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Our targets are our guides. Whether they are corporate targets, team targets or individual targets, they should be guiding our actions on a daily basis, without ever easing up with regard to safety, which is one of Our Company’s non-negotiable values. And safety does not just include work inside the company, but also - and in particular entails the journey to and from work. Road accidents are showing a significant increase. This year alone, there were 10 incidents up until May, most of which involved motorcyclists! What good does it do to pursue our objectives if, while we are on this path, we stop looking to the side, taking care of our physical integrity and that of our colleagues. It is not just a question of observing the traffic regulations but we also have to use common sense when we’re in the street. It is better to lose a minute of our lives than to lose our lives in a minute.

We are now beginning the second half of 2017. The feeling is that time is going by very quickly, but the important thing is that we are moving forward at the same pace. In retrospect, we can observe during this period that a lot of initiatives were put into practice and significant results were achieved at our Company. The most recent result celebrated by our team was the record productivity score of 164.13 GMPH, achieved in the operation of the ship MSC Maureen in May. We do not believe in “luck”. We firmly believe that what is commonly referred to as “luck” is simply the convergence of opportunity with preparation. We have worked very hard, and even more intensively in recent months, to improve our operational dynamics. We have accurately analyzed all the yard and dock strategies and reviewed the teams’ attributions in order to achieve a better overall performance in terms our port operations. In short, we are preparing ourselves correctly. And doing our job better does not just mean being more effective, it also means being more competitive, making our business more attractive to our customers and our shareholders. And this, in addition to giving us professional satisfaction for the quality service provided and for being part of a high performance team, also generates financial gains for us through our sharing in the Company’s results. The PPR is one of the instruments that values our commitment, combining Our Company’s main objectives in a single program.

We have to have the conviction that our level of dedication and commitment to safety, together with our proactive, responsible posture and our continuous efforts to ‘think outside the box’ are elements which together can enable us to exceed the main goal, en route to the final excellent result. In this sense, the unity of BTP’s team is capable of making a difference in achieving great things. By combining talents, efforts, and objectives, we can turn any challenging situation into concrete results which far exceed our initial expectations. We should always remember that teamwork is the starting point for any action that is intended to be successful. And one of our joint challenges for this year is already at an advanced stage: the Integrated Management System (SGI) will enable our company to obtain certification in terms of internationally recognized standards such as ISO 9001, 14001 and OHSAS 18001. In addition to the actual achievement itself, from the market’s point of view, this denotes our commitment to quality, the environment, health and safety; the implementation of the SGI, by the end of 2017, will enable us to work better and more assertively. But in order to do this, everybody needs to be committed in the pursuit of this goal. If you have any doubts, get in touch with your immediate manager and find out how you can contribute to this project. The feeling that time is speeding up is undeniable, but each day still contains 24 hours, and what we do in each of them is solely up to us. Let’s make our time, both here at BTP as well as in the outside world, even more productive so that, together, we have another semester full of achievements and lots of other reasons to celebrate. Best regards, Antonio Passaro CEO

Graphic design: Oficina de Ideias l Editorial staff: Jéssica Nunes - Corporate Communication and Social Responsibility Assistant Larissa Saviello - Corporate Communication and Social Responsibility Assistant l Coordination: Yara Motta - Corporate Communication and Social Responsibility Manager l CEO Antonio P. Passaro l Corporate Affairs officer: Joel Contente

Special DDS with participation of the entire Occupational Safety team

By: Jéssica Nunes

Safety at all times As well as the terminal’s operational period, which is 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, it is necessary that everybody’s safety be a priority in every one of the activities carried out and during every single second of the day. Those who work at night and during the early hours of the morning need to be even more careful, as some functions require extra attention because of the decrease in the amount of natural light and the adaptation of the employee’s sleeping times. For this reason, on April 27 we spent a whole day talking about this issue which is so important to our daily lives, in line with Global Safety Day - an initiative of APM Terminals - in reference to the National Prevention and Occupatioal Safety Day (which is celebrated on April 28). The day’s agenda included a number of activities designed to raise awareness in relation to safety while working at the terminal at night, such as theatrical interventions in the sectors and during the changes of shift, special safety dialogues involving the entire Occupational Safety team and also communications with tips and information regarding how to work safely at all hours.

Theatrical interventions in the administrative sectors

We have put together some tips for those working under a shift rotation schedule. Check them out:

Get good quality sleep

What can be done to improve sleep for shift-workers is to maintain 8 hours’ rest on a regular basis. Since working hours usually vary from week to week, it is important to give the body and mind the necessary rest. A blackout curtain to keep the room dark, an airconditioning unit or fan that is switched on in order to make the environment cooler and as little noise as possible is recommended, in order to simulate a nocturnal sleep environment.

Eat well It is very important to have between 5 and 6 meals a day and to ingest as many nutrients as possible at each meal. Experts recommend eating every three hours. Including fruits, whole grains and foods with good fats such as avocados and nuts can be a great idea. It is also important to drink plenty of water: Water keeps the metabolism active, helping the body to cope better with sleep. Theatrical interventions during the changes of shift


By: Jéssica Nunes

Yellow May promotes awareness in traffic With the slogan “My choice makes a difference”, the month of May was highlighted to get everyone’s attention, particularly those who ride motorbikes, for the theme of Road Safety. Our company supported the “Yellow May” movement, which is held all over the world, and organized communications and activities aimed at increasing awareness regarding traffic safety.

DID YOU KNOW? According to figures from DataSUS (the Information Department of Brazil’s Single Health System), people who are on motorbikes account for almost 1/3 of the deaths in traffic in Brazil. The figures point to 33 lives being lost every day with this mode of transport.

As part of the program, we organized a chat with all employees regarding Defensive Driving and Motorcyclist Safety, in partnership with the Brazilian Traffic Academy (ABTRANS).

In 2015, our Company registered a total of 11 road accidents (accidents that happen on the way to work or on the way home). But in 2016, that number more than doubled: there were 24 accidents.

After the speech, it was the employees’ turn to take part in a practical motorcycle demonstration, with tips in relation to driving, braking when it’s dry and braking when it’s wet and shunt braking.

We will step up our efforts so that we can reverse this picture. To this end, pay attention to the basic traffic tips that “May Yellow” gives you, and do your part!

When you’re sitting on your motorbike, first and foremost think about your family, who expect you to come home every day. Hudson Carvalho, Human Resources Manager

During Yellow May, the Occupational Safety Manager, Rogério Bighi, talked with employees about our role in ensuring safe transit.

THE 10 TRAFFIC COMMANDMENTS: 01 Indicate whenever you make a turn or when you change lanes; 02 Do not use your cell phone while driving; 03 Do not stop/park in a prohibited place; 04 Respect all the speed limits; 05 Use your seat belt and make sure that everyone else is using

their seat belts on every journey; 06 Give way to pedestrians; 07 Give way; 08 Respect all traffic signs 09 Do not go forwards or go through a red light; 10 Respect those who share the street with you, in the same way

as you would like to be respected.


By: Jéssica Nunes

Vacations at BTP are coming!

3 EDIcaO

The school vacations are already here and the day of fun is also coming: on July 22, there will be the 3rd edition of “Vacations at BTP”. The event, which is entirely dedicated to children, will be held at the terminal’s interaction space and will make the employees’ children’s vacations even more special. In addition to meeting new friends, children aged from 5 to 12 can have fun with the toys, activities and workshops during the chosen period (either morning or afternoon). During vacations, we will play at the terminal with the same safety and care that we enjoy outside. To make this day even more fun for everyone, we have selected some tips for the mums, dads and kids. Stay tuned!

1) All employees who are not scheduled to be working during the chosen period should leave their children at the Visitor’s House. If you can’t bring your kids, they can come accompanied by another person who is responsible for them. Only the organizing team and previously defined volunteer staff will be allowed to remain at the site. 2) Employees who opted to use the BTP bus for transporting the children should be in front of the Customs House at 6.30 a.m. (chosen period: 7 a.m.) and at 12.30 p.m. (chosen period: 1 p.m.). 3) Employees who have opted to use their own transport and who are not scheduled to be working on the chosen date should leave their children at the Visitor’s House, coming back when the program ends to pick them up. 4) Employees who opted to use their own transport and who are not scheduled to be working on the chosen date should pay careful attention to the distribution of the usual parking spaces available for each sector. Check with your manager about usual permission to park vehicles on BTP premises. 5) When you leave your children at the Visitor’s House, you must sign an arrival control and present the child’s ID or Birth Certificate to the organizing team. The same goes for when you are going to collect them. Your children will be identified by means of a bracelet (which will also have your phone number in case of the need to contact you). The telephone number indicated on the registration form should be available for potential immediate attendance by the parent during the event. Employees who are scheduled to be working who need to be contacted will, in this case, be contacted by the manager.

6) Essential items that your child will need to use during the event (such as any controlled medication) should be brought in a backpack with the child’s identification. 7) At the end of the event, the child will only be delivered to the parents/or persons responsible indicated on the registration form. If another person comes to pick up the child, the father should, without fail, provide the details of the person responsible upon arrival. 9)(sic) Children should wear proper shoes. For reasons of safety, children will not be allowed into the terminal wearing flip-flops. 10) Sunscreen and repellent will be available at the site and will be applied to the children before they begin their activities. If there are any restrictions regarding the use of one of these products, please notify the monitors at the time of arrival. 11) The activities will be separated by age group. Therefore, the toys and activities will be appropriate to the age of the children. All activities will be accompanied by monitors and volunteers (BTP employees) throughout the entire event. 12) Breakfast/Snacks will be served at the start of the period’s programming, which will end with lunch/dinner. Parents who have opted to do so at the time of registration may accompany their children for this closing meal (either lunch or dinner) which will be held at the Administrative Restaurant in the terminal. 13) Ideally, children should avoid the use of cell phones and electronic equipment (tablets, mini-games and other devices) throughout the event’s program. If you need to get in touch with your child, call the number 13 3295-5000, and the operator will direct the call to the event’s organizers.

BTP ON THE AGENDA By: Jéssica Nunes

Together for certification

The group includes: Ellen Costa, Gilberto Peres, Fábio Mello, Andrea Marçal, Daniela Santos, Marcelo Almeida, André Nicoletti, Marcos Morais, Cláudia Figueiredo, André Gonzaga, André Florippi, Leonardo Bicalho, Marcelo Garcia, Edson Oliveira, Ariane Teixeira, Vanessa Andrade, Rodrigo Peres, Vanessa Esteves, Elizabeth Nascimento, Priscila Santos, Flávia Xavier, Leia Reis, Juliana Cypriano, Fábio Almeida, Walter Diniz, Felipe Hespanhol, Paulo Galatro, Silvia Guedes, Elaine Pozo, Cláudia Alves, Matheus Pereira, Sigrid Class and Alexandre Santos.

In line with the strategic plan, with an uninterrupted focus on continuous improvement of management of the processes, Our Company is implementing the Integrated Management System (SGI). A management model that combines processes, procedures and practices used to validate its management policies in a more efficient way. The SGI aims to unite compliance with the requirements of internationally recognized standards (ISO 9001: 2015 - Quality, ISO 14001: 2015 - Environment and OHSAS 18001: 2007 – Occupational Health and Safety) so that all its processes are seen as one, generating synergy and value in all activities. “This is an important transformation moment. In addition to obtaining certifications in the ISOs, we have to take advantage of the opportunity to become an even more efficient and integrated company in our processes, in order to meet the needs of our internal and external customers,” explains Julio D’Assunção, Quality Coordinator. In addition to being one of our main goals for 2017 and contributing to even more efficient and integrated management, obtaining these certifications is a fundamental element to ensuring the maintenance of BTP’s operating license. Integrated Management System Policy (SGI) Our new Policy meets the requirements of the Integrated Management System, fostering the continuous improvement of processes by means of sustainable development, an appreciation of human beings and of ethical behavior, which are essential characteristics to reach ever higher levels of business excellence.

Find out about the new SGI Policy, which was published in April: “Brasil Terminal Portuário - BTP, a port container operations company, is committed to ensuring the quality of its services, the occupational health and safety of its employees and third parties, as well as the preservation of the environment and the community in which it operates. BTP is committed to complying with the technical specifications and applicable legislation and meeting the interests of its shareholders, customers and other stakeholders, continually improving its business.” After all, what are the ISO certifications and what could obtaining them mean to BTP? Find out about each one of them and understand: NBR ISO 9001: 2015 (Quality)

ISO 9001:2015 is the internationally recognized quality management system (QMS) standard used by organizations that wish to prove their ability to deliver products and services that meet their customers’ needs and which comply with the applicable legal and regulatory requirements, with the objective of increasing customer satisfaction by means of process improvements and assessment of compliance. Among the benefits of ISO 9001 certification are: > Internationally accepted and recognized practices for quality management; > A common language for working with customers and suppliers around the world; > A more comprehensive view of the organizational context that improves the effectiveness of risk-based thinking;

> Improved management of supplier performance; > Model of excellence for consumers, customers and other stakeholders; > Alignment between your management system and your organization’s most important business objectives; > The opportunity to make your management system even more efficient, ranging from compliance to performance; > Improving communications regarding quality, given that the certified company encourages best practices and improvements throughout the entire supply chain; > Assurance of quality in processes and services, increased customer satisfaction, loyalty and retention, at the same time as increasing productivity and reducing costs. NBR ISO 14001: 2015 (Environment)

ISO 14001: 2015 is a tool created to help companies identify, prioritize and manage their environmental risks as part of their usual practices. The standard forces the company to pay more attention to the most important aspects of its business. ISO 14001 requires that companies undertake to prevent pollution and to make continuous improvements as part of the normal business management cycle. The standard is based on the PDCA “plan-do-check-act” cycle, and uses wellknown management terminology and language. Here, at our company, all of the terminal’s aspects, impacts, hazards and environmental risks are being assessed, revised and updated in order to realign our existing Environmental Programs to the standards demanded by this certification. These items include: simulated environmental emergencies, environmental controls and preservation of mangroves, among others.

OHSAS18001: 2007 (Occupational Health and Safety)

The word OHSAS stands for: Occupational Health and Safety Assessments Series, officially published by the BSI - British Standards Institution. It is an Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OSHS) standard that aims to protect and ensure that the employees of an organization enjoy a healthy and safe work environment. Within these certifications, all the procedures related to the control of PPEs and CPEs (personal and collective protective equipment), control of safety and health simulations, control of ASOs (occupational health certificate) and PCMSOs (Occupational Health Medical Control Programs) are being reviewed, among others. In addition to this, all possible hazards and risks of each of the terminal’s locations/activities are being studied and reviewed. SGI Multipliers With the purpose of assisting the implementation process of the Integrated Management System at our Company, a Multipliers group was established. Made up of 32 employees from all of BTP’s areas, in March the SGI group took part in training in connection with the ISO 9001, 140001 and OHSAS 18001 standards to operate throughout the entire implementation period. Among their main responsibilities are: > Taking part in training and meetings with the consulting firm and the SGI committee;

> Being a focal point in their area and acting as a multiplier; > Implement the regulatory requirements in their respective areas. Leia Reis, a supervisor in the fiscal area and one of the members of the multipliers group, says that taking part in the SGI multipliers group is proving to be a motivating experience. “The possibility of discussing good practices in the standardization of processes enables me to get a panoramic and critical view, which can be of help in terms of continuous improvement projects and contribute to organizational performance, preservation of the environment and even to reducing costs.”

I intend to work hard and jointly with the team in the pursuit of BTP’s certifications as a way of repaying the trust that was placed in me. I consider it a privilege to be able to take part in such an important stage of Our Company’s history. Paulo Fernando Napoli Galatro, infrastructure coordinator and member of the Multipliers group

The SGI implementation process is on schedule, and the participation and involvement of all the areas is critical to the project’s success. The involvement and contribution of everyone is essential to this trajectory. Implementing an integrated management system is not synonymous with “bureaucratization.” Quite the contrary: it is designed precisely to revisit and review all the processes and procedures in order to standardize them and make everyday life much more productive, safe, efficient and sustainable. In the second half of the year, the certifying bodies will carry out internal and external audits at Our Company. Therefore, it is very important that all areas be aware of their internal processes and procedures. “The standards determine the guidelines, but it’s we (the company) who define how we do it. We are working so that our management system is efficient and productive and can make a positive contribution to the dayto-day activities of every sector”, explains Ellen Carolina Perez, Quality and Process analyst.

The SGI implementation process is on schedule, and the participation and involvement of all the areas is critical to the project’s success. Joel Contente, Corporate Affairs Officer

BTP employees engaged in running groups

QUALITY OF LIFE By: Larissa Saviello

Team BTP: training and unity with the running group! The biggest and fastest 10km street race in Brazil takes place in Santos and BTP Team could not be left out of this important sporting event! For the 5th year in a row, our platoon took part in the ‘10 Km Tribuna FM Unilus’ race that was held on May 21, 2017. In total, 246 employees participated in the 32nd edition of the race, which starts in the center of Santos and goes through numerous streets in the city until it gets to Gonzaga beach. In order that everyone could cross the finishing line, each one at his/her own pace, Our Company provided another benefit for those employees who signed up for this edition of the race. During the period from 03/21 to 05/20, our athletes had the opportunity to take part in live running training on Santos Beach, provided by a specialized company, Gama Assessoria. At each class, the employees did warm-up, stretching and running activities, always with fruit, water and isotonic drinks, as well as receiving guidance on the modality and tips to complete the race with the best possible result. And so that employees could test their performance before the race, 5 and 10 km simulations were carried out during the week before the race, with attention to each employee’s intensity and physical condition. Whether in order to exceed personal bests or to have fun with their colleagues, BTP is proud to encourage everyone to take part in this important event. The practice of physical exercise helps strengthen the immune system and muscular structure, reduces anxiety, improves mood and increases self-esteem, with these just being some of the benefits gained from running.

With sports counseling, I was able to dedicate myself more this year and I’m beginning to feel the benefits of doing physical activity on a regular basis. Some of my colleagues and I and set up a group to go to the classes together, and in this way each of us gave the other the strength to train, we strengthened our friendship and became more enthusiastic about practicing Rita de Cássia Avelar Saraiva, receptionist exercise.

In addition to giving us preparation for the race and getting together with our colleagues on the beach, with the lessons we were able to note the importance of including new healthy habits in our personal and professional lives. With the initiative granted by Pra Melhor, more and more employees will have the chance to adopt a healthy lifestyle! Décio Silva de Oliveira, RTG operator

The sports counseling and participation in the 10 km FM Tribuna offered by Our Company are an integral part of Pra Melhor, BTP’s Quality of Life program which is aimed at promoting and encouraging new habits for a healthier life.

For runners who are on the watch, there is something new out there ... Wait!

Check out tips from the instructor Gabriel Horta Lofti, from the Gama sports consultancy, for a better performance in race events: Drink water during practice to adapt to the pace on the day of the race. Learn about the route to be covered in advance. Avoid training and standing the day before the race. Have a light breakfast, but don’t run on an empty stomach. Wear comfortable clothes and shoes that have been tested before. Warm up and stretch the body before you start the race. Run at your own pace, without worrying about the speed of others who are taking part in the race.


By: Jéssica Nunes

In order to achieve excellence it takes Quality Offering a quality service is the most obvious way of achieving success in the market. But it is virtually impossible to achieve a first-rate outcome if processes and customer service are not driven by the pursuit of complete satisfaction. And it is exactly for this reason that the Quality and Processes area is so important and has become a strategic ally in carrying out the processes of all of the company’s sectors. The Quality and Processes sector is made up of three employees, namely one coordinator (Júlio da Assunção) and two analysts (Ricardo Casasco and Ellen Perez), who are supported by an apprentice (Gisely Gregório). This sector is directly linked to the Corporate Affairs Office (CAO). Find out about some of the projects that are in progress, carried out by them:

SGI Certification

The BTP Integrated Management System is the combination of processes, procedures and practices adopted for the purpose of implementing its policies and achieving its objectives more efficiently, using the NBR ISO 9001, NBR ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 standards as a basis for its implementation. The Quality and Processes area is responsible for guiding the other sectors to better align their processes and procedures with the criteria defined by the standards.

Improvement of Processes

The Quality area helps BTP, by means of mapping, to get a clear view of the strengths and opportunities for improvement, such as: cost reduction, redundant activities and bottlenecks, integration failures, rework, excessive documentation.

Self Assessment

Monitoring of each sector’s internal controls carried out by the Quality area, also being the focus in the manual of one of our shareholders: APM Terminals. This work is carried out on a quarterly basis in BTP’s areas.

Business Continuity Plan (BCP)

The Quality area was responsible for this project’s implementation, together with BTP’s management and officers. The BCP consists of documented procedures that guide organizations to respond to, recover, resume and restore operations quickly, after there has been a disruption in services for a variety of reasons, such as strikes, environmental emergencies, and others.

Certification in the AEO Program

This is a Brazilian Federal Revenue Service program, in which the Quality area, together with the Asset Security and Operations areas, work together to meet the 8 Safety criteria required by the Federal Revenue Service and achieve the objective which is certification. An Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) is a foreign trade operator certified by the Federal Revenue Service because it exhibits low risk in the operations in which it intermediates, in aspects related to the physical safety of the cargo and/or in relation to compliance with tax and customs obligations.

5S Program

The Quality area is at the forefront of this project, in which the main objective is the organization and cleanliness of BTP’s administrative and operational areas, in accordance with Lean thinking, which helps to create a culture of discipline, identify problems and generate opportunities for improvements. The 5s’ proposal is to reduce waste in terms of resources and space in order to increase operating efficiency.

Our area’s key role is to encourage employees to take a critical look at their work and to make them aware that Quality should be a part of their daily routine in the quest to provide a standardized and efficient service Julio D’Assunção, coordinator of the area

From left to right: Júlio D’Assunção, Ellen Perez, Gisely Gregório and Ricardo Casasco

SHORTS By: Jéssica Nunes

Jonas Lira (esq.) e Alessandro Carregã (dir.) foram homenageados pela CODESP

Our Company’s employees are honored by CODESP Our employees and volunteer fire fighters Alessandro Mendes Carregã da Silva and Jonas Lira Rodrigues, both from the Occupational Safety department, were honored by the Docks Company of the State of São Paulo (CODESP) for being among the volunteer fire fighters who helped in fighting the fire at the Vale company, which occurred In January of this year. The certificates were delivered at a ceremony which was held on 03/08. “When we were contacted via radio of the PAM (Mutual Assistance Plan), which we are members of, we were the first company to arrive at the location of the incident together with the Fire Brigade,” recalls Marcelo dos Santos Almeida, BTP’s Occupational Safety coordinator.

On Women’s Day, a meeting promotes a round of conversation between female On March 88, Our Company organized a special afternoon coffee session for all female employees as a way of celebrating International Women’s Day. At this encounter, the female employees shared their life stories and their trajectory at the Port of Santos, in a relaxed chat.

Our Company announces sponsorship of the “Angels Port Choir” It was with great pride that in April we announced our support - by means of the Rouanet Culture Incentive Law - for the Coral Porto dos Anjos Project. Developed by the OPOS (the Port of Santos Orchestra), the project offers free music lessons for children aged between 7 and 12, encouraging education and culture in our community. 41 places were made available, with preference being given to children who are enrolled in the public-school system. The practical and theoretical classes got underway in April, and always take place next to Igreja Santo Antonio do Embaré [ (in Santos), on Tuesdays and

Find out about the BTP Points Program In May, Our Company launched BTPoints, a BTP points program that will recognize the employees who took an active part in the internal and external actions that were carried out over the course of the year. The top three employees who have the highest number of coupons at the end of the year will receive travel vouchers and the first 30 prizes drawn at the year-end party will receive shopping vouchers. Check out the complete regulations on the Employee’s Portal and take part!

New impetus for the Operations Sector

Record productivity In May, Our Company achieved another productivity record during the operation of the ship MSC Maureen, achieving a GMPH of 46.94 per STS and 164.13 containers/hour in the vessel’s total productivity.

Marcio Guiot Since May, Marcio Guiot has been Our Company’s new Chief Operations Officer. With more than 16 years’ experience in the port market, Marcio has held executive leadership positions at important companies in the sector, and has also acted as a consultant on several projects in the port area. Marcio Guiot arrives with the mission of intensifying the efforts in the ongoing process of continuous improvement of BTP’s operating area.

Alexandre Reali Since May, Alexandre Reali has been a part of BTP’s team, holding the position of General Manager of Operations, reporting to the Chief Operations Officer, Marcio Guiot. Alexandre has a degree in Mechanical Engineering from USP (the University of São Paulo) and has attended specialization courses at UNICAMP and FGV. He has twenty-one years’ experience in the Port, Manufacturing, Technical Assistance and Engineering areas.

On Water Day, we recall the importance of sustainable attitudes As a way of celebrating World Water Day (on March 22), Our Company reinforces its commitment to the Environment and calls attention to the importance of the conscious use of this natural resource. Learn about some of the actions that were implemented at the terminal and that avoid wasting water: > Implementation of overhead piping in order to avoid leaks in buried stretches due to soil movement; > Monitoring water consumption with remote hydrometer readings to track consumption/ hour by means of a computer connected to the network and, in the case of marked alterations in consumption, take rapid action to investigate leaks; > Reuse water from wash basins and showers to treat it and store it in an underground reservoir and use it for flushing the toilets in the Administrative Building’s bathrooms; > Installation of taps with timers in order to use this resource without waste. Do your part as well. Small changes in habits lead to great results!

“Good Deeds’ Easter” collects 160 Easter eggs To make Easter this year even sweeter and extra special, during the month of April we organized a campaign to collect Easter eggs in partnership with Santos’ Social Solidarity Fund. In all, we collected 160 Easter eggs* which were distributed, on April 12, to children supported by the region’s charities, at an event at the Municipal Theater of Santos.


By: Jéssica Nunes

BTP’s homegrown talents

In March of this year, Our Company gained two new reinforcements in the coordination of Operational Planning: Camilla Fernandes de Oliveira and Rodrigo Lopes Antunes. Both were already BTP employees and were selected by selective process.



Rodrigo began his professional career in the area of logistics in 2008, at a frozen cargo operation company, where he held the position of buyer for three years. At the same time, he was doing a degree in logistics.

Camilla got her first job at the age of 15, as a Patrolwoman at CAMPG. Her entry into the port industry came in 2009. While she was in her year of her degree in business administration, an opportunity arose at a container terminal in the Operational Planning area. A position which she worked in for 8 months.

His first responsibility in the port industry occurred in 2011, at a container terminal, where Rodrigo operated as a risk management assistant, carrying out surveys and recording of breakdowns in cargoes, ships and the terminal’s structure. In early 2013, through an internal selection process, Rodrigo was promoted to the position of ship-planner. In September 2014, when an opportunity arose for the same position at BTP, Rodrigo did not hesitate. He applied for the job and was approved. He joined the company when the terminal was about to complete 1 year in operation, with a high demand for work and processes still under development. “Since then, I have had the opportunity to take part in and monitor a lot of improvements in the operations and planning of our terminal’ explains the coordinator. Now, with the new challenge ahead, together with Camilla, of coordination of operational planning, Rodrigo is confident. “I hope that in a few years I will be able to look back and see this line of evolution and improvements at BTP continuing in a great upward curve,” he says. Favorite food: BBQ Football team he supports: Santos F.C. Admires: Integrity Practices: Motorbike riding In his free time he likes: Traveling

Brasil Terminal Portuário Av. Engenheiro Augusto Barata, s/nº - Alemoa Santos - SP - Brasil CEP: 11095-907

Shortly after finishing her internship, Camilla was hired by another terminal to perform the role of “ship monitor”, which would be the equivalent to the Dispatcher function at Our Company, and then later to the function of ship-planner. Back in 2013, in search of new challenges, Camilla applied for the vacancy of ship-planner for Our Company. “My main motivation for changing jobs at the time was that I was convinced of the potential for growth that BTP had to offer,” recalls Camilla. Camilla says that assuming the position of coordinator of Operational Planning has further strengthened her will to overcome challenges and to grow professionally. “What got me to this point was the desire to exceed myself and to constantly learn from each step taken. I see my professional life growing in parallel and I am very happy about this. Favorite food: Lasagna Football team she supports: Santos F.C. Admires: Her mum’s determination Practices: Weight-training In her free time she likes: Reading and going to the movies

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In order to communicate conduct regarded as a violation of the legislation, BTP’s internal policies/procedures, values and principles, use the ombudsman’s e-mail ouvidoria@btp.com.br.

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Our Jornal - Issue 20 (March/April/May - 2017)  

Our Jornal - Issue 20 (March/April/May - 2017)