contribute to the normal function of the immune system. Vitamins B3, B5, B6, B9, B12 and C contribute to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue.

What’s NOT in Mune?


NO added sugar, artificial sweeteners, additives or preservatives FREE FROM gluten, wheat, lactose, and caffeine

Strategic Partnership with Biothera to include Wellmune WGP Beta 1,3/1,6 Glucans in all Mune Products Derived from a proprietary strain of baker’s yeast clinically demonstrated (8 human trials) to support innate immune health Protected by 40 patents and patents pending Backed by $330m worth of research Mune also includes 100% organic agave prebiotic fibre to complement probiotic function

Mune Expertise in Innate Immune Health

Dr Paul Clayton PhD pharmacology. Fellow, Institute of Food Brain & Behaviour, Oxford. Former President, Forum on Food & Health, Royal Society of medicine (London), Chair, Biothera scientific advisory board. Visiting Chair, University of Pecs (Hungary).

“The radiation shielding effects of the atmosphere at 25,000 feet are very much reduced - in fact, one transAtlantic flight exposes each passenger to the equivalent of 4 x-rays, which are immuno-suppressant. Wellmune (contained in Mune) is proven to reduce the immunesuppressant effects of irradiation, and enhances resistance to infection� Dr Paul Clayton

Mune Relevance to Airline Travel We believe that the Mune brand footprint: ‘100% natural health enhancement and reassurance through immunity support’, could not be more relevant than during airline travel. In the case of in-flight consumption, with hundreds of strangers within a confined space, passengers will gain both physical and psychological added value by making the healthy choice to enjoy Mune.

Fully Accredited Supply Chain Ingredients and Formulation: • Dr Paul Clayton (efficacy formulation consultant) • Chris Baker (flavour formulation consultant) • Cobell • Omega Ingredients • Cambridge Commodities • Naturel West • Wellmune Production and Packaging: • Dr Philip Ashurst (HACCP) • Chadwicks • Mutliple Marketing • Dovedale Foods

Equity Value Partners Natural Health & Pharmaceutical Wholesaler: Tree of Life Multi-Channel Distributor: Petty Wood Brand Ambassador: Alexandra Burke ‘In Tune with Mune!’

Current Offering Mune Defence Provides immunity defence through 100% RDA of 7 vitamins, zinc, and Wellmune beta glucans Can be served in smaller size than current 50ml (i.e. 25ml) with 100% RDAs per serving, and no negative effect on taste or efficacy Can be offered across a variety of consumption opportunities to meet the traveler’s preference i.e. shot, mixed in juice, fruit tea, smoothie, yogurt, porridge, salad dressing or other inspired food and drinks Mune Support Provides immunity support through 50% RDA of 7 vitamins and zinc and 100% natural healthy ingredients Can be supplied in current 330ml, smaller or larger bottles, or in bulk containers (up to 1000 litres) with 50% RDAs per serving, and no negative effect on taste or efficacy Specifically designed to address the challenges of dehydration and immunity depletion

Bespoke Offering We are interested to partner with En Route International to: Develop bespoke Mune recipes with delicious flavour profiles and proven efficacy specific to travellers needs (formulated in cooperation with Dr Clayton). Sell in bulk for bespoke packing which meets the individual needs of airlines and their customers. Exports We’re keen to explore hot weather export markets where hydration is an issue, non-alcoholic drinks are a focus, and many of Mune’s key ingredients have significant heritage honey, lemon, ginger, coconut, pineapple, lemongrass. We’ve been recently listed with 66 Holland & Barrett Global Franchises (through NBTY Europe) including 7 shops n UAE.