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higher volumes moved. The year’s occupancy peaked at 90% with record levels in August reaching 89,905 containers moved through berths. The challenge posed by this high level of storage and cargo handling for our terminal has showed the need to have our team committed to the best logistics solutions, willing to dialogue and cooperating to obtain the best results for our business. This shows that we are preparing well for the new level we reached in July when we consolidated our leadership in the port of Santos by being ranked first by number of containers handled. Although this result is important, we must bear in mind that being ranked first is merely a product of our aim of being properly prepared to provide excellent services for customers.

As the year goes on, we realize how we have already made lots of things happen, while we are sure that we will be able to do even more by the end of 2017. On looking back at the results we have obtained, we may highlight some important initiatives that have been in place over recent months. One of them was obtaining certification as Authorized Economic Operator (locally OEA), which shows that the terminal’s operations are trustworthy and ensures more safety and agility when obtaining clearance for cargoes while speeding up customs procedures. We also highlight the substantial progress we have seem for our proposal to resolve recurring dredging problems, which affect our operations and hinder our aim of providing efficient services. For the first time in history, all the associations and entities related to the port have joined forces to work for the same cause - the Santos 17 condominium project. Together, we have got federal government to commit to setting up a working group to evaluate our proposal for privately managed dredging in Santos, which is crucial for Brazil to prosper. Another equally important aspect this year has been our commitment to operational planning, especially in recent months. External factors such as bad weather and congested shipping conditions in the South, in addition to significant restrictions affecting the navigation channel, on top of

Speaking of preparation, we organized an important and useful meeting of BTP’s entire leadership of - from supervisor to director. For the first time, we were all meeting together to talk about our business, including the first presentation of our long-term plan. On the same day, we also felt more inspired to talk about innovation and creativity. But the most important thing about this meeting was feeling sure that dialogue and information are crucial for engagement, otherwise we would not have an accurate sense of our route and would not understand the reason for the road we were taking. At that meeting, we made a commitment to continue these talks with the leaders and their teams, so that the entire BTP team will be fully aware of the strategic objectives we have to pursue together. We still have important challenges ahead of us. We have already started the stage of auditing for our SGI certification for ISO standards for quality (9001), environment (14001), and health and safety (18001). Our schedule stipulates auditing conducted with the certifying entity in December. This certification shows our competitiveness and the quality of the services we provide to our customers, our environmental precautions and our employees’ safety and health. Let’s move forward while keeping our innovative attitude, personal commitment and team spirit - without ever neglecting safety - to celebrate even more achievements by the end of this year. Thank you, Antonio Passaro CEO

Graphic design: Oficina de Ideias l Editorial staff: Jéssica Nunes - Corporate Communication and Social Responsibility Assistant Larissa Saviello - Corporate Communication and Social Responsibility Assistant l Coordination: Yara Motta - Corporate Communication and Social Responsibility Manager l CEO Antonio P. Passaro l Corporate Affairs officer: Joel Contente

By: Jéssica Nunes

We got OEA authorization! Our internationally recognized certification shows that our terminal operations are reliable while ensuring greater safety and agility In September, we were officially recognized as Authorized Economic Operator (OEA) for safety, which is awarded by the federal tax authority and published in the Federal Gazette. This certification adds us to the select number of port terminals in Brazil that meet the requirements of the World Customs Organization (WCO) Committee. The main purpose of the OEA program is to facilitate integration between Customs and all operators involved in the international trade chain. The certificate is issued to logistics chain stakeholders who show ability to run low-risk operations and meet WCO requirements. In order to obtain the certificate, BTP was submitted to a rigorous audit by the federal tax authority which analyzed the new international standard procedures we have adopted that pose a number of benefits for customers and boots the Terminal’s competitive advantage. The OEA program is part of the WCO Framework of Standards to Secure and Facilitate Trade (SAFE) which aims to inhibit

international terrorism, ensure secure tax revenues and foster world trade. Due to the high degree of reliability of OEA-certified stakeholders, our company can offer more agile services for customers, especially in terms of quicker cargo clearance and shorter customs transit, in addition to priority testing to participate in all of the federal tax authority’s new cargo processing programs. Under this voluntary program, certificates must be renewed periodically to ensure that the Terminal is always up to date with the most modern practices in the industry internationally. Julio D’Assunção, our Quality and Processes coordinator, emphasizes that this certification shows BTP’s status as a secure exporter and boosts its credibility in the international market. “It was a great challenge and we were very happy to have our controls’ efficacy recognized and for the federal tax authority to identify us as meeting high standards and ensuring good practices for OEA related processes. It was and is a great satisfaction to achieve this ambition for BTP,” adds Julio. There are currently 84 companies that have been awarded this certification in Brazil. Manufacturers, importers, exporters, customs brokers, carriers, consolidators, intermediaries, port and airport managers, terminal operators, multimodal transport operators, permit holders, and bonded warehouse concessionaires may be recognized as authorized economic operators (OEAs).

By: Jéssica Nunes

Innovative Leadership Communicating clearly and transparently, creating new opportunities for engagement, encouraging and inspiring are the main objectives of “LeaderSHIP - BTP Leaders Meeting”, which was held on August 10 for our leaders to talk about our business and the major challenges going forward. The idea is that these meetings will be held every six months including talks or presentations to instigate leaders to ensure even more effective and participative management. The first meeting - held at Novotel in the Gonzaga district of Santos- was attended by more than 80 leaders. In addition to the directors’ presentations of BTP’s July and 1H earnings and numbers, the program included the announcement of the 2nd iteration of our Corporate Leadership Training program (Clic) and other long-term projects.

Getting everyone on the same page: this was the main result of our 1st Leadership meeting. Having all sectors aligned with the company’s priorities and its future direction is crucial. It is the only way to join our forces to focus on what the company needs to grow fast with a focus on excellence Joel Contente, Corporate Affairs director

From left to right: Alex Nunes Vieira (IT Infrastructure coordinator), Felipe Sa Ness (Operations supervisor) and Kátia Soares Shnaptis (Controllership manager)

The event was opened by our CEO, Mr. Antonio Passaro

1st BTP Leaders Meeting - LeaderSHIP

To start off on the right foot, the main theme of this first meeting was Creativity and Innovation. Both concepts are crucial for successful managers. The speaker was Martha Gabriel, a digital thought leader and bestselling author, who lectures on MBA programs. In this context, Martha Gabriel argued that one of the key skills that companies and individuals must have to survive and succeed is the ability to innovate. “Without innovative leadership you cannot develop systemic innovation in an organization and continue to be a market leader, so innovative corporate culture has to be constantly cultivated,” she said, to conclude: “It is always very gratifying to participate in events focused on innovation, especially an academy of leaders and companies that are already innovative, as in BTP’s case.” Operations supervisor Paulo Rogério Lima thought it was a very positive the experience that prompted dialogue. “Through these meetings, we were able to get closer to senior management with access to company data to discuss future ambitions. So we were able to be even more assertive when conveying information to our teams and aligning our objectives,” he said.

By: Larissa Saviello

Art and Sport for a better future It was a great honor and a pleasure to take on a commitment to develop the community when we announced BTP’s support for two social projects in 2017! The projects involving judo training and choir practice helped show local children new perspectives by encouraging art and sports. Choir - Porto dos Anjos The choir was founded in 2017 and expenses are eligible for tax incentive under federal culture programs. The project offers free singing and music courses for 48 children aged 7 - 12 from public or private educational systems. The lessons involve training in music theory, vocal preparation, body percussion, choral practice using children’s songs and folk songs and all students are given class material, uniforms and snacks. In addition to learning to sing, the initiative helps with educational and social aspects led by a team consisting of a choir master, voice coach, pianist, artistic director and pedagogical coordinator. The choir has many benefits for students’ growth and the course may improve academics because it stimulates reading, comprehension and memory while developing concepts such as teamwork and disinhibition that favor social interaction among the children. “We have to see that education is more comprehensive than what is being taught in schools. Our several intelligences need different stimuli to develop and by participating in the choir as a child, there will be very positive consequences for the adults of tomorrow,” notes choir director Pedro Sorensen.

Judo training Developed by the Santos Children’s Assistance department and supported by the Municipal Incentive Program for Supporting Sport (PROMIFAE), the initiative offers free judo classes for 120 children and adolescents aged 6 - 14 who are living in socially vulnerable situations. The project started four years ago to instigate young people to learn concepts such as discipline, cooperation and teamwork through sport. Sessions take place twice a week at a gym in Santos under the technical coordination of experienced judokas who introduce children to the theory, methodology and practice of judo. Between training and moves, they learn the importance of participating and competing, whatever the outcome. All participants are given a kit containing a kimono, belt and T-shirt, as well as snacks after lessons. The children also learn to show dedication and commitment off the mat too. To continue attending class throughout the year, they have to get good grades and do school work well. In addition to developing responsibility, the initiative fosters social integration and inclusion by involving families and the community in competitions and events. For the second half of 2017, several events are scheduled with the state judo federation as well as local presentations such as a judo festival at which several clubs and schools compete with each other.

BTP is committed to helping the region’s children and supporting initiatives to transform the situation here. We encourage culture and education and promote key values for children such as friendship, respect and having fun in healthy environments with favorable conditions for their development as children Yara Gonçalves da Motta, Corporate Communication and Social Responsibility manager

Marise Hashimoto, who coordinates the program’s funding and projects, says that dealing with children who are in a process of constant transformation leads to a feeling of accomplishment. “I am honored to see how students who did not know a single move have evolved to think about joining the federation and competing with top athletes. Many of them are now entering São Paulo State Judo Federation competitions. Of the 20 who entered the August regional competition at Praia Grande, 19 qualified for the state championship interregional stage - which took place at the end of the same month. “Perhaps some of them will make it to Brazil’s Olympic Games team,” adds Marise.

By: Jéssica Nunes

Another winning partnership Going to a market is relatively uncomplicated. But have you ever paused to think about the meticulous logistics behind this easy access to goods that are kept well organized and conserved? From foodstuffs to bicycles, the work involved in importing, handling, storage and distribution must focus on excellence so that these products constantly reach high levels of quality. Carrefour, the international hypermarket chain founded in France in 1959, in one of Brazil’s favorite options for monthly shopping expeditions. The company was founded when the Fournier and Defforey retailing families joined forces to start a new venture. This partnership became Carrefour and a year later they opened their first supermarket in the town of Parmelan in France’s Haute-Savoie region. The first store was an immediate success and by June 15, 1963 Carrefour was introducing the hypermarket, a new concept for a store in Sainte-Geneviéve-Des-Bois, near Paris, with 2,500 m2 sales area and 400 parking spaces. In Brazil, Carrefour pioneered hypermarket stores. It has over 10,860 stores worldwide and more than 360,000 employees working in 33 countries. Brazil alone has more than 72,000 employees at over 500 stores.

What has this got to do with BTP? BTP and Carrefour started their partnership in November 2016. After several tentative negotiations, BTP had an opportunity to start operational tests with the importer’s containers. Their successful results confirmed that BTP would be a strategic differential for Carrefour’s operations and the partnership developed. We are now handling more Carrefour containers every day, especially in the second half of the year - when more cargoes come from Europe due to fruit harvests and the Christmas festive period, when the chain has to be ready to meet demand. To get an idea of the amounts involved, in July 2017, we handled over 200 containers for this importer, including metal boxes unloaded at other terminals on the Right Bank. Roberta Amaro Moreno, our Carrefour account executive, explains that BTP is certainly a key partner for the retail chain. “The numbers show that we are one of the most important operators in Carrefour’s logistics chain. I am happy to say that everyone is aligned and attuned to the importance of this client operating with us. Our Warehouse, Commercial, Financial and other sectors prioritize orders from Carrefour and serve them with excellence,” adds Roberta Amaro Moreno.


Administrative: a sector that is present in all the others, too Do you how many incoming calls we get every day? How many employees use company transportation? Our Administrative sector people know the answers because they are part of their everyday job of running BTP’s numerous processes, equipment and flows across all the other sectors. Our Administrative sector’s responsibilities include managing and distributing office equipment, managing and controlling service providers (e.g. restaurants), controlling internal vehicles and buses, conventional and industrial cleaning, reception for visitors and telephones. Administrative work is so extensive that this sector is “present” in practically everything from the moment an employee caches a chartered bus to come to work, their snacks and meal times, the office supplies they needs to do their jobs, calls from customers or suppliers, coffee breaks, through to the end of the working day or shift handover. The Administrative sector interacts right across the company in different ways, providing support and tracking them through three major management systems: the Physical Asset System integrated with SAP; the Service Desk platform on which tasks and orders are controlled; and Electronic Document Management. How Electronic Document Management (EDM) and Service Desk streamline and simplify processes: Service Desk This system manages calls and demands for various services at the terminal, such as taxis and office supplies. Users can constantly track and trace their outstanding orders and requests. Every stage from order or request through to conclusion goes through the system, thus simplifying the process and making it faster and more efficient. EDM An EDM system is a digital archive that replaces physical boxes and frees up the space they occupy. It is environmentally friendly because it reduces the need for printouts. By locating documents faster and being available in a web environment, the system can serve more customers or contact government agencies more effectively or directly by e-mail, so all managers should use these tools to make our company even more productive. Opportunities for growth and development are keywords in the administrative sector. Take for example Renato Esteves,

From left to right (standing): Magda Favero, Wagner Vaz, Fábio Mello, Rafaela Oliveira, Renato Esteves, Marina Vilalta, Samantha Almeida and Roseclea Fernandes. From left to right (seated): Júlia Gosn, Marinete Pardal, Maria de Fátima Borges, Rita Avelar and Virgínia Alves.

Marina Vilalta, Rita Avelar and Roseclea Fernandes, who were initially outsourcers for BTP and have now joined our administrative team. Another team member, Wagner Vaz, was employed at our gatehouse before joining Admin. through our in-house promotion opportunity program (Propor).

Our mission is to ensure support for all company areas by providing efficient and quality administrative and logistics support services while managing and optimizing all resources Maria de Fátima Borges, Administrative manager

Did you know?

An average of 150,000 legal documents are digitized every month for our EDM system. The sector handles approximately

400 Service Desk calls per month. 4,400 fixed assets are inventoried every year. Our administrative sector controls the 2,700 keys used in the Terminal. Quayside and ships consume an on average of 490 gallons of water per month. Telephony takes on average of

15,000 calls per month and is working 12 hours a day Monday through Saturday.

By: Jéssica Nunes

Time for fun here!

It was July 22 and we started the day with a popcorn stall, trampoline, clowns, magic show, theater, circus workshop and children laughing. The occasion was special visit for our employees’ children for a party commemorating the 3rd annual kids event known as “Vacation at BTP”, and the theme for this year’s program was “circus.” Some 150 children aged 4 to 12 came along for the day to get a close-up view of their parents’ workplace. In addition to games and activities, the children toured the terminal and the older ones were able to operate the equipment simulator too.

Our fire-truck demonstration was eagerly awaited by the children

Voluntariado The following volunteers provided essential supported for the event by looking after the children for all of the day’s activities: Lucas de Brito Rodrigues, Anderson Tamaio Azevedo, Mayara de Jesus, Felipe Mafra Melo, Letícia Ribeiro dos Santos, Paulo Rogério Lima, Luis Sérgio da Silva, Alexandre Exaltação, Renata Crês Vieira, Bruna Campos, Marcelo Silva, Ronaldo do Nascimento, Kelly dos Santos Penteado, Cristiane Amaral dos Santos, Sigrid Class, Rui Diego Veloso, Sandrine Gabriela, and Kauene Ferreira.

Approximately 150 children attended the event

It was a wonderful experience to be able to participate in this project, because everything becomes easy and enjoyable when kids are involved. Among their favorites was a tour of the yard and quayside. The kids were obviously delighted to see their parents’ workplaces and overjoyed when they came to the ships. So we sure got that “mission accomplished” feeling recalled Tax assistant Kelly Penteado, who was one of the volunteers for the event.

Wearing PPE, the children were shown all terminal infrastructure The program included circus workshops

From left to right: Joel Contente, Thomas Bulow, Mr. Mogens Larsen, Antonio Passaro, Mr. Morten Engelstoft, Cláudio Oliveira, and Márcio Guiot By: Jéssica Nunes

APM Terminals’ new CEO visited our company

APM Terminals’ new CEO visited BTP on September 15. For the first time we welcomed Mr. Morten Engelstoft on his tour of the conglomerate’s Latin American terminals. Mr. Morten and Mr. Mogens Larsen - APM Terminals board member – were at BTP for a morning meeting with our directors. Their schedule included a visit to the terminal and a presentation for our directors, managers and coordinators at the Visitors House.

Closer to getting ISO and OHSAS certifications! By the end of the year, all BTP areas will undergo external audits to earn their NBR ISO 9001, NBR ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certifications. So don’t forget to read through your area’s internal procedures and processes and keep up with new information. By doing so, we will be helping to earn our certification for these internationally recognized standards. Another very important point is to learn the guidelines governing our Integrated Management System, published April 2017. Remember:

BTP ranked among the top 1,000 For the first time, BTP made Exame magazine’s ranking of the top “1,000 Biggest and Best” companies. The 2017 awards were announced in the first week of August. For half a century, Exame magazine’s yearbook has been listing the top companies driving Brazil’s economic growth and development. BTP was ranked 676th overall and leader in the container terminal segment.

“Brasil Terminal Portuário (BTP) is a container port operator committed to ensuring quality services, occupational health and safety for its employees and others, and preserving the local environment and community. BTP is committed to complying with technical specifications and applicable legislation, serving the interests of its shareholders, customers and other stakeholders, while continually improving its business.”

Record amount of items collected for our 2017 Warm Clothing Campaign

BTP’s 2017 Warm Clothing Campaign collected a record 330 items to donate to various charities in the region through the Santos Solidarity Fund.

Environmental Certification (CONAMA)

In July, we got our independent environmental audit report showing compliance with Resolution No. 306 of 2002 promulgated by Brazil’s National Environment Council (Conama) showing that we are fully compliant with Environment Ministry regulations. The audit covers environmental management and control systems at Brazil’s ports.

9th BTP Educator Awards On July 27, BTP and the municipality of Santos honored the winners of the 9th BTP Educator event in the auditorium of the city’s Education secretariat. A total of 38 awards were made for students, teachers and schools. One of the winners was Cauane Alves dos Santos Carvalho, a Year 5 student at the school named UME 28 de fevereiro, who delivered a presentation on the correct disposal of technological waste. “Taking part in BTP Educator was a lot of fun. My teacher helped with research to put together a beautiful presentation on the computer. I’ve learned that all waste has a right place for its disposal, even cellphones. If we toss them in the wrong trash, they may be hazards for people or the environment.” This event around the theme of “Correct Waste Disposal” attracted 2,879 entries, which was 78.9% of the students enrolled at the 10 public schools involved.

If we drop trash in the wrong place, it may be dangerous for people and the environment Cauane Alves dos Santos,

Our CEO Antonio Passaro with the award-winning students

student at UME February 28

By: Larissa Saviello

New directions and success stories Renato Batista André, Equipment Maintenance supervisor, participated in Propor in 2014 when he was an electrical technician looking for new challenges with BTP. In less than a month for the selection procedure, he earned the position of Shift Leader, thus providing new stimulus for his career:

Our in-house promotion program known as “Propor” has been providing career opportunities for 4 years and is now the main factor transforming the lives of employees who wish to tackle new challenges with BTP. Since 2013, some 400 employees have applied for the program’s selective procedures. Of this total, 107 fulfilled the criteria for job openings and were selected to take up new duties. To find the ideal candidate for the opening in question, we start by following certain eliminatory stages of the procedure. First, the employee applies for the position through our Employee Portal. Then Human Resources team will decide whether the applicant fills all the prerequisites required for the particular job opening. In addition there are behavioral assessments and technical tests (depending on the position) before an interview with a manager. If an employee has passed all these stages, they finally go for a medical examination. Here are some of our employees who saw Propor as an opportunity to rewrite their stories with the company:

Vanessa Andrade, senior Purchasing analyst, participated in one of the first Propor selection procedures in 2013. As a financial assistant at that time, she recalls that she decided to apply for the Purchasing Analyst position at the last minute on the final date and wondered if she had made the right decision and throughout the entire selection procedure. However, as soon as the result was released, her feeling of uncertainty was left aside:

When I learned I would be the new member of BTP purchasing team, I was very excited! Interacting with all areas is something magical, since each process has its own particularities and enables the exchange and acquisition of new experiences all the time. Thanks to Propor I was able to find my professional path.

Brasil Terminal Portuário Av. Engenheiro Augusto Barata, s/nº - Alemoa Santos - SP - Brasil CEP: 11095-907

It was a great joy and there was the personal and professional satisfaction of getting a chance to grow within BTP. Knowing that we have a procedure like this means that BTP recognizes and respects each individual`s aptitudes. For us employees, Propor is synonymous with opportunity, growth and recognition, as the company shows trust and in its team and gives them more responsibilities.

Participating in one of the most recent selective processes, Wagner da Silva Vaz was employed as a gate operator when he became interested in the administrative assistant position posted in July 2016:

Participating in Propor was a challenge followed by a great achievement, as different talents from different areas were pursuing the same growth opportunity. I would say that being approved for a new role in BTP, in a completely different area, showed appreciation and recognition for the job I have done for the company over the years.

To report conduct violating legislation or BTP’s internal policies / procedures, values and principles, e-mail our ombudsman at ouvidoria@btp.com.br.

Profile for Brasil Terminal Portuário

Our Jornal - Issue 21 (June/July/August- 2017)  

Our Jornal - Issue 21 (June/July/August- 2017)